Friday, 29 March 2013

Zanu PF is itching for a new fight with West to replace the white farm invasion!

Minister of Justice Patrick Chinamasa brings his Zanu PF violence to London.

Chinamasa had to be held back by Zimbabwe Ambassador to UK Gabriel Machinga from causing harm to Kate Hoey, the Labour MP for Vauxall in London. Nobody knows exactly what triggered the fight, but sources told SW Radio Africa that the incident happened as soon as Hoey went over to greet Chinamasa.

‘They had barely exchanged pleasantries when Chinamasa raised his voice and charged at Hoey accusing her of ‘speaking like an imperialist.’ Ambassador Machinga quickly moved in and separated them,’ a source said

Zanu PF is itching for a fight with the West, Britain in particularly. The party is going to do ride rough shod over the people of Zimbabwe once again deny them their right to a meaningful vote in the coming elections by using all manner of dirty tricks including violence. The party is not going to tolerate regime change and it is not going to stop at anything to ensure there is no regime change. And when the criticism starts, the party will have a ready-made lightening conductor - the fight it has just picked with the West.

For the last ten years Zanu PF has hidden its repressive political agenda by accusing the West of seeking regime change in Zimbabwe before the party had seized farms from the white farms. Now with all but a handful the white farms still left in the hands of whites; Mugabe has to find something else to quarrel with the West over and he is not going to rest until he has found it.

PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends were real naïve in allowing Mugabe and Zanu PF to retain their dictatorial powers and, worse still, the people of Zimbabwe were foolish enough to believe Tsvangirai’s lies that the rubbish Copac constitution would bring free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. The nation is now at Mugabe and Zanu PF’s mercy and they are a merciless lot!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Implement reform = Mugabe flying into a rage: that is why Tsvangirai did not implement them!

Mugabe and Tsvangirai and their deputies are expected to get hefty packages running into hundreds of thousands of dollars, while ministers would each get US$30 000, residential stands in affluent suburbs, three luxury cars including Mercedes Benz and top-of-the-range SUVs.

SADC leaders have complained of PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends getting "too comfortable in government and forgetting their presence was meant to create an environment conducive for credible, free and fair elections". Well we can see for ourselves just how comfortable and cozy the MDC leaders have become and no wonder they did not want to upset Mugabe by demanding the implementation of the GPA reforms.

Implementing reforms = free and fair elections

free and fair elections = regime change

regime change = Mugabe incessant screaming rage!
Rather than risk Mugabe’s rage and to say nothing of this latest golden handshake PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends thought it best to betray the people who are literally dying for free and fair elections!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

3 million approve Copac: already the sugar coating is wearing off!

Once the new Copac constitution is enacted, will it stop abuse of power such as the arrest of Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa? Sadly, the answer is no! This Copac constitution is too weak and feeble to deliver free and fair elections or end the country's culture of politucal violence contrary to the lies Tsvangirai has said.

A good constitution should have the checks and balance to stop one or a few individuals hijacking one or more institutions of government and thus put themselves above the law. Sadly, that was exactly what had happened in Zimbabwe, Mugabe and the Joint Operations Command (JOC) had hijacked the presidency, parliament, the judiciary, the Police, the CIO, the Army, etc., etc. to put themselves above the law creating this monster called the Zanu PF dictatorship.

The GPA proposed a simple solution to end the dictatorship - implement the democratic reforms designed to cut the umbilical cords tying the state institutions to Mugabe and JOC and thus dismantle the dictatorship brick by brick. The new democratic constitution was going to reaffirm these institutional checks and balance and their independence.

 An independent and reformed ZRP, for example, would carry out its statutory duties of enforcing the law and keep law and order in a none partisan way. No one will be above the law. Under those conditions, of course, there will be free and fair elections.

 Mugabe refused to have the reforms implemented and Tsvangirai, out of breath taking incompetence, accepted this. Without the reforms the Police, CIO, etc. have remained under the total control of the Zanu PF dictatorship; there to do its bidding.

This Copac constitution was written knowing no reforms will be implement because the "presidency (the dictatorship) was sacrosanct" as Mugabe would say. And so we ended up with a dictator's creed with page upon page listing all the human rights and freedoms to hide its dictatorial core. No one will ever enjoy human rights in this Copac rubbish because they are nothing more that the sugar coating of a cyanide tablet.

Tsvangirai and MDC have lied that this Copac rubbish would deliver free and fair elections and a new Zimbabwe, focusing on the sugar coating but saying nothing of the poison, and the people believed them and voted in drove to approve the new constitution. Over 3 million voted in the referendum and 95% said yes; very impressive indeed and MP Mwonzora and Minister Obert Gutu have blowing the trumpet, drumming their chests like silverbacks and took their laps of honour.

The real and ultimate test of this Copac constitution is whether the elections will be free and fair -free of violence, never mind all the other niceties like free media, etc. Or will the nation be dragged into yet another bloody election process because the Police, CIO, etc. are still doing the Zanu PF bidding, the dictatorship is untouched, was all Tsvangirai and MDC have been saying about Copac delivering free and fair elections was all hogwash, nonsense!

The problem is not with the constitution per se but that this is a weak and feeble constitution which allows some people to be above the law. I have said again and again and so has SADC implement the reforms and write a democratic constitution and the nation will end all this lawlessness. Tsvangirai failed to get not even one reform implemented and he accepts a constitution "dictated" by a tyrant, of course it is not a democratic constitution. And 3 million Zimbabweans, 95 %, approve this rubbish.

And two days after the referendum you complain about the new constitution not stopping the Police abusing their powers, etc. You accepted a constitution so weak and feeble it would not stop the abuse so why are you surprise?

Just start regretting at leisure as I said and let me say it here; you ain't seen nothing yet! Next time, you will want to read something before signing it!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

President Zuma calls on Zimbabwe to implement reforms: waste of breath!

President Zuma called for full implementation of the power-sharing pact widely known as the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

“It is extremely urgent that all matters agreed upon in terms of the GPA are implemented speedily so that adequate preparations are made for a level playing field for the forthcoming elections,” Zuma’s report reads.

Mugabe may have taken four years to “dictate” this Copac constitution because it suited him to drag out the drafting process but when it suits him to accelerate anything, he does. The referendum was done and dusted in four weeks without even bothering to get the constitution to the electorate.

Now that the constitution has been approved, Mugabe will move swiftly to have it enacted so that the GPA can be buried and all calls to implement reforms buried with it!

It is naïve to even think Mugabe will brook implementing reforms now that the new constitution has just been approved. MDC should have had the reforms implemented first before getting the new constitution approved; Tsvangirai was warned but would not listen! President Zuma is just wasting his breath, no reforms will be implemented now.

95% vote to accept Copac Constitution: now we can start regretting at leisure!

So the results of Zimbabwe’s referendum on the Copac constitution are out:

3 079 966 or nearly 95% voted YES

179 489 voted NO

56627 spoilt ballots

The yes-vote has won the day and these are the consequences that will follow:

a)      There will be no reforms implemented before the elections or after the elections; we have forfeited our chance to have reforms implemented.

b)      The weak and feeble Copac constitution becomes the supreme law in the law and it will not deliver any rights of freedoms, it merely lists them.

c)       The nation will now move into fresh elections and since nothing has been done to dismantle the dictatorship behind the wanton violence of 2008 the same violence will be repeated this year.
Whether the voters knew and understood these basic realities or not is now academic; it is assumed that they did! We voted in a hurry and now we can all start regretting at leisure!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Before vote indelible ink is dry, Tsvangirai is already accusing Mugabe of "no will"!

SADC "should use a full Summit to assess whether Zimbabwe was ready for free, fair and credible elections," said Prime Minister Tsvangirai in statement following the arrest of three MDC officials and prominent lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa.

He added that there seemed to be "no political will" from Mugabe's Zanu-PF party to fully implement the peace deal brokered by the SADC.

By campaigning for a yes vote in the referendum PM Tsvangirai has taken the country beyond the point of no return; there is no return to the GPA and SADC overseeing Zimbabwe’s politics because GPA will expire with the enactment of this Copac constitution; there will be no reforms to be implemented because the new Copac constitution calls for no such thing and there elections will go ahead regardless of the increasing political violence!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

"No viable alternative" to YES vote says MDC Coltart: throw back to Rhodesia days!

Education minister and senior MDC official, David Coltart, says a vote in favour is crucial to the country's future.

"There's no other viable alternative," David Coltart said. "If we vote no today all that will happen is that we retain the existing thoroughly objectionable constitution.

"The whole peace process will breakdown and really we may lurch back into the calamitous situation we were in in 2008."

I never thought I would ever doubt that white Zimbabweans like David Coltart when they claimed they now see the white colonial system as unjust, oppressive and discriminatory and that they condemn it. One did not want to explore when exactly they had their “Saul on the road to Damascus” conversion, particularly when many of them remained actively involved in fighting to retain the status quo right up to 18 April 1980, the day of Zimbabwe’s independence. But when people Coltart talk of “there is no viable alternative” for Zimbabwe; one has to wonder whether this is not a throw back to his Rhodesian days!


Ever since the formation of the GNU in 2008 the GPA set the roadmap for the country to move out of the political and economic chaos and mayhem- implement democratic reforms and write a democratic constitution. MDC including people like Senator Coltart were supposed to push through this agenda and for five years they have failed to get even one reform implemented and then the endorse what everyone can see is a weak and feeble constitution.


Implementing the reforms would have dismantled the dictatorship which is the root cause of the corruption and political oppression and deliver free and fair elections – free of violence.


The consequence of the people voting yes to this weak Copac constitution is that it will close the door to all implementing the reforms, the nation is stuck with this rubbish constitution and the nation will be dragged into yet another bloody election process. Even at this the very last minute of the eleventh hour a NO vote in the referendum would have forced the nation to turn back from taking this last step into the abyss. How can anyone see sending the nation into the abyss be this as the only viable solution?   


Diplomatic sources told Zimbabwe Independent in separate interviews this week Sadc leaders feel the MDC leaders have become too comfortable in government, forgetting their presence was meant to create an environment conducive for credible, free and fair elections,” reported the Zimbabwe Independent.


In other words Senator Coltart has himself “become too comfortable in government” just as he was comfortable with white colonial oppression; no doubt "there's no other viable alternative" then!  

Friday, 15 March 2013

"Implement the reforms!" SADC tells Zimbabweans in exasperation before referendum vote!

Diplomatic sources told Zimbabwe Independent in separate interviews this week Sadc leaders feel the MDC leaders have become too comfortable in government, forgetting their presence was meant to create an environment conducive for credible, free and fair elections.


“Sadc has done a lot for Zimbabwe,” said one diplomat. “It has been firm and resolute, but we are disappointed with the MDC parties which have not been pushing strongly enough for the necessary reforms that would allow for free and fair elections.”


“Resolution after resolution has been adopted by Sadc but up to now, the three parties in the inclusive government have chosen to ignore them. These resolutions are very clear and there are even timelines to them, but months before critical elections little has been implemented.”


Sadc has made key resolutions on Zimbabwe, including implementation of an election roadmap at its summits in Windhoek, Namibia, Livingstone, Zambia, Maputo, Mozambique and Sandton, South Africa, which the MDC parties have seemingly dropped at the weekly principals forum and cabinet meetings or in parliament.


At the Windhoek summit in 2010, Sadc leaders adopted a report by South African President Jacob Zuma, which called for implementation of 24 agreed GPA items to lay the basis for free and fair elections.

The last thing SADC want to see happen in Zimbabwe is a repeat of the violent elections of 2008 and the region is rightly alarmed that Zimbabweans are going to vote yes in the referendum and close the door to all referendum. SADC are so exasperated by all this blundering and dithering by PM Tsvangirai and MDC and now they have chosen to speak to the people of Zimbabwe over Tsvangirai’s head!

Zimbabweans can see for themselves that this Copac rubbish is NOT going to end Zimbabwe’s culture of violence. Now if they will not believe their own eyes then they should listen to SADC leaders.

What Zimbabweans must know, is that if they blindly follow the blundering and dithering Tsvangirai and vote yes in the referendum then as night follows day the nation will be plunged into yet another bloody elections. This time Zimbabweans will be on their own because, frankly, SADC will not want to know!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ozias Tangwarara warns Zimbabweans voting yes to Copac under illusion of election will be free of violence

Ozias Tungawara, Director of the Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project, told Violet Gonda on S W Radio Africa Hot Seat that Zimbabweans will be voting yes under the illusion that the elections that will follow will be free of violence.

Tungwarara said there is a misplaced perception that a Yes vote for the draft constitution will deliver a credible election. He believes this will not happen for a number of reasons, including the fact that there are few fundamental reforms, which were supposed to work in tandem with the constitution making process, under the Global Political Agreement.

Tungwarara is absolutely right there; many people will vote yes on Saturday thinking and believing there will be no violence in this year. PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have gone out of their way to deny or down play the reality of the 2008 violence being repeated.

Worse still, both Zanu PF and the two MDC factions have stifled all meaningful discussion on what would happen if people voted NO. A NO vote would force the democratic reforms to be implemented – MDC would hate to have to admit they failed to get the reforms implemented and Mugabe would rather die than to have them implemented. Implemented the reforms and you dismantle the dictatorship, the underlying institutional weakens, that have allowed violence to happen.

Of course if people understood the linkage between implementing the reforms, ending the culture of violence and that the only way to force the implementation of the forms was by rejecting this Copac constitution; there in no doubt the NO vote would win the day on 16 March 2013.

So the rushed referendum and the lack of a free and dynamic media, orchestrated by both Zanu PF and MDC, have been used to fool the people to act to undermine their own best interests! The people trusted Tsvangirai and MDC in this, it will be a great shock when they discover - which they will do soon enough when the Zanu PF juggernaut is rolled out and is crashing them like ants - they were betrayed.

Just as the people had trusted Mugabe and Zanu PF only to be betrayed they will know Tsvangirai and MDC have too betrayed them.

WOZA to vote yes in the referendum: out of ignorance!

WOZA announces that its members will be voting yes in the referendum! Kusaziva kufa! This is the one issue were quality leadership was called for and WOZA fell flat on their faces!

“Of the 92 demands, 60 were included in the Draft, 17 were partly acknowledged and
15 were not achieved,” said the WOZA statement. The statement did not say what the 92 original WOZA demands were, which had been included, etc. but the membership decided to give the Copac constitution a thumbs up.

“WOZA call on the government of national unity partners to walk the talk about zero tolerance for violence in all its forms and to ensure the police will act impartially to allow citizens to enjoy all their rights before during and after the referendum,” continued the statement.

WOZA members, of all people should know about Police brutality since they have been on the business end of the Police’s whips. But the statement clearly shows the group is not convinced the new constitution is robust enough to end the country’s culture of political violence and brutal oppression. Their appeal for an end to violence will fall on deaf ears.

The threat of political violence, a repeat of 2008, is real and for the nation to ignore this reality will be an act of folly for the nation will pay dearly for in broken limbs and human lives.

So “free and fair elections – free of violence” must surely be one of WOZA’s “not achieved” demands and now the membership think the nation can live without it. Well they are committing a serious and costly act of folly; because this is certainly one of must have demands!
WOZA’s appeal to Mugabe’s whim as a basis for ending the country’s culture of violence can only be born out of ignorance because no nation can build its hope for peace and justice on such a shaky foundation. The nation must be ruled by law and not the whim of a dictator.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

US$ 2 billion diamond revenue lost: Biti appeals to the "law" of the Land - Mugabe's whim!

Finance Minister Tendai Biti said it was "criminal" that diamond mines and executives failed to submit their profits to the state. (Zimbabwe Mail 13 March 2013).

According to an international diamond watchdog, Partnership Africa Canada, at least $2 billion were stolen by Mugabe's cronies from Zimbabwe's eastern diamond fields last year alone.

"I will be appealing to both the President and Prime Minister to make these companies pay. We are beginning to lose our patience," said Minister Biti. "It is irresponsible and unpatriotic and a breach of our laws."

Laws, what laws? We all know that Mugabe is the law of the land and you are out there right now campaigning for a yes vote to a constitution dictated by the tyrant to reaffirm his dictatorial powers! By appeal to Mugabe you, Minister Biti, are tacitly acknowledge Mugabe’s supremacy over the country’s laws and courts including parliament itself!
The nation must be ruled by law, only strong and decisive laws can do that and not weak and feeble one like the Copac constitution, and not the whim of a dictator!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Kenya has avoided a repeat of 2008 violnce, Zimbabwe will not!

Ever since the election violence in both Kenya and Zimbabwe in 2008 people have tried to compare the two countries. Beside the violence the two countries also had unity governments but that is as far down the same path the two nations travelled after which they each two different routes poles apart.

Whereas Kenya has tackled the political violence of 2008 head-on; with some of these involved now awaiting trial in The Hague including the winner of the just ended elections, Uhuru Kenyata. In Zimbabwe, none of those responsible for the violence have ever come to trial. The Zanu PF Justice Minister, Patrick Chinamasa has even dismissed the violence as nothing but “a skirmish” although hundreds of thousands mainly MDC supporters and innocent people were beaten and/or raped and over 500 murdered.

Kenya has since produced a democratic constitution designed to maintain key institutions like the Police and Judiciary apolitical. Mugabe has refuse to implement all the democratic reforms and has even retain the fiercely partisan top brass in the Police, Army, CIO and judiciary in command at the time in 2008 still to continue running these key institutions.

The Copac constitution is nothing but a dictator’s creed whitewashed to give fool the gullible.

Kenya has enjoyed a free press for years now and during the just ended elections the presidential candidates had two televised public debates. Mugabe and Zanu PF have retained their strangle hold on the country’s large public print media whilst keeping a muzzle on the small private print media through oppressive laws such as AIPPA and POSA. The country’s electronic media, radio and TV, remains the exclusive domain of the Zanu PF controlled public media. PM Tsvangirai has yet to be interviewed on TV talking about his party and its policies.

There was certainly a desire by all parties across Kenya’s political divide to stir the country away from the totalitarian tendencies of the past regimes into the open calmer waters of democracy. Sadly the same cannot be said of Zimbabwe; whilst Mugabe fought tooth and nail to retain the dictatorship, Tsvangirai has turned out to be as politically spineless as a common garden slug for he allowed Mugabe to get away with everything!

Whilst Kenya has just had an election free of violence; the spectre of violence hangs large over Zimbabwe for everything behind 2008’s violence is still in place and are waiting to be launched! Zimbabwe’s next elections are set to be “bloodier” than 2008, admitted MDC Home Affairs Minister Theresa Makone.

The only way to avoid the violence is for the people to vote NO in the upcoming referendum on the Copac constitution. It is none other than MDC who have taken it upon themselves to campaign for a yes vote in the referendum and time is fast running out for them to change their call!

Biti asking SADC to "vaccinate" against violence when a NO vote is the only cure now!

Finance Minister Biti said there was need to "vaccinate" the vote against violence as "self evidently in the last few weeks there have been signs, sprouting shoots of violence ... potential replication of the 2008 status quo."

The MDC has since the start of the year recorded over 120 incidents of violation and abuse of individuals, he said.

Two thirds of the six-million voters on the roll are dead, said Biti, discussing irregularities with the crucial list.

"But unfortunately those four million who are dead have had a tendency to resurrect on election day."

SADC has promised to look into these issues but other than put another Band-Aid on a broken leg! What the problem has needed all these years is decisive action – implement the reforms and stop all this pussyfooting.

The only way to vaccinate the vote against violence is by implementing the reforms; MDC can get the reforms implemented by telling the people the truth about this mess, admit there will be violence and thus tell the people to vote no in the referendum.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Tsvangirai's "Main Actor" foot-in-mouth-disease guff!

Tsvangirai in yet another “foot in the mouth disease” guff as one commentator called it!

“Ask yourself, had it been me who died and she had survived, what would have happened?,” Tsvangirai was quoted as saying by the NewsDay.

“One of the fundamental things is that the main actor doesn’t die if the film is still on.”

Veteran journalist and feminist Grace Mutandwa, reacting on Facebook, said: “After reading that, I just thought WOW! Is he suggesting that Susan was a ‘bit’ actress so it was okay because the main actor was still there, the show would go on?

“He really needs real advisers not just hangers-on who tell him what he wants to hear. Currying favour got us to where we are now – stuck in IMPUNITY SQUARE.”  Well Grace got that one right! If the nation does not wake up and realize where Tsvangirai is taking us with this yes vote than we will all pay very dearly for this folly.

If people vote yes in the referendum then we will go into the elections - a repeat of the 2008 violence!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The greatest tribune to Christpower Maisiri: make him the last victim of Mugabe violence!

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

I have evoked this prayer, not because I am religious, but because it encapsulated beautifully the three things I want to talk about today; change, courage and wisdom.

The upcoming referendum is the very last chance for Zimbabweans to achieve the democratic change that would propel us out of the desert of despair, dictatorship, into the green valleys of hope, democratic rule.

Zimbabwe is a de facto Zanu PF dictatorship and all political opposition has been routinely and ruthless silenced. The 2008 presidential run-off elections showed just how brutal the dictatorship could be when over a million Zimbabweans were internally displaced, hundreds of thousands were beaten and/or raped and over 500 were murdered.

The whole world was shocked by the wanton violence of 2008 and SADC instructed Zimbabwe GNU to implement a raft of democratic reforms whose end product was very clear and explicit: to deliver free and fair election and to stop the repeat of 2008 violence.

None, not ever one, of the reforms were implemented because Mugabe refused and MDC were too incompetent to force the issue. Although everyone could see there had been no change, still the people had accepted the hollow assurance from PM Tsvangirai that the coming elections would be free and fair and not a repeat of the 2008. 

The nation’s false sense of security was shuttered on Saturday 23 February 2013 when a 12 year old boy, Christpower Simbarashe Maisiri, the son of a MDC official in Headlands, was burnt to death after the hut the boy was sleeping in was deliberately torched by known Zanu PF thugs. PM Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC friends went into overdrive revising their lies that the nation was heading for peaceful elections to acknowledging that the Zanu PF dictatorship was indeed alive and very dangerous! 

"This election is going to be bloodier than 2008" admitted the MDC Home Affairs Minister, Theresa Makone on S W Radio Africa Hot Seat programme. Well that speaks volumes! This is an admission that the party’s hair cut changes in the Copac constitution will not bring free and fair elections – free of violence.

MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti said the party was sending a dossier to SADC giving details of the intimidations, harassment, beating and even murders. This the first time the party has ever spoken of this dossier!

A high power MDC delegation was sent off to SADC “to discuss among other things, the need for SADC to deliver a free and fair election,” a report on MDC party website read. This is a knee-jerk MDC response; they not only run to SADC but, worse still, they blame the regional body for the party’s own breath taking incompetence. It is not for SADC to “deliver free and fair elections” but for MDC to implement the reforms by seeing to it that the required laws are passed in parliament. MDC had the parliamentary majority so this should have been a breeze.

SADC have told P M Tsvangirai again and again, implement the agreed GPA reforms – follow the GPA roadmap – follow the yellow brick road. No doubt SADC will tell this high powered MDC delegation exactly the same thing - implement the agreed GPA reforms!

It was not until Christpower’s murder MDC had maintained that the party would not brook boycotting the elections. On 31 January 2013 following a high level MDC party retreat in Inyanga Nelson Chamisa the party’s National Organising Secretary "The people of Zimbabwe have embraced the MDC and have placed their hope in the party; hence, whatever the magnitude of the persecution from which ever quarter, the people will vote in their numbers for a new beginning and real transformation which will be brought about by the MDC government."

If we remove the political rhetoric and the pseudo machismo – we all know when the going gets tough Tsvangirai will once again have his mad dash for the Netherlands Embassy and the rest of the MDC leaders will disappear like mist in the morning African sun – we will have the chilling message: MDC will drag the nation through another election regardless the cost in broken limbs and lost lives.

After Christpower was murdered, MDC resubmitted the party’s old Conditions for a Sustainable Election in Zimbabwe (COSEZ), which include demands for a free media and the implementation of the reforms to dismantle the Mugabe dictatorships. And renewed the threat too; the party will not participate in any election unless the conditions are met.

Meanwhile on Saturday 2 March 2013 PM Tsvangirai was in Gweru for the launch of the “Yes” campaign on the referendum.

Let me help you unpack this MDC mess. Whilst MDC accepts that it is impossible to deliver free and fair elections without implementing the reforms, hence the resubmitted COSEZ, what the party fails to grasp is the reality that this Copac constitution is accepted in the referendum then the door to implementing reforms will be shut. It is nonsense to talk of amending a constitution that the populous has just adopted particularly when those amendments are the very reforms Mugabe has resisted all these last five years!

If the truth be told, and it must be told, MDC are quietly reverting to their chilling position; they will drag the nation through another election regardless the cost in broken limbs and lost lives!


 I was watching a wildlife documentary about wildebeest migrating in search of good grazing. They had to cross this flooded river and the point they happened to arrive at had steep banks, 30 feet drop. The more savvy zebra would look for a safer crossing point and if the river is flooded they would wait 3 or 5 days if necessary. Not so with the wildebeest; it was tails up and jump. Many broke their legs, many were swept away by the strong fast flowing flood and drowned and those that made it across had the impossible task of climbing the steep and slippery bank on the other side. What a carnage!

Zimbabwe’s 2008 chaotic and violent elections were carnage!

By failing to have the reforms implemented the country’s political leaders had let the nation down. After five years of bickering amongst themselves and wasting billions of dollars the GNU had brought the nation back to the same political situation as in 2008, the same dangerous river crossing point!

The referendum is giving the people their chance to decide whether the critical reforms implemented. The need for the implementing the reforms has not vanished, the reality of the repeat of the violence is still there and just because the GNU failed to implement them does not mean no one else can.

A “YES” vote in the referendum means people do not want the reforms and accept the politicians’ failure; it is yes to the violence; it is tails up and jump! There will be another carnage, a repeat of 2008 or worse!

A “NO” vote be a demand for the reforms to be implemented, a demand for a safer crossing point. Surely this is the common sense position.

Tsvangirai is the madman Chandagwinyira who will seat before a blazing camp fire on a roasting hot day because that is what he has set his mind to do. The truth only Mugabe has everything to gain from passing of this Copac constitution his dictatorial powers confirmed in the constitution. Tsvangirai will gain nothing from it and the people will lose everything. The only reason Tsvangirai is out there campaign for a yes vote is because he will not listen to reason. If the people, mainly out of ignorance, are foolish enough to follow Chandagwinyira then they will pay dearly for their folly!

If this Copac constitution is adopted then this will constitute the crossing point for the nation for decades to come; Zimbabwe’s elections will be a chaotic and violence affair, a carnage, for years to come. Frankly the world is fed up with Zimbabwe’s failure to sort out its political problems, the sanctions will be lifted regardless of the level of violence and we will be on our own.

This is the list of those who attended Christpower’ funeral: Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe, The Right Honourable Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and his good wife, Mai Elizabeth Tsvangirai; the Right Honourable Deputy Prime Minister, Thokozani Khupe; “x” number of Ministers; ”y” MPs and “z” hundreds of thousands of ordinary Zimbabweans. A great tribune indeed given he was only 12 years old.

When all is said and done what will be remember for generations to come is that Christpower died because the very politicians who buried him failed to implement the necessary reforms.
The greatest tribute the nation can pay to Christpower, in my humble opinion, would be if by his gruesome death the nation was shocked into realizing the urgent need to address this Zanu PF culture of violence decisive once and once for all and thus vote NO in the referendum. Let the name of Christpower Simbareshe Maisiri be entered in the annals of history as the last victim of Zanu PF wanton political violence! That will be some small recompense for this innocent life so ruthlessly and brutally cut short!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Chindagwinyira Tsvangirai campaigning for yes vote for rubbish Copac!

MDC-T leader and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai will headline a ‘Yes’ campaign rally in Gweru on Saturday as the party continues to canvass for national endorsement of the country’s draft new constitution

These are the rallies PM Tsvangirai and MDC will have the full support of the Police, indeed even Chipangano thugs will be harassing people to make sure they are every well attended!

This Copac constitution is the only thing Tsvangirai has to show for all his five years in the GNU and he has set his mind to getting the nation to accept regardless of the fact that it is not the democratic constitution the nation expected. This Constitution was "dictated" by Mugabe, a tyrant, for Christ sake; it is really naive to expect it to be a democratic one!
Tsvangirai ndiChandagwinyira, shavi rebenzi rinodziya moto zuva richibanda nokuti raira rafunga kuita chinhu ronobva rangara dzeve! Tsvangirai is possessed by the demon of the madman Chandagwinyira Blind Determination, who would seat by the camp fire on a roasting hot day because once he decides to do something absolutely nothing will ever stop him.