Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Those worrying about the MDC split do so out of the blundering wildebeest mentality that landed us in this mess!

It is rutting seasons in the wildebeest MDC camp, sex is in the air and the bulls are reeking of their own urine saturated with pheromones. They have bellowing and snorting with malice, aggression and intend; they are itching for a fight.

 There is going to be a fight; horn will lock, tufts of fur will fly and blood will flow.

 At least with the wildebeest the fighting will culminate in the mating and a new generation conceived and the herd will settle down and move on. With MDC the fight is totally pointless for the problem of poor leadership which is always the underlining problem behind the split has never resulted in any of the new factions getting competent leaders.

So the party, united, had poor leaders and after it has splinted it will still have the same problem of poor leadership. The reason this is so is of course obvious; you cannot create the quality that was not there in the first place regardless what you do. 

The likes of Mangoma and Biti cannot accurse Tsvangirai of being incompetent when they have been part of the same team that has led the party from one blunder to the next. The two were MDC's chief negotiators in the GPA and of all people they should have understood the importance of the democratic reforms and seen to it that they were implemented. They did not and there is no evidence to show that Tsvangirai stop them!

 Indeed many people are not concerned about whether the split of the MDC will result is a better led MDC party or parties. It is the split itself that they are concerned about; the issue of poor leadership has not even registered. 

There are many people whose blood pressure shot up when the MDC split up in 2005 and has never come down to normal. Instead of the usual healthy 120/80 millimetres of mercury systolic pressure over diastolic pressure it shoot up to Usain Bolt’s at the end of the 100m sprint. It is ok for the blood pressure to go up after physical exercise but not after a mental exercise - stress.

 The trouble with BP is once you have the ailment there is no going back, you are on BP medication for life!

 The pending split in MDC-T will send the BP of those who found the 2005 split stressful back up to Olympic athlete levels again. And, no doubt, there will a new wave of politically stressed BP sufferers to join them.

 What I find interesting is none of these stressed and hyperventilating people will give you a convincing reason why the split of the MDC matters other than that it divides and weakens the opposition. In other words quality counts for nothing it is quantity that matters. MDC have the numbers on their side and in 2008 too but because they did not have the quality Mugabe was able to cheat them out of victory with ease each time. The tyrant will do the same again at the next election given the same mediocre opposition!

The MDC’s greatest weakness is that they act – they have no time for such niceties as think before you act, they act - like a herd of wildebeest. They will blunder from one disaster to the next without ever pausing to ask what went wrong.

MDC, the Movement for Democratic Change, is a movement alright but as for the last bit – democratic change – not even Tsvangirai much less the party’s grass root membership know what that means, even today, fifteen years since the party was formed.

When the GPA was signed in 2009 the GNU was tasked to implement a raft of democratic reforms and draft a new DEMOCRATIC constitution designed to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship and bring the democratic change, the party name espouse. The MDC had the majority in the GNU parliament and cabinet, had SADC and the whole international community's to support in ensuring the tyrant Mugabe accepted the reforms and had five years to make sure the reforms were implemented.

When Tsvangirai was sworn in as Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe in February 2009, you could see this was the proudest moment of his life. He was a man on a mission and he did hit the ground running. No sooner was the swearing ceremony over he had his head down the movement, the wildebeest herd two million strong, was on the move man straight into his first blunder.

Tsvangirai toured Europe and North America swearing Mugabe had change and the West should fund the country's economic recovery. Of course Mugabe had not changed; indeed the tyrant continued with his violent seizures of white owned farms just to underline he was running the show and it was business as usual - the Zanu PF corrupt and lawless way! That did nothing to force Tsvangirai to think again, he plough on heedlessly committing one blunder after another.  

MDC had five years to implement the reforms, not even one reform was implemented. Once again, instead of pausing to see why the party had made this blunder the herd put its collective head down straight into yet another blunder.

MDC accepted the rubbish Copac constitution. Tsvangirai even claim the document was “a child of the MDC” and assured the rest of the herd, three million strong judging from the result of the yes vote in the referendum that followed, that the new constitution would deliver free and fair elections.

It was Mugabe who “dictated the Copac constitution” as the Zanu PF MP on the drafting committee, Paul Mangwana, boasted. The weak and feeble constitution allowed Mugabe to keep total control of every state institution and thus was able to blatantly rig the elections. The rest is history. 

After the rigged election one thought that surely the MDC herd will finally stop and ask what happened to the promise of free and fair elections? Wrong, not this herd; it is on the move, it is a movement after all and that means it must keep moving. It is rutting season; the bulls are strutting drunk with testosterone, turfs of hair are flying and blood is flowing, the fighting is in full swing!

“Morgan is not learned and he never has a plan B, kungokiya kiya as he goes along...., “commented Mhukahuru in New Zimbabwean.

Plan B; what plan B, Mhukahuru? Tsvangirai has no plan A. Who has ever heard of a plan anything in kiya kiya, you just muddle along. He is a confused man without a plan, a plan would only add to his confusion. Besides, he has no time to waste on such niceties as think! He has never produced any plan and the herd has always agreed with the imaginary plan, everyone is happy!

There were beautiful pictures of MDC supporters outside Harvest House, a thousand strong sing and dance in support of the dear leader Morgan Tsvangirai after the rebels said they had suspended him the day before. Back in 2004 the then US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Chris Dell said in a leaked cable that Tsvangirai was a “flawed and indecisive character”. God knows the MDC leader has proven the Ambassador right a thousand times since then. But looking into those faces in the photograph, a sea of red shirts and baseball caps and blank faces one thing was clear - Tsvangirai can blunder and prove Ambassador Dell right a million times and a million times again, the wildebeest herd in their red regalia and blank faces will never ever see it.

All those people wittering endless about uniting the opposition are no better than the wildebeest herd outside Harvest House. They are obsessed about quantity the blundering from pillar to post does not matter, what matters is to keep the herd together.

Surely it would be better to be the more savvy Zebra travelling as a small family group, sensible enough to turn back if they should find a flood river barring their way and not blunder in heedless of the danger like the wildebeest. It will take hundreds of thousands of died wildebeest before the herd finally realise it is better to wait a day or two for the flood to pass, it always does, before making the crossing.

I am a black Zimbabwean and I too took great offence when the white supremacists said blacks are incapable of self-government. Well 34 years of Mugabe's corrupt and tyrannical rule has left those white supremacists saying "I told you so!"

After giving our political support to a tyrant for decades you would think the nation had learnt the lesson. Sadly that was not so, for the last fifteen years we had switched our blind allegiance from a tyrant to a blundering and indecisive leader. 

Of course Zimbabwe is in this hell-on-earth because of our wildebeest mentality of acting without ever stopping to think through. Worse still, this nation is not going to get out of this hell-hole as long as we keeping blundering from pillar to post without ever learning from our past mistakes.  

By failing to implement the critically important democratic reforms because of their breath-taking incompetence; Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti and the rest of the MDC leaders have betrayed the nation's cause of ending the Mugabe dictatorship and bringing democratic change. They are therefore not to be trusted with the responsibility of leading this great nation ever again. Who cares if they now splinter into a thousand and one political factions?

Monday, 28 April 2014

Tsvangirai says he is ready "to lead the country" - a bolt statement for one who cannot even read the political compass!

Tsvangirai was telling his supporters in Dewure Business Centre in Gutu that the nation needed change now and cannot wait until the 2018 elections to have that change given the alarming rate the economy is collapsing. The only change he has offered is that he should be invited back into government so he can Mugabe’s tea-boy and errands messenger again but more significantly he will be back on the gravy train again.

“Right now I heard him (Mugabe) backtracking on his indigenisation policy but I once told them that the policy was not useful in transforming the economy and bringing investment in the country. They are now observing their blunders but it’s too late. We need an able party to lead the country and we are there,” Tsvangirai said.


Talking of Mugabe's blunders; but what about his own blunders! If he had implemented the democratic reforms then Mugabe would not have rigged the elections and the nation would not be in this mess.


The change Tsvangirai is proposing is yet another GNU and it would be business as usual. Another four years of tinkering around without ever addressing the real key problem behind this nation’s political and economic problems – the lack of good governance.


We need to end this corrupt and repressive autocracy Mugabe imposed on the nation with a more progressive system of government in which those in public office are truly accountable to the people – a democracy. We need to dismantle this Zanu PF dictatorship brick by brick and use the same bricks to build democratic institutions; that is why we need to implement the democratic reforms.


Instead of dismantling the dictatorship during the GNU Tsvangirai thought he could wire brush it and spray paint with the democratic colours and the world will not know the difference. How naïve was that!


Tsvangirai should have implemented the democratic reforms, assuming he ever understood their critical importance, during the GNU when he had the majority in parliament and cabinet, had SADC and the whole international community behind him and had five long years to do it. In the new GNU Tsvangirai will not have any of these; he will have a snowball in hell chance of getting Zanu PF to implement any of the democratic reforms.


It is one thing Tsvangirai telling the ordinary villagers in Zimbabwe’s rural back waters that he will lead them to the Promised Land; they are in no position to understand why he failed to deliver free and fair elections as he had promised during the referendum debate on the Copac constitution. The Zanu PF controlled media has kept the rural people poor and ignorant but even then many of the rural people have been scratching their heads for an explanation.


Tsvangirai is going to find it increasingly difficult to get away with his blundering incompetence with the more political savvy urban voters who have access to the internet and other sources of information other than the Zanu PF propaganda.


As for the foreign investors and donors to bring in the much needed funds to kick-start the economic; they will not be fooled by another political marriage of convenience; they will know Tsvangirai will be nothing but Mugabe’s puppet. As long as Mugabe and Zanu PF remain in power, no one will have the confidence to invest in Zimbabwe.  

“I don’t need the army, CIO and the police to defeat Mugabe and his fellows splitting from our party because they are anti-change, why because I have the most important thing, the support of the people,” Tsvangirai said.


Tsvangirai’s continued political support is based on the Zimbabwe electorate remaining ignorant, naïve and gullible. Even Mugabe who has controlled the Zimbabwe media with a ruthless zeal comparable to that of North Korea keeping the people ignorant in this day and age is a lost cause. Once the people of Zimbabwe begin to appreciate that Tsvangirai does not have the foggiest idea where the Promised Land is and cannot even read a compass his supporters will disappear like mist under the Africa sun!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mugabe says economy will grow "in leaps and bounds" - not whilst ZimAsset begging bowl remains empty!

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has said he believes the economy will grow in leaps and bounds under the ZimAsset despite Western sanctions.

The reality is for the last nine months, since Mugabe rigged the July 2013 elections, the Zimbabwe economy has shrunk by leaps and bounds. And the ZimAsset begging bowl Mugabe is so sure about is completely empty, not even his Chinese friends have dropped a single Yuan (1.00 Chinese Yuan= US$ 0.16)!

"We do not need to crumble under sanctions. We want to show the world that Zimbabwe will not be defeated by sanctions," Mugabe said during the opening of the Zimbabwe Trade Fair in Bulawayo.

It is not the sanctions that is forcing Zimbabwe crumble, it never was. It is the 34 years of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and in the last 10 years a new killer has been added on; an all-out looting spree. The chickens have come home to roost.

"The government will work within its means to improve the situation by mobilising affordable long-term funds for the industry," said Mugabe.

It is all very well for him to ask businesses to be proactive and embrace the ZimAsset economic blueprint in public; he knows as well as everyone that no one has contributed a single dollar to the $27 billion ZimAsset begging bowl.

Chinamasa had budgeted getting a significant amount of the $6 billion Zimbabweans in the diaspora are sending back home every year. Instead of helping their families the regime expected Zimbabweans in the diaspora to buy government bonds.

“Do not talk to me about that nauseating nonsense,” was the reply I got from one Zimbabwean in the diaspora when I asked him if he had bought any Zimbabwe government bonds. “Mugabe called us “bum cleaners” and denied us a vote and now he wants to fleece me into wasting my hard earned cash buying absolutely worthless junk bonds. Let us not even go there!”

So the $27 billion ZimAsset has remaining mockingly empty nine months after Mugabe started his new term following the rigged 2013 elections. Both Mugabe and Chinamasa have exhausted all the possible sources they could get the money.

To get the much needed donors and foreign investors back in the country, Zimbabwe must first convince the very skeptical world that it a law abiding nation after decades of lawlessness and chaos.

has to restore the lost confidence that Before Zimbabwe can get an donors and investor back As the, rightly pointed out, Zimbabwe's economic recovery is dependent on the country restoring the confidence to would be funders of ZimAsset and the foreign investors  " that the country will honour property and intellectual rights!".

“The essential basis for a growing economy is confidence,” USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Bruce Wharton told business delegates at the Fair. “Confidence that government policies will be predictable and implemented consistently; confidence that private property and intellectual property will be protected; confidence that courts will treat all people fairly in accordance with the law."  

Restoring confidence in the rule of law; that is a bridge too far for this Zanu PF regime! How can a regime that has just callously committed high treason by rigging the elections be trusted to up hold lesser laws safe guarding property rights? Particularly, when the regime has already passed onto the statute book indigenisation laws threatening those very rights and in the last 15 years has been violently seizing property from its owners with shocking indifference and disregard to law and natural justice.  

Mugabe cannot restore business confidence and therefore will never get a penny into the ZimAsset begging bowl or get any investors back into the country. Without the much needed external help the Zimbabwe economy has no chance of any recovery. Indeed the nine months since the rigged elections have seen even more companies close throwing even more workers out of work.

Unemployment is already seating at 85% plus. There is a limit to the number of people who can earn a living in the informal sector, kiya kiya; and already Zimbabwe has one of the highest informal to form sector ratios. The kiya kiya is dependent on those in the formal sector for business; beside kiya kiya people do no pay taxes or rates.

The Zimbabwe economy has been shrinking at an alarming rate these last nine months and is heading for a catastrophic crash. There is no shred of evidence it is going to grow by leaps and bounds, as Mugabe claims. Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections but unless he can rig business confidence or donors who will fill the ZimAsset begging bowl the Zimbabwe economy is set to continue to shrink in leaps and bounds.

South Korea's Prime Minister, Chung Hong-won, has resigned over the 16 April 2014 Ferry disaster in that country.  "I offer my apology for having been unable to prevent this accident from happening and unable to properly respond to it afterwards," he said. "I believed I, as the prime minister, certainly had to take responsibility and resign."

Of course Mugabe is responsible for Zimbabwe’s political and economic mess but will never ever admit responsibility much less apologize. Resigning is simply unthinkable; it is not in the DNA of a tyrant to ever give up power. He will have to be forced out of office, in a coffin as has been the case with many other dictators.

Zimbabwe is facing a grim choice to seat and wait for the economic crash to run its full course and hope that Mugabe will finally admit he failed and resign. It must be noted the economic melt-down is already causing hear breaking suffering and hardships and hundreds of lives are being lost unnecessarily every day and with each passing day things are getting worse. The economic recovery will be that much harder the longer the economic rot is allowed to continue.

Since it is not in the nature of any tyrannical regime to resign, the economic rot could rich a tipping point resulting in nationwide rioting blood shed or worse still resulting in a bloody civil war.

The alternative is to pressure this Mugabe regime to resign now without further ado.

The fundamental reality is that this Mugabe regime rigged the elections and is per se illegitimate. The regime cannot guarantee the rule of law required to restore business confidence because it is itself illegitimate. The only way forward is for the regime to resign so the nation can implement the democratic reforms necessary for free and fair elections. The government that will emerge will have the people’s mandate to govern and the support and confidence of the international community.

The economic crash will crash Mugabe and his Zanu PF dictatorship and the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans too or pressure Mugabe to resign now before the catastrophic economic crash. Allowing this Mugabe regime to rule till 2018 is not an option, the economic crash will have happened long before that.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Unite or the country "is not going anywhere" say Shuma, new Tsvangirai strategist - what foolishness!

Dr Maxwell Shumba, Tsvangirai’s newly appointed Chief Strategist, tells Zimbabweans to unite behind Tsvangirai or the nation is “not going anywhere”.


‘My message to every democrat in Zimbabwe is let us unite, without unity, we are not going anywhere," Dr Shumba tells us.


If Dr Shumba really thinks the country is in this political mess because there was no unity then here is another useless academic who is himself "not going anywhere".


Former USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe 2004 to 2007 Chris Dell said in a leaked cable to his principles back in Washington that Tsvangirai "was a weak and indecisive character!" The last five years Tsvangirai has proven the Ambassador was right beyond all doubt. He failed to get even one of the democratic reforms implemented and thus allowed Mugabe to blatantly rig the elections, for example. What else does Tsvangirai have to do to prove he is a blundering and incompetent leader?


Tsvangirai is not only a blundering and incompetent leader but worse still he is totally incapable of taking good advice. How many people advised him not to accept the one-sided GPA; he still went ahead and signed it.


Throughout the five years of the GNU SADC leaders reminded him again and again to implement the democratic reforms and to "follow the GPA roadmap". He must have logs in his ears because he never heeded their sound advice.


Last year some of us shouted ourselves hose warning him the Copac constitution was too weak and feeble to deliver free and fair elections and therefore should be rejected. He insisted it was "a child of the MDC" and that it would bring free and fair elections. He campaigned for a yes vote and the people listened to him and approved the constitution by a whopping 95%.


Mugabe had total control of the media, Police, Judiciary, ZEC, everything and used it to rig the vote. The new constitution was indeed too weak and feeble to stop Mugabe rigging the elections.


And Dr Maxwell Shumba an academic and political analyst, appointed to be Tsvangirai's chief political strategist is asking the nation to unite the same blundering and incompetent Tsvangirai and even has the audacity to threaten the nation will "not go anywhere" unless we united behind Tsvangirai.


Dr Shumba the nation should have ended the Zanu PF dictatorship years ago if Tsvangirai had not been so incompetent. For all your academic qualifications you are simply refusing to see Tsvangirai for the indecisive and incompetent leader he is.


Zimbabwe is in a real political and economic mess because the opposition to Mugabe’s tyrannical rule was led by an incompetent leader; one Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. Unity had nothing to do with it. It would be an act of folly for this nation to unite behind a failed leader like Tsvangirai.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Abiding by the constitution and "not the document itself that is paramount" argues William Muchayi - how hopelessly wrong!

Let me say from the word go; this is one of the best articles I have read this year. Where have you been hiding William! Still, there are few areas that require fine tuning.

"However, on probing Madhuku on why he is of the opinion that a perfect constitution would have prevented Mugabe from rigging the poll as it is the will to abide by it and not the document itself that is paramount," you said.

 I do not know whether you think the Copac constitution was perfect; since you did not say. I will assume you are one of those who did not want to say it is perfect but settled for acceptable and hence joined the 95% who approved the document.

 The Copac constitution allowed the State President alone to appoint and fire the Police Commission, the Attorney General and a multitude of other key heads of key State Institutions without reference to parliament. The MDC had tried to get Chihuru and Tomana dismissed at the beginning of the GNU because of the partisan bias of these two but failed precisely because Mugabe alone had the power to do so. We write a new constitution giving Mugabe the same power again? How can that be acceptable?!

 You have acknowledged the important role Chihuru, Mudede, ZEC, Nikuv, etc. played in the rigging of last year’s elections. The only way to stop these people doing the same again is by implementing the all democratic reforms and that cannot be meaningfully accomplished without overhauling the weak and feeble new constitution. 

 Yes Mugabe has no regard for the rule of law but that is the more reason the nation should strive for a real good constitution and not a wishy-washy one. Indeed it is the constitution that is of paramount importance than the individual in State House because it is to the law that we must look to guarantee our rights and to deliver justice and not the man or woman be they judge or head of state.  

Excuse me but Mugabe did outmanoeuvre Tsvangirai, because of the latter's breath-taking incompetence. If you are still failing to see this, even with the benefit of hindsight, then one wonders whether you will ever see it.

You are right about Nikuv; Zimbabweans must not take their eyes off this scum of humanity. The Israeli government was warned by the West about Nikuv's treasonous activities but they ignored the warning.

Israel was one of the few countries that continued to do business with apartheid ruled SA right up to the end. The Israelis armed and helped in every way the regime stay in power; they did not care about the misery and suffering the regime was inflicting on long suffering black majority as long as they were paid the thirty pieces of silver! Now they are back in Africa again to cash-in on human misery!

Rigging elections is high treason and Nikuv have been coaching Mugabe on how to rig elections; undermining the whole nation’s drive for peaceful change and good governance for princely sums of money and the chance to continue looting, especially for Israel’s now thriving diamond industry.

By helping Mugabe the Israelis have made the tyrant their own from the day the plan to rig the election was hatched; they will be held accountable for all the tyrannical regime has done from the day!
It is a matter of national pride and survival that Nikuv should not be allowed to get away with coming into our own house and piss on our faces and to get away with it!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The sight of the empty ZimAsset begging bowl is forcing Chinamasa to denounce indigenisation as "nonsense"!

The sight of the empty ZimAsset begging bowl is forcing Mugabe and his cronies to denounce their myopic indigenisation policy as “nonsense”.




“I have indicated in private discussions with investors that what is sometimes peddled that you bring in your $20 million and we take 51% of that is nonsense and let it go out that it is nonsense,” Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has said.


“We have never said it and we will not do it. That is one area that needs to be emphasised over and over again. We are not going to get 51% of anyone’s money, it is not the policy of this government,” Chinamasa said

Yes, Minister Chinamasa; Mugabe and other Zanu PF officials include Minister Kasukuwere have said foreign owned companied including Banks were to cede 51% of their shares to blacks. They have said it countless times! At the Zanu PF congress in December 2013, Mugabe said there was no going back on this Zanu PF policy.


ZimAsset, Mugabe’s flagship economic recovery blue-print, flopped; no one, not even the Chinese, have contributed a penny to the programme. Instead of asking for a modest amount Mugabe had asked for $27 billion and the empty ZimAsset begging bowl is mocking him. The Minister’s attempt to sugar coat this cyanide pill by denying the regime ever proposed the policy is laughable and a measure of just how desperate the regime is to get some money into its begging bowl!  



The Finance Minister said government was now working on a policy framework that will clearly spell out the indigenisation thresholds for the economy’s different sectors.


What we have said is that we want to encourage local participation and they will do it on the basis of a given framework and they will pick their own local partner and decide the price,” said the Minister.


In other words the regime is not insisting on the 51% of the shares, in the banking sector at least, but has yet to decide on what the new percentage will be. Well that is just about as reassuring as being told there are no more crocodiles in a river known for its killer crocs just because none has been enter the muddy waters!



It is not just the regime's indigenisation policy that is has scared away would be investors and ZimAsset funders alike; there is the scourge of the rampant corruption the regime has failed to address all these last 34 years and, without doubt the mother of all the regimes problems, the problem of lawlessness.


No amount of tinkering with economic policies will change the Zanu PF regime’s image of a one not to be trusted. How many times has the regime said one thing and then done the exact opposite the next day? By blatantly rigging the 2013 elections Mugabe not only demonstrated his contemptuous disregard of the rule of law but, worse still, made his regime illegitimate.  


How can anyone trust a regime that has so blatantly and without any sign of remorse violated the right of millions of its people to a meaningful vote, thus committing high treason, to honour and guarantee a less stringent right such as the right to own property? How can an illegitimate regime be the fountain of law and be trusted to uphold the rule of law!

The only way to restore legitimacy in Zimbabwe is for the Zanu PF regime to resign so the nation can carry out the key task of implemented all the democratic reforms necessary for free and fair elections. The regime that will emerge after these elections will have the mandate of the people of Zimbabwe and legitimacy and it will command the confidence and support of the investors and the whole international community.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Professor Moyo, in rhetorical desperation, blames Tsvangirai "drunk with politics" for Zimbabwe's alarming economic melt-down!

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are to blame for a host of things the main one being their failure to implement the agreed democratic reforms which allowed Mugabe to blatantly rig the 2013 elections. But to blame them for Zimbabwe’s economic nose dive of the last last eight months is nonsense.


"For example, you hear already some politicians saying they think they must demonstrate because things are not working," Professor Jonathan Moyo, Mugabe's Minister of Information (and Propaganda) argued. "They say, ‘Oh, Zim-Asset you promised two million jobs or so’; but we never promised we would create them in six months! So they take a political statement from a political manifesto and say, ‘I just woke up today and I dreamt you promised two million jobs and six months later we do not see those jobs!’



Well as Chief of propaganda there is no doubt that Professor Moyo is the best Mugabe has ever found in all his 34 years in power. Mugabe kicked the Professor out of the party when he planned a palace coup but welcomed him back because the tyrant failed to get a replacement.



Professor Moyo is to Mugabe what Joseph Goebbels was to Adolf Hitler. The trouble with soulless propagandists like Moyo and Goebbels is that they are like toy soldiers they will soldier on in the set direction regardless of the obstacles, dangers and the realities on the ground.



Tsvangirai is calling for public demonstration not because he expected the two million jobs Zanu PF promised to have been created already eight months after the elections; even he is not that stupid. Everyone knows the national economy has going in the wrong direction and, like an elephant, it takes time to stop it, turn it round and then get it going again in the right direction.



Mugabe’s ambitious $ 27 billion ZimAsset programme is central to the regime’s economic recovery plan. Mugabe was confident that the West, disappointed with Tsvangirai’s breath-taking incompetence, will overlook his blatant vote rigging and accept him as the de facto Head of State and renew their funding of his regime. Fortunately, the West was not fooled and refused to recognise his election victory as legitimate and refused to renew the funding and invest in Zimbabwe.


Mugabe was sure his Chinese friends will dig deep and bankroll his economic recovery programme. They too knew any money given to the regime will be swallowed up by the country ruling elite whose avaricious appetites have grown in leaps and bounce over the last 34 years of absolute power in the all-consuming monster it is today. And so not even the Chinese have thrown one Yuan into the ZimAsset begging bowl!


Of course all would-be investors have noticed the empty begging bowl and have shied away from Zimbabwe. The few companies still doing business in Zimbabwe starved of cash - no one wants to borrow/lend money when the economic future is gloomy - have been closing down.



The GNU failed to stop the lawlessness and establish the rule of law necessary for full economic recovery. It, however, provided some economic stability to allow shop, empty in 2008 before the GNU, to fill up with goods although the country continued to lose jobs at an average rate of 4 000 jobs a year throughout the life of the GNU.


Ever since the July 2013 elections the economic has taking a turn for the worse; hundreds of companies have closed throwing over 100 000 workers, by some estimates, out of work. The elephant that had continued to go in the wrong direction these last five years has certainly been spooked into a stampede and the same wrong direction. Mugabe and Zanu PF have not done anything to calm the economy but have instead shave a burning log right up the elephant’s backside!



Even the incompetent Tsvangirai whose understand of politics and economics is at best superficial could not fail to notice the empty ZimAsset begging bowl and the alarming economic nose dive. He is taking this as proof of his own economic competency, at least compared to Mugabe and Zanu PF, and making political capital of it through the planned public demonstrations.   



The economic melt-down is alarming and it is nonsense to suggest that the nation should not be showing alarm and demanding immediate action to stop economic crash. It would be folly to wait until 2018 and see what happens. It will be too late!


"“A question they should ask in 2018 they are asking six months after the elections," Professor Moyo argued. "This is because they are drunk with politics and do not have a well-grounded view of life, society and economy."


It is Mugabe, Moyo and their fellow Zanu PF thugs who are drunk with politics, absolute power and the looted wealth. Their insatiable greed for power and wealth these last 34 years has ruined the nation economical and destroyed the nation’s ability to stop this madness. Instead of admitting they have failed all the regime is doing is offering excuses why the nation should continue to suffer in damn anguish the economic melt-down and to justify why the regime will once again use brute force to silence its critics and the nation.


 Professor Moyo not even you can twist the facts on the ground to blame breathtakingly incompetent Tsvangirai for Zimbabwe’s alarming economic nose dive of the last eight months. This is nothing more than the wolf blaming the sheep, drinking down-stream of the wolf, of fouling the water!


Mugabe blatantly rigged the 2013 elections now he must conjure up the $27 billion to fill the ZimAsset begging bowl; stop the rampant corruption by his Zanu PF thugs in which he is the chief culprit with his $ 10 million Blue Roof mansion, $5 million wedding, etc.; restore the rule of law; etc.


The economic melt-down is the system’s response to the empty begging bowl, the criminal waste of resources in the rampant corruption, etc. Since Mugabe has clearly failed to address these the economic melt-down is only going to get worse, a lot worse and one way or the other Mugabe and Zanu PF will be forced to accept that they have failed!  

My fervent hope is that Mugabe will accept he is a failure now and not drag the nation into the chaos that has befallen other nation like Syria where a failed tyrant has stubbornly hang on power at the price of reducing the whole country into rumble, causing an told suffering to millions and deaths to hundreds of thousands!   

Sunday, 20 April 2014

BBC Our World: Mugabe at 90 by Roy Agyemang was an insult to the long suffering Zimbabweans!

This BBC has rightly earned the world’s trust as a media house that has produced outstanding quality programmes but like all good things in this world it takes only one bad apple and the whole bushel will be spoilt. Roy Agyemang’s Our World: Mugabe at 90 on BBC was one such rotten apple.


For anyone who has never followed the tragic story of Zimbabwe in the last 34 years they would come out with the impression that Mugabe is a great national hero much loved by the people of Zimbabwe, admired by his fellow black African leaders but misunderstood by the West.


“Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the world. Which world!” Mugabe said in the programme with obvious satisfaction.  Roy Agyemang too must have enjoyed that bit because he showed it twice in the programme! If anything, the line epitomizes what is wrong with Mugabe and the shallowness of those who admire him.


The war of independence was not fought to end British colonial rule, that was merely a unavoidable bye product; the same as breaking the egg is an unavoidable bye product if you want an egg omelette.  The war was fought so that we; the oppressed, exploited and discriminated black majority; can at last end the oppression and enjoy freedom, liberty and human dignity.  We have waited for the last 34 years and we are yet to enjoy any of these things. We know the egg have been broken but where is the omelette?


Roy Agyemang asked Mugabe about the rampant corruption – this has been given so wide coverage in Zimbabwe and the world that it was impossible for anyone to miss – to which the tyrant reply that his government was carrying out investigations. Any self-respecting journalist much more one carrying BBC’s reputation on his shoulders would have asked why corruption have been allowed to go on for 34 years with the disastrous consequences to the nation.


In Zimbabwe, life expectancy; the definitive qualitative and quantitative measure of a country’s economic progress or regress; has dropped to from 68 years in 1980 when Mugabe came into power to a misery 34 years today! This did not happen in the last two months but has been going on for decades.


Gross mismanagement and rampant corruption have been at the very heart of Zimbabwe’s economic melt-down. It is therefore wilfully inadequate for Mugabe to say he is investigating corruption after all these years of doing nothing about it. It is smacks of professional impotency for any journalist to let the tyrant off the hook so easily.


Roy Agyemang must be the only one who does not know that Mugabe blatantly rigged the 2013 elections or else, like Mugabe, he too does not believe blacks have a right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country. Indeed the BBC reporter does not believe blacks have the right to life itself! Over 30 000 Zimbabweans have been murdered by Mugabe and his thugs since independence and the report talked of political violence but not even one death!


The whole report was a chance for Mugabe to once again crow from the rooftop about the demise of the British Empire, something the British have themselves accepted as a historic fact and have moved on. Meanwhile the Mugabe has continued to deny us Zimbabweans our basic human rights and dignity and the report seem to endorse the tyrant’s view that we should forget our suffering and misery and join him in celebrating the demise of the British Empire. What an insult!


(Roy Agyemang’s Our World: Mugabe at 90 is available on BBC News iplayer.)