Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mugabe deploys security chiefs to spearhead campaignbut will be damned is they use violence again!

Joint Operations Command (JOC) has deployed hardline security personal, retired and uniformed, in all the provinces in Zimbabwe to mastermind Mugabe and Zanu PF election campaign.

“This is not something new because after the 2008 disputed presidential elections, 200 senior army members were deployed and spearheaded a campaign which forced Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to pull out of the presidential run-off,” a source told the Zimbabwe Independent.

Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba, a staunch Mugabe loyalist who has public said he will not accept a Tsvangirai victory, will be in Manicaland.

You cannot teach old dog new tricks, yet Mugabe and Zanu PF are now being forced not just to learn new tricks but to forget all the old tricks. A very tall order indeed!

Zanu PF has never held a free, fair and democratic election in all the regime's 33 years in power. With each successive election the party's popularity has sunk deeper and deeper and so the regime has responded by digging deeper and deeper into its bag of dirty tricks including the use of wanton violence as in 2008.

Zanu PF is not just unpopular with the people; they hate the party, especially Mugabe, with a passion. To win this election Zanu PF was going to use the dirtiest tricks ever. After the sham elections of 2008, Mugabe knows the whole world is watching him like a hawk. If they declare him “illegitimate” as happened in 2008; SADC will not be there to bail him out this time.

Deploying all these security services personal in every corner of Zimbabwe is one thing but getting them to resist the temptation to harass, beat, rape and even murder the populous to force them to vote for Mugabe and Zanu PF is going to be the real challenge. Can these thugs stop being thugs over night?

Mugabe himself is torn; he knows he will lose if his thugs do not use dirty tricks including violence but also knows that will not get away with another violent election. He is damned if he does not use violence and damned if he does!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

President Obama and Zuma to discuss Zimbabwe - a remind to Mugabe that the world is watching him!

President Obama and President Zuma will discuss Zimbabwe before the US President fly on to Tanzania tomorrow.

“Both President Zuma and President Obama have been seized with the Zimbabwe political crisis for some time now, in their own respective ways. They are anxious that the current roadmap to elections and democracy yields a less toxic body politic that will restore the country’s standing within the international community.

“In that light, a discussion on Zimbabwe and its political problems is a certainty, in the spirit of trying to assist the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe,” a source told Daily News.

Mugabe and his murderous Zanu PF thugs have got away, thanks to Tsvangirai and MDC’s breath-taking incompetence, with not implementing any meaningful democratic reforms hence there is still no free media and freedom of expression; the voters roll is still in a mess and so hundreds of thousands will be denied a vote on July 31; etc. Still what the tyrant and his thugs now know is that they will not get away with wanton violence and “cooking up” election results as they did in 2008!

For a party that has always believed “what was won by the bullet, cannot be changed by a ball-point pen!” and whose leader has boasted of having “several degrees in violence” this election is going to present a real challenge. After all these years of treating the Zimbabwean electorate as if they were nothing but nincompoops to be cheated and beaten to stop regime change. Now Zanu PF has to do this without cheating and wanton violence with an electorate that hate the party for all the past abuse!   

The US and the whole world is watching Zimbabwe and they want to how Mugabe and Zanu PF can prevent regime change without cheating and wanton violence!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Mugabe co-opted the security chiefs into the brutal Zanu PF dictatorship - that is corruption!

Mugabe was at it again praising the security chiefs key role in the Zanu PF dictatorship.

“Every one of the commanders from the police, air force, army, then combined forces, prison service, they all are commanders deriving from the struggle. All of them, they fought the struggle. Tsvangirai ran away from the struggle. He actually ran away!” Mugabe said.

“And they (security services chiefs) are the protectors of the nation, you cannot tamper with an army.”

Here is the tyrant who has corrupted the nation’s security organs by co-opting the top brass into the Zanu PF dictatorship. The Police, Army and CIO have turned a blind eye to Zanu PF’s ruthless drive to subset the country’s democracy to establish and retain a brutal de facto one party state. Indeed these institutions have carried out some of the party’s heavy dirty work; they have done most of the killing of the over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans murdered for selfish political gain in the regime’s 33 years in power.


The security chiefs have had the lion’s share of the corrupt deals and looting that has destroyed the country.


“They all are commanders deriving from the struggle. All of them, they fought the struggle,” says Mugabe.


As if after fighting in the struggle the security chiefs could not help but be the corrupt and oppressive murderers they have become. As if having fought to remove the white oppressors they were compelled to step into their shoes and become the next oppressors themselves. It was impossible for them to be or do anything else, impossible.


The real tragedy in Zimbabwe is that Mugabe has been allowed to get away with this twisted narrative of how he has corrupted the nation’s institutions for his selfish political gain. Tsvangirai and MDC’s deafening silence, intended or not, has given mileage to this lie!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Many Zanu PF candidate compalining after losing party primaries - threats and bribes will restore the peace!

The last minute and one day Zanu PF primary are proving a headache for the party with many losing candidate complaining of the usual cheating.

‘I’m not happy with the way the elections were conducted and I’ve told the party I will contest as an independent,’ said losing candidate. But ZANU PF has said it will block him filing his papers with the nomination court.

‘I was told in confidence today (Thursday) that the party will send youth members to the nomination court to make sure that I do not present my papers with the court. They are telling me I made my name through ZANU PF and as such there was no way they were going to let me split the vote,’ he said. A “soup” of threats and brides will restore peace in the party!

Mugabe has war-chest of $5 billion, at least. He will pay all the losing Zanu PF candidates $20k cash on the nail plus a promise "to look after our own" to others and you will be surprise how quickly the dust settles. It is corruption, looting, money and power that have kept Zanu PF together all these years. Unlike 2008 when Mugabe was scrapping the bottom of the barrow this year, thanks to the Marange diamond windfall, Mugabe is awash with money.

Internal Zanu PF squabbles are the least of Mugabe's problems. He knows none of these men and women are honest and principled. They will all sell their own mothers for a price and be proud they had a mother to sell. Their blind loyalty is for sell and he has the money with which to buy it!

Mugabe's real problem is the wry Zimbabwean voters. He will spend billions buying them food and beer but can he trust them to vote for him? We all know they did not do so in the March 2008 vote. He is saddened that he cannot revert to using violence again as he did in 2008, not this year! The international community will declare him "illegitimate" and SADC will not lift a finger this time!

This year Mugabe be banking of looted money, not violence, to win - hoping voters are too stupid to notice!

Do not worry, he will be back. He will be spending the billions of dollars to buy votes. Unemployment is seating at a nauseating 90% and the money that should have been used to get the national economy back on its feet was being stolen and is now being used to buy the votes.


Mugabe want those unemployed voters to vote for him so he can spend the next five years looting even more wealth whilst they sink even deeper into the economic hell he has created for them.


President Jacob Zuma announced on Monday that SA’s economy grew by 83% in the last 19 years of ANC rule. The Zimbabwe economy shrunk by 84% in the six year period 2002 to 2008 alone. A world record; no other nation, not at war, has had such a shocking economic melt-down.


It was the all-out looting of the commercial farms starting in 2000 that destroyed Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector, the backbone of the nation’s economy, precipitating the economic melt-down. As long as Mugabe and his cronies continue to own these looted farms; national economic recovery will remain a pipe dream.


The wealth from the Marange diamonds valued at $800 billion; used wisely could get Zimbabwe back to where it was in 1980 in 25 years. So far the diamond windfall has largely disappeared and shared out amongst the same looting class!


Mugabe has no intention of getting the looting class to give up the farms and everything else they have looted. Indeed Mugabe’s solution to the nation is that we will all prosper if we loot! As always it is the looting class who get even richer whilst the rest sink even deeper in the economic hell.


More looting is not going to revive the Zimbabwe economy and create the much needed employment. More looting is not going to get the 90% unemployed back to work, but will keep them there.


In the next few weeks Mugabe is going to splash some of the looted diamond wealth buying Chiefs cars, Headman bicycles and povo beer, lots and lots of beer; to buy the people’s vote. The nation is live in abject poverty because of all the 33 years of mismanagement, corruption and looting by Mugabe and his cronies. Now he is using some of the loot to buy our vote so the mismanagement, corruption and looting can continue another five years.


In the past Zanu PF has used brute force to coerce the people to vote for the party. It will be difficult to use violence again this year, the world is watching. And so Mugabe is going to use money he stole from us to buy our vote so he can steal from us for another five more years. That is right, you heard me: MUGABE IS GOING TO USE MONEY HE STOLE FROM US TO BUY OUR VOTE SO HE CAN STEAL FROM US ANOTHER FIVE MORE YEARS!


The people of Zimbabwe are poor, ignorant, etc., etc. but they are not stupid. Not that stupid not to see that Mugabe is pulling a fast one here. Since Mugabe will have to holding a free and fair election this year, as near free and a tyrannical regime can manage; Mugabe will this year learn that the people of Zimbabwe are not as stupid as he thought!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mugabe in Singapore for a medical check-up before facing electorate hating for revenge!

Mugabe has left the country for Singapore for a “route medical check-up” the nation was told.

Mugabe needs to be as fit as he can possible be because these elections are going to be his worst nightmare ever.

He has outwitted Tsvangirai these last five years; everyone can see the MDC leader is hopelessly incompetent. No doubt Mugabe will be rubbing that in. And yet he will be surprise that Zimbabweans will still vote for Tsvangirai and not him. Even his own Zanu PF members will vote for a Zanu PF MP but vote for Tsvangirai.

Nothing will please Zimbabweans more than Mugabe losing with a tsunami victory to a complete, medically certified idiot! That is how much Zimbabweans hate the tyrant.

After 33 years of being treated as if they are complete idiots, Zimbabweans will have their chance for revenge! Hate and revenge are very powerful human emotions; together they are simply unbeatable!

This election is not about the economy or about anything or anybody else but Mugabe and how much Zimbabweans hate him!

This is set to be the mother of all elections; Mugabe will have cause to dread it even worse than even death itself!

 Chawakadya chamuka Ngushungo iwe!

Tsvangirai finally submit his appeal for Court to nullify July 31 election date - typical!

Tsvangirai has filed a Constitutional Court application seeking the nullification of President Robert Mugabe’s proclamation for elections to be held on July 31

This is typical Tsvangirai incompetence at it's worst! SADC recommended having the elections delayed by two weeks nearly two weeks ago. Zanu PF submitted their Court appeal within days of the SADC decision and MDC are now submitting their a week later, a few days before parliament is dissolved.

"What we want are the reforms that will bring a free, fair and legitimate election. We do not want a repeat of the 2008 scenario, where Zanu-PF went on to steal an election," Tsvangirai argued. He had five years to get these reforms implemented and did not get even one implemented and now he wants to do it in two weeks!
Enough is enough; let us go to fresh elections and see what comes out and end this fuss and charade!

Monday, 24 June 2013

MDC threatening to boycott elections if Court uphold July 31 election date - Zanu PF would love that!

The MDC formations accuse Chinamasa of deliberately filing a court application that is designed to fail. In the court papers submitted by the justice minister he says Mugabe is happy with the 31st July ruling but it’s Tsvangirai and Ncube who want an extension. Chinamasa further says he is only making the application because of a directive by SADC.

The MDC parties say no court, anywhere in the world, would grant an application worded like that, which implies that foreigners are influencing when the elections should be held.

Zanu PF will drive for a July 31 election date with the party's usual zeal; it is clear they have MDC wrong footed and they would want to milk that to the full.

MDC are threatening to boycott the elections if the Court should refuse to uphold their appeal for a two week extension. SADC has already made it clear that it will abide by whatever the Court decide and so MDC will be seen as the only ones who do not want to honour the Court’s decision.

Anyone with any brain accepted that the two week extension, even if the Court granted it, was not going to be long enough to allow any reforms, MDC has been hot about, to be implemented. MDC had five years to get these reforms implemented but failed to get even one reform implemented because of the party’s own breathtaking incompetence.

PM Tsvangirai has been threating to boycott the elections if the reforms are not implemented for the last three months. None of his advisers have had the guts to tell him that strictly speaking he would be protesting at his own incompetence!

Instead of dismantling the Zanu PF dictatorship MDC have done a great job in sprucing the dictatorship's image. And now by boycotting the election MDC would be granting the dictatorship the winning home run without ever having to bat. It is clear that these elections were not going to be free and fair; no amount of sprucing was going to make the Zanu PF dictatorship a democratic party but a boycott will mean Mugabe and Zanu PF democratic credentials will never be tested.
The boycott will hand political power to Mugabe in a silver platter and it will have to be assumed that the elections were going to be free, fair and democratic! As for Tsvangirai he and his lunatic fringe can protest MDC’s incompetence until the donkey has horns!

Friday, 21 June 2013

President Obama to visit Africa - surprised he can find it!

President Obama will be visiting Africa, Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa start 26 June 2013. Just as well he is not the one piloting Air Force One, after all the total indifference he has shown to Africa since his election, one is tempted to think Africa is not on his world map.
"As he travels to Africa, he will see a definite different Africa that enthusiastically celebrated his election and re-election but an Africa that is asking: What have you done for me, not lately but ever?" said Chika Onyeani, editor of the US-based African Sun Times, speaking for many Africans.

MP Chininga dies in an accident after uncovering Marange looting - which Tsvangirai had denied!

The Zanu PF MP Chidori-Chininga has died in an accident. Many believe the MP was a marked man. He chaired the mining parliamentary committee that revealed that Mbada paid $293 millions in taxes and yet government only got $82 million whilst of diamond companies did not even pay a penny.

It is interesting to note that the work of one MP has done more to shed light in Zimbabwe's murky diamond industry, proving once again that if MDC with their majority in parliament had had the political will, this parliament could have achieved something.

As it happened, these MDC MPs really have nothing to show for their five years in power. Indeed on the Marange diamonds, it was PM Tsvangirai who gave the Marange diamonds operations a clean bill of health which Chininga’s report has shown was a lie!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mugabe says security chiefs are still in liberation struggle mode and to be treated with "sensitivity"!

Mugabe told SADC summit Zimbabwe’s security chiefs are still in liberation struggle mode and so must be treated with “sensitivity”.

“These are people who were with us during the liberation struggle and they have not disconnected themselves from the liberation struggle to today. As far as they are concerned they are still in the mould of the liberation struggle and we know we have to treat them with sensitivity but l agree there is a problem,’ Minister Misihairabwi-Mushonga told a public meeting quoting Mugabe.

Mr. Mugabe the security chiefs are an integral part of the cabal of the Zanu PF dictatorship which has established the de facto one-party dictatorship to retain political power at all cost. The security chiefs have played their murderous part in the establishment of the dictatorship just as much as they have received their fair share of the spoils of this absolute power in the form of corrupt deals and looted white farms and Marange diamonds.

The decision to establish a one-party dictatorship was made a long time ago; even before independence. It was then that the security chiefs and the rest of the Zanu PF cabal, Julius Caesar in 49BC, crossed Rubicon River; the point of no return.  From that point on the cabal did not care about the liberation struggle but making sure Zanu PF retained political power at all cost – including crashing the people’s dreams of independence, freedom and liberty.

Surely Mr. Mugabe you do not expect the nation to treat this corrupt and oppressive cabal with any “sensitivity”. Sensitivity for having denied us hope, human dignity and even the right to life itself? The arrogance of tyrant like Mugabe is insufferable!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mugabe has outfoxed the naive Tsvangirai and slow SADC but that is Mugabe's final undoing!

Tsvangirai has made it real easy for Mugabe and Zanu PF to use all manner of dirty tricks including wanton violence and they will use. We all know Zanu PF is a party of ruthless murderers starting with the party’s  Chimbwidos going up to the very top of the food chain to Mugabe himself. He has “several degrees in violence”!

Mugabe and Zanu PF clearly see the very fact that these elections are NOT going to be free and fair as great strength for the party. Victory is assured, Zanu PF is thinking. But that is because like all tyrannical regimes Zanu PF only thinks of the here and now. They certainly have no memory of what happened last month let alone last year and beyond and there lies Mugabe and Zanu PF’s weakness, their Achilles’ heel!

Tyrannical regimes have zero long term memory and that is why Mugabe and his thugs never talk of the over 30 000 Zimbabweans the regime has murdered in its 33 years in power. But of course the ordinary people remember all the corruption, looting, beatings, rapes and all the murders because they have suffered the consequence of all these things everyday of their lives.

“Chinokangamwa idemo muti wakatemwa haukangamwi!” goes the Shona adage. It is the axe that forgets but not the tree that it chopped! Mugabe and Zanu PF are the axe and so they can afford to forget but trust me they will not forget the second half of this Shona adage.

“Chiwakadya chamuka!” Those whom you have abused are here for their revenge!

In this case what better way of getting their revenge than by letting Mugabe and Zanu PF destroy themselves.

The international community has long since judged Zimbabwe’s election as not being free and fair – there is overwhelming evidence of that already. But, as one would say, give the fool a long rope and he will hang himself with it. Mugabe and Zanu PF will have a field day using all manner of dirty tricks to win this election but that will only add to the evidence that the elections are NOT free and fair.

Remember what happened in June 2008 when Mugabe and Zanu PF used the wanton violence to “win” the presidential run-off? If you are Mugabe or a Zanu PF thug, you will not remember; have the short term memory of axe only. I will remind you; the international community refused to accept Mugabe’s as a “legitimate” reflection of the democratic will of the people of Zimbabwe.

It was SADC that came up with this GPA and GNU to give Mugabe what they thought would be a soft landing out of power. Instead Mugabe, the axe, has completely outfoxed Tsvangirai, which was not so difficult given the very serious intellectual limitations of the latter, emerging out of the GNU even stronger than ever. Mugabe has made SADC look feeble and worse. SADC, the tree, will not forget that and they will NOT come out to rescue Mugabe this time round after what is not a free and fair election!

Monday, 17 June 2013

SADC admit "you don't reforms in two weeks" popping MDC's hot air vitriolic boasts!

“The two weeks was not imposed by SADC. Out of this they know what has to be done and what is possible to be done. It is clear there are reforms but you don’t do reforms in two weeks. It’s clear for all of us. But we all agreed that the time to hold an election in Zimbabwe has come," said Salomao

Finance Minister Tendai Biti revealed last week that although Zimbabwe is set to hold general elections next month it has still not secured funding for the polls. But Salomão said this issue was not discussed at the summit although he said consultations are underway among member states to find out how they can assist Zimbabwe.

SADC Executive Secretary Tomaz Salomão has cleared two important points:

1)      That SADC is not under any illusions that any meaningful reforms could have been implemented in the two weeks. Back in February/ March some of us said voting yes to the Copac constitution would slam the door to reforms shut. Evens and time have proven us right!


MDC’s talk of implementing reform after the SADC meeting was all hot air, as some of us pointed out.


2)      SADC did not even discuss the matter of who is going to bankroll the elections. Mugabe has at least $4 billion from the sale of Marange diamonds (he made $2 b in 2012 alone) but that is to be used to fund his own and Zanu PF campaign.


This is going to work to Mugabe’s great advantage in two ways a) lack of national funds will now be as an excuse for making everything even more chaotic than ever. The muddier the waters the easier it is to rig the process. b) the full war-chest gives Mugabe and Zanu PF an unparalleled financial advantage and in Zimbabwe money talks the loudest!

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said: “The last four years have been a painful
transition characterized by the absence of a genuine partner to the cause, a period which saw unilateral decisions being made, agreements not being fulfilled, U-turns on agreed positions and at all material times constant and vicious media attacks on my person, my government Ministers and my party.

“The only reason why we continued to hang in there was our desire to serve our people and to respect your directives and resolutions as SADC.”!

Mr Prime Minister, everyone knows the only time you threatened to walk out of the GNU was when Mugabe would not allow you to live in Zimbabwe House or State House. Mugabe then gave you the $3 million to build your mansion and from there on you have done everything to appease Mugabe. Indeed you have not implemented even one reform and then accept the weak Copac constitution because doing otherwise would have upset Mugabe.

Even SADC leaders are aware of your breath taking incompetence and they have openly said of you and your fellow MDC leaders that you have forgotten why you were in the GNU!

So Mr Prime Minister please spare us all these lies; we all know what you have been doing these last five years.  

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Zanu PF says any further reforms must be agreed - no wonder Mugabe is "happy"!

Mugabe says he is happy with the SADC outcome.

Of course Mugabe would very happy with the outcome; even he would have never believed that five years after signing the GPA which was committed to dismantling the Zanu PF dictatorship he would still have it untouched!

Chinamasa also warned the MDC formations that any further reforms must be agreed with his Zanu PF party.

“As Zanu PF we are of course contesting the idea that there is any need for reforms whether its media reforms, whether it’s Posa, whether it’s Aippa, we are contesting and we made it clear in the summit that the MDCs are accustomed to making generalised calls for reforms," he said.

“In particular I made a point that in 2011, July 2011 they were making these generalised calls and I specifically asked them to make their proposals specific and to table them with the forum of negotiators but up to now since 2011, no specific proposals to Posa or Aippa or to any of the pieces of legislation they complain about have been tabled for our consideration.

“We can only implement that which we have agreed, we cannot implement disagreements, they are not implementable. We can only implement that which we have agreed. If we do not agree then there is nothing to implement, until we agree on a particular reform then there is nothing to reform. If there are disagreements then it is up to the political parties to take those issues to an election so that those disagreements are part of the election manifestos of the respective parties...’’

After five years in which Zimbabwe's political system was supposed to be rewritten it is amazing that Mugabe has managed to emerge with the Zanu PF dictatorship untouched. Yeah he did manage to out fox Tsvangirai, that was piece of cake, the people of Zimbabwe and SADC leaders too. I never thought he would out fox SADC leaders so easily but he has just done that! The Maputo meeting was the crowning moment!

“These past five years have exposed all of us and exposed us in terms of what we are. Our sense of honesty or lack of it, our purposefulness or lack of it, and naturally the serious intent with which we have to govern.’’ As usual Mugabe had the final say and he could not resist a left hook to the temple of Tsvangirai whose knees are knocking already and is having SADC to prop him up.

MDC greet SADC decision as "incredible" - the usual hot air signifying nothing!

"Good people, good, good people, it has been an incredible and unbelievable day here in this great beautiful coastal capital of Maputo," announced Finance Minister Tendai Biti. There is the one thing one can always count on when Minister Biti speaks; a flowery and colourful language.

Minister Biti is what Chinua Achebe would have described as having the "art of conversation (where) proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten"!

Sadly for Minister Biti, often than not he is talking nonsense; not even the most flowery language can hide that the SADC resolutions are not going to change much on the ground.

After the sham 2008 elections we set out to carry out a number of democratic reforms and write a democratic constitution with one end objection "to deliver free and fair democratic elections and prevent a repeat of the wanton violence of 2008". We had five years to carry out these tasks.

After four long years and at cost of $ 100 million this GNU produced the Copac constitution and MDC praised it to the high heavens with the same passion and flowery language as they are using now. They promised the new constitution will deliver free and fair election. It was all nonsense of course.

Some of us said that Copac was too weak and feeble to deliver any of the democratic rights including the right to free and fair election. Before the indelible ink used in the referendum vote in which Copac was approved had worn off MDC were calling for the reforms they had neglected all along to be implemented.

The two additional weeks granted by SADC are not going to make any difference; none of the democratic reforms are going to be meaningfully implemented in that time!

“I want to thank and acknowledge the electric delivery of Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai our party president, what a delivery. Simple straight forward passionate and effective,” said Minister Biti.

As if whatever it was Tsvangirai had said could change the fact that after five years he had failed to get even one democratic reform implemented!

“Today the man from Vungu fought like a lion,” said Minister Biti referring to Professor Ncube. What is it that the lions killed? Some ant-lion!

The Minister himself was very careful in all his praise to say nothing about free and fair elections because he knows nothing can be done now to deliver that.
"It (life) is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing," wrote William Shakespeare. All this MDC excitement and euphoria is just hot air signifying nothing.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

SADC tell to delay election by two weeks; a waste of time because no reforms will be implemented!

SADC ask Mugabe to delay elections by two weeks at least and the MDC imbiciles are beside themselves with joy for what they consider a victory.

Commenting on the development MDC legal affairs secretary and education Minister David Colart said on Tweeter: “There are three reasons why SADC resolution is critically important; Firstly, it is a victory for the respect for the rule of law and the new Constitution;

"Secondly, it means that voter registration and roll inspection can be completed before nomination day and, thirdly, it constitutes a major political faux pas by Zanu PF hardliners and will be damaging and embarrassing.”

What reform does MDC hope to implement in two weeks? None! Without reforms Zimbabwe’s are elections are NOT going to be free and fair.

President Jacob Zuma’s international relations advisor Lindiwe Zulu told the UK Telegraph that the regional body will not allow another sham election reminiscent of the 2008 vote which claimed over 500 lives.

“Sadc is concerned that there should be an election that is nowhere near what happened in 2008,” Zulu said.

If Ms Zulu was a full shilling then she would know that implementing the democratic reforms is the only way to ensure free and fair elections and she would also know that no meaningful reforms will be implanted in the additional two weeks!

SADC will get their two weeks and Mugabe will still have everything, absolutely everything, he needs to rig the elections and ensure a Zanu PF victory. Both MDC and SADC are a waste of time and space!   

Coltart says MDC "embrass ourselves" by running to SADC - the only voice of reason!

 “It is not worthwhile to be running to SADC all the time,” Senator David Coltart admitted. “The irony of it is that when we take our problems to them we attract criticism and embarrass ourselves.”

The Senator was warning his MDC friends on the eve of the SADC meeting after they had raised a Sahara dust storm about Mugabe naming the election date and slamming the door shut to all the nonsense about implementing reforms.

SADC leaders know the reforms were not implemented for all last five years because of MDC’s incompetence and they have said so.  

I used to hold Senator David Coltart in high regard until he joined MDC. Since then, he has said and done some really stupid things. It was to be expected given the army-ants of mediocre leaders in MDC. Join a crab dance and you too will be covered in mad.

I am pleased to note that he has had the courage to stand up and tell his MDC friends they are an embarrassment.

If only he had had the guts to do so before the Copac constitution was passed; the nation could have been saved from the nightmare of another bloody election process who outcome in a matter of indifference! Yes even Senator Coltart got too comfortable in government and forgot they were supposed to deliver free and fair elections!

Biti asking SADC to pay $120 m for elections but says nothing about Mugabe $2 billion diamond loot!

What nonsense is Minister Tendai Biti talking about; Zimbabwe has no $120 million to pay for the elections. He, of all people, is the one who has said millions of dollars from the sale of Marange and Chiadzwa diamonds are disappearing.

According to a Canadian NGO's research, Mugabe alone is making a cool $2 billion a year from these illicit diamond sales. Mugabe has just built a mansion worth R200 million in SA; why has this dysfunctional GNU not asked where the money came from?

The Police and Army have their own diamond concessions and God knows how much they too are raking in.

SADC would be stupid to pay even a single penny towards these elections for two reasons:

1) Why should they subsidize Zimbabwe's mismanagement, corruption and looting?

2) This election is not free and fair; it is already clear there is no free media and the voters' roll is in a mess and the wanton violence is on the cards. Why should SADC pay for a fraudulent election process?

SADC leaders were right that PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends had indeed become “too comfortable in government, forgetting their presence was meant to create an environment conducive for credible, free and fair elections”. So comfortable that MDC have not only been helping Mugabe and his cronies rob the nation, they are now extending their services to robbing SADC too!

Any SADC country that pays towards these Zimbabwe elections must know that they will never be paid back that money!

“If you are going to have the nomination court in seven days’ time will SADC have put those funds together, if at all they are going to put money in the kit?” asked Minister Biti. Yes you would love to see that happen wouldn't Minister; SADC paying whilst your "unflappable" Mugabe can watch his $2 billion per year loot grow!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Chinamasa tell Diplomats MDC failed to produce any reform proposals - back winning horse!

Chinamasa tell Zimbabwe’s foreign diplomats that MDC never produced any proposed reforms for the GNU to consider.

“Last week in our meeting with the (SADC) facilitation team, I invited the (MDCs) to send their proposals (regarding POSA) to me, but up to now I have not received any,” Chinamasa said. “With AIPPA, it is the same situation; last week I asked all concerned that let me have (their) proposals and up to now I have not received any.

“If we come to the so-called security sector reforms, once again those reforms they were talking about were negotiated and are now part of the Constitution.”

MDC have had five years to come up with their proposed democratic reforms and in all those years they have failed to come up with anything. Minister Chinamasa is not telling any of these foreign diplomats or the nation at large anything the world did not already know. We all know MDC is breathtakingly incompetent. Chinamasa is just rubbing it in.
On the eve of the elections Zanu PF is reminding the world just how incompetent MDC is and not to back the losing horse in the race!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

By declaring election date Mugabe has told SADC "to f**** o***" says Ncube!

Professor Ncube says Mugabe’s declaration of election date is tantamount to telling SADC leaders to f** o**!

"It is very clear that this proclamation is deliberately designed literally to tell SADC to f*** off,” said the Professor. “The ball is now in SADC's court, do they accept to be deceived this way? Do they accept the brazen contempt against them?

"If SADC allows Mugabe to get away with this, it would be a very, very sad indictment on them," he said.

A very “smart” move Professor, get SADC to fight Mugabe to hide MDC’s own incompetence; assuming SADC leaders are stupid not to see the trap MDC has set for them!

How many times did SADC tell MDC to implement the reforms and you lot would not listen. SADC knows and have said that it was you people who had become "too comfortable in government, forgetting their presence was meant to create an environment conducive for credible, free and fair elections".

Other than your son's father-in-law, President Zuma, no one else in SADC was buying the nonsense of more time to implement the reforms.

If you really think SADC is going to fight for MDC over this one then you are very naive indeed. SADC should put its foot down and finally tell you Professor, Tsvangirai and the rest of the MDC leadership some home truth; that you are incompetent and must now pay for your incompetence. In short SADC must tell MDC leaders to f*** o****!

Mugabe gaxette July 31 as election date - fait accompli!

In an Extra-ordinary Government Gazette, Mugabe has set June 28 for nominations elections are set for July 31.

New voter registration exercise is dead in the water!

All those democratic reforms that MDC have been demanding; they are all dead in the water too!

It was clear Mugabe wanted to present the 15 June SADC meeting with a fait accompli on the date of the elections and lay to rest all talk of implementing reforms; that is exactly what he has done! Only the politically naive had failed to see this coming. He is the one dictating the Zimbabwe agenda not Tsvangirai or anyone else that is the political reality in Zimbabwe and he is clearly relishing reminding MDC, SADC and every other upstart out there!

Zimbabweans should seat up right and take note: MDC NOT going to change anything in Zimbabwe.

 If Tsvangirai and MDC had any plan or strategy these last five years; then it was to appease Mugabe and Zanu PF so they will be allowed on the gravy train. MDC have certainly delivered that, they saw to it that not even one of the GPA democratic reforms saw the light of day. And instead of a democratic constitution they allowed Mugabe to dictate the Copac rubbish.

 The Copac constitution gives the Zanu PF dictatorship so much political and economic power that the dictatorship will have to allow MDC to “win” these elections and the Zanu PF dictatorship will be the real power behind the Tsvangirai led MDC government.

As CNN’s Becky Anderson rightly pointed out; PM Tsvangirai and MDC have really done a great job these last five years of making Mugabe and Zanu PF “legitimate” again after the sham 2008 elections.

 SADC leaders have too vented their frustration with PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends accusing them of becoming “too comfortable in government, forgetting their presence was meant to create an environment conducive for credible, free and fair elections”.

 Prime Minister Tsvangirai and MDC’s biggest worry is whether or not Mugabe and Zanu PF will reward all they have done to save the Zanu PF dictatorship and allow them back on the gravy train.

 MDC is not worried about losing the support of the Zimbabwe electorate; they have not even noticed that MDC did not deliver even one democratic reform. Up to the March referendum MDC said the Copac constitution would deliver free and fair elections; it is now evident they lied. But what of it; the people have already forgotten MDC ever made that promise and that is only three months ago.

 The Zimbabwe electorate is so slow in their thinking, Mugabe has been able to run circles round them all these last 33 years and now even the incompetent Tsvangirai is doing the same. The Zimbabwe electorate are like the sloth; you can fire a shotgun right in its face and the most it will ever do is slowly blink once or twice, issue out an almost imperceptible yawn and go back to sleep.

 In Zimbabwe we have a combination of an incompetent MDC and an electorate with the mental agility of a sloth. It is no wonder then that a tyrant the likes of Mugabe is always doing exactly as he please!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nyikadzino appeal Court ruling for elections to be held July 31 - for spurious reasons!

Human rights activist, Nixon Nyikadzino, appeal Constitution Court ruling to have elections held by July 31.

“As a human rights defender, I have been a victim of torture, harassment, arrests and so on… If the election is held before July 31st I feel I will not be able to exercise my right to vote freely,” said Nixon Nyikadzino. “What the Constitutional Court ruled was to protect the rights of one individual. But in doing so they have ignored the rights of many.”

Mr Nyikadzino has his heart in the right place, being a human rights defender and all that; but he has got the wrong end of the stick on this matter.

If Nyikadzino really understood what is going on here then he would know that his right and that of millions of other Zimbabwean to free and fair elections has been forfeited already by this GNU’s failure to implement not even one democratic reform and by writing this weak and feeble Copac constitution.

If Nyikadzino really believes that the democratic reforms can still be meaningful implemented without amending the weak Copac constitution then he clearly lives in the same cloud cuckoo land as MDC. These elections concern the real world and in the real world no reforms are going to be implemented now.

These elections are not going to be free and fair that is self-evident already. We are already in the middle of the election process and yet there is no free media, the voters’ roll is in a mess, the Police continue to behave in their highly partisan ways, etc. If Nixon Nyikadzino was paying any attention then he should have filed his court appeal a long time ago.
The constitution of Zimbabwe says there should be free and fair elections every five years. This dysfunctional GNU has failed to deliver on the first party we should not allow it to fail to deliver on the “every five years” too!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mudede cuts new voter registration from 30 days to 3 days - exercise was always doomed to be a failure!

Registrar General, Tobaiwa Mudede told a parliamentary committee that his office has cut the new voter registration exercise that was launched on Monday 10 June from 30 days to 3 days per ward because he did not have the money. Money is a big man-made problem in Zimbabwe, everyone knows that. The point is he should have told parliament and let the house decide, not him.

Money is a man-made problem and that man is Mugabe himself. He is making a cool $2 billion a year from the sale of Marange diamonds which is all disappearing down a black hole in State House. Mugabe could pay the $10 million Mudede is asking for and the $132 million for the elections without making a significant change to the weight of the war-chest he has built for himself!

The only way the nation can be use people like Mudede and Chihuri are carrying out their statutory duties properly in a none partisan way is by carrying out democratic reforms of the Registrar General's Office and ZRP. The reforms, properly carried out, would have since found out that Mudede and Chihuri are set in their way and had them removed. They are not just paid workers of the Zanu PF dictatorship, they are the dictatorship!

Asking Mudede to repeat the voter registration exercise was easy but getting him to do it properly was the real challenge. At the end of the exercise the voters' roll will not be any better than it was before the exercise!

Mudede and Chihuri may say they work for a democratic Zimbabwe but what they real care about is the survival of the dictatorship. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, telling them they should not kill the sheep is a waste of time. Wolves do not eat grass they eat meat and penning them together with the sheep is an invitation to dinner the wolves cannot resist!

If we are serious about having free and fair elections then we must first accept that all these MDC hare-brain schemes, voter registration, etc. are a waste of time and money that will only serve to give legitimacy to this fraudulent Zanu PF election process.

Monday, 10 June 2013

No West election observers "no elections" says Chamisa - just another empty MDC threat!

MDC-T national organizing secretary, Nelson Chamisa, MP for Kuwadzana, told a recent rally of party supporters: “No international observers, no elections for MDC. We will not be party to elections which are not observed by the international community. MDC wants to participate in truly free and fair elections, whose outcome will be credible and acceptable by all parties involved.”

In a follow up interview, Chamisa stood by his position, saying: “If Zanu (PF) can invite countries of its choice to observe the election, why can’t MDC as well enjoy the privilege to invite its friends? The election situation resembles that of a wedding. Both wedding couples are free to invite guests of their choice.”

He said the issue of election observers was clearly spelt out in the GPA. But Zanu (PF) is adamant on the issue.

“Western countries will not be invited to observe our elections. As Zanu (PF), we will not allow them anywhere near our national affairs,” party spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, said.

By “no elections” one assumes that MDC will boycott the elections if there are no international observers from such countries as the USA and UK.  MDC is already threatening to boycott the elections if it is not allowed to implement reforms.

Past experience tells us that it is the wishes of Mugabe and Zanu PF that will prevail at the end of the day and so there will be no reform and no USA and UK observers. Past experience also tells us MDC will quietly for forget its precondition(s) and do whatever it was it had said it will not do unless the preconditions are fulfilled; in short MDC will not be boycotting elections.

It is bad enough to be wrong but to be wrong and spineless is simply intolerable; MDC has managed to be both!