Monday, 23 January 2017

Zim PF to contest 2018 knowing povo will be denied free vote again - totally unacceptable. By N Garikai

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt," advised President Abraham Lincoln.

This is very sound advice for Mai Mujuru and she certainly heeded it because in all her 34 years in Zanu PF she was rarely seen and, rarer still, even heard. President Mugabe did all the talking for her and the rest of the regime and the nation at large. But ever since the day she was booted out of the party and was forced to form her own party, just for a chance to get back on Zimbabwe’s political gravy train for the ruling elite, she has been forced to talk. Sadly for her, every time she has spoken she has let no one in any doubt that she is a fool.
“We went into this election to test the waters and clearly our opponents have not changed their unorthodox dirty campaign strategies which includes violence, intimidation and vote buying. This experience will inform our strategy for tackling the 2018 election,” said Joice Mujuru commenting on the recent Bikita West by-election.

The Zanu PF candidate won with 13 156 votes and Zim PF, Mujuru’s party got 2 453 votes. This laid to rest Zim PF people’s claim that many Zanu PF cardholders support Zim PF. There was no evidence this happened in Bitika West.

Ever since the formation of Zim PF the party has boasted that its members have detailed knowledge of Zanu PF has been rigging past elections and will use this knowledge to counter the rigging. Again, there was no evidence of Zim PF foiling Zanu PF’s dirty tricks. Indeed, by Mai Mujuru’s own admission, Zim PF was there “to test the waters” and the experience “will inform” on future strategy.

In an interview, soon after the formation of Zim PF Mai Mujuru was asked if she knew how Zanu PF was rigging elections and she admitted that she did not know. Only a select few knew how the elections were rigged; as VP she was the second most senior member of the party and government for 10 years and still she had no clue how the party was rigging elections! If that is not a damning indictment of how hopeless incompetent Joice Mujuru is and therefore unfit to hold high office; I do not know what is.

“To all our ZimPF supporters, diaspora friends and other opposition parties, I would like to assure you that we are committed to democratic elections and we will contest the forthcoming elections regardless of the difficult conditions currently prevailing in Zimbabwe,” continue Mujuru.

“Iwe nemi tine basa! (You and me have work to do!)”

Madam please, just shut up and listen for once! You do not prove your commitment to democracy and democratic elections by contesting elections you already know are marred by “violence, intimidation and vote buying”. All you are doing is giving the contest legitimacy by virtue of your participating because the process was flawed, it is assumed, the rational thing to do is to take the necessary measures to stop all cheating.

Black Zimbabweans did not have a vote in white ruled Rhodesia. All this violence, intimidation and vote buying has effectively denied the people the basic and fundamental right to free, fair and credible elections. What the people want is to their freedoms and rights including the right to a meaningful vote restored. And the quickest and surest way to achieve this is by implementing the democratic reforms designed to end Zanu PF dictatorial powers and stop the party rigging vote.

We know that as long as there are some opposition parties foolish enough to contest elections “regardless of the difficult conditions currently prevailing in Zimbabwe” Zanu PF will continue to rig elections and claim they were free and fair otherwise the opposition will have boycotted them!

Can Zim PF assure us here and now that the 2018 elections will be free, fair and credible? If you cannot then your party to resolve to contest the elections regardless of the certainty the people will once again be denied their right to a meaningful vote is totally unacceptable.

Mai Mujuru, you have sat in Zanu PF for 34 years and never lifted a finger to stop the corruption that has destroyed this nation’s economy and forced millions into a life of abject poverty or stop the murderous oppression that have seen over 30 000 murdered for political gain. You and your late husband had your lion’s share of the nation’s looted wealth and you had your high office that was why you never said a word against the rot in Zanu PF.  

The most important work any thinking Zimbabwean out there must do is demand the implementation of all democratic reforms so that only valid next elections in Zimbabwe are free, fair and credible. It is now clear that we not only have to fight Zanu PF to get this done but also greedy opposition parties like Zim PF whose leaders have ridden roughshod over the people’s freedoms and rights for 34 years and will do so again in their resolve to get back on Zimbabwe’s infamous political gravy train that runs of misery of the masses and human lives.

The tasked of forcing Zanu PF to implement the reforms must now necessarily start with stop those opposition parties who are giving the corrupt and tyrannical regime a cloak of democratic legitimacy by their continued participation is flawed elections. We are here to stop you, Mai Mujuru; you have opened your mouth and proven that you are fool and now it is time for you to leave the political stage.

Depart, I say, you and your colleagues in both Zim PF and Zanu PF have over stayed for any good you have ever done to this nation. We have had enough of your foolishness. GO! BE GONE!


Nomusa Garikai said...

Mai Mujuru is very happy with the Bikita West by-election results vows to contest the 2018 elections.

"To all our ZimPF supporters, diaspora friends and other opposition parties, I would like to assure you that we are committed to democratic elections and we will contest the forthcoming elections regardless of the difficult conditions currently prevailing in Zimbabwe," she said.

She is such a simpleton but even then one would expect her to see that this does not make sense. She accepts the 2018 elections will be flawed and only a moron would think they will be showing their commitment to democratic elections by contesting undemocratic elections particularly when doing so will stop the implementation of the reforms designed to stop the vote rigging and violence!

Mai Mujuru and all her Zim PF colleagues are not playing a positive role in our search for a free just and democratic Zimbabwe. They have no clue what is required and they continued presence on the political stage is now helping Zanu PF extend its corrupt and tyrannical rule. To get rid of Zanu PF we must first get rid of all these opportunist opposition parties masquerading as democrats when they are after is a seat on Zimbabwe's infamous gravy train where the ruling elite live in luxury at the expense of the masses whose misery and death are what keeps the train running!

Nomusa Garikai said...

@ Mikis 4 sure

I agree it will be just like Zanu PF to create fictitious opposition parties but so far it has not been necessary to go so unless you say the MDC factions are Zanu PF creation. Yes, MDC leaders are very corrupt and incompetent and no doubt some of them are paid Zanu PF spies. Still, I would say MDC factions are not a Zanu PF creation and yet they too were falling over each other to contest the 2013 elections although they could see the whole process was flawed just to win the few seats Zanu PF has been giving away as bait.

I think the strategy of spoiling the ballot rather than vote for any of the sell-out opposition parties is a good one. For one thing, it will force Zanu PF to rig the vote in its own favour and generate some fictitious votes for the opposition and even bus in supporters for the opposition’s rallies just to give the impression the opposition has some following!

Nomusa Garikai said...

MDC-T is a party of confused idiots; they say they are boycotting the by-election to honour the party's "No reform, no elections!" and yet they say they are going to contest 2018 elections even though no reform will be implemented.

MDC-T should have just said the party has no money to contest by-elections and will contest nation wide elections and stop all this double talk nonsense! Everyone knows that the party is broke, it was forced to sell party cars to bailout Tsvangirai last year!

So the MDC-T proxy only got 79 votes in Bikita West! Could this be the sign that MDC-T members are finally opening the eyes and are begging to think for themselves and can see the party leaders for the corrupt, incompetent and sell-outs they are!

Zimbabwe Light said...

"Prior to this by-election, I had told my colleagues that if we lose, I would step down as the provincial chairman and that is what I have done. I have stood by my words and would expect others to do the same," said Rtd Col Makova.

"I am now over 70 years old and we have agreed that elderly members should remain in the party as advisors and not office bearers.”

After 34 years of corrupt and tyrannical rule, it was a great surprise that you lot even got together to form Zim PF with the hope of clawing your way back into power. Still, it is refreshing that the penny has finally dropped that you are useless.

But before you depart, can you tell the nation what dirty and demonic things you have done in the name of Zanu PF to help the murderous tyrant now squatting in State House? We know he has never won a free and fair election in Zanu PF or at national level.

Zimbabwe Light said...

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai's coalition consultations in Matabeleland have yielded nothing after party structures in the region rejected his proposals. Sources said the proposals included relegating Ms Thokozani Khupe from her current position as deputy president. Several party provinces are said to be against the coalition as this would as well affect their positions in the imagined coalition government.

This was just a marriage of convenience to fool the gullible public because it is not opposition coalition that the country need but reforms to stop Zanu PF rigging elections! 

Zimbabwe Light said...

It does not matter how much people like Joice Mujuru try to portray themselves as caring for the people the truth always comes out in the wash with what they do in practice. How can anyone say they are putting people first when you are dragging the people through an election process you know will be rig, the people will be intimidated and beaten and even killed. If the people of Bikita West had made the mistake and voted for Zim PF they will be in deep trouble and she would be celebrating the victory oblivious of they suffering.

I totally agree, the people of Bikita West did the wise thing and vote for Zanu PF rather that risk the punishment that was certain to follow if Zanu PF had lost.

The obvious thing to do is to boycott the elections until all reforms are implemented but none of the opposition parties will do so not when there are the scraps to be had! Senator Coltart was one of the few opposition leaders to admit the opposition are not contest elections to defeat Zanu PF but to win the few seat Zanu PF gives away. These opposition parties do not care that the people are still being denied a manful say in these flawed elections and that by taking part the opposition are stopping the implementation of reforms needed to stop the madness.

MDC say they are a movement for democratic change and yet they are the ones now stop democratic change. Zim PF say they are putting people first but in reality they are putting power first. This madness must be stopped, these fraudsters must be exposed for whom they real are!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Zanu PF dismiss Julius Malema criticism and call for Mugabe to go.

"Shoko harivhikwi!" (You cannot block off the truth the same way you can block a blow!) so goes the Shona adage. The is no doubt Malema's word hit home and hit hard! Malema mocked Zanu PF leaders for their failure to tell Mugabe it is time to go and he is not the first one to do so.

Margaret Dongo called Zanu PF leaders "vakadzi vaMugabe" (Mugabe's subservient concubines).

There are not many countries in the world were cabinet does not meet unless the president is there to chair the meeting. In Zimbabwe this has been going on for 37 years! Not one of the subservient concubines has ever had the courage to say this is nonsense, a nation cannot be run on the same basis as a harem! The nation has suffered greatly as a result of this harem and his concubine status quo.