Thursday, 11 February 2016

Boisterous war vets abandon demo - proof, without Mugabe cajoling, they are not mindless thugs.

“Boisterous fighters of the liberation struggle had to abandon their planned demonstration yesterday, which was meant to show support of their embattled leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa, as well as stopping Higher and Tertiary Education Minister , Jonathan Moyo, from attending the Zanu-PF's Politburo meeting,” reported Fingaz.

No one with half brain is surprised that the war vets developed cold feet and called off their demo.

The war vets have become used to behaving as if they are a law into themselves notably when they carried out the often violent seizure of white owned farms and who can ever forget Jabulani Sibanda and his war vet thugs frog-marching villagers to Zanu PF rallies in 2008. Demonstrating against Zanu PF members were common place in 2014 with the purge of Joice Mujuru and her supporters, the modus operandi was for bussed in war vets or women’s league members to besiege the party offices and demand the ouster of the individual. This demo was not going to be the same as those in the past.

This demo against Minister Jonathan Moyo, a G40 faction member; this is the faction started and sustained with the tacit support of the president himself, and therefore the demo was tantamount to a demo against the Mugabe himself – a red line that no one ever dared to cross.  The very fact that the demo was undemocratic in that it was seeking to stop the Minister from attending the, for all intent and purpose, a private meeting made it worse. President Mugabe is renowned for his strict adherence to the letter and spirit of the law, if that is to his advantage even when the legality of the matter is not clear; when it is clear he relishes it!

The war vets were outwitted and outmanoeuvred by the Women’s League members who stage a counter demo targeting to occupy the same space at the same time to clash with the war vet’s demo. The women were supposedly demonstrating to express their thanks to President Mugabe for successfully chairing the AU for a year. What could be more innocuous than that!

Yes we are now in the realm of George Orwell’s Animal Farm with the “Thanks to Comrade Napoleon, how sweet this water taste!” Zimbabwe’s revolution has run its full course and it is now a fully-fledged dictatorship!  

There are those, especially in the MDC leadership, who have argued that MDC did not implemented any of the security sector reforms during the GNU because the Zanu PF hardliners would ignored the reforms anyway. The above story proves that war vets are boisterous as long as they know they have Mugabe’s tacit support, withdraw that tacit support which is what the reforms do by severing the undemocratic power and influence the president has over the Police and Judiciary. The instance the war vets know they will be arrested and punished like anyone else if the broke the law their boisterous arrogance will disappear like morning mist in the morning African sun.

The only reason MDC leaders failed to implement even one single democratic reform in five years of the GNU is because they are breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent! Of course MDC leaders sold-out!


Zimbabwe Light said...

@ John Makamure

You claim that the alignment of existing laws to the new constitution will delivery all our freedoms and human rights is pure conjecture and not based on reality for two reasons:

1) During the GNU it was MDC who were expected to implement the democratic re-forms necessary to ensure free, fair and credible elections because Zanu PF would never implement the reforms since the party know they cannot win such elections. MDC failed to get even one such reform implemented and now we expect Zanu PF to carry out this task?

Anyone who believes that Zanu PF will implement the democratic reforms, whatever these happen to be, necessary for free and fair elections is politically very naive.

2) MDC failed to get even one of the 2008 GPA democratic reforms implemented during the GNU and for anyone to think that the compromise constitution the produced, designed to accommodate the reforms they had failed to implement, would somehow makeup for all the missed reforms is rich. It only shows that the individual had failed to understand what the GPA reforms were about.

Mugabe “dictated” the new constitution as the Zanu PF MP on the drafting commit-tee, Paul Mangwana boasted. In other words it is not a democratic constitution capa-ble of delivering free, fair and credible elections; even if the nation was to force Zanu PF to align all the existing laws to the new constitution.

The new constitution allows the state president to formulate the "security policy", for example, which he can then ask the Police to implement without reference to any oth-er statutory body. The State President alone can appoint and fire the Police commis-sioner and other senior members without reference to parliament or any other body.

So the State President can decide that all public gatherings must be subject to Police approval and the said Police, totally under his/her control, will then ban opposition rallies and allow ruling party rallies.

If you are serious about ensuring the next elections are free, fair and credible then you must demand the appointment of an independent body which will then be tasked to implement all the 2008 GPA reforms and then organize free, fair and credible elections. To suggest any-thing else is just a waste of time.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Moses

The economic meltdown is real and it is biting everyone, including the chefs, hard. The in-fighting in Zanu PF is so intense because anyone who does not get a position now will find themselves facing the serious economic hardship.

Zanu PF is imploding and there is nothing even the cunning fix can do to stop it. The best we can do is to stop Mugabe dragging the nation into the abyss with him. Having failed to rule the nation, the next thing a tyrant like Mugabe would want to do is make the nation ungovernable, destroyed it as Assad has done in Syria.

We must pressure Mugabe to accept meaningful political reforms now before it is too late for an orderly change. A violent revolutionary change will finally force him to give up power but such violent outcomes end up destroying a lot more than just the tyrant and his regime!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Grace Mugabe had a first rally of the year and she took off from where she left – this is about power and she attacked Mnangagwa.

“In 2014 we went around denouncing factionalism but what we did not know was that we were empowering the other. So, we are saying to the other faction; stop it!”

So you started a new faction to stop the only faction left in the party; you have made that as clear as mud!

Zanu PF is imploding any talk of stopping it is a waste of time!

The real tragedy here is that the country is drifting into very dangerous water and the people who are in charge do not even notice it because they are fighting over who will rule tomorrow.

The challenge for the nation is to ensure we have a say in who is to rule tomorrow unlike in the past when we did not because the elections were rigged!