Wednesday, 7 December 2016

I will NOT "reverse land reform" says Tsvangirai whilst promising looters more freebies. By N Garikai

The land issue is a big issue in Zimbabwe and how competently and quickly the matter is dealt with will determine how efficiently and quickly the national economic recovery will take place. There is a real danger that the nation will be stuck in the economic mess it now finds itself in for a very long time if the land issue is handled with the blundering incompetence as Tsvangirai is proposing.

"The criticism we have is that government has not trained people to fully utilise the farms. It has also not equipped them adequately. I want to emphasise to Zimbabweans and anyone who believes that the MDC is going to reverse the land reform programme that this is mere Zanu-PF propaganda which has no basis whatsoever," he said

Let us be absolutely clear here what Morgan Richard Tsvangirai would do if he was elected next president of the Republic of Zimbabwe:

·      He will not reverse Mugabe’s chaotic farm seizures so all those with multiple farms will keep them; President Mugabe has 13 commercial farms. Some of Mugabe’s cronies have long since abandoned the farms and even he has accepted the need give these abandoned or underutilized farms to those who can put them into productive use. President Tsvangirai would stop the reallocation of such farms and allow the errand farmers to keep their loot

·      For years following the farm seizures this Zanu PF regime has poured billions of dollars in soft loans for equipment and agricultural inputs to boast agricultural production to no avail. Mugabe and his cronies wasted the money and have failed to repay the loans. President Tsvangirai will reinstitute the same failed subside scheme to the same failed farmers!

So, the same people who benefited from the looting of the white owned farms worth thousands or millions of dollars, who received freebies from government worth thousands of dollars, etc. and never paid a single dollar of their own money for any of this are now to be give even more freebies from the MDC-T government. No doubt the likes of Bright Matonga, former Deputy Information Minister who seized a fruit farm worth millions of dollars but in a few years destroyed everything, must be hymning to himself “The good times are here again!” He is one of those Zanu PF cronies who was forced to give up the farm; it is being leased to the original owner. He will now be looking at take the farm back and live off the freebies!

·      Meanwhile the impoverished Zimbabweans, the sorry sods, who have paid the dearly for the whole sorry farm invasion business direct and indirectly through food shortages; the collapsed economy; forced to pay the filthy rich the freebies, their unpaid loans and now the compensation to the white farmers; etc.; etc. Whilst the people are expecting the new regime in Harare would end all this gross injustice and exploitation of povo they now learn that Tsvangirai will let the looters keep their loot and reward them with new freebies paid by the poor.
Whilst the poor expected the new government to spend public funds in restoring the all but collapse health and education service, repairing water supply, etc. they now learn the funds will be channelled to paying Mugabe and his cronies freebies. The looters are being rewarded for landing the nation in this mess and, worse still, for holding the nation to ransom. The revival of the agricultural sector is key to the country’s economic recovery so even in the post Mugabe era, the tyrant and his cronies will continue to dictate the fate of the nation; that is, if Tsvangirai is the next president!

There is a simple explanation why Tsvangirai is so keen to assure everyone he will never ever reverse President Mugabe’s land redistribution, chaotic and ruinous as it is. Tsvangirai is fearful that demanding the recovery of all ill-got loot from Mugabe and his cronies will sooner or later lead to the spotlight turned on his own $4 million Highlands mansion.

If President Mugabe cannot hang on to his ill-got 13 farms then why should Tsvangirai be allowed to hang on to his equally ill-got mansion!

Richard Morgan Tsvangirai is corrupt and incompetent, his track record speaks volumes. It was his failure to implement even one democratic reform during the GNU that allowed President Mugabe to once again rig the elections and stay in power. The tyrant bribed Tsvangirai with the $4 million mansion. In his desperate effort to hang on to his GNU mansion bribe, Tsvangirai will allow Mugabe and his cronies to get away with all their have looted from the nation.

The people of Zimbabwe were very foolish to have ever elected Tsvangirai in public office in the first place; the man is corrupt and incompetent and the people should be careful whom they elect to lead. It would be an act of unforgivable public folly if the people of Zimbabwe should elect Tsvangirai back into office; knowing fully well that he is corrupt, incompetent and will sell-out just to keep his ill-got wealth! 


Zimbabwe Light said...

After failing to get even one democratic reform implemented in five years of the GNU there real is nothing else Tsvangirai and MDC friends could ever do to prove beyond all doubt that they are corrupt and incompetent.

SADC leaders like President Ian Khama of Botswana and Lindiwe Zulu of SA were speechless that all their effort to get MDC to implement reforms came to nothing. It was blatantly obvious to everyone that the key to ending Zimbabwe's political impasse and economic mess was for the nation to hold free, fair and credible elections. It was obvious to everyone else that is except the very people to whom it mattered the most - Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends. It was for MDC leaders not SADC leaders or the ordinary Zimbabweans to implement the reforms, they did no such thing.

MDC leaders "were busy enjoying themselves they forgot why they were in the GNU!" complained the SADC leaders after the rigged July 2013 elections is sheer exasperation. They could not believe that anyone could be this corrupt and incompetent as the MDC leaders had turned out to be and yet the historic facts said just that!

SADC leaders must have been equally disappointed that only a very few Zimbabweans, notably Joseph Tanonoka Whande, ever expressed their concern at the lack of progress in implementing the reforms. The great majority of Zimbabweans were all falling over each other in singing the praises of Tsvangirai and MDC. Even today, with the benefit of hindsight, it is sad that many Zimbabweans, intellectuals among them, still follow Tsvangirai. They are mentally blind they can neither see Tsvangirai for the corrupt and incompetent sell-out he is nor can they can they comprehend the consequences of having such a man for a national leader.

The people of Zimbabwe should have deserted MDC in droves after their pathetic performance during the GNU. If anyone thought Tsvangirai would ever redeem himself, he has done his best to remind us all that what he did during the GNU was not an accident but a true reflection of his true nature as one who is corrupt and incompetent.

He will “NOT reverse the land reforms” because he too wants to keep his $4 million Highlands bribe, as you said. He is also bending over backwards to appease Mugabe and his cronies because he feels he needs their blessing to rule Zimbabwe even if he has 99.9% of the popular vote!

He is simply too incompetent to appreciate the importance and urgency of getting agricultural sector back on track as the first step to reviving the national economy.

If Zimbabweans go on to elect Tsvangirai, Mujuru or Mnangagwa or simply allow the later to rig the next elections then as a nation we would have proven beyond all doubt that, as a people, we are incapable of self-governing. Mugabe nipped our democratic experiment in the bud long before any of the institutions had taken root and long before the people themselves had learnt to be assertive. Dismantling the autocratic dictatorship will be a real challenge because all the political players on the national stage right on are only interested in replace the present dictator but will not want to dismantle the dictatorship.

Zimbabwe Light said...

Harare - An elaborate plan to smear Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa's name on social media relying on massive misinformation and professional trolls linked to Russia has been exposed.

Zhuwao is stupid and naive but not that stupid and naive not to see the writing on the wall - REGIME CHANGE NOW UPON US! Poor Zhuwao he is now trying the impossible task of selling Mnangagwa as a murderous tyrant and his uncle as a saint! This is just an act of desperation that is doomed to fail. 

For your information Minister Zhuwao, REGIME CHANGE to the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans means Mugabe must go and the Zanu PF dictatorship must be completely dismantled. We will take Mugabe's departure as an important first step but we will not rest until the dictatorship is dismantled.

Zimbabwe Light said...

Jacob you clearly have your facts right about Joice Mujuru being corrupt and incompetent; that she is. Only the politically naive have ever believed her bull s***t story about her sawing nothing the 34 years she was in power because her "puppy eyes" had not opened.

What you and your friends in Transform Zimbabwe must do is review Tsvangirai and his MDC friends' performance during the GNU. Ask yourselves why did MDC fail to get even one democratic reform implemented in five years? Then ask yourselves is that really the opposition party you want as a partner?

Zimbabwe's opposition political parties have one big fundamental problem, they lack quality leaders and those who think they can make up for it by teaming up with equally mediocre parties are only compound their problem. Where there is quality, quantity will soon follow but not the reverse. Quantity is a poor midwife to quality!

Zimbabwe Light said...

With no reforms implemented Zanu PF will RIG the next elections just as it RIGGED the 2013 elections. The party thought it would rig economic recovery but that has since proved to be a bridge too far. The country's economic meltdown is not getting better but worse and it is not socially or politically sustainable! It is the economy that will force Zanu PF to accept political reform - mark my word!

Patrick Guramatunhu said...

President Mugabe and his cronies' greed is at the root of Zimbabwe's economic and political problems and nowhere has this been more graphically illustrated than in the regime's shameless looting of white owned farms. They often let the white farm owner do all the hard work and move in at harvesting time and seize everything!

The land redistribution was necessary to relief the pressure of the overcrowded rural areas. President Mugabe himself has said again and again that his land redistribution was to give the land to the landless peasants. He is not a landless peasant and yet he now owns 13 farms! There are millions of landless peasants still living in overcrowded rural areas who still need to be resettled. One would be expecting any competent government in Zimbabwe to want to address this glaring injustice!

If Tsvangirai was ever to be president, he would be looking at the ordinary Zimbabweans voting for him. How interesting that even before he is elected he is already setting his stall; his top priority is to assure Mugabe and looting cronies that they will keep all their looted bounty even thou it was their looting that landed the ordinary Zimbabweans into this hell-on-earth. And, worse still, by doing nothing to recover the looted wealth, President Tsvangirai will be effectively condemning povo to their present status of abject poverty.

Tsvangirai proving once again why it matters to elect a quality leader; he has already proven beyond doubt that he is corrupt and incompetent and, if elected, would once again betray the very ordinary Zimbabweans who elected him just as he did during the GNU.

In a way, this also highlights why it is important that the electorate is informed and diligent so they elect the candidate who will fight in their corner and they hold him/her to account. Sadly, this is not the case in Zimbabwe; because Tsvangirai would have no followers today after his GNU debacle! By being naïve and gullible the Zimbabwe electorate condemning themselves to a life time of misery and despair.