Friday, 28 February 2014

The $1 million birthday bash and now this $100s million wedding are Mugabe's middle finger "eat cake" salute to the long suffering Zimbabweans!

Robert Mugabe's one million dollar birthday bash and now this multimillion dollar wedding are the tyrant's  middle finger "eat cake" salute to the long suffering people of Zimbabwe.


The tyrant is spending hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer's money on this wedding whilst millions are facing an told hardship because the nation is starved of funds. The people have been totally helpless; they could not stop this criminal waste of national material resources and the tragic human suffering it has brought because, like all tyrants, Mugabe is not accountable to the people. His answer to the cries of anguish is the two finger salute!


Mugabe’s extravagancy will be seen as excessive in a rich and prosperous country even if everything was paid for from wealth earned from the sweat of his face. That is not so here! Mugabe’s birthday bash and now this no-expense spared wedding are obscene and an affront to justice here on earth as in Heaven because the tyrant is paying for them using money stolen from the poorest of the poor and the most helpless of the helpless!    

What the people of Zimbabwe have to realize is that they have to stop burying their heads in the sand and wait for a failed leader like Tsvangirai to get them out of this mess. When he had the chance to do just that he and his MDC friends got distracted by the trapping of the good life Mugabe gave them and after five years in the GNU failed to get even one democratic reform implemented. The people must now wake up to the political reality that a lazy, naïve and gullible people will never enjoy peace, justice and economic prosperity - that is just a fact of life.

Ever since the country attains its independence many Zimbabweans swallowed Mugabe and Zanu PF's empty promise of "mass prosperity" (gutsa ruzhinji) if they gave up all their democratic rights including the right to a free and meaningful vote and the right to think. For the last 34 years Zimbabweans have done nothing to end their own brutal repression and they are blissful wallowing in their own misery. Helpless as an infant!


Lately Zimbabweans have turned to God for deliverance. "By the sweat of you face you shall eat bread," said the Lord when He banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Of course the answer the good Lord would give to all this sorrowful but nonetheless self-indulgent laziness is “You too shall eat bread by the sweat of you face or starve!”


It is within the powers of mere mortals to end this Mugabe and Zanu PF reign of terror. It is not for the Devine to do what man can do for himself. The good Lord gave man the discerning mind to know what is right from wrong and act accordingly. But if an individual, a group or in this case a whole nation should choose not to put to good use God’s greatest gift to mankind -  the superior brain; then they should not be surprised that even the little they have will be taken away.


 If Zimbabweans are waiting for Devine intervention and deliverance from this Mugabe and Zanu PF nightmare then they will wait in vain. Not even Mugabe’s death will bring any comfort because there are many other, equally corrupt and ruthless, waiting to take his place! The only way out of this is for the people of Zimbabwe to answer Mugabe back with their own middle finger salute and kick the tyrant out of State House!


The people of Zimbabwe are not really helpless victims of this dictatorship; they have chosen to be powerless victims and that is not quite the same thing!!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

USA Ambassador says the idea that sanctions caused the economic mess "does not hold up"!

The US Ambassador to Zimbabwe says Zimbabweans are the authors of the country’s mess!


“Zimbabwe’s economy has been through dramatic ups and downs in the last 15 years. You all know that better than I do. But the idea that targeted U.S. sanctions have caused Zimbabwe’s economic woes simply does not hold up to critical analysis,” Ambassador Bruce Wharton told his audience in Harare.


Mugabe has denied there was no corruption but the many stories of rampant corruption that have surface have settled that question for all time. As for the corruption and mismanagement being the root causes of the economic collapse; that too has been settled. Ever since one story after another of the rampant corruption have surfaced none of the usual suspects have dare repeat the nonsense of blaming Zimbabwe's economic melt-down on sanctions!


It is a great pity that the EU had just given the regime's lie of sanction another tank full of gas by lifting the sanctions.

The people of Zimbabwe need to face up to the tough questions and corruption and vote rigging are the tough questions of our time. Mugabe has used sanctions to take the nation's attention away from these two issues. Allowing him to re-introduce the sanctions again is not helping Zimbabwe in any way! I am pleased the USA and a few others countries have seen this and acted accordingly.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Appeasing Mugabe has been as futile as conceding to appoint the hyena the midwife - he got an ease meal!

I have never seen the need for me to hide behind a name like Chimbwido, Baba Jukwa or a myriad of other phony names , I have always used my full name because I have no reason to hide my identity. I have never done anything wrong.

 However, I do know that there are murderous thugs who will beat rape or/and murder innocent people to silence them or to instil fear in the rest of the population for selfish political gain. Still, I decided to use my full name regardless not out of foolhardy stubbornness but because I know appeasing bullies, thugs and tyrants is futile.

 Zimbabweans took the collective decision to give up their basic right to have a meaningful say in the running of the country with their first vote in 1980. They voted for Zanu PF to end the war because they know if Mugabe did not win the civil war would continue.

 “Jojo siya zvenyika. Jojo angazofa!” (Jojo leave politics or you will die!) so goes Thomas Mapfumo’s popular hit at the time. He was putting into music the sentiments that were upper most in the nation’s minds. Sentiments drilled into the nation during the Zanla Pungwe (all night vigils) people forced to attend during the civil war. When you are looking up the business end of an AK47 rifle it is foolhardy to argue!

 And yet, even in the face of all the beatings rapes and murders still was sheer folly for the people to have given up their basic right to a meaningful vote and say in the governance of the country for the simple reason that was their only way to stop the beatings, rapes, murders, mismanagement, corruption and looting.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs were no more than the hyena demanding that it should be appointed the midwife or there will be no peace! Mugabe and Zanu PF threatened that there would be no peace, economic prosperity, etc. unless Zanu PF ruled. Zimbabwe is a de facto one-party dictatorship in which the people have been denied their right to held those in power to account, the ultimate expression of that being the right to remove them from office. All Mugabe and his cronies wanted was absolute power to do as they please. Tyrants and dictators do not care about peace, economic prosperity, no more than the hyena care about the mother and the new born!  All the hyena is after is an ease meal; since when have undertakers made good midwife!

 Giving up our democratic rights and freedoms to appeasing Mugabe and Zanu PF did not bring the peace or economic prosperity but the exact opposite it allowed the tyrant to use the nation’s wealth to bribe his wasteful supporters. Mismanagement, corruption and looting have been allowed to grow and grow destroying everything of value and driving millions of our people into adjust poverty. And to silence the regime’s critics, opponents and the public at large the regime has used brute force; beating raping and murdering innocent people for selfish political gain.

The gave up their freedoms and rights to avoid the beatings rapes and murders only to have all these things and many more beside visited onto them a thousand fold! Of course it is folly to seek to appease a dictator by giving up one’s right to hold the tyrant to account. I will never succumb to such foolishness!

 If I am going to be killed then I want to look the murderer straight in the eye and not bury my head in the sand! I want the would-be murderer to know I have made it my whole lifetime’s work to seek them out and to held them to account for the blood on their hands. If I die; the murderer(s) must know that there hundreds of thousands others like me who are just as determined to seek them out, that this is not over until they are punished and justice rule the land!   

 If you and your fellow Zanu PF henchmen are thinking of beating me up or murdering me then you better do so straight away because time is not on your side. The Zanu PF dictatorship is imploding.

 Zanu PF is not a party with ideology, principle or anything; it is a party of ruffians and morons with one and one thing in common – insatiable appetite for power and wealth. For the last three decades Mugabe has increased the size of the civil service, parastatals and super numeral ministries such as Ministry of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education – no one knows what Minister Josiah Hungwe is supposed to do all day let alone the next five years, to gratify his supporters’ need to be called “Chef”.

 The down side was this has resulted in criminal waste of resources needed to support this blotted government, army, etc. Most of these political appointments have proven to be incompetent and worse, corrupt!

34 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption has bankrupted Zimbabwe causing unimaginable hardships to the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans but also to Mugabe himself. There are no cushy jobs to give away and the money to finance all the dodgy schemes from which the ruling elite have benefited in the past has dried up. This is happened at the worst time for these Zanu PF spoilt brats!

Mugabe is telling his party ruffians and morons, most of who have never done an honest day’s work these last 34 years they have to join the nation’s 80% unemployed and sink or swim. This is like being thrown out of the house just hours before night fall and a savage storm breaks! The ruffians and morons are already fighting each other and as the reality of a grim future ahead begin to dawn on them the fight will intensify in its savagery. It is the fight to the death!

As I said, Zanu PF is imploding and what the nation has to be careful about is that the tyrant and his gang of ruffians do not drag the nation over the edge with them! All those Zanu PF thugs who survive the implosion will be hunted down and held to account for the blood on their hands! It is not over until the fat lady sings, until justice rules the roost!    

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mugabe threatens to sack Ministers over salary scandals - even if he did, that will not save him from the sack!

The advantage of being a dictator is that you set the agenda and have the means to force everyone else to accept it, even to the extent of presenting of false image of the truth and reality. Mugabe has been very good at playing the dictator’s game but has yet to learn that sooner or later one has to cut open the apple and then no amount of propaganda can conceal the reality of an apple that is rotten to the core.

"That nonsensical approach of 'I will remove this and leave that' does not have any meaning to us at all and it's high time this stupidity was dropped.

"We don't understand the sense of it anyway and as Zimbabwe, sanctions or no sanctions, we shall continue," said Mugabe; the seasoned dictator!

Here is a tyrant who wanted Zimbabwe to be a one-party state and never believed in one-man one-vote and multi-party democracy. He knew the people of Zimbabwe would want a political system that gave them a meaningful say in the governance of the country and grant them all the other freedoms and human rights if they were giving a chance to choose freely. He never gave them that chance.

The people of Zimbabwe were under no illusion that if Mugabe and Nkomo did not win the 1980 elections the civil war would not stop. And so instead of the election being a joyous occasion the people had hoped it to be where they at last have a meaningful say in the governance of the country they faced a grim reality of “voting to end the war” as  Professor Jonathan Moyo aptly put it in his book “Voting for Democracy”. As soon as Mugabe got into power he set about to systematically undermine and destroy all the country’s democratic institutions and building in their place those that would serve his Zanu PF one-party dictatorship.

In 1990 Mugabe tries to have Zimbabwe’s constitution calling for regular multi-party elections changed to make the country a constitutional one-party state but the nation resisted the move. With falling popularity Mugabe has resorted to more and more underhand means to remain in power. The people of Zimbabwe have been forced to accept the stupid and nonsensical position where they are allowed to vote as long as the result does not end with regime change.

The West imposed the sanction on the tyrant in protest against this repeated nonsensical process of holding elections in which the electorate are systematically denied a meaningful vote to produce the predetermined Mugabe and Zanu PF election victory. A position Mugabe has always dismissed as “nonsensical and stupid”, “a regime change western agenda” because he was able to silence the voices of the oppressed masses in the country. Their views and their rights counted not at all!

Mugabe was lucky to have such political opponents as Joshua Nkomo or Morgan Tsvangirai whom he was able to bribe or bamboozle with bull. There has not been anyone to count Mugabe’s propaganda and lies and giving the propaganda and lies greater mileage and credibility than they deserved.

The Western government value their own economic interest above the human rights of outsiders but occasionally their consciences have had the better of them and forced them to raise human rights issues. If Mugabe had confined his barbarism to his fellow blacks and not touched any whites as had happened until 2000, the Western would have continued to turn a blind eye to his tyrannical excesses. When Mugabe started his violence white farm seizures he knew the West would protest. Indeed he wanted them to protest because he needed that as the fig-leaf behind which to hide his real agenda of riding rough-shod over the blacks in the country.

When the West imposed the sanctions on Mugabe and his cronies back in 2002 they did so only as a gesture; their hearts and minds were not in it as events have shown. Belgium has managed to get the EU to lift most of the sanctions, for example, with regardless of fact Mugabe had just blatantly rigging the July 2013.

Of course Mugabe was shrewd enough to know of the West’s hypocrisy and has exploited this all along. He knew the West did not have their hearts and spirit in the sanctions and so he called their bluff and won!

Mugabe allowed mismanagement and corruption to take root and thrive because he appointed party loyalists to key positions and allowed them loot; it is a reward system for all those who have helped him establish and retain the Zanu PF dictatorship. He has refused to see the corrosive effect the system has had on the national economy. His well-oiled propaganda machine has been going into overdrive; denying mismanagement and corruption were the root causes of the country’s economic melt-down. The regime has blamed the sanctions for that.

By burying its head in the sand the regime has allowed mismanagement and corruption to fester and spread. In the last few months there has been one story after another of how one government institution after another has been eaten from within rendering them all not fit for purpose.

“The veteran leader had no kind words either for his cabinet ministers he accused of failing to adequately supervise public firms which fall under their ministries resulting in the company bosses taking home hundreds of thousands in terms of salaries.”

The scale of the corruption is a thousand times what the country has seen in the past and the cases are breaking out at a time when the nation is running on empty. And no amount of “words” kind or otherwise is going to get the nation out of the economic mess Mugabe has landed us in.

Mugabe can fire all the cabinet ministers – which he will never do of course because they constitute his own political base, the base on which he is standing; but let us just suppose that he could – still that will do nothing to turn an apple rotten to the core back into a good one.

Mugabe has been described as a cunning fox able to outwit his opponents and to stick up his middle finger to those more powerful than himself and get away with it. Well the years of corruption and misrule have caused collimated in the multiple failure of every conceivable sector of the national economy. His pathetic attempts to ignore the problem have not worked and now he thinks his empty words will put things to right! He can sticking out his middle finger to the whole world all he wants but that is not going to get the nation out of this mess; not this time.
The only way Zimbabwe is going to address the problems of chronic mismanagement and rampant corruption is by first removing Mugabe and Zanu PF from office; nothing, absolutely nothing can ever be achieved as long as the tyrant remains in office. We need regime change – the dreaded phrase for Mugabe and Zanu PF – and only then will the country have meaningful economic and political change.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Zimbabweans are too lazy to walk and so expect God to carry them one-by-one to the Promise Land!

It is true that religion has become "the opium" to the people of Zimbabwe. As the country's political and economic nightmare grew worse so many of them have turned to religion; praying to God to deliver them from the mess.


We all know that corruption has been rampant in Zimbabwe, for example, and that it is the root cause of the country's economic melt-down. Ask Zimbabweans why they have done nothing to ensure this cancer is removed and they will tell you "What can we do?" In other words they do not want to do anything but expect the West and God to do something about it.


After independence Zimbabweans had the political power to decide how the nation was to be ruled. They gave up that power cheaply and thus allowed Mugabe and Zanu PF to do as they pleased. And the tyrant and his cronies have done just that with the disastrous consequences we now see.


If April 1980 was the equivalent of the day the children of Israel were allowed to leave Egypt then whilst the former faced the hardships of the 40 year long journey to the promised land Zimbabweans were not prepared to face any hardships and thus stayed put.

They are praying to God to carry them one-by-one to the Promised Land- our journey is a mental one! Of course that will never happen; God gave us feet and a brain to think and He must be disappointed that we have chosen to sit and see all these talents go to waste.

Al Jazeera "Inside Story: Robert Mugabe turns 90" the worst ever - had the worst panellists ever!

Dear Inside Story Presenter

I think you could have got a lot more interesting and relevant things aired if you had not picked a  Mugabe apologist, a Tsvangirai apologist and the third panellist whose ideas were so wishy-washy he too said nothing of note.

Nick Mangwana is retelling the same old lie of sanctions being responsible for the country's economic mess. Mugabe has denied there was corruption but recent stories have shown this was a lie. The level of corruption has been so much so that it soaked up all the organisation's money. ZBC managers wages and corrupt deals, for example, took up everything there was nothing left for the ordinary lowly paid workers. It is nonsense to maintain that the economy could prosper under such conditions.

MDC failed to get even one democratic reforms implemented, they were naïve to think the could be free and fair elections without the reforms. Only a totally discredited person like Obert Gutu would still sing Tsvangirai's praise showing he, like Tsvangirai, have completely failed to comprehend the enormity of MDC's political incompetence even with the benefit of hindsight.

Chofamba Sithole has no idea of the depth of Zimbabwe's political and economic mess otherwise he would not have portrayed Mugabe as someone in control. Mugabe has kept the Zanu PF dictatorship together all these 34 years by allowing party loyalists to be corrupt but now corruption has grown so big it is choking everything.

Mugabe himself has amassed a vast wealth through corruption and so have all those around him and that is why he has never done anything to stamp it out. How can he end corruption when it is the only thing that has kept him and Zanu PF in power. We all know giving up power, regime change, is something utterly unthinkable for Mugabe and his Zanu PF cabal!  

Al Jazeera has come along way as one of the leading media giants in the world and Inside Story is one of its great programmes. Sadly, "Robert Mugabe turns 90" will be one of your worst programmes because the three panellists had nothing of substance to say.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mugabe "special occasion" birthday to cost million $ - when 2.2 million Zimbabweans are starving!

Mugabe will be celebrating his 90’s birth day in grant style with a 89 kg cake and the whole bash has a price tag of one million dollars.

Absalom Sikhosana, secretary for youth affairs in Mugabe's Zanu-PF party, told reporters recently: "This is a very special celebration. Turning 90 is no mean feat. You cannot turn 90 years when you are a womaniser, a drunkard or a chain smoker. We will be celebrating the life of a very special person on a very special occasion."

Mugabe is back in Singapore for what George Charamba said was a cataract operation.  In the past each of his trips to Singapore has costed the nation a staggering US$ 3 million and sometimes he made as many as eight trips in one year. So the nation has been spending as much as US$ 24 million a year on the health bill of one person. In a country whose health delivery system has all but collapsed after years of chronic under funding.

Would be mothers are delivering their babies under the most primitive conditions; five women die every day in child birth, one of the worst in the world.

100 children below the age of five are dying every day from preventable diseases.

Mugabe could have got quality cataract surgery in Zimbabwe and with additional investment, the cost of just one overseas trip, as good a service as he got in Singapore.

It is nonsense that an impoverished nation like Zimbabwe should be splashing millions of dollars on the luxury health needs of one person whilst neglecting the most basic needs of millions. It is criminal! Mugabe’s indifference to the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans is an insult to the whole nation’s conscience. Splashing million dollars on a birthday party when 2.2 million are starving; what kind of people would allow such madness!   

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A White Zimbabwean groups calls for lifting of sanctions - the white racists are at it again!

A group of white Zimbabweans calling themselves ‘Zimbabweans Against Sanctions’ have called for the lifting of the sanctions against Mugabe and those in his inner circle on shaky  grounds thy are the cause of the country’s economic melt-down. The group is led by Matthew Smith.


What is disappointing about this white-group supporting Mugabe is that none of these individuals give a damn about the suffering black masses? They want the sanctions lifted not because they believe for a minute that the sanctions are cause of the country's economic melt-down. They know that it was the gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and all-out looting spree by Mugabe and his cronies that have done that.

They are coming out and publicly supporting the Mugabe's regime position calling for the lifting of the sanctions to buy themselves favours with the regime. There are no different from these Nikuv Jews who helped Mugabe rid the July 2013 elections.

These white are racists; before independence they supported the white racist regime with their very lives and since then they have supported the Mugabe dictatorship for personal gain. They really do not give a damn about long suffering of the black majority. If they did, then how can they pretend not to see that the fight for economic and political rights is at the very heart of the imposed sanctions. The freedoms and rights systematically denied them by this Mugabe dictatorship and Ian Smith racist regime before that!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mnangagwa goes after Ministers named in salary scandals - this is a dog eat dog fight to the end!

Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is said to lead a faction angling to replace President Robert Mugabe, has already fired warning shots, after declaring in Parliament last week that all individuals implicated in the scandals would be brought to book.

The Zanu PF politburo held on Friday also said those caught with their hands in the till will be arrested.

Sources said ministers benefitted especially in procurement where they either received kickbacks or connived with CEOs to inflate invoices.

Investigations, which are centred on the goings-on at Air Zimbabwe, Zinara, CMED, Rural Electrification Agency (REA), ZBC and Marange Resources among other State enterprises, have seen company executives being fingered in the fleecing of their organizations through hefty salaries and improper procurement procedures.

Monday, 17 February 2014

EU gives Mugabe $4 million whilst demanding "clarity" - like all tyrants, he will take the money and give nothing away!

“There is lack of clarity of policies. There must be transparency and accountability on these policies. You tend to hear contradictory sentiments from one official to another especially on indigenisation”, Aldo Dell’ Ariccia said. The Ambassador would do even better if HE clarified the EU’s policies first!

Is the EU joining the Israelis and Chinese in playing dirty political games at the expense of the long suffering ordinary Zimbabweans?  Is this $4.1 million the start of the EU's financial bailout of the Mugabe regime; the first down payment of the country's $27 billion ZimAsset request? Or is it just a sweeter to buy EU access into Zimbabwe's murky diamond business and once in the EU, like the Chinese and Israelis before them, will not be spending a penny more? In other words the country will still be in the latch it is in right now of serious economic melt-down because the very reasons the Ambassador himself is talking about – lack of clarity, transparency and accountability!

Like it or the lifting of some of the sanctions, this $4.1 million from the EU, the invitation of Mugabe to Brussels, etc. will be seen by Harare as “proof” that the EU has relented and is ready to do business. The regime has taken on the mighty of the West pushing for regime change and won! Now it is already repeating the benefits in all these concessions from the EU. As far as Mugabe is concerned, the rest of the Western countries will all soon fall in line!

"The British did not know what hit them!" Mugabe boosted after the rigged elections. His refusal to release the voters roll, the smoking gun as to how he rigged the vote is only another dimension of his mastery, as far as he is concerned.

The Mugabe regime is not going to soften its stance on indigenisation; the best the EU can expect is silence.  As for meaningful democratic reforms, the basis and only hope for free and fair elections in 2018, Mugabe will never ever implement not even one reform.

The EU must know that by offering Mugabe the false hope that he can stay in power, keep his corrupt and autocratic ways and still achieve some economic recovery; they EU is betraying the ordinary people who will continue to  suffering the consequences of further economic melt-down.  And worst of all, the EU will have closed the nation’s hopes of ever holding free and fair elections in 2018!

No, Ambassador Aldo Dell’ Ariccia it is the EU that must take a firm standing against Mugabe and his tyrannical regime after blatantly rigging the July 2013 Zimbabwe elections. It is the EU that must stop posy-footing around!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nguni, a Mugabe loyalist says Tsvangirai will be arrested on corruption charges - MDC vakadziya moto wembavha, vavakubvurwa nembavha!

“If Tsvangirai abused MDC funds that should not be an issue for government because that is a private affair," said James Maridadi.

Well if those within the MDC who held the pulse, party treasure and his deputy, Roy Bennette and Elton Mangoma, are saying Tsvangirai abused party funds, given the latter's taste for high life; it is 99.9% certain that he did.

None of the MDC donors are going to sue the party over the misuse of the donated funds. They have already taken the only appropriate action they could by freezing all further funding. Zanu PF would have no business in this because it is indeed a "private affair" as Maridadi rightly pointed out.

But we all know that Zanu PF is under enormous pressure right now because of all these stories of rampant corruption in parastatals like Air Zimbabwe and ZESA, quasi-government institutions like PSMAS and ZMDC and within government itself like the Army right up to Mugabe himself. And to make matter worse these stories are breaking at the time when the economy is taking a fatal nose-dive following the loss of confidence in the regime after the rigged July 2913 elections.

Mugabe and his cronies would love to arrest Tsvangirai, even on a private matter, just to draw attention away from their own mounting troubles.

“We also know that he (Tsvangirai) has cases of double dipping,” said Goodson Nguni, a Mugabe loyalist, in apparent reference to allegations the former premier may have misappropriated $1,5 million in public funds during the upgrade of his official residence in Harare.


Again, no one would put that beyond Tsvangirai; he is that stupid because he should have known that Mugabe have CIO watching him like hawks! Mugabe has a lot of dirty on Tsvangirai; he did not have to dig hard as the MDC leader has a greater affinity for dirty than the dung-beetle!


Mugabe has not arrested Tsvangirai over the Harare mansion scandal, for example, because the Zanu PF tyrant knew he would have a lot to answer for himself. Yes, Tsvangirai is stupid but not that stupid not to know of Mugabe's multi-billion dollar Borrowdale mansion, $ 5 million Hong Kong mansion, R500 million-mansion in SA, etc., etc. 


Tsvangirai and his MDC friend have derived a great deal of pleasure is the corruption scandals and have even called for those involved to resign as if they themselves are not corrupt.


Nguni's threat to arrest Tsvangirai is shot across the MDC ship's bows; reminding the party that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. However the warning is even more relevant to Mugabe and his cronies given that they are the ones living crystal glass palaces!


Mugabe is painfully aware that it is not MDC who are throwing the stones, they are just joining the bandwagon, it is the ordinary Zimbabweans who are sick to the back teeth of the suffering and brutal oppression the Zanu PF dictatorship has inflicted on them all these last 34 years. But Mugabe being the ruthless tyrant he is; he will pick on Tsvangirai, a soft target, to have his revenge rather than face the increasingly hostile public.

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are corrupt but nothing compared to Mugabe and his cronies; but he will never have the public sympathy in this because he betrayed them too in failing to implement the reforms and thus end this political nightmare. The people of Zimbabwe are preoccupied with ending the Mugabe dictatorship to be bothered with what the tyrant do with Tsvangirai; he chose to partake in the corruption and he must suffer the consequences.

Tsvangirai akadziya moto wembavha; saka naiyi imbavha! Kana akatakurirwa moto, ndeyake onga, anozvionera akura!

Friday, 14 February 2014

The Rampant Corruption is proiving to be Mugabe and Zanu PF's final undoing!

"So far the Herald newspaper-led revelations have only targeted officials linked to Vice President Mujuru’s faction, exposing how they drew stupendous salaries from state-linked firms with zero accountability.

It is widely believed that Mnangagwa’s front-man and Information Minister Jonathan Moyo is behind the disclosures in the State media," wrote S W Radio Africa.

Let me tell if Jonathan Moyo can select and shoot down only Mujuru supporters in the Council, in ZESA, in PSMAS, Air Zimbabwe, etc., etc. leaving Mnangagwa managers and directors in the same bodies untouched then he must be the best marksman of all times. Such a man can shoot down an ant from a distance of 100 kilometres away.

If Moyo thought he could discredit Mujuru alone by exposing the corruption and rot that has infected everyone in Zanu PF, their own supporters and Mnangagwa and Moyo themselves; then he was wrong.

Whoever started this expose, whatever they motive; the reality is the gene is now out of the bottle and there is no putting it back!

Zanu PF has always there was corruption and blamed the country's economic melt-down on the sanctions. The stories of rampant corruption could not have come out at a worse time for the regime then now when the economy has taken its worst even nose dive. The link between the economic nose-dives and the rampant corruption and looting is obvious.
There is no way the economy is going to recover from this nose dive, not as long as the corruption and looting continues. And the corruption and looting is not going to stop as long as this Zanu PF dictatorship remains in power. But the economic collapse is Zanu PF’s demise; the tyrant is the author of his own demise as all tyrants always do!

Mugabe can deny rigging the elections all he likes but the people know better and they are not being fooled!

The sanctions were imposed after Mugabe rigged the 2002 elections and the rigging has got progressively worse ever since. In 2008 the tyrant used some of the worst politically motivated violence Zimbabwe has even seen to overturn the defeat in the earlier vote. He turned Zimbabwe into a “war zone”, said Tsvangirai after he was forced to withdraw to stop the barbaric carnage!

In the 2013 elections Mugabe did not use the wanton violence, not with the whole world watching, he was a lot more subtle. With the help of the Israel company, Nikuv, he corrupted the voters roll so that nearly a million voter although they had registered failed to do so on the day. Their names had been deliberately posted in a voting ward other than the one they expected.

The voters roll was also inflated to show an impossible 6 million registered voter out of a population of 12 million. The inflated numbers allowed paid Zanu PF loyalists to cast multiple votes on election-day. The whole world saw the bussed in voters!

In the rural area even School teachers were coerced into claiming they could not read or write so that Zanu PF operative went into the voting-booth with them to ensure they voted for Mugabe.

Mugabe can deny that he did not rig the elections but he knows the people of Zimbabwe know better. They are the ones his thugs have been beating up and terrorizing, whose names suddenly disappeared from the voters roll, they saw the buses faring Zanu PF youths from one polling station to the next, etc.

The whole nation knows Mugabe has stubbornly refused to release the voters roll and allow public scrutiny, seven months after the election although there calls for it to be released have been relentless. The people know he is not going to release it because it is the “smoking gun” to the vote rigging.

The people of Zimbabwe have always known that country’s economy has suffered because of the gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and all-out looting by Mugabe and his cronies. Whose does not know of the late Solomon Mujuru “owned” Bindura, that Obert Mpofu and Ignatius Chombo are multi-millionaires, that the Mugabes own 13 commercial farms, etc.

The nation is in a state of shock at the extend of looting in government owned institutions like ZESA, PSMAS, etc. by top managers who were paid as much as $ 500 000 a month whilst the ordinary workers of $300 per month were not being paid because there was nothing left!

Mugabe can blame the country’s economic melt-down of sanctions all he likes but Zimbabweans know it is the mismanagement and corruption by his regime that is the real root causes of the economic mess. What is more, the people also know that there will be no end to the country’s political and economic nightmare until Mugabe and the Zanu PF dictatorship is dismantled and destroyed.

Mugabe is continuing with his denial about rigging elections and lie about the sanctions being the cause of the economic problems because he really has nothing else to say! He is nothing but lion caught in the open plains with all his last cover blown and his strength ebbing away like water poured in the sand.

Zimbabwe has reached the point of no return; we will have regime change! Mugabe and Zanu PF are finished, this is the final curtain call for the tyrant.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Army Generals earned Gargantuan "George Charamba" salaries compared to pittence paid to rank and file!

Army generals are reportedly earning as much as $10,000 per month in basic salaries, in addition to a range of other eye-watering perks. Rank and file soldiers earn a monthly average of $370. Sources in the ZNA Pay and Records Department revealed to The Zimbabwean that ranks of Lieutenant Colonel and above enjoy hefty perks and most of them are war veterans.

The flood gates corruption and looting have opened and there is no shutting them now.

No doubt all of these well paid Army Generals paid their part in ensuring that Mugabe stayed in power all these years and many of them played a critical role in the vote rigging in the 2013 elections. Well, all those Generals who said they will never serve under anyone else than Mugabe or his chosen successor must start packing because Mugabe and this corrupt and oppressive dictatorship is finished.

Those who risked their life and many of them died in the war of independence fought for the freedom and human dignity of all Zimbabweans and not just a few hand-picked by Mugabe. Those who really believed and died for the freedom and dignity of all Zimbabweans must be turning in their graves to see how that noble sentiment has been distorted and twisted into this Zanu PF ethos of shameless greed, corruption, oppression and murder.

People like General Douglas Nyikayaramba have brought nothing but shame to ZNA with their public support of a tyrant like Mugabe. The people should have a free say in the election of the nation’s political leaders and the Army should respect the expressed democratic wish of the people. But by undermining the people’s democratic wishes with his political pronouncement people like General Nyikayaramba removed themselves from the neutrality of the Army into the political arena.

Now Mugabe that is being force out of office in disgrace for all the corruption and brutal repression and those in the security services who have save the tyrant at the expense of the people must be stripped of their rank and uniform!

University of Oxford teacher Cameron should meet Mugabe in Brussels - did not know the University was that desperate for teachers!

For a University lecturer anywhere this is really an article of the poorest quality. The English is perfect but the content is trash.

 "UK policy on Zimbabwe was based on the belief that Mugabe would lose in the 2013 elections", we are told. That is nonsense, it was clear to everyone, other than the MDC and its leadership (and no doubt the writer too) than Mugabe was going to win the 2013 elections because the former had failed to implement not even one democratic reform.

The suggestion that a country like Britain would base its foreign policy on notion that "Mugabe will soon die" should be dismissed with the contempt it rightly deserves.

The argument that if the British Prime Minister was to boycott the Brussels meeting because Mugabe was there then he must also boycott if Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta attended is problematic because the two African leaders are different and circumstances are different. If the boycott is to be bases on the number of people murdered, “over 1 000” then the write should point out that Robert Mugabe has murdered over 30 000!

The thrust of the writer’s argument is that the British PM should not boycott the meeting because Mugabe is there since he was not going to do the same if President Kenyatta attended; a fallacious argument. If boycott the meeting if Mugabe attends is the right thing (I believe it is indeed the right thing) then to abandon that course of action just because he could or could not in another independent situation is stupid.

When the West imposed the sanctions on Mugabe for failing to hold free and fair elections they showed the tyrant that they did not just call for human rights but meant it. The West was showing its commitment to justice and human rights for the oppressed masses. In the July 2013 elections Mugabe blatantly rigged the elections and thus once again denying the ordinary Zimbabweans their most basic right.

If the West was to disregard what Mugabe has done then every other African leader would want to do the same, blatantly rig the elections. The West will be able to do anything then because they would have lost all credibility. How anyone can construe that as “constructive influence” beggars belief!

The University of Oxford is a much respected institution the world over but I suppose even they cannot be expected to get things right every time. How else can one explain how someone like Blessing-Miles Tendi can be teaching anything there!

In the face of the corruption scandals should the public pay their bills - there is a conundrum or is it!

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) have help free a patient detained at a hospital for failing to pay medical bill. There is no law that allows the hospitals to detain anyone for failure to pay their bill.

This a real conundrum; should the patience at these government hospitals pay for the very poor service they got knowing full well that most of the fees will be looted which is of course the reason for the poor service! And here is the twist, if they refuse to pay there is the certainty that even the poor service will stop.

Whilst, I agree that the ZLHR did the right thing and threaten the Hospital with a law suit for unlawful detention of Gwaze for failing to pay a hospital bill. The law suit achieved the immediate need of getting Gwaze realised it has, however, created a bigger problem. The closing down of all hospitals in the country will create a bigger problem.

We need to sue the Cuthbert Dubes, George Charambas, Charles Mahachis, etc.; the frontline managers and directors of these public institutions who have been doing all this looting in the first place. Once these are safely locked up in Chikurumbi; we must then go after the next level of permanent secretaries and other high lever government officials who have allowed the looting to go on. Then go after the deputy Ministers and Ministers, get them locked away too.

By the time we have got all those hundreds of thousands of piranhas, catfish, etc. we would have collect the body of evidence, drain the pond of the mudded waters, to go after the man who has presided over all this corruption and looting, the crocodile!

The trouble with our media, civic society, etc. is that they have content going after the small fish whilst carefully avoiding the real big monsters. Threaten and harassing the admission clerk or the ward-nurse who are not the ones responsible for the looting of formulating admission policies will get the odd individual out of trouble but only make a bad situation even worse!

Zimbabwe's economic and political mess is not real a conundrum; other nations have faced the same challenges and we all know the solution that got them out of trouble will get us out of this mess too. It is a conundrum only because we have boxed ourselves in; we want to solve the country's problems whilst at the same time allow the Zanu PF dictatorship to do as they please!

We can end our suffering and this criminal waste of human and material resource by Mugabe and his thugs by dismantling the dictatorship or keep the tyrannical regime and continue to pay the price in tragic human suffering and unnecessary lose of human lives. It is naive to think we can have our tyrannical dictator and still have economic prosperity, justice, freedom, etc., etc.

Tyrants are tyrants precisely because they deny the people a fair share of the nation’s wealth and have to resort to brute force to ensure the people do not kick them out of power! There is no such thing as a benevolent tyrant! And Mugabe is certainly not a benevolent tyrant but a corrupt and murderous one. We must learn to deal with it or continue to suffer, period!

Mugabe's spending of $100s millions on Bona's wedding is his "eat cake" statement to the impoverished Zimbabweans!

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s Borrowdale Brooke mansion is undergoing renovations and construction work amid reports that goods worth millions of dollars have been ordered to embellish the 25-roomed mansion. This all in preparation for his daughter, Bona’s wedding on 1st March 2014.

All the stories of the salary scandals, corruption and looting and the devastating economic melt-down and tragic suffering they have brought that have taxed the nation all these last three months have not even registered in the tyrant’s mind.

Mugabe is spending hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars on his daughter's webbing at a time when five woman are dying in child-birth and 100 children are dying of preventable diseases every day because the health service throughout the country have collapsed. A situation that has been made worse by the recent stories of hospitals being swindled of millions of dollars in corrupt procurement deals.

The stories of corruption and looting are everywhere in Zimbabwe and the consequence is the economic melt-down. The economic nose dive has taken off from where it left off in 2008 and it is cause for alarm.

Mugabe has denied there was corruption and looting in Zimbabwe and blamed the economic melt-down on the sanctions imposed on his regime by the West. We have known all along that he was lying and the flood of corruption and looting stories confirms.

Instead of Mugabe paying attention to corruption and looting and end all this reckless spending his only concern is throwing this lavish no-expense spared webbing for his daughter!

 Mugabe has now reach that epoch in all tyrants’ life where he is too busy enjoying his lavish life style he simply refuses to see the tragic misery he is inflicting on those under him. In throwing this lavish wedding Mugabe is saying to the starving and impoverished millions of Zimbabweans “eat cake” after the fashion of Marie Antoinette!  

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Chinamasa says the Chinese are "considering" a ZimAsset bail out for Zimbabwe - how much longer will this take?!

Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa announced that the Chinese are "considering" a comprehensive financial aid to Zimbabwe to help fund the regime's $27 billion ZimAsset bail out.

“The $23.3 million grant we are signing today is one such assistance that has been availed to us,” said Chinamasa. “This grant will ensure that the newly resettled communities living on land acquired under the land reform programme have access to health facilities in their vicinity.”

So the regime has held its land resettlement as a great success all these last 14 years and yet it did not even have such basic requirements as clinics in these resettlements! 

If the grants are channelled to building these health facilities then people will have somewhere to go now since all the other health facilities including big centres in the cities and towns have all but closed!

Schools and hospitals have stop providing any meaningful services, industries are closing down laying off hundreds of workers and pushing unemployment figures to nauseating heights, etc., etc. and these bloody Chinese are still "considering" giving Zimbabwe the bailout? F**** me! Considering, considering what and for how much longer?

Mugabe has been looking east with his "Look East" policies for decades now. He has strained his neck and is looking more like one of those Galapagos Island tortoise; waiting for the relief.

The reality is even if the Chinese were to finally cough up the $27 billions - they owe us half as much anywhere after all the dodgy deals Mugabe has signed with them - that will not get Zimbabwe out of this mess. We need to resolve the structural problems that has allowed mismanagement and corruption to run riot.

If the Chinese are foolish enough to throw billions of dollars to try and save a rotten regime from imploding they it is their affair but they must know that no future democratic government in Harare will repay a penny of whatever they dish out! This is gamble they will be making and they must know it is one they are bound to lose!

EU to ease sanction against Mugabe because "Zimbabwe is moving". Yes, but in what direction?

The EU says it will lift some of the sanction but Mugabe and his wife will remain on sanctions.

"It does seem a time to move forward and the sense is that Zimbabwe is moving ... We need to respond," EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in the European Parliament on Tuesday in response to a question about easing sanctions.

Yes Zimbabwe is "moving" but in what direction? If Mugabe resisted implementing democratic reforms during the GNU there is no chance of him implementing them now! The tyrant is busy beefing up the security sector, particularly the CIO for whom he is building a $200 million Spy University. Mugabe is moving full steam ahead in turning Zimbabwe into a North Korea type Police State!

The blatant vote rigging of the elections and now all these breaking stories of corruption and looting at a grant scale are proof of what kind of regime we are dealing with here. The EU is letting itself being misled by a few individual nations whose moral compass, history has shown us, only works when they are in Europe. When it comes to dealing with Africa it is their selfish greed that takes over; the moral compass points South!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mai Mujuru's ranting against the media is out of character - the frog hoping in the mid day heat.....!

In all her 34 years in top office; how many times has Mai Mujuru ever said anything – clever or stupid, it does not matter? To be fair to her; when did anyone, other than Mugabe – “ane muromo asinga nherwe nenhudzi”, as we say in Shona (on whose mouth a fly is yet to land) – said anything? The likes of Mutasa and Mnangagwa occasional say something, usual nonsense like diesel coming out of a rock. Whilst the likes of Mai Mujuru, Sidney Sekeramai, and going back to John Nkomo, Joseph Musika, Simon Muzenda etc.; they never ever open their mouths except to agree or praise Mugabe.


The likes of Mai Mujuru has accepted the old adage that it is better to say nothing and be assumed a fool then open your mouth and prove it beyond all doubt that you are a fool! Mai Mujuru’s recent outburst denying that there was no corruption even when those involved in the corruption scandals themselves, like George Charamba, admitted to wrong doing proved just how insightful the old adage is, She opened her mouth and proved beyond all doubt that she is indeed a big fool!


There is another adage that says if you see a frog that ordinarily only comes out in the rainy season hopping about in the midday sun in the middle of the dry season, you can be sure something is after his life! So what gave the dumb Mai Mujuru voice to speak? What spooked her out of her silent-as-the-grave norm?


She may be mentally slow but even she can see where all these corruption and looting stories are leading to and she does not like it one little bit! She has amassed a $3 billion fortune herself. She is not a talented musician or talented anything; she looted every penny of it, of course!


Now that the flood gates of the corruption and looting that has been going on has been thrown wide open and there is no closing them again, it is just a matter of time before questions are asked about her huge fortune – absolutely humongous fortune given she has absolutely no talent at all. Whilst many of the other Zanu PF leaders would have at least tried to cover their tracks, Mai Mujuru is not smart to know how. All these scandals will produce a mountain of paper trail all leading back to Vice President Mujuru’s door!


Believe me, Mai Mujuru is already feeling the heat the corruption scandals have generated already and she is hopping for dear life!


The willowgate motor scandal claimed a number of scalps and yet it was a storm in a tea-cup compared to the tsunami waves the multi-layer scandals are generating. The later Maurice Nyagumbo took rat-poison when the number of scandals became unbearable. He made a few tens thousand dollars at most. Nothing compared to the hundreds of millions plus, plus some people made in the new scandals.


Mai Mujuru and many others in Zanu PF are really worried that all these corruption scandals are going to lead to their own corruption and looting! “Mboko jena, raparira parere dema!” My guess is that it will; when the heat is turned on him people like George Charamba will rat on everybody else. That is exactly what he meant when he said “we should all resign!”