Thursday, 30 June 2016

$30 billion compensation for seized farms turn chefs into snub-nosed monkeys. By Patrick Guramatunhu

Zimbabwe’s corrupt and incompetent leaders have a lot in common with the snub-nosed monkeys of Asia.
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By seizing white owned farms, Zanu PF leaders cut off their own noses to spite their faces!

“ZIMBABWE’S cash-strapped government could face a US$30 billion bill for compensation of land expropriated from white farmers under the country’s controversial land redistribution exercise that saw the country plunge from being a regional breadbasket  to a basket case,” reported the Financial Gazette.

Talk of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face, well this sure takes the biscuit. So President Mugabe in his infantile wisdom seized the white-owned farms, turned the nation from a breadbasket to a basket case of a nation starving in the Garden of Eden and now the nation has $30 billion bill to pay!
As if that was not bad enough, the nation learnt in March this year from none other than President Mugabe himself that $15 billion worth of Marange diamonds were looted in 2010 to 2015. Minister Kasukuwere has since said shed some more light on the story when he said that former VP Mujuru was responsible for “chunk” of the $15 billion diamond loot.

No one who knows anything about this Zanu PF regime would ever believe that Mai Mujuru was the only who was looting, the whole bloated leadership is corrupt. It is no secret that the Police, Army and CIO plus individuals like Mai Mujuru and President Mugabe himself all had mining concessions in Marange. According to Partnership Africa Canada said the President pocketed $2 billion from the looting of Marange diamonds in 2012 alone.

 So if Mai Mujuru pocketed $15 billion in six years and Mugabe pocketed $2 billion a year and the looting has been going on for the last ten years, it is quite possible that over the last decade $100 billion, at least, was looted!

Sadly most of our snub-nosed monkeys will have very little to show for the vast fortunes they stole, seized or looted, it has all been wasted on luxuries pleasure of the flesh.

Still when it comes to who should compensate the white farmers, without even a moment’s hesitation, it must be those who seized the farms and were given the farms and never paid a single penny to the original farmer of the State for them. No stone must be left unturned in the effort to recover what they stole away from the white farmers and the misery they brought on the nation at large. Why should the nation be burdened with $30 billion bill when those who did still benefiting from their ill got fortune.

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Zimbabwe Light said...

The chickens of Mugabe's 36 years of misrule are coming home to roost first in their millions and now in their billions. Wait until the regime introduce its bond notes and it will not be long before the country is back to trillion and then zillion then off the scale!
Seizing the white owned farms was the single event that set the current economic meltdown firmly on its way. Of all the dumb things the regime has done that really was extra, extra stupid; comparable to cutting off one's nose!
Mugabe has resisted regime change by hook and by crook but I do not see how can do so now. The economic meltdown, caused by all these zillions of chickens coming home to roost, is causing serious economic hardships. The situation cannot continue like this for much longer and yet it is even getting worse the longer he remains in power.
Regime change is coming like Mugabe likes it or not. He can give up power peacefully or be force out the same way many other dictators before him have gone; either way he is going!