Monday, 8 August 2016

ANC defeat is not regime change conspiracy but rather the expression of people power. By Nomusa Garikai

For all the claim by the African nationalists that they were fighting to end white colonial oppression and exploitation and for freedom, liberty, justice, human rights and dignity and economic emancipation, the bottom line is that the black Africa nationalists were fighting for power and did not care a hoot about the rest. As soon as the respective country gained its independence these liberation struggle heroes and heroines got into power and they top priority has always been to consolidate their hold on power even when that meant denying the ordinary people their freedoms and basic rights including the right to free and fair elections and some politicians even killed to retain power.

As soon as the people realized that the black nationalists were after power and did not care about anything or anyone else they stepped up their resolve to remove them from office. The black nationalists have responded to pressure to remove them from power by creating a fictitious enemy seeking to undermine the independence of the nation through regime change.

“The Democratic Alliance, on the other hand is not a creature of the failure of the ANC, but it is a product of a worldwide determination by liberal movements to prevent liberation movements, failed or successful, from achieving economic and political power in the Global South.” This was Cetshwayo Zindabazezwe Mabhena’s, a Zimbabwean academic, response to South Africa’s ANC poor showing in recent local elections.

There is one thing all South Africans would agree on regardless of their political divide – that the recent elections, like all the other past elections, were free, fair and credible. So if the results were a true reflection of the democratic wishes of the people where does worldwide liberal movement conspiracy nonsense come from?

Why is it inconceivable that the South African electorate have come to the conclusion that ANC have failed to deliver on their promises to the people and so the electorate want to have regime change? Why should the electorate be stuck in this tunnel vision where only liberation movements are they only one fit to rule just because liberation nationalists themselves have this tunnel vision?

In Zimbabwe we have had the great misfortune of rogue war veterans like Jabulani Sibanda, Douglas Mahiya some who have gone on to occupy positions of power and influence such as MP Joseph Chinotimba, former minister Chris Mutsvangwa and Chiwenga and Nyikayaramba in the Army, etc. who have gone on to deny the people their freedoms and basic rights to promote this tunnel vision nonsense that only Zanu PF is fit to rule the country.

“We are the stockholders of Zanu PF and Zimbabwe,” declared the rogue war veterans. By denying everyone else their basic freedoms and rights to impose the Mugabe’s no-regime-change ethos, they granting themselves a veto on who is to rule Zimbabwe. They have since discovered their folly when they tried to remove Mugabe, by refusing to go he has effectively granted himself a veto to override the war veterans’ veto!

The solution to Zimbabwe’s political paralysis is plain as day; all political power belongs to the people the rogue war veterans and the African nationalists were wrong in their attempt to usurp the people’s power to promote the foolish notion that liberation movements are they only ones fit to rule.“Nyika vanhu!” (It is the people and their will, people power, that must reign supreme!) as one would say in Shona. 

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