Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Prof Moyo sucked Eunice Moyo to escaped ZIMDEF corruption - she flicked snake back.

Professor Jonathan Moyo was in trouble for failing to account for $400 000 ZIMDEF money. He got off the hook by claiming the money was used in bankrolling Zanu PF party activities including Grace Mugabe’s rallies. That was not what the money was for but we all know Zanu PF party interests and the Mugabes’ selfish interests trump even life and death public interests.

Now it seems all Professor Moyo did is shift the blame from himself to the Zanu PF Women’s league members who are now in deep trouble because they are now being asked to account for the money. The poor women are now asking; what money?

“I never received $20 000 from @ProfJNMoyo or ZIMDEF. If there is anyone who thinks otherwise please provide evidence. If you are making such serious allegations about someone it is always important that you provide evidence to support your claim.” Twittered Eunice Sandi Moyo.

“If there is any prophet who gave me $100 000, may he pliz come forward. Why not name him/her.” Twittered another bird!

This was in relation to claims that “prophet” Walter Magaya donated the princely $100 000 to Zanu PF Women’s League to bankroll Grace Mugabe’s egotistic self-promotion rallies. What was in it for the “prophet”; we do not know, at least not yet, but what we can be certain of is that whatever it is, it was not for the greater glory of God!

Magaya is not the only dodgy man/woman of cloth who have since learnt that there are huge profits to be made in working with the corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF regime! “Bishop” Nolbert Kunonga declared his undying loyalty to Robert Mugabe and the tyrant allowed Kunonga to rule Zimbabwe’s Anglican Church with more stately power and gusto.

Kunonga and, of course, Robert Mugabe himself, have tasted the sweetness of absolute and sublime power and loved it! The latter is now totally addicted to absolute power giving it up is simply unthinkable. He dozes off at the drop of a hat and can hardly walk because of ill health and advanced age at 93 years. He has a motorised wheel chair to solve his mobility problem; his zeal and resolve to soldier on is undaunted. Not that he has been a great president; indeed, the exact opposite.

Mugabe is an incompetent, corrupt and murderous tyrant; a curse and not a blessing to the nation. The only reason the nation has been stuck with him for all these last 37 years is his mastery of the art of rigging elections and bamboozling his political opponents. It must be said his political opponents both within Zanu PF and outside have all proven to be some of the most na├»ve and incompetent politicians in human history. The tyrant’s luck and povo’s great misfortune!

Still, even the tyrant’s lucky will runout one of these fine days because nothing in this world stays the same. If Professor Jonathan Moyo thought he had got himself out of the sticky situation by claiming that he gave the money to Zanu PF Women’s League, his luck is running out already on this matter.

It is no secret that corruption is rampant in Zanu PF and there is no doubt that Professor Moyo has converted some of the $400 000 to personal use. No doubt Sandi Moyo, like everyone else, knows that the Professor will not as squeaky clean as he pretends to be and therefore will only be digging himself into a deeper hole if he pursued this matter any further.

The moral of this story is if you have a lot to hide, it is wise not to accuse fellow criminals because in proving their guilt you may end up uncovering enough evidence to convict you too! As one would say in Shona, “Usa takurira vamwe nyoka mhenyu, vanodzose iye nwene wayo!” (Never flick a live snake at others because they will flick it straight back!)

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