Friday, 8 July 2016

Africa is "a hopeless continent" because, worst of all, it has buffoon who worship tyrants!

When I read the title “West's bad Press against President (Mugabe)” and saw it was written by Baffour Ankomah I knew immediately this was going to be a shameless denial of the facts in order to portray Mugabe as a great Pan Africanist statesman of great talent and infinite wisdom instead of the corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant he is.

 “The ogre that the West has created out of President Mugabe is totally undeserving, at least according to the facts on the ground,” wrote Ankomah. “Even Morgan Tsvangirai, (President) Mugabe's nemesis, does not accept such nonsense. While he was prime minister, Tsvangirai was pushed by the Financial Times in an interview to accept the view that (President) Mugabe was a dictator, but Morgan shook his head each time.”

What a nauseatingly stupid argument. Since has a confirm village idiot like Morgan Tsvangirai become the authority on whether or not Mugabe is a dictator?

Mugabe has destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy forcing unemployment to soar to dizzying heights of 90% plus and forcing million to live in abject poverty and millions to leave the country. He has systematically denied the people of Zimbabwe their freedoms and basic rights including the right to a meaningful say in the rule of the country and even the right to life! There is a mountain of evidence to prove that Mugabe is a corrupt, vote rigging and murderous tyrant it is shocking that anyone who claims to know anything about Zimbabwe would have failed to come across it.

“Well, in 2000, the year The Economist famously described Africa as "the hopeless continent", we, at the New African, did a big special report on Reporting Africa, looking at what drives the Western media's negative reporting of the continent,”  Ankomah told us.

No doubt the “big special report” set out to PROVE that Africa was not “the hopeless continent” and at the end of it had QED in bold letters because New African PROVED it!

What makes Africa such a hopeless continent is not just that continent has more than its fair share of corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrants like Robert Mugabe but, worse, many Africans will not admit it to having tyrants and, worst of all, some even worship the tyrants! They are so consumed by their inferiority complex they have to see every African leader as a great hero.

A cunning tyrant like Mugabe has been quick to exploit the naïve and gullible Africans looking for demigods to worship. Mugabe has made a name for himself by denouncing the whites, especially the British and Americans, at every occasion. It has all been theatrical shadow boxing of course but you would not think so from the cheering and applause of his captive audience.

Mugabe has continued to blame the “illegal sanctions impose by the British Imperialist and their Western Allies” for Zimbabwe’s economic collapse, for example. His captive audience has swallowed this hook and sinker and convenient overlook that Mugabe had initially claimed the sanctions would have no effect because he will trade with the Eastern Bloc countries in his “Look East” policy.

The real cause of the economic mess is mismanagement and corruption. In March 2016, Mugabe himself admitted that $15 billion in diamond revenue was looted in six years; that is more that the country’s $14 billion GDP.

What is sickening about buffoons like Baffour Ankomah is the lengths they will go to defend the honour a corrupt and murderous tyrant like Mugabe and never spare a thought about the millions of black Africans who are the victims of his corrupt and murderous rule! What makes Africa a “hopeless continent” is the millions of Africans still living in abject poverty and despair because of the misrule by tyrants whom the naïve African buffoons cheer as heroes!  

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