Thursday, 15 February 2018

"Declaring Tsvangirai hero will contribute to national healing," argue Ncube - nonsense, pain killer at most

“Sadly, our nation is presently very polarized and this cannot be allowed to continue,” wrote Trevor Ncube, in Zimeye.

I agree with you there 100%.

“A people that solves political differences through violence—that has so often resulted in the loss of life—is a sick people.”

I would give you, Trevor, 50% for that. We must not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of thinking political violence is the only political evil we have to deal with. Zanu PF has devised other subtler ways of denying the people their political right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country beside harassment, beating, rape and murder.

Zanu PF has corrupted key democratic institutions like the Army, Police, ZEC, Public Media, etc. so that instead of these institutions working in the public interest to deliver free, fair and credible elections they are turning a blind eye to Zanu PF vote rigging activities such as party youths casting multiple votes or Public Media denying opposition any meaningful coverage. There is no violence involve and yet end result is the same – Zanu PF remains in power regardless of the democratic wish of the people.

“And we are presently a sick people in desperate need of visionary leadership and healing. This work has to begin in earnest, and your ascent to our country’s highest office has paved the way,” you continued.

I totally disagree with you there! The ascendance of Emmerson Mnangagwa and his cabal of coup plotters following the November 2017 coup has not heralded a new beginning of “visionary leadership”. The coup was the climax of an internal factional war in Zanu PF which resulted is the evil party dividing like amebae. Which faction, Lacoste or G40, was worse evil than the other is academic what is beyond dispute is that they are both evil.

Ever since the coup, Mnangagwa and his coup government have been on a charm offense, trying to sell the coup as fight of good vs evil and Lacoste, the good side, has prevailed. That is to be expected but that does not make it true. The regime has been promising free, fair and credible elections by day and by night it has continued with its plans to rig the elections.

President Mnangagwa officiated at the handing over of new twin cab trucks, total value $12 million, to the traditional Chiefs; a blatant bribe to ensure they frog march the rural voters in their area to attend Zanu PF rallies and then vote for the party.

It is President Mnangagwa himself who have appointed retired Major General Engelbert Rugeje Zanu PF National Political Commissar. Rugeje was responsible for some of the worst politically motivated violence in 2008 and 2013 and, no doubt, Mnangagwa was impressed by the barbarism of Rugeje and hence the appointment. Rugeje, to prove himself, has already been telling Zimbabweans the violence of 2008 and 2013 will return is they do not vote for Zanu PF in the coming elections.

So, whilst you talk of the Mnangagwa presidency as having “paved the way for visionary leadership and healing”; he is busy making sure the subtle vote rigging schemes, the no-violence plan A, are going full steam ahead and laying the ground work for the violence, plan B; just to be 100% certain Zanu PF has another landslide victory.

“Mr President, I appeal to you to help bring this nation together by granting Mr Tsvangirai a hero’s burial at the National Heroes Acre. This single gesture while not a magic wand towards nation building, healing and reconciliation, would certainly go a long way in signalling your commitment to a new era in our national politics. It would also be a strong signal that the national hero status is not a preserve of one political party. It would be a strong signal that the Heroes Acre is a place for all Zimbabweans befitting this status,” appeal Ncube.

Heroes Acre is full of men and women who have done nothing worthy to be called “national heroes and heroines”. As you have said it yourself Trevor, Zimbabwe is a “sick” nation politically and economically, 38 years of Zanu PF misrule has left the nation in economic ruins and its people desperately poor. How is it possible then that the country has generated more national heroes in 4 decades that the British have generated in 40 decades and yet the nation has suffered from gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and murderous tyranny?

Where were all these heroes, who have descended on the nation like a swarm of locusts, whilst the nation was being rob blind and innocent people murdered? Over 30 000 innocent people murdered in 38 years to establish and retain this de facto one-party dictatorship! Many of the so-called heroes at Heroes Acre are responsible for the corruption, vote rigging and murders, the scourge and cancers that have afflicted this nation since independence to this day.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interrèd with their bones.
So, let it be with Caesar.

Marcus Antonius, in William Shakespeare’s Caesar. 

If where one is interred bespeaks of one’s lifetime achievements then in Zimbabwe’s twisted value system it is the evil that man do that is interred with their bones and the imaginary good is trumpeted from the hilltop. In the fullness of time, this nation will revisit the madness of the last four decades and correct the historic record.

What the nation must focus on right now is to ensure the democratic reforms are implemented leading to the holding free, fair and credible elections; this is the cure, the only cure, of all Zimbabwe’s political and economic ills. Whilst millions of people were very pleased to see the back of Mugabe following the coup; as we can see with the coup government dragging its feet on reforms, it was a pain-killer, at best. Millions will be impressed if this coup government if Tsvangirai was declared a national hero, another pain killer. Rather than implementing the reforms, the bitter cure, Mnangagwa would rather take these painkillers!

President Mnangagwa should have implement the democratic reforms by now, he has not. It is clear the coming elections are not going to be free, fair and credible. Our focus now must turn on making sure these elections are declared null and void. It will be tragic is we took our eyes off that because the coup regime distracted us by declaring Tsvangirai a hero!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

"MP Cross has failed dismally," says equally clueless challenger - nonsense season is hotting up

The elections are round the corner; Zimbabwe’s endless season of nonsense, in the Poet Tom Guarnera sense of the phrase, is heating up.

"He (MDC-T MP Eddie Cross) has failed dismally; nothing in the whole of Bulawayo South has improved, not even Belmont industrial sites in his constituency but companies have continued to collapse, he has not taken business community issues to the government," said Clayton Jones, an aspiring candidate from Joice Mujuru People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) eyeing the seat in the coming elections.

"He is talkative in Parliament but he focuses on issues that don't help people in his constituency. He is more concerned about issues happening in other political parties than his own community."

Jones is 100% correct that Bulawayo South is in an advanced stage of decay and rot. What makes his pitch totally nonsensical and foolish is his insistence on seeing the problem as a constituency problem. In a country where unemployment nationwide has soared to the dizzying heights of 90%, ¾ of the population now live on US$1.00 or less, etc.; it is nonsense to expect Bulawayo South to be thriving and prospering, an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown has moved on from being a local, constituency or individual city or regional, to a national matter. Bulawayo South alone could not have guaranteed clean water and electricity supply, for example, when the rest of the city was suffering regular water cuts and load shedding from ZESA.

What is telling is in all his wittering Clayton Jones did not come up with even one suggestion to make Bulawayo South an oasis of order and economic prosperity against the tide of chaos and poverty in the rest of the city and the nation at large.

Zimbabwe is in a serious political paralysis and economic mess. The economic meltdown is cause by decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruptions. Mismanagement and corruption are common enough in every nation what have made these problem grow and spread to the killer cancer they are in Zimbabwe is the nation’s failure to address these problems. Although the nation realised the only effective way to deal with mismanagement and corruption was to remove the Zanu PF regime which itself was corrupt and incompetent, the nation soon learnt that they could not remove the regime. Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs had undermined the nation’s democratic institutions to impose a de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship – hence the political paralysis.

If Clayton Jones want to be relevant to the national debate then he should be talking of how MP Eddie Cross and his MDC friends let the nation down by failing to implement the raft of democratic reforms agreed with SADC leader at the start of the 2008 GNU. MDC failed to implement even one democratic reform in five years of the GNU. Not one!

SADC leaders, literally begged MDC leaders not to contest the July 2013 elections without first implementing the democratic reforms. “If you go into elections next month, you are going to lose; the elections are done,” SADC leaders had warned.

Sadly, Morgan Tsvangirai and his friends paid no heed. As we all know, Zanu PF went on to blatantly rig the July 2013 elections, hence the reason the nation is still stuck in this hell-hole.

Zimbabwe’s economic recover it totally dependent on the nation wrestling the carte blanche powers to rig elections that Zanu PF has amassed over the years. The only viable and peaceful solution is to demand the implementation of the raft of reforms agreed in 2008 BEFORE elctions are held. SADC leaders’ advice to MDC was sound back in 2013 and is even more so today. If Clayton Jones and his PRC friends were not just as corrupt and incompetent as Eddie Cross and his MDC friends, then they would be demanding the implementation of the reforms and refuse to contest flawed and illegal elections.

Jones is joining the rat race for the few gravy train seats Zanu PF throws as bait to the opposition to give the flawed and illegal elections some modicum credibility. As for Jones’ claim that he will, if elected, turn Bulawayo South constituency into an oasis of economic prosperity; that is nonsense. Indeed, the nation is going to hear a lot of nonsense from all sides of the political divide; typically, the 2.2 million new jobs from Zanu PF. It is the endless season of nonsense is hotting up!

“And so, the endless season goes ….
Until the point all meaning ends:
That nonsense and that travesty
They call “the base on balls.”
It is my job to get a hit –
The pitcher’s job, get me out.
We both fail, I win the base
For no compelling reason.
(The ump was blind, the hurler wild,
Next batter up a lesser threat –
Though hard to figure how.)
Do not praise my “good eye”
Or my patience at the plate.
I’m burning for a frozen rope,
To smoke the ball to kingdom come!

Ball Four by Tom Guarnera

The subtle difference is after 38 years of Zimbabwe’s endless nonsense political game has left the country’s once promising economy in ruins and millions in abject poverty. This cannot go on for much longer. We must now focus all our time, energy and treasure on implementing the democratic reforms and restore the people’s fundamental right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country.

Zimbabwe is like an old-fashioned analogue radio that a child has been playing with; it requires the use of the “course” tuning dial and then “fine” tuning dial. Zimbabwe needs a competent government to address the problems of mismanagement, corruption and lawlessness. The country will never have such a government as long as Zanu PF retains the carte blanche powers to rig elections. We need to implement the reforms to stop the vote rigging, that is the course tuning!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Mnangagwa's "prosperity is not coming quick enough," says Nduku - it is NOT coming P Guramatunhu

“The coup excitement is dying as Mugabe backed party arises. The much heralded economic prosperity expected to have come with the coup is not coming quick enough. All we hear about it is ’give ED a chance’ Zimbabweans are used to giving their lying leaders a chance only to be disillusioned whilst the leaders and their families, and closest and nosiest allies get wealthy. Many politicians, especially young ones cannot account for their sudden wealth in the midst of our suffering. This therefore makes us frown when asked to give ED a chance,” wrote Ndaba Nduku in Zimeye opinion.

You are 100% right there! It is not a matter of the much-heralded economic recovery not “coming quick enough”, it is not coming.

Whilst the world readily turned a blind eye to the November 2017 coup because they all wanted to see the back of the Zimbabwe dictator Mugabe. What the world was aware of however was to distinct possibility of removing one dictator only to replace him with another and that is why they have been quick off the mark in reminding President Mnangagwa of the urgent need to restore Zimbabwe to rule of law a.s.a.p. One sure way to assure the world, especially the savvy foreign investors, Zimbabwe is now a law-abiding nation is by holding free, fair and credible elections.

President Mnangagwa has promised free and fair elections by day and continued scheming to rig the vote at night. It is clear that the elections will not be free and fair. Zimbabwe will not be getting any of the much-needed foreign investment and assistance; no one wants to do business in a lawless nation ruled by thugs!

The British have been pushing hard to restore normal relations with Zimbabwe, the EU is telling them to wait.

By the time Zimbabwe hold the elections, in another four or five months, the country should have laid the foundation stones of a handful of projects with many more in the pipeline; if the world heeded President Mnangagwa’s “Zimbabwe is open for business” call. Mark my word; there will be no foundation stones and no new projects in the pipe line.

“The Opposition can win by uniting and forcefully reminding the electorate that Mnangagwa is Zanu and that there is nothing bad about Mugabe that cannot be tied to Mnangagwa. …The Opposition must point at the Mnanagagwa cabinet is effectively from Mugabe people, with a few more violent men like military mafia Rugeje, and also point out that it is a military Command cabinet,” Nduku concluded.

I beg to differ; as long as Zanu PF retains all the carte blanche powers to rig the vote, the party will win. We need to implement the democratic reforms to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections.

What you must remember here is that if the opposition contest the flawed elections then they must not complain about the vote rigging, violence, etc. afterwards because they knew and had been warned about these things and they would not listen. Are you sure reminding the rural voters of “violent men like military mafia Rugeje” will have them voting for the opposition and not Zanu PF?

Opposition leaders like Nelson Chamisa have been wittering about “stringent measures” to stop Zanu PF rigging the vote. They have all been coy when asked what these measures are because they know they are lying. People must ask themselves why MDC failed to use any of these measures to stop Zanu PF rigging the July 2013 elections.

The only measures that are guaranteed to stop Zanu PF rigging elections are implementing the raft of democratic reforms agreed at the start of the 2008 to 2013 GNU. MDC leaders like Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube, etc. do not want to talk about the reforms because they have never admitted to selling-out and failing to implement even one reform in five years.

What the people of Zimbabwe must know and understand is that ever since MDC leaders failed to implement the reforms during the GNU, they have effectively abandoned the national agenda of bringing about the democratic changes necessary for free, fair and credible elections. MDC leaders accept Zanu PF’s undemocratic powers to rig elections as fait accompli, what they care about now is winning as many gravy train seats they know Zanu PF gives away as bait to the opposition.

“The worst aspect for me about the failure to agree a coalition was that both MDCs couldn’t now do the obvious – withdraw from the elections,” admitted Senator David Coltart, MDC Minister of Education in the GNU, in his recent book. 

“The electoral process was so flawed, so illegal, that the only logical step was to withdraw, which would compel SADC to hold Zanu PF to account. But such was the distrust between the MDC-T and MDC-N that neither could withdraw for fear that the other would remain in the elections, winning seats and giving the process credibility.”

The Senator was commenting on the 2013 elections. What is interesting to note here is that the three main MDC factions have since come together to form the MDC Alliance and yet they are all as keen as mustard to contest this year’s elections regardless of the fact that not even one reform has been implemented. They are all after the bait seats and they do not care that the elections are flawed, illegal and will be marred by violence.

“I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a violent election,” Tendai Biti told a panel discussion audience last week.

"There is nothing that will stop the tanks from moving again no matter who has been elected in July 2018. So, it is critical that we find an answer to making sure that the barracks remain sealed off from interfering with the process because that's the elephant in the living room."

For the 1001 th time, this month alone, the only sure way to stop the military interfering in the elections; making sure the public media gives equal coverage of all contesting parties, so the voters have an informed choice; ZEC deliver free and fair elections; etc., etc. is by implementing the democratic reforms. SADC leaders instructed Biti and his MDC friends not to contest the 2013 elections without first implementing the reforms.

There is not one Zimbabwe opposition politician out there who does not know that contesting the country’s flawed and illegal elections is insane. They only reason they will continue to contest is greed, they are after the bait seats Zanu PF gives away to entice the opposition to take part. Of course, people like Biti will never admit they have sold-out of free and fair elections much less admit they are blinded to reason by greed.

What people like you, Ndaba Nduku, assuming you are genuinely interested in seeing the country hold free elections, must stop giving the opposition lie wings that we do not need to implement the reforms; it is possible to win rigged elections! After 38 years of rigged elections, we must do the only sane thing – stop messing around and implement all the reforms BEFORE election.