Friday, 1 July 2016

Army Chefs ask for banking privileges - buffoons have still learned nothing.

The soldiers are already receiving preferential treatment in that their wages are being paid before the rest. The top brass in the army are asking for more; whilst everyone else are having to deal with limits to how much cash they can withdraw from their bank, they want soldiers to have no such limits.

“IN a desperate move to forestall potential unrest by soldiers - who are already getting preferential treatment on wage payment dates - the Zimbabwe National Army has approached banks to set up facilities at army barracks around the country so that military personnel have access to their salaries in full,” reported Zimbabwe Independent.

"Paying army salaries at the barracks is not possible as we did in 2008 with the Zimbabwean dollar. The major challenge now is that there is no cash on the market as we all know," said a bank official who requested anonymity.

Even if the banks were to agree to deny everyone else cash until our boys and girls in uniforms are satisfied; the cash shortage is going to be followed by a shortage of goods and services are we going to have well stocked shops for the exclusive use of the soldiers only!

It is sad that the security chefs, who are putting forward these stupid suggestions, continue to be so naïve and gullible as to still think the soldiers or anyone can, somehow, be insulated from the adverse effects of the economic meltdown that is affecting the nation right now. Unemployment has soared to nauseating heights of 90% plus, 76% of the people are now living in abject poverty they cannot afford even one decent meal a day, etc.; is enough to convinced even the most naïve amongst them that the situation is very serious and no one can be shielded from economic fallout.

The root cause of the economic meltdown is the country’s failure to remove Mugabe and his corrupt and tyrannical regime from office even when it was abundantly evidence the regime had failed to bring economic prosperity they promised because Mugabe blatantly rigged the elections. And it was none other than the security chefs, war veterans and other unscrupulous sectors of society who aided and abetted the tyrant in imposing his no-regime-change mantra on the nation.

Instead coming up with such nonsense as exclusive banking privileges for the soldiers these security sector buffoons must acknowledge that the no-regime-change nonsense is as fallacious and unworkable as being denied a polio vaccine in favour of stone stone-age concussion. We must just forget this notion that Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs can ever get this country out of the economic mess we are in. They would have never landed us in such a mess if they are as competent as they say they are. They failed and now they must go!

The road to meaningful economic recovery in Zimbabwe is via meaningful political reform. The dreaded regime change is dreaded to Mugabe and a handful of his cronies who have continued to prosper in the face of the crippling economic meltdown. The question this nation must now answer is: How much longer must the nation suffer to gratify the primeval and insatiable greed of a tyrant and his mates?

The cup is full to overflowing; if nothing is done to end the economic meltdown now, today, tomorrow we will talking street violence or worse!

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