Monday, 29 February 2016

Ncube wants coalition of "wart and all" opposition because "beautiful ones are yet to be born" - nonsense they are here.

“We have in place a government which long stopped pretending it is in power to serve the collective interests of its nationals but one which has no shame at all in exhibiting itself as a government for the personal welfare and interests of the individual leaders who make up the political leadership supposedly running the country,” wrote Professor Ncube.

“They are interested only in themselves and have become totally and unashamedly self-serving. The purpose of their government is deliberately to suppress and impoverish the people while they feast on the bones of a once great nation.”

Every word you have said there is very true. I would like to take you back to 2008 to 2013. You, Professor Ncube were in the GNU and you counted yourself part of the ruling elite and you too became “totally and unashamedly self-serving” and that was the only logical reason why MDC failed to implement ever one democratic reform in five years of the GNU!

MDC expected to win the 2013 elections regardless of “Zanu PF shenanigans”, Tsvangirai later confessed. Even after the rigged elections, some MDC leaders expected Mugabe to find them a role in the new regime; they asked Chief Secretary in the President and Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda, to speak to Mugabe on their behalf! It took a while before the truth finally sunk in that, contrary to impression Mugabe had created in the MDC leaders’ minds, they were NOT members of the country’s “totally and unashamedly self-serving” ruling elite that Ncube is denouncing now.

“The only concern of what passes for our ruling party leaders is where they will be the day Robert Mugabe goes. They live, sleep and wake up for one purpose and one purpose only, to fight factional wars on which cabal or clique will succeed Mugabe. Every institution of the state has been drawn into these factional wars. Not even the judiciary has been spared,” continued the Professor.

These Zanu PF leaders do not have to worry about how much the people are suffering or think because these politicians are not democratically accountable to the people. The regime, thanks to MDC’s failure to implement even one reform, can blatantly rig the elections denying the people a meaningful say in the governance of the country. We now have the crazy situation where the political leaders have completely usurped the people’s power it is the tail wags the dog.

“My point is that attempts to build a coalition of democrats to defeat Zanu PF must exclude no one who professes to be a democrat. Our nation is in great peril. We owe it to ourselves to do all we can to save our country,” pleaded Ncube.

“Clearly, the beautiful ones are not yet born and we must make do with those already born with warts and all. We cannot save Zimbabwe unless we recognise the peril it is in. All those who profess to be our leaders with an interest in saving the nation from doom must come to the Table of Patriots at which all shall be equal.”

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