Saturday, 17 October 2015

Ncube promised 10k graduates full "algorithm of national governance" yet failed to deliver same during GNU!

“We in the MDC, we want to instill a sense of hope among the thousands of young Zimbabweans. When a nation loses youthful enthusiasm to despair, it is merely preparing an army of agitated malcontents. Thus, our plan is to ensure that all young people fully participate in the algorithm of national governance, so they choose leaders whose behavior and vision resonates with their needs; leaders with whom they share aspirations and can identify with, not tired and spent ninety-year old men,” wrote Professor Welshman Ncube in his latest weekly appeal for votes.

Professor for a highly educated man, you are unbelievably stupid! Do you really think you can still con the people of Zimbabwe the way you conned them during the GNU?

You say your plan “is to ensure that all young people fully participate in the algorithm of national governance”. You saying this just because it is the right thing to say and you need these young people’s votes.

No fewer than ten thousand students graduated from the various universities and colleges across the land this year. Sadly most of these graduates will not get a job; they destined to join ever growing mountain of unemployed which is already as high as Mount Everest.

Professor Ncube is targeting these graduates not because he feels sorry for them and wants to help end their plight, he does not cares one bit they are joining the 90% plus out of work; he is looking at taking advantage of their suffering to boost his vote count come the next elections. If he can get all this year’s graduates alone to vote for him next time, he will more than double MDC’s nationwide vote count in 2013!

If Professor Ncube really cared about ending young men and women’s unemployment blues, after all their hard work and the great many sacrifices their families made to get them through all these years of school and college; then he and his MDC friends would have implement the democratic reforms agreed in the 2008 GPA.

By the year MDC was formed in 1999, the nation had reached a consensus that we needed democratic changes to end the Zanu PF dictatorship, first and foremost, before we can start addressing the economic problems behind the nation’s economic decline. Indeed the party’s name MDC, Movement for Democratic Change, was a reaffirmation of this sentiment. MDC also took to chanting “Chinja Maitiro! Change!” as their slogan.

Even now Professor Ncube is seeking to recapture the same spirit of change; his plan “is to ensure that all young people fully participate in the algorithm of national governance,” he said. He has been very coy when it comes to giving details of what this plan entails one does not need a university degree to figure out what is must entail. In a country where elections been routinely rigged thus denying, not just young people but all Zimbabweans, any meaningful say in the governance of that country that plan must necessarily include democratic changes to ensure elections are free, fair and credible.

The primary task of the 2009 to 2013 GNU, of whom Professor Ncube was a senior member of the MDC, was to implement the raft of democratic changes agreed in the 2008 GPA to ensure the next elections were free, fair and credible.

At the end of the five years of the GNU not even one single reform had been implemented. SADC Heads had reminded Professor Ncube and his fellow MDC friends to implement the reforms repeatedly but were ignored. There is no other logical explanation why MDC failed to implement even one reforms other than that the MDC leaders are corrupt and incompetent.

Mugabe bribed the MDC leaders with the trapping of gravy train lifestyle in return for them to do nothing about implementing the reforms. Of course MDC leaders sold-out!

In other words Professor Ncube had the golden opportunity to ensure all Zimbabweans young and old, graduates or not had a meaningful vote not only in July 2013 but secure that right for generations thereafter if only he and his MDC friends had not sold-out and implemented the GPA reforms!

It is an insult to the nation that he should now be sanctimoniously promising to deliver the same democratic changes before he has even explained to this nation why he failed to deliver even one change in the five years of the GNU when implementing the reforms was a lot easier than it is doing so now!

Ever since Ncube and the other MDC leaders like Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, David Coltart, etc. came together to form the MDC in 1999, they have promised the people democratic change not because they truly wanted to see change but because they know it would help them get votes. Since the rigged July 2013 when many MDC politicians lost their gravy train seats in parliament and/or cabinet; Professor Ncube was a cabinet member entitled to a ministerial car, generous salary and allowances, etc.; MDC leaders have returned to the original message of promising change with renewed vigour and passion.

The 10 000 graduates who have just joined the unemployed mountain will soon know what it means to be desperate to find work; Professor Ncube and his fellow MDC leaders are equally desperate. I fell for the graduates and all the millions unemployed, your desperation is driven by need; I have no sympathy for Professor Ncube et al because their desperation is driven by greed! Having tasted the good life of the gravy train they are so desperate to get back they will promise the voters the moon on a silver platter. Once elected, they will not implement even one democratic change just as they did not during the GNU years and thus deliver hell on a silver platter.

The political lesson for the 10 000 graduates and the rest of the Zimbabwe populous must learn then from the GNU years is that it is not enough to wish for democratic change and shout Chinja! Chinja! at every rally. We had the opportunity to get all those changes done but were betrayed by Professor Ncube and his MDC friends in the first instance. But because we, the electorate, did not have a clue what these changes were MDC leaders not just got away with selling out but worse still they are now queuing to do the same again.

For all our claim to having one of the highest literacy rates in Africa and, no doubt, an equally impressive proportion of University graduate; we have, nonetheless, one of the most naïve and gullible electorate in the world. We have some of the most corrupt and incompetent politicians in the world, there is a mountain of evidence to prove it, and yet our politicians have conned the Zimbabwean voters again and again with bewildering easy.

To all the hundreds of thousands of University and College graduates past, present and future unless you can apply your book knowledge to solve the simple problem of how to restore good governance then all your classroom education has been wasted. Your university degrees and diplomas are just expensive wall papers, no more useful to you or the nation than Grace Mugabe’s three-month “Speedy Gonzales” doctorate!!


Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick
At the end of the day people always get the government they deserve and no Zimbabwean can put his/her on their heart and swear they did not deserve this corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe dictatorship and its corrupt and incompetent MDC opposition. If we are ever to get out of this political and economic mess then the people have to take a more active interest in what is going one because it is only we have an informed and active electorate that we can hope to have competent and quality leaders.

So if the 10 000 graduates want to ever get a job then they must understand that Zanu PF has been rigging elections and then understand what they need to do to stop this!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Bhibho
You say you want democracy and yet you have no clue what it means and/or do not want it to apply to you. One of the key tenets of a healthy and functioning democratic system is the people must be held to account at all times. In failing to get even one reform implemented when they had all the opportunity to do so; Ncube and the rest of the MDC leaders sold-out. If we are not going to held them to account over something as serious as selling-out then what are we going to hold them accountable for?

To make matters worse Ncube and the other MDC leaders want the nation to elect them back into parliament to do the same task they had failed to do last time because they sold-out. It will be folly for the nation to trust them to do it and I am just making sure the nation is well aware these are corrupt and incompetent leaders!

If you do not understand this; I do! And I intent to do my best to ensure this nation is not easily conned again by these MDC village idiots.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@Home Stretch
The main task of the GNU was to implement democratic reforms and draft a new constitution to ensure the next elections were free, fair and credible. So after five years all Tsvangirai managed to do was draft a weak and feeble constitution that failed to deliver free and fair elections after all his repeated assurance that it would.

If all that is required now is "small push to force Zanu PF to implement the new constitution" and we will have free, fair and credible elections; then why has MDC failed to to do. It is now two years since the rigged elections and the village idiots are still pushing! MDC has MPs and it is the opposition party so why are you asking Wilbert Mukori to push for the reforms?

The reforms MDC are calling for are "inadequate and incomplete" Veritas, a Zimbabwe think tank on legal matters has said so. But, just as happened during the GNU, none of these MDC village idiots are listening.

If you think those MDC village idiots are going to continue to blunder from pillar to post as they did during the GNU and get away with it; think again! As more and more Zimbabweans under-stand what happened during the GNU and realize MDC sold-out they are deserting MDC never to go back. Tsvangiai is desperate to have anyone join him in his “big tent” coalition but even the equally corrupt and incompetent Mujuru is hesitating because she can see there is nothing to be gained by being yoked to a died horse like him.

Tsvangirai is finished, you can sit there writing volumes defending him that will not change one thing because at the end of the day Tsvangirai will still be this corrupt and incompetent buffoon who sold-out to Mugabe during the GNU!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Grace is nothing more that the proverbial frog who boosted he could put out the forest fire with his fart only ending up being burnt to ashes!

Mugabe has always been a loner, feared by all but trust by no one in equal measure. People used to think that people like Didymus Mutasa and Sydney Sekeramayi were his trusted poodles but it has since turned out that when push came to shove even these two were ready to jump ship and leave Mugabe.

Mugabe was clever to use Mnangagwa's faction to ouster Mujuru but he has clearly failed to break up that faction to create one of his own to ouster Mnangagwa. Even Mugabe is not naive enough to think Grace can hang on to power with the likes of Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao in her corner if he should kick the bucket! He has been lucky to avoid the bucket this far but his lucky is running out!

The day Mugabe kicks the bucket all these country wide rallies will seize and soon we will have the boastful frog sizzling in the heat!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Grace is nothing more that the proverbial frog who boosted he could put out the forest fire with his fart only ending up being burnt to ashes!

Mugabe has always been a loner, feared by all but trust by no one in equal measure. People used to think that people like Didymus Mutasa and Sydney Sekeramayi were his trusted poodles but it has since turned out that when push came to shove even these two were ready to jump ship and leave Mugabe.

Mugabe was clever to use Mnangagwa's faction to ouster Mujuru but he has clearly failed to break up that faction to create one of his own to ouster Mnangagwa. Even Mugabe is not naive enough to think Grace can hang on to power with the likes of Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao in her corner if he should kick the bucket! He has been lucky to avoid the bucket this far but his lucky is running out!

The day Mugabe kicks the bucket all these country wide rallies will seize and soon we will have the boastful frog sizzling in the heat!

Zimbabwe Light said...

VICE-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been conspicuous by his absence from First Lady Grace Mugabe's on-going countrywide rallies

Last year Mnangagwa played along with Grace's lawless arrogance because he too wanted Mujuru ousted. Now that Grace is using the same dirty trick of publicly denouncing factionalism whilst she is the one throwing buckets of petrol to fuel the factional fires in her favour, Mnangagwa cannot complain, not without exposing himself as a hypocrite.

He has no choice but to sit tight and hope that Mugabe dies soon before Grace has the chance to do permanent damage to his political base. His supporters are all corrupt and they will go away if Grace offers them more than Mnangagwa is offering!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Nhamodzenyika

Businessman Leo Mugabe has been reported to the police for allegedly trying to take over a multi-million dollar gasification project in Hwange through underhand deals.

All the loot he got in the past has all gone, ease come ease go, and hence the reason why he is forever hunting for more loot. No doubt he had cheered when the indigenisation law was passed, sadly he has been waiting for the 51% share from foreign investors who have shied away. He must be sick and tired of waiting for a call from Patrick Zhuwao and so he has been nosing around for a looting opportunity whilst he waits to hear from Patrick with a mega-deal project! Poor Leo life is now getting real tough!

Zimbabwe Light said...

OVER 6 000 pupils in the Matabeleland region has dropped out of school due to hunger.

Education authorities in the region have cut learning hours as a significant number of pupils come to class hungry, hence low concentration levels.

We have seen this coming and it is set to get worse. Most of these children were getting a sub-substandard education anywhere because government has been failing to provide the teachers with the inputs they need. Government has struggled to pay the teachers’ wages and little else. Still a sub-substandard education that did little more than teach the children to read and write is better than nothing. All these student who dropout now will never go back to school.

Zimbabwe Light said...

“Zanu-PF outcasts are crafting strategies to sell Joice Mujuru as the ideal candidate to challenge President Robert Mugabe in the 2018 elections with messages revolving around her chances to be Zimbabwe's first female leader with liberation war credentials,” The Standard reported

- See more at:

Mujuru is corrupt and incompetent and that is a lot of excess baggage to carry into a political contest in which you want to stand as a democratic and have to real on free vote as contrast to a rigged vote. When you can rig the vote it really does not matter how corrupt and incompetent you are and democratic elections demand that you are clean and sleek. Mujuru will find it infinitely easier to shed off the pounds she had piled throughout the years on the gravy train than to shed her reputation as lazy, corrupt and incompetent!

In a free vote people do not vote for someone who is lazy, corrupt and incompetent; period!

Zimbabwe Light said...

The Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has pro-moted 10 colonels to the rank of brigadier generals.

This does not make any sense; why is Mugabe making the army even bigger at the time when the country should be reducing the size of its civil service including the bloated army!

Brigadier General William Dube who spoke on behalf of the other brigadier generals said they are prepared to take up the challenges that come with the new ranks.

"We are happy for the new ranks and we promise to work hard for the nation," he said.

The army's image has been tarnished first by its Gukurahundi activities and more recently by its 2008 political activities. So which Zimbabwe are these newly sworn in officers going to serve the Zanu PF dictatorship or the free and democratic Zimbabwe the army should be serving?

Zimbabwe Light said...

You have selective memory because MDC's campaign for the yes vote of the COPAC constitution was predicated on the very fact that the new constitution will deliver free and fair elections. Some of us warned that the new constitution was weak and feeble and will not deliver the free and fair elections but of course MDC leaders did not listen. You can check this for yourself go to

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends had the time and opportunity to implement the reforms necessary for free and fair elections; they failed to get even one reform implemented because they are breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent. You can deny this all you wish but that will not change anything because these are historic facts.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

Our friend must be one of the MDC-T leaders desperate to get back on the gravy train but know that as long as the voters are reminded of his/her past as having been corrupt and incompetent their chance of re-election are zero. He has no choice but to continue to deny he was not corrupt and incompetent although the mountain of evidence says he was. He is at a total loss as what to do now!

As far as I am concerned he should have done the right thing day after the rigged 31 st July 2013 elections and apologize to the nation for selling out and then disappear out of all public life. He did not and so he must now face the music and know he will never ever be elected back into office - not with such a rotten past record. Never!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mashakada

This is typical of these MDC village idiots they have failed to distinguish between wishful thinking and reality.

“The Constitution will be implemented in full and Zimbabwe will be truly a constitutional democracy. Nobody will be above or below the law. All natural and juristic persons shall be protected by the law and enjoy the Bill of Rights,” you said.

In the real Zimbabwe we are still fighting for freedom and all the basic human rights including the right to free and fair elections because you Mashakada and you fellow MDC friends betrayed the nation during the GNU years and failed to implement the all-important GPA democratic reforms.

You village idiots were warned that the COPAC constitution was too weak and feeble it would never deliver free and fair elections but you paid no heed.

Veritas has just said the electoral law reforms you keep wittering about are “inadequate and in-complete” and therefore they will not deliver free and fair elections even if Zanu PF implemented them. And yet you continue talking as if these feeble and watered down reforms have already delivered free and fair elections.

Zimbabwe is facing a very serious economic meltdown and we need to focus on getting the GPA reforms implemented and time is fast running out and the last thing we want is an idiot like you wittering on and on about a utopia world which is nothing but a figment of your imagination!

How this nation ever voted such complete nincompoops like Mashakada is a complete mystery; even now two years since the rig elections the idiot still has no clue what happened!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ mudhara

No my friend it is you who does not want to admit MDC sold-out! SADC heads reminded Tsvangirai to implement the reforms and then not to take part in the 2013 elections without the reforms but MDC refused to listen. Other MDC leaders like Sipepa Nkomo, Tendai Biti and Luke Tamborenyoka have confirmed SADC did warned MDC but you still refuse to accept these historic facts!

Zimbabwe Light said...

"The police were on hand to ensure that there was no inappropriate behaviour," said the statement. What nonsense!

Zimbabwe has seen these violent farm seizure from white farmers and blacks considered critics of the tyrant Mugabe for the last 15 years. In all the hundreds of thousands of these cases how many times have the Police been "on hand to ensure that there was no inappropriate behaviour"?

Dr Nyatsuro is using the Zanu PF tried and tested way of using the political muscle, jam-banja, to force the white farmer off the farm. The white farmer has said he did not want to sell nor has Dr Nyatsuro ever offered to buy; he just wants to seize the farm and kick the owner off! Is that appropriate behaviour by Dr Nyatsuro?

So the Police were there to ensure there was no "inappropriate behaviour” on the part of the white farmer; he is expected to quietly walk off the farm with nothing more than the clothes he is wearing just as many white farmers before him have been forced to do.

We live in a country when the tyrannical regime has passed laws stripping off individual freedoms and rights including property rights, right to a meaningful vote and even the right to life and highly partisan Police has enforce these oppressive laws! And some stupid idiot now wants us to believe that is appropriate!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Rigging the election was easy but rigging economic recovery is proving to be mission impossible. The MPs are going for another talk-shop all expense paid holiday because dirty habits die hard but as the economic meltdown continues to get worse and worse the regime will be forced to accept that it has failed. The economic situation is not socially or politically sustainable.

There will be regime change and it is the economic meltdown that will bring it about!

It is the economy stupid!

Zimbabwe Light said...

THE Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) says as the planting season approaches the “support Zanu PF or starve” strategy has roared into life and could soon be approaching full bloom.

For those in the rural areas this is a real serious problem that opposition supporters have failed to deal with decades!

People had risked life and limp in supporting MDC but when this failed to delivery meaningful change in 2013 these people have been made to pay dearly for having supported MDC. This is why it was important that MDC carried out the reforms and brought the change when they had the chance to do so during the GNU.

The people are not going to give the opposition the same life and limp support again for fear they will be betrayed yet again and left to face the music on their own.

Zimbabwe Light said...

As I have often said, people get the government they deserve and we sure deserve this tyranni-cal regime complete with is corrupt and incompetent MDC opposition.

The problem is we have voters like Cain who have access to all the information and therefore really have no excuse for being so ignorant, naive and gullible; indeed they do not see them-selves as ignorant, naive and gullible but rather the opposite. We desperately need to change if we are ever to get out of this mess and yet how can we change when those who should change do not see the need to change!

It has taken decades to change people like Home Stretch for being a staunch Zanu PF supporter like Cain only to become a staunch MDC supporter. The same sound barrier stopping you reaching Cain with reason is not stopping you reaching Home and his fellow MDC wildebeest herd. Of course, we are stuck.

It is tempting to give up and accept that Zimbabwe is just another failed African nation destined to stumble from one crisis to the next from generation to generation to the end of time!

Zimbabwe Light said...

In a land where many have been forced to earn a living by whatever means never mind how dangerous or dehumanizing it is no surprise that prostitution has become big business. I hear it has become our largest export as there are more Zimbabwean prostitutes in some SA cities, for example, than all other nationals put together!

There are 1 000 new HIV cases in Zimbabwe every week, that is the down and dangerous side of prostitution. But when the choice is to starve to death or risk dying of AIDS latter it is clear what our daughters, sisters and aunts have chosen to do.

Of course, prostitution is not solving our problems but compounding them!

The real big tragedy here is that we, as a nation, have boxed ourselves into a position where millions are forced into prostitution and other equally dangerous occupations because there is no other safe jobs left for them! The 2.2 million jobs Mugabe promised have turned out to be a myth!

Zimbabwe Light said...

President Robert Mugabe's Gushungo Holdings firms in under a $20 million debt a move that has forced him to seek emergency funding.

Subsidiary form - Alpha Omega Dairy plant has a capacity to process 70 000 litres of raw milk per day.

Well, well the economic meltdown is really getting very bold now! Who would have thought that Mugabe's businesses would ever be touched after all the direct and indirect subsidies they receive!

Zimbabwe Light said...

I must say I share Thomas' frustration at the USA and the rest of the free world's indifference at the tragic events happening in Zimbabwe. Still, I must also add that I am equally frustrated by Zimbabweans' failure to take the situation in Zimbabwe with the seriousness the situation demands. Zimbabwe had its best opportunity to end the Zanu PF dictatorship during the GNU years, for example. The chance was wasted because MDC failed to get even one reform implemented and, the people for their part, allowed this to happen.

At the end of the day people get the government they deserve and in Zimbabwe we do deserve this Zanu PF tyrannical regime and its equally corrupt and incompetent MDC opposition!

Whilst outsiders can help us get a good and competent government the responsibility to make sure that happens is ours and ours alone! So far the level of commitment to making sure Zimbabwe had a competent government by the majority of Zimbabweans has been really disappointing.