Monday, 18 July 2016

Mugabe signed secret deals in Marange, Mujuru reveals - the plot thickens.

In the end, the truth will always come out or as one would say in Shona “rinemanyanga hariputirwi!”

The truth about the wholesale looting that has been going on in Chiadzwa and Marange is coming out! In March President Mugabe admitted the country had lost $15 billion worth of revenue due to the looting of diamonds.

A few weeks later Ministers Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo added some meat to the bone when they said “a chunk” of the $15 billion was looted by former VP Mujuru.

Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, told BBC HardTalk there was no looting the $15 billion was all due to “mispricing”! No one believed him because his ministry was still getting no revenue from the mining activity now going on 24/7.

“The Auditor-General’s Office has commissioned a top auditing firm to investigate alleged looting of proceeds from diamond operations in Marange, with the results of the probe expected by September,” reported Zimeye on 16 July, 2013.

“Ms Chiri said her office had notified the Mines and Mining Development Ministry of the “full co-operation” expected from Government departments during the audit.”

What raised eyebrow of anyone with seeing eyes is that the looting according to the President’s admission has gone on for the last six years and the surprise is that the Auditor-General’s Office which is known for its thoroughness had failed to pick up the looting in all these years of such a breathtakingly huge amount. The suspension is that this diamond mining activities were deliberately kept away from the Auditor-General who has the statutory duty to audit all government and government related institutions.

Mai Mujuru has since confirmed that the government has indeed been very secretive about the country diamond mining activities in Marange and Chiadzwa.
"There were companies operating there like Ainjin, who sent them?” Mai Mujuru told a rally in Mutare.

"Only the President knows because there was no body that processed licenses for them.

"It was only between the President and the Minister only," she said.

The nation awaits the audit investigation report in September; if it too does not suffer the fate of many other similar reports such as the Chihambakwe report of the Gikurahundi massacre, it has yet to see the light of day. 

Still the nation knows there has been wholesale looting of Marange diamonds at a scale the world has never seen. Mai Mujuru may try to distant herself from the looting but she knows when the story of Marange comes out as will the Gukurahundi she will be up to her eyes in looted diamonds!   


Zimbabwe Light said...

For a regime that has looted $15 billion from the people and, no doubt, VP Mhpoko is having a cut of the loot with his extended stay in the five star hotel at a cost of over $600 a day. He then uses some of the taxpayer's money to buy day-old chicks and makes a big song and dance about the donation as if he paid for them out of his share of the looted national wealth.

"We're donating these chicks because we want to economically empower our communities through this income-generating project. I'm not expecting to get a commission or tithe from you because I'm not God, but an angel who was just sent to deliver the goods," he said.

What? So you are not happy with what you are already looting from the people!

Some economic empowerment given that unemployment is a nauseating 90% plus!

This is the trouble with absolute power; all Zanu PF leaders who have sniffed power think they are God Almighty’s gift to the nation! VP Mhpoko an “angel”; since when has the Devil’s imps been called angels!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Zimbabweans have not done themselves any favours by failing to think through what the country needs to do to get out of this hell-hole Mugabe has landed us. Pastor Mawarire's demand that Mugabe must fire corrupt ministers is a clear sign that he really does not know what to do next. If push comes to shove Mugabe will fire 2 or 3 corrupt ministers and replace them with 4 or 6 (he loves a bloated cabinet) who are just as corrupt if not worse!

We have had this corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship for 36 years for Pete's sake so why are all these people scratching their heads now as to what to do with the dictatorship!

The present revolution is not the first one, we have had many others notable the one in 1980 and 2008 they all failed to deliver freedom or democratic change because the people did not know what they wanted done. This revolution will too come to naught for the same reason!