Wednesday, 30 June 2010


@Alex Nhando
I agree, people like Fungayi, George Charamba, Professor Jonathan Moyo and many others have made a nice living as propagandists of Mugabe's dictatorial regime. Their have belittled the suffering of the masses and have stubbornly refused to even acknowledge the serious human rights violations by the regime thugs. They have twisted the truth of how the ruling elite have looted the nation’s resources to the point where schools and hospitals have had to close insisting this is indigenisation and that the masses will benefit.

They have had unlimited access to The Herald, The Chronicle and all Zimbabwe’s radio and TV stations to spread their lies. I will be damned if I will let them take over the M&G and the few independent media. But if the truth be told, Fungayi, John Berry, Dread Dread6, etc. can rightly claim that they have taken over the M&G. At the very least, they have succeeded in disrupting all meaningful debate.

There must be at least 4 million Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, at least 10% have access to the internet and you hope that at least 1% them, - we are down to 4 000 – would be interested in what is happening back in Zimbabwe. And that they would be outraged to read the nonsense people like Fungayi have been saying. You would be luck if there are 40 Zimbabweans – 0.001% - out there who have shown as little as a passing interest. On this site it has been mainly none Zimbabweans who have taken Fungayi to task.

The internet was a God-sent tool for Zimbabweans to contract Mugabe’s struggle hold on Zimbabwe’s media. But with a take-off of 0.001%, Mugabe has nothing to worry about.

Talk of entertainment; didindi, the WC, etc. and many Zimbabweans will be wide awake with plenty to say. They have endured power cuts for tens years without a memoir but were up in arms when that happened during the WC.

Mugabe’s dictatorship will not last a week if we, Zimbabweans, showed some passion in the way the nation is government and contemptuous way we are treated by those in power. Yes of course, every Zimbabwean out there will say they want to see democratic change in the country but only 0.001% are passionate about bring about that change!

The danger with having such a dorsal majority is that; even if there was change, many of Mugabe’s cronies, thugs and propagandists will not only keep their loot and get away with their the murderous past but will go on to occupy key positions in the new administration. That is exactly what has happened with the GNU.

So Alex, you and me should not be concerned about being shouted down by the likes of Fungayi. We should be concerned that they are so few of us who bother.

“Tsvangirai is our Mandela, and like Mandela he is not perfect, but he offers Zimbabweans hope because we know he at least acts with his country (and not his bank account) in mind.” If you have been following the blunder after blunder Tsvangirai has made, you not say that. The nation is desperate for change still we must have the courage to question and never to follow blindly. It was the same blind loyalty to Mugabe that has landed us in this mess; that is lesson one of the last thirty years. There is evidence that there are a few Zimbabweans who have learnt that lesson and learnt it well other a slow to learn but soon will; so the future is bright!

Friday, 25 June 2010


The Kimberley Process decides not to allow Zimbabwe to trade its diamonds.

Zimbabwe’s diamonds are being a great human cost for the exclusive benefit of the country’s ruling elite. It is right and just that the country should not be allowed to sell its bloody diamonds.

Some things never change. As a child the white colonialists oppressed and exploited blacks and, to add insult to injury, the whites never tired of telling us and the whole world of just how happy we blacks were. The denied us a voice to speak for ourselves. If anyone pointed out at the glaring injustices visited on blacks; the white supremacists and their black apologies had a quick answer to that – these were unfounded allegations propagated by ungrateful agitators.

Every black Zimbabweans thought things would be different after independence; if anything things are worse.

Mugabe and his cronies treat the black masses no different from the way the white treated them. The black masses are still oppressed and exploited by the country’s new ruling elite. They too insult the masses by denying them a meaningful say and then insist the masses are glorious happy. The people voted to end this dictatorship and the regime turned the lives of at least five million people a living hell and hundreds were murdered in the drive to force the electorate to vote for the dictator.

The Mugabe oppression is worse than that of Ian Smith for three reasons:
1) The masses are worse off economically than they were before 1980; life expectancy, the ultimate acid test of economic well being, then was 65years compared to 34 years now.
2) The masses are worse off politically too. Before independence blacks did not have a vote; afterward, they had the vote but not a free vote and they have paid dearly for it too considering the human upheaval the country has been subjected to.
3) Mugabe and his cronies are black and they were fellow travellers before independence and now they are the ones oppressing and exploiting their fellow blacks. What is happening in Zimbabwe is betrayal of the innocent.

The tragic human suffering in Zimbabwe will only end with regime change. “There will be no regime change” Mugabe, his cronies and the team of apologists have said. “Not in a thousand years,” Ian Smith said when he faced the same call. His reign did not last that long; Mugabe’s time to go is long overdue!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


@Themba Khumalo
I did say why MDC should fire Tsvangirai, the man is the most incompetent leader of our time. Just because you can not see that does not in any way change that fact! If you are heading in the wrong direction changing the team may help get you there sooner, yes; but the fundamental will not change – you will arrive at point A when you should be at point B. I really do not see MDC ever going in the right direction as long as Tsvangirai remains the leader.

Yes Zanu PF should have removed Mugabe a long, long time ago before the dictator dragged the party and the nation into this mess. People like the late Edson Zvobgo, Bernard Chidzero and a few others were smart enough to know a one-party state was a slippery slope to a dictatorship. They did little to stop Mugabe create a de facto one party state in Zimbabwe because Mugabe promised them that they too would benefit – they would be ministers for life.

Mugabe used Zvobgo to draft and push through parliament the constitutional bill creating the Executive Presidency complete with the sweeping powers Mugabe has today. Zvobgo was equal to the task, confident that Mugabe will step aside one day so he too could be president. Of course that did not happen. Indeed to rub that in Mugabe marginalised Zvobgo making minister-without portfolio sending the later to his early grave!

The late Bernard Chidzero was a competent economist but as Minister of Finance he was pushed by Mugabe to implement some voodoo economic policies that defied common sense. He later tries to apply for the position of UN Secretary General. Of course he did not get the job; Zimbabwe’s economy was in a real mess thanks to his voodoo economic policies!

Mugabe shuffled, shuffled again, over and over again just as Tsvangirai is now doing. That changed nothing because Mugabe set the compass and shuffling those round him did not change the route. Look where Mugabe has landed us!

Zanu PF should have fired Mugabe when he started behaving like a tyrant. He soon surrounded himself with yes-men, thugs, greedy and corrupt people. With his position secure Mugabe became a tyrant per excellence and the nation was ruled by fear from then on.

In 2008 the Zimbabwe electorate made a concerted effort to have Mugabe removed, by using they only tool in their power – the vote. We all know what Mugabe’s response would be – step up the intimidation, terror, rape and murder.

Still so good did come out of the 2008 elections the international community refused to recognise Mugabe as the legitimate head of state, not after the sham June 2008 run-off. Mugabe was on the ropes. Guess who let him off the hook? That is right, Morgan Tsvangirai. Just how incompetent can one be!
Zimbabweans have been fighting to end Mugabe tyrannical rule and for real democratic change. Sadly this is not going to happen, not with incompetent leaders like Tsvangirai leading the charge.

Mugabe lost the mandate to rule Zimbabwe a long time ago, he has never won a free and fair election. Not even the 1980 elections were free and fair; everyone knew it was a vote to end the war, if Mugabe had lost the war would have continued. Mugabe himself admitted in 2008 that he would not "let the ballot change what was won with the bullet!" So what are you talking about "more people voted for Zanu PF than MDC"? As if Zanu PF or Mugabe cared about the people's right to a free vote.

Yes I would say Maguwu should have his day in court if there was a court of law in Zimbabwe worthy of that name.

Someday a truly independent committee of lawyers will review Zimbabwe’s court proceedings and judgements dished out. Looking at the goings on in Zimbabwe's legal system; we either have some of the most incompetent and/or corrupt judges in the world. Individuals like Chinembiri Bhunu will have THEIR day in Court and if there are found to have been incompetent and/or corrupt then they will punished and will never be allowed to practise law in Zimbabwe ever again.

Mugabe is known for giving Zimbabwe’s judges Mercedes Benz, Plasma TV, building Villas, etc. for Zimbabwe’s judges. The dictator was doing that not because of the judges’ good looks. Many of them are as a matter of fact ugly, I know them!

Many Judges, Journalists, Politicians, etc. in Zimbabwe have “done very well, thank you!” from propping up this Mugabe dictatorship at the expense of the ordinary people, justice and common national interest. The nation has paid dearly for this treacherous behaviour and therefore this will not be swept under the carpet and forgotten the day the dictatorship collapse! So Fungayi, you will not be left out – you too will have YOUR day in court; that is my promise to you!

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Mother, of all the ugly men you could have married you picked one with a half-loaf with a peaked-roof for a head! This was one genetic inheritance I could have done without. All my life I have been self-conscious of my odd looking head; God knows, I have been reminded of it often enough.

“The shape of the head does not matter; it’s the contents,” I retorted long before I had learnt to spell my name. “What contents?” Some smart Alec soon asked, waving my graded English examination answer papers with a miserable 10% or some like that.

After that I tried to cover my odd shaped head under a hair style but too did not last. By the time I turned 20 there was no hair growing on the ridge of the “roof”. Five years later, the whole head stood like one of those Domboshava granite boulders complete with the patch work of red blotches from the freckles.

“In life, we are all tested and challenged,” my mother would say. With a bald half-loaf with a peaked roof for a head; I must say I felt challenged; but that was not what my mother was on about. “You might be ugly, poor, not educated, etc.; still that is no excuse for not washing your face.” According to her the act of washing one’s face is a sign of pride and self-respect. If you do not wash your face, people will spit in your face. “If you lose your pride and self respect, other people will like the Cuckoo eat your eggs and replace them with their own.” Wise words indeed mother, as a nation Zimbabwe should pay heed because we have allowed the Cuckoo into State House!

In Zimbabwe, Mugabe and a selected few have commandeered the nation’s vast wealth and resources for their own exclusive use. It is our labour, sweat and blood that is paying for their luxurious life styles. We have had to make do with the little falling off their tables. The ruling elite have their children well fed and schooled outside Zimbabwe at our expense whilst our children are starving and have to use the ill funded local education system that has all but collapsed. Zimbabweans have traditionally attributed their failure to stop Mugabe ride rough shod over their dreams of freedom, liberty, human dignity and the right to life itself to the dictator’s canning and ruthless brutality. But after thirty years of his tyrannical rule and the depths of depravity the dictator has pushed the nation the excuses have worn thin.

Two things have worked to Mugabe’s advantage; firstly the dictator has had the great fortune of having some of the most incompetent politicians on earth as his opponents. After the sham June 2008 elections Mugabe was definitely on the hook and it was none other than Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC party that got him off by agreeing to the power sharing arrangement. The dictator has repaid Tsvangirai by kicking him in the teeth. It is hard to feel sorry for the idiot considering the tragic misery the nation has continued to suffer because of his blundering.
The second, and more significant, reason why Mugabe has been able to do as he pleased is that we, the people, are a subservient lot! Of course we would have welcomed to be living in an independent Zimbabwe in which all prospered and enjoyed freedom and a life with human dignity. When Mugabe denied us these rights and freedoms, we should have demanded that they are restored as a screed duty of every citizen. We owed it to ourselves and posterity to hold our head high and take pride. Instead, like subjects or slaves, we cowed down and rolled into a ball for Mugabe and his henchmen to kick around.

Every nation and every generation is challenged in one way or the other just as individuals are challenged at a personal level. We have failed to rise to the challenge of our time. We must now wash our faces and not allow Mugabe spit in our faces.

Even after the Nazi had the Jews holed up in the Warsaw Ghetto, still they fought back giving the Germans a bloody nose. The Nazi were a lot more repressive and brutal than Mugabe and Zanu PF!

Zimbabweans have been clamouring for democratic and accountable government and yet we have clearly failed to hold even Tsvangirai and MDC accountable for their spell in power. The MDC’s spin doctors pointed to the shops full of goods and Zimbabweans were queuing to sing the party’s praises. How quickly we forgot that the primary task of MDC was to bring democratic change in Zimbabwe, without it nothing much could be achieved.

A working and effective democracy demands a well informed and thoughtful electorate. In Zimbabwe the people have such a superficial understanding of things affecting their lives and such low expectations; they are easily fool and easily pleased.

“What have I done to help end this dictatorship?” is the question every Zimbabwe wherever they are must ask themselves. Indeed it would be more pertinent to ask what they have been doing, directly or indirectly, to prop up the dictator.

The problem of a ruthless dictator in State House is an internal problem and one Zimbabweans can have to find a solution to. Outsiders may help, but it is Zimbabweans themselves who have to take the lead. How well we perform in this will go a long way to restoring our national self respect and pride. Until we can learn once again hold our heads high it will be easy for yet another Cuckoo to make State House its home even if the present occupant is finally driven out.

Zimbabweans it is high time we restored our self respect and stand up to the Cuckoo in State House who has made our lives such a nightmare. This is something we have to do ourselves for our own good and that of our children and posterity! It is high time we stopped feeling sorry for ourselves, washed our faces and walked tall!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Zimbabwe’s 2008 elections were marred by widespread violence. The country’s constitution has its weaknesses, yes, and yes it needs to be amended or replaced. But the one thing no one can do is blame the weak constitution for the 2008 violence and the volumes of similar happenings in the past. The current constitution does not allow the Police and the Army to not only ignore Zanu PF instigated violence but join in on the side of Zanu PF which is exactly what happened in 2008.

MDC has expended its political energy on the writing of the new constitution because it was the easier thing to do. Violence took place because Mugabe and Zanu PF consider themselves to be above the law, particularly when the party’s struggle hold on power is threatened. MDC should therefore have concentrated in using the power in the existing laws and constitution to prosecute all those involved in political violence and thus proves that NO ONE is above the law.

If his hold on power is threatened Mugabe has the whole Zanu PF machinery primed and ready to do whatever it takes to secure another Mugabe victory. The party’s militia have been put on civil service payroll, the party has no money to pay them and the Army, Police and CIO who played since a critical role in 2008 are committed to do so again. Last year Zanu PF party Congress passed a resolution committing these state security agents to backing Zanu PF in future elections because these institutions were “born of the resolution and Zanu PF is the party of the resolution” congress argued!

Zimbabwe would certainly be better off holding the next election under the old constitution but with the threat of fresh violence removed than having a new constitution but with the threat of violence hanging over the nation!


@Concerned Citizen You are right to be concerned about the anti-white language from some people. The war of independence was fought to end white colonial rule and oppression and people like Mugabe are the heroes of that struggle. When Mugabe realised that his government had failed to delivery freedom, liberty and human dignity to the people of Zimbabwe he sort a scapegoat and moved the debate away from his failed leadership to the familiar ground of anti-white.

People like Fungayi, Aluta, John Berry, Dread Dread6, etc. are the dictator’s foot soldiers; they are programmed to see a white conspiracy in every issue. They have stifled meaningful debate on this site; which is what their master Mugabe pays them to do!

I am concerned about the millions of ordinary blacks whose lives have been turned into a hell-on-earth by Mugabe. Mugabe does not want this said or discussed. The white colonialists treated blacks as second class citizens; Mugabe has treats them much the same way one would treat a mentally challenged relative – make a big farce about how well you listen to them only to ignore them the next minute and, of course, never allow them to make any important decisions.

Concerned Citizen you are fighting that the whites should not be Mugabe's scapegoats. I am fighting that the ordinary black Zimbabweans should not be ignored as if they are invisible and their tragic suffering acknowledged. These are causes worth fighting for but until there is regime change, little will be accomplished!

Zimbabwe had its best chance yet for regime change after the sham 2008 elections; sadly Tsvangirai wasted it. Next time, I am convinced, Mugabe will not get off the hook again!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


@Be Els
People like Fungayi can afford to live anywhere they wish; they are Mugabe's cronies they a loaded. They have all the time in the world to commit all manner of mischief including haunting all those who point out the gross injustice of the repressive regime.

I had argued that the loot Mugabe and his cronies have stolen must be recovered for two reasons; a) because the nations needs the resources and wealth to finance its recovery and b) because to let the looter keep it will be allowing them to benefit from their crime; double dipping. There is a third reason: c) because these thugs will use their loot to destabilise Zimbabwe for generations to come.

After the fall of this dictatorship the new democratic government in Harare should grant three months for all those with wealth and money they know was obtained fraudulently, for which there were no tax returns, bank transaction records, etc. to declare it and give all the details of their criminal activities and, more significantly, a comprehensive list of their accomplices. Of course the state will be relived of their ill got wealth; they will be glad not to be sent to jail.

After the grace period, the state must go after all the errant criminals and thugs and every penny of their hidden treasures; no expense spared. People like Fungayi must be flashed out of the fox holes they are hiding, like Saddam Hussein!

Anyone with innocent blood on their hands must face justice; that is not negotiable.

Monday, 14 June 2010


Why is it so difficult for you to believe that Mugabe just might be using violence to get what he wants here? He has used violence before and even boasts about it!

You have lived in SA and experience of the brutal repression of the apartheid regime. Is it really a bridge too far for you to believe a black regime can be just as repressive?

There is one possible explanation why Mugabe is hero per excellence to you, it is of course the same reason he is held in high esteem by his cronies in Zimbabwe; he has allowed a chosen few to enjoy absolute power, to loot and have a life style beyond their wildest dream. You clearly see yourself as part of SA’s ruling elite and are getting impatient with leaders like President Zuma for not following Mugabe’s example. Let me give you a free lesson in history and a warning.

So after independent Mugabe had many, many loyalists who unwitting helped him build a de facto one-party state in Zimbabwe. They all thought they too will have a share of the loot and then they did. Then the top leadership was not so greedy and there was plenty to go round. This did not last long; the nation’s capacity to generate wealth started to falter under the growing weight of mismanagement and rampant corruption. Meanwhile the leaders were settling down and their appetite for power and wealth soared. Something had to give; the national wealth was taken away from everyone and shared between and ever shrinking the ruling elite.

Last time you talked of 4 000 white farm being redistributed to 350 000 new black farmers. That is nonsense, I told you; Mugabe and his inner circle have six farmers each!

Mugabe and his cronies are unbelievably rich but there are single Coconut tree Island in a sea of abject poverty. Whilst Mugabe’s daughter is reportedly living in a US$ 5 million apartment in Hong Kong, at tax payers’ expense of course; the state is even spending the same amount of the accommodation of the all university students in Zimbabwe!

Dread Dread6 there are many Zimbabweans a lot smarter than you – you can not even add and multiple for Christ’s sake! They helped Mugabe build this monolithic juggernaut that has crashed the nation’s dreams of peace, freedom and economic prosperity. They did not care about the crashed dream because they thought they will always be one of the select few. Of course that did not happen.

Mugabe even used some of blind loyal supporters to do his dirty work; many of them have blood on their hands, and then dumped them. Some of Mugabe’s most zealous supporters are living in abject poverty; they continue to support Mugabe, of course, but for a different reason. They do not want the world to see the blood on their hands; they secrete is safe as long as Mugabe remains in power.

Dread6, you find the promises dictators like Mugabe offer of unimaginable wealth and absolute power irresistible and would destroy all great leaders like President Nelson Mandela have done for this pie in the sky. It is my sincere hope that there are not many South Africans with your myopic vision and that SA is spared the curse of being ruled by a ruthless tyrant like Mugabe.

Why is it so difficult for you to accept that Mugabe is using violence to achieve his own selfish ends in Marange? Mugabe himself boasts of having degrees in violence. That was only a rhetorical question, I know why.

Mugabe’s dictatorial rule has certainly delivered absolute power and unimagined riches to Zimbabwe’s ruling elite. You can not wait to see this happen in SA; confident you will be among the ruling elite! Let me give you a free lesson in history and a warning.

So after independence many Zimbabweans helped Mugabe build a de facto one-party dictatorship because they believed Mugabe would share the loot and power with them. Then the country was rich and there was plenty to go round. It did not take long before the national cake began to shrink under the double pressure of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption. The situation was made worse by the ruling elite whose appetite for power and wealth had been growing at an exponential rate. What we have in Zimbabwe is an ever shrink island of the super rich and all power in a growing sea of the oppressed masses living in abject poverty.

People like you believed Mugabe’s propaganda that the 4 000 former white farms were redistributed among 350 000 new black farmers. It is common knowledge that Mugabe, his wife and a handful of his cronies alone own as many as six farms each, their children, relatives and mistresses have a farm each, etc. The numbers simply do not add up!

Dread6, many of Mugabe’s most zealous supporters are, like most other Zimbabweans, are as poor as a church mouse. They still support Mugabe only because they have blood on their hands; Mugabe used them to do his dirty work and dumped them. Still, many of them are a lot smarter than you Dread6 – you can not even add for f* sake!

@ Fungayi
“"The report, released in London." This tells you all you need to know doesn't it.” Really!

Farai Maguwu released a similar report in Zimbabwe and where is he now!? In your desperate effort to defend Mugabe, you have once again made a complete idiot of yourself. The CIO must have money to burn if they pay you for this.