Sunday, 7 February 2016

Musewe offers imaginary boom by "assumed" leaders to entice nation from GPA reforms.

If I had to name the greatest challenge of our generation since Zimbabwe attained her independence in 1980 then, without a moment’s hesitation, it is our failure to stop Mugabe imposing this corrupt and tyrannical one party state dictatorship. And, until we bite the bullet and end the dictatorship this nation is destined to remain in this political and economic hell-on-earth Mugabe has dragged us into!

Back in 1980 the nation had the choice of becoming a democratic nation in which the freedoms and basic human rights, including the right to free and fair elections and the right to life itself, were upheld and guaranteed for all Zimbabweans. Mugabe enticed us to take our eyes off the democratic goal with a promise of mass prosperity, “gutsa ruzhinji” in Shona.

After 36 years of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and Mafia thuggery mass prosperity has turned into mass poverty. As the national economy started to sink Mugabe has become more and more repressive in a desperate effort to hold on to power; the regime has never held free and fair elections and used brute violence include the politically motivated murder of over 30 000 Zimbabweans.

The political and economic situation is now so bad; it is socially and politically unsustainable. The nation is once again looking at implementing the democratic reforms necessary to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship and thus restore the freedoms and human rights Mugabe has systematically denied our people as the only way out of this hell.

History has the habit of repeating itself; Zimbabweans took their eyes off the democratic ball in 1980 because Mugabe promised them gutsa ruzhinji, they are in serious danger of taking their eyes off the ball again in pursuit of equally deliverable economic boom from the likes of Vince Musewe.

“Political power without principled leadership is dangerous. Absolute power corrupts absolutely while absolute poverty disempowers absolutely. This, we have seen here in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe we want is significantly different from the past and the present. However, if we are to get there we must think anew,” argued Vince Musewe in his latest bid to convince Zimbabweans that he has the key out of hell. (Nehanda Radio opinion)

“The leaders we want must promote a compelling national vision for our country driven by purpose and action. Leadership must be a privilege for those who have the competency to lead, and not a politically acquired right. If we assume that indeed we can get such leaders in Zimbabwe, the question would be; what should we expect them to do in order for Zimbabwe to rise?”

Vince has not been found wanting in giving details of what his visionary leaders can accomplish, unlike Mugabe’s vague gutsa ruzhinji Musewe has the numbers; he is promising to grow Zimbabwe economy from the present $15 billion GDP to $ 1 000 billion in 30 years. A Guinness World Record never achieved in human history.

The big question is where is he getting these visionary leaders to deliver his economic boom? All we see right across the political divide are incompetent and corrupt leaders!

What Musewe, like Mugabe before him, has failed to see and appreciate is the role Zimbabwe’s de facto one-party dictatorship has played in the country’s failure to produce quality leaders. The dictatorship stifled all meaningful debate and democratic competition in public and within the ruling party Zanu PF itself; this is the oxygen people need to strive to great heights and, without it, complacency and mediocrity set in.

Musewe is asking us to “assume” he will get the quality leaders we want. Why assume, we already know what we need to do to get the quality leaders – implement the democratic 2008 GPA reforms! Musewe has given the most fallacious argument ever why we cannot implement the reforms.

Mugabe will never implement the GPA reforms because it would be “political suicide” for the tyrant, Musewe maintains. Of course, Mugabe would be committing political suicide to agree to democratic reforms; he is a murderous tyrant for Pete’s sake! Since when has any tyrant ever conceded to give up power without being forced to.

If you are serious about freedom and dignity of all man then you do not ask whether to abolish slavery because you will never get the slave and slave master to agree. You ask each whether they would ever give up their freedom and liberty to be a slave.

It is tempting, especially in Zimbabwe’s current economic situation, to take away one’s eyes from the ball of implementing the democratic reforms and end the tyrannical dictatorship. Democracy will deliver two things for the nation:

1)   Democracy will not deliver quality and visionary leaders every time, that will depend on such leaders being there and there being the quality electorate to find them. What democracy will do is do the next best thing, find best there is at the time at least most of the time.

2)   Democracy offers the nation the chance to learn from its past mistakes and to put things right unlike the dictatorship in which the nation will be stuck in a rut for 36 years and counting, as is our present case with Zanu PF.

Zimbabwe has had at least two clear chances to pick a just and progressive system of government, in 1980 and then during the GNU 2008 to 2013; we have wasted both these chances. The political chaos and economic meltdown the country is going through is unsustainable and thus offering us another chance to demand meaningful change, the only silver-lining on the stormy clouds; we must not waste this chance too! 


Nomusa Garikai said...

Individuals and companies are reportedly donating generously toward Mugabe's coming birthday party in Masvingo.

Most hospitals and clinics have no drugs and yet people are making $ 1000s donation for a birthday party; have we really lost our senses that much we value a birthday party over the lives of hundreds of thousands of our own people? The whole nation is hanging its head in shame!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Zuze, the nation had high expectations from Mugabe and Zanu PF in 1980; people did not know what kind of leaders they would be, they hoped they would be everything they ever wanted in the leaders. We all know that Mugabe and his cronies have turned out to be incompetent, corrupt and ruthless tyrants - everything the nation dreaded in leaders.

The nation was seized with yet another shot-in-the-dark euphoria when MDC bust onto the political stage in 1999. The people were desperate for change and MDC jumped on to the bandwagon and promised the people the democratic change they wanted. Within a year of MDC being launched it was clear this is just a bunch of incompetent and corrupt opportunists from whom it was naive to expect much!

If there was ever any lingering doubt about MDC leaders being incompetent and corrupt their failure to get even one democratic reform implemented in five years of the GNU swept the floor clean of any doubters.
He not only failed to implement even one GPA democratic reform during the GNU but instead of doing something about now the village idiot has abandoned the GPA reforms in favour of wishy-washy electoral reforms which will never deliver any democratic change. None!

MDC has lost all political credibility and it is only people like you Zuze who are incapable of grasping the reality and the full meaning of being incompetent and corrupt real means. Tsvangirai et al have already sold out on delivering democratic changes and are letting Mugabe off the hook by asking the tyrant to implement NERA and you foolish still expect these wishy-washy reforms to mutate into the democratic changes you want. There is just nothing some people would not believe in.

Zimbabwe Light said...

When Tsvangirai had Biti and Mangoma on his team throughout the GNU they failed to get even one democratic reform implemented, Mugabe had his hands tied behind his back by the GPA then. The GPA has since expired and Mugabe is free, what chance do these MDC clowns have now to force the tyrant to implement the GPA reforms with or without the grand coalition? None!

Indeed we already know that Tsvangirai MDC-T have already abandoned the GPA reforms in favour of the wishy-washy electoral law reforms, NERA, which they are asking Mugabe to implement knowing fully well they will not bring about any meaningful changes.

By failing to get even one democratic reform implemented during the GNU MDC leaders have proven beyond doubt that they are breathtakingly incompetent and corrupt. Getting them to unite to form a coalition will not change anything; they will still be breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent.

If the Zimbabwean electorate was not naive and gullible and had their eyes on the ball they would have rejected MDC leaders en mass after the rigged July 2013 which Tsvangirai and company had insisted would be free, fair and credible. The failure to force MDC leaders to resign is itself a measure of just how low the democratic standard are, if being breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent is acceptable then what else is there that leader cannot do! For all the people's decades of blubbering for democratic change and all the volumes of available information on democracy, free and fair elections, etc. it is clear Zimbabweans still do not have a clue what democracy is about!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Talk of a coalition of people like Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Biti, Makoni, etc. people who have already shown that they are corrupt and incompetent shows the author's boxed mentality - these are the men and women you must work with regardless how incompetent and corrupt they have already proven to be. You need to think outside the box all you will continue to propose the same failed solutions that got us into this mess in the first place.

We have a solution already, we must implement SADC proposed GPA democratic reforms; why are we reinventing the wheel. None of the reforms were implemented during the GNU because MDC leaders are breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent (the same leaders you want in the grand coalition). The GPA reforms were the key ending the Zanu PF dictatorship in 2008 and they are still the key today.

Implement the GPA reforms and stop wasting time on electoral law reforms, grand coalitions, etc.!

Zimbabwe Light said...

“I can never accept a situation in which any State entity or grouping disregards and tramples on the sovereign people of Zimbabwe,” charged Zhuwao. He was condemning the EU’s travel ban on Mugabe and his wife.

Does Zhuwao know that Mugabe rigged the 2008 elections, for example? He must know because the wanton violence that year was in every city, town, growth point and village in Zimbabwe. Mugabe was in the thick of the operation “Mavhotera papi” (Whom did you vote for!) which was responsible for the violence. He said repeatedly that the ballot paper could not change what was achieved by the bullet!

Over 500 innocent Zimbabweans lost their lives in the political violence of 2008.

So Minister Zhuwao can never accept EU sanctions against a tyrant who used such brutal violence to deny the people of Zimbabwe the basic freedoms and human rights including the right to a free and meaningful vote and even the right to life. Surely it is the tyrant who is guilty of trampling on the sovereign people of Zimbabwe and no the EU. One of these fine days Minister Zhuwao will be given a chance to explain himself on this point!

Zimbabwe Light said...

How many years have your been revising the indigenisation law and still have not changed anything.

The reality in Zimbabwe is that there will be no meaningful economic change until there is meaningful political change - implement the GPA reforms followed by the holding of free and fair elections. Mugabe and Zanu PF think they can hold out and avoid the political reforms but they are only deluding themselves because the longer they try to hold out the clearly it becomes that political reform is the only way out.

Sometimes people meet their destiny by the route the chose to avoid it! Look what happened to Gaddafi, the longer Mugabe tries to hold on to power the more doors he is closing to leave only one door - the one Gaddafi used.

Zimbabwe Light said...

You cannot reason with someone who has stopped to listen to reason a long time ago. Zanu PF is a a vote rigging cabal that has no legal right to be in office, to pretend otherwise in a waste of time

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Jacob

Yes there is a real danger that Zanu PF will “drag Zimbabwe into the ‘chaos scenario' which we in the People's Democratic Party (PDP) have long warned will soon be the sad reality in Zimbabwe.”
So it has not yet occurred to you and your PDP leader Tendai Biti that you could have done a lot better than warn the nation of Zanu PF by implementing the reforms during the GNU and thus stop the tyrannical regime getting back into power. So you think you are doing the nation a great favour warning us now when you betrayed us into this nightmare in the first place.

What do you want as your reward for warning us about Zanu PF? I will you what the nation want of you and your fellow MDC leaders for selling us out during the GNU – that you resign from all public life and we never see your ugly faces ever again! You will never be elected into public office ever again, not with your record as a incompetent and corrupt official with a propensity to sell-out the whole nation.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Buddvice

An proposed solution to Zimbabwe's political and economic mess will stand or fall on basis of the merits of the arguments put forward regardless of whether the people putting forward the proposal is in Zimbabwe or outside, male or female. So to start talking of who is in the diaspora and who is not is a dirty ploy most likely to be employed by those who are resisting democratic change and are using every excuse they can think off.

If you ask me dividing Zimbabweans on the basis of who is in the country and who is outside is a sign these Zanu PF apologists are running out of ideas; they are scrapping the bottom of the barrel!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Taguta padare

You are running out of ideas now because people risked their very lives in 2008 not so that those in the diaspora could enjoyed the fruits of democracy and good governance. They risked all because they had suffered enough and wanted change for themselves.

When the democratic changes failed to materialize because MDC had failed to implement the reforms they were not on the streets celebrating that those in the diaspora will not "come back and enjoy the spoils". They were miserable because they knew they were in for more economic suffering and political oppression.

You are just a Zanu PF apologist and you think you can stop people demanding meaningful re-forms by telling them those outside Zimbabwe will benefit. You must think Zimbabweans are stu-pid.

The only reason Zimbabweans have not come out and demanded change is because they did last time and it did not work. I am explaining to them why it did not work and what they need to do now to get the democratic change and good governance.

If they see the solution but still refuse to follow it because those in the diaspora may benefit from a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe regardless of the fact that they are the chief beneficiaries then they are indeed stupid and there is nothing anyone can do to save them.