Friday, 31 May 2013

Elections must be held by July 31 said Court: stampede is on!

A full Constitutional Court bench on Friday ordered President Robert Mugabe to set an election date that would ensure that polls are held by July 31st.


Things are moving very quickly now, the usual political stampede is on.

The new constitution was supported to take 18 months to write; it took 52 months, nearly three times as long. Most of that time was wasted on endless bickering over nothing and then the stampede in which Mugabe dictated what he wanted and Prime Minister Tsvangirai and the rest rubber stamped. The people were instructed to vote yes in the referendum without even getting a chance to read the constitution.

The new Copac constitution was recently signed into law, last week.


People like PM Tsvangirai had said the nation would need four to five months after the signing of the Copac Constitution to prepare for new elections. Mugabe said he wanted elections end June.

Now the nation learns the elections must be held by end of July. One thing is clear it is going to be yet another stampede and we all know who stands to benefit from all this mad rush!

Monday, 27 May 2013

SADC backs Mugabe's position for Zimbabwe to hold elections- no more reforms!

SADC endorse Mugabe’s position that Zimbabwe should go for election skipping the need to implement any democratic reforms Tsvangirai and MDC had been campaigning for since the 16 March referendum!


"Our position as Sadc is that the Constitution was concluded and the next step is the election,” said SADC executive secretary, Tomaz Salamao after the regional grouping’s meeting at the side-line meeting during the AU meeting.


Some of us warned PM Tsvangirai and the nation at large that rejecting the Copac constitution in the referendum was the country’s last chance to force the implementation of the democratic reforms. MDC maintained that they would get the reforms implemented after the referendum but BEFORE the elections. Well, SADC’s decision settles this matter once and once for all – there will be no revisiting reforms now.


Zimbabwe will be holding elections with no reforms implemented; it is impossible to see how such elections can be free and fair, how they can be anything other than a repeat of the wanton violence of 2008!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

"My people still need me to lead them!" Mugabe claim: he murdered over 30 000 to remain in power!

“My people still need me and when people still need you to lead them it's not time, sir, it doesn't matter how old you are, to say goodbye,” Mugabe claims.

“They will say you are deserting us and I am not a deserter, never have been, never have thought of deserting people. We fight to the finish: that's it. I still have it in me here."

Here is a man who has ruthlessly silenced all his critics and denied the people their basic and fundamental right to have a meaning say in the governance of the country. He has harassed. Beaten and raped millions of Zimbabweans and murdered over 30 000 to establish and retain the Zanu PF dictatorship. He has murdered over 30 000 to ensure the nation does not elect anyone else but him.


Mugabe has never held free and fair elections in all his 33 years in power and therefore he has never had the mandate to rule Zimbabwe from the people. He can twist the historic facts to suit his propaganda agenda and claim people needed him to lead them. The reality will still remain unchanged – he stopped at nothing including denying the people the right to a meaningful vote and the right to life itself to remain in power.


Mugabe should have been charged for serious crimes against humanity and genocide in the Gukurahundi massacre years ago. The fact that he has not been charged all those years does not mean the crimes have been forgotten or that he has got away scot free.


Mugabe has bamboozled PM Tsvangirai and MDC to ensure there was no democratic change as promised by the GPA. He is wrong to think that there will therefore be no democratic change in Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai was clearly not to the task; they are other more competent and focussed leaders who will see the task through.


There will be democratic change in Zimbabwe and with it regime change and those responsible for serious human rights violations will face justice. Mugabe can then explain why it was necessary to murder 30 000 to stay in power if the nation wanted him to lead them.

No Mugabe is determined to stay in power regardless of his very advanced age because as long as he remains president he can continue to hide his murderous past and is thus safe from justice. Is it not bad enough that so many innocent lives have been lost to gratify his greed and lust for power without him insulting the nation by claiming that these people literally died for him to rule!

President Kenyatta asking AU to pressure ICC to drop 2008 murder chanrges: has AU matured to say no!

AFRICAN nations have backed a request by Kenya for charges of crimes against humanity by its president to be referred back to the east African country, African Union documents show.

Africa has had countless cases of serious human rights violations including genocide. The continent has never ever step on the plate and done anything to stop this madness. The continent’s leaders have been good weather friends when it comes to their commitment to rule of law. We need to change Africa’s culture of indifference to serious human rights abuses.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, are both facing trial in the International Criminal Court (ICC), accused of masterminding ethnic bloodshed in post-election violence five years ago that killed more than 1,200 people. Both deny the charges.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Vice President William Ruto are accused of very serious charges that caused many to die and could have thrown the nation into serious political turmoil. Backing Kenya’s request to have ICC drop the charges, everyone knows East Africa will not prosecute them with the vigour the case deserves, will show AU still does not take human rights violations serious.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Mugabe "rejects" election violence and rigging: hyena calling for a midnight peace conference!

Mugabe said: “Zanu-PF versus MDC harisi game rezvibhakera. People make a choice. We are called upon to make choices all the time. You want this, you do not want this. You want this woman, ungandidawo? Ah, akasakuda yavamhosva. Ndarambirwei? Handizvo.

"We rejected this. We will ensure that there won't be any violence, that there won't be any rigging. We want now to build the nation and build a country.

“Our yesterday was unfortunate. We will try to transform into a tomorrow which is much more enjoyable, much more uplifting and enabling our people to enjoy it.”

This is a classic example of the bully at his most arrogant: he belittles all the suffering he has subjected you to in the past and quickly moves on, keen as mustard, to be seen to be the one offering the olive branch whilst crashing his victim’s toes under his boot, just to rub it in that the torment has only just begin.  

Mugabe and Zanu PF have made life hell for millions of Zimbabweans these last 33 years.

Gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and an all-out looting spree by Mugabe and his cronies have left millions of Zimbabweans living in abject poverty.

The regime has ridden rough shod over the people denying them their basic rights and freedom including the right to a meaningful vote and the right to life itself. Over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have been murdered in Mugabe’s drive to establish and retain the Zanu PF dictatorship.

Millions of Zimbabweans have been force to leave the country to escape the economic suffering and/or the political oppression.

All the economic and political misery Mugabe has cause these last 33 years Mugabe is sweeping aside with a passing “Our yesterday was unfortunate.”  

Mugabe said working together in the coalition government which came into office after the violent 2008 vote had helped ease distrust between the country’s major political parties.

Taimboti muroyi uyu (Tsvangirai), iye achitivo mudhara uyo anonzi anetwake twaakabata. Takazobvisana huroyi wani,” the veteran leader joked.


If working together in the GNU had ended the distrust then why did he stubbornly refuse to have the democratic reforms implemented? Why does the nation still have no free media and freedom of expression? Why were democratic reforms to free key state institutions like ZRP, Army, Judiciary, etc. from Zanu PF control not implemented?


All these democratic reforms are absolutely necessary if the nation is there are to be no violence, vote rigging, etc. How can Mugabe be genuine about not stopping violence, vote rigging, etc. and yet refuse to implement the minimum measures necessary to stop these very things.


This Copac constitution, “dictated” by Mugabe himself will never deliver any of the people’s basic rights and freedoms including free and fair elections.


Mr Mugabe if you are really serious about finally starting to rebuild the nation and accept the last 33 years have been a total waste then you should know that you attempt to date have failed because you were building on sand.

Mugabe’s attempt at nation building these last 33 years have been a total failure because no nation can thrive and prosper when the majority are denied their basic rights freedoms and the ruling elite are free to do as they please.


All this cosy relationship with Tsvangirai and MDC does not change the fundamental facts that the Zanu PF dictatorship was not dismantled and is alive and thriving. Mugabe can claim that the Copac constitution is “home-grown” and Tsvangirai that it is “MDC’s brain child” that does not change it’s DNA - dictator’s creed DNA.


This new attempt to build the nation will fail as surely as the attempts of the last 33 years because no amount of whitewashing can change the factor that the nation is still under a ruthless dictatorship.  

No, Mugabe is nothing but the laughing hyena calling the sheep to a midnight peace conference; it is not peace that is on Mugabe or the hyena’s mind!

Not content with using Zimpaper to brainwash the nation Mugabes wants papers to "to pay me"!

One of the crying needs in Zimbabwe is the need for a free media and freedom of expression. The new Copac constitution that Mugabe has just signed into law still left his Zanu PF with total control and monopoly of the media.


Zanu PF owns all the public print media and has effectively muzzled the small independent print media with oppressive laws like AIPPA and POSA. The country has no independent radio or TV station. Mugabe and Zanu PF have stubbornly resisted all call to implement meaning reforms necessary for a free media and the exercise of freedom of expression.


Not that PM Tsvangirai and MDC, the parties who should have ensured all the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA were implemented, pushed hard for the reforms. Indeed, one can even say PM Tsvangirai completely forgot about the reforms for five years. He was engaged in other matters; globetrotting, chasing women of ill repute, etc.


Ever since independence Mugabe has used Zanu PF’s control and monopoly of the country’s media to brainwash the people and to stifle all meaningful debate – one of the key supporting pillars of the Zanu PF dictatorship. Mugabe considers the Herald his personal property to do as he commands.


“They (Zimbabwe’s public papers) should pay me because they use my name, ‘Mugabe this, Mugabe that’ so their papers can sell. I am going to acquire those Mugabe papers and demand that they pay me for promoting them, but don’t tell lies ka, hatidi,” Mugabe said so after signing the Copac constitution into law.


Not only has he used the country’s media to brainwash the nation now he wants to be paid for the privilege! He knows the Copac constitution will never deliver a free media and freedom of expression, an open wound to all thinking Zimbabweans, and he is just rubbing salt and pepper into the wound!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

As of 11.34 on 22 May 2013 the Copac Constitution is now the supreme law in Zimbabwe: now for the changes Tsvangirai promised!

Tsvangirai said the Copac constitution was "MDC's brain child" and that it would deliver free and fair elections. Mugabe assented the new constitution today 22 May 2013 at 11.34; now we want to see it transform the Zimbabwe political landscape and ultimately deliver "free and fair elections and a new Zimbabwe" as Tsvangirai promised.

You asked the people to approve this constitution and they gave you a 95% thumbs up because they believed you when you told them it would deliver their basic rights include the right to a free and fair election. Now the Copac constitution is the supreme law of the land; au revoir to the Lancaster House Constitution and the GPA.  Change is in the air and I can hardly contain my excitement!

Prime Minister Tsvangirai, sir, the clock is now ticking: we want to see real democratic changes from now on and we do not want to hear any excuses there will be no change and no free and fair elections!  

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

MDC promise to "overhaul" Mudede's office if MDC wins election: a big IF!

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party has said when it gets into power it will overhaul the registrar-general’s office, a key government department long blighted by accusations of inefficiency and corruption.

Yes Mr Prime Minister, you will not doubt overhaul everything “when it (MDC) gets into power”.  When exactly is MDC going to get into power! Or is it that you think Mudede, Chihuri, Chiwenga, Mugabe, Jabulani Sibanda, everyone in the Zanu PF dictatorship are all working their tails off for an MDC victory!

Mr Prime Minister, if you had implemented the democratic reforms when you were supposed to - you had five years to do so for Christ sake - then all this mess and chaos would be behind us! We had a unique opportunity to change the system of government for all time and you, Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai wasted that historic opportunity chasing women of ill repute!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

It was Tsvangirai's incompetence that saved the Zanu PF dictatorshiped: now the beast is flexing its muscles!

"We will reverse indigenisation laws and create empowerment laws for the majority of the people of Zimbabwe," said Tsvangirai.


I thought MDC had spent the last three days deciding on the party’s policies to put to the electorate in the coming elections. Instead of clear policies we are back to semantics instead of Zanu PF’s “indigenisation” laws the nation will have “empowerment” laws; the nation knows the former laws and but do not have the foggiest idea what the latter laws say.


Last week MDC was talking of democratic “alignments” as contrast to democratic reforms called for in the GPA. The party has yet to explain what the difference is although they insist there is a difference.   


Tsvangirai bemoaned "lack of transparency in the distribution of wealth in Zimbabwe".


And yet he is the one who gave the Zanu PF Chiadzwa diamond operations a clean bill of health and campaigned to have the ban to sell the diamond lifted. The ban was imposed for human rights violations and for lack of transparency in the mining operations.


Minister Biti is on record saying government is not getting any revenue from the sale of Chiadzwa diamonds. And yet Mugabe and his cronies reported earned $ 2 billion in 2012 alone. Worse still, the diamond wealth is certainly going to be used to finance Zanu PF terror machine in the coming election!


Tsvangirai’s breath taking incompetence is the one thing that has saved the Zanu PF dictatorship from being dismantled and now it is now flexing its dictatorial muscles - harassing, arresting people right, left and centre. The beatings, rapes and, God forbid, murders and yet to come!  

Mugabe to "summon" security chiefs over their conduct: they are quivering in their boots!

“The prime minister (Tsvangirai) raised the issue at the Monday meeting with Mugabe. The president conceded the utterances by some of the commanders undermine the prospects of free and fair elections,” an official told the Zimbabwe Independent. “Mugabe also expressed concern over the service chiefs’ conduct and said he would soon summon them to discuss the issue.”

The country is in this political mess because Tsvangirai was naive enough to think the nation could still have free and fair elections without implementing any of the democratic reforms. Well it is now clear that he was hopelessly mistaken and now what he is proposing will not change anything.


It was Mugabe who has politicized the security services for the sole purpose of keeping him in power. What does Tsvangirai expect Mugabe to tell the security chiefs; "I do not want to remain in power anymore!"? How naive!

Zimbabweans need to have a serious debate on how what we need to do to get the country out of this political and economic mess. Anyone who continue to following all this nonsense from Tsvangirai and MDC only serve to show the nation is not yet serious about finding a way out!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tsvangirai chose the "chaos scenario" the nation now face by choosing NOT to implement the reforms!

Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s answer to the security chiefs who have called him a sell-out and worse is “let’s agree to disagree respectfully”.

"There are those who are pursuing chaos scenario, those who are shouting on top of their voices that 'never should we allow this and that' - let them. But that will not be the will of the people,” the PM argued.

The chaos scenario is upon us because the Zanu PF dictatorship is alive and well and it is the one ruling the land!

PM Tsvangirai has had the chance to implement the democratic reforms; SADC was on standby to pressure Mugabe to ensure the reforms are implemented. The PM did not even get one reform implemented. If he had done so all this charade with security chiefs and reporters at Herald House would not be taking place.

Instead of implementing the reforms, PM Tsvangirai chose to negotiate with Mugabe and Zanu PF; MDC would allow the Zanu PF dictatorship to continue to exist unchanged in return MDC leaders would be granted seats on the gravy train.

MDC leaders were allowed to enjoy the spoils of power; the PM himself was given a $ 4.5 million house for starters. Of course, the PM was naïve to believe for a minute that Mugabe and the Zanu PF dictatorship would ever consider MDC leaders as their equal much less ever allow any upstart like him, as far as they were concerned, take the throne!

Those who choose to dine and wine with the devil need a long spoon! In this case the PM has just discovered that his meal had been seasoned with a lot more than the usual salt and pepper. The Chardonnay has not been totally agreeable to our goat-herder cum Prime Minister!
Since the PM sold his very soul and the nation’s future and hope to the devil; it is impossible to feel sorry for the treacherous idiot!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Tsvangirai promises to appoint Zanu PF leaders in cabinet if MDC win election!

Tsvangirai is quoted as saying he would "be willing to run a coalition government, giving Cabinet places to Zanu-PF politicians".

Tsvangirai dismissed the possibility of yet another “disputed election (that) would lead to violence and instability on the grounds that such an outcome would lead government losing international finance.

"First, such an alternative would foster an immediate government financing crisis. Second, there was broad cross-party and wider popular support for the idea of moving the country forward and away from the political paralysis that has fostered so much economic hardship in recent years,” he said.

This is typical of Tsvangirai, he does not know what he is talking about. If there is going to be violence, it will be before the voting and not after.

The international community has now accepted that the coming elections are not going to be free and fair. It is Zimbabweans themselves who have elected to accept and constitution and electoral process where it is impossible to expect anything else but an undemocratic process. Mugabe and Zanu PF will have to be outrageously violent for the international community to step in again.

Most Western countries have given up on democratic changes in Zimbabwe and have already started removing the sanctions against Mugabe. Beside Mugabe can still count on Russia and China for support. There will be no financial crisis in Zimbabwe.

What “broad cross-party” consensus has Tsvangirai and MDC ever obtain from Mugabe and Zanu PF? The latter have always dictated everything they wanted and the former have always conceded to the demands. Mugabe dictated the Copac constitution and Tsvangirai has accepted it and even had the audacity to claim it was an MDC’s child.

Even if Tsvangirai had not admitted that he would want to share power with Zanu PF even if he won an outright majority only the very naïve thought he would do anything else. MDC has already conceded a lot of economic and political muscle to Zanu PF by accepting the undemocratic and weak Copac constitution. And now the dictatorship is assured on ministerial positions whatever happens.
Of course if Mugabe’s terror and vote rigging machine was to achieve an Zanu PF majority; no one in MDC will get a seat in Mugabe’s cabinet! Not that any of them would have any no say than they do now anywhere!

Police ban door to door campaigning underlining just how weak Copac is: Tsvangirai still signing it praises!

PM Tsvangirai still maintains the Copac constitution is a democratic constitution.

“I say this because having a new, democratic Constitution was at the centre of our founding aspirations,” he told his party members when he opened the MDC’s policy conference in Harare.

No amount of evidence will ever make he accept that Copac is but a weak and feeble constitution that will never deliver free and fair election and a new Zimbabwe. Nothing!

It is interesting that this article was on the same page of New Zimbabwe as the one "Harare Police ban door to door campaign". The Police ban comes hot in the  track of Police harassments and arrests of MDC supporters. This only serve to remind the nation, once again, that Copac constitution is too weak and feeble to stop the Police behaving in their partisan way as before.
Sadly, the significance of the two articles was completely lost to PM Tsvangirai because if he was not so incompetent he would have realized long before now that one of his greatest blunders the Copac constitution has come back to haunt us all. How can anyone still talk of a "democratic constitution" when the Police has just banned campaigning?

He really does have the foggiest idea what he should have been looking for in writing the democratic constitution asked for in the GPA. None! He will go to his grave blissfully unaware that the Copac rubbish he sold to the nation gave the Zanu PF dictatorship the license to continue with the political repression as before!  

After 33 years with a murderous tyrant in State House the last thing the nation wants is to replace him with one of the most incompetent politicians in the nation’s history!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cabinet want voter registration restarted: just another crude excuse to extend life of GNU!

A highly places source told S W Radio Africa that Cabinet wants the voter registration exercise, blighted by numerous problems, to be started afresh!

This is but just another attempt by this useless parliament to extend, by hook and by crook, its utterly useless life beyond the legally permissible five years.

Voter registration is not a tasking rocket science activity? If this useless GNU has failed to accomplish this simple task in five years what reason is there to believe they can now do it five more years, much less five months?

The politician’s work is never done; but this is absurd!

These utterly useless buffoons seek only to extend their time in office to increase their fortunes, which is the only thing they have all successful done these past five years. They seek to post pone the day many of them know they will join the multitude of the nation's 90% unemployed. The coming elections are set to be a dog-eat-dog affair for holding public office is now the confirmed route to unimagined riches with the list effort beyond getting elected.

We must now demand that elections must be held at the earliest day possible if for no other reason than to see many of these idiots join the unemployed, a fate their incompetence and selfish greed has condemned so many others!
I say to this parliament what Oliver Cromwell said to the equally useless “rump” parliament of his day: “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately …… Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Constitution will grant Mugabe alone power to name election date: he is not one to shy away!

After the new constitution is assented and becomes the new supreme law of the law; Mugabe as State President will have the power and authority to name the date for holding fresh elections without having to consult Tsvangirai. The new constitution will supersede the Lancaster House constitution and it is the later that recognizes the GPA.

Zanu PF will be pushing for the acceptance and application of the new Copac constitution in word and in spirit from now on; contrary to MDC and SA’s repeated calls for more reforms to be implemented.

South Africa’s deputy foreign minister Ebrahim Ebrahim described MDC’s calls for more reforms as “legitimate. ZANU PF strategist and politburo member Jonathan Moyo weighed in dismissing the remark as “outrageous and offensive”.

“Ebrahim and his lot should know that it is not Zanu PF that says elections are due in Zimbabwe when the life of Parliament automatically ends on June 29 but the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe," Jonathan Moyo said. And that is only the warning shots to SA!

MDC should have carefully considered what they were doing before approving the Copac constitution, ask the people to approve it in the referendum and then having it passed "unanimously" in both houses of parliament. They did not because they are an incompetent lot. They are always closing the stable long after the horse has bolted!

The trouble with you MDC supporters is that they have their heads buried in the sand and refuse to see the reality that PM Tsvangirai is incompetent and is leading the nation into a deadly trap. They are no different from the Zanu PF supporters in that regard except for the very subtle difference that Zanu PF supporters have their heads buried in Mugabe's backside!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tsvangirai cannot break the blood-bonds tying Mugabe to the Security Chiefs!

The bonds tying Mugabe and the security chiefs go a lot deeper than “choicest farms” and “­diamond concessions” Mugabe gave them. The bonds are made with the blood of the over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans the regime has shed in the last 33 years.

We all know of the age old adage, one must never change his horse in mid-stream; but this is a lot more than that. Mugabe and his fellow murderous chiefs know they will hang for all the innocent blood on their hands. They have avoided the hangman’s rope so far by sticking together and making sure Mugabe and Zanu PF retains political power at all cost.

The biggest price the security chiefs will pay for switching their political allegiance to Tsvangirai is that Mugabe and Zanu PF will lose political power. Tsvangirai has promised the security chiefs that they can keep their present jobs and all the loot they have accrued over the years. The single and most important thing Tsvangirai cannot offer the security chiefs is any guarantee that they will not be prosecuted for their murderous past. If Tsvangirai was to give any such guarantees; everyone knows the guarantees would be worthless!
If the security chiefs desert Mugabe now; then they all know they will hang separately!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Dabengwa says unreformed security sector are a threat to stability; speaks the hypocrite!

ZAPU President Dumiso Dabengwa warned on Friday that the armed forces chiefs remain a potential source of instability, which could still throw Zimbabwe and the region into chaos after the elections.

Dabengwa said reforming a security sector notorious for its human rights abuses and distrust of leaders other than Mugabe, will require significant political will.

The security sector has held the AK4 rifle to the nation's temple ever since 1980. Dr Dabengwa was Minister of Home Affairs for donkey years and he knew the Police abused the State machinery for the benefit of Zanu PF. Why did he not do something to end this then? He should stop pontificating about something we all know about and in which he, of all people, has played his dirty part!

Friday, 10 May 2013

"Silly season is upon us" Ncube calls the arrest of 3 Zim Independent Journalist!

Trevor Ncube, the executive chairperson of the Zimbabwe Independent and the owner of the M&G, said the arrest of the journalists was a sign that "the silly season is upon us".

Yes we are getting into the silly season and it is going to be a very expensive season. What is really disappointing here is that the nation would have been save all this tragic suffering if only MDC had implemented the democratic reforms all these last five years.
Choosing incompetent leaders seems to be Zimbabweans' forte; after electing a tyrant, one would have thought the nation had learnt the important lesson. Until we do something about the problem of following leaders blindly like sheep to the slaughter we will never ever get out of this mess.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Prison Chief Zimondi ask prison guards to vote for Mugabe in return for land - which is not there!

Prison Chief, Zimondi instruct his subordinates to vote for Mugabe.

Zimondi said Mugabe had “brought the land to the people and empowered the poor”, adding: “He liberated the country and distributed land to the people. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of land available for distribution. If you want land it’s still there.

We are going to vote and we also want votes from those with the UN Peacekeeping Missions.”


Sure thing Mr Zimondi, so it was because Mugabe gave you land that you have given him you blind loyalty all these years? Yes blind loyalty because only the blind would not see the mismanagement, corruption and looting that has turned a once promising and prosperous country into one of the poorest one. But even the blind know of the years of systematic political repression and the murder of the over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans.


Only an idiot who is mentally dead would still maintain Mugabe and Zanu PF “liberated” the people to murder over 30 000 of them for selfish political gain!


“If you want land, it’s still there,” Zimondi said.


Yes Chief the land is still there except that the few ruling elite have already divided it amongst themselves. The so called “land redistribution” started over ten years ago and you, me and millions of other Zimbabweans out there got nothing and will never get anything!


Voting for Mugabe will not get anyone land, mines, or anything; it will only deepen the nation’s political and economic nightmare!

Over 23 000 Zimbabweans deported from SA; trickle will become a flood after elections!

Over 23 000 Zimbabweans were deported from SA in January to April this year. Over 2 000 were deported from Botswana in the same period.

Zimbabwe’s political and economic mess has forced millions of Zimbabweans to leave the country. There are two to three million Zimbabweans in SA today and less than half a million of them have had their stay regularized. There are so, so many Zimbabweans still to be deported.

Zimbabwe is set for yet another bloody election process which will generate yet another wave of political and economic refugees fleeing across the country’s borders. The present trickle of refugees will soon become a flood after the elections. The present trickle of deportees will soon become a flood after the elections.

In the last five years Zimbabwe had a real chance to end this Zanu PF dictatorship and bring about real democratic change, a prerequisite for economic recovery and the return to rule of law. Tsvangirai’s failure to get the reforms implemented is going to cost the nation dearly and we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

International Crisis Group calls for more reforms in Zimbabwe; risking its own credebility!

International Crisis Group (ICG), a Brussels-based political think-tank, says Zimbabwe is heading for another disputed election unless SADC push for GPA reforms, especially security sector reforms.

The ICG is right about the elections being disputed because they will certain not be free and fair, for a start. But as for SADC pushing through the reforms now at the last minute; that is simply not going to happen!

“Progress is possible, but only if fundamental contradictions between the parties’ interpretation of what is now required are resolved. Whereas the MDC formations have called for the full resolution of outstanding election roadmap issues even after adoption of a new constitution, Zanu PF says the new constitution should supersede the roadmap,” said the report, for example.

Of course approving the new constitution WAS the last milestone on the roadmap. Whatever reforms people ask for now will mean revising the constitution in one way or other and after all the nation has gone through writing this constitution; it is madness to think of amending it already before it has even been approved. Of course Mugabe and Zanu PF would not agree to amending it.

MDC should have never accepted a weak and feeble constitution in the first place; they did and campaigned for the populous to vote yes in the referendum to approve is and people did. Well both MDC and the people should have read the document carefully before approving it and now they have to live with the consequences.

Mugabe says “sun will set” end of June to GPA and GNU!

“This two or three-headed creature called the GPA is coming to an end, the clock is ticking. This is May and at the end of June, whether anyone likes it or not nguva inenge yakwana, the sun will set,” said Mugabe.

I am disappointed Zimbabwe is set for yet another election process that will not be free and fair, will be marred by violence in which hundreds of thousands will be beaten and raped and hundreds killed as happened in 2008 and will produce a government that will never have the political will and vision to address the country’s burning problems of mismanagement, corruption and political repression. Still, I have to agree with Mugabe that SADC’s GPA reform role in Zimbabwe must end with the assent of the new constitution.
PM Tsvangirai had all the opportunity to have the reforms implemented; he failed. Many people including SADC leaders warned Tsvangirai that he should get the reform implemented. There is no point dragging SADC into this or pretending getting the reform last was all part of the plan. Tsvangirai dropped the ball and ICG should not change the rules to suit their horse.

Friday, 3 May 2013

(Namibia President) "Pohamba Snub Tsvangirai"; PM's coup de grace!

(Namibia President) “Pohamba snub Tsvangirai”; headline in Namibia Newspaper.


Namibia’s Confidente newspaper reported on Thursday that Pohamba and Prime Minister Hage Geingob “showed no inter­est in meeting with Tsvangirai” who is believed to have stayed away.


Namibia was one of PM Tsvangirai’s planned SADC stops to rally SADC to pressure Mugabe to implement reforms.


Some people simply do not know when to fight and when not to fight; this was a lost cause for MDC from the start. The party has had five years to get the reforms implemented and it did not. PM Tsvangirai spent most of that time glob trotting and chasing women.


Time does not wait for any man, especial a flawed and indecisive man.

Rejecting the Copac constitution was MDC last chance to force Mugabe to implement the reforms. It was Tsvangirai himself who spearheaded the yes vote campaign against advice from everyone including SADC leaders like President Khami of Botswana. After the Copac constitution sailed through with a 95% yes vote, it then dawned on MDC that the reforms are vital but, of course, it was too late.

To take up the fight when time and everything else was against them was foolish, but clearly PM Tsvangirai is not averse to doing foolish things. This very public rejection by Namibia will make it crystal clear that the fight is over for MDC and PM Tsvangirai.

Au revoir comrade Tsvangirai, your blundering incompetence, was the weakest link in the nation’s search for democratic change; no one will miss you, it is good riddance! Do not bother with the goodbyes, just go!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Zuma's gaffe to SADC to "leave Zimbabwe to me!" ends SADC's influence in Zimbabwe!

Zambia’s VP tells the world President Zuma told SAD heads “Leave Zimbabwe to me!”

'You just leave Zimbabwe to me.' President Jacob Zuma told other SADC leaders according to Zambia’s Vice President Guy Scott.

President Zuma's credibility has been questioned again and again over his handling of the Zimbabwe crisis, now his name is mud.

Zanu PF headquarters is buzzing right now, this is the kind of news the regime loves. President Zuma should cancel his planned visit to Zimbabwe to push for democratic reforms because this articles shows that not only that SADC is not united behind President Zuma but that some leaders who despise his arrogance. The SA President can go ahead with the visit but he can be assured of one thing humiliation at the hands of Mugabe and Zanu PF!

The Zambian leader has a soft spot for Mugabe. "I'm sure any good African nationalist admires Mugabe," the vice-president added. "Racism in Zimbabwe is a serious issue. I was sent to school down there and it was like being in the Hitler Youth: the theories about black inferiority and this kind of stuff.

"It was a whites-only school; they tried to introduce an Indian and he was hounded out at the instigation of the parents of the boys. I think Mugabe is a product of having to contend with that."

To anyone with but a superficial understanding of what has been happening in Zimbabwe, they would be forgiven to think that it is only the whites who have suffered under Mugabe’s brutal dictatorship. Millions of Zimbabweans now live in abject poverty as a result of the three decades of mismanagement, corruption and looting. Vice President Scott is only counting the white farmers and white businessmen who had their livelihoods taken away from them by Mugabe; all others, because they are black, do not count.

No doubt VP Scott is aware of the whites who have been denied their right to own property, the white farmers were beaten and the 20 or so killed during the violent seizures of white owned farms. Is it possible that he is not aware that Mugabe has systematically denied Zimbabweans their basic rights and freedoms and millions have, over the years, of blacks have been beaten, raped and over 30 000 murdered to establish and sustain the Zanu PF dictatorship? Or is it that, to him, blacks do not count!

VP Scott’s attempt to excuse Mugabe’s tyrannical rule is laughable. White racism in the then Rhodesia was bad but it was worse in Apartheid South Africa and yet leaders like former President Nelson Mandela emerged out of the latter a great man and not a tyrant like Mugabe.

"He's a funny chap,” the Zambian VP said of Mugabe. “He seems to doze off and then he suddenly laughs at a joke while in the middle of dozing.”

It would not be surprising to find Mugabe lost his marbles years ago; that is not.  

VP Scott said SA was backward in historical development and President Zuma was “very like De Klerk” – the last leader of the racist apartheid regime. Well the Zambia leader’s ignorance of history and grovelling to a tyrant like Mugabe was shameless!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Chihuri dismiss Mutsekwa claims MDC met security chiefs!

Chihuri dismiss MDC Minister Mutsekwa’s claim that MDC has been meeting the country’s security sector chiefs.

"Some of us have no business talking to individuals of no substance whose sole purpose and agenda is to create confusion within the rank and file of the defence and security forces,” said Police chief, Chihuri.

"We are too busy to engage confused malcontents who do not know their identity and have a propensity to destroy what others, dead and alive, fought for.

They must stop abusing the freedom and democracy that so many Zimbabweans died for. I advise the journalists to stop being used in this regard."

The trouble is that MDC have failed to produce the narrative exposing the lie that all these critical of Zanu PF are malcontents and puppets of the West bend on regime change. There is a crying need for a narrative underlining the fact that the right to a free and fair and meaningful vote is a fundamental right and a key component of the freedom and liberty so many died in the war of independence.

The consequence of any election process, like any other race, is that there will be a winner and loser(s). It is totally unacceptable that anyone, having lost, should cheat in any way or reject the result and Zanu PF has been doing just that for years under the pretext that those challenging their hold on power are traitors and agencies of outsiders.