Monday, 30 September 2013

Mugabe rigged the election and thus committing high treason - he must not be allowed to get away with it!

If you enter the room and a cat with a distended belly does a Usain Bolt out through the window, you can bet your bottom dollar he was up to no good! Mugabe is the cat caught chewing on a piece of biltong still between his paws and is so blotted he cannot even stand let alone run.

Mugabe was not particularly bothered that the whole world might see any of the evidence of his bolt vote rigging schemes. His main, indeed one might even say his only, priority was that the plan worked and gave him the overwhelming victory.

He is a man who five years ago had turned spent five weeks cooking the electoral defeat to deny his rivalry the 50%+1 so there would be a run-off. He had then turned the country into a war zone in which millions were forced to in fear, hundreds of thousands were beaten and/or raped and over 500 were murdered forcing his challenger to withdraw. He was not going to be bothered about his refusal to implement any meaningful democratic reforms or his blatant vote rigging schemes.

Mugabe dismissed the wanton violence of 2008 as “minor political skirmishes” and has dismissed all claims of vote rigging in 2013 with the same arrogance. As far as he is concerned the world should give him extra brownie points for successfully restrained his political thugs for using any violence. There were a number of people harassed and beaten by his thugs, but nothing compared to 2008.

As far as Mugabe is concerned he expected the people of Zimbabwe to accept the rigged election results and be grateful they had been spared the beatings, rape, etc. To him the people are so powerless and helpless they are no more than a mouse stumbling into the room with the blotted cat. What can the mouse do? Nothing!   

But of course the regime could not come out right and say there is nothing anyone can do about the vote rigging. And so it has asked its critics for the evidence of the vote rigging. The regime controls the Police, the Judiciary, ZEC, so even if one was to produce sworn statements of the bussed voters saying they voted two or three times, etc.; it will all be thrown out of court, if the case was heard at all!

It is not about the evidence. It is about the people being powerless to do anything to stop Mugabe doing as he pleases!

Vote rigging is high treason but so what if it is the all-powerful Robert Gabriel Mugabe who is committing the high treason.
If Zimbabwe is to have any hope of ever ending this Zanu PF reign of terror and corruption then the nation has to stand up to Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs. They rigged the elections and they must not be allowed to get away with it. Mugabe is not above the law and he must be reined in now – not in five years-time, NOW!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mugabe thought he was thumbing his nose at the American by going to New York last week - they had him on a leash!

Ever since the West imposed the targeted sanctions against Mugabe barring him from visiting their countries; Mugabe has particularly enjoyed visiting these countries on UN business and thus thumb his nose at the West. The American took the sting out of Mugabe’s recent visit to New York for the UN General Assembly by making it a point to remind the Zimbabweans tyrant that he was to stay within a 25 mile radius of New York during his visit.


“I hereby determine it to be reasonably necessary to restrict the domestic travel of the representatives of Zimbabwe named below, as well as the named family members to a radius of 25 miles from the Columbus Circle in New York when such persons travel to New York for the 68th session United Nations General Assembly,” said US Under Secretary for Management Patrick F Kennedy.


Mugabe had reportedly took his wife Grace and two of their children, Bona and Bellarmine on this trip as well as the usual hanger-on. Mugabe’s entourage was 80 strong! They were all to remain within the 25 mile-radius! I would say this was totally appropriate and reasonable that the tyrant is kept on a leash!


Mugabe rigged the last elections and he is, strictly speaking, illegitimate. It is not right to have someone masquerading as a head of state travelling freely in a country in which the rule of law is respected and valued!


The Americans told Mugabe this just to underline the point that he is an illegitimate head of state! That is the crown of thorns Mugabe has to wear for rigging the elections!   

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Did Mugabe rig the election or not? Zimbabweans journalists' wish-washy position is symptomatic of the nation's ills!

"Mugabe's re-election has been endorsed by the African Union and SADC, but Western countries have aligned themselves with claims by the opposition that the elections were marred by irregularities despite the prevailing peace,” said the New Zimbabwe report.

This kind of wish-washy journalism by Zimbabwe’s so called independent press that has left some of us sighing in despair. This is an issue of great national importance and these option-makers are themselves dithering, they do not know whether Mugabe rigged the elections or not!

Does this mean this paper agrees with Mugabe who vehemently denied that the elections were rigged? Is it that this paper cannot make up its own mind even in the face of all the overwhelming evidence of what happened? Or is it that this paper does not give a damn either way?

“Elections marred by irregularities DESPITE the prevailing peace." In other words, since Mugabe did not resort to the wanton violence of 2008 these election could not be anything else but free, fair and credible. It is totally inconceivable that Mugabe would have cheated in any way or form in the “prevailing peace!”

The tyrant squandered $10 million pay Nikuv to tempter with the voters roll, another $10 million buying new cars for all Zanu PF candidates in the election to secure their loyalty, hundreds of millions of dollars bussing his few supporters from one party rally to the next during the month long campaign and at least a billion dollars bussing the few paid voters from one polling station to the next on 31st July 2013, etc. Mugabe probably squandered over $3 billion; or 75% of Zimbabwe’s national budget it rigging this election.

Mugabe robbed the nation blind to secure this election victory, he do not need to resort to wanton violence. Are we saying he could anything to win as long as he did not use violence?

Even if Mugabe had not paid a single penny of our money; is bussing voters, a voter turnout of 141%, etc. normal and acceptable in Zimbabwe? 

Is it any wonder the country is in a mess! It is not just the breath-taking incompetence of idiots like Tsvangirai and nutty tyrants like Mugabe who have dragged this nation into this hell-hole; the incompetence is everywhere!

The July elections were not free, fair and credible and the blatant vote rigging by Mugabe is totally unacceptable. Everyone saw this self-evident, everyone, that is, except Zimbabwe’s independent journalists.  

This country has been groaning under this corrupt and cruel dictatorship for the last 33 years and the nation’s hopes of end the dictatorship have just been snuffed out because of the blatant vote rigging by Mugabe. Given that hard reality; how anyone, an independent journalist for that matter, then talk of the "prevailing peace"?! S*****t!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Will Mugabe attend next week's UN General Assembly; he is the last world clowns - what a speech, what nonsnse!

The greatest show on earth starts next week in New York where Head of State and Government meet and address UN General Assembly. With Iran's hot head gone and Venezuela's hot head dead and buried; still the show will go on and Mugabe will have give his greatest performance yet.
Drum roll! Curtains! Send in the star clown of all time; Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe the illegitimate President of the now banana Republic of Zimbabwe! Just listen to the applause, the whole world has been waiting to hear Mugabe speak!
I have been accused of "defending the Americans and the British". Defending them from what; the verbal abuse of a demented tyrant, because that is all Mugabe can and has done!

The West has not only accepted the principle of freedom of expression but, more significantly, they have also accepted they reality that there will be those, like Mugabe, who would abuse that freedom. The trick is to let these empty drums ramble on. (By the way Mugabe has denied freedom of expression to his own people. No doubt he would love to do that to the West, if he could!)

 These are times when Mugabe had a captive audience but after 33 years the whole world have come round; they can see him for the ruthless tyrant he is. How many people out there would like to live in a country in which up to 60% of them are forced into a life of abject poverty because of mismanagement and corruption? None!

How many people out there would like to live in a country in which the entire population is subjected to political intimidation, beatings, rape and over 500 murdered in wanton election violence of 2008 alone? Over 30 000 murdered in Mugabe's 33 years in power. In the just ended elections, they all saw the blatant vote rigging. Again, none!

Even the most repressive tyrants out there; including the Russians who too have rigged elections but not so blatantly and the Chinese who have yet to hold elections much less free elections; would not want to be seen cozying up to Mugabe for fear of being labeled birds of a feather!

Let’s face it after the blatant vote rigging Mugabe is illegitimate and in layman's language, he stinks like a sewer rat!

Mugabe would love to go to New York next week and deliver another anti-West tirade! It has been the highlight of his calendar year for the last two decades. This year, if he goes, then he will have to take with him a paid audience as he did at his rallies and then on voting day because not only are the West delegates but many, many others will!

Send in the clown! Well Mugabe is one big clown's whose act in rhetorical nonsense is not just nonsensical but is really annoying. It is high time he got off the stage and, this time, he will!  
Mugabe is finished! Kwava kusakara kwedovo serisakambo dyiwa nyama!

Mugabe cronies have fought hard defending the tyrant and it must be hard for them to see the regime collapse. Now the prospect of the lot losing all their looted treasures and having to face justice for all the innocent blood they have shed is more real than ever. The wheels of justice turn slowly but they turn!

Has Mugabe and his usual army of entourage booked their five star Hotels accommodation? I am looking forward to seeing the rapturous standing ovation Mugabe will receive after his UN General Assembly speech! What a speech! What a speech! And delivered with such panache and gusto!

Give a fool a long rope and he will hang himself with it. Mugabe is turning out to be one such fool; whose brush arrogance is proving to be his own undoing. He thought he was such cunning fox he could do anything and get away with it scot-free. The blatant vote rigging was dumb and now the whole world knows he does not have the mandate to be president and have told him so.

Mugabe got into the same illegitimate hole after the sham 2008 election. SADC helped him out by forming the GNU. For the next five years Mugabe has thanked the region’s leaders by making them look like idiots at every turn. They have learnt their lesson and they are not going to get Mugabe off the hook this time!

Friday, 20 September 2013

US Ambassador confirms sanction will stay until there are reforms. YES! YES! YES!

The US Ambassador to Zimbabwe told S W Radio Africa that America will not be lifting the targeted sanctions against Mugabe and his cronies until there are democratic reforms in Zimbabwe. Now this IS the best news, I have heard in a long time!


We all know Mugabe rigged the elections. He knows that he rigged the elections. He does not want us to look at how he got the 61% of the vote but only at the bottom line. That is nonsense, of course.


The most pertinent question one has to ask before looking at his bottom line is whether or not Mugabe has the legal right to cheat? The only answer to that rhetoric question has to be a NO!


Those who have looked at the bottom line of the July elections and ignored the political reality of the blatant vote rigging by Mugabe are effectively saying "It is alright for Mugabe to cheat and once again deny the people of Zimbabwe a meaningful say in the governance of the country!" Buuuuu! to all these people.

Zimbabweans have been denied a vote for 33 years now; it is right to stand on the side of the long suffering masses, on the side of common sense and on the side of justice and demand that Mugabe respect the people's rights and dignity. Mugabe is not the legitimate head of state in Zimbabwe because the people did not elect him. He must be treated as a usurper because he is a usurper! Three cheers to America for their principled and firm stand on the side of common sense!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tsvangirai says Mugabe presidency "is a reality". Mugabe is illegitimate - that is the reality!

“President Mugabe is a reality,” Tsvangirai told reporters at a media briefing in Harare.

“He has been inaugurated, it doesn’t mean I necessary agree with the election and that I am conceding defeat and that I am actually saying that the election was conducted (fairly) but he is a reality."

Tsvangirai was trying to explain the contradiction of appointing a shadow cabinet whilst still maintaining the position that Mugabe stole the election. Here is one confused individual.

The vote rigging was blatant and no one is his/her right mind would accept such an outrage. You, Tsvangirai, accepted the rigging without even a fight. Mugabe was counting on you to do that and once again you did not disappoint the tyrant.

Because Mugabe rigged the election his claim to the office of president is therefore illegal- that is the reality.

The fact that he has since gone to have the inauguration ceremony, appoint and swear in cabinet members, etc. is irrelevant. His legal status will remain the same because the legitimacy of the office of president is not derived from a ceremony but from the people in a free, fair and credible election.

Tsvangirai says he does not accept the election results but accept Mugabe is president. This is double talk; he should stop dithering and take up one position! But then blundering and dithering are what Zimbabweans have learnt to expect from him.

Zimbabweans, the help of the international community, should hold firm and refuse to accept a fraudulent electoral process and give their legal approval to those who rig elections!

Mugabe rigged the elections and therefore he has no legal right to be president. There is a time when people must stand up and be counted and that time is now for Zimbabwe! Enough is enough!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mugabe castigate ZMDC boss for $6 m corruption scam - does he know Zimai Redziva rigged the election!

Mugabe has reportedly castigated Goodwills Misimirembwa and other officials at Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) for swindling would be investors from Ghana of $6 million in a mining deal that went sour.


"Such naked corruption cannot go unpunished,” said Cde Mugabe. Well said Mr. Mugabe!


Now what punishment would you say must be metered out to those organized and carried out the most blatant vote rigging operation in human history throwing the lives of millions of Zimbabweans and the very political stability of the whole country on the line?


Misimirembwa’s corruption must not be tolerated, we must have zero tolerance for corruption; still this problem has got worse and worse over the years because we have gone after the small fish whilst leaving the real river monsters to grow and multiple. We must now use the drag net to catch the mother of all corruption - zimai edziva!


We all know the 31st July 2013 elections were rigged; those who rigged the elections are not fit to rule Zimbabwe!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Mugabe accuse the West of "illegal regime change" - impossible since he is himself illegitimate!

“It is abundantly clear that the imperialists will not accept an election in which we emerge victorious. The Anglo-Saxon world has failed to live up to their promise that they would respect the findings of the Sadc and AU election observers,” said Mugabe.


The vote rigging was so blatant that no one in the whole wide world could accept Zimbabwe’s 31st July 2013 elections for anything other than what is was – a blatantly rigged election. The whole world saw the voters being bussed and voting is constituencies where they were clearly total strangers.


The whole world read reports of how one million people, that is 25% of the three million who voted, were denied the right to vote because their names were not in the voters roll is the ward they had registered.


With so many denied the right to vote, how was it then possible that 27 constituencies still had 70% plus voter turnout with Chipinge East with 141% voter turnout?


Even SADC and AU did not give the elections process the endorsement Mugabe is pretending they did. They said the elections were “generally credible” in that there was no repeat of the wanton violence of 2008. They carefully avoided commenting about the vote rigging because they knew the evidence was undeniable.


Mugabe had the money to organise and pay for a vote rigging at an industrial scale. He paid the Israeli company Nikuv $10 million, bought his Zanu PF candidates new cars worth another $10 million to ensure they do not de-campaign him as happened in 2008, must have spent hundreds of millions bussing the few supporters from one Zanu PF rally to another and then from one Polling Station to another on polling day, etc., etc.


The Zimbabwe economy is in deep trouble and unemployment has been 80% for over a decade now. The wealth from Marange diamonds should be used to get the economy back on track is instead being used to pay for the vote rigging!


SADC are focusing on the absence of the wanton violence in 2013 as if the people of Zimbabwe should be grateful for that! Are we to be grateful that the blessing of the Marange diamonds has been turned into a curse?


The West had promised to accept whatever judgement SADC and AU observers gave on the elections. In the end, the West made their own judgement and condemned the elections; the vote rigging was so blatant, no one could fail to see that.


Mugabe has legitimacy problems following the sham 2008 elections because of the wanton violence. He is back on the hook again, this time because of the blatant vote rigging. SADC got him off the hook last time and he should have learnt his lesson then. He did not and, this time, no one is going to get him off the hook.  No one!


“This shows how unprincipled our detractors can be,” complained Mugabe, “when they fail to even abide by the positions they themselves will have publicly promised to take. I am, however, proud that we, as Zimbabweans, know their wayward thinking, which we have learnt to live with for close to a decade-and-a-half now.”


Unprincipled?! Coming from the man who has just rigged the elections, who have ridden rough shod over the whole nation denying the people their basic rights and human dignity and even the right to life; that is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy!


Mugabe, the hypocrite, is accusing the West of pursuing “illegal regime change”. All the West and the world at large have done is refuse to recognise an illegal regime; Mugabe and his Zanu PF cabal rigged the elections and therefore do not have the people of Zimbabwe’s mandate to rule the country!

The people of Zimbabwe have been denied their say in who rules the country and nothing would please them more than to have this fundamental right finally restored. Mugabe must not be allowed to get away with yet another rigged election!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Free and fair elections is the key to good governance and not an aesthetic additive like colour of the car!

Unemployment is seating at a nauseating 80 to 90%; why does this corrupt and vote rigging gang of thugs find work for them first before asking Zimbabweans in the diaspora to go back.

People know Mugabe’s black empowerment is nothing but the sugar coating of the same policies of gross mismanagement, corruption and looting. Of course, Mugabe and Zanu PF are free to sell whatever they want to the electorate but it should then be left to the people to decide who they believe is best suited to rule.

 Whether or not Mugabe’s new black empowerment will, finally bring gutsa ruzhinji, is an interesting question but, in this case, any irrelevant one. By rigging the elections, which Mugabe has done again and again for the last 33 years, Mugabe has effectively denied the people their democratic say.

Zimbabweans have gone through the motion of parties issuing their manifestoes, candidate registering, preparing voters rolls, setting Polling Station, etc. but only to realize at the end of it all that the results were predetermined – a Mugabe and Zanu PF victory – because the whole electoral process was not free, fair and credible. The whole process was loaded in favour of a Mugabe and Zanu PF victory.

Mugabe tried to impose a constitutional one-party state after independence and failed. So he undermined the constitution, the state institution, everything to create a de facto one party state. But for the sake of his own international legitimacy, he has allowed this charade of meaningless elections to go on.

In the days when Ford Motors were total dominance of the car industry, all cars were in one colour – black. “You can have any colour you want as long as it is black!” Henry Ford reportedly told the growing clamour of customers asking for some other colours. It was competition that forced Ford to change his mind. Now customers can have any colour of the rainbow they want!

For 33 years Mugabe has imposed an unwritten rule but one yet to be broken “The people of Zimbabwe can vote for whoever they please, as long as Zanu PF rules!” Mugabe blatantly rigged the 31st July 2013 elections it is nonsense to pretend this was a free, fair and credible elections.

Whilst the colour of a car is an aesthetic additive to the car in that a good car should perform it primary function of getting you from A to B regardless of the colour – Ford cars were and still are a wonderful pieces of engineering; free and fair elections are not an aesthetic luxury. Holding free and fair elections is the heart and soul of good governance. As we can see here, as long as Mugabe and Zanu PF are allowed to rig elections and impose themselves on the nation they will continue to impose their tried and failed policies of mismanagement, corruption and looting as black empowerment and the nation will have no choice but to take this sugar coated cyanide pill.

We are not here to negotiate with Mugabe and Zanu PF what else we should take with their dictatorial rule. We are here to say no to dictatorial rule. We are here to demand free, fair and credible elections; we are not going to accept the results of the 31st July 2013 elections because Mugabe and Zanu PF rigged the elections.  

Saturday, 14 September 2013

MDC to challenge appointment of provincial ministers - the idiots have done enough damage and should shut the fvck up!

MDC say they are going to challenge the appointment of provincial minister because it subverts the new Copac constitution which abolished provincial governors!

Mugabe rigged the elections and is therefore illegitimate; who he appoints in his illegitimate cabinet is therefore irrelevant. What is relevant and must be addressed and swept under the carpet is that he rigged the elections. The people of Zimbabwe did not elect him and the nation is sick and tired of him and his party imposing themselves on the nation; that is what is at issue here!

This is just another example of MDC at its incompetence worst: Mugabe is entitled to appoint ministers and allocate them any duties as he see fit. The new Copac constitution abolished the position of provincial governors but did not say there will be no provincial ministers. In any case what exactly will MDC hope to accomplish by having provincial ministers removed. That will not transform this Zanu PF cabinet of deadwood into a competent and democratic one?

MDC maintains these 31 st July elections were "monumental fraud". That is true; we all saw the bussed in voters, the 141% voter turnout, etc. The party was right to challenge the results in court; that was in the whole nation's interest that ZEC or someone explained all the blatant cheating. And yet it was MDC who decided, in their infantile way to drop the court challenge.

MDC drop a strong case of great national importance and now they want to pursue a stupid case of no consequence.

The nation needs the space and time to concentrate on how the nation is going to get out of this political and economic mess, which we would not be in if the MDC idiots had implemented the reforms. How are we going to do that with MDC distracting us with all these stupid cases, comments, etc. Tsvangirai and his MDC idiots have done enough damage and they should shut the fvck up!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mugabe puts on a brave face over renewd sanctions following his blatantly rigging the elections!

"Zimbabwe will never fall. Yes, they (sanctions) can be an impediment but we will find ways to make progress. We have friends who want to work with us," Mugabe said.

Mr Mugabe, you can continue shouting the same old nonsense about sanctions hurting Zimbabwe but the true is no one believes you. The people of Zimbabwe stopped believing in you and any of your usual nonsense.

Throughout these elections you did not even bother to produce manifestos much less sell it to the electorate because you knew the people would have dismissed it all with the usual, “We have heard it all before!” You promised the people “gutsa ruzhinji”, mass prosperity after independence and in ten years’ time, 1990, it was evident the national economy was in serious trouble and hence the need for Zanu PF to adopt the five-year Economic Structural Adjustment Program (ESAP).

The rot continued and forcing Zanu PF to adopt another five-year ESAP program.

Still the rot continued and by 2000 the country was up to its eyes in debt so much so that the World Bank and IMF had decided to stop throwing more good money into this black-hole called the Zimbabwe economy!

The targeted sanctions were only imposed on the cabal’s thugs after Zanu PF rigged the 2002 elections by then the country was already in a serious economic mess. How can the sanction have caused the economic mess that was already well established?

The root causes of Zimbabwe’s economic mess are 33 years of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and an all-out looting spree of the last 12 years. The people of Zimbabwe may be confused about many things but they are clear about one thing; they know the only way to end the mismanagement, corruption and looting is by getting rid of this oppressive Zanu PF dictatorship.

Yes Mugabe and Zanu PF were able to rig the 31st July 2013 elections to get back into power, thanks to the breath-taking incompetence of Tsvangirai and MDC. That has only delayed the demise of the Zanu PF dictatorship because the people of Zimbabwe have suffered long enough, this cannot, must not, be allowed to continue much longer. The Zanu PF dictatorship must end and imposing targeted sanctions of the tyrant and his cronies for rigging the 31st July 2013 elections is just one of the many pressure points that must be applied.

Zimbabwe will not fall but the Zanu PF dictatorship’s reign of terror, corruption and looting will be brought crashing down like so many other tyrannical regimes in history!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Mugabe does not care about the people, they knew, hence the need to rig the election; his new cabinet care even less!

Mugabe does not give a damn about the suffering masses and he has now appointed equally hard-nosed Zanu PF loyalists who too do not give a damn about the people. Frankly, who in Zanu PF gives a damn about the people; it is a party of ruthless thugs!  


By rigging the elections Mugabe and Zanu PF imposed themselves on the people of Zimbabwe. Mugabe knows he and his party have nothing to offer the people of Zimbabwe and, frankly, they gave up trying years ago.


Mugabe has known that he can either save himself and his cronies and ditch the people or serve the people and have democracy, free elections, etc. and by now the people would have ditched him too. He decided to ditch the people and the party has now devised a better way of staying in power without beating, raping or murdering as many people as in 2008. He will be working on refining the system.


This new cabinet's main task is to consolidate Zanu PF's hold on power by undermining all attempt to restore the people's democratic voice in who rules in Zimbabwe. The party had clearly made a big mistake in 2008 in allowing the people some modicum of free vote, that must not be allowed to happen ever again!

The people of Zimbabwe hate Mugabe and Zanu PF with a passion. Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs know that and since they have no intention of giving the people a free vote, not ever, he does not care about the people either. Tit for tat!

 Mugabe has appointed a cabinet that understand what Zanu PF has to do to survive and none of the members in this cabinet have any delusion about democracy, human rights, alleviating the suffering masses or any of that nonsense. These are all hard-nosed selfish tyrants in their own right who would sell their own mother for a piece of calico cloth and a handful of shiny beads and be proud they had a mother to sell!

Those who are talking about how this new cabinet would help revive the national economic; this is academic self-indulgence. They know Mugabe is not going to revive the economy but have to keep the pretense that he might surprise us all! At the end of the five years they will go through the motion of marking the regime's performance and then award it an F! Any five years wasted waiting to be told what we have known all along!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Zimbabwe is a hell-hole: made by blacks for blacks - no need for guards , we accepted it as our destiny!

No doubt many of the hundreds of thousands "employed" by Zanu PF to help it rig the elections are themselves now unemployed again and have re-joined the rest of us in the suffering brigade!  They had their chance to sell the fellow Zimbabweans for a piece of calico clothe and a handful of beads and the jumped at the opportunity.

Mugabe and his cronies are busy doing their own brisk trade in human misery for, once again, a piece of calico clothe and a handful of beads. The tyrant has soldiers with standing instructions to shoot to kill anyone who tries to enter the Marange and Chiwadza diamond fields. Only the Chinese and the Lebanese are allowed to benefit from the diamond bonanza

The soldiers guarding the diamond field are themselves housed in rough accommodation; hot as an oven in summer and cold in winter. The Chinese and Lebanese are accommodated is air conditions offices and lodgings. Back in the home countries, they will be living in palaces with all the life’s comforts.
The black guards are not allowed in the diamond fields; they cannot be trust not to steal. They are paid pittance and their miserable existence is not much different from the millions of fellow Zimbabweans whom they would gladly shoot to kill if they so much stray anywhere near the diamond fields!

They are guarding the Chinese and Lebanese so they can rob the nation blind in peace!

According to the late Chindori Chininga's parliamentary report, no one in the Zimbabwe government knows how many kilograms of diamonds the Chinese and Lebanese are shipping out of Marange every day. No one! They have built an airfield to fly the diamonds as fast as they can and, you can bet, they are working round the clock!

The last senior government official who gave the thumbs up to the mining in Marange was none other than former Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. A few weeks after the visit the PM was on a Sea Cruise Liner with one of his floozies; living it and loving it. Tsvangirai did not pay for the cruise but we can guess who did.

As noted above, Chininga’s report, which came out a few months after the PM’s visit; told a totally different story about the goings on in Marange.  

Mugabe and his cronies are getting a tiny fraction of true value of the diamonds, they are luck if they get a million out of every billion - their calico clothe. A fortune, for the tyrant; and he used it to buy those who did his dirty work of rigging the elections.

Besides, granting the Chinese and Lebanese the looting concessions suits him to the T; he would rather see the nation's wealth shipped away by foreigners than in the hands of fellow Zimbabweans. He has maintained his struggle hold on power all these years by keeping the people frightened and poor and totally dependent on his vindictive and cupreous whim. 

The South African journalist, who descripted Zimbabwe as a hell-hole, was right. Zimbabwe is a hell-hole but one of black Zimbabweans' own making; guarded by black Zimbabweans, so that no one escapes. Not that it is the nature of many Zimbabweans to ask why they are being treated worse than the colonial oppressors ever treated them, denied of hope and spirit. They have simply resigned themselves to living in this hell-hole; it is their destiny!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Bloody Belgians at it again - they want ban in trade of Marange diamonds lifted regardless of Mugabe rigged the elections!

Belgium's colonial mentality and total disregard for suffering of the black Africans is a historic fact and, sadly, it is once again coming to the fore. Given half a chance, these bloody Belgians would want to turn Zimbabwe into "Belgian Zimbabwe" just as the had "Belgian Congo"!

Mugabe finance the vote rigging from the wealth generated from the sale of Marange diamonds and now he is building a $200 million Spy University to turn Zimbabwe into a super-duper Police State. Lifting all trade in the country's bloody diamond trade will only help Mugabe accelerate his repressive plans. That is the last thing the long suffering people of Zimbabwe want.

Whilst I will be the first person to acknowledge that Zimbabwe should not be in this mess if it has used the opportunity offered by the imposition of the sanction on Mugabe back in 2002. Sadly the nation had a complete "political amateur" in Morgan Tsvangirai for a leader and the many chances for real change went begging. Still, that is no excuse for the Belgians to start circling Zimbabwe like vultures!

When Belgium was overrun by the Germans during WW2, the rest of the world did not seek a pact with Hitler and share the spoils!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Former MDC MP admit the party behaved like amateurs - now how about firing incompetent Tsvangirai!

Former MDC Mazowe Central MP, Shepherd Mushonga told SW Radio Africa that MDC lost the 31 July 2013 elections because the MDC was a party of “amateurs”.

“ZANU PF’s win took everyone by surprise. But how could we as a party fail to see even a hint of the final result? ZANU PF used the referendum to do a dress rehearsal of how they were going to cheat,” said Mushonga.

He explained that the rigging involved bussing in people from outside their constituencies, allowing 60 percent of the voters to use fake registration slips to cast their ballots, as well as telling rural voters to ask for assistance during the voting.

In Mazowe Central alone he said more than 6,000 people were assisted to vote, including a deputy headmistress from Kanukanwe School who said she could not read and write.


I salute Mr Mushonga for admitting what has been obvious for years to the rest of the world but clearly not to anyone in MDC. Only idiots would have believed there could be free and fair elections without the democratic reforms, for example. Well it is a historic fact that Tsvangirai and the rest of his MDC friends clearly believed that would happen.


It is interesting to note that the penny has yet to drop as regards his breath-taking incompetence  even now with the benefit of hindsight - just to underline how irredeemably incompetent he really is. If Mushonga has had his "road to Damascus" eye-opener then he must now see that nothing can ever be accomplished as long as MDC still retains idiots like Tsvangirai as leaders!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Mugabe thugs step up the political retributions - we, the people deserve it and worse to come!

Zanu PF thugs have stepped up the intimidation and violence against MDC supporters since the 31 July 2013 vote. It is not surprising that the number of Zimbabweans leaving the country for economic reasons – only the very naïve have any confidence that there will be any meaningful economic recovery under Mugabe – as well as political reasons.

“We need support to manage these escalating numbers because now we have more than 8,000 Zimbabweans at the centre and most of them are sleeping in the open,” said Pastor Simon Sithole, a patron at Musina Compassion Refugee Centre.

People get the government they deserve and we certainly deserve this Mugabe tyrannical rule. We, the people, voted for a rubbish Copac constitution without even bothering to read the document. We, the people, have followed blindly like sheep to the slaughter the flawed and incompetent Morgan Tsvangirai and his equally incompetent MDC party for the last five years even when it was blatantly clear the idiot was leading the nation into a trap!

In this world, there is a heavy price to be paid for folly; we have a tough road ahead, the increased political violence is but the beginning and insignificant part of our troubles!

This is really sad. What chance do we have of convincing the nation next time that they can still vote without fear?

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mugabe castigate farmers for using stone-age farming methods and yet he is the one using the stone-age methods to rule!

Mugabe castigates Zimbabwean farmers for using old fashioned farming methods.

“Tinoda machengeterwo emombe akasiyana neaiitwa nanasekuru vedu (We want to rear cattle in a different way from what our ancestors used to do),” Mugabe said at the official opening of Harare’s Agricultural Show.

Mugabe, through mismanagement, corruption and looting has dragged the whole nation politically and economically into the stone-age. The only way the nation is ever going to recover is if he goes. He rigged the July elections so that he stays in power and the tyrant, somehow, expects the nation to prosper regardless. How naïve!

“Let’s change our methods, zvanezuro zvekuti dai agriculture yafondoka varungu vadzoke tozoratidza mhuri yeZimbabwe kuti hatigone pasina varungu ndezvezvibwasungata zvinoda kuramba zvichiyamwa mazamu anaMrs. Hatingarambe tichishandira bhunu ratisingazive kuti rakabva kupi. (What was happening in the recent past when some were saying agriculture should collapse in order to prove that blacks are not good farmers so as to bring back white farmers is a wishful thinking by sell-outs. We cannot continue working for the whites),” Mugabe said.

Zimbabwe is in this mess not because we have been working for the whites these last 33 years! It is because we have a political system that allows mismanagement, corruption and looting to rule the roast. The people realised this a long time ago but have failed to do anything to end it because of the cheating, vote rigging and brutal political repression.  Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs have murdered over 30 000 to retain the regime’s struggle hold on power.
Zimbabwe is not going to have modern farms or modern anything as long as the country continues to be ruled by a regime with stone-age mentality that would rig elections and even commit mass murder to stay in power!