Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Tsvangirai says he wants Biti back; is he hoping to panic Mujuru just as he used Locadia to panic Elizabeth into marriage!

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News last week, the former prime minister in the government of national unity said his fallout with Biti and Mangoma was "based more on personal differences as opposed to ideology".

What is Mr Tsvangirai talking about! If they ever had any ideology and sense of where they were going then why did they fail to implement the democratic reforms during the GNU? They five years to do it and failed to get even one reform implemented.

All Tsvangirai, Mangoma, Biti and the other MDC leaders ever wanted was to get into power and milk the system for as much as they can and if that meant betraying the people who got them into power in the first place then so be it. If being corrupt, incompetent and selling-out are now the new hallmarks of chivalry and honour then God help us.

Since the rigged July 2013 elections, which saw many MDC members kicked off the gravy train, they have been fighting tooth and nail to get back on the gravy train. Sadly for them, some of the Zimbabwe electorate has woken up to the dangers of electing corrupt and incompetent leaders who sold-out during the GNU! They learnt an important lesson and one they are determined never to repeat.

"I don't bear grudges with anyone. Of course, there are colleagues who walked away citing grievances, but when it comes to the question of the people and their quests for change, freedom and a better life for all, you will find me very co-operative," said Tsvangirai.

In other words the reality of lost political credibility with the donors and now with the electorate is finally sinking in; Tsvangirai is so desperate to save his fast sinking political career he will willingly kiss and make up with Biti and Mangoma even as a last ditch attempt to save his career..

For the last twelve months Tsvangira has been courting Joice Mujuru to get her to join him into a political coalition. He is blowing reunion kisses to Biti and Mangoma to get Joice to panic and accept his hand just he did with Elizabeth.

The carefully stage managed traditional marriage to Locadia had Elizabeth fighting for him like two female pandas on heat and the window of opportunity is closing fast and he is the only male around!

Frankly Joice Mujuru is not such a prize catch; she “corrupt, incompetent and lazy” as Grace Mugabe said – Grace may well be wrong about everything she said about Mai Mujuru but on those three points, she was spot on. But Mujuru supporters will, no doubt, remind everyone that Tsvangirai is no prize catch neither since he too is corrupt and incompetent!

So this is the classic case of “Is your son so much to look at? The way he looks and the way she sees; it’s a perfect match!”

Both Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma have done miserably ever since they broke away from Tsvangirai. The worst thing to happen to the two and all those foolish enough to follow them who had been lucky enough to get a parliamentary or senatorial seat; they all lost their seats.  Tendai Biti had assured then they would never lose their seats; “or my name is Morgan Mugabe” he had said. What a worthless guarantee that has turned out to be!

Tsvangirai had parliament recall the break group only to hand over all the elected seats to Zanu PF on a silver platter. It was better that Zanu PF had the seats than MDC Renewal that said volumes about how much Tsvangirai hated the breakaway group!

Biti’s attempt to heap all blame for MDC failure to get even one reform implemented on Tsvangirai did not cut much ice with the thinking electorate. The GNU lasted for five years enough time for any other MDC leaders to have done something to ensure the reforms were implemented if they really wanted. Indeed the reading public remembered that it was none other than Tendai Biti himself who had joined his MDC colleagues in praising Mugabe to the high heavens calling the corrupt and murderous tyrant the “unflappable father of the nation”!

Tendai Biti has tried to rescue his sinking political fortune by seeking a political marriage with former VP Joice Mujuru, more for her money than anything else. She let him, as with other suitors, know which is her favourite brand of Swiss chocolate; she has enjoyed the chocolates and said nothing on the marriage proposal. Her extended thinking-about time and expensive taste have left big holes in the People Democratic Party and its President, Tendai Biti’s shallow pockets!

So both signori Biti and Mangoma may well grab Tsvangirai’s offer of reunion in much the same way a drowning will clutch at straws or the hand of a follow drowning man. If you are going to sink into oblivion it is better doing so in company than alone!

Getting Biti and Mangona back in his big tent would be major scalp for Tsvangirai and that is why he will be following this public offer with private talks. For him this is the last throw of the dice; if the prospect of getting Biti in his tent does not panic Joice Mujuru into accepting his coalition offer then nothing else will! 


Zimbabwe Light said...

Mujuru was positioning herself to takeover Mugabe goes or even forced to go and that was what irked Mugabe, specially his wife Grace, because she wants to takeover. All this talk of Mujuru wanted to build a more inclusive and democratic Zimbabwe is pure nonsense.

She has been at the very heart of government for 34 years and has seen Zanu PF methodically destroy all the nation's democratic institutions to create this monster that has crash the very soul of our people; she has never lifted a finger then to stop Mugabe. Indeed she, as VP, has been first in line to claim her lion's share of the spoils of power.

Throughout his reign of terror Mugabe has always had a pack of flatters, apologists, acolytes, sycophants, propagandists, etc. who task was to portray to the nation and the whole world at large an imagine of what Mugabe wanted them to see and not the real corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant he is. The truth always managed to burst right through all the layers of make-up and the puffing up from Botox injections.

Mujuru is already getting a serious following of flatters, etc. and, not surprisingly, they too are already hard at work falsifying her past.

“It is therefore, based on the above, plus the blueprint she unveiled, safe to conclude that in Dr Mujuru as leader of People First the country has at it’s behest, the most formidable and qualified torch bearer for our country for 2018 to land the presidential seat for 2018,” wrote Setfree N Mafukidze.

No doubt he/she is already seeing himself as the new George Charamba or even Professor Jonathan Moyo under the new Mujuru led dictatorship!

Mafukidze the nation is fighting to end the corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship not to create another one following this Mugabe model; you dim wit!

Zimbabwe Light said...

If Mujuru ever gets back into power her top priority will be to remove all Mugabe supporters and replace them with those who swear loyalty to her. We will be removing one dictatorship but only to replace it with another. There is not a single drop of democrat's blood flowing in her veins she is a tyrant through and through.

Get Mujuru into power and you will have to fight her tooth and nail to get her out!

Mugabe is under great pressure from the worsening economic situation and the dog-eat-dog fighting in his own party; if there was ever a time to force him to accept change it is now. So why waste that chance and pursue an alternative solution which you already know is not the answer.

We are here fighting to end dictatorship and institute a democratic system of government and before you have grasped what that is your feeble mind is already wandering away and thinking of Joice Mujuru as leader because she "is a better devil". We want good leaders and we have already established she is a corrupt, incompetent and lazy simpleton. She is out of the equation, period!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Joice Mujuru is a corrupt, incompetent and lazy simpleton and that was why she has done nothing to stop the rot Zanu PF has brought to our nation and Mugabe was able to twist her round his little finger for years and then discard her like a used toilet tissue when it suited him. She did not see her own purge coming and yet Mugabe has rigged national and party elections for 35 years; how could she, being a simpleton!?

Anyone who thinks a corrupt, incompetent, lazy simpleton is suitable candidate to rule this great nation should be send to a mental institution! Mark my word; we are not going to remove a corrupt and murderous tyrant from office only to appoint a corrupt, incompetent and lazy simpleton in his place.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Zunzanyika

The nation is up to its eyes in its own excrement because we have more than our fair share of mentally challenged people.

Until her being kicked out of Zanu PF Mujuru got her share of the looted wealth from Marange whilst cities and towns failed to supply clean running water. Now that she has been kicked out; suddenly she is more virtuous than Mother Theresa! Only a mentally challenged person would make such a quantum leap of faith!