Thursday, 14 April 2016

Musewe, there will never ever be a "rapture from the old to the new" from recycled corrupt leaders.

Vince Musewe and Robert Mugabe have one thing in common, they are both stubbornly single track minded. Allow a single track minded individual to get into power and you know immediately you are in trouble because they will abuse their position to get absolute power and then bring hell-on earth on us all as the latter has done.

Whilst Musewe has admitted, be it grudgingly, that twisted political system is the root cause of the Zimbabwe’s poor economic performance.

“ZANU (PF)'s ultimate aim was always to create a one party capitalist state dominated and controlled by a predatory leadership and a predatory coalition (a "comprador bourgeoisie" as Ibbo Mandaza likes to call it) and this they have achieved much to our detriment. We need to change that paradigm, but that paradigm will not change as long as Mugabe is entrenched at State house,” admitted Musewe.

For his solution he proposed “a second national revolution” which is to come in two stages:

First “we need a fundamental rapture from the old to the new,” he argued. “As PDP we are therefore promoting the idea of a grand coalition which is currently taking shape.”

“Second, as articulated in our HOPE policy document, must be the immediate establishment of National Technical Transition Council (NTTC) to take over the running of the country to restore confidence and stability as a transitional mechanism to re-position Zimbabwe back onto a socio-economic recovery trajectory.”

This is where the trouble with having a single-track mind comes to the fore. The “grand coalition” Musewe been wittering about for the last two years is composed of the likes of Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC-T, Tendai Biti and his PDP, Joice Mujuru and her ZimPF, Welshman Ncube and his MDC, etc. All these politicians without exception have a proven track record of betrayal and failure; they are all incompetent and corrupt.

Zimbabwe is in this political and economic hell-hole because for the last 36 years the nation has had the great misfortune of having incompetent and corrupt leaders. All the men and women Musewe has assembled to form his new grand coalition have played their part in the demise of the country; five years for the MDC leaders and 34 years for the ZimPF leaders.

Musewe is recycling the same incompetent and corrupt leaders; there will not be any “fundamental rapture from the old to the new”.

Since not even one democratic reform was implemented by MDC during the GNU there is need for yet another transitional body, NTTC or whatever, which will be tasked to implement the reforms and hold the free, fair and credible elections. My quarrel with Musewe is over his insistence that Mugabe should be assured that no reforms will be implemented by the transition body.

“Our main problem, however, remains the fact that we are expecting the same dictator to implement political reforms which are most likely to result in his dismissal from power. It is therefore clear that the dictator, and the predatory coalition that has mushroomed around him, will hardly be enthusiastic to implement the very changes that will inevitably result in their demise and possible criminal prosecution,” argued Musewe in one of his last articles.

“This an obvious fact and I just don't know why some of us are choosing to ignore this fact.”

So if we are not to ignore “this fact” we have to assure Mugabe his position in State House is assured throughout the life time of the transitional body and after it since there will be no free, fair and credible elections at the end of the transition period.

Only a single-track minded person like Musewe would admit there will be no “change as long as Mugabe is entrenched at State house” in one breathe and argue that Mugabe must be allowed to stay in State House in the next breathe and not see these are two conflicting positions.

We are in this political and economic mess because Mugabe has the same single track mind like Musewe and thus given to holding opposite and conflicting position without realizing it. Mugabe continue to see himself and his Zanu PF cronies as a great national liberation icons and yet for the last 36 years he and his thugs have ridden rough shod over the people’s freedoms, rights and dreams! He has ruthlessly imposed his no-regime-change ethos and yet would swear he has always held free, fair and credible elections.

If we want free and fair elections then we must implement the democratic reforms; that is a fact. We cannot appease Mugabe and still have free and fair elections because democracy and dictatorship can never co-exist side by side; that is an oxymoron single track minded and pretentious analysts pedal!

“Another Zimbabwe is possible!!!” Signed off Vince Musewe.

Yes, another Zimbabwe is possible just as it is possible to have another single track minded dictator after Mugabe. If we want a free, just, democratic and economically prosperous Zimbabwe then we must to implement all the democratic reforms and make sure we not only to flush out the incumbent single track minded tyrant occupying the State House but prevent another single track minded tyrant occupying the State House ever again.   

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