Sunday, 22 May 2016

1m -men march cannot make Mugabe competent more than calling a dog's tail a leg makes a 5 legged dog.

Mugabe's 7 April 2016 meeting with 10 000 war vets costed $2 million and nothing of substance was achieved. 

This 25 May meeting with one million Zanu PF youth members will $200 million, if we assume the cost per head remain the same, and it too will accomplish nothing. The meeting is no different from $800 birthday party for Mugabe in February 2016 or the $ 1 million Zanu PF party conference in December last year, etc. they will accomplished nothing of note.

In between the meetings or parties, Mugabe has often gone on very expensive overseas trips. Right now, he is in the Far East to collect his grandson. His daughter Bona went there to have the baby because the country’s health service has all but collapse and so his whole family now travel overseas for all their health needs. Grace and her entourage joined the expectant mother a month ago and they have all stayed on. The total bill must now be $12 million, at least, and it is taxpayers who will pay for it! 

Zimbabwe is facing very serious economic challenges right now given unemployment is a nauseating 90%, 5 million are facing starvation, etc. Can this nation real afford to spend millions of dollars every two or three months on these meetings, birthdays, etc. whose only purpose is to gratify Mugabe's ballooning ego?

Mugabe wants to be seen as a great statesman of great talent and wisdom, loved by his people and blacks everywhere and feared and loathed by the whites and Western nations. Zimbabwe economic meltdown and his reputation for rigging the vote using violence to coerce the vote for him tells a different story of corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant. The meetings and parties are nothing more than futile attempt to hide the murderous tyrant by clothing him in royal robe.

The one-million men marching and praising Mugabe as a great leader will not create even one new job for povo out of the 2.2 million he promised in 2013 elections.  

The whole Zanu PF edifice is falling apart as party members fight to the death for the little wealth the nation has left as each tries to avoid sinking into abject poverty as the overwhelming majority have done already. The party is rotten to the core and the whole edifice is collapsing.

“How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg?” asked President Abraham Lincoln. “Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn't make it a leg.

Even if Mugabe has to get ten million to join the march on Wednesday all signing of his greatness as a leader that will not change a single thing the country will still be facing a serious economic meltdown, Zanu PF in fighting will continued, etc.

Since Zanu PF has failed to deliver economic recovery, it follows as day follows night that the country must elect a new regime that will address the root causes of the economic meltdown and thus deliver the economic recovery. All the country needs is to implement the democratic reforms necessary to end the no-regime-change mantra, the five-legged dog nonsense, Mugabe had imposed on the nation.  

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