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If Tsvangirai, Mujuru and Mugabe are not part of the solution then who is!

“If a coalition of the opposition parties as proposed by Vince Musewe is not the solution to Zimbabwe’s political and economic crisis; then what is the solution?” many people have asked.
The solution to Zimbabwe’s political and economic mess is simple enough; we must dismantle the corrupt and oppressive Zanu PF dictatorship and replace it with a health and functioning democratic system of government. Do that and overnight we will end the political oppression and restored all the individual freedoms and human rights and dignity. The economic recovery will take some time but we can honestly say the process of rebuilding the country ruined economy will have started in earnest.
The only sure way to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship was to implement all the democratic reforms in the 2008 GPA. Tsvangirai and his MDC friends had five years to implement the reforms but failed to get even one reform implemented. Not one!
So we are still in this political and economic mess brought on by the corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship because MDC failed to implement the reforms. It is very important that people realize this because a clear understanding of this fact is important to the understanding why Tsvangirai and MDC cannot be part of the solution, below. Understanding of this fact is also necessary to understanding why we must go back to the 2008 GPA reform.
To start with the last point first; if MDC failed to implement even one of the 2008 GPA reform then it follows that if we still want to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship, which we do, then we must implement the reforms.
As regards whether or not Tsvangirai and his MDC friends can ever be part of the solution whether or not they join to form a coalition. If Vince Musewe accepted that these guys are indeed corrupt and incompetent (this is self-evident from the historic GNU facts on the ground and which some MDC leaders like Tendai Biti have admitted and called the “collective idiocy” of MDC leaders). The reader is reminded that the only way to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship is by implementing the 2008 GPA reforms. Then it follows as day follows night that Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are corrupt and incompetent and therefore cannot be trusted to implement the reforms even if they were given a second.
As if to settle the question of trust once and once for all; Tsvangirai has already come up with the watered down versions of the democratic reform he would want implemented. Tsvangirai’s reforms will never end the State president’s undemocratic strangle hold Mugabe has on the Police for example.
So if Tsvangirai has already failed to implement the 2008 GPA reforms and is proposing to implement watered down versions which will NOT dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship; how can anyone then say MDC can be a part of the solution.
Mugabe and his Zanu PF created this de facto one-party dictatorship, it is their baby, and therefore they will never want it dismantles. So Mugabe and his mafia are definitely ruled out partners in our search for a democratic Zimbabwe.
Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and the rest in the People First group are Zanu PF in everything but name. So they too must be ruled out as position players in our search for a solution.
“So if we cannot vote for Tsvangirai or Mujuru; who the devil should we vote for?” some people will be asking, with increasing impatience and panic!
I would like to ask these people to indulge me for one minute and allow me to answer by asking them a question of my own. How would you know the person I name can be trusted to implement all the reforms? 
The first we must accomplish if we are serious about dismantling the Zanu PF dictatorship to make sure that a significant slice of the Zimbabwean people, at least, understand what the reforms are how they can be implemented. The only when the electorate know what the reforms are about and how they can be implemented will they also know who can be trusted to carry out this important task.
Zimbabwe’s next elections are set for 2018. We have wasted the last two years arguing endless on the suitability of failed leaders like Tsvangirai, Mujuru, etc. as possible opposition leaders going forward. They are NOT suitable and let us move on.
The next thing is for people to understand what the 2008 GPA reforms are and then start demanding their implementation. Zanu PF is already feeling the pressure to accept meaningful reform from the worsening economic meltdown; the political pressure from the people demanding the implementation of ALL the 2008 democratic reforms will convince the regime that there is nowhere out except accepting reforms.
The period during which the reforms are implemented will open up the country’s stifling political system to democratic debate and competition and from this quality leaders will emerge.
In short therefore the solution to ending the Zanu PF dictatorship and with it the political oppression and economic meltdown is in four parts:
  1. We must implement the 2008 GPA reforms which MDC should have implemented during the GNU but failed to get even one reform implemented.
  2. We must accept that Tsvangirai and his MDC friends failed to get even one reform implemented throughout the five years of the GNU because they are corrupt and incompetent and it is naïve to believe they will do any better next time.
  3. The Zimbabwe electorate must understand the GPA reforms to put effective pressure on Mugabe and Zanu PF to accept their full implementation.
  4. During the implementation of the reforms quality leaders will emerge. The next elections can only be held AFTER all the 2008 GPA reforms are fully implemented.
If there are some out there who have doubt in the above proposal as a way out of the political and economic hell Zimbabwe is in then this is my parting shot. Name one country in the world that has/had a naïve and gullible electorate as we have in Zimbabwe that has emerged from a corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship to have healthy and functioning democracy? It is naïve to think for one minute that Zimbabwe will be that odd ball!

Hungwe praise the simpleton late Muzenda - Zim is a mess because of these simpletons!

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Minister Josiah Hungwe was in fine voice as he sung praise of the late VP Simon Muzenda. The late VP was a simpleton as Minister Hungwe readily admits and so too is the Minister and many others in Zanu PF. It was this forte - the mind numbing simple mindedness – that has landed the nation into this political and economic hell. The nation’s match into this hell has been relentless and yet people like Muzenda never saw it coming!
Former VP Simon Vengesai Muzenda led “a simple life, admired by many,” Josiah Hungwe, the Minister of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities In Education told The Sunday Mail.
As for Mzee (moniker given to Muzenda by Mugabe, Hungwe said) living a simple life no one can ever dispute that; what else, the man was a simpleton for Pete’s sake. There is nothing wrong with living a simple life and being a simpleton; after all it was not his fault that he did not have the intellect to see beyond the tip of his nose; some would argue.
The problem arises when this half blind simpleton is thrust into a position of power and authority and the individual start wield their power with the confidence of one who can see to the horizon and they are no democratic accountable to anyone, as has happened in Zimbabwe! 
Zimbabwe is in this political and economic hell because it has had the great misfortune of being led by a corrupt and murderous tyrant, Robert Mugabe, backed by an army of utterly useless simpletons! Mugabe would have never established and retained this de facto one-party, Zanu PF, (cum one-man as he has dominated the party totally so he is effective the embodiment of the party) dictatorship if he had not insulated himself with this thick blabber of simpletons like Muzenda.
Simon Muzenda occupied the second most senior position in Zanu PF and in government, second to Mugabe, from 1980 to his death in 2003. From the word go the nation turned left when we should have turned right and has since plunged head long from one disaster to the next. Mismanagement and corruption took root and have become rampant.
On the political front this Zanu PF regime has denied the people their basic freedoms and human rights as soon as it took office in 1980. Within a few years the regime dragged the nation into the hell of Gukurahundi.
As VP, Muzenda should have put his foot down and stopped the economic slip into the abyss and the political madness; he did not even lift a finger.
“He was a man of the people and loved them too,” the simpleton Hungwe said.
This is what is really shocking about these simpletons whom Mugabe promoted, far beyond their level of competency, and surrounded himself with all these last 35 years; they have completely failed to realize that the Zanu PF system was not working, even with the benefit of years of hindsight. How can Muzenda be a man of the people when he was part and parcel of the regime that has ridden over them rough shod denying them their basic freedoms and rights including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and even the right to life?
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By the time Simon Muzenda died in September 2003 the Zimbabwe economy was already in total ruins. The following year Zimbabwe issued four commemorative postage stamps of Muzenda valued from Z$2 300 to Z$ 22 000. You needed one Z$2 300 stamp to post a letter but within a few months one had to plaster the whole A4 size envelope with the Z$ 22 000 stamp! 
The country’s world record hyperinflation was to soar to 500 billion per cent dragging the national economy into new depths of despair from which it has never recovered.
Today 90% plus of our people are unemployed, 16% now live in abject poverty, the nation is failing to supply something as basic as clean running water, 18 hours power cuts a day in the norm, etc. The situation is getting worse and worse but, of course, this is all water of a duck’s back to Zanu PF simpletons like Minister Hungwe.
“I'm sure if he were around, he would be one with the President, trying to find solutions to present-day challenges,” said Minister Hungwe. He has failed to appreciate that these challenges are man-made and thus to end the problems you must remove the corrupt and tyrants causing the problems. 
“The VP post requires one of a sober mind,” continued Hungwe, just to underline how he has failed to correlation between the nation’s teething problems and the corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe regime.

“Haufanire kuva nemweya wekuda kumukira mutungamiri. (You must never challenge the leader.) If you do, then there is a problem.

“He (Muzenda) loved his leader. Boss Mugabe. When I briefed him (Hungwe was once Minster of Foreign Affairs and then Governor of the Midlands) about anything he would respond, "Let me go and tell the President."

“To report to the President, not to advice him - that's the difference,” said Hungwe with emphasis as if to think of anyone, even a VP, advising Mugabe was absurd!
“He stood by Mugabe, who is God-given. He was right because if you don't respect the elders you see, how do you then expect to worship the Lord you don't?”
Here is a tyrant who has murdered so many of his own people and destroyed the nation’s economy and yet one of the nation’s senior leaders still insists in treating him as a “God-given” and therefore infallible, even now with a mountain of data proving he fallible!
Minister Hungwe even thought the simpleton Muzenda was special he could not be replaced when he died.
“I told the President at a conference in Masvingo: "Masvingo has lost a gallant son, but my opinion is that it is you, Mr President, that will greatly feel the loss. It will be difficult to find a man of Muzenda's calibre," said Hungwe.
Mugabe replaced Muzenda with Joice Mujuru; a “simple woman”, as Mugabe himself admitted who has turned out to be just as useless and blindly faithful to the tyrant as Muzenda. Zanu PF is full of such simpletons, all been totally useless and blindly loyal to Mugabe as Mzee.
It is a greatest misfortune for any nation to have a cabinet of incompetent and useless simpletons led by a ruthless tyrant! It is bad enough to have such a regime for a year but to have such a regime for 35 years as is now the case in Zimbabwe is the worst curse to befall this nation!
The late Simon Muzenda was declared a national hero when he died in 2003 and so have many other Zanu PF simpletons before him, since and, no doubt many more in the future. As a nation we have had more national heroes in 35 years of our independence than other nations have had in 350 years! The irony is the nation has sunk deeper and deeper into new depths of political despair and economic misery in those 35 years and most of these heroes have played a part in creating hopelessness.
Are we a nation of such simpletons we not only fail to see we are being dragged into the Dark Ages but we even honour and praise those who dragging us into this hell!

Bragging Zanu PF MP is proof of regime's continued indifference to the suffering of the people!

Highfields Zanu PF MP Psychology Maziwisa was elected in June 2015 and already he is boosting of improving the lives of the people in his constituency and angling for promotion into the bloated cabinet! 


"So far, I have done the best that i can to look after the elderly, the widows, the orphans and to improve the general welfare of the people of Highfields through ensuring that there is water in places where there was no water at all and that council doesn't arbitrarily disconnect those who fail to pay on time," he said on his Twitter account.



Highfields must be the only island of progress in the whole country. So all the potholes have disappeared, there clean running water 24/7, whilst most suburbs are having up to 18 hours power cuts Highfields can have even the street lights on day and night if people want, unemployment is a whopping 90% plus nationwide but not in Highfields it has dropped to 9%, schools and clinics are operational and the staff are overpaid compared to everywhere else, etc. And it is all thanks to Highfields’ new MP, Psychology Maziwisa’s, hard work! 


In the rest of the Zimbabwe we know of no running clean water, power cuts, companies closing, etc. one would expect MPs to be leading in accepting that the economic situation is socially and politically unsustainable and thus demanding radicle change of government policies. And so if MP Maziwisa is see progress although everyone else is seeing things getting worse he will be with those fighting to maintain the present economic policies and course.


When you look at the world through the tinted glass of a ministerial limo or through the eyes of a power hungry upstart like Maziwisa all potholes disappear and the whole world looks rosy. Whatever problems there were, they all disappear; there is nothing you cannot do. You view yourself as God’s gift to the nation and how lucky the people are to have you as their leader.


Power and even more so absolute power gives you wings, you become infallible. Maziwisa has been in parliament for less than four months and already he sees no limit to his power to improve people’s lives.


The danger is such people become so full of themselves and their ability they not accept that the people should be allowed judge their performance through a free, fair and democratic vote. This is why Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies have yet to hold free, fair and credible elections in the nation’s 35 years of independence. They even have the cheek to argue they are denying the people the vote for the common good!



Many people believe that Zimbabwe will become a healthy democratic nation as soon as Mugabe steps off the political stage; they could not be more wrong.


Mugabe is the leader of corrupt and ruthless Zanu PF dictatorship, the visible ears of the hippo with of the rest of the ugly beast hidden by the muddy water. Mugabe has sired hundreds of thousands of corrupt and ruthless tyrants practicing their terror in their own little serfdoms. They are all itching to expand their spheres of influence regardless of the cost.


When Mugabe finally leaves the political stage even if that be in a box there will be half a dozen or more corrupt and murderous tyrants ready and willing to take his place.


Forcing Zanu PF to accept that the party has failed and should stop seeing all these imaginary improvement to people’s lives and accept the need for economic and political change is not going to be easy. The party was forced to accept failure and change in the 2008 GPA because Mugabe had his back against the wall after the whole world reject that year’s presidential run-off elections were anything but free and fair. We should have implemented the reforms back then if only MDC had not betrayed the nation.


Of course the country is facing a very serious economic meltdown; MP Maziwisa’s claim that he is improving people’s lives is just an example of Zanu PF leaders’ indifference to the economic suffering the ordinary people. All he cares about is stay in power and be promoted deputy minister just as Mugabe himself does not care about the people as long as he remains president for life!


MP Psychology Maziwisa must have been named Psychotic or Psychopath because after four months in power he has already been transformed into a fully-fledged psychotic Zanu PF psychopath whose desire for power and wealth distorts reality. He is seeing social improvements to the lives of ordinary people when life is getting even worse. He is blowing his own trumpet of imaginary achievement is the usual tell-tale signs of an egotistic Zanu PF politician who will never allow the electoral the democratic say in a free vote.


The economic suffering brought on by the worsening economic meltdown may as well be happening in Mars. As for as Zanu PF leaders are concerned it is business as usual; Mugabe continues to pursue his president for life goal, Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe are fighting to takeover when Mugabe goes, Maziwisa has his glass eyes on ministerial appointment, etc.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sibanda's conscience pricked enough to admit he was a Zanu PF thug but denies thuggery!

At the time Jabulani Sibanda thought he was a hero but now he is deny having been involved in the widespread 2008 election violence in Zimbabwe. He made a name for himself as a ruthless thug, a thug after Mugabe’s own heart. After that any Zanu PF politician who needed his/her political opponents roughed up and/or the electorate whipped into line they called Jabulani Sibanda to do the dirty work for them.


Mugabe and Zanu PF rewarded Sibanda by showering him with praise and he was the guest of honour hobnobbing with the who-is-who is Zimbabwe politics.


When Mugabe announced that there was going to be an elective Zanu PF congress in December 2014 Sibanda must have been spoilt for choice as each of the Zanu PF bigwigs would have wanted him on their side; if he could rough up the party’s opponents he will, no doubt, rough up the bigwig’s internal opponents too. Jabulani Sibanda being Jabulani Sibanda, the thug of thugs had a reputation to keep and he did not disappoint.


In the upcoming elective congress the only real big contest that mattered was for the first VP and the two contestants were Joice Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa. Sibanda chose to back Mujuru. She went on to amass the support of 8 out of the 10 provinces and was set to win.


In August 2014, just four months before the elective party congress, President Mugabe entered Zanu PF’s mucky politics with a bang. From the word go it was clear she was a woman on a mission to stop Joice Mujuru being elected VP at all cost. She went straight for Mujuru’s jugular, accusing her of being corrupt, lazy, plotting to kill Mugabe and dividing the party.


The only charge that made any sense on face value was that she had divided the party but then since this was going to be elections there was going to be winners and losers as members supported one candidate and not the other. As for the other charges; of course she is corrupt but so are the entire bigwig Zanu PF party members including the Mugabe himself.


The plot to kill Mugabe was never proven; in any case since she was set to win the vote and thus get the party members’ mandate to be first VP and heir apparent to Mugabe why then would she still want Mugabe murdered when she has got what she wanted already.


It was soon clear that there was a plot afoot to stop Mai Mujuru being elected VP at all cost. Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe herself had presidential ambitions, she said as much herself, and an elected Mujuru would rule out everyone else. So the plan was to force Mujuru out of the party and allow Mugabe to appoint whoever he pleased to be first VP. So Grace’s name was now in the hat for first VP and then president. It was at this point that Jabulani Sibanda came to his own.


 As a Mujuru supporter Jabulani Sibanda pointedly refused to attend Grace Mugabe’s rallies were Mujuru’s name was dragged in the mad and worse. But to rub hot chilli to his political insult of not attending Grace’s rallies Jabulani dismissed the whole scheme elevating Grace to a position where she could even be president as “bedroom coup!” Well that was a savage blow and both Mugabe and his wife felt that one.


Jabulani Sibanda was kicked out of the party a.s.a.p. and so were Joice Mujuru and a few of her main supporters. By the time the party congress was held Mugabe had changed the party’s constitution allowing him, and not party congress members, elect to two VPs.


Mnangagwa was named first VP but to underline that his wife Grace was still in the running, Mugabe made is very clear that the race for his successor was still open and being first VP counted for nothing. Of course Mugabe will never admit it but many people believe that “bedroom coup” jibe helped him decide that appointing Grace first VP would have been confirmed there had been a bedroom coup!


Ever since his booting out of Zanu PF, Jabulani Sibanda, the Zanu PF thug to be feared like no other party thug, has been busy filing the rough edges of his image as a thug.


"When I was national chairman of war veterans in 2008, there was no genuine war veteran who was involved in that violence,” Jabulani Sibanda told the Zimbabwe Independent. “It was a Third Force.

"I don't want to talk about the Third Force, but people know what happened."


When he was pressed he did admit to playing a part in stopping regime change.


"They had said in their parliament they are working with the MDC to achieve regime change in Zimbabwe. That statement prompted me to discuss with war veterans how to defend our freedom by stopping the British from achieving their agenda.”


Actually Sibanda, the nation knows you were involved in the harassment, beating, rape and possibly even murder of many innocent Zimbabwe back in 2008 and for many years thereafter till you were finally and unceremoniously kicked out of Zanu PF. Be rest assured that we will get to the bottom of what really happened here including the vote rigging of the July 2013 elections.

Being kicked of Zanu PF has pricked Jabulani Sibanda’s conscience, enough for him to admit he is a thug but nowhere near enough to force him to admit any thuggery. A few more turns of the screw and he will tell who or what is this animal called Third Force. People like Jabulani Sibanda act without the slightest consideration for the rights of others even their right to life confident they are above the law but sooner or later they get caught out. They get lured into believing they will never be asked to account for their past and they are shocked when they finally discover the wheel of justice turns.