Thursday, 21 June 2012

Prosperity is born out of production and not more reckless spending!

Zimbabwe’s economic melt-down is affecting everyone. The wife and family of one of the country’s well known liberation hero, Magama Tongogara, are reportedly living in abject poverty. Max Mkandla, the spokesman for Zimbabwe Liberators’ Peace Forum (ZLPF) called for the appointment of a cabinet minister for war heroes and their families.  

Who is this Max Mkandla? Where has he been all these years for Christ’s sake? Zimbabwe has the biggest number of deputy minister and above per capita representation; counting the president and his two vices, prime minister and his two deputies, governors, ministers, executive mayors, etc. An even more bloated cabinet will only make an intolerable situation even worse. Ian Smith govern the country with only a handful of ministers and the economic grow in leaps and bounds, even when the country faced international sanctions.

Max please, it is quality leaders we want not more of the same rubbish who have got us into this hell-hole. And Max, you ARE the spokesman of the Zimbabwe Liberators’ Peace Forum (ZLPF) and you do not even have an common sense. Is it any wonder we are in this mess!?



Mai Tongogara and the families of all the other war heroes from Victoria Falls to Beit Bridge, from Mutare in the East to Plamtree in the West; they all deserve  financial assistance. And so too all the millions of other Zimbabweans now living in abject poverty; they too deserve financial help even if they played no role in the liberation of Zimbabwe. They deserve help because they are human beings and they too do not deserve to suffer. None of all these deserving people are getting any financial assistance nor are they ever going to get because there is no money.

For thirty years now Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies have behaved as if the public purse is a bottomless beg of money and all the nation, especial the ruling elite, has to do is spend, spend, spend and spend! Over the years Mugabe and his friends' appetite has grown beyond recognition; they have sucked the breathe, the blood and the marrow out of the country.

Murambatsvina, there is no simply no money in Zimbabwe’s  coffers to pay  Mai Tongogara or anyone else.
What Zimbabwe should be doing now is first; stop all this criminal waste of human and material resources through mismanagement, corruption and looting by Mugabe, his thugs and now Tsvangirai and his MDC friends too have joined the gravy train. Second; we must get everyone back to work producing goods and services. Prosperity is a measure of how much one produces first and foremost, and not how much one spends!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Who should Zimbabwean vote for next time?

Who should Zimbabweans vote for in the coming elections if Tsvangirai and MDC are no good?

Well first things first we, the electorate, should have a serious debate about where we are politically and economically and then where we want to go. Voting is about electing the best person most likely to take us where we want to go. In 1980 we voted for Mugabe because we wanted to get rid of Ian Smith. We really did not have clue where we wanted to go beyond that and look where Mugabe has taken us. In 2008 we voted for Tsvangirai because we wanted to get rid of Mugabe well not only did that fail but Mugabe is stronger politically than he was in 2008 thanks to blundering Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai is confident he will have our vote regardless of how badly he has performed in the last four years. In other words there is no incentive for MDC to look for better leaders than the party has right now.

An electorate that has a better understanding of the issues affecting the nation will force those vying for their vote to work hard to address those issues to win the vote. Zimbabwe has a lot better man and woman than those in leadership positions at present but when one is faced with an electorate that does not have the foggiest idea about what makes sense and what does not - it is the idiots who will get elected. In other words it is the quality of the electorate that determines whether the cream or scum rises to lead

Blaming the whites for Mugabe's murders is admitting Mugabe's inability to judge for himself!

“Rhodesians promoted racial and tribal strife that culminated in Gukurahundi that brought about the senseless killings in Matabeleland and the Midlands regions,” wrote Chimbwido warveteran (S W Radio Africa). Mugabe and his apologists never tire of trying to find a scapegoat for the regime’s wrong doing but this is one of the feeblest excuses from them.

Yes the whites owned and controlled all facets of the country’s economic wealth and denied us the blacks all meaningful say in the governance of the country. That is a historic fact and no one is disputing that. That is not what we are talking about here.

What is at issue here is whether or not the white should be blamed for what happened after independence. You are saying yes and I am saying no.

The white may have had all the economic and political power and abused it and made us suffer and die unnecessarily for all those years of colonial domination and rule. Still no amount of colonial abuse could have deprived us our faculty to think for ourselves, to know what is right and what is wrong.

Mugabe never tires of reminding the nation of his heroic contribution in the fight to end colonial oppression. He fought to end it precisely because he KNEW the system was wrong. And the whole nation holds him and all those who contributed in the struggle to end colonial oppression in high regard preciously because they risked their own lives and indeed many died doing what is right!

On the political front the liberation war was so that blacks too would have the right to vote. “One man, one vote!” remember. Everything Mugabe did as soon as he got into power was to undermine and deny Zimbabweans that basic right. He wanted a de facto one-party state, a dictatorship. The Gukurahundi murders and the on-going political violence are all part of this grand scheme to secure absolute power.

To say Mugabe does not know that it is wrong to deny people their right to a free vote and even their right to life itself because he was traumatised by the whites during colonial rule is the feeblest excuse one can offer in supporting tyranny. He knows what is right and wrong it is just that greed for power and economic wealth has got the better of him.

If Mugabe is mad then I am not interested in why he is mad at this point; our principle concern should be to get him out of State House and stop the looting and murders! I hope Mugabe will go from State House to The Hague; he can then plead that he is suffering from colonial oppression induced madness but even he knows that will not wash!

If colonial oppression robbed Mugabe his ability to see right from wrong, his ability to reason for himself then he could not have that faculty in the first place. Handcuffs, beatings, torture, jails, etc.; all these punishments torment and punish us physically. None of these punishments have yet to deprive the prisoner his or her ability to think.  Mankind is yet to build a prison to imprison the mind. If Mugabe can not see whathe is doing is wrong then he never had that faculty in the first place. He should not blame the white man for making him lose something he did not have in the first place!