Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mugabe got Zimbabwe into this hell-hole, Tsvangirai is hardly the man to get us out of it!

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has accused top government officials of sabotaging the economy by looting the country’s parastatals.

The looting has been going on for years; is the PM only aware of it now?

If he has been aware of it; why has he waited until the nation was in the gutter before he said something about it? And even more significantly, what is Prime Minister Tsvangirai going to DO to end the rot?

The sheer incompetency of Tsvangirai and MDC is matched only by Mugabe and Zanu PF's greed and heartless brutality. Zimbabwe is in deep trouble because of Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs and the cold reality is that the simpleton Tsvangirai will never get the nation out of trouble.


Lawyers representing former Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) chief executive officer Dominic Mubaiwa in his $2 billion fraud charge say Mines minister Obert Mpofu personally engaged potential investors in the Marange diamond fields joint ventures’ reported the Daily News.

This is just the ears of hippo, the ugly beast is yet to emerge!


Unsatisfied following their maiden visit to Marange diamond fields this week, lawmakers from the mines committee call on the anti-corruption commission to probe goings-on in Chiadzwa, reported VOA.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai toured Marange less than six months ago gave Zimbabwe's diamond mining operations there his thumbs up! Many people expressed their reservation about the PM's approval at the time and, surprise, surprise; the events have proved them right. Tsvangirai is once again proving to be the biggest political disaster to befall the nation after Mugabe.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Tsvangirai warns the world not to trust Mugabe - how conceited!

Tsvangirai warned it would be "naive to believe Zanu-PF would willingly go to free and fair elections if they don't have something up their sleeve", adding he couldn't trust Mugabe "because he speaks with a forked tongue".

Tsvangirai actually warned the rest of world not to be "naive to believe Zanu-PF would willingly go to free and fair elections.” The whole world warned Tsvangirai against trusting Mugabe back in 2009 and still he went ahead and signed the power sharing agreement with the tyrant. For the next two years he told the world Mugabe had changed and the power sharing was working; in total disregard of all the evidence to the contrary. And now he has the edacity to warn the world of something they warned him all along.

Clearly Tsvangirai is not man enough to admit he was very naïve to have trusted Mugabe in the first place but I never thought he would be that conceited to be warning the world not to be naïve! With such a naïve and conceited man for Prime Minister is it an wonder Zimbabwe is in such a political and economic mess!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tsvangirai should end the scouge of political violence not celebrating it!

“March 11 will forever be the MDC’s Human Rights Day,” the MDC statement said. “It is the day that changed the lives of Zimbabweans and saw the beginning of the downward spiral of Zanu PF to its grave.

The greatest honour Prime Minister Tsvangirai could upon Gift is to have those who murdered him arrested and punished. That would show that Gift was a human being and not a stray dog one can kill and no questioned asked! And, which is more, that would send a clear message that barbaric lawlessness will not be tolerated and that no one is above the law.

Gift was murdered in 2007 and how many more innocent Zimbabweans have been murdered since then? It must be a thousand by now! Three weeks ago an MDC supporter had his hands chopped off - so he will have no palm to give the open palm MDC sign - and then killed. Elections should be an important part in the political cycle and yet Zimbabweans would rather have elections postponed into the distant future for fear of political violence. Why is the nation being forced to live in fear of being beaten, raped or worse still murdered? So that MDC leaders can give another eulogy speech and brownie points!

We want political leaders who care enough about life to stop these political murderers and not just pay lip-service to the matter!


The notorious Zanu PF gangster gang, Chipangano, was at it again beating up MDC supporters. Nine people were so badly beaten, one had a broken jaw; they required medical attention, the MDC MP Matienga who witnessed the beatings said. The Police were there and, as usual, they did not even attempt to stop the beating.

‘They just stood there and watched helplessly as Chipangano waged criminal terror on innocent civilians. One wonders what would have happened if the opposite happened. All the police cells would now be packed with MDC-T supporters,’ MP Matienga complained.

We all know that the Police DO NOT interfere or investigate in any way in Zanu PF instigated political violence be it beating or murder. The Police have said again and again that they are under strict orders “from up on high” to do nothing. So why is Ms Matienga acting surprised that the Police did not lift a finger on this occasion?

Yes of course, the Police have a sworn duty to protect the public and to keep law and order. It is one thing for us, ordinary members of the public to ask the Police to defy the powers-that-be who are giving them contrary orders stopping them carrying out their public duties. It is quite another for Member of Parliament to ask the same from the poor Police Officers. Parliament has the power and duty to ask the Police Commissioner, Home Affairs Minister right up to the State President himself who issued the orders stopping the Police doing their sworn duties! Parliament has not done so because it is afraid of Mugabe.

Ms Matienga you are a Member of Parliament and MDC has the majority in parliament. Parliament can impeach Mugabe if he did issue such outrageous orders - no doubt some one did. Parliament must find out who did.

Asking the Police to defy Mugabe is like asking a child to fight off a man-eating lion with a stick whilst you, an MP, armed with a machine gun keep your distance!

The nation is really sick and tired of MP Matienga and the rest of MDC leaders shedding crocodile tears over the victims of Zanu PF violence whilst doing nothing to end the violence.



MDC getting their own vigilante to maintain law and order is the answer. The Police have arrested and charged MDC victims of violence and let the Zanu PF thugs responsible for the violence walk scot-free. The Police would descend on MDC vigilantes with a sledge hammer! Mugabe has no leg to stand on to justify why there is lawlessness in a court of law - Parliament is the highest court of law in the land and for the first time since independence the tyrant has no control of the house.

It is out of sheer political cowardice that MDC parliamentarians have not picked up the goblet Mugabe throw at them by assuming his dictatorial powers. We are stuck in this political limbo stuck with a corrupt and repressive regime but can not remove it because the regime will never allow us a free vote. The nation is faced with unrelenting institutionalised violence - the only way Mugabe has to stay in power - and we has two options open to us is to cow down and accept the beating from Chipangano or to fight them back and face the beating from combined force of Chipangano and the whole State Security machinery. Talk of being caught between the hard rock and the deep blue sea!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mugabe has no power to stop Parliament debating Security Officers' lawlessness!

The root cause of Zimbabwe’s political crisis is Mugabe and Zanu PF denying the people of Zimbabwe their basic and fundamental right to a meaningful say in the governance of country. Before independence “One man, one vote!” was their rallying call but as soon as they were in power their only vote that counted was a Zanu PF vote.

Without free and fair elections the people have no other way of stopping corrupt and repressive public officials as Zimbabweans soon learnt. Free and fair elections are the central pillar on which free and democratic government stand. Deny that right and corruption and repression will thrive and the nation will pay dearly for it in blood and treasure.

Mugabe and Zanu PF’s response to the nation’s growing demand to the party to honour its “One man one vote!” was greater political repression. First the party used members of its Women and Youth Leagues and War Veterans to spear head its political violence to silence its critics and political opponents. Security services, media, judiciary and parliament itself - all staffed by Zanu PF loyalists - turned a blind eye to it all. In the last election the Police, Army, CIO and other State Security organs played a dominant role in the orgy of rape, beatings and murder that marked the 2008 presidential run-off.

“Parliament cannot be Commander-in-Chief of the security forces. It has no business debating the conduct of individuals in command, let them raise that with me in appropriate forums,” Mugabe said last year.

The State President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the security forces; that it true. But when Police Officers fail to make any arrest when an innocent man has his hand cup off and killed, when CIO Officers drive around kidnapping and murdering our people and Army General’s make disparaging remarks about refusing to honour the electoral will of the people; the nation has a right to demand immediate and decisive action to stop all this lawlessness. And who better to do than Parliament.

Mugabe usurped the people’s political power by denying them a meaningful vote. He undermined the constitutional and democratic functions of the media, judiciary, Police, etc. by appointing party loyalists and sycophants to run these organisations. Until the 2008 elections Zanu PF controlled parliament and for 28 years there was no real debate in that august house. Not even the massacre of 20 000 by Gukurahundi prompted even one MP to ask why? In 2008 Zimbabweans ended Zanu PF’s parliamentary majority.

Parliament has the power and authority to impeach the State President and, if necessary, have him/her removed from office. If Parliament has these powers over the Commander-in-Chief how can it be that the same parliament has no similar powers over those the Chief commands?

Mugabe is a dictator and true to form he assumed for himself powers beyond those constitutionally granted to the office of State President. The only relevant question here is; does the MDC controlled parliament have the political will and spine to end Mugabe’s dictatorial excesses? Sadly the answer has to be no.

For three years Tsvangirai has done nothing to rein in Mugabe and end the lawlessness although MDC have the political power to do so. Zimbabweans have to accept that MDC will never get the nation out of the political mess Mugabe landed us in. No Zimbabwean life should be put at risk by supporting Tsvangirai and MDC; they will never change anything!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Demand for 51% stake from foreigner is Mugabe's weapon.

Reuter believes Mugabe’s push for foreign mine owners to sell 51% of their stake to black Zimbabweans is the tyrant’s “campaign weapon for elections he wants held this year”.

This article is notably in that everything in Zimbabwe's politics and future revolve round one man and one man only - Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Tsvangirai is not mentioned in this article and rightly so too. Tsvangirai has proved to be so ineffective and thus totally irrelevant.

Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans were beaten and raped and over 500 murdered in 2008 to give Tsvangirai and his MDC party the majority in parliament. Tsvangirai has done nothing with that political mandate other than surrender it to Mugabe to do as he pleased.

Mugabe will continue to ride rough shod over all Zimbabweans as long as the people continue to put their trust in someone as incompetent as Tsvangirai to end this Mugabe and Zanu PF dictatorship!


As far as I know the level of political violence and corruption in Zimbabwe is a lot worse than that in China. In any case this is not a beauty contest - Zimbabweans deserve to live in freedom, liberty and enjoy a fair share of the nation's wealth, regardless what is happening in China!


University of Zimbabwe lecturer and Zanu-PF apologist Vimbai Gukwe Chivaura has declared President Robert Mugabe a "spirit medium" who would never die!

Zimbabwe has more than its fair share of University Lecturers whose public utterances, particularly on political issues, has left many wondering whether their really deserve their intellectual status. Vimbai Chivaura is just one more mentally retarded University Lecturers; Professors Arthur Mutambara, Wellish Ncube, Jonathan Moyo and John Makumbe are but a few of the others!



Zimbabweans had a real chance in 2008 to rid themselves of Mugabe and thus silence idiots like Chavaura if only the idiot Tsvangirai had not allowed Mugabe back into office by the back door! Still I would like to believe there is room for yet another Nelson Mandela in Africa!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Biti says Mugabe needs "a reality check ... your time is up"!

“How can someone seriously think about investing in a presidential candidate who is 88 years old?” asked Biti.

Zimbabweans do not want Mugabe as president not because he is 88 years old but because he is a corrupt and ruthless tyrant. In 2008 Zimbabweans risked limb and life - over 500 lost their lives for God’s sake - to elect Tsvangirai and MDC hoping that would Mugabe’s reign of terror. Sadly Tsvangirai and his lot stupidly allowed Mugabe back into power to form the GNU which has proved to be totally dysfunctional.

“Mugabe needs a reality check. I don’t think there has been a reality check. Someone should give Zanu PF a little voice to say you are gone, you are history, your time is up,” Biti said. Not only Zanu PF but MDC too must go. The whole GNU should go!

Zimbabweans have had a totally ineffective government for the last three years - unemployment remains unacceptably high and there is still lawlessness in the land - of course they want to have elections yesterday. The only reason Zimbabweans do not want elections held today or in the near future is because of the spectre of political violence that hangs over them. Tsvangirai not only allowed Mugabe and Zanu PF back into office but, for the last three years, they have done nothing to put an end to the political violence and madness.

Tsvangirai and MDC constitute the ruling party even within the GNU but have nothing to show for it!

Tsvangirai is a “flawed and indecisive character” said US Ambassador Chris Dell and there lays the root cause of why MDC has been so ineffective. Mugabe will continue to plague our lives only because we have a flawed leader to challenge him! The reality check for Zimbabwe is how longer are we going to pretend Tsvangirai is a competent leader?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

President Zuma is pushing Mugabe hard to carry out the democratic reforms!

“South African Foreign Affairs Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane told his country’s Parliament yesterday that Mugabe no-longer wielded authority to call for an election without long-delayed reforms as required by other coalition partners and the region,” reported the Daily News. Zimbabweans will be pleased to hear that, but is it all too little to late!

The writing of the new constitution was supposed to take 18 months; we are now told it would be ready in September, 48 months latter! There can not be free and fair elections without radical reforms in security sector, media, judiciary, etc. None of these democratic reforms have been carried out to date!

Yes, it is great that President Zuma is now pushing Mugabe hard to have the new constitution and the reforms in place before Zimbabwe holds its next election. It is better late than never. Still, one has to ask what President Zuma has been doing the last 36 months. It does not take three years to write a new constitution and dismantle the organs of repression and murder when there is political will and vision!

Worse still, President Zuma may well be closing the stable after the horse has bolted! It is almost certain that after the fours of writing the new constitution the finished product will not be worth the paper it is written on. What else, after all the disruptions of the outreach programmes by Mugabe’s thugs and the bout of horse-trading to appease Mugabe of the last four months!

Mugabe says he will call elections with or without a new constitution and has resisted all meaningful democratic reforms on the grounds that Zimbabwe is a “sovereign country” and not to be dictated to by outsiders! Ironically the man with the political mandate in Zimbabwe and therefore the power and authority to push through the required democratic changes is Tsvangirai. Sadly the latter has turned out to be a political disaster for the country.

Three years ago one critic disparagingly dismissed Tsvangirai and his MDC leadership as a “kitchen cabinet”. For the last three years Tsvangirai has made one blunder after another; time and time again he has bend over backwards to appease Mugabe and the tyrant has again and again “thanked” Tsvangirai by kicking him in the teeth. And it is the Zimbabwean people who have paid heavily for this buffoon’s blundering.

Zimbabwe is desperate for change and, unfortunately, the political power to bring about that changed is not in the hands of President Zuma but a village idiot, the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Tsvangirai got US$ 1.5 million for house loan, etc. - welcome to Ease Street

In 2009 Mugabe granted Tsvangirai a $1.5 million loan to build his “official residence”. Mugabe himself moved out of State House into his US$ 6 million mansion, the latter was no longer good enough for him. Still he wanted to keep it for himself and Zimbabwe House too. None of the other government houses left were clearly not good enough for Prime Minister Tsvangirai hence the loan. Mugabe’s two Vice Presidents and the two Deputy Prime Ministers - amongst many other political leaders and civil servants, no doubt - all reportedly got similar houses loans. This is over and above all the other privilege of new Mercedes Benz, innumerable overseas trips, etc., etc.

Zimbabwe has a staggering 80% plus unemployment rate, the majority of civil servants are paid a misery US$ 300 a month, health and education are barely functioning for lack of funds, etc. and yet Mugabe and the ruling elite are enjoying celebrate life-styles!

Mugabe has always demands blind loyalty from those below him and, to be fair to him, has paid the lackeys handsomely even when it means driving millions into abject poverty and despair. Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have been totally ineffective in keeping their promise to the nation to end Mugabe’s dictatorial rule and democratic change. Well Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are certainly living in Ease Street!


Mugabe’s man says parliamentary body tasked to write the new constitution has two weeks to submit the draft. Zanu PF is finally turning on the pressure to have this matter settled, one way or the other.

Mugabe and Zanu PF know Zimbabweans would want nothing short of a new constitution to eliminate the dictatorial powers now wielded by Mugabe. Without these dictatorial powers the party can not use political violence and all the other dirty tricks to “win” elections. Mugabe’s position has been simple; either the new constitution return the dictatorial powers or there will be no new constitution.

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends want a democratic new constitution but are too weak and feeble to force this through.

The new constitution was to be adopted within eighteen months. It is now three years and the draft document is yet to be produced. The stalemate situation suits both parties. MDC are better off staying in the GNU with all the frustrations of the arrangement than lose a violent election. Mugabe is scared of being declared illegitimate again by the international community after another violent election. This time, not even Tsvangirai would be that stupid to let him off the hook again.

Zimbabweans lives have been in limbo these last three years; this GNU has not delivered economic recovery and the political repression has continued. They have put up with it than face another violent election.
In 2008 Zimbabweans voted for Tsvangirai out of desperation - it was a matter of anyone else would be better than the tyrant Mugabe - and the nation has paid dearly for it ever since. Yes it pays in the end to get the best in the beginning!

Would the real Tsvangirai stand up and stop naval gazing!

Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, and other senior government officials are in South Africa to woo foreign investors to set shop in Zimbabwe. “That’s where the money is,” he argued whilst downplaying the country’s down right anti-business environment.

It is rich for Tsvangirai to dismiss political and economic nightmare in Zimbabwe which has scared away would be investors as merely “rhetoric”. Particularly when only last week he was accusing Mugabe of indicating left and turning right! “Will the real Mugabe please stand up!” he concluded in exasperation.

We all know, including Tsvangirai himself, the real Mugabe is a corrupt and ruthless tyrant and murderer. Only two weeks ago Mugabe’s thugs chopped off the hands of a Tsvangirai supporter in Zaka and then murdered him. Zanu PF inspired political violence including beating, rape and murder are an everyday reality and getting worse. Of course Tsvangirai has elected to “see” the imaginary Mugabe, the great statesman, particularly since his appointment as Prime Minister. The world looks totally different from the rose tinted windows of the official Mercedes Benz.

No foreign investors, other than the corrupt and greedy ones, would want to invest in Zimbabwe. This trip to South Africa will bring no new investment and yet Tsvangirai and his entourage would not have missed it for all the tea in China. Miss the chance of being introduced as “The Prime Minister of Zimbabwe” and then all the shopping!

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character,” said Abraham Lincoln “give him power!”

It is a historic fact that Mugabe and many of his Zanu PF friends endured a lot of hardships from the white racist regime of Ian Smith and the nation rightly heralded them as national heroes. Power transformed Mugabe and his Zanu PF friends into Mafia thugs. Zimbabweans hoped against Tsvangirai and his MDC friends would remain faithful to the common cause of creating a just, free and democratic Zimbabwe. Sadly that was no to be; ever since Tsvangirai was appointed PM, he has had his stuck up his backside and therefore cannot see tragic reality happening all round him!

Would the real Tsvangirai please stand up and stop naval gazing!