Friday, 7 July 2017

Dr Moyo launched in Meikles Hotels to escape Police and CIO "intimidation" - so why contest N Garikai

Zimbabwe is in a political and economic mess, of that there can be no question.

According to a recent New World Wealth report Zimbabwe is the poorest nation in Africa. This for a nation that was one of the richest in Africa before independence in 1980 and has all the material resources and potential to be rich again if only the country can solve its problem of bad governance.

President Mugabe has corrupted the country’s once upon a time multi-party democratic institutions to create a corrupt, vote rigging and ruthless de facto one party dictatorship.

There have been many opportunities to end the Zanu PF dictatorship with the best chance falling to the MDC during the GNU. All the MDC leaders had to do was implement the democratic reforms designed to dismantle the dictatorship to allow free, fair and credible elections. They had five years to implement the reforms and yet failed to get even one reform implemented.

Zimbabwe’s rapid economic decline cannot be attributed to corruption only our leaders have shown something much worse. They are so breathtakingly incompetent they are incapable of making the right, common sense, decision and, more often than not, shoot themselves in the foot!

President Mugabe and his cronies seized the white owned farms turn the nation overnight from the breadbasket of the region to one now always begging. Talk of killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have become the victims of their only folly. They sold-out during the GNU and did not implement the reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections thinking “Zanu PF shenanigans would not overwhelm MDC’s mass support”, as Tsvangirai admitted. They were really shocked when Zanu PF blatantly rigged the July 2013 elections resulting in many MDC members losing their gravy train seats.

Zimbabwe is in a political and economic mess alright and to get out the nation desperately need competent leaders who are not corrupt but, most important of all, who have common sense. If anyone, like me, thought the nation’s prayers for a good leader with common sense had been answered by the entry of Dr Nkosana Moyo in the political arena; he did not take long to disappoint.

“Why did you launch your bid to be president in the Meikles Hotel?” Dr Moyo was asked by Ruveneko.

“That is part of the problem in Zimbabwe; if you want to talk to the people, you have to get permission to do so which can be withheld for no good reason,” answered Dr Moyo.

“We had got a place at Jennings Hall in Highfields, but we would have needed Police permission which you and I know would have been denied.

“So, I was going to my rural Primary School and CIO had been all over the place intimidating everyone that I should not be allowed.”

No one can dispute that the Police would have probably denied him permission to hold his launch in Highfields. There have been countless opposition gatherings that have been disrupted by the Police in the past “for no good reason”.

We all know Zimbabwe is a Police State and are only too familiar with Police harassment and CIOs intimidation. Now that Dr Moyo in in the presidential race, he will face a multitude of other political problems such as being denied access to the public media. He will struggle to raise the money have to fund his campaign whereas Zanu PF will have truckloads of cash to bankroll its election campaign.

Next year’s elections will NOT be free, fair and credible; that much is clear.

After the barbarism of blatant vote rigging and wanton violence of 2008, SADC proposed the implementation of a raft of democratic reforms as the only way to stop Zanu PF rigging future elections. Sadly, Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends who were tasked to implement the reforms failed to get even one reform implemented.

“If you go into elections next month, you are going to lose; the elections are done,” SADC leaders warned Tsvangirai and his MDC friends in June 2013, a month before the July 2013 election.

Dr Nkosana Moyo should know that MDC leaders did not heed the warning and contested the flawed elections and lost. So why is he repeating the same mistake MDC made. The common sense position is to demand the implementation of the reforms and refuse to contest flawed elections.

For Zimbabwe to get out of the economic and political hell-hole we are stuck in we need leaders with the common sense not ones blundering from pillar to post and cannot even see the folly of contesting flawed elections!


Patrick Guramatunhu said...

The whole point about GNU was to implement the reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections; why are we being asked to participate in elections which we know are going to be rigged? Dr Moyo must tell us why he is contesting flawed elections.

There is no doubt that Zanu PF is desperate to give the impression these flawed elections are a meaningful contest particularly when Tsvangirai and company are losing political credibility by the day. Dr Moyo could well be a Zanu PF project meant to deceive the voters into believing there is credible opposition.

Moyo is too smart to know all about Zanu PF’s vote rigging skill and he would also know by discrediting the elections one would force Zanu PF to implement reforms. Yet he says wants to contest.

“"I am not a Zanu-PF project at all and, in fact, when I was appointed into Cabinet by Mugabe, I came from outside the party due to my expertise," he said.

"I have never been a holder of a Zanu-PF party card. If I ever had Zanu-PF blood in me, I would have stayed into Mugabe's government and enjoyed all the benefits that you know."

That is all nonsense, one does not have to come from Zanu PF to be a Zanu PF project!We know Zanu PF pays well and that is all that matters!

Patrick Guramatunhu said...

MDC were elected into power and had the power and authority to implement the reforms during the GNU. They failed to get even one reform implemented; those are historic facts. You trouble is you do not want the truth said.

You, Nomusa, me and every Zimbabwean out there's job is to hold MDC to account for their blundering incompetence and to make sure we are not short changed ever again.

“That's all you are good at, online analysts who don't want to go down into the trenches,” you say.

Has it ever occurred to you why the nation should still be in the trenches fighting for free and fair elections 37 years after independence!

Right now, the country must be save from the madness of contesting another flawed election. We want the next elections to be free and fair and not another rigged and meaningless elections. By contesting flawed elections these opposition opportunists are keeping us in the trenches and will keep us there until we wake up to the reality of that they are blundering idiots who will never bring about change!

Patrick Guramatunhu said...

@ Chipo Dendere

“A coalition is long overdue. The reality is that the opposition will not beat ZANU PF outside of a coalition. It is virtually impossible for a single opposition party to defeat a dominant party,” you say.

Zanu PF has been rigging elections for donkey years and the whole basis of the 2008 Global Political Agreement was that a raft of reforms designed to dismantle the vote machine must be implemented to ensure future elections are free and fair. If you have been following what has been happening in Zimbabwe then you would know that not even one reform was implemented during the GNU.

SADC warned MDC leaders not to contest the July 2013 elections with no reforms in place. Sadly, Tsvangirai and company paid no heed.

Not even one reforms was implemented since the rigged July 2013 elections and so it is madness to contest next year’s elections again with no reform. Zanu PF will rig the vote regardless of whether the opposition coalition materialize or not.

As for your figures there are meaningless because how do you know how many of President Mugabe’s votes are by the hooded youths whom we all saw on youtube being bussed around casting multiple votes, for example.