Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Bribed and brainwashed Zanu PF Youth (new rogue war vets) to stop #ThisFlag protests. By Patrick Guramatunhu

Zanu PF Youths are threatening to stage street protests to stop recent #ThisFlag and Tajamuka/Sesjikile protest. This is nothing new, the riot Police was overwhelmed and so the regime is turning to its brainwashed thugs to beef up the Police.

Until recently the regime has rely on war veterans to do its dirty work. The rogue war vets (no freedom fighter worth his/her salt would ever turn against the people to deny them their freedoms and human dignity – the very things they had risked their own lives to secure) had a rude awakening when President Mugabe ordered the riot Police to tear-gas and shoot them with water cannons. That has helped open the eyes and ears of the rogue war veterans, many now see President Mugabe and his cronies in power for the corrupt and oppressive tyrants they are.

Indeed some rogue war veterans have since come out and publicly expressed their support of the recent street protests by the ordinary people demanding meaningful political change.

Ever since the million-man march President Mugabe has looked to the Zanu PF Youths to take up the duties of the storm troopers to back up the riot Police and other party and State institutions. Last week President Mugabe promised to build over 300 000 housing units country wide “especially for the youths” has, no doubt, galvanized the party’s youths into action.

"They (pro-democracy protesters) can ignore our warning at their own peril," a top Zanu PF youth league official is quoted saying.

"Those that may choose to go ahead with their protests will have themselves to blame. Zanu PF is the only party that has a history of defending the country and, as youths, we don't hesitate to defend our President."

Ever since Zimbabwe attained her independence President Mugabe has corrupted Zanu PF, as he has corrupted everything else, turning the party from one that stood and fought for freedom, justice and liberty to a party has actively disregarded and violated the ordinary people’s freedoms and rights in pursuit of his insatiable hunger for power, influence and wealth. Zanu PF is now a party of corrupt and murderous tyrants propped up rogue war veterans and now brainwashed party thugs.

Given the seriousness of our economic and political situation in Zimbabwe after 36 years of misrule; only a brainwashed moron would still fail to see that the situation is not sustainable and must change. Only a brainwashed moron would still believe the nonsense that denying others their freedoms and human rights constitute “defending the country”!

The on-going street protests have demanded the end to corruption, the return of the looted $15 billion, etc. The protestors must add the implementation of all the democratic reforms agreed in the 2008 GPA designed to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship to allow the light of transparency and accountability to shine on all State affairs including who is funding these 300 000 housing developments and who benefits.

The economic situation of 90% unemployed, 76% living in abject poverty, etc. demands urgent attention because it now possible a serious threat to the stability of the nation and the region. And yet as long as Zanu PF continues to have the unfettered and undemocratic access to the nation’s resources with which to fund its vote rigging schemes, bribe and brainwash whole sections of society, etc. there will be no meaningful change in Zimbabwe! 

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Zimbabwe Light said...

"While we work on overthrowing Zanu constitutionally we have to embark on police home education," you said.

What kind of "police home education" are you talking about? If supposedly intellectuals like you do not know what police education we need what chance is there of my aunt in the rural back waters of knowing any better.

I have listened to Pastor Evan Mawarire's videos and he has yet to state with an clarity what he wants. To say Mugabe must fire corrupt ministers is not enough; if push comes to shove the tyrant will fire two or three ministers but that will not solve our problems because he will appoint four or six ministers who are just as corrupt to replace them.

The lack of clarity as to what we want is the root cause of why all our other revolutions in the past have failed to bring about the freedoms, justice and democracy we have been seeking all these years.