Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mugabe, the forked-tongued viper, calls for an end to political violence!

"What we would want to get to people is our voice and command that there should be no violence, but that does not mean that everybody will listen to us,” said the Zanu PF dictator, Robert Mugabe. Well there goes a man who speaks with a forked tongue; saying one thing but meaning the exact opposite!

So Mugabe is commanding his supporters to stop using violence to achieve their political objective at the joint press conference of the GNU partners. And, of course being the cunning fox he is, he has an excuse for the all the brutal human rights violations including the murder of tens of thousands of innocent Zimbabwe over the three decades of his rule; not everybody was listening to his none violence overture! That begs the question: what have you ever done to those who would not listen?

Did you ever have anyone of those who raped over 400 documented rapes, over 500 political murders, etc in the three months period of May to June 2008 alone arrested? Of course not, how could that happen when the Police Officers themselves are the ones spearheading these crimes. The very few who have been arrested have had the cases quashed by a partisan judiciary. And on the very rare occasion when the courts have tried to restore some resemblance of sanity by passing a token sentence to some of the political thugs; it was none other than Mugabe himself who immediately stepped in to grant the presidential pardon! Why, oh why; did you do it?

Zimbabwe has a culture of brutal political violence because those involve in this heinous crime KNOW they are above the law as long as they can show it all helped Mugabe and Zanu PF stay in power.

Mr Mugabe, you strangle hold on political power is totally dependent on violence; it has always done. You will lose next year’s election if there was to be free and fair elections with no violence. You have put aside a whole war-chest of cash from the sell of Marange diamonds to put the party thugs who will be deployed to beat, rape and murder all those dare exercise their democratic right to have a meaningful say in the governance of Zimbabwe. Only last week at your party conference you were talking of Zanu PF, like a train, “crashing” those who stand in your way to another electoral victory.

What I find really amazing is the Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara were clearly “honoured” to be at the joint press conference and listened attentively to the fork-tongue viper speaking!

"Yes, there are incidences of violence and we have witnessed it and we are committed as leaders to ensure that the next election is certainly not characterised by a culture of violence," was Tsvangirai’s response. "That demon must be ostracised, it is a demon that no-one wants."

We can now look forward to an election free of intimidation, violence and murder; the great Morgan Tsvangirai has spoken. The demon has been “ostracised”! It is a blessing to be na├»ve and stupid; how else can anyone say such nonsense with a straight face!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Tsvangirai demand referendum before elections - yet another nonsensical demand!

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai insists Zimbabwe should have a referendum on the new constitution before fresh elections.

Mugabe has disrupted the constitution drafting process by silencing the ordinary Zimbabweans and making sure only those supporting his views are heard. So the new constitution is certainly NOT going to be the democratic constitution the nation had hope. So what is the point of continuing with this constitution making process?

What Tsvangirai should have done is take the necessary steps to ensure Mugabe can not use violence or anything else to disrupt the constitution making process. He did not; it was full steam ahead headed by his egotistic and headstrong MP Douglas Monzora.

For Tsvangirai to now insist that the process must continue and conclude with the referendum is typical of this flawed and indecisive the MDC leader. To what end and purpose; one wonders? Tsvangirai, by right, should be herding goats in the rural areas; the nation is now paying a heavy price for thrusting him into a leadership position way above his mental ability!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Mugabe's conudrum: he will lose free elections but will be shunned if he used violence again!

The Wikileaks reports have been God sent for Mugabe and his cronies. The dictatorship can now crow from the rooftop that it was right; the USA and the West have been seeking regime change in. This was all cheap Zanu PF propaganda founded on the falsehood that the people of Zimbabwe themselves did NOT want regime change. The March 2008 elections proved once and for all that this was nothing but a lie because Zimbabweans voted in droves for MDC.

It should be remember that the Zimbabwe electorate voted for Tsvangirai, a man of the same US Ambassador righted described as “a flawed and indecisive”. This underlined just how desperate Zimbabweans were to end Mugabe’s rule.

For five weeks after the voting Mugabe refused to release the results. He was “cooking” the results so the defeat would not be so humiliating but not even he could change the fact that the people had rejected him! For the June 2008 presidential run-off he literally declared war against the people; he subject the whole nation to three months of intimidation, terror, rape wanton destruction of property and hundreds were murdered; to force the electorate to vote for him.

Mugabe had created the myth that it was West’s targeted sanctions that had caused Zimbabwe’s economic melt down. The myth disappeared like a mist in the morning sun when the evidence of the wide spread looting started to emerge. The dictator and his cronies not own a staggering 40% of the former commercial farms but worse still most of the farms are now idle. Ignatius Chombo’s estate shows that farms constitute but a small part of his wealth; he owns mines, commercial businesses, houses and flats in most major towns in Zimbabwe and some in SA, etc. And like the farms, the mines, etc would all be under utilised or completely neglected. That is the thing about looters they claim everything for themselves only to waste away like the prodigal son or simple hoard it to stop anyone else making productive use of it.

Of course the siphoning of billions of dollars out of the economic to spend on luxuries and disruption of production from the farms, mines, etc was bound to have an adverse effect on the country’s economy hence the economic melt down. The evidence of the looting and its contribution to the economic collapse is overwhelming even Mugabe’s most ardent propagandists have stopped paddling the sanctions myth.

Similarly the June 2008 election has put to rest the nonsense that it is the West and not the people of Zimbabwe who want regime change.

Mugabe can crow all day about the smoking gun evidence of West’s regime change Zimbabwe agenda. He knows no one in the West has a vote and the people who have the vote have rejected him and will do so again in a free vote. Mugabe’s real headache now; even with a totally discredited MDC, Mugabe knows the Zimbabwe electorate are more determined now than ever to end his repressive and corrupt rule. So he will have to resort the same level wholesale violence as in June 2008 or worse. If he has another sham election the international community will shun him and, this time, even the idiotic Tsvangirai would not dare help him off the hook again this time! And there lies Mugabe’s conundrum!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Zimbabweans voted for Tsvangirai "a flawed and indecisive figure" and got an indecisive GNU they deserved!

@ Sterling Ferguson

I agree with everything you have said expect two things; a) I do not agree Mugabe is clever. He is devilishly cunning yes but clever; no.

b) “The only way one can deal with Mugabe is to become just like him brutal and ruthless like him,” you say. That is not even the last thing I would consider. Like I said before; to be like Mugabe you have to be a heartless brute. You, or some other heartless brute, will finally get rid of Mugabe; then what? You will no doubt want to enjoy the same absolute power that Mugabe enjoyed. You will not care about the tragic suffering your tyrannical rule will be causing just as Mugabe has done – you are a heartless brute, remember.

Mugabe’s reign of terror is drawing to a close; the last thing we want is to encourage another dictator to step in his shoes.

After the sham June 2008 presidential run-off elections Mugabe had hang himself. The whole international community would not accept him as the legitimate Head of State of Zimbabwe. Not after such an outrageous electoral process! Not even the see-nothing, hear-nothing and say-nothing SADC Election Monitoring Team could ignore the wholesale brutal human violations and blatant disregard of the law by Mugabe and his thugs. It was the idiot, Tsvangirai, who got Mugabe off the hook by agreeing to the stupid GNU.

It was stupid of Mugabe to have destroyed the Zimbabwe economy with all the corruption and looting and to have murdered so many innocent lives. Yes he may have succeeded in his sadistic intention of retaining power at all cost and he and his cronies have certainly lived in unparalleled luxuries. But it is all coming to a tragic end in that they will lose their loot and for many of them there is the hangman’s noose at the end of it all. What is so clever about that!?

As Mugabe’s dictatorship draws to its close the regime has made one blunder after another; the sham June 2008 election was just one such blunder. What Zimbabwe needs is a clever leader smart enough to let the dictator hang himself.

I will admit that I do NOT see any clever leader in Zimbabwe’s political horizon. Ambassador Dell castigated Tsvangirai a “flawed and indecisive figure” back in 2007. And yet even with the benefit of hindsight many Zimbabweans still refuse to see Tsvangirai for the idiot he is. Even intellectuals, notably Professor John Makumbe ever tire of singing Tsvangirai’s praises. It is not just Tsvangirai who is not open to advice and has questionable judgement; his fellow MDC members who elected him and the people of Zimbabwe who voted for him are not any better. If people are content being led by idiots then there is no pressure for change.

People get the government they deserve; that is certainly true. Zimbabwe has had 30 years of a ruthless tyrant and in the last two years the tyrant had an idiot for a side kick. We, Zimbabweans, love rubbish leaders! Or as one would say in Shona, “kana tazvika pasarudzo, tinongo kuvirira zvose mavhu namarara!”

@Zodwa Sibanda

The need to remove millions of black peasants living in overcrowded rural areas where they had been herded to by the white settlers was obvious. The need to end white rule was equally obvious – how else would black address this pressing need to resettle the landless peasants, end black oppression and exploitation etc. All these things were obvious to everyone; even the goat-herder, Tsvangirai, understood that.

Mugabe was cunning enough to make a big song and dance about how he would bring national independence, black majority rule, freedom, liberty, peace, economic prosperity to all, etc., etc. when all he really cared about is entrench himself and his friends into power. He made a big song and dance about redistributing land to the landless and you admit it is only Mugabe and his cronies who have benefited. Worse still Mugabe’s looting of farms has caused such an economic upheaval the economy has shrunk by a record 84% in six year from 2002 to 2008 causing heart breaking suffering to the whole nation.

90% of Zimbabweans saw the need for land reform but only 9% (composed of Mugabe and his cronies who did the looting and yes, MDC, but that is to be expected from a party headed by “flawed and indecisive figure” to quote Ambassador Dell) would approve what Mugabe has done. The need to resettle landless peasants is even more urgent now that the Zimbabwe economy has collapsed and unemployment is a nauseating 90%.

Mugabe is cunning, devilishly so, but not clever and you, Zodwa, has yet to learn to distinguish the two.

“I still believe that Tsvangirai would be a good transitional President for Zimbabwe,” you say. Well why is he a pathetic Prime Minister of Zimbabwe with neither the power nor authority of even a deputy Minister? You answer that and you will see that Ambassador Dell was only saying the truth about Tsvangirai.

Zimbabweans are paying dearly for Tsvangirai blundering and it is about time the truth about this idiot is told. You clearly do not want to hear the truth said about Tsvangirai; we are talking about the truth and the destiny of Zimbabwe is dependent on that, your myopic partisan wishes are of no consequence.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

USA Ambassador Dell called Tsvangirai a flawed and indecisive figure!

A Wikileak report said Former USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe (--up to 2007), Mr Chris Dell, thought Morgan Tsvangirai "a flawed figure, not readily open to advice, indecisive and with questionable judgment in selecting those around him". Well he was being honest. Some of us have called Tsvangirai a stupid idiot who should be herding goats and that is the brutal truth!

Tsvangirai’s stupidity has costed Zimbabwe dear!

Mr Dell described Mugabe as "more clever and more ruthless" than any of his political rivals. Mugabe is ruthless brutal; only a heartless man would cause so much misery, suffering and death to so many. Mugabe is not clever; what is so clever presiding over the worst economic performance in the world. He has seized the farms only to have the whole country turn into a wasteland.

What Zimbabwe has witnessed under Mugabe seen if a criminal waster of material resources and human talents and lives. Destroying is ease, anyone can destroy; creating something good and inspirational there is the real challenge! Dell is right though in that he called Mugabe clever compared to his political rivals. It does not take much to be cleverer than someone who should really be herding goats!