Sunday, 13 December 2015

UK Ambassador says Chamisa "represent the future" - what an insult, he is a GNU sell-out!

“Britain's Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mrs Catrion Laing is reportedly backing former MDC-T national organising secretary and Kuwadzana East legislator Mr Nelson Chamisa to take over the party's leadership from Mr Morgan Tsvangirai,” reported Bulawayo 24.

“The Sunday Mail understands that the British envoy recently divulged this to World Bank staff at a function to officially open the Breton-Woods institution offices in Mount Pleasant, Harare.

“A reliable source who attended the event said Mrs Laing said Mr Chamisa "represents the future" of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.”

There is nothing wrong with the British Ambassador or anyone else for that matter expressing their political opinion on Zimbabwe’s leaders provided the said opinion is honest and expressed in good faith. When someone who should know better  calls a political sell-out like Nelson Chamisa the future of our country it is impossible to view this as anything other than what it is – an insult!

Nelson Chamisa was a senior member of the MDC leadership together with Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti , Welshman Ncube, David Coltart and Eddie Cross, to name but a few,  who failed to implement even one of the raft of democratic reforms agreed in the 2008 GPA during the GNU.  The reforms were necessary for free, fair and credible elections. They had five years to implement the reforms but failed to get even one reform implemented. Not one!

The MDC leaders knew about the reforms because they were involved in drafting the GPA and, throughout the GNU, they were reminded again and again to implement the reforms. They paid no heed to the reminders and ignored the warning not to take part in the July 2013 elections without the reforms implemented. A few MDC leaders like Samuel Sipepa Nkomo have since admitted that they were warned and that they ignored the warning.

Mugabe went on to blatantly rig the July 2013 elections landing the nation back in the mess of having a corrupt and tyrannical regime back in office. The GNU offered us the best opportunity since independence to end the Mugabe dictatorship peacefully and that chance was wasted. God only knows how the nation is going to end the dictatorship and at what price!

Of course MDC leaders did not implement even one reform because they sold-out. As SADC Heads rightly pointed out at the time, they “were busy enjoying themselves and forgot why they were in the GNU.”  

Ambassador Laing knows that many British politicians have been forced to resign from public office for such acts of indiscretion as spending the night with a prostitute. We are talking here of politicians conspiring to betray the whole nation for selfish material gain and the consequences of the sell-out in untold human misery and death for many years to come. How someone who is guilty of such treasonous betrayal can still be considered the future of the nation beggars belief.

There are a few Zimbabweans who are doing their best to build a healthy and functioning democracy in Zimbabwe and lowering the democratic standard so that a sell-out is considering a democrat is makes a mockery of democracy.  It is tough enough trying to build a democracy with countries like China and Israel helping Mugabe to rig the elections without having to fight well established democratic nations like the British selling someone we all know is corrupt, incompetent and have sold-out big time only as a democrat! 


Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Tafa Farai

What most people have failed to realize is that our problem is not arising from the lack of good leaders there are hundreds of thousands of such men and women out there. Our problem is with the political system. The oppressive Zanu PF dictatorship is designed to stifle debate and meaningful competition, the system encourages the worst and not the best. The system favours the corrupt and incompetent, the scum, to rise to the top and so we have the corrupt and incompetent both in the ruling party and opposition.

If we want competent leaders with a vision then we must change our political system. We must implement the 2008 GPA reforms designed to dismantle the dictatorship brick by brick and build a democracy.

If the autocratic system could produce competent leaders then there will be no need for implementing any reforms, it cannot. People should not be asking for competent leaders when they have not implemented the reform just as you do not ask for oranges when you have not yet planted the orange tree!

Zimbabwe Light said...

After all the sacrifice commercial white farmer, farm workers and the millions of ordinary Zimba-bweans made to get MDC into power it is unforgivable that MDC then betrayed all these people by failing to get even one reform implemented. It is not as if MDC did not have the time to imple-ment the reforms; the reforms were supposed to be implemented in 18 months the GNU lasted 60 months instead and still MDC failed to get even one reform implemented.

Of course MDC sold-out, Mugabe bribed them with the gravy train lifestyle plus the $4 million Highlands mansion for Tsvangirai and they forgot about the reforms.

It is sickening to hear Eddie Cross, Welshman Ncube, Obert Gutu, Tsvangirai, Biti and many other MDC leaders from the GNU pontificating about what Zanu PF has done and yet they will not apologized for their selling out to allow the tyrant to come back.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Choto

Mugabe did dig his own grave in 2008 by using the wanton violence because not even SADC and AU would accept the elections were free and fair. The regional body told him they would not accept him as the legitimate president of Zimbabwe unless he signed the GPA in which he was forced to accept a raft of democratic reforms design to dismantle his dictatorship. He did sign the GPA. The only reason not even one reform was implemented was because Mugabe bribed his MDC opposite numbers in the GNU.

The Electoral reforms Tsvangirai has been making a big song and dance about are useless; he was only demanding them so he can be seen to be doing something about ending Zanu PF's culture of rigging elections. With Tsvangirai, it is all about appearance; if people continue to fol-low him and people like him this country will never have free and fair elections as year after year generation after generation the nation will be told they need one set of reforms and then another.

If there one thing SADC got right it is the raft of reform stated in the GPA including media, Police, ZEC, etc. necessary for free and fair elections. MDC failed to get one reform implemented, that is most unfortunate; still we have the list we must implement all the reforms! We must stop wasting time on Tsvangirai's wishy-washy reforms.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ silungisn
Rigging the next elections will present Zanu PF with the greatest challenge ever. Yes Mugabe is building up an very impressive war chest from all the billions he and his cronies are looting from Marange and Chiadzwa but it is going to take a lot more than bribes to win the elections.

The in fighting in Zanu PF has left Mugabe with too many enemies from those he booted out of the party to those who are still Zanu PF carrying members but are bitter at being cheated all these years. This poses a serious challenge in that rigging the elections is a complex task involving many people; with so many enemies, how is he going to get the job done without one of his enemies knowing the details of the rigging. It will only take one or two to reveal the details and he will be in serious trouble.

The worsening economic situation will mean Mugabe will never deliver on his 2013 election promise of 2.2 million new jobs and therefore he will be facing an electorate that is even more determined than in 2008 to get him out of power. Rigging an elections in which there is wide spread voter apathy is easy, rigging one with a determined electorate is a hell lot more difficult. He knows he will have to reply on his tried and test tactic of using wanton violence to subdue the electorate but he also knows that a repeat of the wanton violence of 2008 would leave him out at sea without a single friend, not even SADC or the AU would help him this time!

Yes a tyrant like Mugabe would not want to give up but even a seasoned tyrant like him must know that the game is up. Mugabe is finished; Tsvangirai should have implemented the reforms and the 2013 elections would have spelt the end of Mugabe's political career, the MDC idiot failed to implement any reform and Mugabe had a lucky get out of jail card. Is Mugabe going to get another lucky get out jail card, I do not think so.

In my view, Mugabe has two options left:

1) Stick it out to the bitter end; resist implementing the GPA reforms and use his ill gotten fortune from all the looting and plunder in Marange to bribe everyone from the hired rally crowd to the NIKUV Israelis who will tamper with the voters roll and, if necessary, use brute force to subdue the electorate.

This is a false choice in that he is doing nothing to address mismanagement, corruption and lawlessness the root causes behind the economic meltdown. Indeed by rigging the elections yet again he will be reaffirming his regime's reputation of lawlessness. So even if he was to win the next elections he will still be in the economic trap with no money to pay civil servants, with unemployment still 90% plus, etc.

Then there is always the possibility that his attempt to rig the elections fail and the end will be very bitter indeed. Mugabe must know that his cunningness during the GNU left Tsvangirai looking like a first class idiot he is but it also SADC heads with a lot of egg on their faces for having failed to see that Tsvangirai was useless. SADC would not want to making a similar mistake again, so they would rather see Mugabe stew in his own mess than throw him another a lifeline.

If no one accept his election victory, then Mugabe will be is serious trouble. He will lose fresh free and fair elections and then the recrimination of the rig elections will start; he will wish he was never born!
The people’s bottled up anger against Mugabe has reached the point where, given half a chance, they will dispatch him the same way Libyans dispatched Gadaffi!

2) The second option is to accept the implementation of the GPA reforms, lose the free and fair elections, congratulate the winner and handover power as if those who have accused him of rigging elections have been lying and misunderstood him! He will be hoping that the nation will be pre-occupied with the difficult task of rebuilding the lives of the millions of people now living in abject poverty and despair to waste time investigating the demonic past of a half-died relic.