Monday, 31 October 2011

Police bar Prime Minister Tsvangirai from addressing a rally - some Prime Minister!

The Police stopped Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai addressing a rally in Victoria Falls. They blocked the games into the stadium where the rally was to be held.

“The behaviour of the police in the past 72 hours tells us that there is no rule of law in the country and that the police are at the forefront of promoting lawlessness,” Tamborinyoka said.

Well there is a real surprise! For over thirty years now Zimbabweans have been systematically denied their basic human rights including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and the right to life itself! Mugabe and Zanu PF have rod rough shod over us and have crashed our hopes, dreams and our very souls. And Tamborinyoka, the man who should know better just how much the nation has suffered and therefore the urgency to bring this repression to a speedy end was not even aware of the lawlessness in the country until 72 hours ago!

Zimbabweans have to once again ask Tsvangirai what exactly he expected to achieve when he signed the power sharing agreement with Mugabe after the sham 2008 elections. The restoration of the rule of law was surely the number one priority for the nation then and it is clearly we have not moved an inch on that issue.

The task of removing an entrenched and ruthless dictator like Mugabe clearly demands a cunning, decisive and strong leader. Tsvangirai is incompetent and indecisive and for all his rhetoric has clearly failed to comprehend the true nature of the Zanu PF dictatorship “beast”. Of course Tsvangirai will continue to blunder along as long as the nation let him.
Zimbabweans can bury their heads in the sand and pretend Tsvangirai will bring the democratic change we are all dying for or accept that he is not up to the task and therefore start the challenging task of looking for the competent leader. And to make sure this time the nation does not pick a tyrant like Mugabe or a blundering idiot like Tsvangirai; we must define the qualities we want to see in our leaders and what tests we intend to carryout to ensure the individuals have those qualities!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tsvangirai calls for the arresr of Zanu PF thugs: yes, but who will do it!?

“Those who commit violence should be arrested," Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said in reply to the question of what government was doing to end the politically motivated violence. He added that the national leaders of all three political parties in government would meet to discuss how best they could curb the political violence.

It is impossible to take Tsvangirai serious; either he is stupid or blind as bat! This nation has suffered this scourge of political violence for the last three years when all that was required to end it was to arrest the thugs and for the leaders to meet! Why in the name of God have these things not happened?

The issue of ending political violence should have been at the very top of his mind in 2008 after the sham elections that saw millions beaten or raped and left over 500 murdered. The power sharing agreement he signed with Mugabe should have delivered above all else an end to this mindless culture violence. Sadly this is the one thing it failed to deliver. If anything things are worse now than ever; Mugabe has used the last three years to re-organise and secure funding for his terror machine.

Zanu PF thugs are now so bold they even beat up MPs and Police Officers. Everyone knows these Zanu PF thugs are above the law; no one dares arrest them. It therefore beggars belief that the PM should be the one not aware of this well established fact.

The trouble with Tsvangirai is that he does not have the imagination or the courage to deal with a ruthless tyrant like Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs. And so Tsvangirai buries his head in the sand and pretends Mugabe and his murderous henchmen are all reasonable and peace loving people who will handover power one of these fine days! Tsvangirai has no redlines beyond which he will not be pushed and has thus allowed Mugabe, his partner in the GNU, to continue to loot and murder as he pleased.

Tsvangirai loves coming up with all these novelty solutions like the classic fairy tale mouse who suggested tying the bell round the cat but ignored the important andpractical detail of who would do it! Zimbabwe has the reality of a ruthless dictatorship to deal before the important task of digging ourselves out of the mess the regime created can start. Tsvangirai's mickey mouse timid grasp of the problem and childish solutions are, at best, a waste of time and energy and folly!

In 2008 Zimbabweans risked so much to vote for Tsvangirai hoping he would bring about the democratic change. The people knew Tsvangirai was a weak leader still none of them ever realised that he was this feeble and stupid!


Sunil Prasad, secretary-general of the Commonwealth Trade Union Group, says Mugabe would rather hand over power to his wife than anyone from his party.

One can see why Mugabe would rather appoint Grace than anyone else from Zanu PF particularly in the light of the WikiLeaks. However Prasad is completely off the mark when it comes to Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai is an incompetent, weak and indecisive leader; how can such a leader "change the fortunes" of Zimbabwe?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tsvangirai admits considering a coalition with Zanu PF back in April 2008!

“According to Goche, Mugabe had agreed to step down to ensure proper transfer of power, there was need for us to take some of their Zanu PF winners into the coalition administration,” said Tsvangirai in his book, AT THE DEEP END.

Mugabe would not have considered stepping down if Tsvangirai had not won the 50% plus one and therefore Tamborinyoka is right in saying Mugabe was “defeated outright”. Having said that one has to ask what Tsvangirai himself said on this key point in his book.

We have to remember that when ZEC starting dragging their feet about releasing the results MDC announced that Tsvangirai had polled 60% and then a few days later the party revised the figure downwards to 55%. So what does Tsvangirai say he polled this time? More significantly does he explain why MDC had shot itself in the foot by having to revise it own figures?

The whole world would want to know why Tsvangirai jumped to the conclusion that he needed to take some Zanu PF members into his administration. With the Zanu PF ship sinking it was not surprising that many top Zanu PF officials would want to jump ship. Still Tsvangirai neither owned them anything nor did they deserve any consideration let alone favours.

Tsvangirai has made a big song and dance about how SADC and AU forced him into a power sharing arrangement with Mugabe, particular whenever the latter is playing hardball – which has been often. The truth is Tsvangirai did not need any persuading; he was clearly thinking of forming a coalition anywhere.

There is nothing wrong with being magnanimous and invite one’s defeated rivalries into a coalition administration in a grand gesture of reconciliation and forgiveness per se. It all depends on the motive behind the move.

Zimbabwe has suffered from gross mismanagement, rampant corruption for thirty years and, in the last ten years, from all out looting by the country’s ruling elite. This has resulted in the worst economic melt down in human history and millions of Zimbabweans have been thrown into object poverty and life expectancy, the quantitative and qualitative acid test of life, has plummeted from 65 years to 34 years. This has all happened because the ordinary Zimbabweans were denied their basic and fundamental right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country.

Ghana’s first President Dr Kwame Nkrumah was right; “Seek you the political rights and the economic rights will follow.” The people of Zimbabwe have seen their hopes and dreams of freedom, liberty and economic prosperity turned into a nightmare in which their suffering and lives count for nothing. They have failed to stop this juggernaut onslaught because they had no political rights!

The banner behind which all black Zimbabweans stood before independence in 1980 was: “No Zimbabwean should ever be treated the same way the white colonialists treated us!” It is totally unacceptable should still be treated as if they were the scum of the earth thirty years after independence. And three years since the formation of the GNU nothing in that regard has changed!
For all his posturing as his own man committed to democratic change, Tsvangirai has always been scarred stiff of Mugabe and Zanu PF. He never believed that he could rule the country without Mugabe and Zanu PF’s cooperation regardless the size of the electoral mandate he may get from the electorate. Getting Mugabe off the hook after the sham June 2008 elections and then granting him all his dictatorial powers to loot and terrorise was not a gesture of reconciliation but a shameless act of appeasement of a ruthless dictator and his cronies. The biggest loser of this political prostitution is the ordinary people whose hopes of finally seeing an end to tyrannical rule and a life in dignity have once again been dashed.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Gaddafi found cowering in a rat hole and killed: Mugabe is next!

Gaddafi is no more! It is interesting to note that he was caught cowering in a storm drain like a sewer rat and was killed like one! The people of Libya must now round up all the others sewer rats and, of course, recover all the money and wealth stolen over the years.

Meanwhile it is nice to see the Libyans celebrating their freedom. Lets hope unlike in the 1969 revolution that took the wrong turn this time it would result in a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Libya!

I can just imagine what Mugabe must be thinking after seeing the graphic end Gaddafi. The two were very close friends; indeed they had the same DNA of ruthless tyrants. It was not a pleasant sight for Mugabe to see a fellow rat cornered, killed and a whole nation celebrating. He knows that is the fate that awaits him too!

Zimbabwe had its chance to get rid of Mugabe in 2008 but, thanks to the blundering Tsvangirai, let it slip away. Three years down the line we would have made significant progress of rebuilding the nation and thus alleviate the suffering of our people. Instead we are still stuck in this hell-hole with 80% out of work (the deportation from SA will made things worse), Zanu PF thugs are circling the few remaining business ready to start another looting spree and so the nation is set to sink into even deeper economic trouble. On the political front Mugabe’s terror machine is well oiled with money from selling bloody diamonds so the repression will be even more brutal.

The suffering is hardening the nation’s resolve to end Mugabe’s rule and events in Libya will be shot in the arm to egg them on!

The people of Zimbabwe joyfully joint the people of Libya on this historic day when the rat who had terrorised them for nearly 42 years is no more and all he stands for destroyed. We are look forward with renewed hope to the day Mugabe will take his turn and punishment.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Without a discerning and assertive electorate it impossible to have democracy!

@ Another Day

You asked who else other than Tsvangirai was there to vote for. The short answer to that is anyone who has publicly said Tsvangirai is a weak leader and that Mugabe is a tyrant for a start!

Democracy has not worked in Zimbabwe and in Africa in general because we have a gullible electorate who will believe anything, the more outrageous the better. It is easier to con them than to do otherwise; they can not digest even the most basic facts of life. Is it any wonder than we have con men and women in all positions of power and authority?

Zimbabweans will vote for Tsvangirai is droves in the next elections if they are given half the chance. Not because they believe him to be a great leader but because they are desperate after thirty years of misery. They are so desperate they are not even willing to serious consider how Tsvangirai has performed in these last three years. Tsvangirai knows the people are desperate and so he is not even making the token effort to improve.

Countries like Zimbabwe are now caught in a vicious circle. Abject poverty has pushed electorate into a mental stampede; they are so desperate for change they simple have no time to think. The ruling elite are cashing in big time and are doing everything in their power to ensure the masses never escape from their poverty trap. Whilst MDC leaders and Zanu PF leaders may fight over who has what they have acted as one in making sure the public are kept in the dark about everything that would empower them in anyway, be it information on the leaders’ never ending power negotiations, how the leaders are keeping the lion’s share of the national wealth to themselves, how they pay lip-service to the suffering and deaths of the masses, etc. We need a thinking and assertive electorate to end this corrupt and repressive system of government. How can people choose right from wrong when they do not know the difference between the two? Even if Zimbabwe’s national debt was wiped out and everyone was given a rich economic inheritance, the rule of law restored complete with strong, independent and functional democratic institutions – indeed that is exactly what we had in 1980 – it would not be long before we drifted back into the hell-on-earth we find ourselves in if we remained the same gullible electorate we were back in 1980! Today we are still the same gullible electorate but only more so because we are desperate.

By stating the obvious, i.e. that Tsvangirai is a weak leader; I would say people like Biti have distinguished themselves (in Zimbabwe that is as good as they ever get!) Common sense would dictate that people should vote for him but that is assuming the people have common sense, of course.
Zimbabweans often boast about being one of the highly literate people in Africa. For all our College Diplomas, University Degrees and Doctorates we seem to have missed out on the most basic learning of them all – common sense!


@ Another Day

“Is Biti likely to on his own?”

I can not speak for Tendai Biti or anyone of his fellow MDC leaders named in WikiLeaks. I do not know what they will do next but can guess.

First of all we have to admit that these gays knew Tsvangirai was incompetent and that he had a lot of deadwood around him and yet they still joined MDC. Even when Tsvangirai signed the GPA with Mugabe and thus betrayed everything MDC said they stood for; democracy, the memory of all those who had lost their very lives fighting for change and the future and dreams of the whole nation; Biti and his WikiLeaks bigmouths remained in their positions close to Tsvangirai. They stayed for the loot period; they have no sense of honour or principles.

As I said before Tsvangirai is aware that he is not as clever as the likes of Biti and that is why he has surrounded himself with a lot of deadwood like himself. There is safety in numbers. Now that the gene is out of the bottle Tsvangirai and his allays would want to purge the party of all the Smart-Alex a.s.a.p. Tendai Biti and his friends are well aware of this and they would jump ship but only if the move would enhance their political careers. They are opportunists through and through.

It is worth pointing out that anybody who is anybody in Zanu PF was involved in the WikiLeaks backstabbing of Mugabe. Mugabe himself would derive little comfort from the faces of those who took no part; they too wanted him out but did not have the guts and wit to say it. What plausible schemes to oust Mugabe can “Diesel from a rock” Didymus Mutasa or sleepy Sidney Sekeramai conceive? The American Ambassador would have them thrown out if they as much as criticised Mugabe in the Ambassador’s presence.

By even agreeing to talk to corrupt and ruthless people like Jonathan Moyo, Gideon Gono, Kasukuwere, Joyce Mujuru, etc. about the demise of Mugabe it shows the Americans were desperate. Still they would have been down right stupid to discuss such delicate matters with people like Mutasa!

Simba Makoni, there is another Smart-Alex and opportunist who was Mugabe’s blue-eyed boy for years but clearly did not have any respect for the tyrant but stayed in Zanu PF for the power and loot. When he finally broke away and tried to brand himself as a smart and principled alternative to Mugabe; the nation did not buy it. Smart, yes but principled, no! Biti and his friends now face the same problem. The people know that there is nothing more dangerous than giving power to a Smart-Alex with no principles or humanity; the nation has suffered these last three decades under one such Smart-Alex by the name Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

But this is not to say there are no smart and honourable Zimbabweans out there who saw Tsvangirai and Mugabe for the weak and indecisive leader and the latter for the tyrant he is and said so publicly. These quality men and women would take up position of leadership if the nation was ready to accept them.

If the masses ever stopped for one moment to consider what kind of a leader Tsvangirai and Mugabe were; I am convinced after a year in power the people would have realised what rotten leaders were and made sure they were voted out of office. It is the willingness by the electorate to scrutinise and if necessary reject leaders that will create the competitive environment necessary for the quality leaders to rise to the top. It took twenty years for Zimbabweans to realise what a tyrant Mugabe was. It will probably take tens years for Zimbabweans to realise what an incompetent leader Tsvangirai is.

Even if there was to be the Albert Einstein of politics the Zimbabwean electorate would not recognise him. How can they? Even if he was to use the simplest of languages they will not hear him; not whilst they are bend double naval gazing! The challenge is to get the electorate to pay attention and start to think for themselves and ask the would-be leaders and leaders the searching questions. Out of this tried and proved process will come out the best leaders the country has; they may not be geniuses but at least they will have common sense!
So would Biti or someone else of quality challenge Tsvangirai and Mugabe for presidency? The answer to that is yes Biti or someone else equally competent will stand for elections if Zimbabweans stop the naval gazing and take on the solemn and important task of electing leaders with the gravitas it deserves.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tsvangirai is a weak leader it is folly to pretend is not!

Morgan Tsvangirai is a “weak and indecisive leader.” Outsiders like former USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe Chris Dell have said so. Numerous ordinary Zimbabweans have said the same thing and so has leading MDC leaders like Tendai Biti, Ray Bennet and Nelson Chamisa. The gene is out of the bottle and there is no putting it back.

Morgan Tsvangirai has been a leading player in Zimbabwe politics for the last tens years and the last three on the coal face as the country’s Prime Minister. Clearly the nation has had enough time for them to make their own decision on whether or not Tsvangirai is indeed a “weak and indecisive leader.” My own straw poll (unscientific) of Zimbabweans who have voted for Tsvangirai and MDC I 2008 and got the following result:

WikiLeaks reports are “WikiLies” (MDC’s official position) 60%
WikiLeaks reports are true but do not agree 30%
WikiLeaks reports are true and agree Tsvangirai is a weak 10%

WikiLeaks reports have also shown that there have been many leaders close to Mugabe who did not think much of him they wanted him to step down as President. Asking the same people whether they believed these reports the result was telling.

WikiLeaks reports are true and Mugabe should go 90%
WikiLeaks reports are not true 10%

It was interesting to note that most of the people who very readily dismissed WikiLeaks revelations about Tsvangirai as lies readily accepted the reports about Mugabe as true. Turn back the clock to say 1990 and ask the same Zimbabweans above the question: “Is Mugabe a tyrant?”

No Mugabe is not a tyrant 80%
Yes Mugabe is a tyrant 20%

Considering that by 1990 Mugabe held two post independence elections and none of them were anywhere near free and fair and to top that he had murdered over 20 000 in his effort to eliminate PF Zapu and establish the de facto one-party dictatorship which the nation has lived under ever since.

After all Tsvangirai’s many blunders in the last ten years it is unbelievable that anyone can even doubt that he is anything but a weak and indecisive leader. The biggest blunder Tsvangirai has made was to allow Mugabe back into power after the sham June 2008 run-off election by signing the power sharing agreement with the tyrant. From the word-go people told him the arrangement would not work and it took two years for Tsvangirai to finally admit it he had no real power.

As a people we love burying our collective head in the sand when we should be facing the threat before us, hoping that it would go away. Our failure to stop Mugabe in 1990 has costed us dearly and we should have learnt the lesson. Sadly, we learnt nothing because now we are glossing over Tsvangirai’s serious shortcomings as a leader just as we did with Mugabe.

Tsvangirai signed the power sharing agreement with Mugabe because he KNEW he was weak and would not be able to rule the country with the dictator’s cooperation even with the overwhelming electoral mandate. It is for the same reason that Tsvangirai has consistently refused to use MDC’s parliamentary majority to stop Mugabe autocratic abuse of power. The WikiLeaks revelations have made things even worse; now he also KNOWS that many of those close to him consider him a “weak and indecisive leader”. Even if he was to win the next elections convincingly, Tsvangirai will go out of his way at least one of the Zanu PF faction on his side.

The price Tsvangirai will have to pay for Zanu PF’s support is that the later get to keep all their loot and all their past crimes will be swept under the carpet. Zimbabwe’s economic recovery is totally dependent on get the looted land, mines, wealth, etc. being recovered and put to good use for the benefit of all. If people like Police Commissioner Chihuri are allowed to keep their job and Chipangano Gangsters are integrated into the security services, for example, then this chance to finally build a democratic Zimbabwe will be snuffed out for years to come!

There are two types of man in this world; those going somewhere and those going nowhere! As a nation, in Zimbabwe we are going nowhere. To blame the leaders like Mugabe for Zimbabwe’s economic and political mess is to miss the point because the nation should have never allowed him to have tyrannical power let alone wield it again and again with such tragic consequences. We all want a free, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe but will not pay the price demanded – an electorate who take their duty of electing quality leaders very serious! Tsvangirai is a weak and indecisive leader and there is volume of evidence to prove that and therefore to ignore this is sheer folly!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Tsvangirai calls for prayers to end Zimbabwe's violence: whislt doing nothing himself!

“Before December we are going to organise a national day of prayer to pray for this country,” said Tsvangirai. God helps those who help themselves; what have we done to help ourselves?

So Tsvangirai’s answer to Mugabe’s culture of violence is that we all go on our knees and pray? What exactly does Tsvangirai want from God? We all know the faces of the thugs who have been beating, raping and terrorising the nation. We all know it is a waste of time reporting the thugs to the Police; if you are lucky they will do nothing otherwise you would be the one thrown in jail. Indeed since 2008 the Police, CIO and the Army have themselves played an active role in the violence and political murders. We all know who is behind all this culture of violence and why; Mugabe and the Zanu PF ruling elite because they do not want the people to exercise their basic right to free and meaningful say in the governance of the country. Mugabe and his friends know they will lose the wealth they have looted and worse still many of them will be asked to account for all the innocent blood they have shed in establishing and retaining the de facto one-party dictatorship in Zimbabwe. But most important of all, we all know the only body with the power and authority to end this culture of violence is parliament.

We all know it is the duty of the Police to keep law and order and to arrest those who disturb the peace and NOT to harass or arrest the victims of these crimes! Surely it is the responsibility of parliament to investigate why this is happening in Zimbabwe and put it right. In March 2008 people of Zimbabwe vote in droves to give Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his MDC party the parliamentary majority, and now the nation is asking the PM to use this parliamentary majority to end the madness sweeping our country.

A few weeks ago Prime Minister Tsvangirai was asking SADC to step in and end the violence. Today is asking God to do the same. The nation, SADC and God Himself might well ask the PM what he is doing or has ever done to end Zimbabwe’s culture of violence. Why has he not used his parliamentary majority to force the Police back to their posts!

“We do not force people to vote for us, but people vote MDC for change,” PM Tsvangirai told the people. The first part is true enough; MDC has certainly never coerced anyone to vote for it. The party has countered on the suffering brought on the nation by Mugabe to bolster its own popularity. Yes the people had hoped for change and sadly, got none!

I know the country’s political and economic situation has left millions of Zimbabweans destitute and desperate for change. Tsvangirai is counting on this despair to force the people to over look all his blundering incompetency of the last three years and risk life and limb at the hands of Mugabe’s thugs and the Police and vote for him once again in the coming elections.

“There is no vision for the past, but vision is for the future. You cannot have a party with a vision of the past. The challenges we have are huge to have people who are past - focused. We need people with the right wisdom to take this country forward,” Tsvangirai said. If some one who does not even have common sense Tsvangirai should not even talk about wisdom or vision.
Tsvangirai is a weak and indecisive leader and it was this fundamental weakness that made him to into an outrageous and unworkable power sharing arrangement. It too three years for him to admit this but he now does. His failure to end the Zanu PF culture of violence means that party’s bigwigs and their army of thugs will continue to have a strangle hold on the nation. Tsvangirai would only be too keen to bolster his only position by position by accommodating these despicable criminals.

The WikiLeaks revelations have shown that many within his own party also consider Tsvangirai a “weak and indecisive leader who has to be led by the hand”, gene is out of the bottle. Tsvangirai will be even more susceptible to sign power deals with Zanu PF making him their puppet. Over 500 Zimbabweans lost their lives to elect Tsvangirai in 2008 it is not worth one more Zimbabwean life voting for Tsvangirai ever again.

I pray that Zimbabweans wake up to the reality that they have allowed others – the whites before independence, then Mugabe and his corrupt cronies and now Tsvangirai – to define their destiny. We must stop being willing tools in other people’s hands so easily fooled, abused and cheated. We need to learn and develop and working understanding of economics, politics, justices; everything affecting our daily lives, so that these politicians can not lie to us and take us for fools. It is a tail order to ask; one we should have started long before independence and have paid dearly for having failed to do so. And until we finally undertake this critical task; we will continue to corrupt and incompetent leaders ruling over us and ruining our lives.

It will take more than a call to pray by a weak and indecisive leader to turn Zimbabwe into a law abiding and prosperous nation. What we need is competent leaders but for that to happen we need an enlightened electorate who know where they are going and how and when they intent to get there!


So the call to prayer is for Mugabe to go? What exactly do we want God to do?

What other people do when they want to get rid of a leader is vote him out. Zimbabweans did that, at great risk to themselves and over 500 murdered, and Tsvangirai the parliamentary majority which, if it wanted, can force the Police to do their duty. If Mugabe is stopping them, then Parliament should impeach him!

"Well done Morgan"! Well done for what; for him, like the Police, chickening out of his responsibility too? Tsvangirai is the most incompetent leader this nation has ever seen!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Zimbabweans should be open-minded or be stuck with mediorce leaders like Tsvangirai!

@ Admin

So you do not think Tsvangirai is week and indecisive because he has held MDC “together just like Mugabe is holding ZANU PF together”? You should not compare Tsvangirai to Mugabe; aim higher!

Mugabe has used the wealth he looted from the nation to held Zanu PF together from the outside. And from the inside he has used the blood of thousands of innocent Zimbabweans killed to establish and sustain the de facto one-party dictatorship. By the mid 1980s many Zimbabweans had given up hope of unseating Mugabe not because he was popular but because the tyrannical system poisoned the political waters making it impossible for quality leaders to emerge. And for their part, the Zimbabwe electorate had switched-off, convinced their vote would not count.

The hardships of the last ten years have forced Zimbabweans back to the polling stations in desperation. Many Zimbabweans are aware that MDC has not done anything even with its majority in parliament and they are also aware of the many blunders Tsvangirai has made. They are desperate for change, yes; but they are not stupid!

As for your assertion, “If anybody thinks they are better than Tsvanson, where are those people, where are your parties guys?” It is a remark symptomatic of those with tunnel vision.

For the last thirty years Zimbabwe has suffered under the tyrannical rule of one man, Mugabe. Does that then prove there were no other leaders from Zanu PF and outside that party who have done a better job? Of course not! No other leader has emerged because the oppressive political system and closed mentality of the made it near impossible for quality leaders to do so.

For all its rhetorical promise to bring democratic change to Zimbabwe, MDC has clearly failed to grasp the very essence of democracy – debate and competition. If there was serious debate within the party then MDC not have made so many political blunders. Only a “kitchen cabinet”, as some people have christened Tsvangirai and his inner circle making all the party’s decisions, would have failed to see the folly of signing a power sharing agreement with Mugabe, for example.

Tsvangirai nearly doubled the size of the party’s Executive Committee to accommodate the leaders who lost their positions in the party following the party congress in May 2011. Mugabe has used the same tactic himself; Zimbabwe’s cabinet, civil service, Army, etc. are all bloated to accommodate cronies, sycophants, party loyalists, etc., etc. As if it was not bad enough that the Zimbabwe public paid, direct or indirectly, the up keep of all these super numeral busybodies but worse still, the system stifled competition leaving brain-dead people to run and ruin the country.

There are other more competent leaders even with in MDC than Tsvangirai; only it demands that one should have a open mind to find them. Ask yourself whether Tsvangirai has delivered on any of the things he promised and what the nation expected from him and MDC? (Assuming one has carefully thought through what could and could not be done.) An open-minded person would have the confidence to give their honest assessment of Tsvangirai’s performance, for example, regardless of whether or not there was another leader or political party better than him or MDC.

Even if Tsvangirai had scored well; an open-minded person will not shut out the possibility that could be someone out there even better. Indeed if Tsvangirai knew he would his performance would be subjected to close scrutiny and not the blind endorsement of a desperate electorate or the unquestioning supporter he pay attention to those giving him sound advice and not to those flattering him.

Zimbabwe is dying for the need of competent and quality leaders; they are there but it will take an open-minded electorate to find them.


SA’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe has finally complained about Zimbabwe’s continuing violent farm invasions which have resulted in the white farm owners being literally kicked off the farms. SA national have too been caught in the madness in direct violation of the trade agreement between Harare and Pretoria. The Ambassador complained to Prime Minister Tsvangirai about the invasions.

Well it has taken the SA authorities to finally acknowledge there is a lawless and tyrannical regime in Harare! Some of us have suffered under the dictatorship for over thirty years and when we screamed for help no one seemed to hear.

Some the Ambassador complained to Prime Minister Tsvangirai about the farm invasions! Waste of time, if you ask me; the PM has experienced the violence first hand and for three years he has proved to be totally ineffective at stopping it and all the other lawless conducts by Mugabe.


MDC and Zanu PF Councillors in Mutare spoke with one voice in a rare show of unity in their demands for perks including residential stands.

They councillors have learnt from the country's MPs; when it came to getting cars and other perks the MPs were united. Come to think of it, the MPs have done little else in the last three years other than demand perks!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mugabe and Tsvangirai haunted by the truths of WikiLeaks traitors!

Mugabe has played one Zanu PF leader against the other, one faction against the other, in a game of divide and rule for thirty years. Remember the Karanga faction led by the late Edson Zvobgo, he neutralised its influence by favouring a rivalry faction led by the brain-dead late Simon Muzenda. The dictator played the same dirty trip all the other aspiring leaders in his party; Simba Makoni, John Nkomo, Mnangagwa, Mujuru, etc. Each time they thought they were Mugabe’s successor – BANG! – Mugabe would bring them crashing down to earth.

The WikiLeaks have shown that all the competing leaders wanted Mugabe out of power. Mugabe has a simple choice, he can purge all those named by WikiLeaks but at the end of the day he will have no party. It is all very well for loners like Mutasa and Gumbo egging Mugabe to punish all those named in WikiLeaks. They see this as the best chance to rise to the top not realising that there would be no party left for them to lead!

Mugabe, himself a loner, knows all the leaders named in WikiLeaks are itching for a fight, they had bottled their frustration at his refusal to step down all these years, they will attend the purge with safety pin pulled out of the hand grenade. Mugabe’s ill health and reports of his amassed wealth is making him look like a fat goose in encircled by squawking vultures!

Poor Mugabe, his instinct tells him – do nothing. The plotters from all the different factions are for once united in daring him hold the purge. And outsiders like Gumbo will not let the matter rest for a day; they want the purge! Mugabe must be wishing for death but it seems the grim-reaper is enjoying seeing the tyrant tormented!

Tsvangirai has his own WikiLeaks problems. A number of his senior leaders told the Americans he is a “weak, indecisive and inconsistent” leader. Which is of course true, Zimbabwe would not be in this mess if it was not for Tsvangirai’s blundering incompetency!

Tsvangirai thought the problem of his incompetency would go away if he pretended it was not there; last month he was talking the Americans he was a “visionary” leader, it was the best joke of the decade! Back in Zimbabwe the same week Professor Ncube broached the subject of Tsvangirai’s incompetency again. This week, Gutu, one of the senior leaders named in WikiLeaks was suspended by party members and then Chamisa, also named in WikiLeaks, nearly came to blows with another senior leader over the same issue.

Tsvangirai is incompetent and MDC must deal with this cancer; it is not going away but spreading instead!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

African leaders plan a dignified retirement for Mugabe: they never learn!

African leaders are reportedly planning an “irresistible” retirement package for Mugabe. Ghana is one country Mugabe could retire to.

Is it any wonder that Africa is in a mess; we never seem to learn anything! African leaders are talking of a “dignified” retirement for Mugabe. Was it not the same foolish sentiment that made the same continental leaders propose the power sharing in 2008 after Mugabe lost the March vote and then used brute force to when the June run-off ? If SADC and the AU had expected Mugabe to use the time since the signing of the GPA and the next elections to pick his bags, take the bow before the final curtains to his political career; they were wrong.

Mugabe has used the last three years to reorganise his party and secure funding for its terror machine. He lost the March 2008 elections because he had allowed some democratic reforms and worse still, he had used kid gloves to punch his opponents. For the run-off it was back to the iron fist and the whole nation fell back into line. When everyone shunned Mugabe for the sham elections, he finally realised that he could not get away with such blatant denial of the people’s basic right to a meaningful say in the governance of their country and the violation of the right to life. He has no intention of removing the iron fist, he can not afford to do that and lose power, his will be the iron fist in a velvet glove!

Even if the African leaders can negotiate for him a golden and all-sins-forgiven retirement for Mugabe with rock solid guarantees; what about all those around him? The Zanu PF dictatorship is much more that a one-man show. It is widely believed that Mugabe was ready to throw in the towel after the March 2008 defeat but many of those with blood on their hands and loot to lose told him in no uncertain terms that the cabal would break every rule of human decency to “win” the run-off. These thugs are not going to give up power and face the music of their evil past; salt Mugabe away and the violence will still continue. The worst case scenario is that Zanu PF will break-up into warring factions triggering even more bloodshed.

At best one Zanu PF faction will agree a deal with MDC in which Zanu PF thugs get to keep all they looted from the nation and all their rapes and murders are swept under the carpet. That will be a great deserve to Zimbabwe because the country’s economic recovery is totally dependent on getting the nation’s resources such as land back into full production. Mugabe and his cronies expropriated most of the farms, although they have clearly failed to put them into productive use, still they will not give up any of the farms. The culture of violence is born out of the failure in the past to bring those responsible for serious human rights violations to account. Zimbabwe must deal with this issue this time!

Instead of considering what is good for Mugabe AU and SADC leaders must consider for a change what is good for the mass of Zimbabwe and the country. Appeasing Mugabe and his fellow Zanu PF thugs is the last thing the people of Zimbabwe would want to do; we have been doing for thirty years and look where it got us! It is time for Mugabe and his cronies to return to the people of Zimbabwe what they stole and accounted for the thousands of innocent blood they shed!

THE Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Williams, has been warned that he risks handing a propaganda coup by shaking the Zimbabwe dictator, Mugabe’s hand. Dr Williams is visiting Zimbabwe at a time members of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe are being prosecuted by a rogue Bishop Kunonga allied to Mugabe.

What Mugabe is doing is wrong and people should not be afraid of telling him so, particularly those in positions of power and authority, like Dr Williams. If Dr Williams is to be silence then who is going to speak? Surely not the Priests and the ordinary church members who are being kicked about, the teachers and students whose schools Mugabe's Bishop closed, etc.; like the rest of the Zimbabwe populous, they have voice.

Dictators like Mugabe take great pride in seeing everyone cowering before them; their power is founded on fear. Dr Williams should not gratify the tyrant's sadistic ego by showing that he too is afraid of Mugabe!


This is the kind of nonsense we have learnt to expect from Mugabe and his sycophants; what is at issue here is the many innocent Anglicans whose lives Kunonga, with the backing of Mugabe, has turned into a living hell.

When the Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990 he told the world he would leave until Israel left all occupied Palestinian land! “So why should Kuwait be punished for whatever wrongs Israel has done?” people asked. By the same token, why should orphans and school children in Zimbabwe be punished because an Anglican Bishop in America is gay? Whatever quarrel Mugabe has with the West he should not pick on defenceless Anglicans in Zimbabwe to force Dr Williams to fight the British government on his behalf.

In 1990 world spoke with one voice in ordering Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait today the same voice is ordering Mugabe to end his tyrannical rule in Zimbabwe. The world does not want to hear Mugabe’s feeble excuses why he is a tyrant!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Arab Spring type uprising will not happen in Zimbabwe because people being desperate it is not enough!

@ O’forth

It is hard being a Zimbabwean. Most people can only imagine what unemployment rate of 80% plus for over ten years and the economic hardship that comes with it real means. What makes it all even harder is all the political repression which has made it near impossible all these last 30 years to change. But this is all nothing; the hardest thing to bear is the betrayals by the people who yesterday one thought were on your side.

People fought the war of independence only for Mugabe and his thugs to betray the them and deny them, the freedom, liberty, human dignity, hope, everything so many had died for.

For the last thirty years many more Zimbabweans have suffered and thousands have died to end the Mugabe dictatorship. In 2008 the nation thought their goal had finally been achieved only for Tsvangirai to betray them and allow the tyrant back into State House. And only for an empty title of Prime Minister - Mugabe saw to it that the position had no real power or authority - that was the thirty pieces of silver Tsvangirai got!

Tsvangirai could still prevent the blood shed his blundering has made certain if only he will use his parliamentary majority to stop Mugabe. But he will not do it because for all the political posturing he is now one of the ruling elite and is enjoying all the benefits and privileges that go with it. Mugabe knew he only had to give him and his MDC friends a ministerial Mercedes Benz, endless foreign travel, etc. – “vhara muromo,” in Shona - and they will promptly forget their promise to bring democratic change, freedom, rule of law, etc. And that is exactly what has happened!

People have asked why Zimbabweans have not staged mass demonstrations against the Mugabe regime, similar to those in Tunisia, Egypt, etc? Many people would say it was fear of the regime’s brutal repression and point to the how the regime has always deployed the Riot police, Police and even the Army each time people stage any public gathering. The only public demonstrations allowed are those supportive of the regime the rest are considered a serious threat to maintaining public order and dealt with accordingly. But then the same was said about Tunisia and Egypt until the Arab Spring! There is more to why Zimbabweans have not taken their clue from Egypt and force the Mugabe regime out of office.

The people of Zimbabwe do not believe rising against Mugabe would bring them any nearer their cherished goal of freedom and liberty because the leaders who emerge at the end of the day will betray them just as readily as Mugabe and Tsvangirai has done. The people of Egypt and Tunisia had never risen against their dictators until now for the same reason.

The Egyptians and Tunisians had been desperate for change for decades, just like Zimbabweans. It was the desperation that drove the fruit seller in Tunisia to commit suicide. There was nothing new in that. In the past a few people would have come out in the street in sympathy only for the regime to fall on them like a tonne of bricks. What the Tunisian regime did not realise was that two things had changed: a) the people were better informed so instead of a few protesters on the streets there was a multitude. b) the people themselves were in control of the revolution and not some crooks who would betray them. It was these two fundamental changes that got the people into the streets in Egypt, Syria and Yemen day after day after day!

It was desperation that got Zimbabweans to vote for MDC in droves in March 2008 but when Mugabe turned his terror machine on them, the people quickly changed in June 2008 vote. MDC, true to form, betrayed the people the minute they enter office.

The people of Zimbabwe are even more desperate for change today as ever. Come the next elections many Zimbabweans will try once again to vote Mugabe out of office regardless of the threat of violence and the certain betrayal by the MDC or whoever else. That is why Mugabe has no choice but to step up the violence and MDC, for their part, are confidence of an election victory regardless of their dismal past performance.

There is no hope of ever achieving a free and democratic Zimbabwe until the electorate is enlightened enough to hold the leaders to account at every level. Being desperate should force the people to seek the enlightenment but, on its own, it is not enough!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Democracy is a good thing but it comes with a price tag - an informed electorate: a price Zimbabwe failed to pay!

Now that he has the terror machine responsible for the political violence set up, Mugabe wants elections as soon as possible. He needs the violence to “win” the elections. Tsvangirai does not want the elections until all the democratic reforms have been carried out and the violence stopped. In the last three years, he has failed to push through even one reform. He is too feeble to do it. Zimbabweans have their own wants.

Zimbabweans can not wait to see the back of this GNU which has really done little to change things on the ground for them; so they too want elections a.s.a.p. They are also aware that holding elections in the present climate of growing political violence will mean many of them will be subjected to the same abuses as happen in 2008 or worse. They will be forced to vote for Mugabe and Zanu PF again and therefore not got the regime change they desperately need. So the Zimbabwean people are damn if elections are held and damned if they keep being moved to some indefinite date in the future but it is their faulty they are in this mess.

All the democratic reforms to ensure free elections should have been carried out by now. Mugabe had his reasons for doing nothing and Tsvangirai has his excuses; reasons and excuses the public should have anticipated but clearly did not. Unless we come up with a way out; we can wait another year or two and still face the same prospects of holding elections with no democratic reforms.

The Zimbabwe public did not have any answers to how to end Zanu PF’s culture of political violence three year ago and today they still have no answers. An electorate that does not understand the challenges the nation faces and what can and can not be done can not make an informed choice of leaders or hold them to account thereafter.

Universal suffrage grants every adult the right to a free vote and takes for granted that every adult in well informed. In Zimbabwe the political system conspire to keep the electorate ignorant and desperate. There answers to the nation’s multitude of problems are always staring us, the electorate, in the face if only we opened our eyes.

The answer to ending the political violence, for example, is for MDC have to use its parliamentary majority to force the Police to arrest the Zanu PF thugs, the Courts to convict them, etc. It Mugabe is indeed the one giving the Police, etc the specific instructions not to carry out their statutory duty of maintaining law and order, then parliament must impeach him; he does not have the power or authority to do that.

Of course, it is highly probable Tsvangirai and MDC will never impeach Mugabe, they are too subservient to the dictator to ever make such a bold move, and therefore the political violence will continue.

When Mugabe stepped up the violence after losing the March 2008 vote, Zimbabweans voted for him on mass in the June vote. The political violence has already started and Zimbabweans have two good reasons to vote for Mugabe on mass once again. If the nation is subjected to the same level of violence as in 2008, all the evidence on the ground says it will be the same or worse, then the people will have no choice but vote for Mugabe and Zanu PF. The second reason is if MDC is powerless to change anything even when they have parliamentary majority, as they have already shown, then why the nation should risk the life of one more Zimbabwean voting for MDC.

If any other political party was to emerge by the time of the next elections then the electorate have to consider if that party will not betray the people just as Tsvangirai and MDC have done.

If the people of Zimbabwe are going to get out of the economic and political hell-hole Mugabe landed the nation in then we must transform ourselves from an ignorant and subservient voters to an informed ones willing and able to hold the leaders to account on every turn! Democracy is a good thing but, like all good things, it comes with a price tag – it demands an informed electorate.


Zanu PF is a party of vultures; it is tough enough to keep the peace when there is plenty of corpses and helpless victims for them to feed on. Now the national economy picked clean, there is nothing of value for them to loot, and the vultures hungry and angry. The vulture have been gawking at each and it will not be long before feather start flying and tire each other to piece.

It would have been hard enough for Mugabe to cope if this had happen ten years ago; he was younger then. Old age and poor health has turned him into a seating duck amongst the cultures. Reports of him hoarding 13 farms for himself and his family, US$ 3 billion starched away, etc. are turning him into a juicy roasted duck – everyone wants a piece!

Some people would even say the very suspicious and gruesome death of retired general Solomon Tapfumaneyi Mujuru last month marks the start of the feeding frenzy.

WikiLeaks could well be but the opportunistic last straw – the apple was ripe, even the butterfly’s wing beat is enough to set it off - to trigger the feeding frenzy to tear Mugabe and Zanu PF to pieces. Zanu PF is a party of ruthless thugs whose lives revolved around two things violence and looting with nothing left to plunder it little wonder they are turning on the leader and each other. They live by the sword; “I have degrees in violence!” boasted Mugabe. Now they must die by the sword, a befitting violent end!

Whether Mugabe punishes those named in WikiLeaks or not, he and his Zanu PF party are doomed to have a bloody end!

Mugabe is worth US$ 3 billion making him the 8 th richest African!

Mugabe worth US$3 billion and 8th richest African! Is it an wonder he has killed and will continue to do so just to remain president.

For years Gaddafi portrayed the image of a simple man living in a tent. He even held his court with visiting dignitaries in a tent. What gave always gave the game away is his reaction to any suggestion that he should retire to his simple Bedouin life: if looks would kill, his looks would vaporise you on the spot.

“My people love me!” the dictator would say. Yeah they love you so much that for forty years you have denied them their basic and fundamental right to elect you in a free vote!

When Gaddafi was finally toppled this year the liar of his simple life was exposed. A simple Bedouin with a private jet complete with a bed and Jacuzzi and with a cool US$56 billion bank balance. And in one mass grave in Tripoli people found the remains of over a 100 people; killed and buried by Gaddafi.

It looks Gaddafi’s brother Mugabe in Zimbabwe was not doing badly for himself, thank you. Mugabe and his family have 13 farms – farms supposedly redistributed to landless peasants – has mansion worth £3 million, US$3 billion in the bank and God knows what else besides. Mugabe has the blood of over 20 000 innocent Zimbabweans from the Gukurahundi massacres alone; shed to establish his de facto one-party dictatorship. In 2008 he “declared war”, as Tsvangirai rightly said, on the people to force them to vote for him; hundreds of thousands were beaten and raped and over 500 murdered.

Tyrants like Gaddafi and Mugabe think the truth of their greed and repression will never come out. In the end, it all comes out; as we say in Shona “Rinemanyanga hariputirwi!”

The truth of what beady-eyed Zimbabwean dictator has done is coming out. Millions of Zimbabweans live in abject poverty and without the bear necessities and Mugabe, the sewer rat, has spirited away US$3 billion!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

SA bow to Chinese pressure and refuse Dalai Lama visa - and SA wanted UN permanent seat!

The Dalai Lama cancels his visit to SA after failing to get a visa. Many people believe SA did not issue him the visa to please China- SA biggest trading country.

The Dalai Lama was only visiting SA. Other countries like India have allowed people like the Dalai Lama to settle and come and go as he pleases. It was not even the SA government that was going to host the Dalai Lama and still it said no. It is to those that much has been given that much is expected. SA received a lot of support from people like the Dalai Lama during the dark days of apartheid; SA can give the people of Tibet its moral support at least -that is not too much to ask!

This is not the first blunder by this ANC government. President Zuma still has egg all over himself for his continued support of Gaddafi in the Libya uprising. The Zimbabwe nightmare is one monumental f*up that has simply refused to go away.

I think it is good that Africa, South America and South Asia should have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Brazil and India would make good candidates for the two latter regions. SA would have been the obvious choice for Africa but the performance of the ANC government ever since Madiba left office has been shocking. It is tragic enough that this ANC government should be making one disastrous policy decision after another for SA; it would be folly to let such a regime exercise veto powers on behalf of Africa!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Zimbabwe's political violence steps up a gear - Mugabe Je crache sur vous!

A Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisations reports of increasing political violence in Zimbabwe. This is one nightmare that will never go away!

What we have done to deserve a tyrant like Mugabe for president!?

I am not one given to cursing and swearing but after thirty years of brutal oppression of a whole nation; Mugabe, that sewer rat, deserve to be curse for all time! Je crache sur vous le rat d'égout observé percé en vrille!


If the only thing that mattered was to punish the whites for the historic wrongs regardless of whom else is punished in the process then what Mugabe did was "right"! Some people will would be sickened by all that gratuitous brutality and violence against the white farmers and their black workers but when one is a tyrant with “degrees in violence,” as Mugabe himself never tire of reminding us, it is all water off a duck’s back!

Well I do care that the land redistribution was one of the root causes of Zimbabwe’s economic melt down that has caused heart breaking economic hardships. I am also disappointed that the landless peasants who should have been the main beneficiary of any land reforms were left out. It is Mugabe and his cronies who now own most of the land.

If Mugabe was so sure his land policy was popular with the people of Zimbabwe why then did he go to such murderous lengths to deny them a free vote in 2008 and every other election before that! The agricultural sector was the backbone of Zimbabwe’s economy and thus is the key to its recovery. We have to get Mugabe and his cronies off the land and resettle those who will put it to productive use. We can not do that as long as the tyrant remains in power and, as you can see, he has already started his murderous campaign of terror to deny the people of Zimbabwe their democratic right to a meaningful vote!

Mugabe denies he had gone to Singapore for medical reasons. He was visiting his daughter, Bona, he said.

Sure thing; this is the seventh time Mugabe has visited his daughter in nearly as many months! What kind of degree is she doing anywhere that does not allow her even a few days to visit her family? She has been away for donkeys years now. She, like the father, must have at least seven University degrees. As for the degree in violence, she will find no better teacher in the world than her own father.

Bona Mugabe is doing all these degrees because she, like so many other children of Zimbabwe's ruling elite, is ashamed to live in Zimbabwe. Indeed if the other ruling elite could afford it, they too, like Mugabe, would be getting all their medical needs, shopping, etc. outside Zimbabwe.

I will not wish Mugabe speedy recovery because, unlike him, lying does not come naturally to me!


@ Snow flake

The political violence in Zimbabwe is heartbreaking. This was the one thing Tsvangirai should have addressed but failed. All MDC have done in the last three years is give Mugabe a good public image whilst the tyrant continued in his evil and murderous ways.

MDC can use its parliamentary majority to rein in Mugabe. If parliament is useless then why in the name of God did we risk over 500 lives to give MDC parliamentary majority. Parliament can stop the political violence it just that MDC is itself too incompetent and cowardly to do it!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Zuma says Zimbabwe style farm seizures will not happen in SA - hardly a ringing assurance!

Julius Malema is crystal clear what he really wants done with the white owned farms; kick out the white owners and give the farms to the few black ruling elite just as Mugabe has done in Zimbabwe. President Zuma and the rest of the ANC government have argued that they will not do “anything to harm the national economy”. That is wish-washy, to say the least, because they never said how such a policy would harm the economy.

“We cannot have a Zimbabwean situation in SA. We're saying we should do things within the law," explained President Zuma. Well that should sure make the position as clear as mud!

Malema and company will have no problem with that: “Go straight ahead Mr President,” they would say, “enact the law!” Mugabe did enact some laws but in the heat of the looting and to make a one-finger statement to the West, all the laws were disregarded.

Zimbabwe’s lawless and often violent land seizures did hurt the country’s economy badly but that was largely because agricultural production plummeted soon after Mugabe and his cronies seized the farms. They did not get the expected the bumper crops and fat cattle because, besides the land, one must also have the farming skills, the dedication and be prepared to work hard. “Munda hauzvirimi!” as one would say in Shona.

Malema has already said in SA the blacks who will get the seized farms should have formal training first. In the case of Zimbabwe, the lack farming skills was not even the half of it. Having to work hard was and still is the biggest stumbling block. Mugabe and his cronies have never done a honest day’s work for three decades, all their wealth was fleecing the public direct or indirectly as a public worker or from some corrupt activity. The white farms were just another national asset for them to loot and that they did. Even when it was evident that falling agricultural production was causing economic melt down; the looting continued unabated. Mugabe and his cronies did not care.

If property rights are disregarded in dealing with the land issue; then nothing is safe, investors know that. President Zuma’s failure to defend property rights robustly in his dealings with Mugabe and Malema has left people in no doubt he does not care about property rights nor the damage land seizures will inflict on the SA economy.

White SA farmers are set to lose their farms regardless of the certain damage this will do to SA’s economy. The only questions to be settled are when and whether the process will orderly or just as chaotic as happened in Zimbabwe!

Sunday, 2 October 2011






The interview illustrated one thing, Zimbabwe is a nation ruled by fear. And when the fear is institutionalised as has happened in Zimbabwe it grips one so tight paralysing some and driving others to do commit fearful crimes!

What the Zanu PF mother, her son and all the other Zanu PF supporters must know is that they are committing serious crimes against their fellow country men. Yes the regime has pushed into committing these crimes; still it is they and not Mugabe who strike the blow. And for that it is they and not Mugabe who will be held accountable one of these fine days. We are not dogs that will bite because they were trained to do so. We are human beings with a sense of honour and duty to ourselves and others.

What Mugabe is doing is despicable; he is deliberately withdrawing the Police and gauge and torment the people until a son is forced to betray his own mother and father and brother fights brother for his selfish political gain. Je crache sur vous, porcine sans coeur!

We have to break this cycle of fear born out of ignorance with reason. Sadly we are not yet ready to do so; we are not ready to listen to reason. Getting a competent alternative to the Zanu PF dictatorship is the critical first step. By electing and retain a flawed and indecisive leader like Morgan Tsvangirai all this years regardless of all his blunders the people of Zimbabwe have shown they are not ready for real change, they are not ready to see reason.