Thursday, 26 May 2016

"Go hang!" Mugabe tells Americans - out of his own mouth cometh the nation's judgment! By W Mukori

Mugabe is renowned for his long winded speeches “full of sound and fury but signifying nothing” as Shakespeare would say. When he addressed the one million man-march crowd he did delivery another long winded speech with even more sound and fury and signifying nonsense.

“I belong to my people, my people say stay here, I'm not a Britain, I don't like it, I'm not America n, I'm not a Yankee, I'm not Britain, I told Blair to keep his England so I can keep my Zimbabwe,” he said at one point. (The speech would not be complete if he left out bashing the British and the Americans).

“So I belong to Zimbabwe, so they say I must go, but within the party, the outsiders why do they want Zimbabwe,to stand down, to resign, retire?

“Vanhu vanguka, ndovangati aah, chiretireyi. Ko MDC shungu, itsitsi here dzekunzwira VaMugabe kuti vaneta kana kuti kutya VaMugabe, kutya VaMugabe? So tell the paper that VaMugabe says no, you go hang, hang yourself.”

“Anyway tiri tese, I am at the service of the people. If the people tell us to go I will go, but as long as I feel I should serve the people and I will do my best as I have done in the past, I will do my best and when time comes I go.”

Mugabe is fooling no Zimbabwean with all his metaphors! He is saying here and has said the same thing on countless other occasions that it is the British and American who him to go, want regime change. And he is telling them the usual answer “Go hang!”

What makes all his panted up anger against the British and American such a phony is that neither the British nor Americans have a democratic say in who governs Zimbabwe; they never had such a say or sought to have it. It is the people of Zimbabwe who should have the democratic say but have never exercised it as Mugabe has systematically deny them the free vote by rigging the elections. It is in reality the people of Zimbabwe who often risked life and limp to try to end his incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical rule. It is the people of Zimbabwe Mugabe has said "Go hang!" repeatedly in the past and is telling on this occasion.

It is absolutely imperative that there is a thorough judiciary investigation into Zimbabwe's past elections to establish the historic facts of whether or not President Mugabe has ever rigging elections. If the investigation found that he has indeed rigged elections, then it is in the country’s political interest to punish all those responsible for treasonous crime.

By rigging elections the criminals were telling the people of Zimbabwe "go hang!" Out of their own mouth comes the nation’s judgement; we must hang them instead!


Zimbabwe Light said...

Zimbabwe is but the size of one State in the USA or one province in Canada and yet here we are trying to subdivide into 8 more states or provinces? Devolution has gained traction because central government has failed to deliver, the leaders have been corrupt and incompetent. What guarantee do we have that the regional administration will not be just as corrupt and incompetent particularly when they come from the same pool as the corrupt and incompetent already in central and local government.

We need to create a political system that will allow competent and accountable leaders to be elected in local and central government. Devolution will only create yet another layer of bureaucracy which the overburdened taxpayer will be expected to pay for and for no gain.

Zimbabwe Light said...

Zanu PF can rig elections, use the same dirty tactics to mobilized people to attend praise singing rallies but what the party cannot do is rig economic recovery. The party looting and plunder of the nation's resources to bankroll its election rigging and to rent the crowd has only helped to accelerate the economic meltdown.

In the end it is the economic meltdown that is going to force Mugabe and Zanu PF to accept mean-ingful democratic reforms and free and fair elections! Watch my words!