Wednesday, 21 June 2017

"It is Zimbabweans business to tell Mugabe to go," said Mbeki - bottomline, he is spot on

When former SA President Thabo Mbeki said: “I would fight with any South African who stands up to say: ‘I, as a South African, say Robert Mugabe must go… I say it’s none of your business. It is the business of the people of Zimbabwe.”

He must have known he was setting off a whole truck load of fireworks because the issue of how to remove Mugabe from office and the role SADC has played in the past still remains a very raw nerve amongst the Zimbabweans.

“Not so long ago South Africa was rallying for world support to oust the apartheid regime. If he can apply his mind clearly without any bias of skin colour does he see any differences between the apartheid regime led by Botha et al and the ZANU PF led by Mugabe?” commented gynaecologist in New Zimbabwe.

“The reality is that the Mugabe regime is far worse than any oppressive colonial regime ever to rule in any parts of Africa. Zimbabweans need world support to oust Mugabe more than South Africa needed to dislodge the apartheid regime. Mugabe is a despot who can kill the people he is meant to lead without any conscience. Anyone who protects him is complicit in his deeds.”

There is nothing to be gained by comparing Mugabe’s corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship to SA’s apartheid regimes; this is not a beauty contest. What matters here is no human being should have had to suffer the racist torment under apartheid nor suffer the consequences of Mugabe’s corrupt and murderous tyrannical rule.

Gynaecologist’s main bone of contention is that Zimbabwe needs help to remove Mugabe and SADC, more specifically President Mbeki, failed to give us that help.

“The people of Zimbabwe said Mugabe should go in 2008 but you moron said he you should stay!” said Mukuru.

“In 2008, at the height of Zimbabwe's economic and political challenges, Mbeki was the Sadc-appointed mediator tasked with resolving the country's problems. Zimbabwe stood on a precipice with an inconclusive electoral outcome spawning a tense standoff and necessitating a presidential poll run-off which President Mugabe won convincingly after defeating his main challenger MDC-T president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai,” wrote the Zimpaper Editor.

Both Mukuru and Zimpaper Editor are both wrong in their interpretation of the events following the 2008 elections. SADC did not get involved in Zimbabwe’s political crisis because the elections were “inconclusive”, as the Zanu PF apologist would have us believe. SADC refused to accept Mugabe’s electoral victory because of the wanton violence used to overturn his 73% defeat in the March vote, by Mugabe’s own inadvertent admission, into a 84% victory.

Tsvangirai has himself admitted that MDC had offered to include some Zanu PF members in his cabinet when it was clear MDC would set to win the March 2008 vote. Mukuru is wrong to suggest that SADC who wanted the GNU.

Many Zimbabwean have been unhappy with Mugabe retaining the post of State President in the GNU with the two VP position occupied by Zanu PF and Tsvangirai reduced to the post of Prime Minister with no meaningful political power – an office messenger with a fancy job title. What some people fail to realise is that it was within MDC’s right to reject the role they were given in the GNU. They accepted!

Probably the single most important issue that many Zimbabweans have failed to accept is that it was not SADC’s fault that the GNU failed to deliver on its key promise of implementing the raft of democratic reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging elections. SADC leaders did their best to remind Tsvangirai and company to implement the reforms but were ignored.

In June 2013, just a month before the Zimbabwe elections, SADC leaders warned MDC leader not to contest the elections with no reforms in place but, once again, they were ignored. The elections went ahead and Zanu PF blatantly rigged the vote, as expected!

 Since the rigged July 2013 elections, Tsvangirai and his MDC friends promised they would not contest any more elections unless the reforms are implemented first. They have since changed their minds; they are going to contest next year’s elections although not even one reform has been implemented.

Tsvangirai’s claim that the new Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) system to be use next year will stop Zanu PF “manipulating the vote” is just a feeble excuse to justify contesting the flawed elections. The BVR system is only as good as those who operate it; the unreformed and corrupt ZEC will operate the system.

It is a historic fact that the people of Zimbabwe have had many chances to end the Zanu PF dictatorship, with the golden opportunity coming during the GNU. We have wasted them all! SADC leaders have told Zimbabweans exactly what we needed to do to end the Mugabe dictatorship – implement the raft of democratic reforms. We had five years of the GNU but failed to get even one reform implemented. No one.

Indeed, instead of owning up to our own serious shortcomings we ever have the chutzpah to blame SADC, President Mbeki, President Zuma, and everyone else except ourselves for our political problems!   

It is not just Robert Mugabe who has developed the art of blaming everyone else for the country’s problem even when it is self-evident he is to blame. A year ago, he admitted that $15 billions of diamond revenue were “swindled”. To date no one has been arrested and not a single dollar recovered.

A few months ago, Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, told parliament government was only receive revenue from the declared one million carats diamonds out of the expected six million carats. In other words, the wholesale looting behind the $15 billions is still going on. And yet Robert Mugabe continues to blame the targeted sanctions imposed by the West for all the country’s economic problems.

What nation on earth can sustain much less prosper whilst haemorrhaging billions of dollars a month particularly one with a mere $10 billion GDP like Zimbabwe!

"The colonial system was exactly about taking away the possibility for us to determine our own (destiny)," continued former President Mbeki.

"Now, I sit here as a South African and me, I’m going to say to the Zimbabweans: ‘You shut up. I’m going to decide for you who your leader is' ... It is wrong.”

Of course, he is right!

Even today, Zimbabweans still have the power to tell Mugabe to go and to determine our own destiny; we must demand the implementation of the democratic reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections and refuse to participate in any more flawed elections.

Tsvangirai & co. should have implemented the reforms when they had the golden opportunity to do so, they are the ones dragging us into these flawed elections on false promises for their own selfish purpose of winning the few gravy train seats Zanu PF gives away. Deny Zanu PF the smoke screen of the opposition contesting the flawed elections and the regime will be forced to accept the need for democratic change!

It is for Zimbabweans to tell Mugabe to go, we have the power to do so and it is no one else’s fault that we have failed to realise this and to use it. Zimbabweans are today the poorest in Africa; it is clear our economic poverty is in fact a by-product of our deep rooted intellectual poverty!  

We want a democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe but lack the common sense to implement the democratic reforms to end the corrupt and tyrannical de facto one-party dictatorship. After 37 years, we still contest the elections knowing Zanu PF will rig the vote but hoping against hope the regime will lose the election. How insane!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mugabe booted Chinese from Marange. "I'm bitter!" - subtle warning in naming and shaming

Whilst one can understand Mugabe’s “bitterness” at being made to look the fool parading a fat cheque not even worth the paper it was written on. Still one has to question why he found it necessary to name and shame the Chinese, particularly doing so now considering the whole episode happened years ago!

"They (the five diamond mining companies who had pledged $10 million each at the behest of then Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere) had me walk here holding a big board inscribed with a (US$1.5 million) cheque that they later refused to honour. You still have that grievance,” Mugabe told the Zanu PF rally in Mutare..

"I'm also bitter that a grown man like me, I'm made to parade a board (cheque) which doesn't mean anything."

"We took over everything from the Ghanaians, Lebanese, Chinese and South Africans who were running companies in Chiadzwa so that we do our own mining. But this has taken a rather long time," Mugabe said.

The close relationship between China and Mugabe goes back to pre-independence and Mugabe has often called the Chinese his “all-weather friend”. The friendship assumed even greater significance in the late 1990s when the Zimbabwe economy took a turn for the worse. First the WB, IMF and other Western Financial institutions refused to give Zimbabwe any more financial assistance because the country was failing to service its debts. But like all cheeky bad-debtors Mugabe turned the tables and blamed the WB, IMF, etc. for having forced Zimbabwe to adopt failed economic policies in the first place.

Zimbabwe’s economic nose dive resulted in the nose dive of Mugabe’s own political fortunes to stay in power Mugabe resorted to more and more political repression and lawlessness. He seized white owned farms to give to his ever demanding but wasteful party loyalists. This plunged the national economy into even greater trouble, forcing him to even greater repressive measure to retain power. It was the Chinese who shielded Mugabe from the international community’s criticism and censor of his increasing tyrannical regime.

By 2002, the time the Western countries imposed the targeted sanction again Mugabe and a hundred or so in his inner circle for human rights violations and failing to hold free and fair elections, Mugabe was ready to cut all ties with the West. He announced his “Look East” policy with the usual pomp and ceremony to underline his close friendship with the East, especially with China.

Make no mistake about, the Chinese are as shrewd and exploitative as any other colonialist to step on African soil. Chinese saw to it that they were repaid for all the military assistance they gave to Mugabe and his Zanla army in the fight for independence. The exploitative relationship became even more so after Mugabe’s spectacular 2002 fall out with the West. The Chinese supplied Mugabe with the repressive tear-gas, weapons and even help in the regime’s many vote rigging dirty schemes. In return the Chinese had unfettered access to the country’s very lucrative deals and resources.

Zimbabwe’s diamond mining in Marange and Chiadzwa has been one of the most profitable activities for those who did not mind the mud and stench – the mud and stench of corruption. The Chinese were the first in the queue to start mining in Marange, they did not mind the mud and stench of corruption. Indeed, one might even say the thrived in the mud and stench!

Rest assured the Chinese were not amused to be booted out of Marange much say to continue to be named and shamed from the public platform! There is a reason in Mugabe’s madness!
It is no secret that the Chinese have been pushing for Mnangagwa to be the tyrant’s successor. Mugabe has been fighting to have his wife take-over and, as we all know, he fights dirty; real dirty. With him, there is no such thing as not hitting below the belt because that is his only target and with the first blow!

The Chinese have done a lot of dirty stuff for Mugabe over the years and naming and shaming them over the plundering in Marange is the shot over the Chinese’s heads warning them to back-off Zanu PF’s succession issue. If they do not back-off, Mugabe will release details of some of the real dirty work China has done for him, enough to damage the China’s reputation for many generations to come.

No doubt, the Chinese thought they had Mugabe in their pocket. They did, but what they failed to realise was that the cunning tyranny’s hand wormed its way into their groan. The Chinese thought Mugabe was their tyrant they would have a say on who replaces him. Now Mugabe is telling them to back-off because he has a fistful of Chinese balls!

Monday, 19 June 2017

"I'm bitter, I parade a dishonour $1.5 m cheque," said Mugabe - feign, what about $15 b P Guramatunhu

In 2012, the late Edward Chindori-Chininga said in parliamentary report that no one, no one in the companies doing mining, the local partner (whoever it happened to be) or anyone in position of authority, knew the quality or quantity of diamonds, who was buying them, how they were being shipped, out of Chiadzwa and Marange, etc. So, no one could say with any confidence the true value of the diamonds coming out of Marange and who was benefiting, etc.; everything was happening under a cloak of secrecy!

To mark his birthday in February 2016, President Mugabe admitted that the country was “swindled” of US$ 15 billion in diamond revenue. Up to date, nearly a year and half later, no one has yet been arrested and not a single dollar of the vast fortune has been recovered. Not a farthing. Now he tells us the looting has been wholesale.

Mugabe told thousands of youths at Sakubva Stadium that he was bitter after he handed over the dummy cheque to Zimunya-Marange Community Share Ownership Trust while promising them $50 million after he was informed that the then five mining companies had pledged $10 million each.

"They had me walk here holding a big board inscribed with a cheque that they later refused to honour. You still have that grievance,” said President Mugabe.

The regime kicked out the “Ghanaians, Lebanese, Chinese and South Africans who were running companies in Chiadzwa so that we do our own mining,” years ago. And still the nation is not getting anything from all the hive of activities in Marange and Chiadzwa!

"There was a misunderstanding between government and them until government resolved to take over the operations… once our operations improve we will fulfil that promise.

It is no secret that the regime has been spending money as if money grows on trees buying party cars, buying cars for traditional leaders, bankrolling its political activities, paying Nikuv for unspecified work, etc., etc. This is simply unacceptable that the wealth from the diamond bounty which should be benefiting all Zimbabweans is lining the pockets of a few individuals and the rest used to deny the rest their freedoms and basic human rights including the right to free, fair and credible elections.

The billions of dollars looted from Marange and Chiadzwa diamonds gives Zanu PF an unfair political advantage particularly since the money is being used to bankroll its undemocratic vote rigging activities. There is no point in contesting next year’s elections until democratic reforms are fully implemented and every dollar from Marange is properly accounted for.

"I'm also bitter that a grown man like me, I'm made to parade a board ($1.5 million cheque) which doesn't mean anything," said President Mugabe.

How insulting; Zimbabweans are today the poorest people in Africa, according to an AfrAsia Bank report, and the people know billions of dollars in diamonds are being swindled out of the country every month! The man presiding over this grand theft now pretends to be bitter over $1.5 million cheque but has never lifted a finger to recover US $15 billion he himself admitted was “swindled”!

The day the country has regime change; the nation must launch a thorough investigation into the going on in Chiazwa and Marange with a view of establishing the truth extend of the looting, recovering as much as possible of the looted wealth and most important of all punishing all those involved in this treasonous act.