Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Msipa cannot defend the status quo on "war credentials" when, at issue, is the very survival of this nation.

India, like so many other nations that had to free themselves from colonial domination and exploitation, had the choice of waging an armed struggle or continue with peaceful protest. They chose the latter course; a very wise choice for it was their guarantee of a democratic and free India!

"What kind of leaders will the armed struggle throws up?" asked Jawaharlal Nehru, the man who would go on to be the first Prime Minister of independent India. "Will they be the kind of leaders whom we would want to rule India?"

Zimbabwe's black nationalists, man like Cephas Msipa, Joshua Nkomo, Robert Mugabe and all the other Zanu PF and PF Zapu leaders decided in their infinite wisdom to wage the war; the ordinary people of Zimbabwe were never consulted on this they were cajoled with an AK47 rifle to support the struggle. We know what kind of leaders the armed struggle throw up alright; incompetent, corrupt and murderous tyrants who firmly believe that regardless of the mountain of evidence of their failed leadership, the tragic human suffering and the over 30 000 dead in politically motivated violence alone they alone still know-best.

Even the few leaders one would consider to be the moderate ones from the basket of what our liberation struggle threw up, people like Cephas Msipa; even they are still firmly of the mentality that they are extra, extra especial by virtue of having “history in the armed struggle”.

The choice to wage an armed struggle has thrown up leaders who not only believed they had a divine right to rule the country when the country attain its independence but over the years this divine right has been upgraded to the point today where keeping Zanu PF leaders in power so they can continue to enjoy their lavish lifestyles is now more important than ending the dehumanizing suffering and untold deaths the regime’s corrupt and tyrannical rule has brought on the nation.

What comrade Cephas Msipa and all the other nitwit and hooligans in Zanu PF have failed to understand is that it is the survival of this nation that is at issue here because no nation can ever survive this level of criminal waste of human and material resources to gratify the insatiable appetites for power and wealth of the few ruling elite. Mugabe and the rest of his Zanu PF cabal have ruined this nation and they must go regardless of their liberation war credential. We want a leaders who will rebuild this nation not drag it even deeper into economic despair.

For the last 36 years this nation has been forced by the ruling elite to put the selfish interest of the few above the common interests of us all. Today the nation is being asked to sacrifice human misery and human lives so the ruling elite can continue to enjoy their lavish lifestyles. We reject this nonsense in the strongest of terms!

The dog-eat-dog fighting going on in Zanu PF is a party affair of no real interest to the ordinary Zimbabwean, it’s a side show; when the dog fight is over Zanu PF will still have to accept real democratic reforms because the present political and economic situation where millions are forced to live in abject poverty is simply not sustainable.

We demand the full implementation of the 2008 GPA democratic reforms followed by free, fair and credible elections; this is the only way out of this hell Mugabe and Zanu PF have dragged us into. The nation has been very patient on democratic reforms but their patience is running out! Delaying the democratic reforms on the grounds that Zanu PF is the party of the liberation war worked in the past but this regurgitated nonsense simply does not cut the ice now! The reforms will be implemented and Zimbabwe will get out of this hell, one way or the other.

The way we would prefer is an orderly one where Zanu PF accepts political reform and the appointment of an independent body to implement the reforms and then hold the free and fair elections. If Zanu PF does not accept this orderly route then the nation will be left with no alternative but to have street protests or worse; Zanu PF leaders will be held responsible for all the destruction and mayhem that will ensue! 


Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Chatima

Sorry to hear about your parents being short changed. There millions of similar stories of those in positions of power and authority abusing their positions for selfish political gain and the rot has started right at the top and runs all the way down to the bottom. Mugabe is racking in a cool $2 billion a year for the wholesale looting that is taking place in Marange and Chiadzwa.

You are supporting Professor Moyo because he exposed the corruption of people like Cuthbert Dube. He did that, true enough but you should dig deeper when you dealing with these Zanu PF thugs. The Professor, by his own admission, has played a major role in the elections victories of Mugabe; we both know Mugabe rigs elections and so exact details of the role the Professor played is not known, at least not yet, still we know it was not an honourable one.

People should not feel pressured to support either the G40 or Mnangagwa, either tweedle dee or tweedle dum. The real choice before us is one between the tyrannical dictatorship which is what G40, Mnangagwa faction, Mujuru and her Zimbabwe People First and even Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are offering or a healthy and functional democratic system of government.

To get the latter we must implement all the democratic reforms agreed in the 2008 GPA and fail-ure to do so is per se electing to keep the dictatorship. What Mujuru and Tsvangirai are offering is to reform the dictator Mugabe but only to replace him with another with the same dictatorial powers.

Zimbabwe wasted a golden opportunity to have meaningful democratic change during the GNU by failing to get even one reform implemented. The in fighting in Zanu PF has divided and weakened Zanu PF and the worsening economic situation has saved to pile on even more pressure on the regime. The regime knows it has no choice but to accept political reform to get out of this mess.

It is up to us the people to decide what political reforms Zanu PF implements. By limiting our political choice to either G40 or Mnangagwa faction then we will get the same incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF with some of the old faces removed and news one added in; on one end. The other end is to demand the full implementation of the GPA reforms and thus finally get a democratic system of government we have been dying for.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Danble

So you think the argument that those with war liberation credentials should be treated as the only people fit to rule and never held to democratic account is "anti-Mugabe". Well that is naive. Is this not the same argument that Mugabe has used to justify his no-regime-change mantra! The tyrant used this to incite service chiefs to say they will not salute anyone with no liberation war credentials, remember? Mugabe has only change his tune recently because he wants his wife to be president.

Zimbabwe Light said...

There are many Zanu PF operatives on site like this one who are trying the usual tried and tested Zanu PF dirty trick of divide and rule. They are out to brainwash us all into believing that Zimbabweans in the country are distrustful of Zimbabweans in the diaspora. All criticism against the regime and calls for democratic change are all coming from those in the diaspora, who are all to the man. woman and child puppets controlled by the whites.

The blacks in Zimbabwe love Mugabe with all their body and soul and he has the 61% electoral victory in the last elections to prove it! As for the worsening economic situation the people at home understand it is not the regime's fault, this is a problem caused by the sanctions imposed by West.

The regime has been at a loss as to why it has failed to deliver any of the 2.2 million new jobs. It could not blame it on the sanctions since it promised the jobs knowing fully well it has the sanc-tions to deal with.

The people themselves are no allowed to hold any public demonstration to express their true feelings as WOZA members would readily testify.

In fact this Zanu PF is using the same dirty tricks used by Ian Smith; the whites insisted "our blacks are very happy, it is those under communism influence who are inciting discontent!" History is repeating itself.

Of course the Zimbabweans in the are the one demanding change because they are the ones who have no jobs, no clean running water, have 18 out of 24 hours power cuts, who were denied the vote in the blatantly rigged elections, etc. They are the ones on the coal face and not those in the diaspora and to argue that they do not mind the suffering and an unnecessary death is all nonsense.

As the country sinks deeper and deeper into this political and economic hell Mugabe has dragged us into the regime will have to deal with more and more Zimbabwe inside the country demanding meaningful democratic change. So far the regime has been in denial of the economic meltdown and of those inside Zimbabwe crying for the regime to address the economic problems causing the meltdown.

The present economic situation is not socially and politically sustainable the regime will be forced to admit that the economic meltdown is real and the voices of those demanding change is not coming from London or New York but from Harare, Bulawayo, and all the other cities, towns, growth points and village right across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe!