Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mugabe pushing hard for a "inclusive government" for Libya!

Zimbabwe has reportedly expelled the Libyan Ambassador to Zimbabwe after the later burnt the old Libyan flag of the hated Gaddafi regime and replaced it with that of the new NTC.

“The AU said the only way to resolve the issue is through dialogue and to come up with a political solution as provided for in the AU roadmap. TNC was rejected by 40 AU countries and if an all-inclusive government was set up, then AU would consider a representative of their government,” said Mugabe’s parrot Minister of Foreign Affairs Simbarashe Mumbengegwi. The Minister announced that the Libyan Ambassador and his staff had 72 hours to leave Zimbabwe.

Well, well; look who is pushing for an "inclusive government" in Libya! No doubt Mugabe would have pushed had for Gaddafi to remain President with all his dictatorial powers just as happened in Zimbabwe. Of course Tsvangirai was stupid to allow Mugabe to do this in Zimbabwe; there is no chance NTC would allow such nonsense.

Gaddafi is finished, he is history; this is something Mugabe will find very difficult to swallow. In Gaddafi’s fall, he sees his own demise and rightly so too. There has been regime change in Libya and it is just a matter of months not years before the same happen in Zimbabwe. Gaddafi swore he would not let that happen in Libya but that only served to harden the resolve of the Libyan people. Zimbabweans are just as determined to see meaningful democratic change in their country and Mugabe, like Gaddafi, will be swept aside when the time comes!

The Libyan Ambassador and his staff will leave Zimbabwe beaming with pride. Now that they have broken the chains of servitude to the Gaddafi regime they are very proud to give the middle finger to some good-for-nothing tyrant trying to put his own chains on them!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Democracy will only come if the electorate are educated on the true value of the right to vote!

I have come to the opposite conclusion; the bloodier the revolution the greater the chance of it spawning tyrants and not democrats. Those who reach for the gun are impatient, they do not have the time to reason nor listen to counter arguments, they want a revolution and have no time for evolution.

Whilst people like Mugabe would swear that only the gun would have brought Ian Smith to the negotiating table. It is no surprise that he now believe it is the bullet not the ballot that decides who is to rule. In fact it would be more accurate to say he has never believed in anything else.

We have to break the cycle of violence and blood shed in the name of freedom and justice. Freedom and justice are not born out of violence; only love and reason will produce freedom and justice.

The challenge before us is how to educate the masses to appreciate the vote can deliver the freedom, human dignity, economic prosperity and peace we all crave for just as it has done in all democratic nations the world over. The second thing the masses have to understand is that the vote will deliver all these things on one condition – that it is used wisely. It is not enough to vote for A and not B; one must have good reason for picking one and not the other. Having voted for a particular candidate, it is the solemn duty of the electorate to ensure that he/she delivers on their promise.

The vote is like a knife, in a skilled doctor’s hands it will give life and in a ruthless thug’s hands it will take life. In Africa the right to vote has become more a curse than a blessing because the unscrupulous leaders have granted it to an electorate whom they have done everything in their power to keep ignorant and frightened out of their wits.
It is hard enough to ask someone who has been denied his or her basis human rights, freedoms and human dignity to be patient. It is even harder to ask the same person to have to work hard up front before they get these benefits. But what makes this task near impossible is to make oneself heard over the cheap rhetoric of zealots like Malema and Mugabe offering the poor prosperity from institutionalised looting.

No individual or nation has ever prospered from looting. The mismanagement, corruption and looting by Mugabe and his cronies has turned a once prosperous nation full of promise and hope into an imperished nation. In the six year from 2002 to 2008 the nation's economy shrunk a staggering 84%. Instead of taking the responsibility for the economic collapse the regime has stepped up its brutality to silence the masses!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Congratulation Libya for toppling Gaddafi but this is a first step on a long and tough journey ahead!

The AU refused to recognise the new government emerging in Libya after the toppling of Gaddafi. That is hardly surprising; most African leaders own a debt of gratitude to the Libya dictator with who they have a lot in common and never cared about the long suffering Libyans masses.

Gaddafi was considered the "big boss man" in the AU who bankrolled many countries' fight for independence and the continued stay in power of many of the continent's leaders. The other two key players in Africa's fight for independence were China and Russia; two countries with no democratic values to talk about! So most African leaders have been made in the image of Gaddafi, Chinese and Russian leaders in which the interests of the leaders and their cronies are more important than the interests of the rest of the populous. For all they care, the rest of the people may just as well be slaves!

President Zuma and many of his fellow AU leaders are more concerned about Gaddafi than the millions of Libyans he has terrorised and deny hope and dignity all these 42 years! If the truth be told President Zuma is more concerned about Mugabe and his cronies than he is about the rest of Zimbabweans and about Malema and the other ANC leaders than about the rest of South Africans.

As much as we the people would like to believe than we can hold our leaders to account; that is the one thing we have failed to do. In Africa, as is the case in all other countries under totalitarian rule, it is the leaders who hold the people to account. It is the tail that wags the dog!

One had hoped that the post independence leaders would be more concerned about the public good than the self centred leaders before them. Alas that has not turned out to be the case. President Museveni of Uganda has turned out to be just as oppressive as the rest, for example. He was critical of African leaders’ blind support of Idi Amin whilst he fought to depose the dictator but courted their approval as soon as he became President. Then he was one of them in more than the immediate sense of being a fellow leader; he too discarded the democratic values, banned multi-party system for example, that he had been fighting for to consolidate his own hold on power.

After the AU’s rebuff of Libya’s National Transition Council; it would be good if the future leadership in Libya would break the Gaddafi mould and show they care about the suffering masses of Libya. If would be even better if they can play a key roll is fostering the same values on the rest of Africa’s leaders just as Gaddafi help foster the tyrannical streak.

On the other hand the new leadership in Tripoli may have welcome NATO and the West’s help in defeating Gaddafi. When the dust has finally settled the leaders will find themselves under increasing pressure from the people to deliver on the economic and political front. It is then that they will find the temptation to silence their critics and opponents by denying them democratic rights and freedoms irresistible. The leaders will not get any sympathetic hearing from the West; they will be forced to court AU for that.

Whether or not Tripoli’s new leaders “kiss and make up” with the likes of President Zuma, Mugabe and the rest of the AU leaders will confirm whether or not Libya has broken the African mould of totalitarian government and joined the league of free and democratic nations.

I am not a betting man but if I had to; I would put my money on Libya becoming just another failed African country ruled by corrupt, incompetent and self-serving leaders. There are two reasons why true democracy will never take root in the desert of Libya. First of all, Libyans have known anything else other than tyrannical rule and are therefore are likely to want nothing else. In the heat of the uprising against Gaddafi it is ease for everyone to talk of freedom, democracy, justice, etc. But when the dust of all the bombing and shooting has settled it will become clear that what each and everyone were fighting for was to replace Gaddafi’s dictatorial rule with one of their own. So whoever can muster enough support will emerge as the new dictator.

It is a common mistake to think that the demise of a tyrant like Gaddafi and a few of cronies is enough for a democratic system to grow and thrive. A well established dictatorship like that of Gaddafi will have spawned tyrants at every level of society; they are the weeds who will choke off the seed of democracy, they have an invested interest in maintaining the status quo.

The second reason why the uprising in Libya is not likely to deliver the free, democratic and prosperous nation Libyans had been hoping for is to do with the ordinary Libyans themselves, they are not worthy of such a government. It is one thing to have the right to vote but quite another to make that vote count by holding those holding public office accountable to the public. Whereas the Egyptian public have shown a continued interest in what they wanted to see happen following the toppling of that country’s dictator, for example; the Libyans have not shown the same passion. People get the government they deserve.

Congratulations to the people of Libya in taking the significant first step in building a free and democratic nation in toppling the tyrant Gaddafi. This is not the first time Libya has taken this tentative step only to be disappointed; one hopes that will not happen this time round.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Gaddafi's 42 year reign of terror is over - Mugabe knows his days are numbered!

Gaddafi, the man who has ruled Libya with an iron fist and vowed to rule for life, has been flashed out of his concrete bunker in Tripoli and is now on the run. It is just a question of days if not hours before he is caught. Libyans are free at last; free to shape their own destiny, free to breathe, dream and hope! It is a wonderful and glorious feeling after decades of stifling heat of tyrannical oppression.

Gaddafi, like all dictators never thought his reign would come to an end. Even with the whole nation up in arms against him, he still talked of “my people” will chase out the “rats” out of Tripoli.

After decades of autocratic rule the people of Libya face a difficult task of setting up a democratic government. Gaddafi had undermined the Police, Judiciary, Parliament, etc. so that he was the only power in the land. There will be many in the Police who would happily enforce the law selectively, for example; old habits die hard.

The coming months and years, the formative stage, will be important for Libya; what the people do now will decide whether the country becomes a democracy or slip back into the nightmare of totalitarian rule. We pray that the dramatic events of this week will mark the dawn of freedom and liberty for all the people of Libya and not a brief moment in the sun.

There going on in Libya was bad news for Mugabe and his cronies; each of them must e worried whether they will be next. Tsvangirai got the Mugabe dictatorship off the hook in 2008; that is not going to happen again. Yes Mugabe, your days of oppressive rule are numbered!

Monday, 22 August 2011

There is nothing more obnoxious than one entrusted with power but fails to act!

"Our votes must go together with our guns," said Mugabe back in 1976. And ever since then he has backed ominous words with chilling acts of violence, rape and murder.

The right to meaningful say in the governance of the country lies at the very heart of what it means to be a citizen as contrast to being a subject or worse, slave. Besides granting all the nicety of being a citizen a truly democratic system allows society to reinvent itself and thus avoid the stagnation that of a monolithic de facto one-party dictatorship.

Thirty years of Mugabe one-party rule has result in economic melt down, the economy shrunk a staggering 84% in 2002 to 2008 alone. The nation is ruled by fear and not reason after years of intimidation, rape and murder of all Zanu PF critics and opponents.

MDC’s number one task was to end the dictatorship and bring meaningful democratic change. The only sure way to carry out the task was to challenge, head-on, this nonsense that the votes must follow the guns. In the 2008 elections the people of Zimbabwe gave MDC the power and mandate to do just that. Instead of challenging Mugabe the party saw it fit to appease the dictator by allowing back into State House with all his dictatorial powers.

There is nothing more obnoxious than someone entrusted with all the power and authority to do what is right and yet, out of cowardice or selfish gain, fail to do so. Tyrants count and thrive on this weaken!

It is right that tyrants should be tried and punished for their crimes against humanity. Still, I wish, cowards and sell-out should be tried along side them for aiding and abetting the tyrants!

MDC has failed to taken Mugabe to task for his guff using the gun to over ride the people’s vote. This has encourage the tyrant to back his threat with brute force and now rogue generals and village idiots like Raymond Chamba to parrot his guff publically.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

SADC passes the Zimbabwe impasse back to Tsvangirai - he better not disappoint!

"In terms of the problems leading to the referendum, they (Tsvangirai and Mugabe) are almost in the process of reaching an agreement in terms of the date of elections and I believe that what we have to do is to encourage them to finally come out with a common date on the referendum and election,” said SADC secretary at the end of the SADC meeting in Luanda.

Everyone was hoping against hope that SADC will for once come up with the goods. Tsvangirai and Mugabe have already said they can not agree on the necessary democratic reforms and election date. God knows they would have agreed by now if there had the political will; this circus has been going on since the sham presidential run-off of June 2008.

Well SADC have thrown the ball straight back for Tsvangirai and Mugabe to deal with. Of course, between the two it is what Mugabe wants that counts. And want the dictator want is for fresh elections to be held this year without any meaningful democratic reforms being carried out; period. In short Mugabe wants a rerun of the sham June 2008 elections in which political violence will be a certainty.

Tsvangirai has made some shockingly stupid decision in his political career but even he knows holding election without meaningful democratic reforms is to commit mass political suicidal for him and his party, MDC.

It is Tsvangirai who had placed all his hopes on SADC forcing Mugabe to agree on democratic reforms, etc at this SADC meeting. Every time Tsvangirai has hit a brick wall in his dealings with Mugabe he has gone running to SADC “as the guarantor of the GPA!” And again and again SADC has done nothing to force Mugabe to honour his part in the GPA.

How many times did people tell Tsvangirai the GPA was unworkable because it gave Mugabe all his old dictatorial powers? How many times was Tsvangirai told that the SADC guarantee of the GPA was not worth the paper it was written on? Countless times and Tsvangirai would not listen. He even claimed the agreement was “working”! Well Tsvangirai must now step up to the mark and stop passing the buck!
Mr Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, you knew that bringing democratic change in Zimbabwe was the nation’s top priority. You obvious believed YOU – not President Zuma, SADC or anyone else – would still deliver that change in the context of the GPA or you would not have signed the power sharing agreement. Some people have said all you cared about is the fancy title. Well this is you chance to prove these people wrong! You dare not disappoint us this time!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

China continues to prop Mugabe in the name of "none-interference"!

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Xin Shunkang, last week reaffirmed China's desire to see Zimbabwe develop, reported News 24.

"China is committed to the non-interference policy and will always support the just call of developing countries including Zimbabwe," said the Ambassador.

The people of Zimbabwe have called on the UN to impose sanctions of the repressive Mugabe regime for using violence and murder to denying the people a meaningful say in the governance of the country. What Mugabe did to "win" the June 2008 presidential run-off was an outrage. History will remember that at the time Mugabe's Police and Army was terrorise the nation the Chinese were sending ship full of guns and bullets to rearm Mugabe's thugs.

The truth of Zimbabwe’s bloody diamonds in Marange is well documented and it is clear Mugabe is amassing the wealth from the sell of these diamonds to finance future politically motivated violence. The Chinese are involved in this venture, big time.

What the Chinese are doing in Zimbabwe is propping up a repressive regime – they call it “non-interference” - for their own selfish economic and political gain. Propping up a fellow repressive regime; the Chinese Communist Party is yet to hold free and fair elections.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mugabe squanders US$20 m on posh cars and sleepy Zimbabweans are outraged - at last!

The Zimbabwe government has spent US$20 million buying new cars for senior government officials. The ordinary Zimbabweans are reportedly outraged.

Ever since its formation three years ago, this GNU has little to get the nation out of the mess Mugabe landed us. Unemployment had soared to 90% in 2008, it is still a nauseating 80% plus today. Things are worse, on the political front, Mugabe has used the time to rebuild and secure funds for his thugs. Political violence hangs over the nation like a choking smoke blanket. Sadly very few Zimbabweans even noticed this; which, of course, explains why the whole GNU leadership was complacent.

The same GNU leadership squanders US$ 20 million on posh cars and the sleepy Zimbabwean electorate is outraged. Well it is better late than never; assuming of course these voters have not dose off already.
I am convinced Zimbabwe can recover from the economic and political nightmare Mugabe landed us in if only the country has a diligent and competent government. But such a government does not exist in a vacuum; it takes an equally diligent and informed electorate to foster one. Only a well informed electorate will know what the leaders can and can not do and thus hold them to account. In a country with a history of incompetent and corrupt leaders; the need for informed voters is critical.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Over 500 still missing since 2008 violence - a far cry from 200 MDC reported!

More than 500 people are still missing since the 2008 election violence in Masvingo Province alone, according to a Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation report. The Organisation called on Zimbabwe’s National Healing and Reconciliation Organ resolve these human rights violation before the next elections.

According to MDC, a total of 200 people throughout Zimbabwe were killed that year.

This is the party that initially reported that Tsvangirai had won 61% of the presidential vote in the March 2008 vote. The party revised down the total downs twice making it ease for the world to accept the Mugabe result which gave Tsvangirai the lead but short of the 50% plus one to avoid the presidential run-off. MDC’s incompetency is simply amazing – the party had access to all the results and they could not even use a calculator to add the figures!

Still one expected MDC to be diligent when it came to counting its own supporters who had given their very lives voting for the party. Many of the victims of the 2088 political violence were MDC supporters. Clearly this report shows that once again that MDC can not be trusted to produce a complete and accurate list of the murdered victims. They could not care less!

“This toothless national healing organ should start doing something to resolve tension between the victims, relatives and the perpetrators. People out there are not ready for elections. They still have fresh wounds and memories of the barbaric activities of violence in 2008,” said Mukura the Organisation’s Director.

Godfrey Mtimba (Daily News Reporter) you are too kind to describe the National Healing and Reconciliation Organ as "largely moribund". Mukura is being honest in describing it as “toothless” organ. Mugabe saw to it that is was just that – a toothless organ.
What I find really amazing is how Tsvangirai and his MDC friends signed on to being a party to the Healing Organ. The party pick its own comical clown Mai Sekai Holland to be the MDC Minister in this charade. She relished the spotlight and she would shut up about the “excellent” work of the organ was doing. Time has proven than the Organ was just another toothless arm of an equally toothless GNU and all Minister Holland’s grand standing was nothing more than the proverbial frog boasting of putting out forest fire with it fart!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

MDC calls on SADC to defend Zimbabweans' vote - too cowardly to it themselves!

“We believe that time has come for Sadc to pronounce itself on this matter (security sector reforms). Sadc needs to make it clear that in terms of its treaty, the military has got no role to play in political processes and that Sadc stands ready to protect and defend the democratic will of the people of Zimbabwe,” Jameson Timba told the diplomats.

What exactly does MDC want President Zuma and SADC to say or do about security sector reforms? What treaty is MDC talking about?

It is one thing to say SADC should stand “ready to protect and defend the democratic will of the people of Zimbabwe” Mr Timba. We are keen to see that. Zimbabweans have been denied a democratic voice in the governance of the country all their lives. In 2008, in his determination to retain political power at all costs, Mugabe stepped up the political violence to new nauseating heights of violence, brutality and arrogance; he openly used the Police, Army and CIO to carryout out his dirty and murderous work. Yes Mr Timba, it would be nice if SADC or someone could make sure this does not happen ever again.

It is not enough, Mr Timba, for you, your leader, Prime Minister Tsvangirai, or anyone to simply call for the protection of the people’s democratic will without saying what exactly SADC is supposed to do. The devil is in the detail, Mr Timba. What exactly does MDC expect SADC do to?

Mugabe has again and again made his views known about security sector reforms. The Police and Army have behaved in a totally “professional” manner; the dictator said this again on Hero’s Day, hardly a week ago. There will therefore be no security sector reforms.

Short of SADC sending in the Army and Police – which it will never do – there is really nothing else SADC can do.

MDC should have used its Parliamentary majority to charge the rogue Brigadier-General Nyikayaramba of high treason for his threat to subvert the democratic will of the people should Mugabe and Zanu PF lose the next election. That would have settled the question of what those in the security sector can and can not do once and for all.

Parliament has the power to impeach the State President and Commander-In-Chief of all the State’s Armed Services, surely the same Parliament can charge a mere Brigadier-General of treason.

Parliament is the highest authority in the land but when those entrusted with the said authority fail to exercise it they make a mockery of Parliament itself! By failing to using the parliamentary powers to restore the rule of law MDC are doing Zimbabwe a great disserve; they are denying the nation the benefit of freedom and good governance.

MDC are calling on SADC to protect and defend the people of Zimbabwe’s democratic rights because the party is too cowardly to stand up to the mark itself! Tsvangirai is seeking in SADC a scapegoat for his own GNU years mind blowing incompetency and blundering.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Tsvangirai signed GPA to give Mugabe a "soft landing" - it is not the survival of Zimbabwe not the tyrant that is at issue!?

Has there been any progress on democratic reforms; security sector, new constitution, media, etc, etc.? Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai answered: “No!”

Has there been any progress in cleaning up the civil services to get rid of the “ghost workers” everyone knows to be Zanu PF militia responsible for all the political violence of 2008 and the on going violence? The PM once again answered “No!”

At least he is being honest. Until a few months ago he was the one telling the whole world the GNU was “working”. His continued snag demeanour shows he does not even comprehend historic position he occupies and therefore the enormity of his blundering.

Tsvangirai acknowledges, this is the very first time that I have ever heard him do so, that after the sham June 2008 presidential run off Mugabe had literally hang himself. “When we won the election in March 2008, they [other African leaders] were convinced that we had won and that’s why they said they couldn’t recognize what Mugabe had done in June 2008,” admitted Tsvangirai.

So without the GPA Mugabe would have never been accepted as State President, not even by his follow SADC Heads of State. So why in did he let Mugabe off the hook by signing the power sharing agreement? A one sided agreement giving Mugabe all his tyrannical powers at that!

If Tsvangirai had not signed the GPA, Mugabe would have been left with the simple choice of either accept he lost the election or hold fresh elections – in which he would not be able to use violence and therefore was certain to lose.

Two and half years after the formation of the GNU, Tsvangirai himself acknowledges that none of the necessary reforms to create a democratic Zimbabwe have been achieved. On the other hand Mugabe has been able to carry on with his tyrannical agenda of political violence and lawlessness to retain absolute power. Mugabe is politically stronger now than he was after the sham June 2008 elections.

Champions of none-violence to end an unjust system like Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King must be turning in the grave when none-violence is used as the excuse for incompetency and failure. Gandhi is known for his public burning of the Passes Indians were being asked to carry forcing the authority to scrap the idea. Dr King bus boycott ended bus segregation in the racists American South States. What has Tsvangirai ever done?

A few years ago MDC threatened to bring the people out on the street in match against Mugabe’s repressive regime in the so called “Final Push”. It turned out to be a complete flop!

To protest against Mugabe’s repeated failure to honour his part in the power sharing agreement Tsvangirai announced that he and his MDC Ministers would not attend cabinet meetings. He was not withdrawing from the GNU only boycotting its cabinet meetings, he explained. Whilst many people agreed the situation demanded action, it was hard to see what this one-leg out and one-leg in posturing was meant to achieve. In typical Tsvangirai blundering and grand standing style he ended the boycott although it was clear Mugabe not conceded to any of MDC's wish-washy demands!

“I think essentially it was a good decision,” was Tsvangirai’s reply to the question whether he thought the GNU was a good idea. Even with the benefit of hindsight, he still maintains this mindboggling blunder was a good decision. History has a nasty habit of casting some individuals in a role far beyond their intellectual ability in the end they neither appreciate their critical importance nor the enormity of their failure.

“I have degrees in violence,” Mugabe has often boasted. He might as well boast, the ease with which he has been able to twist Tsvangirai round his little fingers would certainly students of violence envious where it not for the fact that the tyrant’s adversary is himself a flawed and indecisive character.

“If he (your enemy) is taking his ease, give him no rest,” wrote the Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu.

If by signing the GPA Tsvangirai thought Mugabe would end the violence and repression so that he, Tsvangirai, would take it ease; he was in for a surprise alright. Mugabe step up the violence; Tsvangirai, his MDC leaders and supporters and the ordinary Zimbabweans have beaten, harassed, arrested on one trivial charge after another. Tsvangirai has responded to it all by condemning one act of violence after another, running from one courtroom to the next to pay bail for arrested members and burying the murdered one along the way.

The reality is with all this brutal repression by Mugabe a modern day Dr Martin Luther King, in whose image Tsvangirai models himself, is spoilt for choice of subject matter on which to make his none-violence stand. Dr King must be turning in his grave to hear Tsvangirai speak. Is it no bad enough that none violence should be used an excuse for doing nothing without the pretentious proponents of the philosophy ending as the best PR the tyrants could ever wish for!

Tsvangirai’s blundering is comparable to the incompetency of Edward Montagu, the second Earl of Manchester, the General of the Parliamentary Army at the start of the English Civil War. Oliver Cromwell’s criticism of Earl was legendary. “His failure to pursue this war with the urgency it deserved has tried my patience and that of the hard pressed army,” Cromwell complained. “It would be better if they joined the King’s side!”

In 2008 Zimbabweans risked their very lives in voting for Tsvangirai and MDC. Mugabe was to punish them for this, as the events of April to June 2008 were to show. Zimbabweans voted for Tsvangirai not because the people had confidence in his ability as a leader. They voted for him because they were desperate for change.

“Mugabe would lose the election to a donkey in a free vote!” wrote Jonathan Moyo, a former Mugabe Minister of Information and party strategist, underlining the Zimbabwe electorate’s desperation.

Zimbabweans will once again risk everything to bring an end to this repressive regime that has left them economically destitute and robbed them of hope and human dignity. There will be regime change regardless of Mugabe’s continued brutality and regardless of the wasted opportunities for change by the blundering of flawed leaders like Tsvangirai.

No doubt Tsvangirai would want to attribute the demise of this Zanu PF dictatorship to none-violence political posturing. For the last thirty years the nation has endured Mugabe’s liberation war hero lectures and anti-white rhetoric. The evidence on the ground tells the truth and the exact opposite; that he never sort to liberate the nation but to replace white-colonial oppression with his own even more oppressive and corrupt regime. And so too with Tsvangirai, the world know him to be a blundering idiot who in 2008 allowed Mugabe back into State House through the back door!

After thirty years of mismanagement and rampant corruption that had resulted in a total economic melt down throwing millions of Zimbabweans out of work and poverty and thirty years of brutal repression; one had hope Tsvangirai’s sympathy would be with the people who had suffered so much. Instead Tsvangirai was concerned about the tyrant.

After thirty years of absolute power, Mugabe was finding the very thought of being kicked out so unpalatable he step up a gear the terror, rape and murder that had kept him in power in the past. When not even SADC would accept his dirty tricks to retain power; Tsvangirai signed on to the GPA just so Mugabe can stay into power.

The very fact that allowing Mugabe back into office meant extending the suffering that his rule stood for the life time of this GNU was of no consequence to Tsvangirai. He was concerned about giving Mugabe a soft landing and did not care about ending the suffering his thirty years of misrule had caused to the nation. These are the same people who had risked their very lives to vote for him whose crying he now dismisses without a second thought!

If Tsvangirai had hoped that allowing Mugabe to stay in power a few more years was going to make the tyrant more amenable to democratic change, free elections and then ultimately to regime change. Then his “soft-landing” plans could not have been more wrong. Mugabe crossed the point of no-return a long time ago when he had the thousands murdered to establish his de facto one-party dictatorship.

It was really naïve of Tsvangirai to grant Mugabe all his dictatorial powers in the GPA and still hope the tyrant would NOT use these powers to stop the very democratic changes that would spell his own political demise! Mugabe a ruthless tyrant was to preside over the dismantling of his own dictatorship – what a stupid proposition!

Mugabe has used time since the signing of the GPA to reorganise his party and secure funding for his thugs. Mugabe has no intention of accepting any democratic reforms and free elections. He intends to use violence to resist regime change. Tsvangirai can see the writing on the wall for himself and he clearly is at a loss as what to do. He has sheepishly turned to SADC to stop Mugabe.

Of course, SADC too is at a loss as what to do. SADC will never authorise boots on the ground to stop the political violence particularly in a situation where the Police, Army and CIO – Zimbabwe’s own security services – and themselves involved in the violence. Even SADC itself should have remembered what a stubborn and arrogant tyrant they were dealing with in Mugabe and, more significantly, that unlike other dictators Mugabe had too many hidden skeletons to ever allow anyone else to rule in his life time.

“It is not the survival of the King that is at issue here,” Cromwell reminded some of his confused fellow country men at one point. “It is the survival of England. And the King is not England!”
For decades Zimbabweans have been fighting to end the corruption and repression of tyrannical regime. And in 2008 the country had its best chance ever to do so and has had many more others chances besides only for these chances to be wasted. It is not giving Mugabe a soft-landing that is at issue here but giving this nation hope and its human dignity; what will it take to make idiots like Tsvangirai understand that!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tsvangirai to tell SADC Zimbabwe's election roadmap has NOT been agreed - as if he knew where he is going!

For the first two years of this GNU Tsvangirai and MDC have insisted the arrangement was "working" contrary to all the evidence on the ground. It was only in the last eight months that they finally admitted that it was not working. But instead of the party seating down and come up with a detailed plan of the way out; they turned to SADC.

“The president (Tsvangirai) has been given instructions to advise Sadc correctly that there was no agreement finalised on the roadmap,” MDC spokesman, Mwonzora says. “There were certain areas where agreements were secured. But the entire roadmap has not been agreed to because we cannot have an agreed roadmap without agreeing on the three fundamental issues of Zec staffing, security sector reform and violence.”

Why Mwonzora picked on these three issues out of a raft of other outstanding and critical issues; the new constitution, media reform, voters’ rolls, etc, etc.? MDC has not accomplished anything to advance the nation’s search for democratic reform and free elections since joining the GNU over two and half years ago. Nothing, not a single thing!

The GPA gave Mugabe all the dictatorial powers to do as he pleased and, surprise, surprise the tyrant has done just that. The GNU has given the time to reorganise his party and secure funding for yet another violent election. It was clearly all along that Mugabe would never preside over his own down fall. He had terrorise the nation, had thousands raped and hundreds murdered to ensure there would be no free and fair elections and regime change in 2008. One will have to be really naïve to believe the same tyrant will honour the GPA and preside over reforms that would result in the very thing – regime change - he murdered to stop!

“The problem in the inclusive government is that Zanu PF has not changed its old tactics!" ? Tsvangirai told a rally in Kwe Kwe recently.

We all know that and have knon that for decades! What the nation want to know is what is he, as MDC leader going to do about it? Mr Prime Minister, you and your party promised the nation "democratic change" and for all your two and half years in the inclusive government you have not changed anything. Zanu PF has continued using its old dirty tactics as if you and your MDC friends were not even there!

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends led the nation into this political mess. They knew SADC was weak and had sided with Mugabe on countless occasions. They knew the regional body’s guarantee of the GPA was worthless and are therefore using SADC as an excuse for their own failure and naivety. Tsvangirai and MDC should do the honourable thing and apologise to the nation.

Zimbabweans, for our part, must now start a serious debate to chart the way out of this mess. Tsvangirai does not know where he is let alone where he should be going; to follow him any farther is sheer madness!