Friday, 17 February 2017

"Foolishness thinks it can cure itself!" wrote satirist CZ - saw biggest fool in the mirror. By P Guramatunhu

“COMRADES, what did I say last year about some foolish strong-headed woman's dream of forming and running viable political parties? I laughed when I heard that this is what was happening, and I warned that in no time, the outfit would be falling into smithereens … it has not even taken a year for this prophesy to come to pass. Being a veteran politician that I am, I did not need anyone to tell me that this whole project was a joke,” wrote satirical columnist CZ.

“Well, I agree with those that say foolishness thinks it can cure itself!

Well that is just too smug CZ, you need to be taken down a peg or two. There are four reasons you, of all people, do not dare be so smug about ZimPF imploding:

1)    The “foolish strong-headed woman” you are talking about is Joice Mujuru whom you have kept in your cabinet for 34 years and even had her as VP for 10 years. Whilst many would agree that Joice Mujuru is a corrupt and incompetent simpleton who was promoted way above her level of competence as deputy minister to say nothing of Minister and VP. History will remember the fool who promoted this simpleton to such lofty and dizzying heights – you, CZ!

If the truth be told, and it must be told even if mountains are levelled, CZ, for selfish reason surrounded yourself with useless individuals like Joice Mujuru, Simon Muzenda and all the other “vakadzi vaMugabe” (Mugabe’s useless subservient concubines), as Margaret Dongo call them. Julius Malema called your Zanu PF cronies “cowards” and they are. It served your selfish purpose of justifying you long stay in power, since none of the brainless concubines posed any threat to your hold on power, but the nation has paid dearly for having a corrupt and murderous tyrannical regime for 37 years.

The Lord God has punished you, CZ; you talk of Joice Mujuru as a “foolish strong-headed woman” and in marrying Grace, you got someone even worse!

2)    Now that we have established that you, CZ are just another fool then why has your party, Zanu PF lasted decades whilst Mujuru’s ZimPF imploded after a year? The answer is simple you inherited a rich and prosperous economy from Ian Smith in 1980 and you used the nation’s wealth to bribe your cronies who wasted the wealth. After decades of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and lawlessness Zimbabwe’s once promising economy is now in total ruins, unemployment has soared to 90% and millions now live in abject poverty.

It is rich for you CZ to be laughing about ZimPF “falling into smithereens” when Mujuru and the many other former Zanu PF bigwigs are the by-product of Zanu PF itself falling into smithereens! The factional wars in Zanu PF did not stop with the departure of Mujuru & Co. as two new factions emerged immediately. One of the factions is headed by a very foolish woman whose love for power and wealth has turned her into a monster!

Zanu PF is imploding fuelled by the country’s economic meltdown. You held the party together only by dishing out the nation’s wealth but now that the wealth is gone Zanu PF is falling apart. The centre cannot hold, it is rotten to the core; having, as it does, a fool at the core.

3)    If ZimPF “was a joke” then so is Zanu PF itself and you too, CZ, you are a joke!

Zanu PF may see the myriad of weaknesses in the opposition camp as a positive, sure the regime can rig the next elections and bulldoze its way back into power next year, just as the regime has done in the past. The party rig the elections in 2013 but has since failed to follow that up by rigging economic recovery. Rigging the 2018 election will be the ease bit rigging the economic recovery will still be the real challenge. And the nation’s patience on the economy is running out as last year’s street protests showed.

With 90% out of work “70% classified as poor and a further 20% as living in abject poverty”, according to a recent UN report; this situation is socially and politically unsustainable.

Zanu PF is imploding and Zimbabwe will have the regime change it has been denied for the last 37 years, of that we can be certain.

When you thought out those words, “I agree with those that say foolishness thinks it can cure itself!” you should have been looking in the mirror for you would have seen the biggest fool of all CZ - you!


Zimbabwe Light said...

Mugabe is definitely the biggest fool and, sadly, he is the one who has completely failed to see himself for what he is a corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant who has continued to masquerade and consider himself a cunning statesman. By surrounding himself with complete idiots and cowards, he has believed his own lie of his greatness he has found it impossible to accept anything else even with his whole world imploding in his own face.

I believe Mugabe's long life has been a curse to himself because he has lived long enough to see the sand castles he has built crumble. Even he cannot pretend he is anything else other that an incompetent, corrupt and murderous tyrant. His evil deeds have all comeback to haunt him!

Zimbabwe Light said...


MDC is not a democratic party because the leaders have flouted the party's democratic tenets when it suited them, the classical case is scrapping the maximum two term limit for leaders, just as Zanu PF has done. The worst thing MDC leaders have done was to sell out on implementing democratic reforms during the GNU and then taking part in flawed elections in 2013. They are now planning to do the same again by contesting the 2018 with no reforms.

Convincing Zanu PF to accept implementing reforms now is going to be tough but not impossible. However, the task of convincing Zanu PF cannot even start as long as the regime knows that it has the opposition in its pocket!

Nomusa Garikai said...

Grace Mugabe boast that the people love President Mugabe so much they will vote for his corpse!

There is a disconnect here, Zimbabwe is facing total economic meltdown, millions are out of work and 70% are living in poverty. How is it then possible that millions would still love President Mugabe? When you can rig the election and manufacture a landslide victory you can claim whatever you want!

The need for free, fair and credible elections in Zimbabwe is now a national priority! Zanu PF corruption and tyrannical rule will never end until the country holds free and fair elections!

Nomusa Garikai said...

MDC-T complain over Zimbabwe government saying it will buy the Biometric Voting System although initial reports said UNPD was going to do it.

To say Zanu PF would not corrupt a Biometric Voting System sourced and paid for by UNDP but would corrupt one sourced and paid for by the Zimbabwe government is splitting hairs to say the least. Zanu PF's vote rigging ability is a lot more sophisticated and far reaching not to be foiled by a single event! This is MDC-T picking a fight over nothing!

Nomusa Garikai said...

We cannot have a meaningful discussion on Zimbabwe politics with someone who still fail to understand the negative impact of failing to implement democratic reforms and the role people like Alex Magaisa and the MDC leaders played in that failure.

There are those who think the country will have good leaders and prosper even if the majority of the people remain ignorant; they are deluding themselves. Knowledge is important and as long as the majority remain ignorant, the country will blunder from pillar to post.

It is now four years since the rigged July 2013 elections, enough time for the majority of the people to have figured out what went wrong. MDC promised free and fair elections and they failed to deliver; why!

MDC are now promising the people that they will defeat Zanu PF in the 2018 elections. If the people had figured out that MDC lied in 2013 it would be clear they are lying again this time! By failing to pay attention to detail, the people are making it easy for MDC to cheat them again!