Sunday, 21 January 2018

Trump must have had Zimbabwe among "s**thole countries", more so because we Zimbabweans let ourselves down N Garikai

Zimbabwe was in the top five richest nation, in terms of per capita income, in Africa in 1980 when the nation attained her independence. In 38 years, we have not just dropped to the bottom five poorest nations in Africa but are bring up the rear. Zimbabwe is the poorest nation on the world’s poorest continent, Africa! If that alone does not qualify us to be Africa’s “s**thole”, to borrow from US President Donald Trump’s lexicon, then let me hasten to reiterate that, by right, we should be one of the richest nation!

''I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be poor, but it's no great honour either,'' said Tevye, speaking to God in Joseph Stein’s master piece, Fiddler on the Roof.

Let me say here and now; I to subscribe to Stein’s ethos; there is no shame in being poor or in being the poorest of the poor living a “s**thole” country – per se. (There is certainly nothing honourable about being unemployed, living on US$1.00 or less a day or starving to death!) The shame comes from doing nothing about it one’s poverty.

Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown did not happen overnight nor is it a nature. Zimbabwe’s poverty is man-made; 38 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption. As a nation, we, Zimbabweans, have earned our new position as the world’s poorest nation and rightly deserve to suffer.

Of course, Zimbabwe’s economic mess is man-made, the filthy rich ruling elite are the alpha and omega of Zimbabwe’s economic mess. We have the peculiar situation of the poorest of the poor living cheek in jowl with the filthy rich. What is strange about Zimbabwe’s filthy rich is they made their huge fortunes in the period the nation’s economic fortune was taking a nose dive. There only two possibilities here; either they are exceptionally talented business people or they are the most corrupt and ruthless Mafia type thugs the world has ever seen.

Here, have a closer look; Zimbabwe’s filthy rich live in mansions, with vast business empires (most of which are heavily subsidised), a have fleet of posh cars, 40 gold watches, etc., etc. They are not gifted footballers or actors and have no known talent. There is no paper trail of tax-returns or lottery windfalls to say how and when they made their fortune.

All one can say with certainty is that there is a direct correlation between the rich’s economic fortune and their political standing. Those which the political clout or good political connections have done exceptionally well economically in Zimbabwe these last 38 years. Gross mismanagement, corruption and wholesale looting of the nation’s resources have been the norm in Zimbabwe!

It is this criminal waste of human and material resources that is the root cause of Zimbabwe’s record breaking economic collapse and fall from being in the top five richest nation in Africa to being the poorest in the world. It is this jarring difference of the filthy rich living off the misery the poor that makes Zimbabwe the “s**thole” of Africa. And it is our collective indifference that has allowed the power hungry and greedy few to drag the whole nation all these years and this deep into the abyss.

"If any one does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his own family, he has disowned the faith and is worse than an infidel.” Timothy 5:8.

There is no doubt that most Zimbabweans, Timothy’s infidels, have suffered greatly for our sins commission and omission in allowing Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs drag the nation into this hell-on-earth. We certainly deserve to suffer and should hang our heads in shame for having allowed the nation to go to the dogs.

To the many G40 members who were booted out of Zanu PF recently, you played your part in dragging the nation into this mess, and now it is payback time. You will have first-hand experience of how tough life really is for those of us living on S**t Street as compared to your decades of comfort and leisure living on Easy Street. There is poetic justice in the likes of former Minister of Local Government, Ignatius Chombo, losing all those properties and loot amassed from robbing poor ratepayers blind and doing time in Chikurumbi Prison.

Just so there is no misunderstanding; there are Prison Cells with Lacoste faction members’ names on the door. Zimbabwe will not get out of the s**thole Zanu PF drags us into until we arrest the Mafia political thugs who have captured the nation’s state institutions and have held us all hostage to their insatiable appetite for absolute political power and the influence and wealth it has brought them. VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa, you should, by right be keeping Chombo company for all your looting, treasonous vote rigging, acts political violence, murders and military coups.

Zimbabwe’s only sure way to end the decades of misrule is for the country to a good competent government and for that we must have free, fair and credible elections. President Mnangagwa and his coup cabinet have stubbornly refuse to implement the democratic reforms without which it is impossible to have free, fair and credible elections.

Implementing the reforms is our ticket to get out of the mess Zanu PF dragged Zimbabwe into. If President Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF thugs think they are going to get away with another rig elections as they have done in the past, they had better think again because, unlike in the past, Zimbabweans now not only know why they are in this s**thole but, most important of all, how to get out!

President Donald Trump must have had Zimbabwe as one of Africa’s s**thole countries more reason because the country is a total mess we, the people of Zimbabweans, let ourselves down by letting Zanu PF thugs drag us into the abyss. We are a nation that has been hurting to do something right! Well here is our chance to do something right and finally pull ourselves by the shoe strings out of this s**thole – implement the reforms and get a competent government!  

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Anti-corruption drive against G40 goes into overdrive - our focus is political, end vote rigging

Zanu PF is a party of ruthless thugs; once one has been booted out of the party, the party will haunt to the end of the world!

“The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is scrutinising a docket alleging abuse of office and obstruction of the course of justice by former vice president Phelekezela Mphoko while he was still in government,” reported Zimeye.

How the mighty have fallen! Former VP Mphoko stayed in the hotel for over a year because none of the $5 million or thereabout houses offered to him were not good enough for him! Now he may even end up spending some quality time in Chikurumbi - the accommodation and food there is, let us just say, are a far cry from those of a five-star hotel! How will he cope! 

Corruption and abuse of office were the norm in Zanu PF; I would be surprise if the authorities fail to amass enough evidence against the like of Mphoko. What is sickening with what is going on is that the regime is targeting G40 leaders only when everyone knows that all the Zanu PF leaders are corrupt and abused office. 

Take the country's new VP Chiwenga, for example, he has a vast business empire, lives in a mansion, has a fleet of posh cars, has 40 gold watches, etc., etc. He did not buy all these things on the Commander of ZDF salary, generous as it might be! 

Indeed, President Mnangagwa himself is guilty of much worse crimes than corruption and misuse of public office - he is guilty of mass murder and high treason. Mnangagwa and Mugabe have been the ringleaders behind Zanu PF’s vote rigging, politically motivated violence and murders and the military coups in pursuit of Zanu PF's agenda to retain absolute power at all cost. 

We have been stuck with this Zanu PF dictatorship for 38 years now because Zanu PF rigged the elections. Yes, President Mnangagwa must go after people like Jonathan Moyo. Grace Mugabe, Mphoko, Robert Mugabe and all the other G40 leaders and try to get as much of the looted wealth back from them as he can and force them to face justice. Still the nation must not allow itself to forget our greatest enemy to the nation is Mnangagwa and his cronies still in office today.

Zimbabwe is facing a serious economic meltdown because of the decades of misrule by Zanu PF and, as long as the regime stays in power nation will never get out of this hell-hole. Haunting the G40 faction members is just part of the regime’s programme to stifle all opposition to strengthen its hold on power.

"Zanu PF ichatonga! Igotonga! Imi muchingo hukura! Nokuhukura!" Mnangagwa assured his cronies on his return from his two-week exile at the successful conclusion of the November 2017 coup!

The coup plotters dubbed it "Operation Restore Legacy". The only legacy it restored is President Mnangagwa and his Joint Operation Command Junta's strangle hold on power. The regime has no intention of holding free, fair and credible elections this year or ever that is why it has stubbornly refused to implement even one democratic reform. 

The regime has been doing its best to focus the people’s attention on the economy, in a few weeks’ time the party will be launching its 2018 election manifesto, away from its refusal to implement far-reaching political reforms. No prizes for guessing the party’s 2018 manifesto will be even more ambitious as the party’s 2013 ZimAsset! The party planned to spend US$27 billion on building new infrastructure and industries and to repair the existing ones. The party promised to create 2.2 million new jobs in five years.

Mugabe was cocksure, in his usual cocky way, that he will get the money to bankroll ZimAsset. He did not get a single dollar from the West, because no shrewd person would invest in a lawless country where elections are routinely rigged and there are no property rights. He did got a few post-dated and unsigned cheques from the Chinese.

“Nǐ bù zhīfù nǐ de zhàiwù!” (You do not pay your debts!) The Chinese told Mugabe to his face, according to Zimbabwe Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa, who had accompanied Mugabe on the begging mission.

The ZimAsset begging bowl remained empty, mocking Mugabe with each passing day. By the time Mugabe was booted out of office in November 2017 the only new jobs he had created was one for his daughter and the second one for her husband.

2 jobs in four years out of the promised 2.2 million new jobs – how is that for a pathetic performance world record.

Even if Mugabe had remained in office to this day, Zanu PF was going to win the vote guaranteed because when you can rig elections your performance record is irrelevant. President Mnangagwa; as Zanu PF’s most celebrated director of all the vote rigging, political violence and military coups; knows and understands only too well that one can promise the electorate the moon on a silver platter, deliver hell-on-earth and yet still win elections!

Before independence the political system was loaded in favour of whites and to the disadvantage of the blacks one could compare it to the whites hunting with guns whilst blacks hunted with spears. After independence, everyone got a gun but only the ruling elite had guns that fire bullets the rest of us got guns that fire blanks. After 38 years of participating in elections that are so flawed Zanu PF is guaranteed a landslide victory, regardless how unpopular the party happens to be; it is insane to continue participating in such meaningless elections.

This year’s election is about the economy; what loot the regime recovers from the dethroned G40 faction members, the 2018 ZimAsset manifesto, etc.; it is about politics. It is about stripping Zanu PF of its carte blanche powers to rig elections and stay in power against the democratic wish of the electorate.

“Seek ye first the political kingdom and all else shall be added unto you,” advised Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first President. He was right!

Friday, 19 January 2018

HZT "riled by increasing cases of election violence". - what will it take to admit we need reforms, body bags P Guramatunhu

“Heal Zimbabwe Trust (HZT) has been riled by the increase in cases of politically motivated violence in some parts of the country,” reported Bulawayo 24.

“The trust said cases of violence are being recorded in both urban and rural areas and are both intra and inter party involving mainly MDC T and Zanu PF supporters.

“It said on 26 December 2017, two Zanu PF youth led by Zanu PF ward chairperson for ward 10, Marondera, Obadiah Chisango heavily assaulted four MDC-T youth at Mahusekwa Business centre in Marondera West ward 10.

This was just one of many similar cases in the HZT report. For all his talk and twittering about the elections going to be free, fair and credible and free of violence; President Mnangagwa and his Junta regime are not going to risk losing power by holding free and fair elections. As long as Zanu PF is confident its more subtle vote rigging activities such as getting Chiefs (who have just received their new truck bribes) to frog march rural people to vote for the party are working then there will be no violence. However, if the more subtle vote rigging measures are not working then the party will turn up the violence. This is a well-trodden Zanu PF path, everyone knows that.

The real tragedy here is that we have civic organizations like Heal Zimbabwe whose leaders are making a living out of reporting Zimbabwe’s culture of political violence. These organizations have ignored the solution to end the violence – implementing the democratic reforms – in favour of pacifist solutions which, when all is said and done, seek to appease the regime by making no demands for it to implement any reforms

"Heal Zimbabwe also calls upon political parties in Zimbabwe to respect and enforce the Electoral Code of Conduct for Political Parties and Candidates, as it paves the way for a smooth electoral process that is devoid of violence," said the organisation.

"Police must also be swift in apprehending people implicated in violent activities. In pursuit of his clarion call on the need for peaceful elections, President Emmerson Mnangagwa must do everything possible to ensure that the call on the need for peace and tolerance ahead of the 2018 elections is strictly adhered to and followed religiously."

What President Mnangagwa must do is implement the democratic reforms. “Mr President, do not waste the nation or SADC leaders’ time talking or twittering about peaceful elections; implement bloody the reforms! Not next month! Not after the elections! NOW!” Why is HZT finding it so bloody difficult to say this simple truth!

It is not in the interest of Heal Zimbabwe employees to end Zimbabwe’s culture of violence, they will be out of work, and so they are doing their best to discourage the nation from doing the right thing to end the violence. Such is Zimbabwe’s curse; to have a corrupt and illegitimate regime that thinks it can regain legitimacy by talking about peaceful elections alone whilst its thugs continue to cause mayhem. The regime is cheered all the way by busy bodies who pretend to complain about the violence buy actually profit from it as the greater the violence the larger their donor funded grant!  

“Heal Zimbabwe Trust (HZT) has been riled by the increase in cases of politically motivated violence!” Of course, they would say that; they have to justify why they are asking for more donor funding!

Soon HZT will start giving a count of people killed in these acts of political violence and madness which the nation could have easily avoided by insisting on implementing the reforms BEFORE elections are held. It is then, maybe, that the busy bodies at HZT will have their collective conscience finally pricked and forcing them to admit in their naivety and greed they have been sanitizing Zanu PF’s culture of violence and not ending it.