Thursday, 31 October 2013

MDC has 54 page dossier on how Mugabe rigged the elections - that is high treason and it must not be swept under the carpet!

MDC says it has a 54 page dossier on how Zanu PF rigged the election. Why the party is not releasing the evidence is what the world cannot understand! It is important that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is known about the blatant vote rigging by Mugabe. It is more than "recordkeeping"!

Mugabe rigged the elections confident that he would get away with it and all those advocating that we should consider the vote rigging as water under the bridge are doing exactly what Mugabe expected all us to do.

If Mugabe rigging the elections and the MDC dossier can provide even more proof of this, then that strengthens the case that Mugabe is illegitimate and not fit to be president. Rigging elections is a very serious crime, it is high treason. How can someone guilty of high treason be head of state?

According to The Standard, the dossier claims Mugabe himself met with Nikuv Projects, the Israeli company that carried out the tempering of the voters roll, chief executive officer, Emmanuel Antebion on June 20th last year and again on July 30th this year for “briefings and payments arrangements for the secret services” that the company provided. How can any self-respecting nation sweep such deadly poison under the carpet so it can continue to kill for decades to come?!

Some people have argued that MDC should forget the July elections and concentrate on making sure Zanu PF does not rig the next elections. What better way of making sure Zanu PF does not rig again than by KNOWING how they rigged the July elections. And even more significantly, let Zanu PF know that the details of their vote rigging are not known but better still they are not going to be allowed to get away with the vote rigging. Not now, not ever!

 “They are always one step behind Mugabe and they need to forget everything about that election, which they went into without any reforms being implemented, and start thinking about what to do next,” Lameck Mahachi argued.

What else does he want MDC to do? I will bet my bottom dollar, he does not have the foggiest idea what else MDC should be doing.

Doing nothing is not an option!

MDC failed to get even one reform implemented in their five years in the GNU. Making sure Mugabe does not get away with the vote rigging is the new battle field - let us hope they are not going to let the nation down again!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tsvangirai is pinning his hopes on winning 2018 elections on "generational change"- what an idiotic idea!

So Tsvangirai is pinning his hopes on the nation achieving the all important free, fair and democratic reforms and good government on Mugabe's generation marching into the sun-set.

"This is a generational thing and generations change", Tsvangirai said.

Mugabe may be 30 years older than Tsvangirai and tyrant is the head of the Zanu PF dictatorship it is nonetheless naïve to think the dictatorship will die the day Mugabe dies. The dictatorship has spawned hundreds of thousands of thugs, henchmen and heartless witches with loot to protect and a murderous past to keep under wraps.

Worst of all these thugs and witches have too taste political power all these years and we how highly addictive this drug is. What these Zanu PF leaders have enjoyed these 33 years  is absolute power, that is power in its purest and thus most poignant form.

Emmerson Mnangagwa is 67, and Joyce Mujuru is 58; that is seven years older and two years younger than Tsvangirai respectively, have tasted power and they have one hand on the crown already. They have waited all these 33 years to secure it.

They have already been fighting each other over it like wild-cats whilst Mugabe had the crown secure n his head. When he is dead it will be an all out war.

The rigged July 31st elections have restored Zanu PF dominance thanks to Tsvangirai and MDC's failure to get even one democratic reform implemented. Whoever emerges as the winner to takeover the crown after Mugabe, we can be sure of one thing he or she is not going to hand over the crown to the breathtakingly incompetent Morgan Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai has too tasted power, in his case power without any meaning authority, the drug in its delute form; still he has assumed the airs of Gods. He was confident he was going to win the July 2013 elections with a land slide victory even with not even one reform implemented. He is now even more confident of winning the 2018 elections, again with no reforms. How needs democratic reforms if there is going to be a "generational change"!

If Tsvangirai had his feet on the ground and implemented the reforms the 2013 elections would have been free and fair and the nation would be celebrating the new dawn of good governance. Here is the man who have lived in George Orwell's  sugar-candy-mountain ever since he tasted power. He still refuses to see the real world even after the blatant vote rigging by Mugabe; it was like taking sweets from an infant, it only took a few trivial distractions like a prime ministerial car and the tyrant had Tsvangirai hooked.

The people of Zimbabwe were foolish to have followed Tsvangirai like sheep to the slaughter this far. It would be folly to put their trust in this mythical generational change Tsvangirai is wittering about!

If Zimbabweans want real and meaningful democratic change then the nation will have to fight the Zanu PF dictatorship to accept change. And that fight has to start with rejecting the Zanu PF election victory. We all know Mugabe rigged the elections and he therefore has no mandate to rule.

Zanu PF has remained in power these 33 years precisely because they were able to rig elections. July 2913 was not the first time Mugabe rigged elections, he has done that repeatedly in the past. In 2018 he weapon of choice was wanton violence, in 2013 he had the money, lots of money from the looted Marange diamonds, to buy the services of dodgy companies like Nikuv to tamper with the voters roll, pay the bussed in crowd attending Zanu PF rallies and then vote in one polling station after another, etc.

There only Zimbabwe will ever have a good government is by stopping Mugabe and Zanu PF rigging the elections and the only way to do that is by refusing to accept the results of rigged elections. We can stop the Zanu PF dictatorship, with or without Mugabe at the helm, rigging the next elections by rejecting the tyrants have authority to govern after the rigged 2013 elections!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Zimbabwe' s NGO petition to AU Commision on Zimbabwe's "compromised" - the petition itself, a useless compromise!

First of all, let me thank the Zimbabwe’s civil society members, including the Zim Human Rights NGO Forum, for lobbying for the African Commission on Human and People’s rights on Zimbabwe’s rigged elections. It is important that this issue is never taken of Zimbabwe’s national agenda, SADC’s agenda, AU’s agenda or the international community’s agenda; because until this issue is dealt with and dealt with properly Zimbabwe is going nowhere.

So by lobbying anyone and everyone they can Zimbabwe’s civil community are doing a sterling job keeping this issue alive!

I am not so sure about the solutions the grouping is proposing; asking the continental body to pressure the Zanu PF government to clean-up the voters, immediately realign some of the country’s oppressive laws with Copac constitution, etc. That is wilfully inadequate in terms of dealing with this problem with the resolve and seriousness the issue demands.

The civil members produced reports that clearly showed that the 31 July elections were seriously “compromised”, to use the group’s own word. We all saw the bussed in voters, heard the people who were denied the vote because they name was not in the voters roll although they had registered, etc. With all this mountain of evidence before us, it is clear that the elections were rigged and therefore Mugabe and Zanu PF have no mandate to rule.

If Zimbabwe’s NGO members believe in their own reports which lead to one conclusion and conclusion only that Mugabe rigged the elections and is therefore illegitimate. By asking the Commission to put pressure on the Mugabe government the NGO is itself compromising.

To start with the NGO members have tacitly accepted Mugabe and his cronies as the legitimate authority regardless of their rigging the elections. Mugabe blatantly rigged the elections confident that he will present the world with a fait accompli and they will gloss over all the evidence and accept it. And here we are, the country’s civil rights champions, are themselves taking a lead in accepting this abomination!

Second, the NGO are asking Mugabe, the man who masterminded, ruthless executed and benefited from this vote rigging operation to investigate himself and put things right! God, how naïve!

They say road to hell is paved with good intentions. I do not know about the road to hell but certainly Zimbabwe’s road into this hell-hole we now find ourselves in has been paved by people with good intentions but unbelievably naïve! And they are still working hard at it paving the road, not out of, but going even deeper into hell!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Joseph Chinotimba blows his gasket after he is remined of the alleged rapes and murderers he committed in 2008 - he did not want it said!?

Joseph Chinotimba, Zanu PF MP after the July 31st rigged elections lost his temper in parliament after he was reminded of the alleged rapes and murders he committed in 2008.

What was Chinotimba angry about; that he murdered the MDC supporters or than it should not be said?

This is the trouble with people like Chinotimba, there are "the man of the moment". In their desperate effort to be a somebody they will do anything to please their tyrant master, Mugabe; beat, rape and even murder, anything. He got noticed by Zanu PF and Mugabe, so much so he is now an MP.

Now that he has been noticed Chinotimba wants everyone to forget all the stupid things he has said and all the dirty things he has done to be noticed. He is angry that people are refusing to forget his stupid and dirty past.

People are not only going to remember what you have said and done Chinotimba but one of these fine days you will have to account for it. Your worthless life will be on the line, then!

Chawakadya chamuka Chinotimba iwee! The wheels of justice turn very slowly but they turn!

Sytrive Masiyiwa boasts of no difficult in saying "No" to demands for a bribe - he should learn to be humble!

One of the questions, I am often asked by people who want to invest in Africa, is how do I deal with people demanding bribes…. My answer is really quite simple: I have never had any difficulty with saying, “NO”, say Strive Musiyiwa.

OK may be you have the political and economic clout to say no; what about all those millions of ordinary people who do not have any power. When you first started out and winning a project meant whether you eat or starved, as it does for the millions of Zimbabweans living from hand to mouth in Mugabe's corrupt and impoverished Zimbabwe, would you still say NO!?

"Those whose palm-kernels were cracked for them by a benevolent spirit should not forget to be humble," wrote Chinua Achebe.

Tobacco and not maize production is going up Zimbabwe - it is sound economic policies that will secure food production!

Some people have expressed their concerns at how Zimbabwe has increased the production of tobacco at a time when 2.2 million Zimbabweans are facing starvation this year alone.

It would be dangerously over simplistic to blame farmers for growing tobacco or the Banks for, reportedly, spending most of $620 million funding the tobacco farmers but only a misery 4.8% of it funding maize farmers.

As I see it the problem here is two-fold: first the government clearly needs to get its house in order and pay farmers competitive prices for their maize. If the price government pays for imported maize is cheaper than local maize then the nation is doing well by maximizing production of tobacco from whose earning it can buy maize with a large surplus left over. Past experience has shown that the government pays peanuts to the local farmers for their maize but, since it cannot bully the international market, pay a fortune for imported maize.

The Mugabe regime is well known for its short term policies and false accounting! It is nothing new for government to encourage the export of one commodity and creating a shortage in the country and the people spending a fortune importing it back. Many of the booming towns along Zimbabwe’s borders have been selling goods made in Zimbabwe to Zimbabweans who would have travelled from every corner to cross the border, buy and go straight back.

The Zimbabwe government would report of increased export earnings and that is all that mattered.

 A few years ago a few Zanu PF leaders made themselves a handsome profit buying maize from the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) at the give-away price taking it across the border and selling it for a profit. No doubt the country imported maize that year and paid even more than our leader got.   

Second; even when, out of patriotism, the local farmers have forgone the huge profits tobacco brings and grown maize; government has taken its sweet time to pay them for their produce. Farmers too have families to feed, workers to pay, school fees to be paid, etc.; showing a delivery note to the GMB will not chase away the hunger pains.

"The government has now availed $9.2-million to the GMB to go towards settling farmers' outstanding payments. The payments are 18 months overdue. We have not been able to pay the farmers for the past two harvests," admitted GMB manager, Mandizha.

Even if maize paid more than tobacco, farmers would be better advised growing tobacco and be paid cash on delivery than grow maize and wait what is an eternity, especially for the small scale farms with no other sources of income, to be paid.

To paraphrase the great Economist, Adam Smith, it is not out of the generosity of the farmers that Zimbabweans look to solve the country's food shortages, now a yearly recurrence since the seizures of the farms by Mugabe and his cronies; but rather to sound economic policies and something that has been equally amiss in Zimbabwe - the rule of law! 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Manheru boasts of Mrs Mnangagwa's "huge" election - what else her JOC husband is not called crocodile for his looks only!

Nathan Manheru boasts of Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife election land slide victory in the July elections.  "She won it, not just by a huge margin against his opposition opponents, but also drew very high votes for the party numerically,” wrote Manheru.

As if any other result was possible. Her is a member of the Joint Operations Command, JOC; the body that masterminded, carryout and bankrolled the blatant military style vote rigging operation. We all saw product of the operation; we saw on our TV the hundreds of thousands of bussed voters, the one million who were denied the vote because the voters roll had been corrupted, etc.

Mrs Mnangagwa's "victory" was a given; her JOC husband saw to it that there were a lot more bussed voters, more "ghost" polling stations for them to cast their multiple votes, etc.

Manheru should stop telling us what we already know. Tell us when the regime is going to realize the voters  roll, how much the regime squandered in this vote rigging operation, etc.

Friday, 18 October 2013

New Zimbabwean editor appointed Chronicle Editor, promising to be professional - not whilst working for vulture Moyo and Mugabe!

So Mathuthu, you think you can work for unscrupulous moral degenerates and ruthless murderers like Jonathan Moyo and Robert Mugabe and still maintain your high "professional" standard! How naïve!

Mr new Editor of the Bulawayo Chronicle, if some one walking into your office with a dossier of how Mugabe rigged the 31st July 2013 elections; will you print that story in the Chronicle?

It would be the biggest scoop of your career comparable to the Washington Post's Watergate! For Zimbabwe, it would be the smoking gun, to prove beyond doubt to even the most naïve Mugabe loyalists that Mugabe rigged the elections, he is illegitimate and therefore is not fit to in State House as the nation's president. He should instead be in prison and tried on high treason - corrupting the country's democratic institution and perverting the democratic will of the people for selfish political gain and thus threatening the stability of the nation and the very lives of millions of Zimbabweans!

This is not such a hypothetical question; we all know Mugabe rigged the elections as he has done so many, many times in the past. Of all the people, journalists and Editors know it but none have dared write about it.

So I ask you again, Mr Mathuthu; will you publish a story of how Mugabe rigged the elections or is all this talk of being professional empty pep talk!?

Monday, 14 October 2013

MDC finally admit holding elections without reforms was "suicidal" but, true to its reputation of breath-taking incompetence, says it will keep Tsvangirai as leader!

MDC’s organizing secretary has finally admitted that going to the July elections without any of the democratic reforms being implemented was suicidal.


But as if to reclaim the party’s coveted trough of being the most incompetent and inapt political party in modern history Chamisa immediately followed the admission with the assertion that the party will keep Tsvangirai as its leader.


“Every struggle has its face. President Tsvangirai is the face of the struggle. Any other shrill calls or comments for him to step down are just but voices in the wilderness,” argued Chamisa.


“It’s good to express oneself but looking at the circumstances, the challenges we face, it’s not the time to change the commander. We are in the middle of a mortal combat with challenges that are so clear in the country.”


Surly it is when the task before you is tougher than ever; get the reforms implemented now that Mugabe and his Zanu PF dictatorship have returned to power with a stronger grip on power will not be a walk in the park; that the need for a competent leadership is of paramount importance. Retaining the same leader whose breath-taking incompetence caused the party and the nation at large to commit suicide simply defies logic!

 Of course MDC leaders are free to commit suicide; it will be folly for any Zimbabweans to follow them again! It is my fervent hope that the people of Zimbabwe have learnt an important lesson after blindly following Tsvangirai and his kitchen cabinet these last twelve years.

Eddie Cross blames SADC and International community for MDC's failure to implement reforms - what a lie!

Eddie Cross is one of the few MDC leaders who has shown some spackle throughout out the years. For one thing, he is the one who spoke out against the looting of the Marange diamonds and the serious consequences if this was allowed to continue. It was none other than the breathtakingly incompetent Tsvangirai who shot him down and giving everything in Marange a thumbs up. The late Chindori Chininga’s parliamentary report a few months later confirm that Eddie was right; there was serious looting going on.

It was the billions of dollars looted from Marange that allowed Mugabe to pay for the services of such dodgy companies like Nikus and thus rig the elections with the disastrous consequences the nation now face.

I salute Eddie Cross for his foresight and courage in flagging the Marange looting problem and a number of other things. He has the wrong end of the stick in this case.

It was not SADC or the international community who are to blame for MDC’s failure to implement the democratic reforms before the July 2013 election. It was MDC’s own breath-taking incompetence that not even one reform was implemented after five years in the GNU.

Eddie tells us SADC and the international community “abandoned principle for accommodation”. Nonsense.

How many times did SADC tell MDC to follow the roadmap and implement the reforms? Countless time and yet MDC did nothing.

Leaders like President Ian Khama of Botswana said the Copac constitution was weak and feeble to delivery free and fair elections and yet MDC led the campaign to have the rubbish document approved in the referendum. Whilst Eddie Cross and a few other MDC leaders said nothing, they must have known that their silence would be taken as approval.

As for the international community they never accepted the GPA because it granted Mugabe dictatorial powers. The US Ambassador to Zimbabwe described the GPA as having more “holes than Swiss cheese”. They are argued MDC not to accept the GPA but once again MDC would not listen.

Eddie, you cannot promised the reader an honest and frank analysis and then go on to give a dishonest account of historic facts. MDC did not implement even one of the democratic reforms because Tsvangirai and the rest of the MDC leaders “became too comfortable in the GNU and forgot they were there to implement democratic reforms” as SADC leaders said in their statement in June.

It is bad enough that MDC betrayed the nation and landed us in this mess; please, please, do not insult our intelligence by telling us lies and feeble excuses!!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

AU argue ICC should not try seating presidents - nonsense since they should be impeached!

Ethiopia’s minister said a group led by the AU chair, now Ethiopia, with representatives from Africa's five regions would press the UN Security Council to defer the court proceedings against the Kenyan leadership and Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir

What a stupid suggestion! Africa is not know for holding free, fair and credible elections - the AU has just endorsed Mugabe's rigged elections, for Pete's sake - and now these tyrants have even more reason to rig elections.

ICC has never charge anyone on trivia matters. Crime against humanity or genocide is a very serious crime; no nation in its right mind would want a mass murderer for president for a day longer! If the respective country had rule of law the murderer would be impeached; what is the difference!

Chombo says he got all his loot from being "a successful farmer" - will he prove it after regime change!

Minister Chombo says those accusing him of being corrupt should prove it. “I am a successful commercial farmer thanks to the land reform programme and I survive on the sales I do on the farm,” Chombo said

Mr Chombo you can say what you like but no one out there in their right mind believes you. You and your fellow Zanu PF fat cats have prospered whilst the rest of the national economy went into total melt-down. It is either you are very shrewd businessmen, farmers, etc. who make the likes of Bill Gates look like amateurs fresh out of high school. Or you are some of the most corrupt vultures who had no qualms about destroying the national economy into chaos and millions into abject poverty for selfish gain.

But not to worry you will have your say in a court of law once we have regime change and restored the rule of law. You will produce the evidence to prove what a successful farmer you really are. You will explain how much you creamed off in the farming subsidies, how many urban stands you bought for peanuts and sold at a fat profit over the years, etc.

Yes sir you have some serious explaining to do. All we have to do is produce an full inventory of all your farms, houses, business, etc., etc. then you have to explain who you managed to accumulate all this loot!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

EU to review sanctions against Mugabe - that will not change the fact that Mugabe rigged the elections!

The EU under pressure from the Belgians is turning a blind eye to Mugabe’s blatant vote rigging setting a very dangerous precedence for Africa.

 When one million people are refused the right to vote because Nikuv tempered with the voters roll; when thousands of voters are bussed to vote from one polling station to the next who were complete strangers in the area; when ten constituencies had more than 100% voter turnout with Chipinge East having 141%; etc. And none of these serious irregularities were even investigated showing that the regime had planned and directed them.

This was a well-orchestrated and funded operation.

Mugabe rigged the elections; everyone, the whole world knows that. The EU can embrace Mugabe and welcome him, which will not change the reality on the ground – he is illegitimate because .the people of Zimbabwe did not elected him!

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Zimbabweans are starting to pay the heavy price for their folly of following the incompetent Tsvangirai!

“The families of eight farm workers near Chegutu are reported to be homeless and living on the roadside after the illegal owner of the farm destroyed their houses last week and assaulted some of the women who tried to resist,” reported S W Radio Africa.

The workers are accused of having voted for MDC is the July elections.

Of course the economic hardships are affecting all Zimbabweans regardless of party affiliations. With unemployment seating at a nauseating 90% even Zanu PF’s bussed in multiple voters must be feeling the pitch!  

Zimbabweans are beginning to pay for their folly; approving a weak and feeble Copac constitution and following blindly an incompetent and blundering leader like Morgan Tsvangirai was folly of the first degree.

If the people had been paying attention they would have seen that MDC was getting them nowhere. They should have listened to reason warning them against approving the Copac constitution without even reading it. Rejecting the Copac rubbish was the very last chance to force GNU to implement the agreed democratic reforms, the only guarantee for free, fair and credible elections and if not a competent government then an accountable one at least.

The weak and feeble Copac constitution open the door for Mugabe to rig the elections and today we have the same corrupt and oppressive Zanu PF cabal back in office.

The future is grime and it is set to get a hell-lot worse; that is certain. What is not so certain is whether it will ever get better for there is not even an inkling of a light to mark the end of the tunnel. Indeed, any light is more likely to be from a run-away freight train and not from the end of the tunnel!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sanctimonious scandal, Jacob Mudenda, lectures MPs on honour on trivial matters but says nothing about vote rigging!

Jacob Mudenda, the pretentious Zanu PF speaker of parliament, tells the MPs they must standup when the House Speaker or State President enters and leaves the House.

Here is the scandal who abused his position as MP in the Willowgate Motor scandal and is now back in parliament following yet another rig elections. He has said nothing about the numerous irregularities in the whole election process and yet he is making a big farce over a trivial matter.

“By convention, all Members rise from their seats when the President, who is the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces enters or leaves the House. This is done in deference to the high office he holds," explained the sanctimonious scandal Mudenda.

Mugabe rigged the elections and thus befouled the office of the presidency and throwing the nation into this serious political and economic nightmare. 

 As long as Mugabe and this Zanu PF dictatorship continues to hold the nation to ransom there is no hope of ending the mismanagement, corruption, looting and political repression. None!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Mugabe's step-son seize a gold mine - it is business as usual for Zimbabwe's lawless thugs!

Russell Goreraza, Grace Mugabe’s son by her first marriage, has seized control of Tolrose Gold Mine in Kadoma. Mugabe’s indigenisation policies in practice!

Those are worrying times for the mine’s 325 strong labour force because most of these political seizure very often end up with the workers going for months on-end without pay or being dismissed. Look what happened to the farm seizures; 95% of the farm workers lost their jobs.

Political commentator Lameck Mahachi said the manner in which Goreraza has carried out the takeover indicates the way ZANU PF does business.

“This is no different from the on-going company and land seizures where ZANU PF officials walk up to anyone whose business they fancy and declare themselves sole owners.

“This is not procedural or legal. Goreraza is using his position as the son of the First Lady to throw his weight around and this is a culture within ZANU PF. They don’t respect any laws. There is no indication that there were any boardroom discussions or meetings with the other shareholder regarding him joining the mine,” said political analyst Lameck Mahachi.

“This paints a dark picture of Zimbabwe to those who may be interested in investing in the country. How can you want to invest in a country that operates like a kangaroo court,” he concluded.

What is most amazing here is not what Goreraza did but the naivety of people like Mahachi. Mugabe and his cronies have blatantly rigged the elections with the world’s spotlight on Zimbabwe; they did not care. And yet people like Mahachi talk of Goreraza’s seizure of the mine as painting “a dark picture of Zimbabwe” as if this is the first time Mugabe and his cronies has acted as if they are a law unto themselves and, until this happened, everything was perfect!

There is no one as blind as those who simple refuse to see what is there before their wide open eyes; Mugabe and his junta are above the law and have no respect for the rule of law.

Mugabe and his junta rigged the July elections, they are illegitimate. Zimbabwe cannot start the difficult task of rebuilding the country’s shuttered economy and restore the rule of law until this illegitimate cabal is forced out of office!  

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tsvangirai to be kicked out of the $4 million manson - saves him right for betraying the nation!

Mugabe’s thugs paid Tsvangirai in his $4 million Highlands Manson and told him he must leave.

 Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, said the ongoing attempts to evict Tsvangirai were part of a “decimation and humiliation campaign despite the role he has played for the country.” Idiots like Tamborinyoka real do not get it!

Zimbabwe had a real chance to end the Mugabe dictatorship and turn over a new leaf. All Tsvangirai had to do was implement the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA. He had five years, FIVE YEARS, to do so. At the end of the day the idiot had not implement not even one reform.

 Without the reforms it was clear Zimbabwe was not going to have free, fair and credible elections. It the end Mugabe able to blatantly rig the elections and Zanu PF was back in power with even greater power.

Even now with Mugabe back in power, with the benefit of hindsight, idiots like Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai and the rest of the MDC leaders and supporters alike still do not realize what a complete disaster MDC has been! Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC idiots betrayed the nation; they were too comfortable and forgot the people have voted them into power to bring democratic change. He should be kicked out of the government house!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

After 33 years of spreading Zanu PF propaganda the tyrant thanks ZBC workers is his own unique way - by kicking them in the teeth!

I would like to welcome ZBC workers to the real world. For the last 33 years ZBC has presented Zimbabwe through a rosy tinted lens seeing little oasis of success whilst ignoring the vast Sahara desert of failure and despair and portrayed Mugabe and his cronies as great statesmen with great leadership qualities and vision and not the ruthless tyrants whose greed knows no bounds.

 ZBC has played its role in keeping Mugabe and Zanu PF in power these last 33 years. And true to their sadistic nature the tyrant is now thanking the ZBC workers by kicking them in the teeth.

 ZBC workers have not been paid for the last five months! Well, how about that?

 The big chefs at ZBC, the Ruben Barwes, the fat-cats Zanu PF stooges, are at doing fine. They have continued to get their $20 000 per month salaries plus a luxury car!

 Now that the ZBC workers have finally see the real Zimbabwe they have spent all these years denying ever existed let us hope that they will release the unfiltered stories of Zimbabwe. For a start, can they tell us the full uncensored details of how Mugabe rigged the July 2013 elections?