Friday, 17 March 2017

Tsvangirai renew Mugabe's vote-rigging licence and ask povo "to defend their vote".

If anyone still (after his pathetic GNU record when he failed to get even one democratic reform implemented) has any doubts that Tsvangirai is completely useless and will never ever bring about any democratic change in Zimbabwe; they must listen to the interview he gave to VOA Studio 7. Go to

“People have expressed their concerns about the governance issues that have led to the collapse of the social and economic situation in the country and about the future,” he told VOA. He went on to enumerate some of these problems the people are concerned about:

·      The level of political intimidation and fear especial by the traditional local leaders at the instigation Zanu PF.

·      People are concerned at the potential for rigging the vote by corrupting the voters roll. They wanted to know how the new Biometric Voting System (BVS) would stop the tampering with the voters roll.

·      The independence of ZEC, people believe most of the commissioners are Zanu PF operatives. affecting the upcoming national elections.

·      The active political involvement on the side of Zanu PF by security sector personnel during elections.

·      People were concerned the elections will not be free, fair and credible. Etc., etc.

“We encouraged people to register to vote, go and vote and to defend their vote!” continued Tsvangirai.

“The monitoring of elections is critical. We assure them (the people) that the UN is involved through the purchase of BVS. They will also be equally concerned that the elections are free and fair.”

 Tsvangirai was speaking to the press at the end of his country wide “Meet The People Tour.”

The tragedy here is Tsvangirai was nothing more than an echo chamber. The people did not say anything we did not already know, Mugabe’s vote rigging goes back to the first post-independence elections in 1980 and has got progressively worse with time as the country’s economy has continued to sink like a stone and with it the tyrant’s popularity. What the people wanted are answers to stop Mugabe’s vote rigging juggernaut and, sadly, only they ever got from Tsvangirai is an echo chamber repeating back to them their concerns without even one solution.

We already know the solution to stopping Zanu PF rigging elections is for the nation to implement the democratic reforms designed to end the dictatorship’s undemocratic control of the traditional leaders, ZEC, Police, etc. If Morgan Tsvangirai did not understand what is it MDC had to do; SADC had this spelt out for him in the 2008 GPA. All MDC leaders had to do was implement the democratic reforms.

After five years of the GNU, MDC failed to get even one single reform implemented. Not one!

Zanu PF went on to blatantly rig the 2013 elections because none of the reforms were implemented.

After the July 2013 rigged elections, MDC leaders promised the people of Zimbabwe that they will implement the reforms and vowed not to contest any future elections until reforms are implemented. Tsvangirai himself announced MDC-T’s “No reform, no election!” 2014 party congress resolution with the usual fan fair.

Douglas Mwonzora, MDC Secretary General, acknowledged that less than 5% of the reforms the party has been calling for have been implemented since the rigged July 2013 elections. Without the reforms Zanu PF will once again blatantly rig the 2018 elections.

By failing to get even one reform implemented Tsvangirai has once again given Zanu PF a licence to rig the elections and instead of acknowledging his own stupidity he is asking the people to “defend their vote”. What exactly is a villager being threatened with beating, rape or worse, if he/she does not vote for Zanu PF, supposed to do to defend their vote?  

Mugabe has enjoyed 37 years in power because he has rigged the vote. We know he rigs elections and, better still, we know what must be done to stop the vote rigging. It is sheer madness to do nothing to stop the vote rigging and instead contest the flawed elections time and time hoping against hope that Mugabe will rig the elections and lose!

With unemployment at a nauseating 95%, millions now living in abject poverty, health service has all but collapsed, etc., etc.; there is no doubt that this nation is in serious trouble and must do something to revive the national economy a.s.a.p. Zimbabwe’s economic recovery is totally dependent on the country electing a competent and democratically accountable government. This is why the country must implement the reforms and ensure the next elections are free, fair and credible.

We cannot afford another rigged elections and another five years of Zanu PF corruption and mismanagement!  By the same token we cannot afford a corrupt and incompetent opposition, an echo chamber repeating the vote rigging problems but not offering any solution, who will only drag us into another flawed election hoping for a miracle electoral victory.  


Patrick Guramatunhu said...

The people of Zimbabwe allowed themselves to be led by Tsvangirai by the nose like a bull at the market into the 2013 elections. He told them the elections will be free, fair and credible and the people believed him. Zanu PF went on to blatantly rig the elections with disastrous consequences for us all.

One had hoped that the people have learned their lesson and they will never again follow anyone blindly like sheep to the slaughter. Sadly the people have not learned; they are not just following someone blindly again, they are following the same corrupt and incompetent Richard Morgan Tsvangirai again.

Tsvangirai has not bothered to promise the next elections will be free and fair for he readily admits that not even one reform has been implemented. The only encouragement he is giving the people is that they must "defend their vote". How, even he does not know but the gullible voters are foolish enough to believe and follow him!

Patrick Guramatunhu said...

@ Rorenz Hovekutsva

I agree with you 100%.

I think it would unrealistic to expect all the opposition candidates to announce that they will boycott the elections on the same hour of the same day! This is a decision each individual and party has to make, that is what a principled position means.

We the people should be clear as to the kind of man and woman we want as leaders; one of those qualities has to be principled individuals. In other words if the people make it very clear that they will never follow a cheap politician who cannot make a principled stand on something as critical as demand for free and fair elections; all the opposition candidates will boycott next year's elections until reforms are implemented!

Patrick Guramatunhu said...

@ Chiremba

You are readily getting desperate now! Even you will have to agree that the one thing President Mugabe and Zanu PF would not want is free, fair and credible elections because they know they will lose even to someone as corrupt and incompetent like Tsvangirai. So how can anyone demanding the implementation of the reforms so that there are free, fair and credible elections be "aiding a free passage for Zanu PF in the next elections"?

Patrick Guramatunhu said...

@ Chiremba

Well I would agree with you that implementing the reforms will not be easy but before we one goes into how that may happen; would you agree that the only way to stop Zanu PF rigging elections is to implement the democratic reform? If you have an alternative solution, then I want to hear it!

Patrick Guramatunhu said...

During the GNU SADC leaders and many others including myself argued MDC to implement the reforms but were all ignored. As for the way forward now; we must demand the implementation of reforms and no one should participate in elections we all know will be rigged.

The are Zanu PF spies pretending to be opposition supporters but they are easy to pickout - they are the ones giving the public the wrong advise promising them change when there will be no change. The spies will criticize all calls that are likely to produce change and this is why they are fighting to discourage all talk of boycotting elections.

Zanu PF is so desperate to have MDC contest elections the regime will even pay opposition candidates huge bribe to contest.

The intention is to make it very expensive for both Zanu PF and the opposition to contest these flawed election!