Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gutu, Mugabe was not "tasting his own medicine" in warning security Chefs to stay out of politics - he was dishing it out!

It is by listening to MDC leaders’ statements, they child-like naivety, that one can see why they failed to implement even one of the GPA reforms design dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship. Obert Gutu, MDC-T spokesman is pleased “Mugabe is having a taste of his own medicine” following the tyrant’s complaining about people in the security services being involved in Zanu PF politics.

"Apa patasvika pekuti vamwe vava kupindira hapana kunaka. Vanhu vari kuuya kwandiri vachinditi zvakanaka here izvi? Inga vamwe vava kupindira, vechisoja, vechipurisa, veintelligence vaakufamba vachiti ava vanodavo ngana avo ndovokwangana. Havadi ngana vanoda party,” Mugabe warned at the Conference.

"Let's stop that. We are ruining the party. Gwara reparty riripo (We have now entered a dangerous era. People are telling me that what is happening is not good and that soldiers, the police and the intelligence services are now also involved in the party's factional wars)."
There was euphoric pleasure in MDC circles at hearing this.

"But then, he (Mugabe) is primarily responsible for openly inviting the securocrats to become active politicians,” commented Obert Gutu.

"How many times have you witnessed uniformed police officers and soldiers, including CIO operatives, openly campaigning for Zanu-PF with the president conveniently keeping quiet about it? Nhasi zvazorwadza nhaika (It is bad now)?" How naïve!

Of course Mugabe has encouraged members of the security services to play an active role in politics. The tyrant has used the Women’s League and Youth League members and in the last 15 years war vets as the party’s foot soldiers for the bulk work of harassment, intimidation, rape and beating. But when it came to the heavy duty stuff of stopping opposition party rallies and the murder of opponents Mugabe has relied of the Police, CIO and Army.

Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri has written his doctorate thesis on Policing in Zimbabwe and in it he boasts that the greatest challenge for the Police was to “stop regime change agenda”. So defending the de facto one-party dictatorship and not the traditional role of maintaining law and order was ZRP’s principal duty.

Mugabe was not moaning the Police or anyone else in the security sector’s role in defending his no regime change mantra or campaigning for the party, he will be very pleased to see them step up their political involved in these area. Very pleased indeed given the pressure the party is in from the within with all the factional fighting and from outside from the worsening economic situation.

What Mugabe was complaining about is stories of those in the security sector siding with the Mnangagwa faction, siding with the G40 faction is fine. Even if no one has said anything, being seen talking to Mnangagwa or any of his cronies could get them into serious trouble given Mugabe’s paranoia.

Mugabe was just reminding everyone in the security services that he has his spies everywhere, that he alone appointed them into whatever post they are in and, more pointedly, that he alone can fire them if he so wished. Watch out!

Mugabe has remained top dog in the party and government not because he is a competent and visionary leader, loved and admired by all in equal measure. He is a corrupt and incompetent leader and a ruthless tyrant, his greatest forte; for it is because of his “several degrees in violence” as he has often boasted, that everyone fears him.

Even with the country in economic ruins and the party imploding because his 35 years of mismanagement, corruption and tyrannical rule; even with every sign that he is both physically and mentally too frail to remain leader because of old age and ill health; Mugabe still maintains that he is the only person best suited to remain at the helm. There is not even one person in Zanu PF who has had the guts to tell him that he should step down. Not even one! They are all frightened stiff to dare contradict him!

For your information Mr Gutu, Mugabe is not having a taste of his own medicine; he is in fact dishing it out in bucketful to his subservient minions. You should know this medicine Mr Gutu, after all you and your fellow MDC minions took potbellies full of it during the GNU. Fear! It was your fear of Mugabe’s anger that stopped you lot from implementing even one democratic reform in the five years of the GNU! Not one!


Zimbabwe Light said...

Jabu was said and done a lot of terrible things in his life as a thug but saying there had been a bedroom coup in State House was one of the few times he has said the truth. The trouble with our society is we have been condition to accept what the leaders say and follow them blindly regardless. Those who criticize Jabulani Sibanda on this issue do so from this myopic stance of the leader is right.

Of course Grace has stage a bedroom coup and she has twisted Mugabe round her little finger. She is now stage phase two of her coup, taking over the party; given it is a party of lawless thugs it is not surprising she is frightening everyone into line. What she must get into her head is that phase three of the coup in which she takes over the nation will not be so easily achieved as phase one and two; we need a competent leader elected through free, fair and credible elections and not another imposed leader through rigged elections!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Ngwena's greatest weakness was his willingness to ignore the rule of law as shown by his involvement in the dirty vote rigging schemes of national and party elections. The lawlessness has now come a full circle as he now finds himself the victim of it! Serves him right!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

Yes if only the MDC village idiots had implemented the democratic reforms then we would be breathing the sweet breath of freedom and screaming "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Al-mighty we are free at last!" But thanks to those breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent village idiots we must continue to suffer and die for a while longer!

For all their boasting as the country's liberation war heroes and, since independence, the de-fenders of the people's freedom and human rights and our nation's dignity and sovereignty our defenders have a lot to be ashamed of than to be proud. As for those who have shed the inno-cent blood of our people to gratify Mugabe's insatiable greed for absolute power and wealth, they have a lot to answer for before this nation and God Almighty. My fervent hope is that before death closes their wicked eyes forever they will have the time to answer for their betrayal!

We must break this vicious cycle of yesterday’s liberators become today’s oppressors and thus each generation having to fight for its liberty, freedom and dignity. We must send a clear mes-sage that ever yesterday’s liberators are accountable to the living and therefore they must be-have accordingly!

Everything done by mortals has the beginning and an end; I believe we are now witnessing the beginning of the end of the Mugabe and Zanu PF’s tyranny. The regime is imploding as the law-less thugs have now turned on each other with their characteristic savagery. The fire of self-destruction is well lit and their greed and mutual distrust is all the fuel the process needs to en-sure all these cursed men and women and the regime is reduced to ashes. Matimba, nenyoro dzinotsva!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Source told Daily News that Mugabe and Mnangagwa have agree a deal to hand power to the latter soon after the 2018 elections in exchange for Mnangagwa guaranteeing the protection of Mugabe’s empire.

Whatever deals Zanu PF thugs make amongst themselves is their own affair what matters is what the people of Zimbabwe say in a free, fair and credible elections. The next elections will be free and fair, that is a fundamental and basic political reality!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Electing the same corrupt, incompetent and sell-out MDC leader like you Gutu, who failed to get even one democratic reform implemented in five years, again and to expect the village idiot to implement the reforms will be madness!

Ever since MDC was formed the party has promised the people of Zimbabwe "democratic change" but has failed to delivery any change. How many times did SADC leaders remind you lot to implement the reforms and you never listened. You have been told the electoral law reforms you are proposing, in you latest dithering, will not bring free and fair elections; but again you are not listening.

All you, Obert Gutu, Morgan Tsvangirai and you other MDC friends want is to get back on the gravy train; you do not care about the people. If you did, then the best you can do for the nation is shut the fcuk up because you really have nothing useful to contribute! If you think you ever be elected back into power then think again.

Obert Gutu you and your fellow MDC village idiots sold-out out during the GNU, you have lost all political credibility, you are finished!