Sunday, 22 May 2016

Grace God sent to "end all suffering" says MP - tacit admission Mugabe Devil sent to cause the suffering. By W Mukori

"Leaders are chosen by God and we were given.... Amai by the heavens, she is the one who will end all the suffering and I believe that with people like her Zimbabwe is in safe hands. To me she is like an angel and I believe in her," said Harare South MP Shadreck Mashayamombe


Many Zanu PF members have said Robert Mugabe was chose by God to lead the nation but since his 36 years in power has brought poverty and great suffering to the nation are these party chefs now tacitly admitting the corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant was not sent by God but rather by the Devil himself!


MP Mashayamombe must be the only one who does not know that Grace Mugabe has already caused untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe. How many millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money has she wasted on expensive shoes and other luxuries, weddings for her daughter and right now she has been in the Far East at great national expense at the time when hundreds of babies are dying every week because there is no money to buy incubators!


People like MP Mashayamombe must not evoke the name of God in situations in which he, of all people, knows have offended man and God. We all know that Mugabe has been rigging elections and has even murdered many innocent people to extend his stay in power. Did God play any part in the rigging or murders?


Now that Zanu PF is imploding as the party members fight over the little wealth the country is still able to generate; the party will be forced to accept democratic reforms followed by free and fair elections, as the only way to save the country from further suffering. I do not need to say that there will be regime change because Zanu PF will never win free and fair elections. Still, I will say it just for the thrill of saying it – there will be regime change!


Zimbabwe must carry out a thorough judiciary investigation into rigged elections, politically motivated murders and many other heinous crimes committed against the good people of Zimbabwe. We owe it to ourselves and posterity to establish the historic facts of the last 36 years given all the lies and blasphemes we have been subjected to. We also need to punish those found guilty of committing these crimes, to recover as much as we can of the looted wealth and used it to compensate the victims and, most important of all, to establish a precedence that those who abuse public office for selfish gain will be held to account no matter hold long it takes.


Grace Mugabe an angel! What angel would squander millions of dollars on Gucci shoes and other luxuries money the nation should be spending to save the lives of 100s of babies dying every week for want of something as basic as an incubator! 

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