Sunday, 25 October 2015

Instead of implementing the GPA reforms Mugabe is wasting time tinkering with meaningless reforms!

“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has admitted that the polling station-based voters' roll trial-run recently conducted in Marondera exposed glaring logistical challenges which could stop plans to roll it out to all parts of the country ahead of the 2018 general elections,” reported Newsday.


The only real surprise here is that ZEC officials admitted their proposed solution to end Zimbabwe’s political culture of rigged elections would not work. The normal thing for ZEC would have been to praise the trial-run to the heavens and make a big song and dance about this regime is now totally committed to ensuring the next elections are free, fair and credible. 


As long as Mugabe and Zanu PF retain their octopus reach and control of all state institution like the Police, CIO, Army, Public Media, Judiciary, ZEC, etc., etc. there will never be free, fair and credible elections in Zimbabwe. After each rigged elections this regime has always promised to change the conduct of elections to address the opposition and critics’ complains and all it has ever done is tinker around with the structure of this institution or the process without changing anything. Indeed some of the tinkering was to hide its latest vote rigging tricks!


In Mugabe’s 35 years in power he has rarely used the same vote rigging dirty trick twice; he has always tweaked the system and left his challengers, particularly the simpletons Tsvangirai and Mujuru, scratching their heads in confusion. For example, it was not until noon of elections-day, 31st July 2013, that it finally dawned on Tsvangirai that the elections had been rigged; everyone else had seen this coming and had even warned the MDC leaders but, of course, they never listen to anyone.


As a nation we were very slow off the mark in 1980 and thus allowed Mugabe to establish this Zanu PF dictatorship that has brought nothing but political paralysis and economic ruin. We had the opportunity to end the Zanu PF dictatorship during the GNU but, once again, we were slow off the mark and failed to realize that Tsvangirai and his MDC friends were too corrupt and incompetent to implement all the 2008 GPA democratic reforms, which every agreed were a necessary pre-requisite to meaning change and ending Zanu PF’s octopus dictatorial reach and control of state institutions.


We were, once again, slow off the mark throughout the GNU years; MDC failed to get even one democratic reform implemented after five years in the GNU. Not one! We should have seen MDC leaders for the corrupt and incompetent individuals they are.

Since the July 2013 rigged elections Tsvangirai has been pushing Zanu PF to implement wishy-washy electoral law reforms. He has insists that he “will force” Zanu PF to implement these electoral law reforms BEFORE the 2018 elections. We have wasted two years and have less than three years before the 2018 elections and still not even one of these reforms has been implemented. And still Tsvangirai maintains the reforms will be implemented on time. This is just the usual arrogance we have learnt to expect from him.


Tsvangirai insisted the 2013 elections would be free, fair and credible but, of course, we now know they were not; that is now a historic fact!


But more significantly, Veritas, a Zimbabwean think tank on legal matters, had examined the electoral law amendments before parliament and concluded that they are “inadequate and incomplete” and thus will never deliver the free and fair elections even if they were implemented.


The urgency of implementing the reform comes from the fact that the nation needs political reforms first before we can tackle the nation’s economic reforms necessary to end the country’s abject poverty brought on by worsening economic meltdown. Poverty is killing our people like flies cause in a fly-trap!


Zimbabwe’s extended family system of parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins all chipping in to help a relative with paying school fees, buying food, etc. has served this nation well so far. The economic reality of 90% plus of the people out of work has left the overwhelming majority of the people so impoverish extend family system has now broken down because everyone is poor and in desperate need for help to consider helping someone else.


There is poverty in which one if forced to make do with one meal a day instead of the three, for example. The abject poverty in Zimbabwe today has now reached the level where millions have been forced cut back on even the bear essential to keep body and soul like food and medicine. Zimbabwe’s unemployment has remained a nauseating 80% plus for the last decade and the result years of poverty has taken a heavy toll on this nation; millions are economically impoverished, mentally and physically exhausted and weak and venerable to disease and illness.


Zimbabweans are dying of curable diseases like high blood pressure and flue because the country’s health delivery system has, like most other things, collapsed and many are too poor to pay for the poor service and the medicine. Zimbabweans are dying like flies in a fly-trap; abject poverty is fast becoming the country’s worst killer more potent that AIDS and Malaria put together!  


There is no known vaccine against abject poverty and the only known cure by ending the country’s economic meltdown fuelling the poverty.


This Mugabe regime has not only dragged the nation into this economic hell but it has stubbornly refused to carry out the necessary economic reforms to end the mismanagement, corruption and lawlessness at the heart of the country’s spectacular economic decline. Worse still the regime has created this de facto one party dictatorship which has meant that although the people have known the regime has failed them and have been desperate to remove the regime the nation has completely failed to do so for the last 35 years now.


The only legal and peaceful way to force this Mugabe regime to give up political power is by demanding the implementation of all the 2008 GPA democratic reforms.


We must reject MDC’s electoral law reforms which we now know are “inadequate and incomplete” and we must also reject Zanu PF’s endless tinkering with the voters’ roll, electoral process, etc. because neither of these will end Zanu PF’s octopus reach and control of the state institutions. We must demand the implementation of all the 2008 GPA reforms as the pre-requisite and guarantee for free, fair and credible elections.

The worsening economic meltdown and the increasing human misery and deaths it is causing will concentrate the nation’s minds on political reforms because is national tragedy is socially and politically unsustainable. By rigging the elections, Mugabe has resisted regime change for 35 years but now the cup is full to overflowing; this nation has paid dearly in money and human suffered and lives to gratify his insatiable appetite for absolute power and wealth, the price going forward has now soared far beyond even what this subservient nation such as we are can endure without risking the complete breakdown of our every humanity!!


Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

Before independence the whites treated blacks as servants and many blacks became a very subservient people.

After independence leaders like Mugabe became the new boss man and they went to great lengths to throw their weight around just to ensure people accept that reality. Zanu PF has al-ways had its enforcers like the women league members, youth league members, war vets, etc. whose many task was to keep the ordinary people firmly in their subservient position.

We are where we are; we have a very subservient majority. And the tragedy is that we cannot have a healthy and functional democracy when those who should be the masters are they servants. We have the tail wagging the dog and that is unnatural and unworkable.

The electorate have to grow up and assert their democratic to a meaningful vote and, as a start point, they must understand what democratic changes the nation needs right now.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

Those who think anyone, anyone at all regardless how corrupt and incompetent they happen to be, can remove Mugabe they are naive. They are simply refusing to learn from the past because that is exactly why Mugabe is still in power today.

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends had the opportunity to remove the tyrant but they failed to do so because the tyrant bribed them and cheated them with the greatest easy.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Eddie

I went to My Chairman for advice and he said to me “Eddie, the only thing you and I can do is come to work tomorrow and carry out our responsibilities to the best of our ability”.

Well if you and your fellow MDC leaders had not been downright corrupt and incompetent during the GNU years then you would have implemented the democratic reforms as agreed in the 2008 GPA. You failed to get even one reform implemented; not one. If you had done so then we would not have a mbanje smoking Minister messing up all our lives!

How dare you insult our intelligence by telling us you did your “best” during the GNU?!!!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Belingwe

What is the point of fighting for something that is not worth having particularly when by fighting for that thing meaning forfeiting the very thing that matter.

MDC had the chance to implement the GPA reforms during the GNU, they did not; they spent all their energy on writing a new constitution which was weak and feeble. They insisted that the constitution would deliver free and fair elections and even they have since admitted that it did not. Now these village idiots want to take the nation on yet another wild goose chase.

It will be totally irresponsible for those of us who can see and understand what is happening to let this madness to happen. You are asking me to "SHUT IT UP!!!" I do not know what that means!

I am not interested in saying after the event "I told you so!" I am stopping this madness BEFORE it happens!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mudhara

You are right "the dog that barks too much doesn't bite". Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have been on the political stage since 1999 and they were on the very heart of power during the GNU and yet they have achieved nothing. It is clear why they have been totally useless; they are corrupt and incompetent.

Madness is trying the something again and again, getting the same disappointing result again and again, and yet still continue doing the same thing expecting a different result!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

We have a knack for wanting to reinvent the wheel and then coming up with all manner of shapes triangles, rectangles, etc. all except the circle! And, this is where our stupidity really takes off, we pretend the triangle or rectangle is a better wheel than the circle! No wonder "the village is getting farther away", it would if one has to carry the bicycle with two triangles for wheels!

Zimbabwe Light said...

"Mujuru's silence was a political strategy!" What a truck load of bull!

Mujuru was in power for 34 years and in these years she has sat there in silence whilst the country went to the dog. The odd occasion she has opened her trap it was to deny that there was no corruption the Cuthbert Dube salary scandal was "all regime change agenda by the evil West"!

Joice Mujuru is just another corrupt, incompetent and selfish Zanu PF leaders who view occupying public office as a ticket to get rich at public expense. Kunaka and others are typical Zanu PF loyalists who would support any village idiot as long as they are assured a share of the loot!

Zimbabwe is in serious economic trouble and millions of our people are suffering and hundreds of thousands are dying unnecessarily; we need a lasting solution to our political paralysis and not waste time on corrupt and incompetent leaders like Joice Mujuru. 35 years of Zanu PF brainwashing has left people like Kunaka with a brain so thoroughly washed and bleached it is barely functioning.

Mujuru has "a political strategy"! Sure and no doubt she being kicked out of Zanu PF was part of her strategy and it worked like a charm!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Jake

"Each one of us has lost a loved one to poverty, hunger, and disease. The number of graves is catching up with the population. It's time to change our political culture. It's time for Zimbabweans intellectuals to cultivate an active-positive progressive movement that will change our lives forever. Don't be afraid or dispirited, rise to the challenge and salvage the remaining few of your beloved ones."


“Some sections of the society thinks Mujuru is the better stepping stone for democracy to start as she is unlike her former boss Mugabe who ruled the country with a hard fist.”

Shit! Shit!

This is the shallow mentality that has got us all stuck in this mess! Here is someone, after 35 years with the country up to her eyes in trouble, finally acknowledge that the corrupt and autocratic Zanu PF dictatorship has failed the nation. But instead of making a clear break with the failed system, his or her proposes bring back the same corrupt and oppressive system with the same corrupt and incompetent players or be it with a new name!

So you think changing the name from Zanu PF to People First will be enough to end the corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical faults in leaders like Joice Mujuru? How naïve and stupid some people are! With people this naive and stupid it is little wonder we are in this mess; worse still what chance do we have of ever getting out of this mess!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Myabazo

Making sure we have free, fair and credible elections is the single most important task of our time because nothing of any substance can ever be accomplished until we rid ourselves of this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship. The only fight worth the sweat and, if necessary, blood and even human life is the fight to have the GPA reforms implemented.

Of course Mugabe and Zanu PF do not want to see any of the GPA reforms implemented and they were thrilled when not even one reform had been implemented at the end of the five years of the GNU. They will be equally thrilled if come 2018 still not one GPA reform has been implemented. Mugabe is very pleased that MDC-T is demanding the implementation of the wishy-washy reforms because whilst the nation is engaged in this no one will be pushing for the GPA reforms.

We have three years before the 2018 elections, we do not have the time, energy and humans to waste chasing these MDC-T mirages!

We want the GPA reforms implemented and this time there must be no compromise!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Belingwe

The MDC-T youths a barking up the wrong tree. They are off chasing the baboon and letting the hare get away again! We want real democratic changes that will result in free and fair elections and not some wishy-washy reforms that will allow Zanu PF to rig elections again as happened in 2013!

You are a typical MDC supporter who is as thick as Tsvangirai because you too are corrupt and incompetent. You learnt nothing from MDC's blundering during the GNU and thus have failed to see how the party is blundering yet again. You are seeking to hide your incompetence in having failed to get even one reform implemented during the GNU by pretending the wishy-washy re-forms will do the trick.

My greatest concern here is that MDC's blundering incompetence does not result in yet another lost opportunity to get the important reforms implemented. I do not give a damn that by demanding GPA reforms I am exposing MDC's incompetence. Indeed I relish doing it for it is important that MDC leaders are exposed for the corrupt and incompetent village idiots they are.

The days when village idiots can be Prime Minister, Minister, Councillor, etc. and blunder from pillar to post without fear of ever being held to account are over. You clearly are finding that reality a hard thing to swallow. You can either swallow it or choke on it; the choice is yours because I am not going to change my stance of holding the MDC idiots to account! There is the nation’s survival at issue here and that counts for a hell lot more than your misplaced ego!

Zimbabwe Light said...


Thank you!

The people of Zimbabwe have risked life and limp in the struggle for freedom and human rights before independence and in the struggle for democratic change since then. Mugabe cheated them after independence by creating this Zanu PF dictatorship just as Tsvangirai has cheated them by failing to implement even one reform.

If we are going to ask the people to once again risk life and limp by taking part in street protest then it must be over something substantive and not some wishy-washy reforms that will change nothing!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Moses

Ndaizivei is luck her parents took her out of the hell-on-earth of the Zimbabwe with no electricity, no water, etc. there are millions of children her age and millions more to come who are caught in the trap! This is a man-made hell-on-earth and that is what makes this so hard to swallow!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Talk of job opportunities; unemployment is a nauseating 90% plus and that means there is no region of tribe that has done well here.

Of course logic and reason must prevail in all other matters but even more so in matters were a wrong decision could result in the suffering and deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Moyo

Could not agree with you more my friend, we do need regime change. The next big question here has been - how do we accomplish that regime change. Ever since the launching of MDC in 1999, the nation had rightly come to the conclusion that we needed democratic change but for far have failed to bring about any change!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick
Let us face it, we are stuck in this hell-on-earth because for the last 35 years we have been denied the opportunity to adapt and regenerate because Zimbabwe is a de facto one-man, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, dictatorship. It is disappointing that all the Zanu PF bigwigs have all played their part is helping the tyrant establish and retain this autocracy in the vain hope that they will have a share of the absolute power and the looted wealth. Yes it was indeed a vain hope because they have all been used and abused by the tyrant and then discarded like used toilet paper!

It is most disconcerting that the people have allowed Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs frog-match them into this hell-on-earth like sheep to the slaughter. This did not happen overnight when they were fast asleep or over a few years; this tragedy has been unfolding before our own eyes for the last 35 years. 35 YEARS! 35 BLOODY YEARS!

People get the government they deserve and we cannot say we do not deserve this corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe dictatorship complete with its corrupt and incompetent cluster of opposition parties who all trail Zanu PF like Saturn trailed by her many moons.

Zimbabwe Light said...

We have stood up and fought and many loved one lost their limps and others their very lives. What do you think happened in the fight for independence and has been happening for the last 35 years? All our sacrifices have not produced the good and competent governments we were after but it was not for the lack of trying.

I agree, we are like rudderless ship caught in the rough sea. After 35 years of roaring in a circle it is not surprising that many people have neither the energy nor will to roar. What we need is someone who can tell us where we are and then where we are going and not just roar and hope for the best!

We need people who can give the narrative of where we are and where we are going. We have had too many leaders who had no clue of where they were going and have dragged us into this hell-on-earth.

What do you think of Vince? He has really lost all his marbles! He is talking with the same “I know best” authoritative attitude of Mugabe. A true democrat will always want to listen to what others have to say because he/she accepts that they may be wrong! I am pleased that I did not join up with him, I would be deeply regretting it now!

Zimbabwe Light said...

VP Emmerson Mnangagwa's camp has vowed that it will not go down without a fight and will defy First Lady Grace Mugabe's decisions.

The faction has decided to remain resolute and ensure that their cadres remain in influential positions within the party structures.

This is all wishful thinking; Mnangagwa accepted the ruthless and lawlessness with which Mujuru and her followers were forced out of Zanu PF now the same dirty tricks are being played on them they are powerless to stop it. They cannot demand the rule of law when they are the ones who instigated the lawlessness. Mnangagwa is now a sitting duck just as Mujuru was the sitting duck last year.

Mnangagwa will only mount an effective first back the minute Mugabe is died otherwise whilst he is alive he is a sitting duck. If Mugabe does not die; soon then Grace will continue to erode Mnangagwa's political power base leaving him completely isolated.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mudhara
There are Zimbabweans in the country right now who are receptive to reason as contrast to you with you hermetically sealed brain. There are also Zimbabweans in the diaspora with hermetically sealed brain as contrast to those who do listen to reason. So you argument of where you are as if that is important is just another one of your nonsensical arguments!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Yes, sure thing, PDP will "neither sleep nor slumber but we will take the draconian Mugabe re-gime head on till we implement ARREST". You lot had five years during the GNU to implement the GPA reforms and failed to get even one reform implemented. What happened then? Were you asleep?

It is now over two years since the rigged July 2013 elections and still not even one aspect of ARREST - whatever this nonsense is - has been implemented. What is happening here? Just when are you going to start implementing any of this s***t?

You have already proven that you are corrupt and incompetent the best you can do for the nation is for you to shut up!

Zimbabwe Light said...

“To ask Zimbabweans to choose between the two is to ask them to choose between a rock, and a very hard place, between the conspicuous devil and the evil deep blue sea,” you said and rightly too.

The tragedy whilst MDC supporters see Mugabe for the “conspicuous devil” he is they nonetheless see Tsvangirai as a “god” who will do no wrong regardless of all the evidence of the MDC leader’s blundering incompetence. There is no one blinder than he who closes their eyes and refuses to see! Zanu PF supporters are just as myopic; they see Mugabe as the god and Tsvangirai as the devil incarnate!

We have one of the most naïve and gullible electorate in human history!

People get the government they deserve and we sure deserve this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship and its accompany moon, MDC opposition.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick
Politically, Mnangagwa is a siting duck; he is in no position to fight Grace, not as long as Mugabe is alive. All these years Mnangagwa has always accepted that Mugabe is above the law, this has helped Zanu PF stay in power and he has benefited from that. Last year when Mugabe used the same dirty tactic of unleashing his wife on Mujuru, Mnangagwa cheered and applauded because she was getting rid of his main challenger. Today Grace is after him and he can neither protest nor fight back.

All his life Mnangagwa has promoted lawlessness now he is the victim of the system. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword!

On the economic front Mnangagwa will never turn this economy around because he will be more interested in retaining political power by maintaining the corrupt and autocratic political system. He will lose the next election if he was to embrace democratic changes.

Still, I agree, he has some common economic sense compared to Grace who has none!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick
You should not forget that most of the MDC supporters still have no clue what happened during the GNU; they are like wildebeest they are programmed to follow without ever asking any questions. For them to know MDC leaders sold-out during the GNU entails them understanding what the GNU was about, who did what, etc., etc. they do not have the mental capacity to deal with any of that stuff!

They have followed Tsvangirai all these years because he was not Mugabe, which was good enough for them. After 15 years of blundering from pillar to post the herd is slowly turning to listen to Chamisa for no better reason than that he is not Tsvangirai!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Tsvangirai dropped implementing the democratic reforms during the GNU in retain Mugabe granted him and his fellow MDC friends the gravy train lifestyles which included the mansion for Tsvangirai. Judas Iscariot had the wit to take back the thirty pieces of silver and hang himself; Tsvangirai does not even have the wit to give back the mansion, not without being forced to do so. He will be forced to give up the mansion!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@Dr Kwete
By failing to get even one reform implemented Tsvangirai has allowed Mugabe and his thugs to rig the 2013 elections and stay in power. Zanu PF love Tsvangirai for that and that is why they have allowed him to keep the mansion! You grasp of issues is really shallow; no wonder you have been so easily conned by village idiots like Tsvangirai!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Chris

It is easy to see why African leaders have not paid any attention to the poverty and diseases killing millions of blacks; if the people themselves are not concerned why should the leaders be concerned?

Unemployment has soared to nauseating heights of 80% plus and has remain there for the last 15 years, for example, how many people in Zimbabwe have been moved to say anything about it let alone DEMAND that something must be done about it?

Zanu PF promised the nation 2.2 million new jobs knowing fully well the party will never fulfil that promise and yet still made the promise because the party also knew there was nothing the people will do even id they failed to deliver even one new job. Indeed in the last two years even more companies have closed sending even more workers of the mountain high heap of unemployed. More workers are set to lose their jobs in the coming months and still the regime is not expecting the people to say nothing and do nothing other than suffer in silence and bury their died along the way.

People get the government they deserve and we do deserve this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF government complete with is corrupt and incompetent MDC opposition.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

It never rains but pours; the people made a foolish mistake of electing Tsvangirai and his friends in 2008 but because the electorate went to sleep soon thereafter they failed to pick on the story of how MDC sold-out and now they are going to elect corrupt and incompetent leaders yet again. There is no bigger fool than he who learns nothing from the past!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Ijaha

The sanctions were imposed for a very specific purpose - to highlight Mugabe's continued denial of the people's freedoms and basic rights including the right to a meaningful and democratic vote and the right to life itself. The argument that the sanctions are hurting the poor is old hat, Ian Smith said the same thing to get the UN sanctions lifted. UN sanctions did impact the poor, the current sanctions had very little impact if any, and yet all thinking blacks still wanted the sanctions retained because the poor were already poor before the sanctions were imposed as a result of being denied their basic freedoms and rights!

The argument that the poor can secure their economic rights without their political rights is a fallacious one because we will always find that they are being denied their freedoms and human rights because the powers that be are doing so as a first step. The second step will be to deny the people their economic rights!

“Seek you first the political rights and the rest will follow!” said Ghana's President Kwame Nkrumah and he was right.

To lift the sanction for no other reason that because Mugabe is using them as an excuse is to miss the point, Nkrumah's point and to what end and purpose? To appease a tyrant! Mugabe would have come up with half a dozen more new excuses whilst continuing to deny the people their freedoms and rights.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

Your fear that the Zimbabwean electorate will never take up the challenge of implement the GPA reforms is completely justified. They are like the boy Okonkwo who too does not want to cross the seven rivers and the hard work only in this case the Zimbabwe electorate is composed of full grown men, fathers in their own right.

The most of the Zimbabwe electorate still have no clue what the GPA reforms were about so how can they be responsible for demanding the implementation of something they do not know. We have an electorate that has the mental intellect of a toddler and this is our biggest problem!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Rakanga

"The truth is a very evasive element to identify!" you said. I do not think I would agree with that.

The truth is simple and straight forward, an open book for all to see learn from. I agree that many have failed to see and learn from the simple truth but that is not because it is evasive but because they have the eyes shut so they do not see, they have their fingers in their ears so they do not hear and the brains are switch off so they comprehend nothing.

“It is the undefeatable riotous power of 14 million Zimbabweans to arrest all corrupt operators in Zanu who have urinated on our Democracy,” you suggest as a solution to our present nightmare. Why are you using a sledge hammer to kill a fly?
The 2008 GPA gave the nation a simple solution to ending the Zanu PF dictatorship; implement the democratic reforms designed to dismantle the dictatorship. After the five years of the GNU not even one reform had been implemented. Not one! Why?

Until the people learn to open their eyes, ears and minds and understand why absolutely nothing was done to end the Zanu PF dictatorship during the GNU then they will be risk life and limp again and again to bring change and still nothing will ever change.

The irony of MDC leaders calling the people to street demonstration when it is the same individuals who failed to get even one reform implemented in five years makes me sick.

MDC leaders are pleased the economic meltdown is causing all the tragic human suffering and deaths because they also know that the suffering will push the people into a panic and in their desperate fight for change they will once again elect MDC back into power. An electorate with its eyes, ears and at least half of its brain switched on would remember that MDC failed to bring any change last time. And thus know MDC will not bring about any change this time and refused to be used like pawns in this political game.

No thinking Zimbabwean would join MDC in street protest or Zanu PF in its brutal oppression because neither one of these courses of action will further the people's common cause of ending the dictatorship and bringing real democratic change. Refusing to take part will demonstrate the Zimbabwe electorate have finally come of age, they can think for themselves and refuse to be used.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

I know exactly what you mean! In Africa we have always confused those who fight against op-pression, corruption, etc. because they want the injustice and suffering to end with the mercenaries. They do not care about justice or the suffering masses, they fight for a reward and very often that means the chance to be the next oppressor or join in the looting. Of course they will make a big song and dance about how they risked their very lives to remove the last oppressor and how everyone is now free and prosperous even when the people are worse off than before.

In Zimbabwe we are living today under one such hypocritical regime; Zanu PF never tires of re-minding us they are the party of liberation and yet the regime has methodically and ruthlessly denied the people their freedom, rights, liberty and very humanity.

35 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption has ruined the country’s once doom-ing economy. Millions of our people now live in abject poverty, so poor they cannot afford one decent meal a day. And where there is poverty and hunger, disease and death are there too. Zimbabweans are dying like the fig tree shedding leaves in the dry season!

And still Mugabe tell us he is the father of the nation, he liberated the nation from white colonial oppression. How tragic that the days of colonial oppression should now look like the golden days compared today! No one would have guessed that we would sink this low in 35 years!

Of course I am disappointed that we have these liberators today and tyrants tomorrow. But what makes me really despair is that our people continued to be conned by these turncoats again and again and never seem to learn! As a nation, we sure have more than our fair share of naïve and gullible people!