Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Mutambara dismiss the possibility of fresh elections in 2011. The only voice that counts at the end of the day is Mugabe’s voice: would he want to have elections next year? If I was Mugabe, I would say yes.

Mugabe’s fortune hit rock bottom in 2008. Here is the man who has led his party and nation into total economic ruin and political disaster; there was no discussion about that. When everyone thought he was finished; he masterminds the most violent election in human history that left him and his henchmen literally dripping with innocent blood. The gloves he had worn to punch his political opponents in the past were off; he had taken off his designer jacket off and was shooting to kill! No mercy! He “won” the one-horse presidential run-off; Tsvangirai’s supporters had melted away in the face of the onslaught. But it was an empty victory.

Even his usual see-nothing, hear-nothing and say-nothing fellow African leaders were shocked by Mugabe total disregard of human life in his drive to retain power. The International community refused to accept him as Zimbabwe’s legitimate head of state. Calls to have Mugabe tried for serious human rights violations grew louder and louder with each day in political limbo.

Thanks to some of his fellow African leaders – who feared that a similar fate would await them too if they failed to act – but even more so, thanks to Tsvangirai: Mugabe was let off the hook. The power sharing agreement with MDC allowed him not only to remain President but more significantly with his dictatorial powers untouched.

Talk of some one coming back from the dead; Mugabe still has the stench of death!

Ever since the signing of the GPA Mugabe has gained in political confidence as he has outwitted Tsvangirai at every turn. At the last Zanu PF Congress has managed to outwit his challengers within Zanu PF and unit the party behind him. He even managed to get the big wigs in the State Security Agents to throw their lot with him; they all pledged the Police, Army, CIO, etc will once again turn against the people to help him “win” just as they did in 2008.

Of course Mugabe knows he can never “win” a free and fair election. He is counting on rigging and beating the electorate into voting for him. He is hoping that with the MDC discredited he will not need to resort to the same level of violence as in 2008. The pledge from all the State Security Agents is reassuring – he can step up the violence if the situation should demand it.

Mugabe may have succeeded in holding Zanu PF together but with the country in economic in the gut; Mugabe will have nothing with which to buy the continued loyalty of his greedy and wasteful supporters. Being the owner of three or more derelict farmers has lost its original appeal. And many of his cronies will soon realise that there will be very little pickings from the newly enacted indigenisation law.

His supporters are pointing fingers at each other; the kettle calling the pot black. With each such story the potential of the whole thing blowing in his face is nerve racking!

The dirty past is catching up with Mugabe; all these calls for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Land Audit, etc. will not help his agenda to retain power. He can not continue to kick all these issues into the tall grass for much longer.

Tsvangirai and MDC have been totally discredited; they were elected on the basis that they were not Mugabe and Zanu PF. And he has shown that he only had to give them empty promises of power and the usual dose of ministerial cars and other privileges and they will forget their promise to bring democratic change in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe is not naïve; he knows with MDC totally discredited Zimbabwe is fertile ground for principled political party. It is just a matter of time before one emerges and when it does – neither his violent thugs nor his canning will stop it. He will be swept aside like dead wood in a flood.

Those calling for a new constitution, political reforms, etc., etc.; are whistling in the graveyard; none of these things will ever happen. Mugabe is a dictator and all these changes will undermine his own position, he is not that stupid not to see that. Another year of dilly-dallying will bring those now calling for delaying the elections to their senses. The need for fresh elections, regardless, will be obvious. But of course, by then Mugabe will have lost the element of surprise in calling for fresh election. Indeed, one can even surmise that Mugabe will have been “forced” into holding elections - a stigma Mugabe would be loathed to have and one he will find impossible to shake off!

The Zimbabwe economy is still in a mess and now that the West has lost all patience with the GNU, things will only get worse from now on.

Mugabe’s political fortune has been getting better and better since July 2008. But this is as good as it will ever get. The threat of everything unravelling is real and ever present. He will be better off facing the electorate in 2011 whilst the gloss of outwitting Tsvangirai and MDC still lasts. In 2012 things are bound to be different, he will certainly be facing a smarter and principled opponent than Tsvangirai.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Zimbabwe should not be “hobnobbing with dubious political leaders” like the President of Iran.

Zimbabwe is in deep, deep economic and political trouble. The Zimbabwe economy has all but collapsed unemployment has improved from 95% in 2008 to 80% under the GNU but clearly that is nothing to write home about. Schools and hospitals that had completely closed are just trying to get back on their feet, thanks largely to the help from donors countries.

But after a whole of bickering and stagnation on the part of the GNU, outsiders who had been willing to help in Zimbabwe’s economic recovery are giving up. Only last week Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, said he only received $ 2.9 million out of the expected $800 million assistance. Outsiders are disappointed in the GNU’s failure to demonstrate it can competently manage the nation’s affairs and carry out the necessary economic and political reforms. It has been business as usual for Mugabe, the GNU has changed nothing.

It must be stated here that root cause of Zimbabwe melt down is not just the years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption by Mugabe. That the nation would have dealt with a long, long time ago if the people had had the right to vote those responsible out of power.

Mugabe has murdered thousands of innocent Zimbabweans in his thirty years iron grip on power. Mugabe and his propagandists have worked to portray Zimbabwe’s economic and political problems as being caused by the British and the West; punishment for his “principled stance,” he claims, on land redistribution and now the indigenous law. In the last ten years, he has not missed a chance to poke a finger into the British’s eyes; much to the bemusement of outsiders. That has not changed anything, as far as the people of Zimbabwe particularly are concerned; Mugabe’s real fight is with the Zimbabwean people whom he has denied freedom, hope and a future.

Zimbabwe should associate with those nations that can and will help the country move out of this economic and political mess. Iran does not have the economic muscle to help Zimbabwe in any meaningful way. On the political front President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will only be offering the Zimbabwe dictator more weapons for him to use in repression.
This visit by the Iranians will only confirm to all that Zimbabwe is not interested in carrying out any economic and political reforms that got us into this mess in the first place. So for Zimbabwe, things are set to get worse not better in the next foreseeable future.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi, a Zanu PF Minister, was accused of stealing sugar donated to Mugabe by Matuke, a fellow Zanu PF official. If Matuke thinks he is doing Mugabe a favour he is very much mistaken.

Mugabe is shrewd enough to know that Mzembi will know a lot of dirty other Zanu PF officials including Mugabe himself has done. And if push comes to shove, Mzembi will spill the beans. Mugabe has been doing his best to hold his party of thieves and murderers together and one calling another “thief” is not helping. No one, not even the prince of thieves and murderers himself knows how to contain this. This is the beginning of the end for Mugabe because each such finger pointing story amongst his cronies and thugs has the potential of setting off an explosive chain reaction.

Mugabe made Zanu PF a party of crooks and now they are not only stealing from you but they are also exposing the dirty truth you and the party has been up to. The centre can not hold; things fall apart! “Chiwakadya chamuka!”


@La Quebecoise

I think the owners of the businesses will be paid at least something. What happened with the white farms, were the owners were forced to leave with nothing but the shirt they were wearing, will happen with the business and mines.

You are right, having sold the 51% shares, there will be a battle royal between the original and the new owners. But we also know who will win every time - the new owners; which is why Mugabe insisted in magical 51% controlling share-holding.

The first thing that is going to happen is that the business will find itself forced to take a team of new managers, secretaries, etc., etc. all superfluous to requirement. There will all be Mugabe cronies, their mistresses, etc. They will each want new offices, new cars, etc. over and above their no-expense spared remuneration packages.

It will be a matter of time before the business folds up. It does not matter how viable the business activity might be there is a limit to how many free-loaders it can carry.

The whole indigenous bill is not about giving blacks a share in the wealth of Zimbabwe; the Zimbabwean masses will be worse. It is about Mugabe and his cronies finding a new host to suck blood out of.

I am surprised that many Mugabe cronies who actually believe that they will too will gain something. Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate is seating at 80% plus and at least 15% of those in employment are government employees. That means there are very few private companies still running in Zimbabwe and therefore there will be many, many greed Mugabe cronies who are in for a big disappointment.

The fighting among Mugabe supporters over farms has been vicious but it will be even worse over the few mines and businesses. It will be dog-eat-dog!

What is even more surprising is that some of Mugabe’s cronies actually believe the current political arrangement where the ruling elite grab everything of any value at the expense of the rest of us is sustainable. Mugabe does not believe it is that is why he would drag out the implementation of this law for as long as possible. The law was actually passed in 2007. He did exactly the same thing with the white farms – the farm invasions started in 2000 and it is still going on today. As long as he has something to dangle before his cronies, Mugabe knows, he will continue to have their blind loyalty. He is hoping that the whole edifice he has built all these years will hold long enough for him to die in office. After that it can fall like a house of cards, he does not care.

The truth is, Mugabe should have his dentist install a cyanide capsule in his tooth because the house of cards is set to collapse an day now and when it does it will happen quickly and will not be pretty! For the millions of Zimbabweans, it would not happen soon enough and they will certainly celebrate his demise! Many of his cronies will be the ones left holding the bag – their fall will not be pretty either. Trust me, none of them will be missed; it will be good riddance.


When you talk of "Zimbabweans are educated enough to understand the value of wealth creation and distribution" you are not counting Mugabe and his cronies, like you; are you? Because if they did understand all that then Zimbabwe would not be in the mess it is in now will it?

Zimbabwe's economic mess has more to do with having an incompetent, corrupt and repressive regime in power for thirty years. Nations with not so many educated people have in the past done infinitely better than Zimbabwe has done; all that was required here is common sense and the humility to know no one is infallible.

Reading some of the nonsense you keep writing, it is clear neither you nor many of your fellow Mugabe cronies understand what I am talking about. Do not worry, you master's house of cards is certain to collapse; then and only then you people like you begin to understand!

Monday, 19 April 2010


Mugabe calls for an end to political violence in Zimbabwe.

"Your leadership in the inclusive government urges you to desist from any acts of violence that will cause harm to others and become a blight on our society” Mugabe told Zimbabweans gathered to observe Zimbabwe’s 30 years of independence.

What is this: a late bid by Mugabe to win the 2009 Nobel Peace Price! With the country bankrupt Mugabe has his beady eyes on the millions price money US President, Barak Obama got! One will have to be very naïve to believe that the aging Zimbabwean dictator is being sincere.

Unlike the political violence following the Kenya elections in December 2007, for example, where supporters from the two parties were involved in the violence. It is not clear who throw the first stone. In Zimbabwe it was Mugabe’s thugs who not only started all the beating and sustained it, there are very few cases of MDC supporters hitting back. Worse still in many cases when MDC reported the assaults to the Police, they ended up being the ones arrested “for disturbing the peace”! Indeed it was government security agencies, the Police, Army but mainly the CIO, who drove around in unmarked vehicles with no number plates who kidnapped and murdered MDC supporters. There are reports of Zanu PF thugs near Kwe Kwe, 200 km south of Harare, manning road blocks and turning back private vehicles and ambulances ferrying victims of the violence to the local hospital. The road block was a few hundred metres away from the local Police Station. The Police were well aware of this abomination but did not lift a finger to stop it.

All the violence and murders was planned and directed by Joint Operation Command which include the Police Commissioner, the heads of each branch of Army, the head of Prisons, CIO Chiefs and a select few senior government officials like the devious Emerson Mnangagwa and, of course, headed by Mugabe himself. The violence and mayhem was for one end and purpose to ensure Mugabe “win” the presidential run-off. The violence was so intense and widespread Tsvangirai, his challenger in the run-off, rightly accursed Mugabe of “declaring war on the people”. Tsvangirai was forced to withdraw from the race leaving the field clear for Mugabe to finish the one horse race.

Even after “winning” the presidential run-off Mugabe has maintained the pressure on MDC and his political critics; the violence has continued. Mugabe has kept the bases where the Zanu PF youth militia – the party’s foot soldiers in their war of terror and murder - operated from open and had many of youths added to the civil servant pay-role.

Mugabe has quashed calls to have those responsible for serious human rights violations including rape and murder arrested and punished. As far as he is concerned the violence was on both side of the political divide and the nation must now sweep it under the carpet and forget it ever happened. That is peace and reconciliation Mugabe style. He is the wrong doer and he is dictating the terms; how can that be a basis for lasting peace.

“Chinokangamwa esanhu, muti wakatemwa haukangamwi!” goes the Shona saying. It is easy for the axe to forget the damage it caused, the tree will never forget.

The only route for real and lasting peace and reconciliation is through forgiveness. It is hard to forgive when the wrong doer does not acknowledge the enormity of what they have done the suffering it caused. By pretending Zanu PF supporters suffered the same abuses; Mugabe is showing the same contemptuous arrogance as that shown by the Police Officers who arrested and even assaulted MDC victims who had gone to the Police seeking justice and/or protection! How can than be a basis for justice, peace and reconciliation.

Politically motivated violence has always been an integral part of Zimbabwean politics even before independence. Ian Smith used violence, the Police and State institutions to silence the black majority and after independence Mugabe too has used the same laws and institution to silence his political opponents. Both Smith and Mugabe saw to it that those responsible for all these serious human rights violation where never arrested and punished establishing a culture of impunity for their thugs and henchmen.

The only way to ensure there is no politically motivated violence ever again is by ending this culture of impunity. Arresting all these responsible for past human rights violation will send a clear message that no one is above the law.

Mr Mugabe you call for an end to violence in 2010 will not save you from answering some very hard questions for you commanding role in the violence in Matebeleland and the Midlands in the mid 1980s – over 20 000 innocent civilians were murdered by the Fifth Brigade – the terror and murders during the 2008 presidential run-off, etc.

Mr Mugabe, you are a ruthless dictator, you are used to being the judge, the jury and the executioner in Zimbabwe and no one dared say a word. So now you want to dictate how we, your victims, to view you as a man of peace. What a pompous, arrogant brute! The day the presidential chain of office – for which you murdered so many innocent Zimbabweans to retain - round your neck is taken off you Mr Mugabe, you will have the hang-man’s noose!

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Swedish Ambassador to Zimbabwe calls for press freedom.

“Zimbabwe is now lagging behind most African countries when it comes to promoting a free flow of information and communication in humanitarian and development work.” Ambassador Sten Rylander is quoted by the Daily News.

Today Zimbabwe is observing its 30 th year of independence and it is really sad that the need for freedom of expression and a free media - a basic and fundamental human right - is still an urgent issue. For three decades Mugabe has ignored the cry of the Zimbabwe people for a free media and resisted pressure from outsiders. He has no intention of ever allowing Zimbabwean this basic human right and many others.

The GNU is over a year old and all it has to show for it as far as opening up the free flow of information is that it has appointed members to the Media Commission. This is nonsense, why do we need a Media Commission to exercise a basic right? This is just another of Mugabe's gimmicks: first he created the Commission to create the illusion he is DOING something about media freedom. It took months to appoint the Commissioners. And now that they Commissioners have been appoint still nothing has changed because the Commission has no real power to change anything, Mugabe does not want anything changed. So his second illusion is of a Media Commission that will change things when in reality it will change nothing.

Ambassador Sten Rylander, thank you for reminding Zimbabwe’s useless political leaders that after thirty years of independence Zimbabweans are still being denied a basic and fundamental right. Mr Ambassador, may I suggest that you also ask your Government and the European Union to review the targeted sanctions against Mugabe and his inner circle with the view of extending them to include the second tier of Mugabe’s circle and senior MDC leaders – after a year in power they have become as greedy, oppressive and useless as anyone else in Mugabe’s inner circle!


In commiting acts of lawlessness and murders and no one ever being arrested Mugabe has created the illusion that he and his thugs are above the law. I say illusion because no one absolutely no one is above the law. The wheel of justice turns slowly but it does turn.

What Mugabe did in 2008 was an act of desperation and the individuals sent out to commit these murderous acts are confessing it. But they are too many for even him to silence. Makarume was one of the first, in the next few months others will follow and then the flood gates will open.

This is the beginning of the end of Mugabe’s reign of terror. “Vakuru vakati chisingakeri chinoshura; miromo yavo hayiwiri pasi!”

Zimbabweans must take heart; you, me, the late Makamure and the millions of other Zimbabweans out there mere unknown mortals; still we are human beings worthy of the respect and dignity accorded to every other member of the human race. No dictator, no matter how powerful he thinks he is, can take a human life and behave as if he has just killed nothing more than a rat. Mugabe murdered over 20 000 in the mid 1980s, over 200 in the 2008 election and still he continues with the murder of Makamure. They are all dead and buried but not forgotten; Mugabe and his thugs will account for them all!

For Mugabe and his thugs judgement day is upon us!


Petina Gappah argues there is something worth celebrating on Zimbabwe’s 30 th year of independence. A good education system, legal reforms that have allowed black woman to be equal to black man, etc. (See Mail and Guardian 15 April “Mugabe inflames Afro-pessimists, but Zim's story is much deeper” She missed the point completely.

Millions of Zimbabweans now live in abject poverty because of the years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption by Mugabe. In the last ten years Zimbabwe's education system has all but collapsed. Hospitals have closed and thousands of our people have suffered and died unnecessarily.
On the human rights front; the whole nation has been denied their basic human rights on mass all these years. Thousands of our people have been murdered by Mugabe for no other reason than that they dare exercise their democratic right to have a meaningful say in the governance of the country. What is there to celebrate in that?

To present whatever Mugabe has done right in the last 30 years as if it was a piece of meat to be weighed and compared with what he got wrong is wrong. It was not a matter of have a good education but no freedom of expression because we could and should have had both. Those who still want this presented as an either or but not both choice then the price the nation has had to pay for Mugabe’s few achievements is unacceptably high.

It is an insult to all Zimbabweans who have lost and suffered so much and gained so little and still have the dictator lording over them to “celebrate” Zimbabwe’s 30 th year of independence. To do so is like finding your mother raped and murdered and be told the man who committed the outrage fed her well and therefore you celebrate that she died with a full stomach.

What Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe infuriates me greatly; he was our country’s worst curse. After Mugabe, no one annoys me more than a Zimbabwean “intellectual” talking nonsense. It seems the country has more than its fair share of men and women who would say a lot with not a simple grammatic error but alas it is all rubbish!

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Graca Machel Mandela tells the British to shut up and stop interfering in Zimbabwe and Africa’s affairs.

Graca Machel Mandela in high regard because she, unlike some of the other first ladies in Africa, she was not pompous. She has always struck me as a simple woman who concerned herself with the simple issues of bread and salt and stayed well clear of the more complex issues. Sadly this time she has strayed way outside her boundary and has got herself tangled up in her knickers!

Zimbabwe and Britain have enjoyed a truly wonderful relationship, one of equals, for the first ten to fifteen years of Zimbabwe’s independence. The British heaped honours on Mugabe and even had him knighted. Unlike other past colonial rulers Britain has kept close ties with its former colonies through the British Commonwealth of Nations. Other countries like Mozambique, although not former British colonies, have opted to join the club. It was through they interaction in the Commonwealth that tensions between Zimbabwe and Britain arose.

The issue of human rights and good governance was something Mugabe simple ignored in his single minded pursuit of power. In the mid 1980s he sent his North Korean trained Fifth Bridge to crash pockets of dissidents loyal to his main political challenger Joshua Nkomo in which 20 000 lives, mostly civilians, were killed. Mrs Mandela, the British then said nothing.

Ironically it was at the Commonwealth Heads of State and Government meeting in Zimbabwe that the club agreed on human rights and good governance rules for all club members in the Harare Declaration. When Mugabe continued to flout these rules – the Zimbabwe economy was suffering because of his mismanagement and growing corruption, Mugabe became increasingly repressive as the only way to stay in power – and so Zimbabwe was kicked out of the Commonwealth. Mugabe hit back and accused Britain of acting like “Big Brother” and Harare’s anti-British rhetoric went into overdrive.

By the year 2000 the Zimbabwe economy was down on its knees and Mugabe needed something to give his ever demanding but wasteful cronies and so he turn to white owned farms. He knows that his land programme has been a total failure but instead of admitting it he sort for a scapegoat – blame it on the British and the West.

For a motherly figure like Graca Mandela, I had hoped that she would be moved by the tragic suffering of the millions ordinary Zimbabweans. And would have told the Zimbabwean dictator: “Yes what you are doing in the violent invasion of white farms is hurting the whites and thus indirectly the British but it is hurting and killing ordinary Zimbabwe too!” Just admitting that Zimbabwe is a “failed state” is not enough!

"The more the British shout, the worse the situation will be in terms of relationship with Zimbabwe” said Graca Mandela.

Whilst it is true that there are countless occasions when Mugabe and his cronies have gone “fishing” for the British’s reaction and the later have foolish obliged. Still Zimbabwe’s economic and political problems can not be blamed on the British but on Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF party.

Let SADC deal with Mugabe, Mrs Mandela advise!? Well that is rich! SADC has been “dealing” with Mugabe for all years; what have they achieved? Nothing!

“I think sometimes the Brits regard us as being rather naïve in the MDC” said Eddie Cross. The truth is MDC people are indeed very NAÏVE, especially the party’s leader. In the last ten years Zimbabwe had a number of chances to end Mugabe’s dictatorship if only MDC had not been so naïve and stupid.

Mrs Graca Mandela should not have commented on matters she clearly does not understand, she has disgraced herself! Madam, we are talking about the tragic suffering and lives of millions of Zimbabweans, if all you can think of is giving more excuses for what Mugabe has done in Zimbabwe then do us a favour and shut up!

Friday, 16 April 2010


On Sunday Zimbabwe will observe its 30 year of independence.

When Zimbabwe’s history is written; in the fullness on time, when the truth the whole and nothing but the truth of Mugabe’s years is an open book for all to see, Mugabe will not be considered the father of the nation but the man who crashed the nation’s dreams and hopes.

How did he manage to hang on to power for all these years? The answer would be simple enough; he was a canning political operator, yes; but, more significantly, he was a heartless brute who destroyed the nation’s economy, sending inflation into the Guinness Record Book, sending unemployment soaring to 95%, public services like health and education completely collapsed, etc. He had no qualms about shedding thousands of innocent blood of his fellow black Zimbabweans all for one single purpose to retain political power.

The history would not be complete without mentioning that Mugabe was also very lucky in his evil drive to retain power in having man like Morgan Tsvangirai as his opponent. It was Tsvangirai’s shear incompetency that allowed him to retain his position as president, particularly after the sham 2008 presidential run-off.
The most acceptable end to Mugabe’s reign of terror is to make all the lies, deceit, corruption and murder exposed in his life time. Before he dies, he must face the music; that would be poetic justice!

Monday, 12 April 2010


There are some songs that sums up a situation so beautifully that there is nothing else for one to add. The following Mel & Tim songs is one of those songs that says it all for Zimbabwe in this, the darkest hour in our history.

Mel & Tim Starting all over again

Starting all over again is going to be rough
For us, we're going to make it
Starting all over as friends is going be tough
On us, we gotta face it

We lost what we had
That would hurt us so bad
Set us back a thousand years
But we going to make it up
Though I know it's going to be tough
To erase the hurt and fears

Starting all over again is going to be hard
But I pray to the Lord to help us make it
Starting all over again is going to slow
But we both know, we gonna make it

We gotta take life as it comes
Never fuss about it, what's right or wrong
It's an uphill climb, to the finish line
We gonna try, we gonna try, just one more time

We gotta take life as it comes
Don't make any fuss about it, what's right or wrong
We gonna make it up, though I know it's gonna be rough
To erase the hurt and fears

Starting all over again is going to be rough
For us, we're going to make it
Starting all over as friends is going be tough
On us, we gotta face it.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


The Chinese handed over the refurbished national stadium at the cost of US$ 10 million. The stadium had fallen into a state of neglect for lack of maintenance; it had been closed to the public for the last three years. This is a fate that had befallen all Zimbabwe’s infrastructure from roads, schools, hospitals and not just the stadium.

How does one justify spending US$ 10 million on refurbishing the national stadium when Pararenyatwa and Harare Hospitals, for example, the country’s biggest referral hospitals are in such a deplorable state there are no proper facilities to take patients’ blood sample let alone x-rays? This is yet another example of tyrannical regimes, accountable to no one, getting its priority wrong. Mugabe and his equally repressive Chinese backers are quite happy to spend millions on a prestige project at the expense of the public good.

China's human rights record is one of the worst in the world, it is hardly surprising then that the Communist regime in China should support other repressive regimes. The biggest mistake was made in 1948 when an inherently repressive regime like the Chinese Communist Party was allowed a permanent seat in the US Security Council and a veto. We the poor in unstable countries prone to tyrannical governments, especially in Africa, have paid dearly for it.

Friday, 9 April 2010


“Kana wadya gudo chidya gono!” so goes the Shona saying. The literal translation is; if you have to eat a baboon then you will be advised to pick a fat and healthy one and not a puny and sick one. It seems Prime Minister Tsvangirai got the wrong end of the stick; this was never meant for doing something really stupid.

Ever since Mugabe starting holding back declaring the election results of the March 2008 elections, in the end it took five weeks to announce the results, everyone else except Tsvangirai smelt a rat. Mugabe went the full hog when he deployed his thugs, the Police and Army to terrorise and murder the electorate to force them to vote for him in the presidential run-off of 27 June 2008. Not even the normally see-nothing, hear-nothing and say-nothing African Union Election Observer would endorse the run-off as a free and fair election and therefore a true reflection of the electoral wish of the people of Zimbabwe. The international community refused to recognise Mugabe as the legal president of Zimbabwe leaving the dictator out in the cold. It was Tsvangirai who got Mugabe off the hook.

No one in their right mind who have even consider forming a power sharing government with Mugabe- not after the shameful and murderous way he had “won” the run-off. No one, that is, but Tsvangirai. And Tsvangirai being his usual stupid self did not only agree to a power sharing arrangement but agreed to one in which the dictator had all his dictatorial powers and Tsvangirai had nothing but some token power.

After a whole year of Mugabe kicking Tsvangirai in the teeth at every turn, one would think Tsvangirai had learnt his lesson and would want to end one-sided relationship. The idiot is off to Europe in the next few weeks as head of an MDC delegation to ask the European Union to lift the targeted sanctions imposed on the dictator and his inner circle.

The sanctions were imposed on Mugabe in 2002 after failing to hold another free and fair election. The June 2008 election violence was a lot worse than the 2002. Mugabe has foiled all attempts to have those responsible for the past political violence punished and he has not disbanded his party’s militia. There is already a significant increase in politically motivated violence in Zimbabwe. So why should the EU lift the sanctions; people ask?

Even some of PM Tsvangirai’s cheer leaders, Professor John Makumbe for example who have always put a positive spin in every Tsvangirai blunder in the past, are questioning what the ordinary people would be gain from having the sanctions lifted. Mugabe and his cronies would be free to travel and access all the wealth they ferreted away. The need for fresh elections is self evident and with the sanctions lifted the EU would have no stick with which to gorge Mugabe to hold free and fair elections.

Tsvangirai is banking on the hope that his policy of appeasement will some day work and turn the dictator into a democrat! It is the people of Zimbabwe who have paid dearly for Mugabe’s years of corrupt and repressive rule. They are at the cutting edge. Tsvangirai has never stopped to think of them.

Tsvangirai was promised the post of Prime Minister and he was willing to do anything including betraying the very principles he said he stood for and the people who risked their lives to elect him. He was desperate, desperate to have a taste of political power. He is no different from the multitude of all the other Zimbabwean politicians before him and in power today.

Mugabe must be chaffed to bits to see Tsvangirai argue his case before the West. Mugabe has always accused Tsvangirai of being “the West’s puppet” and treated him with utter contempt. But sending the puppet back to his masters with Mugabe pulling the strings would tickle the dictator no end!

“To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict,” President Barak Obama in his inaugural address, “or blame their society's ills on the West — know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy. To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”

Mugabe has not only his fist tightly clenched but has again shown he will not hesitate to use it to hammer those who dare criticise his oppressive and ruinous reign of terror. And people like Tsvangirai want the whole world to sweep aside all the misery and suffering he has inflicted in the past and continue to inflict on the ordinary Zimbabweans does not matter. If the cold blooded murder of the innocent by the very people entrusted to protect them does not matter; what does?!

It is bad enough that one should ever have do something completely stupid. Still, one should come back to one’s senses sooner or later. “Penga udzoke!” as the Shona would say. Sadly Tsvangirai is beyond the pale, he is devoid of any common sense.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


A Daily Times reported that a Harare Councillor who implicated Zimbabwe business tycoon, Philip Chiyangwa and Zanu PF Minister, Ignatius Chombo in a land scam was now living in fear. Mugabe loyalists are not only corrupt, when it comes to silencing those who might spill the beans on them, they are ruthless.

In a country where most people found it next to impossible to do business people like Philip Chiyangwa, Gideon Gono and a few Mugabe loyalists not only survived but actually thrived and boomed. Either they are exceptionally bright and shrewd business men or women or else they are as corrupt as can be. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence t suggest that they are the latter.

People like Chiyangwa and Gono thrived most as Zimbabwe’s corruption and lawlessness soared into the stratosphere. These individuals, the nation will some day find out, that they paid very little corporate tax if anything at all and instead benefited greatly from countless scams. Gideon Gono, for example, was the paymaster of the various dubious schemes supposedly to encourage Zimbabwe’s new farmers, who are mainly Zanu PF loyalists, to make productive use of the farms they seized from the commercial white farmers. The recipients pocketed the generous subsidies and the farms still remained fallow. Gono, himself the owner of “Africa’s best Chicken Farm” – his own words, would have benefited from these schemes too.

It is ease to see why someone like Philip Chiyangwa could end up owning a fifth of Harare if he can buy land for a song and resell it for a fortune as this story suggests.

The truth about Zimbabwe’s new rich was bound to come out. For years their greed has known no limits. They amassed wealth on the back of the suffering and misery of millions honest Zimbabweans; such ill got fortunes are like house of cards, it will collapse under the lightest breeze of business scrutiny

As we say in Shona “Rinemanyanga hariputirwi!” – No matter how hard some people may try to hid the truth, it will always come out!