Friday, 30 August 2013

Vote of confidence for Tsvangirai leadership from fellow MDC leaders showing just how incompetent and irrelevant MDC is!

The MDC national executive has given Tsvangirai a vote of confidence for the later to stay as party leader.


Zimbabwe had many real chances to end this Zanu PF dictatorship these last ten years and yet one after another these chances have been wasted. And if there is one man who is responsible for most of these wasted chances it is Morgan Tsvangirai. The idiot himself is so incompetent he cannot see what he has done and his supporters have their heads buried in his back side to see this.


No country can afford to let this chaotic situation to continue and the only sure way of ending it is by making sure the people see failed leaders like Tsvangirai for what they are!


Tsvangirai and MDC  have lost the nation’s confidence and the party leadership’s confidence in an incompetent leaders only services to underline just how irrelevant the party is to the nation’s search for real democratic change and a better future!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Mugabe says Tsvangirai is an ignoramus "ignorant of his ignorance" and, by Jove, did he take advantage of that!

Now that Mugabe is back in power, he finally tells the world how contemptuous he was of Tsvangirai, whom he now says is “ignorant of his ignorance”.

“You see, an illiterate person who is aware that they are ignorant, you can deal with (them) better,” Mugabe said in apparent reference to Tsvangirai’s lack of college-level education.

“You are better off with an ignorant person who is aware, conscious, of his ignorance, who accepts that he is ignorant, but if you are ignorant of your ignorance inhamo huruhuru; uchifunga kuti kusaziva hungwaru, ah, unopinza vanhu munhamo.

“Kuti mufambidzane muchinzwanana hurukuro dzacho nema ideas acho zvinobva zvasiyana kure kure.”

Mugabe is not the first person to notice Tsvangirai’s serious intellectual shortcomings. The former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe described Tsvangirai as a “flawed and indecisive character” in secrete cable to Washington which came out in WikiLeaks. The Ambassador did not mean his cryptic remarks to be public knowledge; Mugabe made his at a public gathering knowing full well the whole world was listening.

Mugabe said working with the MDC-T leader required “real patience and endurance” because he was an ignoramus who was woefully unaware of his ignorance. Now there the Zimbabwean tyrant was lying through his teeth. What real patience and endurance is he wittering about; the tyrant took full advantage of our goat herder’s breath-taking incompetence. The tyrant was in his element here and showed the simpleton no mercy.

Mugabe tricked our goat herder into believing that none of the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA were necessary for free, fair and credible elections. And so not even one reform was implemented after five years.

Mugabe dragged his feet on the writing of the new constitution and then after four and half years he finally “dictated” the whole Copac constitution, as the Zanu PF MP on the drafting committee, Paul Mangwana, could not resist bragging about. The whole document was a dictator’s creed, it was weak and feeble it was not even worth the paper it was written on! But that did not stop Tsvangirai and his MDC endorsing it and campaign to a yes vote in the referendum.

It was only after the referendum that it finally dawned on ignoramus goat herder that Copac was rubbish and for free and fair elections MDC would need to have the reforms implemented. But by then it was too late.

The easy with which Mugabe and Zanu PF were able to rig the 31 July 2013 election must have surprised even the dictator himself. We have all heard of playing with a loaded dice in this case this was akin to Mugabe playing with dice with sixs only whilst Tsvangirai’s dice was all ones! Throw after throw Mugabe came out with winners of course!

One million voters were denied the right to vote for various reasons out of the three million cast vote i.e. 25% of the voters were denied the vote. And yet 27 constituencies still had 70% plus voter turnout. Chipinge East even had 141% voter turnout. This akin to Mugabe claiming that he threw a seven, or even a double six with one dice!

Tsvangirai’s court challenge of the election result was the logical thing to do. Mugabe had clearly out done himself in his vote rigging and thus produced vote counts that were mathematically impossible! Tsvangirai shocked the whole world when he withdraw the court challenge for “lack of evidence”! The idiot still had his dice with only ones, Mugabe had called out some seven and even double six; what more evidence did he need! This was akin to Tsvangirai being asked to examine Mugabe’s dice with all sixs and then examine his own dice with ones and still Tsvangirai failed to notice there was something wrong.

The easy with which Mugabe rigged the 31st July 2013 elections and Tsvangirai’s strange decision to withdraw the Court challenge of the result proved beyond doubt that Tsvangirai is not just an ignoramus idiot who thinks he is clever but is a complete imbecile!

This dress down by Mugabe should finally convince Tsvangirai and his equally incompetent fellow MDC leaders and supporters that it is time he went back to herding goats!
As for Mugabe himself, cheating a goat herder is one thing but cheating the rest of the world will not be that easy. He rigged the elections and the world is not going to let him get away with it!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mugabe threatens to "hit" back the West for refusing to lift the sanctions although he blatantly rigged the elections!

Mugabe accuses the British and Americans of harassment by refusing to lift the targeted sanctions against him and his inner circle.


"We have not done anything to their companies here, the British have several companies in this country, and we have not imposed any controls, any sanctions against them, but time will come when we will say well, tit-for-tat, you hit me I hit you," said Mugabe.


Whatever imagined inconveniences Mugabe and his cronies are suffering it is nothing compared to the misery 33 years of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and an all-out looting spree by Mugabe and his cronies have brought upon the people of Zimbabwe. Unemployment, to give but one example of the consequences of the mismanagement, etc., has soared to nauseating heights of 80% plus by 2005. It has stubbornly remained there ever since.


In a normal democracy mismanagement, corruption and looting are never allowed to run riot as happened in Zimbabwe because a health democratic process will keep these in check and a failed regime is removed from power come elections. Zimbabwe is NOT a normal and health democracy.


Ever since Mugabe got into power in 1980, he has stifled all democratic debate to create a de facto one-party dictatorship. He is yet to hold free, fair and democratic elections. It was for this reason that the West imposed targeted sanctions against him and his inner circle.


There is overwhelming evidence that he, once again, rigged the 31 July 2013 elections. The rigging was so blatant that even though one million voters were denied the right to vote out of three million total cast votes, i.e. 25% of total, still 27 constituencies had 70% voter turnout. Indeed one of them, Chipinge East, even had 141% voter turnout. An impossible outcome; unless some people voted two or three times; which is exactly what happened.


Pictures of voters being bussed in to vote were beamed on the TV news for the whole world to see. Some bussed in voters were abandoned after they had voted and lived at the Bus Stop for a week in Masvingo showing they were not resident there. There were no Police investigations in any of these cases.


The Police arrested and detained MDC Official, Komichi, for handing over a valid ballot paper someone had found thrown away in which the voter had voted for Tsvangirai.

The political bias and arrogance of the Police is insufferable!


The West was disappointed by MDC’s failure to get the democratic reforms implemented and were therefore willing to give up all hope Zimbabwe would be anything other than a muddle blundering along. Still they did not expect Mugabe to rig the elections so blatantly. The West could not turn a blind eye to that, not without shame. The West had no choice but to maintain the targeted sanctions against Mugabe!


Mugabe can hit back by taking over the few British and American owned companies; he was threatening to do so already anyway with his black ownership policies. The consequences of this new wave of looting will sink the country’s economy deeper into trouble. No doubt he will blame the West for all additional hardships the people will face!


The truth is 90% of the suffering the people have faced these last decade is because the economic incompetence and corruption of the Mugabe regime. The targeted sanctions have made a tiny contribution to that suffering, if any at all. And the only hope of ever ending this suffering is by implementing the democratic reforms called for in the GPA! There is no other way out!

The West must seat down and laser focus the targeted sanctions so that they included all those propping up Mugabe and that the sanctions hit their targets and hurt!


Mugabe’s continued presence is hurting the good people of Zimbabwe and is destabilizing the whole SADC region! Enough is enough!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mugabe sworn in to start 7th term - another five years of hell for Zimbabweans!

Today Mugabe was sworn in to mark the start of his seventh term as head of state of Zimbabwe. And he turned to his favorite theme, attacking the British.


"Today it is Britain and her dominion, Australia and Canada, who dare tell us our elections were not credible. Who are they to say so, who are they to ask?" said the tyrant.


It was not the British he cheated by rigging the elections but ordinary Zimbabweans. They have complained about the 33 years of economic ruin and political repression but, of course, Mugabe will never ever acknowledge them. They have no political voice, he has seen to it that they do not!


The sheer incompetence with which Tsvangirai and MDC have shown throughout the last five years is breath-taking. They signed the GPA and agreed to implement the democratic reforms everyone agreed were necessary for free, fair and credible elections.


Reforms were the magic lamp without which all the wealth in the cave of wonder would be as worthless as desert sand. Like Aladdin's monkey, Tsvangirai and his MDC friends were distracted by the trappings of power - globe-trotting and chasing women of ill repute, for Tsvangirai. Not even one reform was implemented.

Without the reforms, it was clear the elections would not be free and fair and, of course, they were not.

Mugabe owes his return to power to the Zanu PF dictatorship; i.e. the Zanu PF ruling elite, the security elite, relatives and friends and a select few of the diehard thugs. Many of them already own farms, business, mines, etc. They are the one who will benefit from his “black empowerment policies.

There are hundreds of thousands who have supported the tyrant to the hilt but are as poor as the rest of the populous. They will continue to live in hope but will never get anything.

As for the overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans, he knows he lost their trust a long time ago. He did not expect them to vote for him and that was why he made sure the elections were not free and fair. And to make sure the people are not going to bother him; he has beefed up the security sector.
At a time when the country’s health, education and other public services are barely functioning, Mugabe is spending $200 million, twenty times what the regime spend on health and education in 2012, on a Chinese built Spy University for his feared murderous CIO.

The swearing in of Mugabe marking the beginning of another five years of hell-on-earth for most Zimbabweans!
Anyone who is expecting any good to come out of Mugabe is being as naïve as MDC who believed there could be free and fair elections without reform!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The USA says sanctions against Mugabe and his cronies will remain because the tyrant rigged the elections!

The United States government has insisted that targeted restrictive sanctions against the Robert Mugabe regime will remain in place, in the wake of the disputed and “seriously flawed” July 31st election.


Whatever residual suffering the people may suffer because of the targeted sanction it is nothing compared to the suffering the people have endured because of the Mugabe tyrannical rule. The sanctions are one way of pressuring the tyrant and his cronies to accept meaningful democratic change and without it the people will continue to suffer the ill effects of mismanagement, corruption, looting, rigged elections and brutal political repression.


When you have a cancerous tumor one is not concerned about the pain of cutting it off as if having it has brought no pain but pleasure but worse still the consequences of leaving it result in it spreading causing even more suffering and only too soon kill you!

Lifting the sanction after the blatant vote rigging by Mugabe would have been a slap in the face of the long suffering Zimbabweans. Yes they have invited the vote rigging upon themselves by blindly following the blundering and incompetent Tsvangirai. Still they do not deserve to be slapped in the face by rewarding Mugabe for successively rigging the elections!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

There is prima facie case of vote rigging for Mugabe to answer - MDC's withdrawal of the cases smacks of corruption!

There is no doubt that these elections were not free and fair, there is a prima facie case for Mugabe to answer here.
 How is it possible that one can have a 141% voter turnout, for example? Even Mugabe knows he over cooked this one.
 The Court challenge was going to expose even more details of the vote rigging eroding Mugabe's legitimacy even more. It is wafer thin as it is already.
The people of Zimbabwe were not fooled; having been denied a voice in the ballot box, they are voting with their feet, they are leaving Zimbabwe in droves! The international community was not fooled either; they are treating Mugabe like a smelly and diseased sewer rat he is!
Why MDC withdraw the Court challenge to the rigging cannot be attributed to the same breath-taking incompetence Tsvangirai and company have shown these last five years. This time it goes a lot deeper than that! The whole thing stinks of corruption.
Tsvangirai has already tried to tell the world he withdraw because ZEC failed to handover the election documents. That did not wash because the Court itself would expect ZEC to handover the documents.
Chamisa, like the pig Squealer in Animal Farm, was asked to have a go. “Zanu PF advised us to stick to the legal route. We refused to accept Zanu PF advice. Hell can never be Heaven’s consultant firm!!!" wrote Chamisa!
Ha a a a a! Exactly, of all the most nonsensical explanation that sure takes the biscuit! 
Everyone knows, that ever since Mugabe paid Tsvangirai the $3 million for his present mansion MDC has cooperated with Zanu PF. MDC has completely ignored repeated calls by ordinary Zimbabweans and SADC itself for the to implement the democratic reforms everyone knew were a prerequisite to free and fair elections.
Yes MDC is breathtakingly incompetent but it is breathtakingly corrupt too!
Tsvangirai and company have been bribed to withdraw the court challenge and the world will know in the coming few days how many pieces of silver Mugabe paid Zimbabwe's modern day Judas Iscariots!
 Watch this space!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chamisa comes up with the craziest reason for ending the Court Challenge - Zanu PF advised MDC "to stick to the legal route"!

If anyone needed any more evidence that MDC is not a party of excellence but rather a party of the most incompetent imbeciles the world has ever seen this is it. Here is Nelson Chamisa at full his rhetorical nonsense best!

“Strategy is about outflanking your opposite number and never doing what your competitor expects of you to do. Dexterity is the ability to move out of the orbit or zones of doubt to zones of confidence,” write Chamisa.

Here is a political party that has just had an election stolen from them is broad day light because they were so incompetent not to implement the reforms that would have stopped the vote rigging. Where was the strategic thinking in that!

“While we must confess that we are not the first borns and last borns in the field of foresight, strategy, courage and skill, the decision to refuse to give Zanu PF an open cheque to write and confirm their false legitimacy of the rigged and stolen election through the courts is the best under the circumstances,” continued Chamisa.

Is it me or is this idiot confused? In the first paragraph, he was saying MDC are the paragon of strategic thinking and now he is say they are not! Make up your mind your idiot!

“Understandably Zanu PF is shocked and angry at our refusal to be kowtowed and shepherded into the political slaughterhouse by allowing them to narrow and define the four corners of our political song and dance,” continued the idiot.

Chamisa you lot have just been slaughtered politically! You are not dreaming. You lot have just handed to Mugabe and Zanu PF an electoral victory in a silver platter which the later did not deserve to win.

“Zanu PF advised us to stick to the legal route. We refused to accept Zanu PF advice. Hell can never be Heaven’s consultant firm!!!

“By refusing to dance to the Zanu PF tune, we have redrawn the battle lines and contours as well as terms of the political struggle/battle,” admitted Chamisa.

We can safely assume the Mugabe and Zanu PF “advised” MDC to implement the reforms and, naturally MDC refuse to follow the advice and hence not even one reform was implemented.
I did not bother to read any more of the Chamisa diatribe. It is simply unbelievable that the idiot was a minister for five years! Five years! No wonder the last five years would go down in Zimbabwe history as the five years of wasted opportunities!

Zimbabwe's private medua houses did not just "support" MDC; they mollycoddled the party to death!

Violent Gonda (S W Radio Africa) and Dumisani Muleya (Zimbabwe Independent) tackled the important issue of the role Zimbabwe’s private media played in creating the falsehood that MDC was a party of excellence when in reality it is a party of breath-taking incompetence as events have finally shown.

 GONDA: So do you think or do you agree that while the state media may be sympathetic to Zanu PF, the privately owned media is or supports the MDC?

MULEYA: Well to some extent but it’s not that kind of a dichotomy or dialectical situation in which the state media is for Zanu PF, the private media is for somebody else. The difference here is that the private media basically sympathizes with the MDC to the extent that the MDC is doing the things or is upholding the sort of values that the private media believes in.

Thank you very much you two for bring up the important subject of the role the private media has played in the down fall of Tsvangirai and MDC. Their down fall has brought down the whole nation with them!

Violet, it is not a matter of Zimbabwe's privately owned media "supported" Tsvangirai and MDC; they mollycoddled them to death!

How many times has the various Zimbabwe private media houses interviewed Tsvangirai and MDC and yet not one of them has ever taken any of the MDC leaders to task on why their party had failed to implement not even one reform.

A few months ago CNN’s Becky Anderson took Tsvangirai to task and accused him and his MDC friends of achieving nothing other than legitimizing Mugabe and Zanu PF. The best Zimbabwe’s private media did was to cover the interview without commenting.
Zimbabwe’s private media may be privately owned financially but politically it is Tsvangirai who owned them body and soul! For the last ten years they have been MDC’s cheer leaders and, of course; now, with MDC humiliated, many of Zimbabwe’s private houses must be feeling sheepish! And so they should, for years they have portrayed Tsvangirai as a political leader of great talent, insight and ability. Now he has been shown to be just an indecisive and naïve man with no intellectual talent on anything!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Tsvangirai withdraw vote rigging challenge - Mugabe still has a lot to answer for to the people!

Tsvangirai has withdrawn his Court challenge of the July 31 election on the grounds that ZEC have failed to release the voters’ roll and other election documents he needed to prove the vote rigging by Mugabe.


Even if ZEC wanted to give him the information, they could not. ZEC was so ill funded and short staffed they did not know what was happening. This was organized chaos; deliberately so. Mugabe mudded the water so that the vote rigging would be impossible to prove – it was obvious to see but impossible to prove!


Tsvangirai's breath-taking incompetence is a matter of record and this time he is the victim of his own doing. He is in this impossible situation of having an election he should have won stolen away from under his very nose for the third time. He saw what happened but all the evidence is being kept away from him by ZEC, the Police and would have faced hostile Court Judges. All because he failed to implement the reforms necessary for independent ZEC, Police, etc.


But let me say it again; irrespective of how breathtakingly incompetent Tsvangirai has proven to be that is and must never be used as an excuse for rigging the elections. The people have the right to free, fair and credible elections and Mugabe has no right to deny them that right. The tyrant has denied the people that right amongst many other rights and freedoms all these last 33 years.


Tsvangirai has withdrawn his vote rigging challenge but the people of Zimbabwe have not. Mugabe must answer for all the corruption, vote rigging and murders he has committed against the good people of Zimbabwe.

The whole world knows Mugabe rigged the elections again and that is why he is being treated like a smelly and diseased sewer rat by everyone. And not just now but for the rest of his life! The world is tired of his dirty games!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections because Tsvangirai and us, the people, let him rig!

Ever since the draft Copac constitution was released in July last year a few of us have campaigned hard to have it rejected in the March 16th 2013 referendum because it was too weak and feeble to deliver free and fair elections. Tsvangirai and his MDC friends said otherwise. We warned that accepting this Copac rubbish would slam the door shut to implementing the democratic reforms.

The people did not listen to the warnings and approved the Copac constitution. No one can say the just ended elections were free and fair; Mugabe did not use violence as he has done in the past, but got a landslide victory by rigging the election on a grand scale. Yes, MDC had lied about Copac delivering free and fair elections.

If the approval of the Copac constitution in the referendum had slammed the door shut to reform then the return to power of Mugabe and Zanu PF will mean the building containing the planned reforms will now be burnt to the ground.

What is at issue here is that after 28 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption that had resulted in one of the worst economic melt-down in human history; and brutal political repression that had resulted in the death of over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans Mugabe and Zanu PF were finally forced to accept democratic change in 2008. For the last five years there have been many chances to force through the democratic changes but all these chances were wasted by Tsvangirai and MDC.

Mugabe is back in office because of Tsvangirai’s breath-taking incompetence pure and simple! He failed to implement the reforms and to produce the democratic constitution – the prerequisites for free and fair elections.

This once in a generation chance to bring about change was lost because Tsvangirai took his eyes off the ball!

“The blame must be shared by all the three parties in the GNU including Mugabe,” some people have argued. Nonsense! No one in their right mind expected Mugabe to carry out any democratic reforms. So now that no reforms were implemented; are we expected to count him amongst those who should have implemented the reformers!

“Tsvangirai and MDC were only junior partners in the GNU; they had no power to force through any reforms past the all-powerful Zanu PF,” MDC die-hard loyalists would say. There is no doubt that Mugabe and Zanu PF had all the real power and that they would have fought tooth and nail to stop the reforms. But the truth is Mugabe has never had to use his dictatorial powers to stop reforms because MDC has never produced any proposed reforms for the tyrant to resist. 

SADC, as the guarantor of the GPA, would have stepped in to force Mugabe to accept reforms.

Tsvangirai would tell you in defence of his record of failures and blunders that his top priority was “to serve the nations from the economic brink!”

Yes Zimbabwe economic was on the brink in 2008; inflation then was 500 billion per cent and it dropped to single digits soon thereafter; the empty shops are now full of food and other goods; etc. So yes MDC did save the nation from some of the most telling effects of the economic melt-down – some, not all because unemployment, corruptions, etc. have continued to this day. Still there was no reason why Tsvangirai did not implement the democratic reforms.

There not one serious political analyst worth his/her salt who would even suggest that scrapping of the Z$, the lifting of price controls and all the other economic measures adopted by the GNU since 2008 to help stabilize the economy are in any way mutually exclusive with implementing democratic change. Indeed, the GNU would have achieved even greater economic recovery if there had been meaningful political reforms!

Tsvangirai did not implement the reforms because he was naïve to believe the few economic achievements he had brought were more than to guarantee MDC’s political popularity with the electorate. He went even further than that; he believed he would win the elections even if Mugabe tried to cheat and hence there was no need for him to bother implement the reforms.

As recent as Tuesday July 30th, the day before the elections, Tsvangirai still boosted that he would win by 70%! By then everyone was concerned about the ill effects of the one sided media, the failure to issue the voters’ roll and to the name the Polling Stations, etc. Everyone was alarm that is, except Tsvangirai; he really relished  the extra challenge the situation presented – he would defeat Mugabe even after the later had tried every dirty trick to rig the vot! 

Tsvangirai presented his chubby electoral cheek to Mugabe and challenged the tyrant to give him his best shot! He was warned and knew the tyrant has a notorious reputation of fighting dirty.

B o o f u u u! Lights out! Tsvangirai did not even know what hit him!

The only good thing is that Tsvangirai’s blundering political career is over; he can now go back to Bohera and herd goats! His gamble has costed the nation the one in a generation chance to end this Zanu PF dictatorship. That is simple too high a price for the nation to pay. Those who feel sorry for Tsvangirai do not comprehend the enormity of his blundering incompetence!

The fact that Mugabe had a breathtakingly incompetent political opponent is no excuse why he has continued in his satanic ways.


“Very soon there will be victory celebrations, something Zanu PF is entitled to do,” wrote Nathaniel Manheru in the Herald on Saturday when it was clear Mugabe had rigged and “won” the elections. “Read against 2008, Zanu PF worked hard, won deservedly. But more fundamentally, and well beyond partisan politics, this will be a party for the victory of the country, our Zimbabwe. We have jumped past a key hurdle in our politics. For far too long violence had stalked our elective politics, threatening to create a ritualistic tradition of a bloody rite every five years.”


How refreshing; this is the first time a Zanu PF loyalist has admitted the party’s murderous past.


After 33 years of mindless political repression and violence, over 30 000 killed and still he calls this grim reality a “threat”. But that is to be expected; it only those were sheltering from the storm who talk of a “soft” rain whilst those they throw out of the shelter know it was “a hard and bitterly” rain.


“We had grown so used to hurting, maiming, killing and dying that we could hardly do without all of these, nay, craved for more gore” continued Manheru “Now we appear to have put that bizarre predisposition behind us, hopefully put it behind us for good.” 


Even the arrogant Manheru knows Zanu PF has not put its murderous past behind it for good and that is why he qualified the phrase with a “hopefully”. Mugabe explained why Zanu PF craves violence: because those liberation war heroes who have been masterminding the beatings, rapes and murders “are still in liberation war mode,” the tyrant explained!


And the tyrant and his murderous thugs are back in full control of the country again because Tsvangirai, MDC and we, the people, allowed them to rig the elections! Yes we, the people, played our part in this tragic saga!


It was U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) who defined democracy as the “Government of the people, by the people for the people”.


For the last two decades the people of Zimbabwe have been asking for democratic change but, alas!,  they clearly do not have the foggiest idea what it is they have been calling for. If they did then they would have been on the streets demanding the implementation of the reforms as soon as it became clear the GNU had kicked reforms into the tall grass!

How can we have a functioning and effective democratic government when those tasked to govern, the people, do not have the foggiest idea what is happening in their own village much less in the country.

Someone once said, "The best way to hide something from Black people is to put it in a book.”  He was trying to explain one of the things that have held blacks back – ignorance! Hide, why bother hide anything; I would say.

Zimbabwe is in this political mess because for decades we have refused to see Mugabe for the murderous tyrant he was. The evidence of his corrupt and tyrannical tendencies was there for all to see by the mid-1980s; we buried our heads in the sand and refused to see it!

As far back as 2002 the USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Chris Dell, described Tsvangirai as a “flawed and indecisive leaders” and yet we the people most affected by his incompetence refused to see it. Once again we buried our heads in the sand.

No doubt , there will be many more chances to end this Zanu PF dictatorship in the coming years but unless we stop this stupid habit of spending all our time with our heads buried in the sand; unless we do something to end the curse of ignorance those chances will be wasted too.

Right now, we should be celebrating the dawn of freedom and liberty; denied us these last 33 years. We are being asked to join Manheru, Mugabe and the rest of the Zanu PF thugs, to forget that we were once again denied our basic to a free vote, and instead join them in the celebrating the fact this year they only rigged the elections and no one was beaten, raped or killed in the bargain as had become the norm.


The arrogance of this Zanu PF tyranny is insufferable! Until we learn to counter it, we will have to suffer for generations!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mugabe promise to "improve conditions" of public servants - back to the empty "Gutsa ruzhinji" promises!

We have come a long way as a nation but not even the most pessimistic critic who have predicted that in 33 years Zimbabwe would be in such a mess. A few Zimbabweans are unbelievably rich, multi-millionaires some of them. Millionaires amongst millions living in total abject poverty.


Unemployment has soared to 90% and, for the last ten years has stubbornly refused to come down.


“The government is concerned about the welfare of members of the public service, and will continue to implement strategies aimed at improving their conditions of service,” Mugabe said to cheers from the gathered thousands at the commemoration of Heroes Day.


What happened to the “gospel” of mass prosperity – {gutsa ruzhinji}. It was quietly forgotten when it was overtaken by the reality of mass poverty!


How did we get here? I will tell, years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption by none than Mugabe himself. He is the only who landed us in this mess. And, like all tyrants, he has stubbornly maintained that he is the only one who can get the nation out of the mess; which is why we have been stuck all these years.

Mugabe will no doubt want to use so of the Marange diamonds wealth to make a few more millionaires but has no answers for the millions now living in grinding poverty and despair. His answer to them is increased political repression; he is already building a $200 million Spy University for his 300 000 strong army of CIOs!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Botswana calls on SADC to reject Mugabe rigged elections or set "undesirable precedent"!

Botswana takes the lead in rejecting the rigging of elections by Mugabe.

“There is no doubt that what has been revealed so far by our observers cannot be considered as an acceptable standard for free and fair elections in SADC,” said Botswana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement. “The Community, SADC, should never create the undesirable precedent of permitting exceptions to its own rules.”

The statement continued by calling for an independent audit of the Zimbabwe results, and for the inconsistencies in the report of SADC’s own election observers to be discussed at the SADC summit later this month.

What Botswana has done is say something everyone could see has happened but no one dared say it out loud! Mugabe rigged this election, that is an undeniable fact.

Even Mugabe himself has been careful not to comment on the elections. His first public comment since to last Wednesday was that Zanu PF had "dealt a blow to the British and its Allies!" In other words he has no quims or apology cheating since this was a blow against the British. He is conveniently ignoring the fact that the people he once again cheated and denied their basic right to a free and meaningful vote was not the British but the ordinary Zimbabweans.  

What SADC and AU have done is concentrate on one aspect the lack of wanton violence to judge the elections free. There knew Mugabe was going to rig the elections and he did just that; all they have had to do is close their eyes to that! The people themselves should be up in arms because if Mugabe is allowed to get away with rigging where will this stop?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

The nation voted for MDC to deliver free elections; knowing how Mugabe rigged is not what the nation wanted!

MDC have taken the evidence of the rigged Zimbabwean elections to court with the hope the later will declare the elections null and avoid and demand a rerun.

The MDC is seeking an audit of the voters' roll, ballots and voter registration. It has also appealed to the high court to compel the electoral commission to produce copies of the voters' roll and provide the presidential election results for each constituency.

In the court documents the MDC also alleges that an Israeli company was paid $US10.5 million to manipulate the voters' roll.

Without the democratic reforms to ensure the independence of the Courts, ZEC, Police, etc.; vote rigging was as certain as night follows day. And who failed to make sure that the courts, ZEC, Police, etc. were independent? It was Tsvangirai and MDC; the same people who are crying that the elections were rigged.

The nation desperately wanted free and fair elections so that the people can finally enjoy the freedom, liberty and economic prosperity denied them all these years by Mugabe and Zanu PF.

The nation knows Mugabe rigged these elections. Tsvangirai and MDC should have implemented the necessary reforms to ensure there were free and fair elections. All the court hearing will achieve at best is have some of the details of the rigging established but I doubt if MDC has the competency to uncover a compiling case to force a rerun of the elections, particularly given the court is loaded with pro-Zanu PF loyalists.

No Zimbabwean in his right mind would accept that Tsvangirai was right to have wasted the many chances to end the Zanu PF dictatorship and bring democratic change in order to "establishing a public record of facts on the event". Only a nincompoop would think that knowing a few more ugly details of how Mugabe rigged the elections will make up for heavy price the nation is going to pay for the wasted opportunities to bring democratic change!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Biometric system would not have stopped the massive vote rigging, not without reforms!

‘I’m a teacher and have lived and worked in Mberengwa for so many years but I was amazed at the sheer number of people who asked to be assisted because they claimed they couldn’t read or write,’ Shumba told S W Radio Africa.

Shumba said more than a 100 voters were "assisted" to vote at this one Polling Station he was monitoring. The Village Heads and Chiefs assisted, just to ensure the voters voted for Zanu PF.  

The picture Shumba has painted is hard to believe but since it is repeated over and over again right across the length and breadth and better the picture is supported by empirical facts - the high cast vote count against equally high voters denied the vote because their names were not on the voters' roll, etc.
I do not agree with Shumba's conclusion though. "For me personally, I would urge the opposition to demand for a biometric voters roll that eliminates chances of massive rigging,’ Shumba concluded.

The voting system Zimbabwe was using here has been used by other countries for a long time without resulting in the "massive rigging" we have seen here!

It is easier to blame the system but it only serves to underline our fundamental weaken always look for a scapegoat. We should be seeking a solution here and changing the system will not solve anything. The massive rigging was because of the people running the system and not the system itself.

Zimbabwe can invest billions of dollars (which it can ill afford) in a biometric state of the art voting system but as long as people like Tobaiwa Mudede are charged to run it with no meaningful supervision, as was the case here, there will still be massive rigging!

Tsvangirai and MDC had five years, FIVE YEARS, to implement the GPA agreed democratic reforms everyone agreed were necessary for free and fair elections. If the reforms had been implemented people like Mudede would been properly supervised and there would have been no massive rigging!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mugabe craving for legitimacy, he rigged but didnot use wanton violence after all!

Mugabe received over 2 million votes – that’s 61.09 per cent while Morgan Tsvangirai got just over one million votes 33.94 per cent. MDC leader Welshman Ncube came a distance third with just over 90,000 votes – 2.6 per cent of the vote.

We have here a truly odd situation:

1)    We have a population of 12 million in the country and say 6.2 million are over 18 years and are registered to vote.

2)    Over a million voters failed to vote on the day because their names were not on the voters roll, at least not in the constituency they expected it to be and so where denied the right to vote. The 6.2 million would suggest many people must appear on the roll more than once and yet so many have been left out.

3)    At least a million, judging on how widespread this was, voter were not on the voters roll and they were issued voter registration slips “proving” they had registered but were not on the roll and were allowed to vote. These people too were left out of the 6.2 million on the voters roll.

There 4 million Zimbabweans in SA, USA, UK, etc., the majority are adults, and so there are 5 million, at most, Zimbabweans in the country and old enough to vote. And yet the Wednesday July 31 election shows that 8.2 million Zimbabweans out of 12 million are over the age of 18 years!

No wonder the Registrar General stubbornly refused to issue the voters rolls to anyone including the contesting candidates. If you are going to rig elections at a grand scale you keep all the cards close to your chest. No doubt, all the key players and the supporting evidence in this whole election saga have all disappeared now like the morning mist under the African sun!

So if Mugabe cannot use wanton violence to “win” any election he has shown that he can deny millions of voter the vote whilst generating millions of ghost voters.

The ordinary people of Zimbabwe have once again been denied their right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country as has happened again and again these last 33 years. Mugabe would like the people of Zimbabwe to embrace him as their leader and SADC, AU and the rest of the world to accept him as legitimately elected on the grounds that this time, he did not beat, rape or murdered anyone; after all! We the people of Zimbabwe must be especially grateful about that!