Monday, 29 June 2015

Tsvangirai's "exciting political moment" coalition is the blind leading the blind!

“MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Saturday tagged Joyce Mujuru and PDZ party leader Barbara Nyagomo into his MDC party,” reported Zimeye


“ can reveal members of the various political formations were pulled into the MDC State of The Nation Address special function on Saturday”


Tsvangirai gave the nation details of the consequences of the Zanu PF’s rigged elections in his address but said nothing about how the rigged July 2013 elections were themselves a consequence of MDC’s failure implement the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA. 


Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC leaders had five years to implement the reforms but failed to get even one reform implemented. SADC and others had warned MDC on the need to implement the reforms to ensure future elections were free, fair and credible but MDC ignored the warning.


All along Tsvangirai has publicly denied that SADC heads warned MDC on the reforms. But three months ago his spokesman, Luke Tamborenyoka, has publicly admitted to MDC being warned on the reforms and the “folly” of ignoring the warning. MDC made the public admission just before the scheduled SADC meeting in Harare because the party wanted to meet SADC heads and present them with another one of MDC’s endless petitions. SADC heads ignore MDC.


Ever since the rigged July 2013 when SADC heads dismissed Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC leaders as corrupt, incompetent and sell-outs they have pointedly ignore MDC. SADC vomited you MDC lot out then, so did the Western donors and many others too; they will never gone back to eat vomit.


Yes MDC still has some followers amongst the Zimbabwe electorate but these are who have never understood what the reforms were throughout the GNU years and still do not to this day! These are the naïve and gullible who have been brainwashed by the decades of Zanu PF propaganda into simpleton who can only follow like sheep and are incapable of thinking for themselves or see reason! It took two decades for them to finally accept that Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant it will take another two decades for them to see Tsvangirai for the corrupt and incompetent man he is.


To be fair to the MDC supporters, they are not the only ones who have no idea what the democratic reforms are about. Tsvangirai and his MDC teams have no clue what these reforms are. Since the rigged July 2013 elections MDC-T has called for the boycott of all future elections until their demands of eight electoral reforms are implemented.


“In the previous elections, the people of Zimbabwe have won the election but lost the results and we pledge in our diversity to continue to insist on the implementation of both the Constitution and the reforms agreed under the auspices of SADC and the African Union,” said Tsvangirai is his Saturday address.


Tsvangirai has never mentioned and of the GPA reforms until now. If he really understood anything about the GPA reforms then he would know that Zanu PF will never ever implement these reforms now that the GPA has expired just because Tsvangirai has finally woken up to their importance!



“I see the true grand coalition (MDC-T being joined by Mai Mujuru’s People First and Nyagomo’s PDZ) not as the unity of individuals or leaders of political parties, but as a unity of Zimbabweans who possess shared values and convergence on the patriotic goal to take our country forward,” said Tsvangirai.


“Today, I promise Zimbabweans that we are on the brink of an exciting political moment and they will be see us as political leaders converging on those issues that matter most to us all Zimbabweans.”


This is nothing but a case of the blind leading the blind deeper and deeper into the political and economic hell Tsvangirai got the nation into by failing to implement the raft of democratic reforms agreed in the GPA in 2008.

Until the Zimbabwe electorate take time to understand what the reforms are about; only then will they elect the men and women who too understand the reforms and will the nation be assured that all the reforms will finally be fully implemented; this nation will never break the endless cycle of empty promises change from the opposition followed by more Zanu PF rigged elections.  

Zanu P re-issuance of corruption to black empowerment has not ended the economic meltdown!

There once was a man whose name I will not say because we all know him. For years he denied there was no corruption in high places and blamed all the nation's economic woes on Western imposed sanctions. 

One day the story came out that he was director of the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) for which he was paid handsomely; $ 100 000 per year for doing nothing at all. 

The CEO of PSMAS whose name is Cuthbert Dube was paid $ 500 000 per month for looting because that is all he ever did. The majority of the PSMAS Members whose subscriptions paid the fat cats, were themselves earned a misery $ 500; had to pay out of their own pocket for all their medical needs because PSMAS had nothing left after paying the fat cats.

It turned out that corruption was rampant in ZESA, Air Zimbabwe, NRZ, City and Town Council, etc. and not just PSMAS. Harare City Clerk was paid $40 000 per month and even lowly Plum Tree paid its clerk $17 000 per month, $ 1 500 in wages the rest in allowances. The rate payers pay the rates, water bills and refuse collection charges although there is no running water, there are mountains of rubbish everywhere and the roads have pot-holes. 

The lowly paid workers at NRZ have not been paid for eight months, not a cent; the story same right across the board. There is corruption everywhere!


When the story broke our nameless director was quick to admit that he has been looting but threaten to tell all if he was going to be punished. He was never punished and, clearly the threat work. 


There is looting and plunder in Chiadzwa and Marange diamonds worth billions of dollars and yet the country is not getting one single dollar is revenue. Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, tired of having to lie about why he is not collecting any tax told the nation there were no diamonds left in February. In May he told IMF a different story, he said diamond industry was facing some difficulties and had been exempted from paying tax until it recovers. IMF were not so easily fooled and so they send back Chinamasa with his begging bowl full of fresh air!


No doubt our nameless PSMAS director knew the details of the grant looting and plunders at Chiadzwa and other places and the chefs knew he would tell tales. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours and so the corruption has been allowed to carry on to this day.


So after the PSMAS, Air Zimbabwe, etc. salarygate scandals broke out; the nation was spared the feeble excuse of western sanctions being the root cause of the nation’s economic woes. Our nameless PSMAS director could not deny there was corruption nor could he deny no national economy could thrive with so much looting and plunder going on for long.


After 35 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption the Zimbabwe economy has taken some serious beating and has finally crashed.


The Zimbabwe economy is in serious trouble unemployment has been 80% for donkeys years now and millions are living in abject poverty. The Zanu PF regime’s ZimAsset recovery plan is dead in the water and in desperation the regime has now gone back to its old swan song of blaming the western sanctions and ZDERA for the country.


“For who could readily decipher that the title, "The challenges of democratization and economic recovery in Zimbabwe" is in fact a re-issuance of ZDERA, the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, “itself a key, keen instrument for America's meddlesome policy against Zimbabwe?” wrote Nathaniel Manheru cum George Chiramba, Mugabe’s spokesman, cum PSMAS director in his regular column.


“And you naturalise, nay, academise and cleanse this sinister legal instrument by making it a mundane topic, a mere talking theme for a seemingly innocuous discussion event! Oh America, thy ways are complex, most complex.”


If Zanu PF has spent half as much time addressing the nation’s problems as it spent bashing the American and the West then Zimbabwe would not be in this economic hell-hole. No amount of American bashing will get us out of the economic mess either!

Zanu PF has been doing some cleansing and re-issuance of its own; there is no corruption in Zimbabwe, what ordinary mortals see as corruption is in fact Zanu PF’s pride and joy black empowerment policies. What is clear is Zanu PF will never address the country’s underlying economic problems such as corruption because the party is corrupt to the core. And as long as nothing is done to end corruption the country’s economic meltdown will only get worse!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Mugabe is better off with Moyo inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing (or worse) in!

“Moyo's victory was seen as spiting President Mugabe who had appointed him a non-constituency Member of Parliament before he proceeded to appoint him a minister in his bloated government,” commented Bulawayo Staff Reporter. I can well believe that!


Professor Moyo is already a heavy weight in Zanu PF and government but when he lost his parliamentary seat in the July 2013 elections and had to depend on Mugabe's generosity to pluck him out of political obscurity it made Mugabe feel powerful. Mugabe is a control freak nothing pleases him more than to see all his subordinates grovel up to him.

Winning back the Tsholotsho parliamentary seat after the humiliating defeat in 2013 would have pleased Moyo greatly and boosted his self-confidence and added a peacock tail feather to his cap. Mugabe would have seen this as the Professor trying to re-asset himself. He waiting for Moyo to take his seat in the cabinet meeting and then showing him the door in a calculated move designed to humiliate Moyo and remind him who is boss. Poor Jonathan Moyo, he clearly did not see this one coming and it knocked the wind out of his sail.


He has been the flying Zanu PF party and government supremo ruling his powerful ministry of information and dictating to all what they will know and think but often doubling up as government spokesman and supervising all other government departments. His by-election victory was going to allow him to comment freely on parliamentary business without fear of the snotty rhetorical question “Who elected you?”


Yes, Professor Moyo must have entered the cabinet room expecting be showered with congratulatory greetings for his electoral victory. He certainly did not expect to be told to fcuk off, he was no longer welcome there! 


No wonder Moyo has been uncharacteristically quiet for a long time - four days am counting – with nothing written or initiated by Moyo, not even tweetered comment from him – nothing that is, other than speculation on what happened in the Cabinet room on Tuesday. Falling from such a dizzying height and landing on his bald head must have left our high flier dazed and for once, speechless. 


After Mugabe called Moyo the “devil incarnate and a weevil destroying Zanu PF from within” everyone thought the Professor’s beacon was fried! Didymus Mutasa was so pleased to see Moyo in trouble he even offered to supply the gamatox, the insecticide, to kill the weevils.


Whatever the Professor said to or did to Mugabe at their private meeting after the public denunciation worked like a charm. It was Didymus Mutasa and others who were summarily sacked from cabinet, the party and then parliament. Moyo must have thought his charmed worked and his position in cabinet was safe and secure.


The moral of Moyo’s story is that Zanu PF is imploding and no one’s position is safe not even Mugabe’s own position is safe. Mutasa has already started to spill the beans of how Zanu PF has been rigging elections and, no doubt, the drip, drip leak of the party’s dirty past will now continue until Mugabe and all still left in the party are forced to resign. Moyo will definitely have even more damaging details on Mugabe which if released will force the tyrant to resign immediately.



Throwing Professor Moyo out of the cabinet is one thing but if Mugabe throws him out of the party and parliament like he did with Mutasa and others then Mugabe’s days in State House will be numbered.


“It is probably better to have him (FBI director, Edgar Hoover) inside the tent pissing out, then outside the tent pissing in,” said former US President Lyndon B Johnson. Mugabe’s position is a lot worse in that those inside the tent want to throw him out and those outside are more than pissing they are shooting in!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

MDC were foolish not to implement the reforms blaming Zanu PF only compounds the folly!

Obert Gutu tells VOA Zimbabwe is at a political stand still whilst MDC pressures Zanu PF to implement the electoral reforms.


“What we are simply doing as the MDC is to exert pressure from the illegitimate Zanu PF administration to ensure that at the end of the day, they will carry out electoral reforms that will even up the playing field,” said Gutu.


There is no end to MDC’s foolishness; MDC is in no position to pressure Zanu PF on any matter, particularly on reforms!



MDC was supposed to have implemented the reforms they keep talking about now during the GNU; they failed to get even one reform implemented. SADC and others reminded Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, Ncube and the other MDC leaders about the reforms but they paid no heed. So at the end of the GNU not even one reform was implemented.


Mugabe paid MDC leaders to do nothing on the reforms and they took the bribes. MDC sold out, period!


It was only after the July 2013 elections that the penny finally dropped in the MDC leaders' heads that they needed the reforms but it was too late, the horse had bolted.


Since the rigged July 2013 elections MDC has called for elections boycott until Zanu PF implement some reforms, they have made it clear throughout their campaign that it is Zanu PF’s fault the reforms were not implemented before the elections. A clever move but it will fool only their naive and gullible MDC followers and no one else especially Zanu PF. Zanu PF paid bribes for MDC to do nothing about reforms and so there is no reopening the reform deal - a deal is a deal!


Tendai Biti apologized for the opposition’s “collective foolishness” and failing to implement the reforms is, without doubt, the most foolish thing MDC leaders have ever done. But with fools like Tsvangirai, a fool is work is clearly never done; his attempt to blame Zanu PF for MDC’s foolishness does not diminish the folly but rather compound it.


“How can you now talk of reforms when almost the similar conditions that prevailed in 2013, when they were trounced in the elections, they participated under the same circumstances,” rightly asked Morris Ngwenya.

He added Zanu PF is under no pressure as the status quo remains and the ruling party is working on the economy under its economic empowerment program, ZimAsset.

Ngwenya is wrong on the economy; the only real pressure on Zanu PF to implement all the democratic reforms is coming from the economic meltdown. Like it or not ZimAsset is dead; Mugabe has failed to get any donor to bank roll the $27 billion plan. 


Unemployment has been 80% for decades now and it is getting worse, the 2,2 million new jobs Mugabe promised have not materialized. Millions are sinking into abject poverty and hopeless despair. The present economic situation cannot be allowed to continue for much longer, it is not social or politically sustainable.

The Zimbabwe economy needs serious reforms to address the endemic mismanagement and corruption and to end the lawlessness. Only someone with a fresh democratic mandate can be trusted to implement these reforms hence the reason why the political reforms must come first.

AU Summit delegate as for "more Mugabes" - give the idiot a demonic Mugabe doll!

The AU Summit has come and gone and the star of the show, AU chairman Robert Mugabe, did not fail to impress.
"Africa needs more of the Mugabes in order to change our people's mindset, otherwise the issue of looking for jobs from white people yet losing our raw mineral resources is a serious issue of concern," said Rodger Juda of Cameroon. 
What we need to change is the mind numbing hubris mindset of Africans like Rodger that is still at war with the West and regard our African leaders as demigods who cannot lie and can do no wrong! Without doubt Africa has some of the most naïve and gullible people on earth who are given to bouts supercilious enthusiasm over matters they do not understand. Rodger Juda is clearly one such overzealous but stupid African!
Rodger is praising Mugabe out of mindless stupidity; he has completely failed to interpretation of the facts before his own eyes. He is sold on Mugabe’s idea that Africa should not be “looking for jobs from white people” but failed to realize that Mugabe has been busy destroying “jobs from white people” but without creating any alternative jobs.
Zimbabwe has unemployment rate of 80% plus for over a decade now, at least five million Zimbabweans have left the country to look for work, any work. In his 2013 election manifesto Mugabe promised to create 2.2 million jobs and yet the country has continues to haemorrhage jobs as more and more companies have closed down. Which part of 80% unemployed rate does Rodger not understand?
Mugabe keeps wittering on and on about the need for Africa to end its dependence of the West; why talk about, do it! The tyrant has been in power now for three and half decades and yet the country is more dependent on the West now than it was in 1980. Donors are paying for 98% Zimbabwe medicine requirements and this week the VP Mnangagwa has been out to all Western governments and donors begging for aid to buy food or the people will starve. Mugabe is given to making grand anti-western statements, especially to an impressionable, naïve and gullible audience like Rodger.
But even Mugabe cannot escape the contradictions he has created. He is well known for his moaning none-stop about how the sanctions imposed by the West on him and a select few in his inner circle have destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy. So in one breath he is saying Africa does not need the West and in the next he is claiming Zimbabwe, at least, is lost without the West!
It is the decades of gross mismanagement and corruption under his tyrannical government that have destroyed the country’s economy and not the sanctions. Mugabe will never admit that because it is not in the nature of a tyrant like him to ever admit doing anything wrong.
Mugabe says one thing and does the exact opposite. He keeps talking of how Africa should not be selling raw materials but should be processing them and adding value. And yet the Chinese, Russians and other nationals have been plundering Zimbabwe’s alluvial diamonds 24/7 since 2007 and shipping the germs out of the country uncut and unprocessed without even paying local tax!
Mugabe has been in power now for 35 years and stories of his corruption, vote rigging and murderous oppression of the people of Zimbabwe have been in the public domain all these years. There people like Rodger Juda choose to ignore the facts and hang on to their fairy tale knight-in-shining armour, liberation war hero of Mugabe of bygone years.
Africa is awash with stories of liberators who, the day they are in power, are transformed into murderous tyrants. And yet people like Rodger will still refuse to accept Mugabe is not a fallible mortal and hang on to the idea he is an infallible demigod  like a child holding on to a favourite toy.
Tyrants like Mugabe thrive on the adulation of such simpletons as Rodger! 
Rodger Juda why don’t you make yourself one of those voodoo demonic dolls and call it Robert Mugabe because I would not wish such a curse of someone like Robert Mugabe as president on the people of Cameroon! What wrong have the people of Cameroon ever done on me that I would want them to suffer and die as Zimbabwe have suffered and died under Mugabe’s corrupt and murderous tyrannical rule. People like Rodger are stupid; they do not know what they are wishing for! “More Mugabes” how stupid is that!

Economic meltdown is so serious now that even Zanu PF Ministers cannot survive outside the party and government!

Zimbabwe’s economic recovery is a myth; the ZimAsset recovery plan is dead in the water because Mugabe failed to get any donor to bankroll the $27 billion hare-brain scheme; and, most important and urgent of all, the economic meltdown is real and biting hard.


Up to ten years ago many Zimbabweans were poor, which meant they had one or two family members out of ten earning a living wage and so the family could still afford to send some children to school and have a one decent meal a day. Today most family eke a living as street vendors and they cannot even afford to place one decent meal a week on the table, most children have dropped out of school, etc. These people live in abject poverty.


Last year a UN report said 16% of Zimbabweans live in abject poverty and with more and more companies closing down and the economic meltdown getting worse and worse more and more of our people will be forced to live in abject poverty.


Poor and his more ruthless devilish brother Abject Poverty were the unwelcome guests in povo’s homes; they never bothered with any of those formalities of knocking and wait to be invited in, they just kicked the door open and made themselves feel at home. In recent years the two rogues have extended their reach into the Zanu PF ruling elite, sometime right into the inner most Zanu PF sanctuary!


The late Enos Nkala and Nathan Shamuyarira lived the last years of their lives in abject poverty and died paupers. The two are grandees of Zanu PF, it is clear that the two devilish rogues Poor and Abject Poverty were not impressed by the two’s Zanu PF’s founding membership cards. The rogues only respect those with cash or a health bank account!


Abject Poverty ruled the Shamuyarira roost with an iron fist, just like Mugabe has ruled Zanu PF and the country; the family was so poor his wife did not have the bus fare to visit him on his death bed. In a cynical move to hide the true economic status of the family; Zanu PF arranged to have the pot-holes in the road to Shamuyarira repaired and the house painted to hide the years of rot and decay the afternoon he died.


The worsening economic situation has meant there was less and less of the national cake for the Zanu PF ruling elite to share out so more and more Zanu PF chefs have found themselves out of pocket and at the mercy of the merciless rogues Poor and Abject Poverty. The economic meltdown is not a myth and Abject Poverty is claiming some big Zanu PF chef scalps. The situation is now so bad that even The Sunday Mail, known for praising the successful implementation of ZimAsset even when it was clear the plan was dead and glossing over the nation’s problems, is publicly acknowledging abject poverty is taking its toll even amongst those in the very top echelons of political power. 


"After Midzi's death, I just thought its time for soul-searching for many Zanu-PF members. Stories are being told of some Zanu-PF members linked to the Mujuru camp who after being fired or suspended from the party, are finding it hard to survive on their own,” wrote Bishop Lazarus, The Sunday Mail Columnist.

"Some of them had never worked anywhere in their lives and they are now a burden to their friends. Midzi took the plunge first but this Bishop knows that many of the "gamatox" are dying slowly due to stress. I have prayed for a few of the comrades."

Lazarus was having a dig at Mai Mujuru and her supporters who have been purge out of the party but if the truth is told – come hail or thunder it will be told – the current economic situation has spaced no one even those who escape the purge know they can easily be the next one slowly dying of abject poverty induce stress! Lazarus acknowledged this reality too as his next question apply to those lucky enough to be still in Zanu PF party and government.


Asked Bishop Lazarus: "Can Zanu-PF politicians who hold high offices in the party survive outside Zanu-PF?

"Can Zanu-PF members who were fortunate to be appointed as Ministers, Deputy Ministers and so on survive outside Government?

"While holding those positions in the party or Government, do these Zanu-PF politicians prepare for life outside these positions?

“And more importantly, what is it that Zanu-PF or Government will be doing for these Zanu-PF members that they can't do on their own once they leave these positions?

"Dear reader, the answers to these questions are troubling and very worrying because the reality is that some Zanu-PF members can't survive outside the party and Government,” continued Lazarus answering his own questions.

"They can't survive in the market-driven private sector. This is a sad reality and its so unfortunate"


Even Gushungo Dairy would not survive without all the direct subsidies in the form of soft Bank loans and generous donations and indirect subsidies in the form of tax concession the business receives. I will bet my bottom dollar Gushungo Dairy has never paid its full tax dues!


The truth is no one is surviving in Zimbabwe’s present economic meltdown climate this is why so many companies, owned and managed by very shrewd business people have closed down. Of course the spoilt Zanu PF politician cum business person, corrupt and incompetent, has no chance of surviving; cut the subsidies and their business venture will collapse immediately.


What is of greatest concern here is if the economic meltdown is hitting the chefs hard with all their looted wealth to cushion the economic hardships how much worse is it hitting povo who have absolutely nothing to fall back on? Abject poverty in knocking the ruling elite out cold and knocking povo died!


Zimbabwe’s economic system needs reforming because it is failing to everyone right across the board from the ruling elite at the top of the economic packing order right down to lowest of the low, the masses. Gone are the days when Zanu PF leaders and members used to think that their economic future was secure as long as they remained in the party; things have changed Zanu PF membership card counts for nothing, the on-going purge within the party has found many chefs thrown out and the rations of those still in the party and government are being cut all the time. Soldiers are being forced to take two weeks leave every month to save of food bill!


The economic hardships brought on by the economic meltdown are economically, socially and politically unsustainable.  There is a crying need to address the mismanagement, corruptions and the lawlessness which are the root causes of the country’s economic meltdown.

Since Mugabe and Zanu PF have failed to address these economic problems the country need someone with a fresh electoral mandate to implement the needed economic reforms. Whether Mugabe likes it or not there will have to be fresh elections in Zimbabwe because there is no way the nation will tolerate millions being forced into a  life of abject poverty for much longer!

Nigerian exposed Mugabe's nakedness Mutasa is giving details of the shrivelled buttocks!

“There is no democracy in Zimbabwe!” shouted the Sahara TV Journalist, Adeola Fayehun, at Mugabe, in her melodic Igbo accent!
Mugabe was in Nigeria to attend the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari following elections that everyone agreed were free, fair and credible. Ms Fayehun reminded Mugabe of Zimbabwe’s 35 year history of intimidation, violent, murders and rigged elections under his rule!
What made Ms Fayehun’s mocking of Mugabe’s poignant is that she dared say out loud what we all knew but did not dare even whisper in their privacy of our own homes, for fear the walls have ears!  She is the boy who shouted “The Emperor has no clothes!” in The Naked Emperor fairy.
Didymus Mutasa has dropped a bomb shell by giving details of how Mugabe had rigged the 2008 and 2013 elections; a detailed account of the naked Emperor’s shrivelled and sunken in buttocks!
Mutasa told the South African Sunday Independent newspaper that Tsvangirai defeated Mugabe in the 2008 elections. Zanu PF was “shocked by the result”, he said and he, as security minister at the time, had rushed to protect President Robert Mugabe at the State House.
“I was terrified, I had to go and protect the president from harm as we were frightened Tsvangirai would do what he said he would do and march to State House. If he had, no policeman would have stopped him,” said Mutasa.
According to the Sunday Independent, Mutasa blamed Tsvangirai for fleeing to Botswana in the aftermath of the polls. “Instead,” Mutasa said, “Tsvangirai went to Botswana.”
Yes going to Botswana was a blunder but that was not the only blunder Tsvangirai made in those critical days following the March 2008 elections. After three days with only a tiny fraction of the elections results declared; people like Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke for many people when expressed his concern at the inordinate time Mugabe and Zanu PF were taking to announce the election results. Tsvangirai issue a rebuff statement saying the delay was not important. In the end it took five weeks to announce the results.
Now it is clear Mugabe had used the five weeks “cook” the results to the 46% that was announced, short of the 50% plus 1 needed to avoid a run-off. Mugabe had also used the five weeks to come up with a fool proof plan to ensure he will won the run-off elections and to muster the mojo to carry out the plan.
Mugabe has often boasted that he has “degrees in violence” but the wanton violence the nation was subjected to during the 2008 presidential run-off was the worst the world has even seen. Even someone with degrees in violence need time-off to fortify himself for what he was about to do.
Didymus Mutasa was not done yet with his description of the naked Emperor; he gave the SA paper a detailed account of the Emperor’s manhood, a defrosted shrimp!
“I don’t know how much cheating there was in elections, but I do know that in 2013 (finance minister) Patrick Chinamasa cheated to win. He bussed people in (to vote for him.) I protested to him and to the Zimbabwe Election Commission,” Mutasa continued.
“We will never know how many people voted for Zanu-PF out of fear. I didn’t know there was fear in those days. I now see it myself. And there is a lot of fear.”
The people bussed in to vote for Zanu PF parliamentary candidate, Chinamasa; did not vote for him alone but would have voted for the party’s presidential candidate, Mugabe, too. There were reports of people being bussed in to vote up and down the country in the July 2013 election; many people saw the hooded youths bussed in to vote in Harare.
Zanu PF, with the help of the Israeli firm Nikuv, had inflated the number of people eligible to vote to six million. For a country with 12 million people it is impossible that 50% of them will be over 18 years of age!
Zanu PF has stubbornly refused to release the voters roll although the regime is required to do so, at least a month before the election, by law. The voters roll was the smoking gun in the vote rigging and no wonder Mugabe refused to this day to release it!
“He is so old!” Ms Fayehun remarked. At the rape old age of 91 years Mugabe is old and should be the fountain of wisdom; he should have known he would not get away with rigging elections; he would make a complete ass of himself striking out naked with his shrivelled and sunken buttocks!
Rigging elections is a very serious crime, it is treason. If the people cannot have a meaningful say in the governance of the country through peaceful meaning, the vote, they may well resort to violence as the only other way left for them.
Rigging elections are the clear signs of political oppression and always result economic paralysis. Resorting to violence to end the political oppression is costly; like all violent changes they are destructive and the end result may take you from the frying pan into the fire. It is most desirous therefore that the nation must have free, fair and credible elections and to ensure the nation is never forced to use violence to bring about change, punish those who rig elections.
Now that the whole world knows Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections just as he rigged the 2008 and all the other past elections, he must know that he is illegitimate, he is a naked Emperor; how long can he pretend that he is clothed?
“Where is President Jacob Zuma?” asked Adeola Fayehun. Turning away from Mugabe as if to say he was a pathetic waste of space. Well, he is apathetic waste of space alright!

MPs forced to debate economic meltdown and offer to cut leaves when it is root and branch situation demands!

Non-constituency Member of Parliament Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, who sits on a parliamentary committee on foreign affairs said Treasury should cut travel costs and prioritise the welfare of ambassadors and embassy staff in foreign countries who have gone for months without receiving salaries.


As of March this year, staff at Zimbabwe’s foreign missions have not been paid for eight months and were owed $40 million in salary arrears.


Foreign affairs secretary, Joey Bimha said ambassadors and embassy staff have not received a salary increase in over 10 years as government struggles with budgetary constraints.


“You cannot have all your 100-plus directors travelling business class, if you look at your air travel expenses given the number of delegations you take to (foreign) summits, it is unsustainable,” said Misihairabwi-Mushonga, a former minister of regional integration and international co-operation in Zimbabwe’s unity government between 2009-13.


“How is it that a nation that is so poorly resourced can still behave in such a manner like there is so much money in the country yet we are facing a crisis?”


It has taken a long time for the reality of the economic meltdown to finally sink in the thick heads of our political leaders. Sadly, they are still so much behind the times, they are calling for trimming the leaves when the situation now demands a root and branch solution.


Forcing the 100-plus directors to travel economy class will help but it is too little too late. What good is attending to a patient’s cuts and scratches whilst doing nothing to his big open gangrenous wounds! 


The Zimbabwe economy is dying from economic burden of the wasteful gross mismanagement and rampant corruption and from the lack of new investment and financial assistance because of the country’s parasitic indigenisation laws and chronic lawlessness. The country needs a root and branch clean-up of its economic and political systems to get rid of these economic and political structural problems.


The economic meltdown has been going on for more than 10 years now when companies started to close down and unemployment soared to 80%. This Mugabe and Zanu PF regime has done nothing to address the underlying economic and political problems other than make empty promises to end corruption or make big song and dance blaming the sanctions imposed by the West as the cause of all the nation’s problems.


Mugabe and Zanu PF will never do anything meaningful to end mismanagement, corruption, etc. because to do so the regime will have to dismantle its political patronage system. With the national economy now in a real mess Zanu PF is now counting on the political patronage system more than ever to stay in power.


So as far as Mugabe and Zanu PF are concerned, accepting political and economic reforms will be to commit political suicide. As for the nation the country will continue to sink into economic and political hell until the political and economic reforms are carried out. Not that Zanu PF itself can be saved; as the economic meltdown gets worse and worse the in fighting in the party has got worse and worse as members fight over the ever shrinking national cake.


Zanu PF is destined to implode regardless of whether the political and economic reforms are implemented or not. What is at issue here is the nation; implementing the reforms will save the nation and doing nothing means Zanu PF will drag the nation into the abyss with it!


Parliament should be the one national institution to make the tough national decisions necessary to get the nation out of this hell-hole. Sadly the Zimbabwe parliament has good-for-nothing busy bodies masquerading as MPs and Senators whose only contribution has been to help drag the nation into this hell-hole!


To end Zimbabwe the economic meltdown; Mugabe and his Zanu PF cabal must stepped down now to allow the critical economic and political reforms to be carried out. After all, this regime is illegitimate as Didymus Mutasa confirmed last week how Zanu PF rigged the vote by bussing in voters. We need a root and branch solution and no more of the time wasting trimming a few leaves; get directors to fly economy class, indeed!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Mugabe anti-west rhetoric is distracting AU from Africa's real "detractors" - tyrants like him!

Africa is one of the richly endowed continents on earth, with vast tracks of land to grown food, minerals and other natural resources and great potential growth and prosperity and yet it still remains the poorest continent on earth. Of course many people had hoped against hope that may be this time the continent’s leaders will address this problem with the seriousness and urgency the subject demands. All hope for change was quickly snuffed out!


“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” wrote Dante in his epic poem Inferno.


Dante said these are the words at the Gate into Hell! Right now one feels these same words should have been inscribed at the Sandton Conference Centre, in Johannesburg, SA, where the AU summit is been held for it could not have had a more inauspicious start.  


Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, who is the chairman of the AU, kicked off by urged African leaders to follow the footsteps of the founding fathers who rejected all machinations by the continent's detractors in their quest for freedom.

Mugabe was echoing Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta who twittered saying Africa should shun foreign aid because it often carries unacceptable conditions and is not a solid basis for prosperity and freedom in Africa. This is just a stupid and confused statement that does not make any sense.


Aid from the West has often, sadly not always, carried demands for democratic accountability, economic transparency to curb waste through corruption and the respect for human rights. Surely these are the pre-requisite for building a free, just and prosperous nation and yet President Kenyatta is telling us the exact opposite.


President Kenyatta has his reasons for being anti-West; he is still angry that he was forced to appear at the ICC over his involvement in political violence that let over a 1000 people died after the 2007 Kenya elections. The charges against him have since been dropped due lack of evidence; it has failed to get any witnesses to testify.


Failure to get witness is no proof the political violence did occur; there are still over a 1 000 graves who bear testimony of the wanton violence.


Post independent Africa’s failure to respect the fundamental right of its people to a free and meaningful say in the governance of the country lies at the very heart of the continent’s political and economic regression. There are very few African countries that have upheld their people’s basic freedoms and human rights including the right to free and fair elections and even the right to life.


On the economic front, every few African countries have managed to offer their people a better life than that they enjoyed before independence. The continent’s autocratic systems of government have allowed mismanagement and corruption become rampant in Africa. For many countries including Kenya and Zimbabwe the people look at the pre-independence with nostalgia as the golden age!


The Africa of the AU’s founding fathers Kwame Nkrumah and others had white colonial domination and exploitation as the greatest impediment stopping Africans enjoying their freedom, human dignity and economic prosperity. Confronting the West as the colonial powers and rejecting anything Western made good sense then.


The Africa of today has the same challenges the majority of our people are still not enjoying freedom, human dignity and millions live in abject poverty. Mugabe’s call for the continent’s leaders to “follow the footsteps of the founding fathers who rejected all machinations by the continent's detractors (the West’s colonial powers)” is a monumental lie.


All African countries are now independent, SA was the last to do so and that was over 20 years ago now. It is not the West but Africa’s own post independent leaders who are holding back the people and nation from realizing their freedom and potential. It is the machinations of these tyrants that Africa must deal with if we are ever to end the mismanagement, corruption, poverty, political oppression, vote rigging and endless civil strives and wars which have now become the norm in Africa.


Africa is not Dante’s Inferno but given the narrow mindedness of its leaders like President Uhuru Kenya and Robert Mugabe the continent has sure become the hell-on-earth!    


The stepping up of the tempo of the anti-West rhetoric by corrupt, vote rigging and oppressive tyrants like Uhuru Kenyatta and Robert Mugabe is a deliberate attempt to distract the Africans from the reality that these tyrants are the one now holding back Africa, they are now the new detractors.