Thursday, 24 November 2016

Moyo, take ZACC Nguni "to the cleaners" you are still on the hook. By N Garikai

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday fumed at the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) as his image is being battered in a sprawling inquiry by the State anti-graft body,” reported the Daily News.

“This comes after Zacc indicated that they are still pursuing several other corruption cases that threaten his political survival.

“Moyo is already under investigation in connection with fraud involving the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef).

If anyone was to ask Professor Jonathan Moyo a simple but direct question whether he condemns corruption. He would answer without a moment's hesitation that he does, loud and clear. So will all his colleagues in Zanu PF, former Zanu PF colleagues like Mai Mujuru and even opposition leaders like Tsvangirai and Ncube. Yet most of these leaders if not all of them have all used their positions in office to enrich themselves, when they got a chance.

Zimbabwe politics has often been called a “dirty game” as those vying for office have used all manner of dirty tricks including buying the people lots of meat and beer to buy votes right up to the other end of the scale of murdering political opponents.

President Mugabe has corrupted all the state’s institutions; the Police, CIO, ZEC, Judiciary, etc.; to create a ruthless vote rigging juggernaut that has left over 30 000 dead in its wake in his 36 years of corrupt and tyrannical rule. Having used all these devilish tricks to get into office, these politicians have all looked for ways to recoup on their investment as much as possible and as quickly as possible and corruption was the one sure way of delivering of the two counts!

We live in a country where corruption has been institutionalised and all powerful. The Mafia rule the roost, unlike Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone in the 1930s America who settled for bribing state officials, the Godfather of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, has his thugs running every state institution and façade of human life down to the village headman.

When Mugabe boasts of “My Zimbabwe!” he means it literally and in every other sense of the word. He owns Zimbabwe, its land, minerals and all who live there. He has never been phased in anyway about rigging elections and even murdering so many innocent souls to impose his corrupt and autocratic one-party cum one-man dictatorship. Why should he, when the wealth and people are his own person property to do with as he alone sees fit!

President Mugabe and his growing extended family are among some of the richest people in the world and all from looting. For years he has stubbornly refused to admit that there was corruption in Zimbabwe.

When the evidence of corruption has come out in the open as happened with the Willowvale Motors scandal, dubbed Willowgate, he allowed his some of those involved to face the music but only as a damage limiting exercise. The corrupt officials were never punished but were quickly rehabilitated and promoted. Speaker of the House of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda is a convicted Willowgate scandal.

It was Geoffrey Nyarota, the Chronicle Editor, who dared to expose the Willowgate scandal who punished; he was demoted and ever since the regime has persecuted him wherever he went.

President Mugabe is himself on public record condemning corruption, each time he was forced to admit there is corruption. But he has never followed this up and stamp it out because he never condemned corruption per se but rather that the public ever got to hear of it! He condemned corruption with a snake’s forked tongue, he did not mean a word he said. It is no surprise that those below him have too developed a forked tongue and to speak in riddles!

The snake’s forked tongue message on corruption is simple: loot as much as you can just be careful to cover your tracks and not be caught, especially when the Mafia brotherhood cannot protect you!

So President Mugabe and all his Zanu PF cronies and minions and opposition leaders like Tsvangirai and Biti, during the GNU gravy train days, have all been feeding like pig on the trough. Just like the 1980s Willowgate scandal once in a while the spotlight is turned on to reveal some pig still feeding. This time the spotlight has caught the warily weasel, political-turn coat and the Macavity the Mystery Cat of Zimbabwe political intrigue, Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo, Minister of Higher Education, not just with his hand in the cookie jar but cover to his eye balls in crumbs!

“Moyo yesterday slated Zacc and warned of unnamed impending consequences,” continued the Daily News.

"Zacc will be taken to the cleaners after this 2nd presser by (Zacc commissioner) Robert Smart Goodson Nguni!" Moyo tweeted.

Whilst Professor Moyo has joined every other corrupt public figure out there in condemning corruption; now that he is found to be corrupt himself his line of defence is he is not the only one. By all means, Professor name all the other corrupt leaders but when all is said and done you too will still be guilty as charged!

By denying there was no corruption and/or sweeping it under the carpet President Mugabe has allowed corruption to grow and spread to the monstrous cancer it is today. He admitted in February this year that $15 billions of diamond revenue was “swindled”. No one has ever been arrested and so the looting is still going on.

No country on earth can sustain $15 billion haemorrhage much less a country like Zimbabwe whose GDP is $14 billion. Corruption is killing Zimbabwe and we must deal with it now and decisively! 

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