Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tsvangirai tells Mugabe not to "dare" rig the elections - an empty threat!

“I’ve got a very clear message for him (Mugabe) today. Don’t dare do it again,” Tsvangirai told supporters at his final rally.

Here we go again! In the one breath Tsvangirai is complaining that Mugabe is rigging this election and in the next breath he is threatening Mugabe not to dare to do the very thing.

Tsvangirai is reportedly "stressing that the electoral procedures had so far been chaotic blasting ZEC and urging them to retire if they were incapable of organizing the poll".

It is clearly that Tsvangirai is powerless to stop Mugabe rigging this election; so what is the point of making empty threat?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tsvangirai announce the "madness" arrest of Komichi over binned ballot paper!

Tsvangirai announced on his face book page the arrest, which he described as “madness”, of his party’s deputy chairman by the Police.


“His crime: Presenting ZEC with evidence of underhand dealings involving ballots for the shambolic special vote conducted in mid-June (July). A whistle blower who found the special vote ballot papers dumped at a hotel in Harare alerted Komichi, who in turn handed the evidence to ZEC. It’s flabbergasting that police have now chosen to arrest him,” Tsvangirai said.


“Lawyers attending to the case have told me police are demanding the identity of the whistle-blower. There is no denial that indeed the ballot paper is genuine. There is no denial that it was found in a bin.”


Yes it is madness indeed that Komichi should be arrested for bringing to the attention of ZEC a valid ballot paper in a bin when it should be in a sealed ballot box. It is ZEC official who should be arrested and asked to account for the misplaced ballot paper! But to talk of the madness of the Police arresting Komichi instead of ZEC Officials is to talk of the ears of the hippo.


The madness of this whole electoral farce is that they are being held without even one of the GPA democratic reforms implemented. In the light of no meaningful reforms implemented what ZEC and the Police are doing here is not madness but it would be madness for them to do otherwise. The mother of the madness is why the reforms were not implemented and, worse still, the idiots compounded the situation by believe there could still be a meaningful election under these conditions; that is the whole ugly hippo we should talk about. 

Mr Tsvangirai, if you have anything useful to say then tell us about the idiots who allowed this absurd situation to happen, otherwise shut the f*** up, you idiot! It is your breath-taking incompetence that has landed us in this mess!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tsvangirai accuse the West of turning a "blind eye" of Mugabe fraud - to hide his own incompetence!

Tsvangirai said the US and Europe were now willing to accept a Mugabe victory despite what he described as clear evidence the Zanu PF leader was engaged in election fraud.

“That’s an opportunistic position because you cannot as a democrat legitimise the illegitimate and l want to say this; whether the whole world endorses the outcome and say Robert Mugabe has won, the people will know the truth and it is the world that would have turned a blind eye to the wishes of the people of this country,” said the MDC-T leader.

This is typical of an incompetent and failed leader. How many times did the West and SADC give Tsvangirai sound advice and how many times has he ignored them?

The USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe, James McGhee, tried to stop Tsvangirai from signing the one-sided 2008 GPA describing it as a “Swiss cheese with holes so big one could drive a truck through.” Tsvangirai ignored the Ambassador and everyone else and signed the agreement. And for the next four years Tsvangirai insisted the GNU was “working” although the evidence on the ground said the opposite.

If Tsvangirai had at least implemented the democratic reforms called for in the GPA then at least the nation would have dismantled the Zanu PF dictatorship if nothing else. How many times have the SADC leaders told MDC to follow the GPA roadmap but all to no avail? In sheer frustration SADC leaders have public criticized Tsvangirai and MDC accusing them of enjoying their time in the GNU and forgetting they were there to implement the reforms.

The West, SADC and many ordinary Zimbabweans have fought hard to get Tsvangirai and MDC to use their political mandate to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship. Sadly Tsvangirai was to naïve and incompetent to accomplish that task preferring instead to appease the tyrant and his cronies and to indulge in cosmetic changes to give the autocratic political system democratic façade.

CNN’s Becky Anderson was stating the obvious when she said Tsvangirai and MDC had made Mugabe and the Zanu PF dictatorship “legitimate”. Now Tsvangirai is blaming the West and SADC of turning a blind eye to Mugabe election fraud and thus legitimizing the fraud.

The truth is it was Tsvangirai and not the West, SADC or anyone else, who had the political mandate to implement the reforms and thus stop Mugabe holding yet another fraudulent election. By failing to implement the reforms Tsvangirai per se accepted fraudulent elections. As for the West, SADC and the rest of us; we were merely presented with a fait accompli.

“Why would Zanu PF invest in rigging an election rather than invest in making sure that we have a credible outcome,” asked Tsvangirai at one point. Well, how naïve is that!

Despite his reservations about the playing field and the role of the West, Tsvangirai was adamant he would romp to victory in the July 31 poll.

“Actually, I am very bullish about the outcome of this election. It will indicate to you how resilient the people of Zimbabwe are. Indeed it will surprise you that in spite of the violence, the shenanigans that are taking place,” he said.

Well that is the proverbial frog who claimed to put out the forest fire with his fart speaking and who is to stop him! He can talk and fart and the forest fire will rage on regardless.

The moral of this tragic event is that Zimbabwe had a in the last five years a really good chance to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship but wasted it because man the nation elected to lead them, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, is breathtakingly incompetent and naive. The nation is going to pay dearly for this blunder.

Hopefully the nation will learn out of this the importance of electing competent leaders - a prerequisite of getting out of this hell hole! Up to now the people thought that anyone, anyone at all, as long as he or she was not Mugabe would them out of this mess; well Tsvangirai did not get them out of the mess but instead help extend Mugabe’s autocratic reign of terror!

Friday, 26 July 2013

ZEC says votes will not be counted at Polling Staion - disregarding "anti-rigging mechanism" says Tsvangirai!

Addressing the press in Harare, the MDC-T president claimed ZEC had informed their electoral agents that ballots from next week’s crucial election would be counted at ward level, and not at polling stations as stipulated by law.

He explained that counting and verifying votes at polling stations is an important “anti-rigging mechanism” without which the election can be stolen. The changes by ZEC would mean that ballots will have to be ferried from polling stations to wards in each constituency. This is organized by the National Logistics Committee (NLC), which handles all technical aspects of the election.

But according to Tsvangirai, there is “severe lack of transparency by the committee which actually runs the election machinery. We understand that this committee has been militarized. For example, civil service drivers have been replaced by personnel from the military.”

The PM also claimed that many ballots cast in his favour during the special vote had been discovered in a bin. No details were given as to how many such ballots had been discovered.

This must be the mother of all chaotic elections; it must be, we have done everything to en-sure that it is – by doing absolutely nothing. We have the right man too to do absolutely nothing.
This stupid statement is clearly not going to do anything to stop the vote rigging! This is what the nation has come to expect from Tsvangirai innocuous words when decisive action is called for. He should have implemented the reforms, he had five long years to get this done and the idiot did nothing, and now the idiot telling us something we already know. What a waste of time!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

SADC to turn Zimbabwe's NOT free and fair elections into "credible enough" - talk of double Dutch!

"So it's quite going to be a tough election to organise," Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete told reporters late on Saturday after half-a-day of talks by the SADC organ on defence and security.

"We have committed to work with the people of Zimbabwe and see whatever we can do to make sure within the remaining 11 days, we can have an election that is going to be credible enough" he said. "I believe we will."

There is no free media and no freedom of expression; the media reforms that were meant to end Zanu PF’s control of country’s only public media and its monopoly were never implemented. The practical reality of having no free media is that the Zimbabwean electorates have been effectively denied the information about the candidates, the political parties, the country’s needs and each party offers to resolve the problems.

There is nothing SADC can do “within the remaining 11 days” to mitigate in any way the lack of free media and freedom of expression. And Zimbabweans are expected to have “credible enough” with a media totally controlled by Zanu PF.

There have been no meaningful reforms in the security sector, judiciary and all the other public institutions corrupted by the Zanu PF dictatorship over the last 33 years to enhance its struggle hold on power. There is absolutely nothing SADC can do “within the remaining 11 days” to mitigate the reality of a pro Zanu PF Police force, Army, etc. The country has just had first-hand experience of the consequences of a pro-Zanu PF ZEC.

ZEC was supposed to send out 90 000 ballot papers to 200 Polling Stations for voting over two days and they made a total dog’s breakfast of that. Many Polling Stations got no/wrong ballot papers, no/wrong voters’ rolls, no/inadequate indelible ink, etc., etc. In the end instead of two days of voting, a third day had to be added. And still only half of the 90 000 voters were able to cast their vote.

How is the same ZEC expected to send out 6 000 000 ballot papers to nearly 1000 Polling Stations and for all to vote in one day?

How many voters are going to be denied their right to vote because of ZEC’s failures? Worse still, how many votes will Zanu PF generate out of all this chaos.

The one thing that is undeniable is that the chaos resulting from the serious underfunding of ZEC is a calculated move by Zanu PF. It is equally undeniable that Zanu PF is taking full advantage its control of public institutions like ZEC to rig this election as it has done in the past.

The 2008 GPA called for the raft of democratic reforms including media, security sector and ZEC reform and SADC, as the guarantor, of the agreement subscribed to these reforms as the roadmap to free and fair elections. None of these reforms were implemented and the same SADC is coming up with a revised position. SADC is now telling the people of Zimbabwe they can still have elections which are “credible enough” without credible democratic reforms!
I am not a linguist but know double Dutch when I hear it. Zimbabwe’s 2013 elections are not going to be free and fair; Mugabe and Zanu PF have deliberately created a chaotic electoral situation and will take advantage of the mudded waters to cheat; it is nonsense that there is anything SADC can do to rescue the election. Elections that are not free and fair cannot be “credible enough”; that is double Dutch!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

AU says it is "possible to have free election" in Zimbabwe - AU selling the people out of cowardise!

All the people of Zimbabwe want is to have their basic and fundamental right to free and fair elections restored. Mugabe has denied them this right for 33 years now.

It is hard to see how this basic right can be restore in the current political atmosphere in which Mugabe and Zanu PF still have their dictatorial powers. This election is not going to be free and fair because not even one democratic reform was implemented.

So what does Commissioner Aisha Abdullahi mean it is "possible to have free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. But we cannot guarantee that it will be the most perfect or optimum of situations."

This is just the AU abandoning the politically oppressed ordinary people and do what the AU has always done side with those with the political power. This is the AU selling the weak out of political cowardice!

The chaos following the Special vote proves ZEC will not up to the demanding July 31 vote!

MDC’s blundering incompetence is insufferable. One senior MDC is condemning the special vote and the other is giving it his thumbs up!

“The law stipulates that the special vote shall take place for two days and those days shall not be less than 16 days from the actual date of polling. It was allowed to take place on the third day and it means that the process breached the law,” said Tendai Biti.

“If the law is breached it means the whole special vote is a nullity and we are going to contest if ZEC decides otherwise.”

Well the Constitution Court has thrown out MDC’s challenge to have the special vote declared null and void. The Judge refused to give his reasons contended these would be given at a latter day. No doubt, the reasons will be given when Mugabe has won and sworn in and challenging those reasons will be purely academic!

Meanwhile ZEC started verifying and tallying ballot papers from the special vote on Friday in the presence of representatives from Zanu PF, the MDC-T and other political parties.

Speaking at the opening of the ballots, MDC-T representative and deputy justice minister Obert Gutu, said: “The process has gone well. There has not been any serious logistical challenge. I think it’s almost fool-proof.”

Well if it is indeed “FOOL-PROOF” then what is all the farce about? It is clear Tendai Biti and Obert Gutu are speaking out of terms; the right hand does not know what the left is doing.

The fiasco of the special vote exposed one key ZEC weakness; that it does not have the organisation ability to manage these elections. ZEC had to 90 000 ballots to delivery to 209 Polling Stations so voting could take place in two days and yet failed to get that job done properly. Many Polling stations did not get the ballot papers, voters’ rolls, etc. until a day later; some got the wrong ballot papers for the parliamentary candidates; wrong voters’ roll and there are reports of some voting taking place with no voters roll; etc.

No one at ZEC could say how many special ballots were printed, explain what happened to the ballot papers they had send out initially but had clearly failed to arrive, etc.

How is ZEC going to manage sending out 6 000 000 ballots to near 9 000 Polling Stations so that voting can take place in one day?

There is going to be total chaos on July 31 there is no doubt about that. And in all this chaos and confusion the opportunity to rig the elections, for those with the organizational finesse and intention, is limitless!

We all know Mugabe and Zanu PF have both the organizational finesse and intend to rig these elections. Tendai Biti was right to say many people working for ZEC are in fact taking their orders from the Joint Operation Command, the shadowy Zanu PF Junta that has ruled Zimbabwe for decades.

This July 31 election is not going to be free, fair and credible because hundreds of thousands, if not millions will be denied their vote because their name is not on the voters’ roll, it is on the roll but appear in another constituency, etc., etc. In the confusion there are too many opportunities to “manufacture” vote, to destroy valid votes, etc., etc.

Obert Gutu was one of those MDC leaders who praised the Copac Constitution to the high heavens right up to the referendum day, confident that it would delivery free and fair elections. That was all nonsense of course because it was self-evident the new constitution was too weak and feeble to end the Zanu PF dictatorship. Gutu and a few others were doing what they do best – talking nonsense. Now he is at it again!

Only a certified idiot can call this year’s chaotic Zimbabwe electoral process “fool-proof”!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Can Mugabe hold free elections WITHOUT reforms? NO! So please stop this charade now.

Forthcoming elections in Zimbabwe should be peaceful and transparent, European Council president Herman van Rompuy said in Pretoria on Thursday.

“The EU will respond to the outcome of the elections (set for July 31) on the basis of all the evidence of peaceful, transparent elections with results accepted by all. We look forward to a full normalization of relations and a deepening of our partnership with Zimbabwe,” he said. That is wishful thinking!

SADC is planning to hold yet another summit meeting to discuss the Zimbabwe’s election.

“We are concerned because things on the ground are not looking good,” Lindiwe Zulu told Reuters

The truth it was naïve to believe Mugabe would hold free and fair elections without implementing the reforms and with the feeble Copac constitution instead of a democratic constitution.

A year ago when the GNU released the rubbish Copac constitution; it was crystal clear the Zanu PF dictatorship was not going to be dismantled. The EU, SADC and everyone should have just put their foot down and demanded the implementation of meaningful reforms and the writing of a democratic constitution and completely ignore the nonsensical claims by Tsvangirai that Copac would deliver free and fair elections.

It is hard to see what SADC can do now other than declare that they have seen enough of this charade and clean the deck. There is a mountain of evidence already proving beyond doubt that this is NOT a free and fair election and other than going back to implementing the reforms there is little else that can be done to rescue the process.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Mugabe is guilty of failing to hold free elections and Tsvangirai is guilty of failing to implement the reforms!

"This election is illegitimate and unfair. We are participating because the people are tired and want change. We are going to soldier on," Biti said in the statement.

Mr Tendai Biti, your are right to say these elections are "illegitimate and unfair". But since this is so because MDC failed to implement the democratic reforms every said back in 2008 were necessary for free, fair and credible elections; it is therefore not true we are nonetheless having these unfair elections "because the people are tired and want change". Indeed we are having these unfair elections because you, MDC people, lied to the people right up to the referendum on the Copac constitution that these elections will be free and fair.

Ever since MDC got into power five years ago, the party has forgotten about its promise to deliver democratic change and hence the reason why not even one reform was implemented. MDC does not particularly care that the elections are illegitimate and unfair and result in another dysfunctional government or worse as long as the party members are elected and get back on the gravy train.

"We are going to soldier on," Biti said. Who is "we"? Please do not insult the people's intelligence by suggesting that you and your fellow MDC leaders will suffer in any way with the people the consequences another fraudulent election.

When the political violence broke out in 2008; Tsvangirai was seating pretty in the Netherland Embassy and the rest of the MDC leadership disappeared like morning mist under the African sun. It was the ordinary Zimbabweans who bore the brand of the beatings, rapes and murders.

Without exception, all MDC leaders has prospered economically in the last five years; Tsvangirai now has a $3 million mansion, Mwonzora built for himself what Job Sikhala called "hotel" mansion, etc. Meanwhile unemployment has remained at 90% and millions have continued to live in abject poverty!

Mugabe and Zanu PF are guilty for what they are doing to make this election illegitimate and unfair. Tsvangirai, Biti and the rest of the MDC leaders are parties to this crime against the people of Zimbabwe; they are guilty for what they failed to do - implement the reforms!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Special vote turns into chaos - showing Zanu PF has not just mudded the waters but turned them into mud!

The special vote for the 90 000 security personal and election officials has turned into a complete farce as many polling stations had no ballot papers, voters’ roll on Sunday, the day the voting was supposed to start.


Voting was supposed to be over two days but was extended into a third day in the end.


I expected Zanu PF to rig these elections and what better way to do that than by mudding the waters. Mudding the waters is one thing what Zanu PF is doing now is churning everything so much so that there is not muddy waters but mud.


It is inconceivable that ZEC would have failed to release the ballot papers to cover the 90 000 expected to vote on Sunday and Monday. They would have released them and the ballot papers have since disappeared.


S W Radio Africa’s Simon Muchemwa said ZEC could not say how many ballots were released for the special vote. So they do not know how ballots they issued and what happened to them.


In mudded waters ZEC would have done well to account for 80% of the ballot papers. In porridge thick mud, ZEC does not have the foggiest idea what is going on. Zanu PF operatives have taken over the whole process and right now a few individuals have been very busy "voting" on behalf of the tens of thousands who thought they had the special vote but have since found that they did not.


The same individuals will be "voting" for the millions of Zimbabweans who too will be denied the right to vote come July 31.

If MDC had implemented the democratic reforms; the idiots had five years to do so but failed to get even one reform implemented; then these elections would be held in clear waters. In the March 2013 Copac referendum the nation had its last chance to force the implementation of reforms by rejecting the feeble constitution. Instead of seizing this last chance Tsvangirai and MDC lied about Copac bringing free and fair elections just to get the people to vote yes in the referendum.
Yes it is Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs who are mudding the water but it was Tsvangirai and MDC who have done donkey work of supplying silt and churning it all up! Tsvangirai’s breath-taking incompetence has made it almost impossible for Mugabe NOT to rig these elections. Impossible!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

69 000 Police to vote in early vote - from a force wih 38 000 ZRP Officers!

There are going to be 88 000 early voters of which 69 000 are Police Officers although the country has 38 000 Police on its books!


Of course, no one, absolutely no one, has given a rational explanation how it was possible for the number of Police Officers to double just for the vote. We all know what is going on here, the election is being stolen.


What is there to stop these 88 000 voting again come July 31! Indeed how many others will have more than one vote?


Meanwhile hundreds thousands of ordinary Zimbabweans will once again be denied a single vote!  


The suffering of the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans for the last 33 years and the deaths of the over 30 000 in the same period has afforded us this chance to end the dictatorship. But now, drip by drip, this chance is slipping through the nation's fingers because Mugabe and Zanu PF are stealing this election one vote at a time. All because Tsvangirai and MDC blundered from pillar to post!

Tsvangirai and MDC had five years to implement the democratic reforms which would have ensured a clean voters' roll; enough money to finance the elections, whilst Mugabe and Zanu PF are literally drowning in cash; etc. Not even one reform was implemented. Mugabe is now taking full advantage of these blunders to steal the election!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

MDC manifesto vows to "streamline" security sector - whatever that means!

MDC manifesto proposes to “streamline” the security sector. This is typical of Tsvangirai and MDC; developing a major policy on the hoof and announcing it at the most inopportune moment! 


MDC said the party will “dissolve Joint Operation Command (JOC) and create in its place a National Security Council”. To start with, JOC is not a statutory body and therefore there is nothing to dissolve. Second, renaming JOC, which seems be what MDC is proposing is not going to change anything on the ground.  

MDC "seeks to streamline the country’s security services, who have for so long been acting with impunity!" What the f**** is that supposed to mean?


For the last four and half years everyone has talking of the need of democratic reforms in the security sector designed to end the unnatural and wholly undemocratic reality that now exist in Zimbabwe were the Police, Army, CIO and Prison Services Officers have become co-opted to become Zanu PF thugs. SADC agreed to the reforms and they were one of the corner stones in the GPA. Sadly MDC has done nothing, absolutely nothing to get the reforms implemented.


It was only in the last three months, in a panic, that MDC started talking of security sector chiefs and of security sector "realignment" although the idiots would not say what they were talking about or explain "realignment" meant.


Now MDC's election manifesto talks of security sector "streamlining" as if everyone will immediate know what that means. Mugabe and Zanu PF will seize on this and tell the nation MDC will want to fire everyone in the security sector and replace them with MDC loyalists.


The democratic reforms were meant to ensure the security sector personal are divorced of their political links with political parties so that they perform their duties of keeping law and order and defending the nation without fear or favour. What MDC are suggesting here is replacing a pro-Zanu PF security sector with a pro-MDC one.


The nation is expecting the security chiefs to remain none-partisan throughout the elections. This stupid announcement is, no doubt, going to convince hot heads like General Douglas Nyikayaramba to do just that.

Thank you Tsvangirai; you have just reminded the nation just how breathtakingly incompetent you are – as if anyone needed reminding! And doing so three weeks before elections; great timing.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mugabe and Zanu PF set to spend billions in election campaign - looted from us to buy our votes so they can loot even more from us!

Mugabe loves calling others sell-outs and puppets funded by the West and yet he is the one receiving billions of dollars in "donations". 550 cars worth $14 million just like that.

 Meikles boss John Moxon donated 550 cars to Zanu PF worth about US$14 million. Meikles seems to have been given mineral concessions in return. Of course these people must be getting something worth 10 to 100 times more in return!

There was fierce bust-up between Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Mines minister Obert Mpofu during a politburo meeting on Wednesday, according to a Zimbabwe Independent report, after the latter accused the former of trying to scuttle their efforts (fund raising efforts) by masterminding a plot to arrest him and two other ministers in the fund-raising committee using the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc).

 Mpofu, Transport minister Nicholas Goche and Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who are part of the fund-raising team, recently survived raids and arrest by Zacc whose officials suffered a severe political backlash. So there was corruption and the Commission was onto something big. The rag was pulled off the Commission’s feet in the end because when it is Zanu PF involved in the corruption it is NOT corruption but fund raising!

Zanu PF has been doing its “fund raising” for the last 33 years now! One shudders to think how many billions of dollars has lost in these shoddy deals. Not only are we being swindled so that millions now live in abject poverty at this rate millions will find themselves living in caged off areas just as many in Marange and Chiadzwa now do because most the land and the minerals have all been sold to the Chinese, Lebanese, etc. by Mugabe and Zanu PF. We will all be foreigners in our own country!  

 Mugabe and Zanu PF are selling the very ground under our feet, one chunk at a time; if for no other reason, then vote for MDC, just to put an end to this daylight robbery and madness. Are we really that stupid that we cannot see what Mugabe and Zanu PF are doing and have been doing all these 33 years!

If Mugabe “wins” these elections then he will claimed to have held free and fair elections in the past and won them. He would refute that he has ever cheated or rigged elections. I, for one, would accept that!

Tsvangirai and MDC have had the chance to implement the reforms and thus do the ground to stop Mugabe cheating; they have done nothing.

The people have had their chance to force the implementing of reforms by rejecting the weak and feeble Copac constitution in the March referendum. They voted to accept the constitution.

MDC has all the chances to investigate and stop Mugabe’s political machinations and intrigue; they are doing nothing.

The people themselves have their final and last chance to stop Mugabe treating them as if they are all mentally retarded; he does just by buying them cheap calico T-shirts and beer using money looted from their schools and hospitals and they forget all their trouble and vote for him.

No, if Mugabe wins these elections he cannot be accused of having cheated MDC and/or the people!

 If you playing with a dodgy coin, with HEAD on both sides. You even tell the opponent to examine the coin and draw his attention to the two HEADs. Ask him to toss the coin and the honours to make the call. Given all this information, the other player still call TAIL, he cannot say he was cheated.

If we vote for Mugabe and Zanu PF knowing all we know about his and his cronies; then we were not cheated!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Mugabe turns to gay-bashing to draw attention away from grinding poverty!

As the election campaign is hotting up, Mugabe is once again hunting for his traditional soft targets to use as a diversion from the burning national issues and as cover for his dirty tactics to “win” the elections. He has once again returned to bashing gays and lesbians.

“I should like to shut them-up in some room and see if they get pregnant; if they don’t then its jail because they have claimed they can have children. So, to that kind of rot, we say no, no, no, no!”

There is something sickening about a regime that has presided over wholesale lawlessness in which hundreds of thousands of its people were beaten and or raped and over 500 murdered (over 30 000 murdered in its 33 years in power) in three months in 2008 alone and yet none of those responsible have ever been arrested. And yet the same regime has harassed and threatened to arrest adults for what they have done in the privacy of their own home. What a sanctimonious hypocrite!

Of course the regime is using gay-bashing to draw public attention away from it’s the daily economic hardships and despair caused by 33 years of gross mismanagement, corruption and looting. It is also planning another blitzkrieg supposedly aimed at gays and lesbians but in reality aimed at all its political opponents and critics. In 2008 it was white farmers were the cover and yet 99.9% of the victims of the political intimidation, beatings, rapes and murders were not white farmers but ordinary black Zimbabweans for daring to vote for regime change!

To this day the regime still maintains the West is accusing it of denying the people their democratic right to free and fair elections and the right to life is a cover, they real objection is that the regime seizing white owned farms. Blacks who are fighting to end the regime’s political repression and the economic waste through corruption and mismanagement the regime dismiss them as puppet of the West.

Mr Mugabe, we know what you are up to and this time, be rest assured, you are NOT getting away with it!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Mugabe under pressure for free election threatens to pull Zimbabwe out of SADC!

In the face of increasing SADC calls for free and fair election and the threat of Mugabe being declared “illegitimate” if he fails to hold such election, Mugabe is hitting back. He threatens to take Zimbabwe out of SADC.

"Let it be known that we are in SADC [the Southern African Development Community] voluntarily. If SADC decides to do stupid things, let it be known that we can withdraw from SADC," he told a rally on Friday

Mugabe took Zimbabwe out of the Commonwealth and now he wants to take the country out of SADC. SADC has election observers and if they were to judge the process was not free and fair and would be duty bound to declare Mugabe's victory invalid. Mugabe will respond by taking Zimbabwe out of the regional body before the country is kicked out. This is a shot over the bow to SADC and to prepare the nation of that eventuality.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mugabe to pay $ 54 million unpaid Mugabe Scholarship fees in SA - splash will cost him povo's vote!

Mugabe pledges to pay the $54 million unpaid fees demanding by SA Universities for the 4 000 Zimbabwean students studying there or they would be kicked out of the institutions of 28 July 2013. The students are there on a Mugabe scholarship scheme, like most things in this dictatorship it bears his name but paid for by the taxpayers and for the exclusive benefit of mid-ranking Zanu PF party loyalists.

Finance Minister, Tendai Biti stopped funding the scheme in 2011 reportedly because “it is a private trust”. That was only half the story; the other important half was that government did not have the money. The Minister had savagely slashed the budge of other soft targets ministries like education whilst spending even more on overseas trips for the President and other senior government officials.

Year of underfunding and demonstrations by the students and strike by the teachers demanding better funding have seen Zimbabwe’s education standard drop. Sending one’s children to study in SA, UK, USA and other overseas institution was a matter of prestige soon became an absolute necessity. Mugabe’s own daughter has only returned after what must be over a decade studying the Far East. Like her father, she must have several University degrees; he has seven.

The President Mugabe’s Scholarship Fund was established to placate the mid-ranking Zanu PF loyalists who saw those above them sending their children out of the country whilst their children were condemned to near collapse institutions. The scholarship would then pay the fees the parents could not otherwise afford to pay.

The timing of the demands for the unpaid fees, 28 July 2013, could not have been better! The people of Zimbabwea are going to vote three day later. The last thing Mugabe and Zanu PF would want to see is just before the people went out to vote is headline of “President Mugabe Trust Fund Student in SA send booted out of Universities for failing to pay their fees!”

The parents of these students form the core of Zanu PF loyalists who have done so much to keep the dictatorship in power but so far have had precious little in loot to show for it. Schemes like the scholarship have kept these loyalists slaving away in the hope that the dictatorship will reward them one of these fine days. The last thing Mugabe would want is to lose the confidence of this band of blind loyalists; later yes but just before the elections that is simply unthinkable!

Of course Mugabe had no choice but cough up the fees.

“We will ensure that we get the money soon and kana zvichireva chikwereti tinotora chikwereti ichocho. Tingabva tashaya chikwereti?” Mugabe said reassuringly.

Well he has the $5 billion at least he has been pocketing these last four years from the sale of Marange diamonds. Given that his Lebanese and Chinese friends, his partners in the looting in Marange, have themselves probably ferretted $50 to $500 billion in the same period they will happily advance Mugabe the $54 million.

“I will be the guarantor of it, so we do not wreck our relationship with Fort Hare, our relationship elsewhere with other universities,” said Mugabe.

But most important of all wreck your relationship with these middle-ranking Zanu PF loyalists whose assistance you will need to pull off the dirty tricks you need to “win” these elections! They constitute the foot soldiers; the shrinking circle of the filthy rich ruling elite does not have enough numbers left to pull off this election fit.

Of course paying the Scholarship fees, was a high risk tight-rope walking act; given Zimbabwe’s multitude of financial problems the act is being performed in the Grand Canyon with Gale force winds blowing. The splashing of any money was bound to be notice and to upset some constituencies. Let us stay with the same issue, education.  

The $54 million is a fortune compared to the US$ 5 million allocated to the Ministry of Education in 2012 to spend on the country's 300 000 schools, not students. Worse still, Education Minister Senator David Coltart said the ministry only got a misery 6% of that in the end.


“We are financially crippled and cannot implement any projects because of failure by Treasury to disburse funds,” said Senator Coltart in September 2012. “Rural schools are mostly affected because most of our projects were supposed to be implemented there.”


The years of poor funding were now showing in pathetic the school results; last year 82% of the students failed to pass five "O" level subjects or more.


The same year an estimated 50,000 students on the government’s cadetship programme were barred from registering for classes with local universities and colleges because they were demanding that government must paid them millions of dollars in unpaid fees first.


Mugabe did not raise a finger to make sure Ministry of education got the $ 6 million or to pay the fees so the 50 000 could do their cadetship. The parents of all these children whose very lives have been irrevocably damaged by being denying a decent education have a vote too.


Mugabe will be holding his mass rally campaigns in the next three weeks where he will, no doubt, be splashing some of his diamonds fortune given everyone a Zanu PF T-shirt and buying beer for everybody.


It is almost certain that this payment is going to be the last one for these Mugabe scholarship; even if Mugabe wins he will be too busy replenishing his fortune to be bothered about the 4 000 students. If Mugabe lose, no new government can ever justify spending such vast sums of money on the education of a tiny few whilst the majority of the children’s education suffer.


What Mugabe is hoping is that this $54 million payment will convince the middle-ranking Zanu PF blind loyalists into believing there is plenty more money wherever that came from enough to help him win this elections. He is hoping the beer will make the Zimbabwe masses forget all their economic hardship, the brutal repression and the yawning economic chasm between them and the filthy rich ruling elite long enough to vote for him. He will certainly forget them immediately after the voting; he is buying the beer grudging, he would have wanted to beat, rape and murder them into submission as he did in 2008 if he had his way.


The middle-ranking Zanu PF loyalists are clearly impressed with the fees donation. I do not think the beer will do the trick with the masses though; they have been cheated and taken for fools by the tyrant for 33 years so much so that even if Mugabe can get them drunk for the whole three weeks it can induce them to forget what a tyrant he is. No, buying povo beer will not bag them for Mugabe! Not this time!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The only way to stop Mugabe rigging is if the people, not MDC, are vigilant!

So far we have not seen the wanton violence of 2008 but admittedly there is still another four weeks to go to the vote. Still it could well be that the Zanu PF do realize the folly of using wanton violence this year and therefore will be using more subtle ways to rig the elections. The people must be on their guard; we are dealing with a cunning and determined fox here.  


It was ordinary people, not Tsvangirai or MDC, who revealed how Commanding Officers in the Police and Prison Services conducted the voting process to ensure those below them voted for Mugabe in June 2008. It was ordinary Zimbabweans.

In 1995 it was ordinary Zimbabweans who testified that they were bussed in to vote by Zanu PF from outside Harare South Constituency and in the end forced the rerun of that election.

Whoever this Baba Jukwa is, there is no doubt that he has made Mugabe and his JOC cabal really jumpy. 

Many people will say there is enough evidence to declare the whole process fraudulent because of the lack of free media, a chaotic voters’ roll, etc. Ever since the GNU released the Copac constitution the whole world have stepped back and pointedly refused to pay not even a ha’penny towards any other election activity.


Mugabe bamboozled Tsvangirai and MDC into accepting the Copac constitution but not so with the rest of the world; they could see it for the weak and feeble document it is. MDC has belatedly accepted it will never deliver free and fair elections but, of course, it is too late.

Mugabe and a few others in the Zanu PF dictatorship know the whole international community is
NOT going to accept another sham election and the party is treading on very thin ice already. One leak and the whole Zanu PF rigging machinery will be  exposed and everything will crash through into the icy waters and into obviation. 

Thugs like Kasukuvere are already complaining that Baba Jukwa is giving him sleepless nights. There is someone with a lot of dirty linen. Baba Jukwa has been posting a lot of Zanu PF leaders’ dirty linen on his facebook page. Kasukuvere sighs a sigh of relief each time he finds it someone else's dirty linen and not his own that has been posted.


Still the fear of his luck running out is taking its toll! How he wish he did not have so much dirty laundry and so many enemies with such excellent memory too!

My advice to ordinary Zimbabweans is that the Zanu PF dictatorship is playing everything very close to its chest but no matter how careful they are they are bound to drop their guard. If they drop a piece of paper with names; do not just keep the piece of paper, find out who are the people on the list. They could be assassins or those to be assassinated. 

If you see strangers in your area find out as much as you can who they are and what they are up to. The life you save by being vigilant could be that of a family, friend or your own. 

These Zanu PF thugs have always had the confidence that they are above the law but for the first time they had been forced to acknowledge that they are not. Each time they saw how much the people feared them, it boasted their arrogance and they walked with a swagger.


But look them straight in the eye as if to say “I am not afraid of you and, what is more, I know what you are up to!” Like all cowards their macho machismo will disappear like morning mist under the African sun!

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends will promise a lot of things but deliver very little. They claim to know how Zanu PF plans to rig the elections but will never produce any proof. 


Remember MDC promised that the Copac constitution would deliver free and fair elections to get the people to vote yes in the referendum. We all now know that they lied. And what a costly lie is has turned out to be, too.

It is up to you, the people, to ensure Mugabe and Zanu PF does not deny you your democratic vote this year. If MDC make a significant contribution to that end, then well and good; still it would be prudent NOT to count on Tsvangirai and MDC!

Mudede challenge MDC to prove rigging allegation: confident they would not know the proof even if it was staring them in the face!

Registrar General, Tobaiwa Mudede has invited all interested parties to inspect the voters’ roll system following complains by MDC that Zanu PF is planning to rig the elections by failing to produce a clean voters’ roll.



"Clearly the voters roll is a shambles. The registration is often chaotic and frustrating in urban areas and we see this as an attempt to rig the elections before voting has even started," MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said.


Of course the voters’ roll is in shambles; it is a tragedy that this should be so but the greatest tragedy of all is that the nation has known about this problem, like so many other related problems, for years and MDC has done nothing, absolutely nothing about it.


It is naïve to think that someone like Mudede; who is as much a part of this Zanu PF dictatorship as Police Commissioner Chihuri and Mugabe himself; would do anything else other than help the dictatorship retain power by hook or by crook, as he has done all these years. The only way people like him could be stopped is by first cutting the political umbilical cord linking the Registrar General’s Office with that of the President. This is why the nation needed to implement the democratic reforms and produce a democratic constitution.


We know that after five years not even one meaningful democratic reform was implemented; a testimony to MDC’s breath-taking incompetence.


The Copac constitution would bring free and fair elections Mr Mwonzora, who was co-chairman of the parliamentary committee that produced it, never seem to tire of telling the nation. It was all nonsense of course, it was clear the document was too weak and feeble to stop Mugabe and his cronies like Mudede from doing as they pleased.


Some democratic constitution Copac has turned out to be; delivering a shambolic voters roll!


Mudede can invite MDC and all the other parties to inspect the voters’ roll and his whole system he knows none of them know what it is they are looking for and thus will not know it if it was staring them in the face! But having inspected everything, MDC will now have to admit they found nothing amiss; not because there was nothing amiss but because they were incompetent to see it.


Party leader and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai also urged Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chair Justice Rita Makarau to investigate allegations of the involvement of a firm said to be linked to Israeli intelligence services in in the on-going voter registration exercise.


There is nothing wrong per se in employing the Israeli firm; what the PM must show is that they are doing something illegal. Even if they were; it would take years, if ever, for someone like Tsvangirai to uncover it!


This election is turning out to be a lesson for us all on the folly of electing people to lead who have not got the foggiest idea where they are and where they are going!