Friday, 31 January 2014

To prove: that MDC is a party of headless chickens led by headless chickens - the headless chicken brigade!

I would like to prove that "MDC is a party of the headless chickens led by headless chickens - no surprise there."


If the leaders had any brain in their heads then they would have implemented the democratic reforms. They had five years to implement the reforms and not even one reform was implemented. If the MDC supporters had any brains in their heads then they would have been pushing their leaders to implement the reforms.


The very fact that even now with the benefit of hind sight - the rigged elections because the reforms necessary for free and fair elections were not implemented - most of the party's supporters still do not comprehend the seriousness of the leadership's failure shows there is no functioning brain in the supporters' heads. Tsvangirai and his fellow leaders are fighting to get back on the gravy train; that is all they care about. They will make the necessary noise about reforms but will never implement anything. Never!

 So both the MDC leaders and the supporters have no brain; they have heads but for all intend and purposes they might just be headless chickens! They are the headless chicken brigade! QED!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Open letter to SADC Heads of State; please give President Ian Khama's call to audit Zimbabwe's elections your serious consideration

Your Excellence,

I refer to the recent call by President Ian Khama of Botswana on SADC to carry out an audit of Zimbabwe’s disputed July 2013 elections results in which the regional elections observers had said were marred by many serious irregularities. I believe you should give his call your serious and urgent consideration.

Please note that up to date, six months after the elections, the Zimbabwe government has still failed to release the voters roll although it was expected to release one at least a month before the elections.

 The failure to hold clean elections has increased the political uncertainty in Zimbabwe and this has resulted in even greater economic instability. The situation is so bad that there is real fear of Zimbabwe becoming a failed State with even greater political and economic consequence for the country and the region.

Urgent action should be taken before it is too late and that action can start with getting the Zimbabwe government to accept and independent audit of the July elections or the Harare government accepting there were irregularities in the elections and therefore the need for fresh elections.

 SADC should also investigate the role the Israel company, Nikuv International Projects played in Zimbabwe’s July 2013 elections. The Israeli government was warned at government level about Nikuv's activities but chose to do nothing about it. It would be tragic if SADC was to do nothing too. Nikuv remains active in the region and the prospect of rigged elections becoming the norm is unthinkable!

SADC’s credibility of holding and judging free and fair elections has been badly tarnished by the regional body’s failure to act decisively on the Zimbabwe political crisis since 2008. It is important acts decisive now for the sake of us all living in the region.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Botswana increases the pressure on SADC to audit Zimbabwe's rigged July 2013 elections or it pull out election observers!

President Ian Khama has increased the pressure on SADC to carry out an audit of Zimbabwe’s July 2013 elections by threatening to stop sending election observers to future elections in the region.

“If we say this year, there are going to be elections in South Africa and Botswana . . . there are one or two other Sadc countries that are going to be holding elections this year . . . if we breach the Sadc guidelines and they then try and point a finger . . . we will say to them, ‘So what? You let Zimbabwe off the hook, you have to let us off the hook.’ Then where does it end?” President Khama argued on Botswana TV.

Mugabe failed to produce the voters roll before the elections and the country’s Supreme Court has just upheld a lower court’s ruling that there was no urgency in hearing the MDC appeal asking the Zimbabwe Election Commission to release the voters roll. The voters roll has become the smoking gun to the vote rigging by Mugabe. The roll will prove or otherwise the vote rigging allegation and thus clear the illegitimacy label that Mugabe has had to wear since July 2013. If clearing this vey important point is not urgent then what is!

Of course, if releasing the voters roll will prove, as the other evidence already show, massive vote rigging Mugabe would much rather not release the roll and wear the illegitimacy label that release the roll and confirm the vote rigging beyond all doubt. Mugabe has clearly decided to seat on the voters roll and never allow its publication. He is increasingly looking sheepish, like a chicken that has just laid a square egg!

Mugabe must not be allowed to get away with vote rigging, not this time or ever again!

deserves to be called a great statesman for his willingness to tackle the difficult issue, for trading where other shy away.

The issue of free and fair elections lies at the very heart of our entire search for peace, justice, freedom, human dignity, economic stability and prosperity; everything. Leaders like President Zuma of SA have paid lip-service democratic reforms in Zimbabwe for years and so nothing was achieve. Zimbabwe did not have even one reform implemented in the five years of the GNU.

It was not for President Zuma or any of the SADC Heads of State to implement the reforms; that is true. This was a task for Zimbabwe's partners in the GNU, especially MDC and its leader Tsvangirai, to do. But having noticed that none of the reforms were being implemented there was nothing to stop President Zuma cracking the whip.

The SADC and AU election observers reported that they had been numerous irregularities in the Zimbabwe elections it was the responsibility of SADC and AU Head of State to reject the election result instead of sweeping the finding under the carpet.
All SADC and AU leaders must now hang their collective head in shame; all that is expect President Khama of Botswana. All freedom loving people of SADC and beyond salute you sir. You are a beacon of hope at a time when our region and continent need someone they can look up to.

Supreme Court of Zimbabwe says releasing voters roll is not urgent; if establishing legitimacy of president is not urgent then what is!

One cannot help be hold the whole judiciary system in Zimbabwe in total contempt. If vote rigging is not a serious and urgent matter that the Courts should deal with judicious then what is?

The voters roll should have been released at least a month before the elections; that did not happen. On the day of the elections nearly a million voters according to all the election observers, 300 000 according to ZEC's own estimate, were denied the vote because their names were not on the voters roll. It was since been discovered that many voters' names were on the roll but appeared in another voting ward far away from where they expected.

The whole world witnessed the case of bussed voters who were not on the voters roll but were given voter registration slip to allow them to vote. The number of registered voters had been deliberately inflated to disguise the multiple voters. How can a nation of 12 million have 6 million registered voters. Still 27 out of the 210 constituencies ended up with voter turnout figures of 100% or more. Chipinge East had a voter turnout of 141%

Releasing the voters roll, the smoking gun of the rigged elections, will allow the world to see for themselves that the voters roll, the key document for free, fair and credible elections had been corrupted so badly the election result cannot stand.

The legitimacy or otherwise of the man holding the highest office in the land and similarly the legitimacy or otherwise of those in parliament, the highest decision making body in the land, is to be decided on what an independent body say on the validity of the voters roll. In fact the elections should have been postponed until a clean voters roll was in place. To say the need to release the voters roll six months after the election is still not an urgent matter beggars belief.

It is clear, not that it was not clear but that it is further validation that Zimbabwe's judiciary services are in Mugabe's pockets. Indeed this was why Judiciary reforms was one on the many reforms that MDC was supposed to have implemented in the five years life of the GNU but failed to get even one reform implemented.

The fact of the matter is Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections, he is therefore illegitimate. The judiciary is conniving with the tyrant to keep the smoking gun hidden in the hope that the world will accept the result and accept Mugabe rule as a matter of fait accompli. They are all wrong; we will not forget Mugabe rigged the elections and will campaign hard to ensure he does not get away with it. 

Mugabe must be forced out of office he now occupies illegally and go he will! 

The UN reject the nonsensical demand by Kenya and AU to postpone Kenyatta trial for crime against humanity!

The ICC only tried those accused of very serious charges like crime against humanity. If anyone is found guilty of such charges, he or she is clearly not fit to hold the highest office in the land.

It is therefore paramount that if a seating president accused of such serious crime the law should be allowed to take its course as soon as possible so that the office bearer clear their name if they are innocent rather than pretend to govern with the sword of Damocles hanging over their head. The country can swear in someone else to act head of state whilst the case is being held.

If the president should be found guilty of committing the heinous crimes the nation be relieved to see the thug in jail and not in state house for even a day.

If we are to accept Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed's insistence that the ICC should not try seating heads of state to its logical conclusion then the nation should scrap all constitutional provisions to impeach any seating head of state.

Africa's political and economic problems stem from the fact that the commitment to the rule of law has been very weak and feeble at best. The continent's leaders make a big sing and dance about freedom, justice, peace, human rights, democracy, free and fair elections, etc., etc., whilst they are seeking to be elected. As soon as they are in power they want all the restrains against them designed to protect and guarantee the individual freedom, etc. removed. They insist they will never abuse their power as everything they do is for the good
of the nation which is all nonsense of course.

The whole concept of free and fair elections, a concept they subscribed too whilst seeking office, is designed to pre-empt the tendency by leaders to be big-head and to view themselves infallible and therefore should not be judge by fallible mortals. Leader are just as fallible as the rest of us and to put them above the law is sheer folly.

President Kenyatta and his vice, Ruto, face charges of crimes against humanity at the ICC over their alleged role in fomenting post-election violence in 2007-8 resulting in the displacement of 300 000 people and the killing of 1,100 people. These are very serious charges and I for one am very pleased that the UN Security rejected Kenya and the AU's shrill calls for the hearings postponed! Well done!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Blundering Tsvangirai propose another GNU with Mugabe no doubt time for the tyrant to complete his Police State project!

“If these people (Zanu PF) had a clue as to how to go about resolving the national problems then we would have probably given them the benefit of doubt and let them try. But they do not have the faintest of ideas," Tsvangirai tells us. If this blundering idiot had implemented the agreed democratic reforms then the 2013 elections would have been totally different. The country would have been saved from this mess.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs are committed to retaining political power at all cost so that they can keep their loot and to continue looting and are never held to account for the blood of over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans they have murdered over the years. Sadly all these things, especially the mismanagement, corruption and looting, are the cancer that is destroying the economy. This is cancer that must be removed if the nation is to be saved from the further tragic human sufferings and deaths ahead.

Mugabe and at least some of his Zanu PF cronies with some still functioning brain know mismanagement, corruption and looting must stop but they also know that cannot be done without dismantling the Zanu PF dictatorship. And dismantling the Zanu PF dictatorship means free and fair elections and regime change.

Regime change is the one thing Mugabe and the Zanu PF junta will never ever brook. Never ever!

It is simply not in the DNA of a dictatorship to voluntarily give up power.

It is Tsvangirai and his blundering MDC idiots who do not have the faintest idea what they are talking about. If they did then they would have realized the absolute critical importance of why the democratic reforms were necessary and thus implemented them MDC had five long years to implement the reforms and failed to get even one reform implemented. Not even one!

Whatever "economic stability" Tsvangirai keeps boosting about the country had during the GNU it was no more that pain killers to a patient suffering from cancer. It relief the pain but, as we can see, did nothing to cure the nation of the cancerous Zanu PF dictatorship!

Now Tsvangirai is calling for yet another GNU. "Despite disappointment (with the 2009 coalition deal) we are of the firm belief that dialogue is the only way out for this country to move forward and return to the family of nations,” Tsvangirai said.

The blundering idiot is calling for yet another session of painkiller medication. A proposal that will have its charm appeal for the Zanu PF junta; it will give them another five years in power to complete their project to turn the country into a Police State.

The July 2013 elections showed how just how powerful and effective Zimbabwe's security sector is in defending Zanu PF's central theme of retaining political power and stopping regime change at all cost! The illegitimate regime's completely skewed budget allocation designed to beef up the security sectors at the expense of the economy and the people welfare and very lives shows the importance and urgency the regime is putting on its Police State project.

If another GNU would bring in some additional money for the economy and welfare ministries whilst it continue to steam ahead with its Police State project, that cannot be a bad thing for the junta! A North Korea style Police State is the one thing Zimbabwe and the whole region want and this is our last chance to save the nation from this hell-on-earth.

Mugabe rigged the July 2013 elections; he and his Zanu PF junta are therefore then illegitimate. He must release the voters roll, the smoking gun of the vote rigging, or else resign. Mugabe must not be allowed the time to complete his Police State project. He must go.
Tsvangirai was nothing more than a distraction throughout the last GNU allowing the tyrant Mugabe time to regroup and organize the vote rigging last year. Tsvangirai did not have the faintest idea what he dealing with then and he still does not have the faintest idea what he is dealing with today. He is a very expensive distraction for the nation. What he has done is muddy the waters creating the perfect environment for tyrants like Mugabe to operate!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

President Obama to host a US-Africa Summit to kick start his none-existent Africa legacy: Mugabe is not invited!

President Obama is calling for a USA-Africa summit in August to discuss America’s way forward in Africa. Hopefully to kick-start President Obama’s almost none existent African legacy. 


A White House statement said the trip would "advance the administration's focus on trade and investment in Africa, and highlight America's commitment to Africa's security, its democratic development, and its people."


Mugabe and a few other tyrants are not invited to the party! It would be even better if America were to show its great displeasure with the Zimbabwe regime’s blatant vote rigging of the 2013 elections by widening the sanctions net and laser focusing it on the tyrant and his thugs!


Well, let us that President Obama will come out of this meeting with concrete decisions and policies to make a real difference in Africa. So far, President Obama has precious little to show for all his years in office. Of course the people of Africa had hoped that he was going to make a real difference in their lives.


Africa was looking for more than just how much the USA dropped in the begging bow but decisive action to end the continent the endemic corruption and political repression by the ruling elite. President Obama had many opportunities to make a difference but wasted them all.

Africa have a right to expect more from President Obama; he, unlike all the other American Presidents before him, was the only one who could tell Africa’s tyrants some home truths without being accused of white racism! President Obama has black African blood in his veins; he is one of us!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"The British don't know what hit they on July 31," boosts Mugabe - it was the Zimbabweans he hit!

Mugabe denied the ordinary people of Zimbabwe the basic and fundamental right to have a meaningful say in the governance of the country by rigging the elections. This is not the first time he has done it. This has happened ever since he got into power back in 1980.

"The British up to now don't know what hit them on July 31," said Mugabe at the burial of his last sister in Zvimba. He was referring to last year’s rigged elections.


In reality, it was not a rocket science affair; indeed one can even say it was a botched and amateurish affair.


Nikuv, a Jewish company, that helped Mugabe rig the elections, posted many voters’ in electoral wards other than the one they expected so that on election-day their names were not where they expected it to be. Nearly a million voters were denied the vote as a result.


Nikuv also inflated the voters roll ending up with 6 million registered voters out of a population of 12 million. Making Zimbabwe the only country in Africa where half the population is over the age of 18 years! The inflated roll allowed Mugabe to bus in his supporters to cast multiple votes. But still the whole dirty trick was impossible to hide as 27 out of the 210 constituencies ended up with 100% plus voter turnout. Chipinge East even had 142% voter turn-out!


The vote rigging is self-evident in the voters roll; it is therefore not surprising that Mugabe has refused to release it for public scrutiny. The whole vote rigging scum is there for all to see; why Mugabe paid Nikuv $ 13 million beggars belief! Here is the conman, conned!


No Mr Mugabe it was not the British you cheated but millions of ordinary Zimbabweans desperate for meaningful but peaceful change to end the mismanagement, corruption and all-out looting that has left the nation wallowing in despair and misery.


Mr Mugabe, you have murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans to establish and retain this one-party dictatorship and now you are pouring billions of dollars into building a Police State in your mindless drive to retain political power at any and all cost!


It is not the British you are hitting but the ordinary Zimbabweans and they know what and how you are hurting them. You have turned the basic right to free and fair vote first into a privilege and now you have criminalized anyone dares demand this basic human right. Regime change is a natural consequence of free and fair elections you have made it an act of high treason. It is you Mugabe and you Zanu PF thugs who have committed high treason against the nation by rigging the elections.

You, Mugabe are illegitimate because the people of Zimbabwe never voted for you. You cheated. You must go and go you will!

Monday, 20 January 2014

If Zimbabweans allow Mugabe to rule till 2018 it not be diaspora vote but their very lives they will be crying about!

Zimbabweans are always way behind the curve, by the time they realize what is going on it is always too late! We had the chance to end the Zanu PF dictatorship but, sadly Tsvngirai and his MDC idiots were too stupid to recognize the chance and implement the necessary reforms. The people themselves were too naïve and dozy to see Tsvangirai for the blundering fool he is. They had their chance to force the issue of implementing the reform by rejecting the weak and feeble Copac constitution. They voted to accept the rubbish constitution by a staggering 95%!


Of course Copac did not deliver free and fair elections, Mugabe blatantly rigged the elections and the rest is history!  


Mugabe is spending as if there is no tomorrow on beefing up the country's security sector. The three main security sector branches, the Army ($368 m), Police ($364 m) and CIO ($206) are getting 25% of the imaginary 2014 budget allocation ($3.6 b). Imaginary; because even last year when the national economy was significantly stronger than it is today, the government failed to collect anywhere near $ 3 b in revenue. Still the three were the only public bodies that got their full allocations last year. Add on to that the three are the only ones who have diamond mining concessions in the secretive and very lucrative Marange and Chiadzwa diamonds.


It is no exaggeration to say, at current expenditure trends, Mugabe will have a fully-fledged Police State by 2018. Sadly it will be some years yet before the ordinary Zimbabweans realize what a Police State really means. They have example of what it is already but sill the penny has no dropped.


We have known of people being denied food and medical help - donated by foreigners and not from the state -, of people being driven from their homes because they are accused of being opposition party-supporters, etc. In the July 2013 elections teachers were instructed to say they could not read or write so Zanu PF officials could vote for them.


Mugabe is beefing up the CIO, Police and Army so that they will able to monitor everything people say and do 24/7.


Many Zimbabweans in the diaspora are still clamouring for “diaspora vote” after 2018 they will find they are public enemy number one. They will be quizzed the minute they arrive about their political affiliations all they have ever said on the internet, mobile phone will be read back to them. Wherever they go in Zimbabwe they will have people shadowing them. Whoever they meet will be noted and they will in turn be quizzed.  


The Zanu PF dictatorship plans to turn the economic melt-down to its own advantage in that the whole nation will now be totally dependent on the party for their very survival. The party will control every facet of human activity. Those loyal to the party get the little left after the ruling elite have had their lion's share whilst the majority will have nothing.  


The beefed up Police and CIO will turn Zimbabwe will turn into a black box – those inside will not be allowed out those outside will not be welcome in and fear will grip the nation so tight that millions will suffer and die in silence always fearful of who might be listening. If Mugabe and Zanu PF are allowed to stay in power till 2018, Zimbabwe will be a fully-fledged North Korea all talk of free and fair elections will be over people will be focused on one thing and one thing only – staying alive!


In 2013 Mugabe used the Police and CIO to rig elections and deny the people their right to a meaningful democratic. He is now beefing up these key security branches to make sure they are a permanent fixing of Zimbabwe. By the time of the 2018 elections; the Police State will be up and running; it will be too late to dismantle the dictatorship.


The same naïve people who said the 2013 elections would be free and fair even if not even one reform had been implemented and they assured the people the weak and feeble Copac constitution would deliver free and fair elections. Of course that was nonsense; Mugabe went on to blatantly rig the vote. The same idiots are asking the people to accept the “political reality” of Mugabe and Zanu PF rule and prepare for the 2018 elections. They banking on the economic melt-down to force Mugabe and Zanu PF to admit they failed and surrender power.


The economic disparity between North and South Korea could not be more pronounced; but that has never made the failed totalitarian regime in the North even think of giving up power. It is not in the nature of tyrants to give up power and those who think Zanu PF thugs will are whistling in the graveyard!

The only realistic chance of forcing Mugabe to give up power now is by forcing him to accept that he rigged the July 2013 elections and is per se illegitimate. He has no legitimate authority to rule Zimbabwe much less to turn it into a Police State. We must stop him turning the country into a Police State before he does it; it will be near impossible to do it after!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Kereke says Gono "cooked" the books to justify the takeove of Shabani and Mashava Mines by Mugabe; the river of corruption is steadily growing!

What started as a serious fall-out between two super-duper crooks, Gono and Kereke, is roping in more and more crooks. Today it has roped in Mutumwa Mawere and Robert Mugabe.


Kereke has told the Court that Gideon Gono “cooked the books” on Shabani and Mashava Mines (SMM)to justify why Mugabe should take them away from the mines’ owner Mutumwa Mawere.


“Such vindictive misdirected and shameless misrepresentation of facts by second respondent (Gono) is unpardonable,” Kereke said. “As his advisor, I pointed this anomaly in the strongest of terms but was quashed into silence through direct threats of censure.”


Mawere questioned why Gono was involved in this since the mines did not own the RBZ any money. “Mugabe is watching with his eyes wide open as the Constitution and other laws of the country are being murdered,” said Mawere back in 2012 when Mugabe acted on Gono’s report to take away SMM.


Mutumwa Mawere has never given a satisfactory explanation how he came to own SMM particularly when the national economy was nose-diving at the time because of the rampant corruption and looting.


So we now know Gono "cooked" the books to rob Mawere. What we want to know next is who Mawere robbed!


So it was Mugabe who accepted Gono's cooked books and authorized the robbing of Mawere. That is nothing new; the Zimbabwe economy has been completely destroyed because of the 34 years of rampant corruption and looting and, of course, Mugabe authorized most of it.


Over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have lost their lives in politically motived violence to establish and retain Mugabe and the Zanu PF dictatorship in power. Mugabe himself authorized most of these murderers!  


If Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs thought the truth of their corrupt and murderous rule will never be revealed; they were wrong.


The late Solomon Mujuru's death, Ignatius Chombo and Philip Chiyangwa's mess divorces, etc. have all allowed the world to have a peep at how corruption has allowed the ruling elite to become filthy rich. Gono and Kereke are going to divulge just how the obscene wealth in the midst of a sea of abject poverty and despair were accumulated! 


What Mujuru, Kereke and company have revealed so far is but the stream constituting the source of the mighty Zambezi River up in the highlands in Angola. The waters will grow steadily in volume and strength to sweep Gono, Chombo, Mugabe, - everyone before it.


The chaos at SMM has caused untold suffering and hardships to the hundreds of thousands of families who depended on these mines directly and indirectly. This Gono-Kereke spurring is opening the flood gates to other far-reaching cases that must be addressed in time. It is naïve to take them up at present; these Mugabe controlled Courts cannot be trusted deliver justice, they do not even know the meaning of the word.

The whole world will know the truth about what a corrupt and murderous this Mugabe and Zanu PF dictatorship has been! Rinemanyanga hariputirwi!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Uganda soldiers are fighting in South Sudan - Museveni is once again spreading chaos and mayhem!

Uganda President Museveni admits his soldiers are fighting in South Sudan on the side of President Kiir. The side Museveni is backing is of no consequence, he should not be there!

Uganda's military involvement in South Sudan is totally, totally unacceptable. Museveni is a ruthless tyrant who has ruled Uganda with an iron fist his intentions in South Sudan can never be on the side of peace, justice, freedom and good governance because he has failed to bring those things to his own people.

The tyrant of Uganda, not contend with the chaos and mayhem he has caused in his own country and DRC after decades of interfering in that country, he is now exporting chaos and mayhem to South Sudan. Museveni is salivating at South Sudan's oil wealth just as he did at DRC's vast diamonds and gold reserves.

The third reason Museveni is getting embroiled in South Sudan and other regional conflicts is to take attention away from his own brutal repression and failed economic policies at home.

Tyrants like Museveni and Mugabe are a serious threat to peace and stability in Africa. They have become the Israel of Africa; Israel aided Iran and Iraq with training, intelligence, etc. in equal measure during the 1980s war between these two nations to ensure the two were evenly matched and they destroyed each other! Africa has to deal with trouble makers like Museveni and Mugabe decisively or the continent will never know what peace and stability means!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

MDC is hoping to bebefit from Mugabe's economic failure but that will not happen because Mugabe is set to rig the elections again!

MDC and many other Zimbabweans are banking on the Zimbabwean economy sinking even deeper in the mud and with it Zanu PF's popularity. The economy is set to sink, that much is certain but these people are naïve to think it will help them win the next elections. Mugabe has given up on doing something about the economy to win votes. Of course, he did not win the 2013 elections; he rigged the whole process. He is planning to do the same in 2018 and has already started preparing to do just that.


It was the security sector, the Army, the Police and the CIO who masterminded the vote rigging plane and executed the plan with the ruthlessness of a ruling elite whose very lives depended on winning the day. The tyrant employed 10 000 more security sector employees, main CIOs; against the guidelines agreed with IMF and the WB.


Mugabe bankrupted the nation to ensure money was a problem in the implementation of the vote rigging plan.


In the 2014 national budget the three security sectors the arms - Army, the Police and CIO - got the lion's share of the funds and are almost certain to get a lot more than what is stated in the vote. The Police's vote went up by 17 200% from 2013 allocation. The three will not only got their full allocation but a lot more beside. Other Ministry are going to get a fraction of their allocation as happened in the past.


The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Educations, for example, got a misery $50 000 to cover their operational allocation of $114 million (assuming 30% the $ 380 m total budget are operational costs whilst the remainder, 70%, goes to wages which were paid).


Mugabe has already committed $200 million to building a Spy University.


The security sector delivered electoral victory for Mugabe in 2013 and he is beefing up the sector even at the cost of further crippling the national economy to make sure it is even stronger than ever to deliver yet another electoral victory.


Mugabe is turning Zimbabwe into a Police State along the lines of North Korea. North Korea's economy is a complete disaster compared to that of South Korea but ruling elite in North Korea are more confident than ever of their political dominance than those in South Korea.


In the totalitarian Zimbabwe in which the Police and CIO controls every façade of the ordinary people's lives and elections are not free, fair and credible; it is fear that rules the day and not economic performance.


The only way to stop Mugabe and Zanu PF from rigging the next elections is by forcing him to implement the GPA democratic reforms and the only way to do that is by forcing him to release the voters roll, the smoking gun of the vote rigging or else for him to resign.


The reckless spending to fund the vote rigging may have pushed the national economy over the edge. Still, it is important that the economic melt-down is firmly linked to the vote-rigging and to implementing the reform as the only way out of the mess.   MDC and some of the more myopic organisations have happily accepted Mugabe’s continued rule and, no doubt, will welcome another GNU. The last GNU delivered nothing and it is unthinkable to have five years of this economic chaos!


Mugabe rigged the elections and is per se illegitimate. He must go!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Zimbabwe 2014 Budget increases security sector allocation by a massive 173 times the 2013 - proof Mugabe is committed North Korea type Police state!

The Office of the President and Cabinet is set to gobble a sizeable chunk of the 2014 budget after being allocated more than US$206 million, six times as much as the 2013 allocation.

Defence got US$368 million, followed closely by Home Affairs which got US$364 million. These are major jumps from US$26,2 million allocated to Defence and US$2,1 million to Home Affairs in 2013 by Biti. Defence jumped up 14 times and Home Affairs by a massive 173 times!

Everyone will know that whatever they got allocated and what they actually get are two different things. The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education got $866 million in 2014 budget but last time it received a tiny fraction of its allocation. The chronic under funding was reflected in the school results; only 17% of the “O” level students passed five or more subjects.

The Ministry of Higher Education got $ 332.7 million down from $380 million in 2013. That year the ministry received a puny $50 000!

The Ministry of Health and Child Care, whose service delivery system has been crumbling over the years resulting in a high maternal mortality rate; eight women die every day while giving birth and 100 children under five years die every day mainly due to preventable diseases, while around a third of them are stunted.

In the 2014 national budget presented in December, the Health and Child Care ministry got $337 million which is 8,2% of the total budget allocation and is slightly less than what was allocated in 2013 (9,87%).

The President's Office, Defence and Police get even more from their secretive diamond mining operations!

If anyone needed an proof that Mugabe and Zanu PF are committed to turn Zimbabwe into a Police state then the 2014 national budget is the proof. The tyrant does not care about education or health or kick-starting the national economy all he is interested in is beefing up the Army, Police and CIO all of which are staffed with Zanu PF loyalists committed to one thing – Zanu PF political hegemony and stopping regime change at all cost regardless of the democratic wishes of the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe is set to create a North Korea type Zimbabwe if he is not stopped, now!

Mugabe has failed to honour his post rigged elections pledged to double Teachers' wages now offering free housing - not that he will honour that!

The Mugabe government has been forced to accept that it cannot honour Mugabe’s post July vote-rigging promise to double civil servants’ wages. So it is instead offering to plicate the civil servants with non-monetary benefits it will never delivery.


“The good thing is that the workers will participate in doing that by suggesting their ideas while we suggest what we can also do. I believe if we put our ideas together sincerely, then something positive would come up at the end of the day,” Minister Goche said.


No amount of spin by Minister Goche will change the fundamental problem here that the Zimbabwe economy has been shrinking at the same alarming rate as corruption and looting has been expanding and those forces will do nothing to improve the lives of the long suffering Zimbabwean people.

Mugabe told the civil servants that they will be paid wages above the $ 500 Poverty Datum Line (PDL) in August 2013, a few weeks after he declared himself winner of the rigged elections. He just wanted to pacify the civil servants in case they should go on strike. His plate was full, with all the evidence of the vote rigging flying around; the last thing he wanted was to have to deal with a civil servant strike too!

All the millions of Zimbabweans who had just been blatantly cheated of their vote would have teamed up with the civil servants turning the wage increase demand into a public demand for free, fair and credible elections. That scarred Mugabe!

Of course Mugabe was aware that government was broke; after all he was the one who suck up all the money to finance the vote rigging extravagancy. But true to his form as a dictator, he turned round to Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa and ordered him to "find the money" to pay the civil servants.

Mugabe himself then f***d to Singapore on one of his many overseas holidays cum business trips - in 2012 he had no few than 8 trips to Singapore alone. These trips cost anything from $3 million. He probably spend twice as much given the trip is two months before his daughter Bona's wedding; the whole family needed a new wardrobe, gifts, etc.

Finance Minister Chinamasa has said in his budget statement that there was no money to double the civil servants' wages. In other words he could not find the money as Mugabe had ordered. Of course Chinamasa has no problem finding the $6 million, or whatever, to pay for Mugabe's trip!

So now that the regime is coming round to accepting that one cannot fit a square peg one-metre across into a round hole one millimetre across Labour minister Nicholas Goche is offering civil servants "non- monetary benefits" like free housing. Where there are no government houses, the regime is promising to build houses. What is surprising is that the civil servants are even considering this as serious offer.


Where government was providing accommodation at nominal rent scrapping the rent will mean even less revenue going into government coffers. How will that help a cash strapped government.


If government has no money to pay wages where will it get the money to build houses for civil servants?


In fact free houses or heavily subsided housing is not a new policy at all. The practise, whether it had been public pronounced is irrelevant, has been going on for donkey years, at least for the ruling elite. How else did Morgan Tsvangirai get his $4 million Manson?


What Minister Goche is proposing is extending the benefits to the lucky few at the top of the civil servant ladder at the expense of those at the bottom who will never ever get those benefits!


The tragic reality is that Zimbabweans have for the last 33 years been bending over backwards to make the Mugabe corrupt and tyrannical rule work because they had accepted the regime's fundamental tenet that there will never be regime change. So it was not just the regime that has been pretending it can fit a one metre square peg in a one millimetre round hole; the people themselves have dutiful played along.

Zimbabwe will never get out of this hell-hole the nation now finds itself in until there is regime change! Mugabe rigged the July 2013 elections, he is per se illegitimate. Zimbabwe needs a legitimate government first and foremost before there can be talk of restoring the rule of law and economic recovery!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

30 000 black African refugees protest against the inhuman treatment by Israel - chief exporter of chaos to Africa!

Over 30 000 black Africans staged a demonstration in Israel in protest at the inhuman treatment of blacks seeking refuge in Israel.


"We have fled persecution, dictatorships, civil wars and genocides," Dawud, an Eritrean asylum-seeker at the protest. It is important to add that Israel has helped the chaos and suffering these people are running away from.

There is no doubt that it was Nikuv, an Israel company that helped Mugabe rig the July 2013 elections in Zimbabwe. Nikuv help Mugabe corrupt the voters roll posting voters' names in different wards other than the one they had registered and expected. Nearly one million voters were denied the vote on election-day because their names could not be found in the voters roll.

Nikuv also inflated the number of registered voters ending up with six million registered voters in a country of twelve million. This allowed Mugabe to bus in his supporters who then cast multiple votes.

What Nikuv did was blatantly obvious, there was no rocket-science here; why Mugabe paid the company a princely sum of $ 13 million beggars belief. A group of high school dropout could have done that!

Mugabe has since realized, belatedly, that Nikuv’s scheme was not so ingenious after all because the tyrant has stubbornly refused to make public the voters roll. Like the pompous Emperor who had believed in the invisible golden rob, Mugabe had put so much trust in Nikuv’s dirty schemes. Being conned was one thing but parading naked was a different matter. Mugabe has stubbornly refuse to make public Zimbabwe’s 2013 voters roll. After now, six months after the elections, he is still wittering about a computer breakdown. 

There are those, eager to appease Mugabe by sweeping the vote rigging under the carpet, who have incessantly called for “evidence” of vote rigging by Mugabe. If they really wanted to know the truth then they should insist Mugabe release the voters roll for scrutiny; for we have the smoking gun right there! 

Nikuv has been active in not just Zimbabwe but many other Sub-Sahara African countries; no doubt selling its brand of chaos and mayhem to the continent's many tyrants for thirty pieces of silver.

The Israel government was warned at government level of Nivuk's obnoxious activities but chose to do nothing. 

Israel has a long history of treating black Africans with the uttermost contempt. It was the only nation that continued to have a cozy relationship with the apartheid regime in South Africa to the bitter end.

The Israelis must learn that black Africans may be poor, ignorant, etc. but still they are human being. They can see what the Jews are doing, they are not are not stupid!


Israel should treat black African refugees with respect after all it is the one helping to create the chaos and mayhem in Africa!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Mugabe recruited 10 000 (mostly CIOs) last year alone in violation recruitment freeze agreed with with IMF!

The IMF has complained to the Mugabe at the regime’s failure to honour its commitment NOT to recruit more public service workers. The Zimbabwe government made the commitment in June 2012 as a way forward to reduce public expenditure so it can start repaying the crippling $10 billion foreign debt.


In 2008 to 2011 the Zimbabwe government had recruited 75 000 and last year, in violation of the commitment, the regime recruited another 10 000 bring the total to 85 000 since 2008. Most of the new recruits are in the security sector, mainly the CIO.  


To start with Zimbabwe has always had a blotted security sector. At the very least, one third of the country's 210 000 public servants in 2008, i.e. 70 000, were in the security sector. A sector whose top echelons is full of staunch Mugabe and Zanu PF supporters. People like Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri, Army General Chiwenga, Air Marshal Perence Shiri, etc., etc. all of whom have publicly said they will not accept any other government other than a Mugabe/Zanu PF led government. In other words their allegiance is to keep Mugabe and Zanu PF in power even if this is contrary to the democratic wish of the electorate.


Second, the Zimbabwe economy is in serious trouble; it shrunk a staggering 84% in the six year period 2002 to 2008 alone; a world record for any nation not at war. As a rule the public sector does not produce any wealth, worst of all the security sector. So with the national economy in the doldrums it is the private sector, the wealth generating sector, which should be growing to spur the much needed economic recovery and not the public sector. Growing the public sector simply does not make any economic sense!


Third and more significantly, why is Mugabe more than doubled the size of the security sector, particularly the shadowy and ruthless and feared CIOs? This was not just a stop-gap to help with the vote-rigging because Mugabe has already awarded the Chinese a $ 200 million contract to build a Spy-University. Mugabe is committed to turning Zimbabwe into a Police State.


Key public services like health and education have all but collapse due to years of underfunding and neglect but not so with the Army, Police and CIO. Even at the height of the economic melt-down in 2008, Mugabe continued to buy weapons from countries like China by the ship-load. Zimbabwe will soon boast of having few teachers and even fewer medical doctors but plenty of spies spying on what the people say and do round the clock.


Mugabe is turning Zimbabwe into the North Korea of Africa. If Mugabe is allowed to illegally stay in office; he rigged the July 2013 elections and is per se illegitimate; then by 2018 when the next elections are due, it will be too late to get him or Zanu PF out.

Those who say the 2018 elections will be free and fair are not just naïve but are showing the characteristic lazy-mind that landed the nation into this mess! Mugabe is not going to implement any of the reforms, including security sector reforms, that are a prerequisite for free and fair elections; not now not ever. That is a political fact! Why should he?

The only way Mugabe will be forced to accept the reforms is by forcing him to admit he rigged the 2013 elections and is therefore per se illegitimate. That is the only way out of this mess!