Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Zimbabweans need the intelectual eyes of the chameleon: one fixed on Mugabe the other on Tsvangirai!

Tsvangirai blame State Media and the CIO for interfering in his relationship and says marrying Locadia now is “inconceivable”.

He said he had become a, “spectator in this relationship and things are happening too fast, on camera and without my knowledge. This has led me to conclude that there is a greater and thicker plot around this issue which has undermined my confidence in this relationship.”
By his own admission Tsvangirai is saying he had been going out with someone he should not. No doubt the two had been going out for a while, long enough to get the woman pregnant, and all this time he did not realise she was a bad woman. This is not the first time Tsvangirai has shown he is a bad judge of character.

Tsvangirai signed a power sharing agreement with Mugabe in 2008 and for two years insisted the political marriage was working. “There is nothing Mugabe does that I do not know,” Tsvangirai said.

Tsvangirai is a weak and indecisive leader and his repeated failure to see dubious characters for whom they really are is just another manifestation to his incompetency as a leader.

Zimbabweans have their eyes fixed on getting Mugabe out of office and rightly so too. Still we also must stop to assess the competency of the man we are proposing to take Mugabe’s place. We must not behave like a duck whose eyes can only focus on one thing and one thing only.

Before independence we had our minds fixed on getting rid of Ian Smith and thus failed to scrutinise the men and women we were electing to lead after independence. Mugabe and his Zanu PF friends showed their tyrannical streak long before independence and when they assumed office their true sadistic colours were there for all to see. And yet for 20 years Zimbabweans refused to see Mugabe for the tyrant he is. History has a habit to repeat itself; for the last three years Tsvangirai has blundered again and again and still many Zimbabweans refuse to acknowledge he is a weak and indecisive leader.

After the mandate the people of Zimbabwe gave Tsvangirai is 2008 there is no reason why Mugabe should be around terrorising and messing our lives. The tyrant is still firmly in charge today only because Tsvangirai blundered and allowed the tyrant back into power through the back door, the stupid GPA.

It was Zimbabweans’ failed to keep one eye on Smith and the second eye on Mugabe that landed the nation into this hell-hole. To get out; we must keep one keen eye on Mugabe and Zanu PF and the second eye on Tsvangirai and his MDC friends. We all want to get rid of Mugabe and his dictatorship but that will never happen if the individuals we have entrusted to do this are so incompetent the dictator is running rings round them at every turn! We must develop the fixable intellect like the eyes of the chameleon if we are to avoid the pitfall of once again blocking the stable after the horse has bolted - acknowledge Tsvangirai’s shortcomings after ten years of indecision and blundering!

Locadia Tembo threatened to kill herself because Tsvangirai would not marry her!

Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo was determined to marry Tsvangirai, so determined that she threaten to kill herself when he said no.

It must have been the thought of losing out on the endless foreign travel, the shopping, looted farms and all the unimagined luxuries as the wife of Zimbabwe’s P M and, fingers crossed, some day soon the Zimbabwe’s First Lady that drove this woman to do all these things! Grace Mugabe showed the same grit determination to get her man - she deserted a husband and child to be impregnated twice by then married Robert! To be fair the two ladies; both Mugabe and Tsvangirai have themselves too sold their souls to the devil to get what they want!

Robert Mugabe destroyed the nation’s economy through rampant corruption and looting - bribing his cronies - and murdered tens of thousands of Zimbabweans who dared exercise their basic right to have a meaning vote. Tsvangirai went into the 2009 political "marriage" with the dictator in which he has received nothing but abuse! The irony is Tsvangirai had the nation’s mandate to rule and therefore he did not need to enter into this one-sided agreement. Sadly, he was too excited at the prospect of being PM and too stupid to realise that!

"On discovering that Tsvangirai was not interested in marrying her, she threatened him with exposing the affair, the pregnancy and throwing herself in front of Prime Minister's official Mercedes Benz vehicle while it was in motion. This is when people realised she was serious," the report said, quoting a close Tsvangirai family member.

There is nothing wrong with being rich but when people start valuing money and luxuries above everything else including the sanctity of human life itself - leaders murdering thousands of innocent people and women threatening to end their own lives for a chance to marry the ruling elite and a share of the good life - we have gone too far. It is morally reprehensible that people like Mugabe and his wife should live such an extravagant lifestyle in the midst of millions living in abject poverty. It is an unforgivable crime against the nation that the ruling elite’s wasteful lifestyles should be built of the misery and suffering of the poor and helpless in society.

Monday, 28 November 2011

MPs will delay approval of budget: they are demanding new cars for themselves!

Zimbabwe’s MPs are threatening to delay the approval of the national budget because they too want to be pampered like Mugabe and Tsvangirai! MPs are demanding new cars and back pay of salaries and allowances outstanding since 2008.

The Zimbabwe economy shrunk by a staggering 84% in the six years 2002 to 2008 a position from which it has yet to recover three years since the formation of this GNU. The economic melt down has left 80% plus of our people out of work and into abject poverty. Many of the same MPs were in the last parliament; what did they do to stop the economic melt down? Nothing! The economy should have registered a significant recovery since 2008 if only the country had restored the rule of law and stopped the madness of corruption and looting. Three years later and Zimbabwe is still a lawless country!

Most civil servants are paid a merge US$300 or less. What makes these MPs believe they deserve more than the US$ 500 they are getting? MPs got new cars three years ago; they really do not need these cars replaced.

It is very true that the executive, Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara are pampering themselves with multiple luxury cars and other perks. How can anyone justify spending a cool US$ 3 million on one foreign trip when hundreds of thousands of children across the nation can not be vaccinated because there is no money to buy the vaccines. Instead of the MPs putting their foot down to end this criminal waste of resources they are using it to justify their own demand to be pampered too!

“It is very unfortunate that people can perceive that we are trying to arm twist the government when the truth is that government is not looking at our welfare issues,” said Paddy Zhanda. It is very unfortunate that Zimbabwe is ruled by a sick and selfish executive and an equally sick and selfish legislature!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Zimbabwe's leaders spent US$ 45 million on travel alone!

The Zimbabwe top leaders alone have spent a staggering US$ 45.5 million or 1.2% of the national budget, on foreign travel alone in January to September 2011.

“All the three GNU principals and Cabinet have developed a penchant for jet setting” reported Gift Phiri of Daily News. Although I would say this is not something Zimbabwe’s ruling elite has “developed” in the last few years. Even back in the 1990s when the country implementing savage economic cuts in line with WB reform programmes, Mugabe continued to spend millions of dollars on foreign travel. People used to ask when the last time he “visited” Zimbabwe! He is still globe trotting today, even with the national economy in total melt down!

This government has been paying highly qualified civil servants an allowance of US$300 a month (even the regime is ashamed to call it a salary) because it has no money. It is an outrage that Mugabe should spend US$3 million – enough to pay 10 000 civil servants - on just one of his innumerable globe trotting trips! Finance Minister Tendai Biti is right to call this outrage a “cancer”. A point sadly missed by Prime Minister Tsvangirai.

During Prime Minister’s question time Tsvangirai justified Mugabe’s medical trips to Singapore on the dubious grounds that the nation must take care of its national leaders. Spending US$3 million goes far beyond living within one’s means because Mugabe did not need to take his usual entourage of cronies and hangers-on for yet another shopping spree.
None of Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance has ever succeeded in getting Mugabe and his cronies to rein in their extravagant spending. I compliment Minister Biti for trying; he is not likely to get very far given that his own MDC leader does not even understanding what he is doing!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

It was Tsvangirai not Zuma who should have led the push for democratic change in Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe political analyst, Sanderson Makombe, tells S W Radio Africa that President Zuma is to blame for bringing no democratic change three years after the signing of Zimbabwe’s GPA. One has to ask what exactly did people like Makombe expect President Zuma to do.

In my humble opinion SADC and President Zuma was only suppose to play a supportive and not the lead role in the search for a solution to Zimbabwe political problems. In this case Tsvangirai has repeatedly shied away from playing a leading role. Indeed one can even say Tsvangirai has even decided to do nothing in the expectation that SADC and President Zuma will do everything. You say SADC and President Zuma have done nothing in the three years of the GPA and of course you are right. But one has to ask what has Tsvangirai himself done in the three years? Nothing!

Zimbabwe needs to carryout so many democratic reforms before we can have free and fair elections. Surely Tsvangirai can not be that helpless and powerless to push at least one reform in three years! All he has done is make a big hu –ha about writing a new constitution at great expense too, one must add; only for Mugabe’s thugs disrupt and scupper the whole thing. Anyone with any common sense saw this coming; anyone that is except Tsvangirai.

It is ease to blame President Zuma for Zimbabwe’s continued mess but if the truth be told, and it must be, Zimbabweans risked a lot to elect Tsvangirai and MDC in 2008. Tsvangirai has the people’s mandate to change things in Zimbabwe but sadly for three years he has done nothing with that power!

The targeted sanctions against Mugabe and his cronies imposed by the West to push the dictator to accept democratic reforms are not working. The tyrant and his cronies are richer than ever even though the country has been suffering the worst national economic melt down in human history. After nearly ten years these sanctions, it is time the America and the West fine tuned these sanctions or else scrap them.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

SA pass "secrecy" law - a black day for SA!

ANC government pass the “secrecy” law which will gag the press. It is a black day for SA.

The tragedy of this case is that many blacks see it as a black vs white issue and thus the black majority will support the ANC leaders without question. In reality this law is an affront against freedom and democracy and that knows no race, gender, or any other division.

What ANC leaders are doing is play the race card just to confuse the blacks for their own selfish gain. This is the price the whole nation is paying for the years of racism by the whites!

Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies must be celebrating; they know President Zuma has lost all pretence of occupying the moral high ground. Mugabe and his thugs can now continue to ride the people rough shod and President Zuma has no moral authority to tell him to stop! Tsvangirai should have never counted on SADC to bring about meaningful democratic change and now with President Zuma in disgrace this should force MDC to finally accept that it is from within Zimbabwe we must find a solution to the country’s problems.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Code of conduct is NOT the answer to Zimbabwe's violence: impeach Mugabe!

So the country has suffered and thousands have lost their lives in politically motivated violence because we did not have a CODE OF CONDUCT!? This is what the great indaba - meeting of the three principals in the GNU and their respect parties' executive committees - came up with? This is simply unbelievable!

We have a culture of violence because those responsible for the violence are above the law. In the past the Police has turned a blind eye to Zanu PF inspired violence. Only their shadowy cousins in the CIO have played an active role in the violence. When Mugabe lost the March 2008 presidential race the Police and the Army planned and executed the orgy of violence and mayhem that secured Mugabe’s ‘win’ in the June 2008 presidential run-off.

Mugabe had the December 2009 Zanu PF Congress passed a resolution committing the Police, Army, CIO and all other State Security Organs endorse the outrageous conduct of these organs in the June 2008 election violence and in future on the dodgy grounds that Zanu PF was “the only party of the revolution”.

It was the Police in Victoria Falls who chased away the people attending the MDC-T’s rally and closed the gates into the stadium in Tsvangirai’s face. The Police cancelled MDC-N’s rally and told Professor Ncube to his face they did not recognise anything other political party other than Zanu PF!

We have a culture of violence in Zimbabwe because Mugabe has granted himself tyrannical powers which he has then used to undermine the work of the Police, the Courts, the Media and all the other democratic institutions so that he and his thugs are above the law and thus free to do whatever they deem necessary to maintain his struggle hold on power.

After three decades of intimidation, rape and brutal murders – hundreds of thousands have been beaten and tens of thousands murdered in cold blood - Zimbabwe should not be talking of having the “green bombers” or the Chipangamo gang members arrested. They are the small fish, the foot soldiers. We should not even be talking of having the rogue army generals of Police Officers fired; we can but still that will not be enough. What this country needs is to stop pussyfooting and at last take the bull by the horns - impeach Mugabe as a ruthless murderer and tyrant.

Since the March 2008 election Tsvangirai and MDC had the people’s mandate to end Zimbabwe’s culture of violence by having the thugs arrested and punished, by acting swiftly against those in the security sector found wanting in their conduct or failed to carryout their public duties and thus stop the rot spreading and, now, by failing to impeach Mugabe. There could well be the last very last chance for this nation to stop this madness of pointless and barbaric violence and instead of taking the decisive action the situation demands the great indaba is to produce a code of conduct!

When Tsvangirai signed the power sharing agreement that got Mugabe off the hook many people said the arrangement would achieve nothing and time has proved beyond doubt that they were right. When Tsvangirai took the oath of office as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe it was clear why he signed the GPA, this was the pinnacle of his dreams and nothing anyone else said was going to stop him being PM. Whatever Tsvangirai and his friends have said or done about Mugabe since they all became members of the GNU it was understood by both sides as political posturing. They would never say or do anything to upset Mugabe and therefore they would never, never ever impeach Mugabe. No, not even if the very lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Zimbabweans were at stake, as is clearly the case now.

Whilst the Indaba work on the code of conduct Mugabe will be distributing the millions of weapons he imported from his friends in China. He now has clearance to sell the stockpile of Marange diamonds and use the money to fund his campaign of violence and murder. Tsvangirai endorse the lifting of the ban on the sale of Marange diamonds knowing Mugabe and his cronies were conducting a very lucrative but secretive diamond business.

To retain his vice grip on power Mugabe has turned the people tasked with keeping law and order into murderous thugs and poisoned society so that one is forced to abandon reason and all humanity in a violent strangle for survival. Tsvangirai and his MDC friends will be just as responsible for the suffering and lost lives this new wave of Mugabe madness brings as the tyrant himself because they can and should stop Mugabe now. Impeach Mugabe now before it is too late; writing a code of conduct is but a feeble copout!


So the Indaba met and decided that Zimbabwe needs a "code of conduct" to end the political violence! What a sick joke!

Matters have gone beyond the arrest of some murderous thugs or firing of the rogue Police or Army Officers; parliament must impeach Mugabe himself. He has vowed there will be no regime change in Zimbabwe and now he has the thugs, the weapons, money; everything to start an orgy of mindless violence. There is nothing new or deferent that a new code can come up with here. What has been lacking all these years is the political will and courage to deal with the various challenges the nation has faced including curse of violence. It is high time Tsvangirai stood up and be counted and this talk of a code is nothing but a cynical copout!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Proceeds from diamond sells funding violence: says "disaster" Tsvangirai!

Tsvangirai accused Mugabe of running a parallel government and using diamond money to fuel political violence. “Of note is the continued sale of State resources such as diamonds without the knowledge of the Treasury. There have over five diamond auctions to date and only two have been accounted for by the Treasury. The resources accrued are not known and have been used to facilitate the operations of this parallel government,” said the MDC dossier sent to President Zuma.“Clearly, this remains why some elements in government have refused the call for transparency and nationalisation of diamonds in Chiadzwa. It is also possible that these diamond resources are now being used to perpetrate violence against civilians in Zimbabwe. This is also very plausible as security forces remain active in the extraction and selling of diamonds in Chiadzwa.”

It was for these very reasons that many people within Zimbabwe and outside had campaign long and hard to stop the sell of Zimbabwe’s Chiadza diamonds. The ban was lifted last week at the behest of none other than Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC Deputy Minister of Mines, Gift Chimamikire. The two publicly rubbished all reports including one from a fellow MDC MP, Eddie Cross, claiming the mining of diamonds in Chiadza was still marred in violence and corruption.

Like it or not once MDC changed its position in support of lifting the ban on sell of Chiadza diamonds, there was little anyone else could do to stop that from happening. Of course the KP Committee is not going to reinstate the ban just because Zimbabwe’s dithering Prime Minister has had yet another change of heart.

Yes it was the same PM Morgan Tsvangirai who lobbied that Mugabe should be allowed to sell the Chiadza diamonds who is now saying the money from the sells will be used to finance political violence. This is just one of the many blunders Tsvangirai has made and, as usual, it is the ordinary Zimbabweans who will pay dearly for it! Thank you very much Prime Minister “Disaster”!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tsvangirai says GPA is on the verge of collapse and still he knows not what to do!

Tsvangirai says the GNU is on the verge of collapse. “The political and security situation in Zimbabwe is deteriorating at an alarming and scaring pace and the MDC calls on Sadc to intervene to ensure the GPA does not collapse,” reads 11-page dossier to President Zuma.

“The sad reality is that of the 24 issues agreed, none has been implemented to date,” says the report. And the tragic reality is that the circus has been going on for over thirty months now and there is really no hope of anything changing. Mugabe is set on his dictatorial ways and he clearly has no intention of changing course. And poor Tsvangirai does not have the foggiest idea what to do to force the tyrant to change and never did.

The irony is Tsvangirai has the power to end all the political violence and force through all the democratic reforms. Parliament has the power and Tsvangirai’s MDC has the parliamentary majority. He has not used this power either because he has not realized he has it or else, which is almost certain, because he is frightened stiff of doing anything to upset the tyrant Mugabe.

Much as we love complaining about how powerless we are because of Zimbabwe’s undemocratic constitution and institutions after thirty years of Zanu PF tinkering with the constitution and corrupting the Police, Media, Judiciary, etc. There are many opportunities to rein in the dictatorship if only we would take full advantage of these opportunities. Parliament has the power to rein in Mugabe but because the house is full of lackeys to the tyrant nothing has happened.


Unoti uchamboti ‘totenda dzamwa dzasera nebenzi’ uchiti zvemwe zvichaita nane! Izvi zvaMugabe naTsvangirai zvanyanya. Mugabe anoziva chinhu chimwechete, humhondi. VaTsvangirai vangu tigere hedu, hatina chokuziva. Nhasi anoti ndinondotaura naMugabe mangwana ondo chemerai vaZuma. Makore natatu adarika achingo chingoit hwakumukwaku seguguvo asipasina chinoitwa.

Kanazuva nezuva mombe dzichisvera mumunda, benzi ndiwe anorenge benzi richirisa mombe achingoti "Tontenda dzamwa!" Zviri pachena Tsvangirai ashaya zano rokuti budisa mupfupfu yohumhondi hwaMugabe neZanu PF yake. Zvikoni zvikoni mimba haibvi nengosoro. Vanhu veZimbabwe tinofanira kutwa mumwe mutugamiri anotorera Tsvangirai.

Varipo vazhinji vanokwanisa kubvisa Mugabe pachigaro kudze kwaTsvangirai. Kusaradza mutunganiri anoziva zvaanoita rwendo, kutenda kuti Tsvangirai atadza ndiru hwaru dzokutanga!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Violence is to Zanu PF what Christ is to Christians - Tsvangirai is yet to realise that!

Reports of political violence continue to flood in. Zanu PF youths stopped an MDC rally in Chitugwiza on Sunday. Hundreds of MDC supporters were beaten up, seven of them are in Hospital for treatment. As has become the norm, the Police did nothing to stop the Zanu PF thugs.

“They watched us as these Zanu-PF youths destroyed our property and assaulted our members," MDC’s Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, told a news reporters later.

Zanu PF is a party that firmly believes in violence as the only way of achieve it’s political objectives. Violence is to Zanu PF what Christ is to the Christians.

Zimbabweans should have asked themselves before taking up arms to fight the racist white regime of Ian Smith; what kind of leaders the armed struggle would throw up? And, more poignantly, will such leaders with victory on the battlefield still ringing in their ears want to listen to the voices of ordinary people.

“What was achieved by the bullet can not be undone by the ballot!” said Mugabe to “justify” the wanton political violence during the sham June 2008 presidential run-off in which millions of Zimbabweans beaten, raped or otherwise had their lives turned up side down. Over 500 Zimbabweans lost their lives!

Mugabe is a ruthless tyrant who would stop at nothing to retain his iron grip on political power and all the privileges that has gone with absolute power. The threat of him and his cronies being called upon to account for their murderous past if Zanu PF should lose power has only hardened their resolved to retain power at all cost.

Anyone who has followed the politics in Zimbabwe is hardily surprised at the growing political violence sweeping the country now. What is surprising is how little MDC has done in the last three years to address this thorny problem. In a way, that is not surprising given just how incompetent Tsvangirai and MDC have proved to be in the past!


Yes President Mbeki could have played a more constructive role in Zimbabwe but ultimately the blame for the mess in Zimbabwe has to be laid on Tsvangirai's door for two reasons:
1) The GPA proposed by Mbeki gave too much power to Mugabe, everyone said so and warned Tsvangirai and yet he still signed it.
2) Even within the context of the GPA Tsvangirai and MDC had the power, authority and opportunity to take the rogue Police Officers and Army Generals to task, for example, and thus challenge Zanu PF's culture of violence head-on. Again and again MDC has done nothing.
Ultimately it is the people of Zimbabwe, not SADC, NATO or anyone else, who will decide the country’s destiny. Right now MDC is playing a key role in defining that destiny; it is a great pity that the party is led by a weak and indecisive leader!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Now that Zanu PF got what it wanted out of the GPA it is withdrawing its negotiators!

Minister Patrick Chinamasa told the Herald ZANU-PF “no longer (has) energy, inclination or willingness to maintain the team of negotiators as a forum of resolving any disagreements.” This throws the whole GPA into turmoil.

The GPA was unworkable for two reasons:
1) it gave Mugabe dictatorial powers.
2) MDC agreed to things like lifting the sanctions which they could not deliver and now Mugabe is holding the whole process hostage to these things.

MDC use its parliamentary majority to force through many of the democratic reforms. There have been many chances to force change in Zimbabwe what has been lacking is visionary leaders to make the most of these chances!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tsvangirai tells Mugabe to step down - something no dictator will ever do, stupid!

Tsvangirai says Mugabe should step down. "The question of age is catching up, the question of health is catching up. I am sure that advisably he would be in a position for the sake of the country, for the sake of his legacy, for the sake of his children to consider stepping down," Tsvangirai told a news conference.

Age and ill health (and his evil past) have certainly caught up with Mugabe; he would not be lording over us today if it was not for Tsvangirai’s naive stupidity to allow the dictator back in after the sham 2008 elections! Indeed Tsvangirai should get off his fat backside and finally address Zimbabwe's omnipresent cancerous problem of political violence. Tsvangirai has wasted years and countless opportunities waiting for Mugabe to step down and hand over power to him. And still he has not learnt that Mugabe has no intention of giving up power; it is not in the nature of a tyrant to do that, ever!


You are right, Tsvangirai should stop "sucking up" to Mugabe. Tsvangirai is a weak leader and has never had the confidence to stand up to Mugabe and Zanu PF and hence the need to appease.

It is naïve to think that the Zanu PF dictatorship will disappear the day Mugabe goes. Mugabe is but the one of the snake heads on the monster Medusa which is Zanu PF! Even if Mugabe goes, and signs are that he is going, I can not see Zimbabwe moving because Tsvangirai will be "sucking up" to Mujuru, Mnangagwa, Chihuri, and all the other Zanu PF thugs who make up the Zanu PF dictatorship!

What Zimbabwe needs to do desperately is to end the Zanu PF dictatorship and lawlessness and that requires a leader who will stand up not suck up to the dictatorship!



By signing the power sharing agreement with Mugabe in 2008, Tsvangirai gave Mugabe back all the tyrannical powers which the later has used to continue to intimidate and terrorise our people. The GPA was one sided from the word go and Tsvangirai was aware of that. And yet he still signed the agreement to appease Mugabe. Of course it was very naïve and stupid of Tsvangirai to have done so and it is ridiculous to call him a “peace-maker” for it!