Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mugabe is "under siege"" says Tsvangirai; but how more innocent live will it cost?

"ZANU-PF is under siege. They are in a corner and this is a desperate act from a party that is losing power," Tsvangirai told the mourners at Christpower's funeral. "Power", that is all he ever thinks about and like Mugabe he too will happily see hundreds if not thousands more Zimbabweans lives lost in his ill advanced and reckless attempts to grab it from Mugabe.

 Well that is true, Mugabe is under siege and losing power but has not lost it yet. So how many other innocent lives is Tsvangirai going to sacrifice in his mad rush to seize power from Mugabe. If Tsvangirai had implemented the reforms Christpower would be alive today.

 If people vote yes(which is what Tsvangirai is asking the people to do) and the elections then go ahead, there will be a lot of limbs broken and a lot more lives lost. A no vote will force the implementation of the reforms and save the nation the agonies of yet another bloody election. When is Tsvangirai going to put the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans above his own selfish ambitions of being president?

“This has to end, starting with the arrest of the people who committed this heinous crime," said Tsvangirai. He said he could not vouch for Mugabe's sincerity when calling for peaceful elections.

Over 500 were murdered in 2008, how many of those responsible were ever arrested? Indeed if MDC has pursue those responsible those responsible and they were arrested that could have ended the country’s culture of political impunity behind of these political crimes.

Tsvangirai has been campaigning for a yes vote on the strength than Mugabe will keep his word to keep the peace (having failed to secure that by more traditional methods of having a strong constitution and implementing the reforms). Now that his lies have claimed their first victim he admits that he could not vouch for Mugabe’s sincerity; what a hypocrite!

MDC Home Affair Minister Makone admit 2013 election will "be bloodier than 2008"!

"This election is going to be bloodier than 2008, the makings of a horror election is there in front of us for all to see," admitted the MDC Home Affairs Minister, Theresa Makone on S W Radio Africa Hot Seat programme. This raises three questions:

a) MDC has been telling the people to vote yes in the referendum based on the argument that there will be no violence. So why has the party been lying to the people?

b) There were a raft of reforms agreed in the GPA which would have ended Mugabe's dictatorial powers and freed institutions like the Police and Judiciary to carryout their statutory duties in a none partisan manner. Why were the reforms not carried out?

c) You now admit the violence will be bloodier than 2008 because MDC failed to have the reforms implemented. The only way to stop the elections going ahead now is if people vote no in the referendum. Why is MDC not campaigning for a no vote in the referendum and save the nation a "bloodier" election than 2008?

Ultimately it is the people themselves who, in this case, will cast the deciding vote. Are the people going to still vote yes and let the “bloodier” than 2008 elections go ahead? Or will they come to their senses and vote no and save the nation the “horror” they can see with their own eyes and is now within their own voting power to avoid?

Hold everything, stop everything: MDC-T threatening to boycott elections again!

“In a statement today the MDC also repeated its Conditions for a Sustainable Election in Zimbabwe (COSEZ), without which the party would not participate in any election,” said a MDC Statement.

So the election boycott is back on the agenda again!

On 29 January  2013 MDC Secretary General, Tendai Biti, told the media MDC will boycott the elections if the “hooligan” CIO and military officers in ZEC are not replaced

Two days later on 31 January 2013 MDC National Organising Secretary, Nelson Chamisa, denies MDC ever said the party will boycott the elections.

"The people of Zimbabwe have embraced the MDC and have placed their hope in the party;” Chamisa said “hence, whatever the magnitude of the persecution from which ever quarter, the people will vote in their numbers for a new beginning and real transformation which will be brought about by the MDC government."

Read in that, MDC will take part in the elections no matter the level of violence Mugabe and Zanu PF visits on the MDC supporters, how many and beaten, raped and murdered.

Now boycotting the elections is once again back on the agenda. So what has change? What are these COZES? As usual with MDC it is all a confused and confusing mess.

The first condition is “The adoption and implementation of an agreed new (Copac) constitution for Zimbabwe.” This Mugabe can argue that he is doing, frankly he cannot wait to see it adopted.

The other conditions require parliamentary legislation, like the repeal of POSA and AIPPA which MDC should have done years ago given the party had parliamentary majority.   

“Media reforms that include the issuing of community radio licenses to impartial and none partisan organizations,” is another condition. Again MDC should have pushed this through years ago so that by now there will be a truly free and vibrant media in the country. Even if licenses were issued now to some of the independent radios like S W Radio Africa they will not have the time to set up and play a meaningful role.

This is just Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his MDC party at their indecisive best and flip-flopping from boycotting to not boycotting position depending on how their political winds blows.

The people of Zimbabwe should just vote no in the referendum so the agreed reforms can be implemented which will clear the deck of Mugabe and his Zanu PF dictatorship and the serial flip-flopping Tsvangirai and his MDC!

The greatest btribute Zimbabwe can pay to Christpower Maisiri is to ensure he is the last victim of political violence!

I have said a thousand times and will say it again Tsvangirai and the rest of the MDC leadership’s incompetence is truly breath taking! Ask yourself what would a NO vote do to Mugabe?

It will mean a new body will be instituted to implement the reforms and write a new DEMOCRATIC constitution. No one would accept the three political parties constituting this GNU can be trusted to carry out the same tasks when they clearly failed to do these last five years.

Implement the reforms and write a democratic constitution will mean free and fair elections - with no violence, a free media, etc. That is the one thing Mugabe and Zanu PF DO NOT want.

Of course implementing the reforms will mean the party's own performance coming under the full free media scrutiny and a real competition of ideas will ensue. New political players quick off their feet and smart as a whistle will emerge in this new democratic green valleys with cool mountain streams. Given this MDC current crop of deadwood and flawed and indecisive leaders, will they survive the new competition? I do not think so! So it would seem MDC as it is presently constituted would too be better off with the chaotic status quo fighting a discredited dictatorship in this politic Sahara desert were their own competence is never closely scrutinized. So a yes vote would be in Tsvangirai and MDC’s best interest.

Yes I agree that a yes vote would be in the best interests of Mugabe and Tsvangirai, the best interest of Zanu PF and MDC in their own selfish and narrow minded kind of way.

But when the people cast their vote in the referendum it is not what is in the interest of Mugabe, Tsvangira, Zanu PF or MDC that they should be concerned about but what is in the best interest of themselves as individuals, the nation at large and posterity. There is no doubt that there is a convergence of the interests of individual, national and posterity in having the reforms implemented now and move the nation finally out of the Sahara Desert of tyranny and corruption into the green valleys of democracy, freedom, liberty and prosperity – Kudyiwa zhezha nechirimo!

A yes vote in the referendum means people agree to go ahead with elections although the reforms have NOT been implementing. Whether or not the people fully appreciate the consequences of that is irrelevant; it is assumed that they do, ignorance is no excuse; and the consequence is that there will be a repeat of wanton political violence of 2008!

Mugabe has his terror machine well-oiled with money from the sale of Marange diamonds. He has sworn there will be no regime change and he is not one to mince his words. There will be election violence; that is certain!

The gruesome death of that 12 year old boy, Christpower Simbarashe Maisiri, should be the wakeup call to all Zimbabweans to stop and think before they commit the whole nation to yet another meaningless and bloody election process. People must vote no and force the implementation of the reforms so all future elections are free and fair – free of all this mindless violence.

The greatest tribute Zimbabwe can ever pay to Christpower is not that Prime Minister Tsvangirai and x number of his Ministers attended his funeral but that his death reminded us all to vote to end Zimbabwe’s culture of mindless political violence once and for all!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mugabe, Shamu, Machigura they all out on a charm office - reassuring laughs of the laughing hyena!

“You do not win elections by beating people up. If you do that, they will not vote for you. So it is very important as a party to look for persuasive ways of winning back our supporters who voted for MDC-T in the previous elections,” said Muchinguri.

Yes that is right; it was Oppah Muchinguri of Zanu PF, the same Zanu PF led by Mugabe, who actually said that!

Mugabe and Zanu PF have stayed in power all these 33 years because they used every dirty trick in the book to win elections - including violence.

The statement released by Zanu PF Minister Webster Shamu in connection with the murder of Christpower Maisisri said the Zimbabwean society is founded on the principle of sanctity of life and any actions that are shown to undermine the principle will attract the full wrath of the law.

Yes of course Minister, no doubt you are still chasing those responsible for the murder of over 500 innocent Zimbabweans during the 2008 elections. We also know what you mean about “full wrath of the law”; 29 MDC supporters accused of killing a Police Officers can testify to that!

The Headlands murder has spooked many people into taking the threat of a repeat of the 2008 violence with the seriousness the issue demands. If the is one thing Zimbabweans would not want repeated in the nightmare of 2008. Mugabe knows very well that voting no in the referendum will give the people that chance to ensure the violence of 2008 is not repeated. A no vote for Mugabe means the reforms he has spent the last five years dodging will finally be implemented and then there will be truly free and fair elections and regime change will follow as day follows night! That is simply unthinkable to Mugabe!

Mugabe and Zanu PF will be mounting an all-out “peaceful election” campaign, yes even to the extent of distorting the party’s and country's history. All this for one end and purpose; calm everybody down into believing once again Zanu PF would not hurt a fly, the country will have peaceful elections. Indeed Mugabe may even extent his hand of peace to accepting that some of the reforms will be implemented after the referendum.

Mugabe will promise and do anything just to get the people to calm down and vote yes in the referendum, anything.

No doubt Mugabe has already hatched a plan B to boost the yes vote in the referendum - we may discovery for example that Zimbabwe a more over 18 years than we thought!

Once Mugabe has the yes vote safely in the bag, all this talk of none-violence will stop and the beating, raping and murdering will start in earnest.

Machingura's message of love and fraternity; is nothing more than the hyena laughing to win the trust and confidence of the lamb to encourage to come out of hiding so he can clamp those bone crashing jaws on it!

“The President told the Commissioner-General of the Police (Augustine Chihuri) that police must account for all cases of politically-motivated violence regardless of the status of those involved,” Mr Charamba said.

This laughable; over 500 were murdered in 2008, how many have been arrested? No doubt Mugabe have some people arrested this time because he wants people to vote yes in the referendum.

The President said he does not tolerate violence as the country prepares for the referendum.

Until the referendum Mugabe and Zanu PF with be whiter than white.

With the yes vote safely in the bag, he will deploy his murderous thugs just as happened in 2008!

Mugabe is nothing more than a laughing hyena seeking to win the trust of him victim and luring it to come out of hiding only to be greeted with those bone crashing jaws!

I hope Zimbabweans are going to have the good sense and vote no in the referendum and thus force the implementation of the reform BEFORE elections are held and thus avoid the bone crashing bloody elections!

Wilbert Mukori: whay I have written about Mugabe dictatorship and nothing else!

I have been accused of writing about the Mugabe dictatorship and the Copac constitution over and over again I was like a "broken record". I would like to answer my critics.

Do you know what a migraine headache is? I will tell you, it is recurrent throbbing headache often with nausea and visual disturbance. My step-grandmother, may she rest in peace, had migraine headaches and that is all she ever talked about - without saying a single word!

This Mugabe and Zanu PF dictatorship is a migraine headache of the worst possible kind; not the type that comes and goes but the type that is there all the time, 24/7. It is not the unlucky few who are affliction by this virulent disease but the whole nation; every Zimbabwean alive or yet to be born are suffering the ill effects of the three decades Zanu PF’s rampant corruption and relentless brutal repression.

The whole SADC region and many other countries all over the globe; who have been generous to welcome the millions of Zimbabweans who have forced to leave the country to catch a breath of fresh air and a moment of peace; are themselves feeling the ill effects of the foul air emanating from Zimbabwe!

Do you know that every Zimbabwean child born today; if he/she survives given the dark ages conditions offered by the country’s appalling health service; will inherit a debt burden of US$ 10 000, their share of the over US$ 10 billion nation debt piled up by this dictatorship?

Do you know that most Zimbabweans are malnourished, 1.6 million were totally dependent of foreign food aid or they would have starved to death, and that it affects growth and development including the development of the brain? So we have a lot of idiots out there but for no fault of their own! They are the real victims of the land grab that gave the few five or more farms but turning a country that used to export surplus food now unable to feed its own people!

"Wilbert, part of what you say makes sense and everyone knows it, don't remind us on EVERY story in this paper...," you say.

Well my friend that is comparable to telling my late step grandmother not to hold her head so everyone could see she was in pain! Until the nation's malignant migraine headache and heartache - i.e. this Mugabe and Zanu PF corrupt and oppressive dictatorship - is cured THERE IS NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, ELSE WORTH TALKING ABOUT!
I will tell something else too; this Mugabe dictatorship has survived and thrived because Zimbabweans were naïve to think that if they pretended the dictatorship was not there it will go away. Well it did not go away; instead it has grown into this overbearing monster eating us all alive!

Arguing that one should not talk about what Mugabe is doing to the nation in every story although that is the overarching reality behind every story is nothing but a variant on the same theme – let us all pretend the dictatorship is not there! It is the same naval gazing self-indulgence that has landed us in this hell-hole.

Unlike my step grandmother’s migraine headache for which I did not know the cure, I do know the cure of this malignant cancer, Mugabe dictatorship; the people have to stop this naval gazing self-indulgence and cut out the cancer! That my friend, is worth repeated a million times and a million times again in the hope that the message will get through!

“The fact is EVEN IF the new policies were put in law et.c etc., the real issue is that while you have ZPF running the ministries that enforce the law, no real chance will be effected,” you argue. “That WILL change when MDC win and put their own people in.”

Well my point exactly, all this naval gazing is doing your head in, you cannot think at all let alone think straight and hence the need for me to repeat myself a million times.

If Mugabe and Zanu PF is allowed to run everything as they have done these last 33 years, which you acknowledge they are – tick. So by virtue of all these dictatorial powers they are therefore able to use all the dirty tricks they can including using the country’s dominant print media and only radio and TV broadcasts for Zanu PF propaganda, tick - they are doing that; deliberately keep the voters roll in a chaotic state which they can then exploited to their own advantage, that is happening – tick; there are a number of other dirty tricks Zanu PF will use and so add another hundred ticks; and last but not least Zanu PF is free to use violence, Mugabe’s person weapon of choice, yes –tick!

With all these ticks in Mugabe and Zanu PF’s favor how then do you come up with the conclusion that MDC will win?
You have clearly failed to understand the whole argument on implementing the reforms. The reforms are aimed at cutting the umbilical cords connecting Mugabe to all these state organs like the Police, CIO, Judiciary, etc. to free them from political influence so they can perform their statutory duties in a none partisan manner.

Implement the reforms and you will dismantle the dictatorship brick by brick leaving Mugabe nothing more than a paper tiger. With the dictatorship dismantle Mugabe and Zanu PF will not be able to do any dirty tricks; the elections will be truly free and fair.

Even if MDC did manage to win these elections; no one should have to run the gauntlet of wanton violence just to exercise their right to vote! MDC should have had the reforms implemented so the violence of 2008 is never ever repeated, that is the point

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

MDC call for another SADC summit to take heat off increasing violence!

Minister Biti says MDC have a massive dossier of events in the past months where a number of party activities have been killed, intimidated, assaulted and prevented from registering to vote in general elections expected in July.

So there has been a lot more violence taking place than MDC has let on! Until the tragic death of Christpower Maisiri over the weekend, MDC have maintained the position - the party remains confident there will be no violence and a repeat of 2008. A position the party has to hold to get Zimbabwe to vote yes in the referendum.

Even when President Khama of Botswana contradicted the MDC position pointing out that it would impossible to avoid a repeat of the 2008 violence since all the elements behind that year’s wanton violence were still in place. Prime Minister responded by saying he would seeking a special SADC summit to address that very issue! A move designed to calm povo; those who are more politically savvy knew this was MDC kicking the issue into the long grass. If such a summit was to be called SADC would only repeat what they have said a thousand times already – “Implement the agreed reforms!”  

If the people were to realize that by voting no in the referendum they would force the bloody reforms to be implemented at long last and since the election will be held AFTER the reforms are implemented the nation will be spared the agony of another bloody election. Of course they would all vote NO. MDC does not want people to realize that and hence all this elaborate scheming and lying about no repeat of 2008 and hiding dossiers proving the violence was already happening.

MDC have gone to all this trouble of lying that there will be no repeat of 2008 and hiding the evidence of it happening already because they want the nation to vote yes and accept this Copac Constitution. They are desperate to see this happen because this constitution is the only thing the party can claim to have done in all its time in this GNU. MP Douglas Mwonzora, MDC rep on the drafting committee, has carried it around you would think he was Leonardo De Vinci carrying the Mona Lisa.

Zimbabwean can either vote yes in the referendum and these are the consequences:


a)      save MDC and MP Mwonzora the few blushes by having their Copac constitution child accepted by the people


a)      we stuck with this Copac rubbish because it was designed to save Mugabe and the dictatorship.

b)      we will have forfeited the last real chance to force the implementation of the reforms

c)      we will immediately move into elections which because the reforms were not implemented are bound to be a repeat of 2008; many limbs will be broken and many lives lost.

d)     whatever election result we get Mugabe and Zanu PF are bound to have more influence than they electorally deserve because they were able to use all the dirty tricks including violence because the elections were not free and fair. Because they are not democratically accountable, they will continue to do as they please and so the corruption and oppression will continue as before.

e)      SADC and the world at large will give up on Zimbabwe ever sorting outing out its political mess and lift the sanctions and just deal with whatever government is in Harare regardless of how corrupt and oppressive it happen to be.

A no vote will turn all the yes vote advantages into disadvantages and similarly with the disadvantages.


a)      a no vote will throw away this Copac rubbish and a new democratic constitution will be written.

b)      A no vote will force the implementation of the reforms

c)      Elections will be delayed until a) and b) above are complete and then free and fair elections will then be held – with a free media, free of violence, etc. There will be no broken limbs and body bags for the first time ever since Zimbabwe became independent – guaranteed!

d)     Zimbabwe will have a truly democratic government accountable to be people and the difficult task of climbing out of the hell-hole Mugabe landed the nation can finally start in earnest.

e)      SADC and the international community who really did not want to see the violence of 2008 repeated will be glad to see the Zimbabwe crisis resolved and they will do their best to help the country get back on its feet.


a)      MDC and MP Mwonzora will blush to see the rubbish Copac constitution rejected

Minister Biti told journalists MDC will send the dossier to SADC with yet another request for a special SADC summit to discuss Zimbabwean’s worsening political violence.

“Events in the country are degenerating into what happened in 2008. SADC must act now to prevent the escalation of violence,” Minister Biti said. “All the outstanding issues must be implemented before the elections.”

Yeah it is all tediously familiar. Of course if the people vote yes which is still what MDC want them to do the nation will move into election mode and none of these “outstanding issues” will be serious considered. This is MDC doing what they do best; referring the problem to SADC knowing fully well the problem is the party’s own making so they can fool the gullible into believing problem was caused by SADC but they are now taking over and will have it sorted! Thus MDC is once again stringing the people along making them believe the violence of 2008 will not be repeated and so they should vote yes in the referendum confident this will be sorted soon thereafter.

Mugabe will no doubt be telling his thugs that they must hold their horses until after the referendum. Mugabe will be doing a lot more than blush if the no vote was to win the day; he and Zanu PF will be finished!

It is now boiling down to whether the people are smart enough to see the violence is not going to stop, they can see all the evidence of the violence everywhere with their own eyes; or they chose to accept the lies and empty assurances from MDC and follow the party blindly and vote yes in the referendum!

Monday, 25 February 2013

12 year boy burnt to death: first victim of Tsvangirai's failure to implement the reforms!

A 12 year old boy burnt to death in a political attack in Highlands. The boy’s father is a leading MDC official in the area and has had his hut burnt on nine other occasions by known Zanu PF supporters loyal to Zanu PF Minister Didymus Mutasa.

MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti told journalists in Harare Monday the party will approach SADC to deal with the upsurge in violence in the country in recent weeks. This is the usual nonsense the nation has come to expect from MDC.

SADC has said again and again that the agreed democratic reforms should be implemented. President Khama of Botswana expressed his concerns that the Zanu PF machinery responsible for the violence in the past is still there and hence he could not see how a repeat of the wanton violence of 2008 could be avoided.

SADC will only restate the obvious; implement the reforms!

Prime Minister Tsvangirai would you please stop lying about there being no violence in these elections, for we are already in the elections process. Please tell the people the truth that you failed to get the agreed GPA reforms implemented and that until and unless they are implemented the wanton violence of 2008 will be repeated.

You lying that there will be no violence to get people to vote yes in the referendum is compounding your failure in that it is misleading the people and drawing into this Mugabe death trap. If people knew the truth about your failure to implement the reforms and that by voting no in the referendum they will force the reforms to be implemented and the elections will be delayed until the reforms are implemented and thus avoid a repeat of the wanton violence of 2008.

This tragic death of Christpower Maisiri, burnt to death - a gruesome death - is to your account Mr. Prime Minister for you having failed to get the reforms implemented.

All politically motivated death after the referendum, if the yes vote win the day, will be to your account Mr. Prime Minister for lying that there would be no violence!

Please, please Mr. Prime Minister spare the nation of your platitudes and pontifications of this young boy being a "national hero". He was just an ordinary 12 year old boy whose life was brutally cut short to gratify Mugabe's continued hold on power. The death could and should have been avoided were it not for your; you Mr. Prime Minister, breathe taking political incompetence.

Zimbabweans must now stop looking at failed leaders like Tsvangirai for answers to this nightmare; we all can see everything is geared for a repeat of the violence of 2008. We all can see the only way to stop this is by voting NO in the referendum. One should never follow anyone blindly and it is first class folly to an incompetent leader blindly, especially when your own welfare and life and those of so many others is at stake!

Cantankerous Mugabe refuse to delay referendum: "Madhuku has no right to stop us", he argues!

Mugabe says Madhuku has no right to ask for the referendum date to delayed to allow adequate time for the electorate to study the Copac Constitution.

“It is not true that the announcement of the date was without prior warning. This process has been going on for four years and it was public knowledge that in terms of the Global Political Agreement the draft constitution was to be put to a referendum,” Mugabe said.

What a nonsensical argument from a cantankerous tyrant! It was Mugabe himself who has dragged out the constitution writing process all these four and half years; disrupting the conferences and outreach programs; throwing out everything the public had said because he and his Zanu PF party did not want it; spend years horse-trading, changing this today and that tomorrow; etc. He did all this just to wind everybody up and show them he is the boss before he finally “dictated” this Copac Constitution. And now before the people have not even had a chance to see this piece of rubbish they are being harangued into voting.

“The deponent does not say what gross injustice would be occasioned,” Mugabe’s affidavit says.

The gross injustice is that the people are being asked to vote on this very important national document without being given the chance to read and digest what it says!

In his founding affidavit, President Mugabe said it was up to the people of Zimbabwe to decide on the day of voting whether or not the time given to analyze the draft was adequate.

Zimbabweans will be asked whether or not the approve this Copac constitution, there is no third box for “not time given to analyze the draft constitution”! Zimbabwe has already wasted five years and over US$ 100 million writing this Copac Constitution, let us have a meaningful referendum .

“A membership of 120 000, which is denied, cannot hold an entire country to ransom,” continued the affidavit. That is rich, coming from the man who has held this nation to ransom all these 33 years!

Mugabe has corrupted everything and everybody in Zimbabwe including the Judges; they are all paid generously complete with new Mercedes Benz car allowances and they all had a pick of the farm seized whites. We all know just how desperate Mugabe is to get a yes vote. He knows more and more Zimbabweans are waking up to the reality they are once again being conned into accepting this Copac rubbish when voting no and forcing the implementation of the reforms will save the nation’s best interests; he cannot allow this to happen. If the Judge rules in Mugabe’s favor it would not be because that was the right and just thing to do, he or she will be paying back for the Mercedes Benz, etc.

This is a matter of great national importance and to force people to vote without allowing them a chance to at least read what it is they are accepting or rejecting is wrong. To allow this to happen on a technicality imaginary or otherwise is itself a travesty of natural justice.

The UNPD and all the donors who have promised to fund the elections must take note and inform this repressive regime that they will not fund the elections if the people are not allowed reasonable time to read the Copac Constitution before they vote in the referendum.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Release of SA's report 2002 Zimbabwe elections will be the last straw that killed the camel!

If the report on Zimbabwe’s presidential elections of 2002 compiled by SA is released; it would be more than a headache to Mugabe and Zanu PF, it will be the last straw that killed the camel!

The information may relate to Zanu-PF's complicity in violence, election misconduct that borders on manipulating the process in favour of Mugabe, and confidential information relating to how Mugabe conducts his party affairs, insiders said

The biggest problem the report will present to Mugabe is  that it will confirm the coming elections will not be free and fair and highlight once again why the agreed reforms MUST be implemented BEFORE elections are held if the dirty tricks he used then are not going to be repeated. The report will also show how weak and feeble this Copac constitution and will be found wanting in addressing the constitution problem flagged by the report!

If the report comes out before the referendum vote; it will be an uphill climb for Mugabe to get the yes vote he so, so desperately needs!

Mwonzora's MASTER PIECE, Mona Lisa, Copac Constitution turns out to be rubbish!

MDC-T spokesman and COPAC co-chairperson, Douglas Mwonzora, urged Zimbabweans to adopt the draft because "it limits the president to a maximum of two terms in office, while the current constitution allows the Head of State to stand for election as many times as he or she likes".

Poor, poor, Douglas Mwonzora; he has really run out of ideas and so he is digging really deep to find a valid reason why Zimbabweans should vote yes in the upcoming referendum!

This primary reason Zimbabwe was asked in the GPA agreement to implement a number of democratic reforms and to write a new DEMOCRATIC constitution was NOT because we desperately needed to limit the maximum terms the state president can save. The primary reason we needed a new constitution was to ensure the next elections will be free and fair and a true reflection of the democratic wishes of the people of Zimbabwe and not a repeat of the wanton violence of the discredited 2008 elections.

The primary question therefore one must ask is: has

a) the agreed democratic institutional reforms been implemented necessary to make all the democratic institutions like the media, Police, Judiciary, etc. independent and strong to provide the checks and balances expected of them in a functioning and healthy democracy and

b) is this Copac constitution the democratic constitution the nation expected

To deliver and guarantee free and fair elections – with a free media, free of violence; one needs a resounding YES to a) and a resounding YES in b). This is an AND GATE as contrast to an OR GATE because an unsatisfactory performance is one or both mean the intended end result – free and fair elections - will not be delivered.

It is a well-established fact no one serious would dispute that Mugabe has stubbornly refused to implement the reforms and Tsvangirai capitulated. So the answer to a) is a resounding NO.

Having capitulated or the reforms the new Copac constitution was then drafted with the clear understanding that it would not force the implementation of the reforms; Mugabe saw to it that it did not and hence ended up “dictating” the constitution.  The answer to b) is a resound NO too.

It is another well-established fact no one serious would dispute that Zimbabwe is not going to have free and fair elections this year. There is no free media and every day there reports of the political intimidation and harassment already. The violence will go into overdrive after the referendum with the yes vote safely in the bag; Zanu PF would not want to spook the people by having violence before the referendum.

When the answers to both a) and b) are a no and no and the facts on the ground confirm there will be no free and fair elections how can anyone then justify voting for anything else in the referendum other that a NO.

The need to fix the maximum terms and age a president can serve and be, have assumed greater prominence than they rightly deserve only because the nation was frustrated at the reality of having Mugabe ruling for another day more. 33 years was more than what the people could endure! But if one examined the facts one would immediate see the people would have got rid of Mugabe years ago if elections had been free and fair. In other words having failed to get rid of Mugabe through the ballot they were now ferreting for other ways because they had really lost faith in the electoral path.

Mugabe kicked out the age restriction just as he kicked out everything else he did not like in the Copac constitution. He is 89 years old and sickly accepting a maximum of another ten years in office is hardly a compromise now is it!

The overwhelming majority in Zimbabwe have had all their rights, freedoms and liberties eroded away by this Mugabe dictators; instead of being citizens we been reduced to  subjects or, for the over 30 000 murdered by the regime over the years, slaves who do not have the right to life itself. No slave would give up his/her demand to be free because they have the assurance of a new slave-master every ten years at most! If any the slave or subject was to do that then would be out of ignorance of the true value of freedom or what it means to be a citizen!  

Douglas Mwonzora is making a big song and dance about Copac having a clause setting the maximum terms of the president only because that is the best crumb one can glean from this rubbish Copac constitution! Poor, poor Douglas Mwonzora; he talked about and carried this Copac Constitution as if he was Leonardo De Vinci carrying the Mona Lisa and now it turns it to be rubbish! Poor, poor Douglas Mwonzora!

Mugabe says "presidency is sacrosanct", explains why he refused reforms!

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe claimed that he had been charged by God to lead the country and insisted he would see through his “divine task” as he celebrated his 89th birthday.

Well what more evidence do we need to know what is really going on here! Here it is from the horse’s own mouth, the dictatorship is “sacrosanct”!

Mugabe has stubbornly refused to implement all the democratic reforms, agreed in the GPA. These reforms are absolutely necessary if we are ever going to end this brutal dictatorship and move into the light of democracy and good governance. Whilst the nation has waited patiently all these five years for the reforms and democratic changes not even one of the reforms has seen the light of day.

Whilst Tsvangirai would want the nation to believe that although he had failed to get  even one of the reform implemented, still he had managed to salvage something -although he has been very careful not to say what exactly that something is, we are expected to just trust him on this – and we should vote yes in the upcoming referendum.

Tsvangirai has insisted there will be no violence in the elections if the nation should vote yes in the referendum. All the evidence on the ground says the wanton of violence of 2008 will be repeated. Once again, Tsvangirai wants the nation us all to just take his word he is right and just disregard what we can see with our own eyes!

Mugabe on the other hand has refused to implement the reforms; he did have to tell us, we can all see it, we can see the continued partisan behaviour of the ZRP, Judiciary, etc. with our own eyes. He has his Zanu PF terror machine primed for another bloody and has secured the funding for it, as much as US$2 billion according to some NGO report, from the sale of Marange diamonds.

The copac constitution is weak and feeble, it will not do anything to stop the political violence and end the dictatorship; read it for yourselves, for Christ sake!

Mugabe is the quintessential medieval dictator who viewed themselves as way above everyone else, mere fallible mortals; they were infallible because they specially chosen by the Gods to rule! It is not just senior Zanu PF loyalists like Vice President Joyce Mujuru who, singing for their dinner, were blubbering on and on about Mugabe being divinely appointed to rule; Mugabe himself believes all that nonsense too.

“There is nothing wrong in people having ambitions and discussing political issues with their wives. They should not, however, tamper with the presidency; it is sacrosanct. These positions come from God, they do not just come!”
Tsvangirai capitulated to all Mugabe’s demands; refusing to implement the reforms, commandeering a significant chunk of the Marange diamond wealth, etc., and above all his outrageous claim to being divinely chosen. Zimbabweans have the opportunity to reclaim their right to have a meaningful say in the governance of the country by voting NO in the referendum. To vote yes is to capitulate and accept the nonsense Mugabe has God’s divine vote!

Senator Gutu warns against politicians taking the people for granted and yet advocates doing just that!

Senator Obert Gutu, MDC Deputy Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, in his regular diatribe column warns politicians not to take the people for granted and then dedicate the rest of the article telling his party how to do just that.

Here is one Senator who says a lot and loud! Sadly it he will either be contradicting himself or it is nonsense!

He started by saying politicians should not take the people for grants in one paragraph: “it is always dangerous to take the people for granted”. 

And then in the next, he says: “Elections will be held in Zimbabwe around July, 2013.That is a fact accompli.” What makes you, Senator, so sure that Zimbabweans are NOT going to vote NO in the upcoming referendum? Is it because, like your party leader Prime Minister Tsvangirai, you believe a yes vote is “a formality”?

MDC had nearly five years to implement the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA and not even one reform has seen the light of day. Not one! Everyone agrees without the reforms there is no way the nation can repeat the violence of 2008. You, Senator, and PM Tsvangirai know it. PM Tsvangirai made his mad-dash for the Netherlands Embassy when the going got tough. Where were you hiding? Did you stay in a distant relative’s house locked, with the curtains drawn, no radio, mobile phone off, sweating with fear each time someone knocked at the door?

Whilst you MDC leaders were in hiding millions of Zimbabweans had their whole lives turned upside down and turned inside out. Do you know that hundreds of thousands were beaten and or raped? Do you know that over 500 were murdered? Do you know that not even one of the thugs responsible for all these crimes was ever arrested and send to prison? You should; you are the Deputy Minister of Justice!

And now you want the nation to go through this all over again?  That is taking the people for granted, Senator.

So what deal did you strike with Mugabe? That you the big wigs in MDC will not be harassed or arrested but we the ordinary mortals are to face the music?  

We both know that if the people vote no in the referendum then the elections will have to be post poned until the reforms are implemented. But by lying to the people that there will be no violence, deliberately keeping them in the dark about your capitulations to Mugabe on the reforms and now forcing them to vote before they have even seen what this rubbish Copac constitution; you can confidently say the yes vote is in the bag and elections will go ahead.

Well Senator, you are not just taking the people for granted but arrogantly so and contemptuous of how many will be beaten, raped and murdered! I can only hope that Zimbabweans wake up to this reality and vote no before it is all too late!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tsvangirai, thankful for something to do, announce ZEC and ZRC chairs - Mugabe loyalists!

Prime Minister Tsvangirai announced the appointment of Jacob Mudenda, a former Zanu PF Governor, to be chairman of Human Right Commission. Needless to same nothing has been done to address the many issues Professor Austin raised when he signed in frustration because the commission was a paper tiger.

Prime Minister also announced the appointment of Rita Makarau, herself a former Zanu PF MP, to chair ZEC. We all know part ZEC played in 2008 in cooking election results to suit Mugabe and Zanu PF. It took Zec five weeks to announce the results; there was a lot of cooking to do no doubt!

 I wonder how long it is going to take some Zimbabweans before they realize that every institution, the ZRP, ZNA, CIO, ZEC, Judiciary, Registrar General, you name it, every one of them are all operating to the same rules as in 2008 and they are all being run by Mugabe loyalists indeed many of them the same guy as in 2008! Nothing has changed, absolutely nothing has changed. Once this penny has dropped it is impossible for anyone not to come to the conclusion that Mugabe has absolutely no intention of holding free and fair election.

Mugabe will use every dirty trick he can think of to win the elections. He has the public media already on his side - there is no free media. Many will find they cannot vote because their names are still missing in the voters roll although known Zanu PF supporters are still being registered, just to be absolutely sure they are on the roll. And then there is Mugabe's own personal favorite, violence; it is simply impossible to see how a repeat of 2008 can be avoided.

Mugabe is banking on the penny not dropping until after the referendum when he will, hopefully, have the yes vote safely in the bag. It will not matter then if the pennies rain down, and they will when the Zanu PF terror machine swings into overdrive, it will be too late.

And to help create this false sense of security Mugabe has Tsvangirai announcing the Zanu PF political appointees! Tsvangirai, after five years of twiddling his thumbs he is only too pleased to be doing something for a change even if it is digging his own grave!

There will never be a factual movie on Tsvangirai and some of his blind loyal supporters; even those who are witnessing these things will not believe the storyline, it is simply impossible that anyone can be this stupid!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Zim Vigil and I have smae destination by follow different road!

Dear Zimbabwe Vigil,

Let me say I support the excellent work the group has done over the years. I salute all you members’ staying power; whilst many of us protested what Mugabe has been doing for a few weeks a few months at most, you have continued the protest for over ten years!

Regarding the statement on your web site: “Vigil supporter Wilbert Mukori has been urging us to campaign against the constitution but we felt our energies should be devoted to what is really important: free and fair elections. Indeed, we have been dismayed that so much time and money has been devoted to the ludicrous constitution at the expense of more vital things.”

I am writing in the spirit of debate and not criticism.

My first point is that we are both fighting for the same thing, free and fair elections. We are going to the same place; the difference is which route to take. The Copac constitution is now on the table and the people will be voting on it on the 16 March 2013; these are two political realities no one can do anything about.

If people vote yes in the referendum; then they would accepted the constitution which I believe is rubbish but the nation will move straight into elections. With things as they stand there will be no avoiding a repeat of 2008. There will be no free and fair elections.

If, on the other hand, people voted NO then the nation will be forced to revisit the tasks agreed in the GPA and get the reforms implemented and a democratic constitution written and the hold elections. This course of action will deliver free and fair elections.

You proposed route, if I understand you correctly, if to pressure SADC to force the GNU to implement the reforms and completely ignore the referendum. We you can do that but SADC cannot because the Copac constitution and holding the referendum are accepted milestone along the SADC roadmap.

Whilst the referendum is asking people’s view on the Copac constitution they will, like it or not whether or not they are aware of it or not, be voting on whether what this GNU has done will deliver free and fair elections. A yes vote in the referendum is therefore a yes we are happy for the elections to go ahead.

There many negative and precious few positive things one can say about SADC but one of those precious few positives is the regional body DOES NOT WANT A REPEAT OF 2008 in ZIMBABWE. However is people vote and say a repeat of 2008 is what they want SADC will have no choice but to accept.

If people vote no then SADC can step in and help to see to it that the reforms agreed in the GPA and those you are asking are implemented this time.

Zimbabwe Vigil can petition SADC all they like; there is nothing SADC can do until 16 March 2013 and if the yes have-it then there is still nothing SADC can do. Think about it; you will see I am right!