Friday, 11 December 2015

Mugabe marks wasted conference day with a gimmick, plants one (1) tree - to how many cut down because of power cuts!

Mugabe planted a tree at the Elephant Hills Golf Course in Victoria Falls, to mark the National Tree Planting Day commemorations and the end of the first day of Zanu PF’s conference. The tree planting ceremony was accompanied by the usual ZBC TV live coverage, pomp and fanfare!

This is exactly what is wrong with this Mugabe dictatorship they take one step forward and the make a big song and dance about it and yet to take that one step forward they had taken ten or twenty steps back and they do not even notice it.

Take this one tree Mugabe planted for example, how many trees have been cut down up and down the country in this last month alone by people who would have preferred to use electricity but had no choice but to use wood because of ZESA power cuts. For 35 years Mugabe has twiddling his thumbs and has failed even to maintain the power stations he inherited from Ian Smith much less build new ones. The 18 hours a day power cuts is what the nation gets for the 35 years of misrule and corrupt leadership. 

To say the nation is facing serious an economic crisis is to understate the problem; unemployment has soared to 90% plus; millions of Zimbabwe are so poor they cannot afford one decent meal a day. And we know where poverty and hunger are found, disease and death are there too. 

Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections to impose himself and his cronies on this nation. The tyrant flies hundreds of his cronies from every corner of the country at great national expense - because directly through taxes or indirectly through looted nation wealth it is the ordinary Zimbabwean who will pay the bill for this jamboree. 

The nation had hope the regime would use the occasion to discuss the economic crisis. Instead the tyrant spends the whole day yapping about the factional fighting in his party. And, not one to miss a photo opportunity, plants a tree. And the mob retires to a sizzling bbq, cold beer and imported wines and the traditional singing and dancing - to celebrate the one step forward hundred steps back! 

Zimbabweans must now stop and take in the seriousness of our economic situation, people are dying like flies; and then take in the political reality that for all his silver back chest drumming Mugabe does not have a clue how to get the nation out of this mess. The only way out is for the nation to implement the 2008 GPA democratic reforms necessary to stop vote rigging and hold fresh free, fair and credible elections. 

The situation is now urgent because with each passing day hundreds of innocent Zimbabwean lives are being lost unnecessarily. Mugabe and his gimmicks on one step forward and then ten steps back have landed us in this mess; more of these gimmicks will only take us even deeper into this hell-on-earth! 


Zimbabwe Light said...

“We have two constitutions in this country; the one is written which I hear some of us saying they want to do civic education on, but there is another constitution which we see every day,” said Madhuku.

“If you go out in the streets and ask what is the constitution of the country people will tell you that there is one called Robert Mugabe who is the President of the country, who will do this and that, and that they take seriously that his wife will be the next President.

“So, in any debate about constitutionalism we must always know that there are two constitutions in this country,” said Madhuku

Well Professor Madhuku is right there, we do have two constitutions in the country, the written that most people know but which government will respect and strictly apply if it is in Mugabe or Zanu PF’s interest and then there is the second constitution which is the supreme law of the land which says Mugabe can disregard the above constitution and apply his whim if he so wishes.

If the truth must be told and it must, the 2013 constitution was so weak and feeble it allowed too much wriggle room for a tyrant to misinterpret and even abuse the powers of the State President and Mugabe is the type of dictator who does not need a second invitation to abuse his powers.

Contrary to all MDC leaders’ claim that the March 2013 constitution was a democratic one it is not. Mugabe “dictated” it as the Zanu PF MP on the committee that drafted it has since admitted and the tyrant saw to it that the constitution was weak, feeble and allowed him all the space to abuse his dictatorial power it granted to him.

If we are serious about wanting a democratic Zimbabwe with strong democratic institution that will stop any tyrant dead in his tracks then we must discard the weak March 2013 constitution and draft a democratic one for a change!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mara


You should ask how many has an average household cut down this month alone, at least three ten or more years trees. They had the grim choice of cutting down the tree or starve and so I do not blame them. I blame the tyrant who has put these people in this grim situation where they are so poor they cannot afford electricity and/or there is no electricity.

So Mugabe plants one tree but because of his misrule causes hundreds of thousands of mature trees to be cut down every month. On the other hand I have not planted a single tree but condemn the hypocrisy of the tyrant or plants one tree and makes a big song and dance about it forgetting his misrule is forcing thousands of mature trees to cut down every day. Which one of the two, Mugabe or me, is a human being and which is one the despicable person?

If you are a thinking human being the answer is obvious but is you are a sewer rat paid to defend the indefensible of course you have to say Wilbert for such is the nature of a sewer rat - you live in s***t, eat s****t and your head is full of s***t.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick
“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power,” said USA President Abraham Lincoln.

Well he was nearly right; in Africa one has to give him meat; power is a bonus few of our leaders like Tsvangirai, Minister Mathema, former VP Mujuru, VP Mnangagwa and all the others in Zanu PF cronies and thugs have never had any real power, Mugabe never allowed any of them to have any. He gave them meat and they all started singing his praises. Mugabe has kicked many of them in the teeth and those he has not they turn will come soon enough!

When Minister Mathema is kicked out of office and is starving just as many other Zanu PF Chefs have done, notably the late Enos Nkala, Nathan Shamuyarira and more recently Joice Mujuru; he will not be bubbling the “this is the Zimbabwe we wanted” nonsense! He is saying that now but that is the bbq meat talking!

Zimbabwe Light said...

I did not plant a tree Minister Mathema, I have done a lot more than that; I have planted an idea and it is this idea that has you fired up to denounce me! Let me restate the idea again so you never again forget it.

Zimbabwe is in this political and economic hell because we have a subservient people with a slave mentality especially our pretentious leaders who the tyrant has bribe again and again with high sounding job titles with zero power and authority and a piece of meat. A healthy and functioning democracy needs a free people who can think for themselves and have the courage to hold failed leaders to account and punish the corrupt and murderous ones!

Mugabe is a corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant he MUST be tried for his treasonous crimes against the good people of Zimbabwe. No matter how long it takes the full details of his murderous and corrupt rule will be thoroughly investigated and laid bear for the nation to see.

As for you Minister Mathema you will be asked once again to repeat whether you still believe Mugabe's Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwe "we wanted"! If you think the nation will be impressed with a Minister who thinks a tyrant who is looting billions of dollars from Marange to finance his vote rigging activities and bankrupted the nation, has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans to establish and retain his de facto one-man dictatorship should be forgiven just because he planted one (1) tree. The nation is so insulted such stupid ministers will be asked to give back all the loot they received from the tyrant to buy their blind loyalty. A stint in prison will not be amiss; after decades of gluttonous existence, Zanu PF cronies and thugs can do with losing weight!

Minister your time is up; Mugabe’s days in power are numbered! When you see the fig tree shedding its leaves, you can be certain spring is near. Zanu PF is imploding, Mugabe has ruled his cabinet, party and nation with an iron fist but, irony of ironies has failed to rule his own wife. He is a henpecked husband and it is Grace who is fuelling the factional wars tearing the party asunder.

Grace has staged a bedroom coup and she may well extend it to Zanu PF HQ; that is Mugabe and the subservient Zanu PF members’ affair. What she will not do is extend her coup to the nation; Zimbabwe will have free, fair and credible elections only if she wins those elections can she be president – we both know that is the one thing she will never do.

Zimbabwe Light said...

“The war wasn’t won by the gun alone,” President Mugabe said Saturday in remarks that would have been music to the ears of his wife Grace and her backers.

This is typical of Mugabe, always changing the goal post! For the last 35 years he has done nothing but flaunt his war credentials and demanding of others to do the same.

“What was achieved by the bullet cannot be undone by the ballot!” said Mugabe in the 2008 elections in which the tyrant unleashed the worst election related violence. His cronies in the security sectors have said repeatedly that they would not salute someone with no liberation war credentials.

Now liberation war credentials are no longer important because it is Grace who is gunning for the presidency and she has no war credentials! Mugabe has ruled and ruined Zimbabwe because he is a tyrant whose greed for power and wealth is only exceeded by his stupidity and arrogance! Imposing his stupid wife on the nation is the one insult this tyrant must not be allowed to do.

Zimbabwe Light said...

It is disappointing to not that most of our Church leaders supported Tsvangirai and MDC during the GNU cheering and applauding when they should have taken the lead is getting MDC to implement the GPA reforms. Not even one reform was implemented in five years of the GNU; not one!

The Church leaders had the time and opportunity to understand what the reforms were about and take the lead in getting them implemented. One had hope that since the rigged elections these same leaders have had the time to reflect on their mistake and would do something to ensure this would never happen again. Sadly they learnt nothing!

The Church is once again cheering and applauding Tsvangirai's call to "realign the electoral laws"! These reforms will not deliver free, fair and credible elections so why bother?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions but one would expect unsavory characters like Tsvangirai to be doing the paving but not Bishops and other high ranking church leaders too! If these leaders are not going to take the search for a way out of this mess with the seriousness the matter demands it would be better for them to stay out of the debate!